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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, May 31, 1856, Image 4

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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S.1,E OF 515.O O iC1RE OF
Valuable Sutgar, Cotton and
rL. AR~c!., tat\N+, 4 ,l1 N.It h : iliN .I 'ii.
Ttlrr" l..% ,[,'lXiE · 11)1'1 ;~11\ .1\It ~l lt\. an _L - 1,l
T. 9. R . S I.. Acre .
N. h.'lf,1urtr n 4 4 \ 2
V' hnll srr.2 ?. 11 1) ri·i 14,4trl4141l
V. halllt' t fr. hIfF 4 " ' ' a ,
Ten.<a+. ,.pp..: ile '1' 1. rla~~ley ..... .. . .. .. '_' ,r
44r4 Ih ·ta, st. ck, a Ilear' . u a I '!ar ,. 4
taaa RISII Ri S. T. I54D 'IR
7. 11" II 1V E
N. 1l' rqsJ r "'.ra c .;.'. Il it.i' a qi ...r u. par
. .alI'.l".t.' i'iran 4 Rrti 4
Ti .. 1. 1 . ar' 'in I34 J IiI nt i . w .
W half set. . i . 2
Al! of 111.. ira Ia5Mel t iV51.I S;t;r lanl
Ian;'ia, 'tai;ilont 1nts . . 6t3t
*f. 141.1 1,. hal W."
ceta.a~y 3,4 7,6, , . Total...... 179e 41 9an 032,
R T.i 6, II. . W.I:i`
'ie,'i. 1, 13 nI 14 . . ...674441
FrW . ,,.2 . Jf .'1t ; i ntiran'. 1': ,iA at 'a I"t.la a
,{0 a ttr7 c 6. .. . . . . . .. ...:i 1
Rooue.'. il.u!ahi . tim ,r.
T. 2, R. 7 :.
F ce. 71 swt Lot . S. `,e. J .. ... ........... :2 .0o
Ili t richt and, titlieredl lao!, adjuoniutg Jos. ioure,
I.R It. (" y a.wal J.dur-Lon
T. 4. R. S E.
All .er . 3 ..... .. .. .... . . ......3 402.75
N 1 qun rt. r au I r. E quarter c 7........ 320 no
All ,c..o i. ........ .. .... . .. . . 1 45Ot t
M. half ee. we .......... ... .... ......... 2S5. 1'
A ll oier 3 ........... ..................... 41 :
All re.84 .......................... . ....... 1
t.arer porti n:t f aloi,v }!i.i; rich la:and all valuable
or timber, hroinr int rar e!' pl.iulntil- f Mr.. o.,hr
in,. I. Mo.11r,. (. W. (lif oa. W. I. li5auiug and
N. Lau.ai and others. .,ti Io.d t 1 taoFr ,'ortle.
T. 4, R. ii F.
N E. and N. W. quart, -oe, . w.. . a T.rLrt a ec 41 80.16
Rear of Bioui. antd others.
All ,f see. .......... . 5340
.\,ljoiinin" St. (' r and others on Fiauise Riv
er; tue tinmbelr. 114,7t
T: 1.R. I1 E.
Sec. 35. adjoining Aougt. I.l:i.ue, absove W
terloo ... ... .......... 200.'0
T.. R. . I8 .
E. half of s. r. quartir cre. 71
Iraetional sec. 72....................... 37,9.990
,ht. 6i7.
ts 2, 3 and 4 sec. 73 ....... ... ......... 6.4.,6
Lots 2. 3. anl N. half of -r.. 4. see. 74.... 243.75
,its 1 a-nl 2 and e. . quarter see. 79.
Lo, , I . ,. 2 ....... .......... ..... ....... 597.02
Lots 4, 11 and 12, o'. Ni.
]L t 1 . . . . , S, 9, I :. ad se . Rl....... 4d06. 4
Rear ,f thle 40 arlentts of Iplais tinso on Bayou
lford:cehe ; tine, ryl..iv imber.
T. 3, R. P E.
W. half of v. E. quarer.. . half of. W. . quar
ter anl .I. W. qluartir of s. w quarter,
eoc. 7. ................ ...........200.00
Total acr.......................... .. 61296.5;
T. 7, R. 10 E.
FSec. 95 ................................. . B442,22
. half sec. 96 ............................... 317.09
All eec. 7....... ..... ....... 632.4,8
All see. 98 .....................N: 7.°.......... 640..o
On Crosen Tate and WIiMissippi railroad, mostly high;
all richly timbeft.r with cypre<s and ash.
T. 7, R. II E.
W. halfof . E. quarter, .. half o(f a. w. quar
ter, n. w. quarter of s. quar1ter and .v.
w. quarter, see 6 .................... . 327,73
N. w. quarter ands. halfofo. E. quarter sec. 18 226..0
Description as preceding. 1
T. 7, R. 12 E0
F. w. quarter sec. 30.
-N. ., N. w. and R. w. quarters sec. 31........ 280.00
Adjoining Molaisin, Leblanc, Nare;sae Lander,
Wood and others; line cypless timber.
Total................................... 3697.81
T. 7. R. 8 E.
rec. 1. 2. 3. 4 and 5..... ......... ........ 594.58
See. 60, 61 and 62 ........................... 4.8,60
Sec. 33, 34 and 35............ .. 53,3
Sec. 87. 88, 89, 0), 91 and 92 ..... . 50,79
Lot 7, sec 118, ree. 119. a. half of 120, 121... 4u5.43
On Bayou Alabama : high rich land, well a.
apted for sugar; navieable al all seasons.
fine cypres ; eary access to market.
