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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, May 24, 1856, Image 2

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H:AgLA J. H;I Ards,
4I[W AU c2ur0nui atlon intenhiddtupromote the pn
,a.- emes or in:erests of Co;poration, uixis te., mdi
ttdhhL,,orSciools, will lie cnuargid Li adveri~tneiite.
j Caris of a prrLt. character etan omi v be in
.br "l in tdhu paer as adeertluaementa, an mint be
tylIl fur rv ADTAicz.
C(' mmnllatinaq latent,'-l 'jirtli+ rta- aalutli be
ir'ECted to Baton Rouge. Nut I'cet Ilata i'o..
uur ezclhangoa w , confer a inor ap.. nua b. t:irct
£ a/ above.
I7Cnv of our Raton Rrowe frient' l,,av
in- communications, &c.. for the St .nr- F/n
ter, by leavina thein with fir Brrce Illueston.
onr hoard the ferryhoat livrnnn, will be prorni
Iv received al n'!tended to.
1('1; I'I;ESU)ºENt'I.
ý. .T. 1)ONE LSON,
SATURDAY, MAY '4, 1856.
S,7.ioo & Co.. Che.ap S tore. have been
receiving new and fajhiona.!e additions to
their stock of F'urnishing Goocl. D "y Goods.
Summer Cio!tiiu:g. &:. A word to the wise
-call in time. See auivertisement:.
0.F. Call at Goldman's and see what he
has on hand to suit you ! Goldman is about
leaving for Nicaragua to join the forces of the
gallant Walker, and in consequence he w¥iii
sell at cost for cash. any article in his estab.
lishment. A pr;ma chance. this !
[Dy The river is still rising slhwly and is
is co-ere I with perfoct rafts of !rift wood
We have frequently seen the largest size
trees with all th:eir branches, and leaves yet
gre. n, loat past our office. Banks must be
caving in somewl er'.
QB.RusTON, our Village Blacksmith re
quests us to call the attention of Cotton plan
ters to his "Cotton Scrapers," which he offlirs
for sale low. Call and examine them at his
warehouse on N'iississippi street.
TnE HAi..ONtIC DaEMoc.Ac.-The Demo
cratic Congressional Convention which met
at Batesville. Arkansas, on the 5th, sat fir,
days before effecting a nomination, which was
doune on the 277th ballot. lion. A. B.
GlrEswoon is the candidate.
Q7JThe old-line Whigs joined the Demo
erts in Philadelphia in opposition to Know.
Nothings Fusionism. This accounts for the
over wl.elming majority of between three andt
four thousand fir the laemocretic candidates.
,"We are now near to the close of May.
and as yet we have had but little warm
weather. The nights for some time back
have been so cool, as to compel an inrcrease
of bed clothing for warmth and comfort. So
far it keeps healthy, and we trust may re
main so. As an et idence of the health of
the town of Baton Rouige, an old and well
known physician of that place. remarked to
us that there was not enough for one plhvsi
cian to attend to. Good sign I
LaKE PRO :mENCE r HnAr.D.-We see by
the last u -:,., of this neat little journal.
thgit T. B. i. is ti ca, formerly of the Baton
Roluge Jd:ocata , ,as ': come sole proprietor
of the ic. .oIl. it our wis-hes foryo:irsuccess
in bui,iness Aso ildl amount to a certainty, you
would be able to retire from the lousy cares
of liFe. with a pocket full, in the course of a
short time. Nil desprranduim.
chanical labor-saving machines, are invented
every year in this country, and none of the
trades and professions have been so liberally
assisted by the economy of labor in machine
ry. as the agricultural. In the North andt
West this fact is mbre apparent. Here slave
labor is so cheap and abundant that the small
er a -d monst I:,.sper-.!.ie nmal.,incs (to the
Northern farmr r) are superceded by the
cheaper plantt on labor. Howeser. there
are many machines which our planters should
not allow prejtudice to prevent from obtain
ing. ,e are led to these remarks by observ
ing a new Hand or Horse Mill, at the ware
rooms of MONTAd & HGoTTET. It is a com
Flete affair and occ"pees but lhtle more space
than a Corn Sheller, and may be used either
by hand, horse power er other machinery
We are not informed as to capacity, but be
lieve it will turn out five bushels per hour.
So Soon !--We understand that immensely
rich widow, whose husband dlied the other
day in this city is engaged to be married.
Her millions of charms are perfectlv irresis
tab:c. In China the inconsolable widow
cannot marry until the sod on her dead bus.
bard's grave is dry. So the widow and her
sympathizers get together and resort to arti
ficial heat to make it dry up quick.-N- Y.
steamer Ericsson, which sailed at noon for
Liverpool, to"ik out one of Hoe's sixcylender
lightuing printing presses, for the London
Times. Six men were sent out with the press
as "feeder ." accompanied by a foreman.
This is Lotterthan a victory on the battle
eli.cl--. Y. Mirror.
The deepest waters are the most silent
empty vessels make the greatest sound and
nkling cymbals the -cr r.tunic. Tlhe "+o
"nli 1·-,'. c, P rl: I F+~:",. ,k ".-i "
Shall we have a War.