T. 7, R. 9 E.
W. half of w. half sec. 106.
N. E. quarter see. 107.
All sec. 11. ...... 939,01
Rear of 480 , soan, Barrow and others;
land, beat of cypress.
.T. 8, R. sE.
c". 3, 5. i 8 and 9, Bayou .\laama... 1143,03
- c . l0 and 17.. ............. 330.31
Scur419. 40, 41 and 61, Bayou Alabama...... 567,07
t. w. quarter of 8. w. quarter sec. 63
.t 11 re. 64.
W. half of w. half and a. a. quarter sec. 71.
.til sec. 72.
N. half see. 73.............. .........39,57
On Bayou Cane or Bayou L'Our.e; high rich
cane land, fine cypress.
F. half rec. 81 and a. half Lot 3, see. 82...... 402,54
N. hal ec. 83.. ..390,53
Fine high rich lands.
T. 8. R. 11 E.
L. halft sec. 27 ................... 31,444
T. 10, R. 12 E.
N. half of a. half sec. 86........ 160000
Fine cypress timber, near Bayou Goula.
T. 11, R. 13 E.
F.e,. 16............ .. 188,00
AdjoiningHarrison, Mrs. La uve, Richard ; high
and rich land; valuahle cypress.
All rsec. No. 23..................... . ... 638,00
Adjoining Hen. Tra.imand Landry, Valery
lnndry. Antoine Dias. Vinson & Oindry,
'yprien Icard; part high rich cane and,
well timbered with best of cypress. Total 88056,26
T. 12, R. 15 E.
rFrt of ee No. 18 ...................... . 4,00
Rear of Ory. LeBoRaf and others, part of
Double Concession--ine cypress.
T 11.R.4. E.
W. half see.. 4o .. ..... 320.00
Rear of Coiomb, Vaooeur Weber and others
--!ne cypres and ash.
T. 11, R. 6 E.
E. half of N. E. quarter anid, a. quarter. sec
tonS ...........'................ 159,73
In rear of Jos. LABourgeois' and other plan
terr. as far down as Ed. Marmillon'ss-fne cy.
half see. M.
N. w. quarter se. 92........... ....... 480,00
In rear of Tregle, Welham and other-.fne
C ypr.s..
T. 11, R.7 E.
Lot 7, and r w. quarter see. 1.
S. half sec. 2.
N. half of a. E. quarter see 11 ............. 569886
t. a. quarter, n. e., N. w., and as. . quarters
,o '. w. quarter see. 8
F. r. quarter see. 4........ ........
Section 12 and.Lot 1, ection 13 ............ 8,0
T. 11, R. SE.
ections Nos. 7. 1 and 18 .......585........ ,18
Adjoining and in rear of Double Concessions,
aiuable for eypress, being high and of easy
ceae. These lands are situatedl above and
low the plantation of Hollingsworth.
T. 12 R. 18 E.
half section 85... 20,00
Rear of St. Martin, Roussel Orarois and
o ers, snout 90 arpesalts from the river-fine
W aros
total St John...... . ..31713
qrn... 13fr~ R. 15..r
a !." q ,:artn~r "' tom N1N . I1 ................ 1 ,
.5 r.) >r'nisZ 1'hrr.*1·h. 1 anil ,,t'1sr." rt,!
IM1111'le (`llllc't .imi, -h-Il r ti il.,"r~l
l'ARIS OF. 1. RI. 1 T1. O
`'. n-. quarler'ectim n IS. I -i,-ii - fort ...
IU 11". I~-rl . I r :1 s. rr...lr.,r N
-- .Ind :,.l,,:,ln;r,.;' ,;"'; ' 55" r.i. lie ,,,I (:ra,!c
i 'I'. t 5.R. -.3 E.h
O li ,.f 1:. LnlT 4( t(·! ..... .........I 1 1 0, 1I nru
h a ll nt , F., , r n, I .1n1 ', h0cl ,. +
t: I ,"1it, I, i" I, 1.1 1,1 hen , ti!'
:, I-ri',e 'Cri~lt in 14i" fr,. ttin n.
11 ].,It! .,.."t~nll 51 ...... ... ... .......... f. C ' 1
haIlil' .rtii ll·L. n ..-""""." : .... .. ,Oc,!,
W. rril of W. mn, t1 r "I mm (........ .......r . am 0'r
1. 1,5, R 15 E.
j rtic l NO. 51. .....................r...... l R-k A
11'. soil f S.r r. qunrloe. P. I. .· r· of N,- W. q ?uar
r r a .. I i. 0 . . .... .. ^_^.:
1.h l of 1: il al l, tm.'... S. in. gimr
re.rltrt,.-.rrrr 1 Iererr u a1nd nt0h
l-ym; Irnl Inr-r mr I. -rrr ,mmr
nrrmnrg'lrlrrn ina'rrrr.r .r*'rrrnr .rrt. .+1"I rurng
1 PARISI i OFI ~In Ilk'I iN'i'E RIOR.
'1'. 11, RI. 1 7 F.
-.'mmrr In
N. 1.fo"ct~ , 11. :0S
i:.-:"rrnl ,r .1 '.rrmj... n.. other
T.lrrknII: rr1 F. t n 71. C'.rrn rrrmir hru ..r ..ii I,
rr1C. rm.,lrlalf . w hn r ?irlr . 14
l/: 1rn1."of i.,n, " r..rt i4, 1:, . ' r (
I. Ir IR 15 I.
n'tirn-r Norn ......... 5..... ... . 43'5.0
mr a rr n n . i n .. . u r.. . . . . . . . . . . 7 1 .
Irrrr of .n0, .1l·,u I la(h
In 1mb t., 40 it~ nt. "J"un !,",
f,. f-r.," iannr r il, h r .
tcrtui+ .11 .1 to p
`:!"n ,rrr.1 r I, w irmr'Irtnlr t.rr nr .I rn -r-.. j
I Iir
3I UsI N I;S, CA,\ 1' I)S.
'W. (CAlIi:ML. A 'ltIT'l7 -'Td PFI.1DER. Or
2. dern can IN -ent tougi the "l.-t office.
* Corner Third and Chand urch treets.
G . Slip on Fifth .treet.
Store, corner Iaface:te and Iaure i strerts.
, her Third and Church streets.
_ at Law. Office at the Court House. West V:at
on Rouge. e
lor at Law. Office on Laurel st-set.
* street bet. Convention and North Boulevard.
* on Church opposite the Harney Hou<e.
aw * can be sent throught the Postoffice.
SChurch street.
J Iaw. Office with P. A. Walker, J. P., on Church
street near Third.
- law. Office on Main street.
• at Law. Office on Laurel street.
oer. Church .treet.
* Store. South Boulevard.
?. Law. Office on Iafayvtte street. Banon Rouge.
and near the Court House. West HBaon Houge.
* Law. Office on Laurel street.
I Watches, etc.. Under the Harney touse.
o sellors at Law. Office on laurel street.
WV st., near Church.
e &c. Maine at., next the City Hall.
THE subscriber respectfully begs lea e to inform his
fren,: and the public t'-:e:ally, of 1th.t anl the
ad.ioimnua Parishes, that he i. now prepared to execute
all work in the above line, in the best and most work
manlike manner.
He is ready at all times, tomake or repair
Colt water,
Stepe Pipes of
every kind, quality and description.
Tin or Copper Gutters,
Spouts or Valleys
for lining Cornices, made and pot up. Always on
hand, a general asortmetit of Tinware, Sugar-house
Lamps, Lanterns. Oil Cons. &e., &e.
tip All orders from the country promptly a'tended
to. IHN fI.ANt
Churbh Street, Baton Rouge.
F EEPS constantly on hand, a largo and beautiful
assortment of CL4UKS. WA:LiHE.S and .IWEL
RT. which he offers to the citizens of East and West
Bnton pvuge and vicinity, em reaonable terms.
Nov. let 1814.
i4)Ui " A N A.1
I N'Ir.Lr-l. l Ili/i:'.U iiý'i--(ri a+6 ," ' '"i"' -h r 5 F
z ilI nlil-. I111I. :llýr. L· li ll (.i lll ,.,,,, \I·I ,,,1 it,
1:1~ ·i .,":,.. .:, y1. Ill i ·...,,. t. 1~.. 1,,1 i t·l ."I
\., ",m l. I I I. ", II I II J
J~~b!A I 111 Iml
(iIIk I
t ... 1 jJ / . ".. ':1:
\ll, . - .1p : 1nt+ " .,ti. 1 ý.
S1. t i I .. ..., I r.:: .
Ilt tIt tIn iI II-, li ~",, f I1t . \ ," ,
J It,,,' I I 11L.. --.1 ·.-1. I ' ' I..., . .· 'i - l, i. '..
jý VI , 1, 1. . 1 t o I · ~.~- ·I~;;
P ,t 1 I)- .1 t· ,.. nl, ..t t- ," I .' rel. rl t. I.
I. It.f . : !."" t , · I · :; t.i' i. + l. " ; t r r ! . I ~~
2 2,
'a :. 0 :,"I?. of iit ri ,,, oil £ Jahu tl.cs Lia 't.:
W.IRRI ('.s l NTY--V; F' -Bt..;
5.11l : k, f.rt 3 inc ,-, hl.Sfh , -+.,: )l' t)a
on white I'n.,' paint, lowel - .u: .,..,
Co.t: Ib..ug- to -..i , :t
tn,, 11i ' . ' I auti, tt -i I
r LAlR-N t-:(,,I . Y
CYOR.+YEL 9I._--Thiirt. 5 a. , ,.- ,11 " 5," 4 ir,gt.
h i t , h a. a s e . t a, , I:t
Z inC s.e , one . t l, hI :- .. ."; , L' ti ,t t t'l w ,..'.
of 3 . ii t rr.,,," l-. \., a ý... l
N(SI ' I -: tr. (+) Ni Y.
ADAE.I'-- t irk e:1nPlxhin. . rlitr :3 var' tltl. 5 trt
I t 1 in shtS 1. I- t iC-. ' Il al ,: (. iit. ; , b
or I - , - ouna+ wiiuan", to Ciucinatni . i
Lauderdale cal:,ty \hsu
).1AI: ON ;COt'NTY.
Ir D,.',trk omple-tn, .,Oe or : ., 'Lar obl. rfet"
Inch h' h. has a sar oar i i< ri- ht a-. i :
s-r. n- scir on hi, h%; belg.ngs to J. i. T sou .i
CI ._S 1iRNXE (' 'UNTY-r'\T' T '.til:.s
S ETE' - Pr.wn csnt: -t'ion, in t sai-. has whi ksl=t
and .'s Ia' had ti h, io -t h, " I.t I ront. tio, .
i *r"li" and, l l o . r jaw, and ha- a .car over it
., alh t, i"r , ls,- * ,.- d t a arlatc , : an -
, , I, l ", ':l :t. .u ta o w 'kI s actoll" be h i-t
ma-._ ",mtmittel :5'h Feb. "e .