The recent telegraphic accounts from
Washington of the te!u-al of the English
goveronmeit to recall Mr. Cratmpton. and the
intention of President Pierce to dismiss that
functioLary, is a nmat.ir that will :eat todiflli
culty beyond a doubt, and, it Inow remaiiis to be
seen whether Mbr.,Pieree and his old fogy
Cabinet will sutstain their.position befoire the
people. 'lTrue it may he but a dipl ,m0ati.
war, tlt even in that, there are victors and
The intermedling of the lrtish governmnt
with our t'ent ial .\elt .'uan flnirs,s how that
that governmentt is determirtd on soure bold
stroke to regain the position from which she
has fallen as the first nation of the earth.
This is ro longer speculative, btat p.itiE.
It is evident to all clear thinking tinlds that
the once vietted mi-tress of tire seas has lost
the proud title she wore. 'The Crimean war
has fully deutonstrated that England is rot tihe
,at onl the v.or!dd-aund cveC herself-sulI osed
her t'be. b rancc. iorthe '.ame war, has d,
lonstratedt to the ':tn'i1taC'nII of the xwor u.
th:,t she is n14,;',: . super:r , in no!:.,'
art ani! prowess, anI the oh! British Lion in
stead of dictatnrg 'o thle powers of El'r,:p.
and fancying atself to hb,t ''the hlalauce of'
power," lva, fi e fromim its high estate, and
suink in eatitation ii the eyes of the Euro
pean \5 mid.
Sihe trusts to the aItteiintg proressions and
fullsome la.:d.itton- of frieni, p from La.,.
Na poleon. but she rcli's upon a b,rokeiti te,.
f r the deadiv t'eiu , f ce'turiu's I-.tween ti'
Gaul and Saxonl can lever be rtt.' i -.
pite the apjarcnt 'u,. u ill of the Enp'vor.
This man thou.h m'uch aimied and vi!' ti-i at
the outset of his career as Imtl''rr of toe
French, has showvn to the world ihv hi' energy
and genius, that he is u:tquesttoablay thl'
greatest man in Europe of the p',seiit dah.
and he is playing a ,! 'el and despiate gaol,
that will make t ,im a!m:rst equal, if nt
quite, to the tirt Napoleon. lie has drawt
out the strength and skll of Engitid in the
Crimean war. an I lie now posse-ses all the
iuiformation necessary ftr him to kntow ol
England's power and greatness. lie hai
'een her poser in force ; the fI'clings of toe
Euglis-h people to their rules: the wide hf'
terence in the teelti.g bet we.'i the A.ri,tcr.t
anid the plelians, and tine c;aices of a cui te't
are as closely and co:uiiy ca'lcu!ated as any
object of his ever was bicl.re bei.g put it~.
ex''ecotion. lie sees tiat IEntltnl i. creri
blind upon a pinnacle tutu wli :ch she i'ist
soon f.ll, and he will take adlantage of it.
As in the course ot inen's I es, they grow
up from inlancy to old age. with the Lifterent
phases of position th.t belong to all grade
of society, with and without distinction, and
then die and give way to others. so is it
with the lives and progress of Nations. T'levy
all have their day and thendie off. England
has had her day and must in the course the
Great Ruler has marked out for all tnintg
upon earth---individuaily or collictive'y
pass away and give place to others in turn.
as other, have given way to her; ait another.
in the same career of worlily ambition, looks
over her towering hut tottering lorm, atit
watches the auspicious moment to tread ini
her footsteps. and to exult over a faller ene
my. Niapoieon Ill is no friend to E::gland,
and will never be. Hle stil I looks fuI ward
to the day when he can fullfil the oft cher
ished desire of the first Na.poleon. of carry
ing war into that very city where he was
once tin his poverty) sworn in as a special
Constable to preserve the pefer, and never
will remain quietly upon the French thron:'
until he has accomplished that obj. et.or rtinuc(
himself in the attempt. Cuon ng ev.ents cast
their shadows before them, and these are full
of serious and significant importance.
In the background of Europe, a power is I
rising that will, eventualiy, over-iialdow alli
others, and must is that same destiny that
.marks out national and individual prosperity.
overrule all others, and become that which
has been held by. so many successively-the
Mistres of Europe. Although as but a na
tion of }esterdav, she has retired fi om a con
test with the two great powers of i'urove.
almost unharmed, full of honor, and udis
mayed. Her resources not yet fully devel
oped. can scartely be estimated; her extent
of territory; her power and influence over
her subjects; the skill of her officers, and
the courage and tenacity of her fighting men,
show forth in tones more forcible than lan
gnagze, that she is yet to be feared. Napoleon
wa ,ght thu_, no: correct in d.-t; "Et,:pe
wi;l be Republican or CossacK." and Cos
sack sue will be, before the glorious light of
Republicanism can burn with such a fiirce
and inten.-e blaze a' to consume the last
w:eck4 of European feudalisjm. That time
will come though it may not .e in the pres
ent generation. But we havcte'andered from
our subject.
Shall we have a war wit's England ? A
ditticulty is brewing, and a war may, and to
our thinking-very probable-is on the verge
of breaking out. although we hope if Frank
lin Pierce or his musty Cabinet. can avoid
ditfl ulty with honor, it would be better, vast
ly better, to do so. Inl the event of a war
with England, the advantage at tle outset
would undoubtedly be hers. She would block
ade our ports, perhaps destroy some if not all
of our Atlantic cities.annihilate our maratime
commerce ; force our people to depend upon
themselves for production and conrsumption,
and iniure and annoy us in many ways. But
what would be the result 2 Ultimately she
would be beaten !