I Y'i ;F-- 1 , p ler lr ste lim I-bilt. ha. "oolI t.eti,
,i1 Ia a ?ar.e i.sr on the left arrl a,'t-ed bI a
I.. itrl n , a frewh bru-e on thie chtk. and i- 5
feit t nlaches high: esav- he blon¢s to Jack Wat
son of Ten-as parish: eomittt ' Feb!. 13th '59.
s Platform of the National American
1st. An humble acknowledgement to the
Supreme being forllii. protecting care ,ouch
7 ife, to nor fathers in their sue,'ce,-fu revo
Sluti nary struggle.anr hitherto manifeste'd to
its. tl.eir desirendantic. in the per-ervatim of
Sthe liler'ies. the inde.endence and the union
of these t ates.
2G. The tperlauhation of th, F"!ederal Unl ,,t.
and Consu-tiutr. a- the paltladlmi i oour civ·a
aid religions liberties. and the only sire bul
Swark of American independenc'e.
3d Americans must rule A mreria: and
to thi- end r,ative born citizens shouhlbe se
-lcted for all State. federal and mnitcipal
offites or government enployment, in pre
i terec e t' all uthlrs.
4th. Persons born of A nerican parents re
siding ten'porauily abroad shoult be entitled
Sto all the rights of a native born citizen.
5th. .~ person shoruld e se'ected for po
litical station (whether of nalive or foreign
birth) who recognizes any allegiance or ohli.
gation of any description to any foreign prince.
potentate or power. or who efuslles to recog
nize the F -deral ant State Constitutions
(each within its sphere) as paramount toall
other laws,as rules of political action.
Gth. The unqualified recognition and main
tai antce of the reserved rights of the set 'ral
States, and the cultiva ion of harmony and fra.
terial good will between tihecitizeus of the
several States.and to this end. non-interference
by Congress with qtestioisappertaininig -ol.ei v
to the individual States. andt non-intel ventiu
hy each State with the affairs of any othtr
7th. The recognition of the right of the na
tive-born and naturalized citizensofthe Uirte,d
States. pernanentiv residing in any Territory
thereof. to tanme their constitution and laws.
and to regulate their domestic and social af
fairs in their own mode. subject, only to the
provisions of the Federal Conl itution. with
the privilege otadmission into the Union when
ever they have the lequisite population for oine
Representative in Congress. provided always.
that none but those whoare citizens of the Uni
Sted States. under the constitution and laws I
thereot. and who have a fixed residence in any
such Territory. ought to participate in the for
mation of the constitution. or in the enact
merit of laws for said Territory or State.
5th. An enforcement of the principle that
no Stateor Territoryoughttoadti nruit others than
native born citizens to the right of sufrage, or
of holdg political office.
9th. A change in the laws of naturalization
making a continued residence of twenty.one
years.of all not heretolore provided for, an .
indispensitle requisite for citizen:'hip hereaf.
1ter, and excluding all paupers and persons -
I convicted of crime, from landing un'on our
shores; but no interference with the vested I
i.ghts of foreigners.
; li'il. ()lir r.itin tiQt. any union Lcr`1det
al or tvurn lilj :i. it' tctt o..Itls or
(I , -;l. .'r. "' ;tnd th "r, tn"_'. t: t'" r)Ia 1LI:I I 1,1
I i
Sres . C a ti iet e i' it'' it I
hi' ' i H '
I.'t\ l ilThe ll' ..Il 'i ii pit,'an! .i /I I,
lae : In 1- s ltnt~n in, .:d " 'i :. .
I:;'h (11 '11 :I' It ' t i ,"! ii ,,i .. 'i''i' ' 'i , "
! ~ill :1 the l(·;ll(· h- tl'n l
., 11.' , i I , l it: ' li ' t 1 f . i . , " I : : l
Programmrne du PFat Ai.-ra-ain.
a r F1) joilti s art ,± , .!4 r ri-a'n 'a 1 .444'
t,4n" 'il . ;' !,1' r1 . r I
I- -
«" L 1·.I ~ i.,. , t, 1 , (.I..~': r.
a 4J , ''''i. ,,- ~ .4 ''' 1e e'' r,,..
.1, 'Ilse 4± · 1111 II l : . Ir e'
!'. "titr rtin - El 1 4 -'44' 1 4t ''e·i r ±i re r'. fle.
tier. - in-st lrIi o! 1?"I r.o'i rernpl ir ti-'
" ' e· r les r't r'm4 444144ipa.ic, de1u e, -
1, 't,"e .: 414454±4.0er l, 4it4-4¼ It-e-;
Sne trn ie
t' (tl !t I n .t'nt tem!1 Tr' Pýr," . ;1 i t'''.,' _ "~
.. , it··n ·! ··s yrt clltl , rflr!nit pr F rS ...
t404 r...-,r a."-i.'
' A l' nr - ' i - ' t;' -'," . t' 14.1
[a-"-it :, oil a I;r - "n 44"ý p it t t' ,
'('itr tii "± `f! 1 w t.144,' t"
" eat:IIP'tffai T 4 ' 4j, A. 4 '' - 4. :.-r I. '1er,
SIrr. tI. II, , t conninte ar tttjr; T ,"s C
e 4444'li' In 41', 44
-144444r; ',. tl.er . e;:e i . uai~l ·c s l I::c~t: Id ru
- : t I44 1 r4'±0444v4 IrI'-4' 414 r ;, 1\ qi '111t"".
i ti'4±144 1'c (442 44,4tr n 4 a lti"' s ds Fiste ,i'ii.1
414'4144-444"4l'lt 41.414 4naii~r yic!permal'·eate dust
L E ,'issrl1'~l.jtti T fiat ) Ip ''·:. n l 'r ·;,l s
1a rui -Ii'tt; ."n it~n d t'unC e":a cIi'- i:ial. -
n4 /.U 441:40 Tresrlritoires. de foralimen +Ierggv'C
t 4-44 :.i, 'dir4'n 44 er'cs 14q444-0" Ct .1 r: nn 1 Bans
) Is fcd e rie parr ir l i tres ",·i ! autrre Ft t;
,ele. 4'" -La reconnaisanca do 4 C 14r q 41 4n i
' I^ Cot n oatifs oii 44 eat i' *ties, l' 4,4 '. 44
ant e re 4den m4 444. 4-41 pe 4'rr4-dn
a l't4'' 44 ' adno, 4riIa t f oi4 4 . 114or ule 414t 14±444
-t 'iicTut4n e4141t leer 4is. et, t- q ti'44'-51e
ttines afd res frmest se ct soriar4" ."n ýele
fP 41444 ed I4±4444:-lar(co44 I ar' le4'r tctr -
'4!';,!mis'i(4 etBan Fin%'u. 1!i"': ,11'11 :t
011;laio! nded s irepou res''lP n~r
ft'I'. r 4.*44e eien au 4±t .144.4 44± t
nu!444'e J4041'ninet de d. is '4'
t pies- lI t 4-44 titut Fst 1n 44t . 4-es , 1,14'44144 a4
4 J t p 4 4 1,l a 4 or '".aion d- ±' "
4l 44- r (ln'44i'i n a 4 '4441S 4'4'44jde is 4du 0t (li 1
4~ ~ ~ t·il'. 4 44.'4S4±i,4t4r
tnir e orct: Fiat ; r de o-at~irn
S(44±4 I4n4j. '1044 qvt 0'4odt1 print'';',' i1±F Pane
P F., its nu ' 4444ioiss ±4414 t44 14 Ia 4 s ar iii' mph int
:tit 4444±4. .!,"striet!'ta Oil ±0 ·e411 . qla iie atio( "
hint. pt.Iitiques, 'i! net cltioven \.ties :ta..
P114 I 1.44en44rn4'4' dlilmc·re n't c4414rs 'e tntic sle
hto `anon p4'44v4'4t qitrne mi- pa'nre 4±44fitinet3
1r "21i is , est t lutve airicte c±4±;44)Ittie tIc
Irol i me Le mn deEil'4 e s-tI4±X4t14, 4' i1t4 le±
(44'. 44444 teitt4144'44444±1144'1'44± lt (4t141 1 j '4,14 41a 4' ?'
4J44 114' '04'44 44Iisri: ge4±44. 014 1444114- 1441'a pr u e
t,. ortle main saomp lcns emt p i ti ens des
droit arqui rteal~as et ra Srlln~ers 3ir
q Ir del I'la t: on -i nr e ptervei tion n to;'il t n ns
13 upitta copeion 2 Ia pflvathitqt4 cc 4±114444t4
et aucu n s erment equis comaleton qualificatio
11 me Uri examen s u ihre et etitier tie tn us lee
hit 4441 4b414' 444i i±e par s paa414 0r4ti la ctioCn
414441 44 dp li± ctirs t et 4±tine 'd± 'IC 410- o e des
4.14e L44'4141e '1ainti et i'r'4c4ltlofe 144 t pes
144ois 4-14±4 4±444titon eli-I ent ('af l ie 41441 A '4'e 4-ut
(41 4'lv 414±~ n 4 boes oorrn tp' - 414. lies'4± salentms,
Bae '4 ±4- nnI4s est4 n Ion ave le pars cerit
torit e jt r ·piriairerompetente;~p P
1r .1«" (apposition ' a le l 14 a ±tiq 4 'tr Rla e
et attoilets. su'14 parIe p1'ar 4r 44ist d4 acortn
4144 14 04 d ir 44o '4orale i '' no.44 p4-±14 C
qltin 44'rf a pmo e par '4±I'a t4 gm4.a144 41us4par
[sq ' 1'44 diit Kriorta retrr d44NIti kii ;.-44414
tI.4'4e q4'ur! en eu dlpit'neat d e,4 A 014irai
(de-ile i a vomm· l e ifft et des r on eivat.ur'
poutl;r roti ie lours onnelir. h '!ea r ras ers Pt
l-144±41i1444 qt_ el 4± 1 144I'us paron ra par
bas~e sn discusiou a tru c et'ele c'rovat "rt
et40 pa44r-4 nfrm ptcesfart 14nn C s enters ctlr
pric e 44 d '. 4411 e-4-i' I4-t444g il n stir r em
I rois d n tissoale 5-ainsui 'I -'h~r1 i. p±iu'e 4±441144
en4-4±± eror44at4e4ro4 de 4104141~e4 a dsrt44S 6rea.
petO44 dens±4 4le Kauna044-s etrale gei'4'Qa.:tns
1-'vle En rov p'4far4j4±4C± pFes t rgi m4141r aisaix
ma44Xl 'a prouvi.et pa'4r laprl'epiiir es rune~a~
idean-atlrteu (Jtin pteuseit p44±4 r, 41ie4i 41044 gouf-.
focerent-ins eaiir ql'e i'a rti e paur lain' 44414
pricep±4 stir 44044 s'efi'444 di-i±ge de niarema
Itrie haqiiae; -ainsci t, l dtat prure p4144'ir
p'arnuenerrer see dis-rse Cl4est daj.r. ris mel
tions4 aea airs leisa dfre4s degia. et y4.U4
sliter En conseqdoruenelpor.a lieu desSitr
ob1anxtiots, 4cet poure prCadmirso le 'stans
4 tnmene tia discusesion libr±4 et fnche de tcns
niese pruncip es poitiuc cnenus d;das, etoytro
ti,'w - 71 ' 1 ., . f v. 1-f ' IYr. \I'l . l . +f 1 1 1) :
ýr ',ý , t " .. _ r,( ,v,, :. ? r i' ," ' l , t,, v . "I ,, ,, ti h * I " , . !, .I f
, ,, .a+., .