A war with England, despite the blustering
of the London Times, of what the B itish
government could and should do, would be a
war with the dristocracy, and not a war with
the English people-ths masses, the laboring
masses,-and so soon as they found that their
bread was stopped, they would force the
.-'ov. itrnot ..e' ,. ";.r:: t,.,.. :h..( ", 'r h,-.!- C'i
..... ..-.-.. IfTýT<."-blti"ý ^. yhI w' '·Ihrr* Tý CI L
dcprived tlrem of bre:ad. fr then'relvr' their
wives ani children. Cut oil' r'onmnlticatton
with the UaiiDtt Sltes, and you deprive
,England of her sld. Ari.tocracy is at a
discount-below par-andi the E"ngtiuh work
ing classes-the bon(' anlt sinew of E:It 'antl'
greatness-have betcome sick and wearied of
the oppression and continted taxalion to sup
p.rt a corrupt and perverted horde of Roy
allyand titled noblhtty. tor keepingt thnt
tdown-dtwn intto that .h.eh of a retchtd
ness and misery that they hate been pn.,;'
into for ceritnries past. Let a war iet at
tempted by the Britisih 0overnueitil with iu.
and it it unhl be outi ina the death knell of
that country ''whose tlan. has lra tx ed .t thIm
anti years the battle ai id the breeze." and
well thu'v know it. 'l'he ('hartist feeling is
not denal, though slumbering. They would
have all to loou,e adl onuld f aill noth.ng by it.
Baton Rouge.
P SaQi r',ri:. Li.. Miay 21th, IS5t.
I,di', r "':at" Plaintrr -- have just rettrnied
f W e i sl , r t t 1 (
tf i :rtii ,ht Ptltd to its f 1 ltet of 1..t...1,..
r"ii',r t,,, it' vu0 w ill t,, awe rain '-ir I'
It lendsht p rake, I o ill p t di t at, 'u- t I
the stray ideas \n hich 5i`, t h :Be o,,k.e
.lli1 of all t een Cuomet' deiitnt ) " tvied
ad-i hI ' lie
htIc t rthie first thiri, w rtlehic ý .rk tin'
itr i ator o: t \r i o . Ip-tt aiis tin .,,ardit
U, ii, It. ho '.ti I. 'l ti ti t .' n itnt H 11t l r t'l
ii oit f thi e r i; irst . wa.l , at i vte: tt.ei ltit
: mi.u h th.e ,had,".I , r''t.,rt' ,I 1 :, t d btick.
,a, h.:l:piy to 11;,"t' nday; o14 Itllet'h :t ot,
itte lu lin p-,ullsth nov tl tle t-or 11
is i it a te'.;" 10t, t, . ' e e Cdt!a ! li,,uge rtir'od
tol hes le:t.gyý and stupor. put on hr :ar
Iierts , proc-rss and slttrerchd ,,'orw::d the
ii,'bt toot tto the now op.en p1,.tt of proa
MIant mnrcattile finrms have openedl wtt.de
their doors dttrir. the pa-t few years. an!
titw--eri fewi--have go, e out as the tlick
eritig wick die ouit to give t'ay to 'x i 'hs
I more Of it pri e imi' Wn article. I wva< vle
,orry to iarn that the Ratilrtadt spirit hadl
rert'c ed aother b!ow in the : :n:iipatd
,:el;at of toe part-h railroad tax; however it
wa, thie rill of tote mnajoilty, and aithnough
.v bei t in to. pvtpulh roxr dei has been cn
iderably shattered iof" late.sti;I the tax pay
ers wouil have had the tax to pa'. and they
tiu.t have taken iall the piro's and con 's inttfo
One ihing struik me as very singular, artl
to me, sertieml to show a wa't of it" 'eptttin
as to the forwarding, of their ittereoi on the
Itart of your othervise far-seeing and ener
tetit niercha::nts. .nd :hat t:is: w'L, do
.ley peritt Ntew (ithans to grap n. r
r ain a"n,.st the total control over t he trae ,'
the Rei RIv-r 'alley. Your city 1.;r- t! e
same r. 'i, 'n ti: sitsatin: a:.d ccmmrci i ad
i\ ntas,.. to the lied Rt,[ ,er et::.'.', that
emt:phio doe; to the Arkanas ,, White
IL iver v'alleyvs. anil vet. whilst the latter city
' erices an imntrt',te t::' tor I e c,,ti.n*r',
aited by thot-e river, Baton Rotg- derives
ittle or no advantage from hter contigi 'y to
ich ric pdurn regions of Hedl River
\ tv is to:i, Are not your mnrchants as en
t- rltrisir:- as literal, if tot more so, than
those of New f sleits.