I !I ,, , !q : : , '
:... . : L .1.- , " . , '`·· ,n .H
~I I' harc
. . r , . 'I , . 5,are of - '. . , '
S: +- 1 · :,,ty.
S 1 th
J n I itt lt
,, J ,IL ra:ul . L ,. . . ,: . .- r
,m ··h,, 'a " :, ."a - ' :,.. " ".. ' ' :;_ ,
i who shaJ .", t ? eS . .,
,f tre .t'. . .." - . ;.! t't ., ."
L' n t ' e r" n
f re
All· :r!!b,- V" * CL~r' " I . I - t I , ai I - . I, f : -,-' p', t:"
S, : he : .h , t f,. : : .... ^ . ,. t:: h-..: ". .
. -. - . L ,; , .,-' " , a-; , r.t - t"
. :nr ; ,.a .t ,' h. t,' ek o : ,l' r -,re:l :,.
.,,n .,x er <2+'h
;:lT 1i, I' hll Lbe ,tie ,llt y of Tile Pre-eent to
,-!I : '.t`.: ,.f the -ti ktib , ra at any time, upam
,, ;l.a ir;eui -...ua If nig nunmber of atockbhoi
: oxa.n; r rei.r.,n at.ag by proxy. not leaslthan
l,- if!lt of tie -sb,cr-ied capital st.ck of thit c.rpi
at.on, an! thte i'r.idiont and 3aeetar. if r'quli.r
" o t", dl. sl..il mItke a report of the state of the at
fai'r of the corporation under oath to uach meeting
ART. 11. The Di elect a Secretary, whL
Itha lu o act as T , l gin
.ti l rei,- ch come;,-at aii frthl
Srrtrceas- the noar,l nmly from time to toi-a ti. aen
t :1~ ."r" m r te at Ti.e : 1.1 ":, twe T.they ,bal a!
;.i',,.n;: , ,t F~-icers. lli ein lt - such ,O ther laitr.- s
3- fro. n ti ~t t.o m. -a . tis may think pro;a r. and
,- . r ;it , ,. :at tht r l,. t- ire.
tI'. i2 llrienIl. .h -al bt :nta o. n the fir M.Ion.
,la-y l ...; moher. in r.h all nI every yv,-. fr,,:n the
ne t iro'l- rea!ized frm the business of the prece
. ug year.
ART 13. Any ts- Pirectors, together with the
re .i,. n'. -iaill fi a'i iortln for the lransaction o,
b- in- ·..· . .l in e: e of the absence of the :'I, i. t.
SI:.,e r- . n:l :lnot le-s than three pres,--t. -h.l
Is .Ii. ,;' ,, ' ,, Ihr.r number I're ident pro tm"
ART. !4 tIh, -aid enorrlattiin shall ilae "h. riglt
t. nl.lO e .ln use a common seat. t, -lue anls be su lt
o purcha ,id. lease. and cniiry renl or r-on.,i
S ta'i-, anid ..ll citatioun upon 1ti" P e-ilent .shall be
,, t al :..ilst tile eorl oration.
.\Rir 15 Tohe hitre in thi- cor;prat:;.,n <hall b,"
re iti, , - ra. r nn:tl est.tie. a. 1 -ball he tra .-s-rable
:ly lon a ;:,,k k t t !I'.: tt:::ti t -urr >,e by thl" saileori
,rain wtli ,ha!l a!:.a.> t, and remain in the
" .f-hn ,f the P're-i-nt, anl I y the surreuler ,
the perr'Liate of stock, and no stlckhol;ier .hall b.
-'lic.l to payi or be re.pon-ible beyond the amount
.' Iis -uh-cription. tIe sitall be obliged to pay up the F
tmo:unt oi his whIolt - li,<crlption at such tinle and in t
uch a maotnn-,r as the i're-ident and Ilirectors may
.Srtrer.':, htertinbh-f-l l'rosi led , and if any - toc.kh.,ll
er bhall th i 1 to pay. for thirty dayi after demand.
iley lay frtit hi- , sto'k, and sell it astin for the
lCne!it -of the co'rpn'ali,n : and when any a. -"lhohlir
-Iall hate paid up his stock in fall, he shall bC centi
tled to a certificate for the same, signed by the Presi
lent. anlt countersigned by the Secretary. and he shall
be subject to no e : :,er call. and shall not be liable
for any debt if the etrl.oration: all creditors must
look to the corporate body for their demands.
A;T. 1,i. The duties aid powers of the Board o
l'r :ectors are : To purchase or lease suitlble lots of
land. and -ense to be erected upon the same. suitable '
hetr-, are house. l.lnlfrnms, tailways., an .
wharves. for tie accsmedation. .torize or sale of su.
gar and mol:hses, and to manage the slime. 'to la-e I
the sawl if they deem proper, fir one or a term io u
years. To flx the rate of storage. charges and whar"
age. and the timnte during which produce may remain 7
for salt. Ti establish such by latw. rules and regula
tion a.- th.e mlv deem proper, and not in contrarven
tion of thle as of the State, of the United States. or u
of the tMunieii al reg-ulalions, and generally to manaoge
the a lairs of the corporation. tl
ArRT. 17. This Charter oslstl continue for and do- it
ring the term of twenty-five years, unless sooner dis- t!
soiled by a mee ing of stockholders, according to the to
fifth section of the art of tile Legislature, No. 131. a
approvel \Ircili 14th 1355. above referre.d to or other- hb
wise; annd at its terru:nation. or in case of iniolvency, a1
its a.fairs shall shall be liquidated by one or more
commi.isionrrsr not exceeding three, to be elected by
ithe stockholiers.
TV TtII.L EXECUTE in a faithfulanr workmanlike man
ner. all contracta for bailding or other wolk in
his line. which may be confided to him.
Orders addressed to him through the Postoffice, wilt pc
receive prompt attention.
i-b 14th '6f. tb
At rt
For the rapldCure of
COrt (Is, COLDS, 14IRsl)OO00 f
..;, ~ ..n~ r ;Ile i-.I e ' . n dij~.
t ..,...,!:rtl rfl }lna Oi a 11 n r_1 arOnd
tar Fu{ ihyiiij·
4. a'0. t tcdnr
* I - rn n An d
11.:. n'nt.,.a t r in t-tt dIo
?''~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O h· , go· of·:~,.c. ~r
. ., :,. :. r I a· oo t' ined. y
,"I,; ·' II s",,-`. c wI ·: Call !"" Il.i l··lIrn toriofor
at 0ml, ntofnd it a
I:. }"n~~· ben ~ h, , ,,,..a t~ :lr hiclhrwt atrdI R.
rka ' , . 3i ,..".,"te at I ote rt.t en. e,
"11"n lt.. i. ,, 1r~. (i: :~~;n im .0.-Eoarl ifdi
, . : ir:aont Pan."gc of iEM
lana a yra
of ,." i "s' :t ti t. 3.nfcinnnti. fla g.
- ~'E. :r-·,;;er~Theamk
lionl. - I.:lbtan Hrdiol Cdo
_' a ' .. t" ,, ,I :n-itct ce Tenaeat
noa I : + I r a htce: Pan a l Cohafwae
-, an I t nreoeribe citil
It f t:I £"II' remo e nfic~l, 6 $LaIp,
7....a`t" - p:IoatflinnatC ea zcinn atd, rn,
t t t" " .',an''no f`-r; I YrLftPWcnua
" ',ctabt 31 c;a.~ e 4 P ns
n ra"" y.ntni.. 10 at thiCr auir
h 1k sia jalin AwlrdadpL,
In, :tr - af - Ut t·. in-rrf
F-·- A - It'-, Iar- of thn--I ai (f oudef 011 dun
t t ": au': ai. R, n o - s~"J
t'o Kn'a: ,I we andaLndym
ii.· :,·-·~ I~·:~ r t Ian-d by Ur.Ib J. C. A)*
lInac-,. sGat .I Monld SanrtrablTk
, - . nO. A aty. " Ea a hi. ahnd pr 'hcr.benmtk
'"a "a"' I, Halronn ctiego Iarn pel.arofati
«.: r::-."" "( r me aha dio .Iv L geak
I,: I tnrs. I. .. e~. 1,i c ~,ienorn .1 hk.~l
I ;1 r. :.. ..:,~: a:..ictilcig pulmunary -eases iui
t ..'on :tn .na C. n er.f the siden ofSe
!. , s -,": 3!. icr 1 u gieaIkoar ·
n..1 1 1 ad Ytjsied
I, ti, .:,"·;~ .:~ i:! .. :. . :.. 14atinlrl.?e` J tetrompcs5
!·- I ~.. \;· r. r . .New. ./t :ae Y.rr v I~otdon l~neet
i t t A .- at, aB-:cCa o5-y-uii! c utility. this pr'eaa
1 t. : r"i·~rd t~N f hm l le rs.;·ce of nun duns.
ý_er amour :,OL; c~:m ar,
11 .-. .- :i.j' I.tladr. Kin·o: SwertmandaorwaJ.
t:"-i {..-ri Majet4t. \srlictlln, Lmperor of all UI
fl.- ;I +nes=, Plat IX tape fRome.
II " ;,i:,i ma ch r ". 1 t InI 31Ld.d. Sul tan of Tlok
1 : ·r }f.,.. J re ,I C ;r hb·(~a~~i
l1 a Sin e Yi- Y. tl ho XiIng ul brcrce.
HL peon. S= h,. .;. lx-;(,I~d. Grand Luke of &de^
I{ + lie-'"X""IIl" H:>;t~u·-h. 1 -c..g. Prince of Raldtf
n-·mdtt I'rsrrr 1 ar-m n lr 31zhh kougkut.lfiingof~im
Sic .4arl- I'. Metc..tt. Gonernor tceeerai of theC a.
tied Pon i aama: C. 31outuerr. PresIdent of SM
vra71 ^..
kI,4iot Riec riwar,! Poeir. ILord SOUop of Toronte
oo. gner I:re IRoaert Paine., MeLe.ol it Bishop Of III
IFra.:lin Pierce. Pre-ident of the United Slotm.
Hiar.-: -.o o:,mar. Gone nor of the ctate of .Yw T
lin, li. en- , i.,o. United State- Senator from Ky.
Hon. [~m.lt WIb-ter, :ecetary of State of thebti'B
t irard ili'chcock, D. D., LL. D. kc., ke.
on -to t e..eg-.
I. rkin Lu. D.. LL. D. President Castlete.
Col: ee.
1t IaQ. Frtna.1
Y. Tk. n. u eologiet of the Publie laudidetL
.' tod ,tat e.. I: co, erer of Ether, knight oli&tel4i
,I II. r-r &
;(:a i.-- P Coombs. Member of Congress from Ky.
lion .. 13. 'rotoo. .reer.ary of the U. S.& Ny.
le..r. Dr. I .ne ng. f L:'roklyn. N. Y.
1r. , i'".lr. \a. ; r "l Ib.e her. of New York city.
Rr, Pir , .o:us ,,nnrmer-ley. of Aflssaehusetta.