Whi st in Baton Rouge, I eouhl have pur
itchased gods n every line cheaper tisan in
iNew Oria s. It is true your stores are not
so large, hul' ssureily the stock in the prin
ciple stores are mn.t complete-house ren's
are beyond all comparison lower- -;axe.- mout
be lighter-rates of living cheaper, and vet
the rich produce ot Red Ri<er flats past her
natural market-Baton Ruge- and ;: re:nii
the hliar y lalei stea mer iloomrs part h-r,
l,,ded with suippies fori p!antersend country
Sne:charts.. all pr',ueatie in Baton PRie.
'W\at We-tern produce merchant located in
New Ol:ans, can sell lover--r, if the de
mand is made upon thl-m--shl.w heavier
-tacks thiin Barbee & Beu:jarmin, Jo.hua Beal,
Mintan & Bro., A. 3latta. and ot hers dealing
in their lines in your city ? New Orleans
has not even one flhor miil, l hldst Baton
Rlouge. throagh the energy of Bea !. can turn
out from her Y'o:ung Am-rica Sl;lls.:' ifteen
barrels per day. Jacob Piper & Co., occupy
an establishment before whose proportions
many a hoaseld House Furnislhng establish
ment in the Crescent city is cast into the
shade-with a front of sixty feet by fifty
deep. with a wareroom crowded to excess
their s',,'k ot cveri- I . i~ their li:;e. is as
complete and varied as any house ir. the S'ate.
'ieir furniture rooms are over a hundred feet
in depth and occupy two floors, from which
the riost fastideous can ,elect.
1W. F. Tunnard's Waggon, Plow, and Plan
ter's Emporium. in connection with his ramn
moth three story Carriage and Buggy manu
factory, comltains everything needed by the
planter for the successful prosecution of his
crop. In my next I will try and give a dc
scription of the new *'Stubble flow,: the
plan of which I saw there-and which, in
my opinion, is the ultinue thule of the sugar
planter's desires. 0
Hill & Co., have as large an iron and brass
foundry as can be started in the South, and
Bradfordls & Co s stock of harness, leather.
&c., will vie in quantity and quality, with
any house inside New Orleans. The State
Prison Mantfactured cotton Goods, which find
their way all over the State through the me
dium of New Orleans.
W. D. Phillips and a host of others, supply
every concievable quality andi quantity of
d. y goods, from the tilst texture, from the
French loom to the heaviest Olsuaburg of the
Wadd'ill and Bagel supply erough Drugs
and Chemicals to poison or cure the whole
community. Bogel does not, strictly speak.
ii'g, ,nffi.,o bh Ii- u:i';: ' ns- r,",. b.ti kreepr
almnt.t everytL.irg from a mint drop ,nto a u
gar kettle. A, regardi the proties.inal
I walks, your small batch oi nearly forty la'w
-ers, as far as i can judge, defy the competi
tion of their brother- of the bag throughout
the Statcd In my next. if you are not tired
of hcasinlt Baton Roane dissected, I will ron
tinue on with the profe-sioins, tiades, &'..
but I think there is no que-t;olninig the lfact
that sotnitr or later, you .r ,'ty w ili bee'i, '
n- .1:u,,l r15al of New (Or;:! '·
Y ,o r - . 1 : ' - l i , .n R ot:.
A $10,000 but on the Sugar Crop of
156 t!!
We hai e notired , tl i tug ti,. past tw i' or
in the New O()h-aV:S tl/ra. between a "t hi -
ott;ring to et on the Sugar cri of I 13;.
The anti in r manntr with t hlch ti.e; n
gagc :i warlate w th iap, r t uilts is an ,t'i
dtnct th iiat th" ar t actute.I o; t l.Cest fte,
iu . anId ate no dtutnli a tua'ed b," ithe purnst
iltic es. C 1 V enoteTr i-.ivt t, iL .- : ,. i
,t tr:-, , 5 t':,'e to bli . a :.t " . 1 : . ' " '
lop. ,r an 1 :wg a , itrt :, r
W ith ti,!- ..tal i! (.1 . I '54' Lieiicle tail, ex.
;re on of , ou , it,,'r: t". we -re regl l..1d to
,,:'i ti, t all ".1 ; p"t o . ,t, ,n or het. r,
.-],. a ' - ctt p ,,lti 1 ..1 W IN a eot ' le
Ilt,.:, [ .,li- n si, tt a t1u S 1|1: e4 ', rj" T5'1, it'
p lu .t r . .. . . ..as , o] . ot .h
t." .. .. . .. .. . . Iii . ,cr nt , .
it ce t.. .C oUdrse ael t~.,:: s. To te
St:r. I re.pectable
T;isitr of tat ip al ,it whoi- does not wish
I.i tame to ap ear iihill in thR bettinrt
arnra. t Fcr any further ii ,rmaton utpon tho
titer, by directing. otntt ud tat i-n. ta o uat is
iat on R uge thtey will be rece."i.d ahd at
teided to. :r course all te. L tzeis o t.
"list bet i. we' ti.tl:, tn:rt gi- :nerin:s
tian the bets oflTerie "o, it Iii.if- r.o
"Your Fortime Crrrsi ., !,. t." ai.tn cac .:
Iiopint. that if the a or e-tnr t tak tke it .
for V:.v ore e' eS they ' , ill keep tit- ran
(." t e I, ati aIt. s t- 't. - o ri y cD ir-se t o i
all ei.tcert.,it i',y .co ree to t:"ni2e iht nrmt.