1o) F. tht lte. D D).. , re....iiu, of lo.anote Lolkeie, T
S. C. . I'r, f. Mal:. au Chem..
W, A.. an,::h P. V., P're'. Randot,bh `
C. :i t art. I',of Cuv. i t-eol.. "" .
I.. \ . . - t,, 0. I,.. I. c-. iiamupien "
ti. i W:u. ;.il an, i'.of l. ., itemi-trr, We.tibiat
1,.L, (*-it- v i t,'r-r:.L las not only been intlaodll
to', :, arome anti to pituls of tie above-matiSYli
S""eu:-e:l. , ai. t-he. of almost every civilled pO
r.lit ,or"n thegl' le. iLro li .a trial of mmny .. t
ul I . ma na.; ,o.. i: - i -ro ed the mit a
: e . ever ,et dcote:.e f. r the..angerous adndi"
n s~us a.-. - -I.0 tei throat and itung. NS fteid
• , be ,:hou it, and tti so e who ha e oncet olik
S.rtue- itf' er will. i; its t melh i e thouadsai
,. .,,, :,n . !- . a e," :, . ere: -, yea front st , dreadl u i eooug
. , r. haII.- e,- ,".,in :o an early graveo its m.lJtituad
r age anll, set aol itation.
Fionti th t.eoable Presiit ntf Amnu rtCtdhpr
J. . .\ ,:. : ,. I. a e u- ; .yo..r Ca't. :i.PlCZ?4L
,:i ton ca-c of Co p-rooted bronc.itis. anl am aiatlj
!COn its e~em;r i cun.tit lion, t, at it is an n admia
Ipoun i ;or too rebelc of art geal and b oanhial ii
cu Itcs. If n,; o inio o.: its 0 upe for cha.actoerca
,,,, -ervce. v~ u are at liberty :o uwe it-a, yot Om
pro,"cr. EDWAaD hf SOOt ' ""
AlTuse.. :Sep. 29. 1S4b.
We, toe un.lrigiwd, Ilave long used Avr'si.'
Psr .It.. for i..ttianatoon and otlher derangtmentot M.d
tirooat ando lans., with .-ncll marked uecesaokedM
,tat we cooomiolutle recommend it to the pohlic.O ,
exceOllet reomeddy tor the complaint- arising from id.
II . I TS- ,L. M. D.,
Surgeon of the l\iilhuar Institute, LeinglaS T
J. C. iM. 3Mltsmu.r, M. D.
Sup't and Physicianu 1 al & Blind ;nstitute, Stauataq'T
F. T.: rn .sc, M. D.,
Sup"t and Physican Wt st. Lu:lat c Asylum, SaUfbODl-'
,oD. D. WALt.AxD, LL .,
Profeo.ur Ilhy-ics in VWashingtonCd. '
H ,.. JAXa. B.xLr,
Cl tof Jut:ce of the , tate of Delurlar
RT. Et. tIl-n ,> -E\S..W.W, of I
NEw Po nt...T. Me., Aug. 2, 1Sl
t.a. J. C. ATEt, I ear Sir: I ha1eadmiuisteredmitD l
tyour CHlllY 1ic't-r AL in my practice. and. I Mt.t
,niowledge, with fit beondl the o dinary etfee.tnwM '
ome-licines. It ha. cure.d for me some cases of
co.ampt on, whOih had a sumedl an ..larrmtgO.4
oand in .v ca-es of a'ttrna. bronch;tiO, and ltre
votch I oalI solldue bh nn olther remedy. Lot Ma.'
uin you io m.lini ain its cxellencee at the htghdlStb
0you ihave reachei: and wme you do so. be asoutild.
acre ,oin; an amount of good to the wo:lh of whrhMe
moit am.nitlt 000 brother in tie profesion might he i.
Yoo.r riend. W. i. .t. i-.,;
Tihe foiomaing is from a dtisinguisheoi Pro
eaies of te Chest.
Li . r.sEr.E .. P , Oct. 12,l
I:R. J. C. A.vT., Mly Dear Sir : I think it but u.itO
iuform you Mtt I have seen a most remarkable a* t
c ionumtitoo hby your Feeorial in tlis place. A bla*
lotl oun; la'y, nine:een years of age, was.et .*
the ,: t stage of diseo-e: her cough wa. most.li
and the expectoration part blood and part matt-r.
-i!h largo lumpo l;ke piecesot lung. I us~ed ll t
1 todox rem dies without eject, and then bad1 'US ,
to thie Fectortal. which, to the incredible joy d
ilv, has restiored her to their arm- perfectly wl 1
not the custom of phosicians to L.d osuei p'ep.t.-,
hot commonll j-:stiee demands this .tatement. Il
nlwavs recommenol the t herry Pectoral in s sliilOt
Yours respectfully. J. P BUa:, M..
S.Art CGiTY. Te i.i. Feb. 1.
Sit: I notice in your c rer tha' the fOtad'g
your t I.erry ectoral anl Catiar.ie Pill,-r:lbe "
any phy ieian who have not yet oeceoved them I:
plica!ion to y, u. I onhbuld lile mtocl to receiTdn I
as I thavelon o uei your preparations in my
and gen rnllU with excellent is oce... I am iitlatj
fr'ni-h to the profession the beat exlectorant
bect ca'hartic we have.
Youor re.oe. tfully, A. Plarow_..e,[ .
rone the Physfciaun of Lird Pa.lmston, her
End.,In L.
Dr. T. C. Attn. 0ir: I hale .:n, yonr admirable
pound extensively In my practice, and find it to a .
by far any other remedy w.e have for Inritn d' o '
the 1,ngs. " . B, u B. tV iA

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