Mr.M..--A et'-r tfi, : the Grieat
tSa't -.r:'.:e the. t h, t ,t a (oVt ertiit Vtt :.
ia ' t, t . 'nl t I ttrt,-- ri,.p i,, i'Y h .,;st. t,
ai.pt ,r a. it, - it,.: ar :. r itt l .I-rtti tttitu
' he-anti atin ii Iit ft atorlm:ssit it t.,
:,c s'. , -: , , ,.' ri ti tli Oi ci"e thi e prit
t t it- arres, ti. t bas ev'r cl-aract- ri.e-d our
It-Itors. We have watched the progress of
ti is irai;-co nedy with great interest. The
tiem ,f G.v Young expired, and a distin
i.ah.hed officer of the army was appoined in
his place. 1ie wat or the spot at the time
at it kne-w % hatt sort of pos.tin he a as call
ed to ii I. lie tecttn d i- t ; ,- . , i.'-e t.a,.
in con-teience.Brigha:: Y an:;g it -i.i (;ct ve
nor of Utah.
The Administration has actert wisely, ex
cept in the original atieirpt t,, supli..nr tun.
Eatrenched betw,-ct, tric u::'ai,- andi deser-.
the Mormon citef is to,, s'r, !:.,r t !: it
ed States. Ut'ndou!tedly tie re l- oeret ,f the
Unttion. cigoriusl v direc-ted to ti.ie c-t. c-it
make speed lv tail ,f tit-rtnoi'.tO . ii,t th})
ar- wtan'et- for othter l,,,rt uses. - .tr will c4.'.
de sr'. it tah . War with the l .irmtncr is
ai al,.rditv tha t riat es evenii to e rigiity of
the im.pos'abe.
Thie quetion then ar.ses. what is to e A e
ow wih tim ? Are t," to, le admitted
init, the Iliu n poly: am .':,d all. or are the.v
to be competlled to f rmn an idependatll
e:pire etwenl the Sierra .M1adre and the
ciera Nevada I
Tli e U.n tel States has asnol;itely no cons
titutiol ai juri.,tlll tion ot the subject of mno .
riale. It is othliied to accept the conllictimn
lh .;,;kl ti, n of all the `tates a= law of the ;a hd
fir the particliar region. The General Gov
erunmrent, in raising a q';etiot on the admis
sion of a new Stats, which urle niahly they
have neither ,irect nor constructive contuiol
over, swill put itself in an in d fenlsible p'Si
t.on bUt what are ot e to do e ith the poly
giamy? Are we to turn Turks? This is
what constllutes the complicatitn ot the ca e.
It is nearly certain that It Stwil Ie settled
i Mr. allan Biiren settled the Northeastern
lonldary question-by putting itolf--Chur
leston Merrury.i
A Rrssi.\N ON riH i tasMCIt.TIr CoNCP
TtO' -A work Las recently appeared writ
ten by a Ru-sian. on the re'lig ,is i'sPt."ets of
the Eastern war. epec"ially with r` ..- cc to
the Greek and Caihulic Churches. In re
spectto the position of ite Eastern Church
toward the new dogma, this writer thus holds
"Wvehave quite lately scon the Pontificial
iThrone sendti ,it an nhligitory decree on a
''oem-itic question. 'Thi~. thien, in the high
est se ll.,- of the word, is a purely ecclesiastical
act: and, as the only examltl e of that kind
which has occurred tfor m.ny veurs. it merits
espi -i.l attention. This decree announces to
all Christendon. and proclaims to corul..lg
ages, the blessed mother of the Sat iour was,
from the moment of her conception. exempt
from all tainut of sin, even of original sin.
But did tnot the Holy Virgin die like the rest
of the human race ? She did. And is not
death, according to the teaching of the Apos
tie. the penalty of sin ? It is so no lo..ger;
it has beeiiwe. by a PIapal decree, indepen
dent of sin ? it has become a mere accident
of iature, and universal Christendom is con
victed of a lie. .. X.
SLAVaRY IN Cns.--The planters and
merchants of the iblandt of Cuba have preaeut
ed a memorial to the Queen of Spain asking
permission to introduce into the Island, as an
experiment, fIrty thousand cq3iiists from
the coast of Africa.
The Queen of Spain could grant such a
charter with as mnch justice as the Btitish
gvernment had introducing the Coolie sys
tem. The idea is a rich ere: Colonirti frtou:
, q Fr ,.,.:
e,azc --IThe [ t Lcl.lint pro teni. lard bek.'re
the Senate a comm'inication from the Secre
tary of War, in compliance with n resolution
of the Senate of the 7th ult., calling for in
formation in regard to the obstr::etions placed
b7_ General Andrew: Jackson at the mouth of
Bavyou Lafourcite to prevent the entrance of
British vessel ire 1514 and 1815. which was
renl. and on motion of Mr. Sifdell, it was re
f, rred to the Committee on Commerce and
ni eret 't be printd
lou,," -<to , ,,,, of M r. En.tis. ,f" 1a f
Im fer ;ta ,us ei n an of thi ' r' ie-. the . ',lni t
fl r t l l r' t , -l,! e : . , ' I r ;I , . t* . , b l l ,to i 1 ti l , ., -, a t
the tiull ith ,.f tlh.' .:- l pi TIr . at thi
e· + hw-,.t Iiai'. an Pa s a s )s'w,' ., wh . n
th,n l,,u.. e ior,.e iie:d : ct l -at r. t.h. - "N'U ,
t c :, ' lon b(Iingr uLe the· amecJ ll 'I e't. t`.r t"r
!,, '. t I y t. ' Cu rn itte oft, " C(,: wltt c ir t ,err .
M1r. 1:-tis expla.led tir t the .Il'l. a it'
c I.r t ro a th, S.n:atr, € ta ni d and a; i.e
piiat: on ,t _ , 'i + 0it) . ,e (,. m :,.t., itu
S.,mm, rce hl I rerduced te annt th i rJr. to
Thi anmenets reportd Iy the Co.noP -
S, i ,' ' r ; tei . as nd tie ' iii .,
, -I , .l s rat a third time and pas-ed :
,ti l 1,, P r - ;, ire '. i "t ,.. .1. r, ,
'nu 0s1e 1hi a iranc . in, 4e
w , t i r. , te:i` .a ~ait r t , , ' . . a .i
i o:nce:i ; ii ':n .'h rii ' a s - I e about :' -it
(fllr ul t.1 n.., . i.. i r i hLor tae C+u..,
, lr.,,,ct '- lte Padnr.i olel' on the
,.t: ,', f !i:-, L . ni a Padre i: bi t as the i r
repoa. .rn.i of t, , ;e+t,. P;,st states, that
P,.t ;• 1 !i ,Lad airri , i, ,:~,~ a bl . gt! : v .
I• s, hii Pa re-h p tltmui t be so iet it.
. .r .. et rrril Pr e C o'.die'in . not of a "in:
- t, d:i v harem. 'flie worst thi n abo-;t 'n,
l i'ire e:, i, y I..! ick name. 'whth wis ,'l:
,,, ,- t, e cau-e of abt o ,e e ,:an ,s di e tres-t
It \ ,,. ! ..-mall w its ,n i i....ii.e hilt: a
vi -a i represenltative (f Ni:aral 'ua. an' so
, T:,e Padr re is pre. etetd a., a ra'L- r
,eal. wel shaven tran:c. tn hose lg site aI
(,,t. 'in'" 0 iree ,I te, . it re .Uir e ailu ea
s',ue-bt ck tes.aiti o: w tei it. nri v .atne
to s which !e ex.' I , at o: el . II:s u a c
is cnncead o by a str of 'rown a,.t si- ,e
ca' rr cowl ang +' t u h ofl ia ve.rV ,iat k . ,n,;
plexv r. t!.e P ct,, e t ,'e ls not c -i . fr atn
a ifL,,.k G.el u :. a;. \e oi n ,Jrs- tat
-t , ' '' C i , -.,`'t 'nt uaries lave ath em rerd tl
+tlnar, P eni ht. t an by| . t i:ng hire \irr ;
,ut me ta, i'rt ,tea, oh} ui the Paie's cname
a inl -t. i- . n ..IL,',,h.
i'T ('ioe -1 s .e Fliers in earious gtar
t f the 'v,:n'rt are ;ene ac_ gcoud arecoutnt
Sti.e ,ape-.e .e o the cot n i ,'ro f. o he
r .-,,, r1 i ,.. ; , ard. Lk," _ .: :,: r.> sa! to )e ver:
,t .i 0. Ifir a s e at. '.cinch was W ,,wn t:l
, . n . - q',anr it'e' last fall. In Oh.o the
S.e i- het..,. but the grass is vet tan -
I, New h10. , ,rate the wheat ,in god caxlr.
t.:,u. ' . h sockl::arg. Barley a:.d oats
, r. 'kd. it, ,' better than e rn t:,is season.
Sir gr o'w th t!oee not require so much }eat.
,i,- t !et, are rot so easily injured !"y late
rn-s. All Infgsih ;rains and grasses pro
no - w,+ell I,, - >,.I lard. which is properly
n..i a_,_ . It ;-now too ear!v it the season
t, v what will b:e the vield of corr. for it
d+.pene,,- mainl\ on th, w.eather in July, Au
!,.it and seiptember. bhould it b:e favorable
ti Jur e. and in the mourns name,:, this con
{try will have unprecedented quantities at
hr ;. '*-:ts, on hand next atum:n. The wheat
has sufrer+.d severely in some countries, but
in he high ,ands it pomises a fine crop. Ill
Peh::svlvanta the general accounts are that
there is a peesent prospect of a large crop of
wheat. The high priseeof wheat last year
caused the framers, from Main to California,
to sow largely of this eereal. [
- _____
t Jon B G r.cn -The lPa'tter'°n Mfirrora
,roen rvarive . mcli can paerb says that Mlr.
G;.o,.h in hi- !e,"ture on tern;perance in that
ci'v d -. ' ,! d hl is hearers ;vi'i some re
m ari.. Cn, " tack li ,nubi.,carnm . '.: i w ich
;' ,;.,ars. se r a cover t The 'f[r'uor says:
W\\'!n we 'o to o Ie of the Hi tchiln is
r , .-'rtrs. we. .fct C ur -e. expect to he insulted
with ti, t r in tins of n!ni-tard artd niu er<.
tei:r;;earle an:! toLacco ; blit when we atrteid
n advn :r i s ,,d tern ;wrarce le."ture t by J. B.
(;i:;i. we oulht. cectai lv, feel ti.it he
iwon;, not degi:a.le his hearers by fo,-cin.
s'v> rer arks upon them. or pr.-iitm:te h
,wri po-itioni znd repi:tatii by taking a: ".. -
tna, of his hl:r,_e ausi ence to act as t:e ,ag; '
of tugger worshiipper.."
Pr:.ssYLVAIA AMERIc.A' S .ir. Co:sv:ON
Tio.--'lTe American State Convention of
Pennsylvania met at Harrisburg on the 13th
ir.st. The following dispatched gives the
Ihrrrshurg. .alin 13 -Resolutiors were
adopted by the Cnveintion. ratifying the
notniatim; of Filbmore and Donelson. de
no unirmg tI.e Administration ftor repealing
theii Compr :mise of 1850, and denouncirng the
Kanias-\ebranka act as an outrage on the
people. A substitute oilered by Governor
.ohnston. approvi:r a caiI for a contention
in New York, on the 1 ih June. was rejected.
rpou which Johnston. Fourt and others Ede
delegat-s retired. The ticket of the Union
State Conventonve n was ratifier', and the Co;
vention adjourned. I he Ede Delegates he!d
a nimeeting. and are preparing an address to
the people of the State. -
KANSAS Ntws.--S. Loui. ltay 16.-RO-.
inon having been indi rt"d by the Grand
I Jury. for his treasoi the Mlars;,all aifd two
depluties lhave gote to M31iso:;ri with Gover
nlor Sh.,nion's requisition hr him.
Brown. editor of the "Hterahl of Freedom."
was arrestel. while attempting to escape
from the Territory.
RIeeder had ftied but it was thought he
would be catured.
Sheriff Jines is convalecent.
Judge Fane of Geioria has been appointed
Sheritff during Jones: sickness. anitl has beeni
shot at twice while dischargiiin his duty.
Fifteen hundred mien, with two pieces of
artillery and Sharpe's rities have tfrtified
iuiwrence, and mean to resist all attempts to
arrest the Indicted persons.
About one thousand men responded to the
Go\veruiiqs proclatnakion, aid are encamped
ini the viciniity of Lawrence arid Lecompton.
for the purpose of compelling the pe,,ple of
Lawrence. to acknowledge the organic laws
of the Territory.
TALE.on.GArPIc.-New Orleans. May o2d.
Another Nicaraguan meeting last night. anil
there is great excitement. The Daniel Web
ster takes out a load of recruits for Walker
A despatch from fort Leavenworth, Kan
sas. dated the 19th says, Wednesday the 1'1t
was fixed on for atVc! on Lawrence. Major
Bufords Company has been furnished with
Unitedl State, arms by Gov. Shannon. A
fight is fully expected.
The man who "held an office,'got tired and
let go for the purpose of resting himself a
short time. when theoftie got away, an-d has
, not rot b::n h.earl from sFi:ce
\tc an tr,.t MerTisr-There was
thusiastic meeting of the friends of Wal'.
and manihat dentiny last evening at the At.
cade, presided over by Win. Christy, A
ascisted by Measre. S. F. Slatter. J. L. ,
man, J. V. Jonte, G. W. Shaw. "Major tr.
ham .T. O. Nixon, and others. T.rlig
spne.rhes were delivered by Judee Sharma
of Pittsburg. Messrs. W. J. A. RobertD.,
A. Frazr. and others, whose remaiks wre
received ..'ith hearty outbursts of appmh.,
tinn. Rew ntitnns wiere urlanimously adJo
te', al. ;r, ', i, t te rcognitron of the Nica.
raan Gi,.,rn.ti;t vb te United States
G; \,'vrntmvn'. or,:! J"niunCinr*'h, . interfereikt
l th." ',l .l ( , errtvrent in Central Amer.
ni,' . . r,. A.'.ieth,.r 'he meetini, was
righ'.t:.pirit d lir.-N 0 BulCti, 21st.
hi. rtnov,. : . i vmric, e.V.Washington,
MTay ;9---S.r:,t e--T'lel President sent a
mro. ne, ver-r,,g the blih for the improve.
r .,t vr' the no i 'h of the M1ississippi and St.
(" air Flats. ,v ingv as a con:sideralion the
pri ilos it tl re tie.sare vUto .g the River
and i fa o.,r Bill of 18.34.
'It: :- lI..,ie paseil a joint r-. olutiontm.
tiriZ:n: th Secretry of the Navy to des.
patc-h a .,ms . I to Cap11 Verde Islands with
n rnv.tr' privath'", . 'rib ted.
('it, ::.nr. usor !)I.M.s.vr,.-13r. Cramp.
, I di u nut rt'ceive his d.emniss( on Saturday
I . ( "r.,, t are awaiting the arrival of t.,
'sial r.:ails
Gular A.1;v.,.v ras .-There is one advan.
tane t fih .-, n:etol ner oftý,e American party
has over no wi'ho bl! oi. to any other party
under tra s:- He cat, ~ame with patriotism
in !,, , ;, .-. anrd when he gets tired, or
ruris u'. i:.- ce n go over to Democracy and
at once ,e e waler ir its camp. The exam.
pme of the ',aih,-r sf fuly jfor-fifths of the
Con-lttltun, s : ti,e .i'oc ('ounidof the. dmtrirs
piartu.". i . A.l. ksj affords proof of tinia as
b-c rtiito.-Cri-o c.
Exactly so! And when they find they are
unable with all their wire-pulling and trick.
err. to get a nomination for an office, how
sdlenrly their ardor cools down at once, and
the., see all the g'aring, hideous effects of
iKpow Nothingism they could not be made to
see b,;orc.
'v:-'. I.-vi -A 'og man formerly of
thi1 e;," who was arrestdl nlst spring and
cord!,e.ln,.d f n r bigamy. v"as released one./
t!.,s week. having served out his ti
was met at the depot by nis first wi~-i4ho
iiha- tro' see him before for several y is. The
r,.,".tiný was of a ery affectionate character.
g Ti:- -o.orc wife forg.ve indi'. tion, and
to..i in to a clo'hing store, whiere she pr.
ci: sr-d a irce suit ot clothing for him, which
lie onned, when she placed in his hands,
pr .e r. 'ree h,:n,tred donlars. that she had
earr,t' srince he left her Leed and board. The
:sext day the reunited and happy coupletook
thi car- for New Hampshire where,amongthe
pure airof the Gratite Hills. we trust their
cup of connubial bit-s may aiways remainfull
For such an expression ofaffectionas this,
the words ofthe poet are altogether too tame
-- Newburyport Herald.
A Crrr nt e. Iasov FOR SticrD.-.-Mr.
Flias. wu,rlman living in Holmes county,
Ohio, crnimit..d suiicide on Sunday mrging
last by Lanirg hmnisel wtih a bridle It is
saidu that he had latei been elected assessor
ot the town.-hip. and had given a heavy bond.
Fearing he was not fit frr the office. and to
avoid the mortiticttion of being; laughed at.
rose in the morning at four o'clock: and went
0o the barn and hanged himself.
If one half the Locofoco candidates for
soffiw would come to the same coni
what a public benefit it would be. Itw
be only doing all the good they could do for
their country.
O-rE oR TIF Oruras.-A s'nut bustlinglit.
tle woman can.e into the vestry of a churchto
Se,' the clertvmi::n one morning, after the
reading of .raysrs. She he'd in her armas a
sturdy specimen of nmanhood in embryo, who,
was crying lu-ti;v.
"Please sir.' said she with a courtesy
• will vo'i he so kil as to +ell me whether
t;,is chi;,l is a seraphim or a cherubirm.
"Yoioiur v. la':' said the learned dirine
lIh d"o *,,u, irke 'wth the authorised prayer
of s our ci,'.,r1,'
"P'l ast. :r ! ain't }join---only I want to
rnow lh, tther mn son Augustusis a serl
poi r or a 'hernhim."
"',ithtr, womran-neither How can yo
ask "''
"Oh' ! bt I know he is ine or the other,"
alie she,' because you sa;d thi' molning',the
cherubim and seraphimrn continualy do cry,'
and my -on isalwvys at it."
Yorrvn AsrvRaic.ns.-One of the mot
cheering signs of the times, says the West
Tennessee ,fhig. is the interest now being
taken hv the young men of the country ia
behafolf Filimore and Donclson. In every
successfil canvass the actual service must be
performed by young men; old men will do
for council but yv.ang men for the labor.
General Harrison war elected in 1840 pritnc~
pally by the intrepidity and unal of theyoung
men of the country, so with General Taylor
a 1548, and so will Fillmore be in 1856.
TeVNrss':.--cWe learn by the Tennessee
napers that the American party has achieved
the most sigznal victories in the recent elec
,ions tbr Sheriffs and counrv clerks in that
State a e are authorized by an intelligent
Tennessean to state that the American pe1ty
is 2~ per cent stronger than it was in AuMst
last.-.,rncrican Or gan.
An orator, perspiring freely, in a husky
voice said :
'In short gentlemen and ladies, I can only
-av that I wish I hal a window in my Imso
that you might see the emot on of tay heart
The newspapers all printed the speech
leaving trt '"n" out of "window." He WO
taken somewhat aback when he read it.
NrZERO WIT. Dr. Quinrce told a story of
two black men who we re drinking out ofthe
same not The first tdank a little and smack
ing his lips, cried hem.' This astonishedthe
first drinker. who finding the pot empty sl.,t
esPthus of his companion "'Why de debit
you no cry 'hem' before dis ?" Oh.'' said the
second, "I ah heard der is poison at de bottla'
oblde cup. so Idrink him off for fear himhnrt
ry friend."
A good and generons man is happy . I _
him elf andi independi .. ,r o fortune; kind it
his friend, temperate to his enemy; relig.ously
just indefaticah'y laborious. and discharge
every duty with constancy and congruity of
CRnMri\Ai, STATiSTICS OF Sr. Lort's
the tweLve hundred and ninety three whil
persons arrested in St. Louis by tee da
police from 19th of last July to the jut of
3March, 1.191 were foreigners and 143 Ame
ricans. Whata beautiful tale that tells fa
foreign observance of aw- anti for natiS
v: olario n of t.--C,' .i

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