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Set . T AmlB3.
[orFICIALt. ] r
, Proceedings of the Police Jury of the
Parish of West Baton Rouge.
Pursuant to lIw. the Police Jury of the Parish of 1
West Baton Rouge. met on MoUday thei. 'nd day of t
June 1.hj6, at the t'ourt House ,t u satd priltI. a
P're.ent: S. T. Landry. Janier IHebert, it. Iandrr. a
Adamis liebtrt. Alex Barrow, W. D1. Winter., L.
iOn motion of Iteleoain Landry. W. I. Winter was
called to the chair as l'residetnt pro. terl. f
Then carn, thte following named persons, who pre I
sented their credentials from theirn rjpective Wards, i
i as members elect to represeut aid wal.s for the l t
suing tano yearx , to wit.
From the 2nd Ward-Frank White.
4th ' -.uame. '. Woolo.
t6th ' --IuiI Farrot.
. .8th ' --James W. Pipes
]loth ' -W. W. Le.oini .
The'aforeorll persons were then sworn and took t
their seats in raid Jury.
And then the Jury proceerde to the election of a i
President for thie ensuing year.
Judge L. Farrot was announced as a candidate for
said office. ad was elected. hie l'sing nooppoiition
The electionof a Clerk was the next step taken by
said Iolice Juf , which resulted in the election to t
said ofice of T. I ron. their being no opposition. t
The 'olhce Jury then proceeded to the election of f
the 'Parish Attorney for the ensuing year.
Mr. W. W. Lemmoiemmnated It. h. Farrot as a a
candigate for said oaiee, adtathetr being no opposition 1
he was declared elected.
The Jury then proceeded to the election of a Parieh
Treasurer. J. V. lDuralde, theprerentincumbent. was t
re-electet." It
The itl:er Jury then p,.sceeedo to the electron of
a bergeant at arms. and P'hilo tIncheburg was duly
elected, he having no opponent.
On motion of aW. W. Winter, . . Pope, Sherifl,
was dlty elected as Parish Tax-Collector for the ensu
ing year.
Messrs. Frank White. A n*amic Ilebert. and W. D.
Winter were appointed to compose the Finance Com)m
rMoARD .SNP t rLa, Ir.ec'.wrRP.
Ist Ward Mr. Belisaire ilebert wa appointed Road
and Le.ee inspector.
2d. " Frank White.
3.. Adamis Hebert.
4th. I.. Favrot.
6th. "" John A. Itird.
6th. J . i-ter o..
ith. " I. lP Cain.
nth. 'Fitward Leray.
9th J V. liurald. c
loth. Samuel lay.
11th. James Tingle.
.Road nlr levee Committee-l.t Dietrict, S. A L- t
vecque. Sr.. Bernerd I ecrc'nnire and V. Blanchard.
2nd toad and Levee District-J. V. Ituralde-W J.
Lyle. W. W. L'.mmnon, o
e -irturs on r.Tmoz..
l t Ward. TI. lse rc ron.
:nu "" A. Le cque. Sr , t
3rd ' J. Narcis ltandr,
L5th O. Bernard Sr., a
5th '' 'harle Pt'iker,a
Eth "" W. H. t'lant a
7th " S. I. .abhy,
8th " Alfred ie' ert.
ith " . C. T1.Blan'. t
Mr. L Caldwtell offered theb following reolution:
Raoloed, That a csommitte. of threemembere ntw ap
lanted, by the President of the Pohce Jury to receive t
,i tIsar atrintng the records. ec., of the P'olice Jt,: i
of tt.u,. and that said committee e autLorized
to apl. o te l wes responsible Mseder as reteSr ..f
the pariah. .
o I. f tiedeadvertisements inviting proposals hr
published in the r Planter of West Baton Rouge,
and the Gazette ane Adsocate offast Baton Rouge.
The yean and na.s eaafor.
Yea : L Callwell, F. 4hI e; a. Landry and Adamis
Hcbert-4 yeas. .
Nays: Jaunvier lHe James W.
} Pipes, en. and L Favrot- -
of the pinter wi. I
enstas"tion as tirrrtoforo.
Mr. W. It. Winter nominated lenry .. Ilyame, ed i
itor of the eugar Planter. L. Caldwell nominated i
SIr llatch of the Advocate. Mr. Frank White numi
nated ;. A. Pike of the t'omet.
Mr. II. J. Hyams having received a msjority of the
votes wan declared duly elected printer for the onsu
tt:r year.
Csummissioners of the Poydras Funds.--fM,'rsr..T.
i. I)uralde, )un Hickey. I. I1. Favr,it, Alex Barrow
and W. B. C(hamberlin were appointed a committo to
the Poydras Funds.
]Tt Police Jury War,. tMercelin Loiron. Villeneure I
I Tuilline. Beli;sir lebert.
:d Wo.rd-J. Tras. Landry, Edmond White, Valitn
H 'bert.
tdri rd-Valmont Hebert, Edmond Aillit. and F. A
Woo ..
4t1, Ward-oGuy Iaýlauve, Edward Leray and Al
fred Ilelert.
bth Ward-Emile Trinidad, Dorvelle Landry and
V:ctorin Blanchard.
6th Ward--Iocemond IIebert, Valentin Dubroca, O.
Bernard. Jr.
7th Ward-John A. Bird. B. Stevens, O. 31. LeBlane.
8th Ward--Magloin LeBlanc, James L. Lobdell and
Valentin Trahan.
9th Ward-Stephen Winter, W. J. Lyle, J. R. Derval.
10th Ward-CharlesJ. Smith. H. Ii. Germany, and
H. S. Flynn.
11th WVard-D. P. Cain, R. E, Courtney and W. D.
12th Ward-E. 1M. Ifevrre, John D Stack and J.
L. Orillion.
aiMxtteUOwE. OF G.NRAL LCt rClos8.
Cut-off Preeinct-MSarcellin Doiron, Villenen Fuil
lier, It Bergeron.
lirusle Landing Precinct-Lorthen Adtlet. J Cain.
Frank Williams. "
Court House Precinct-V. Dubroea, Alex Barrow,
O. Bernard, Sr. o
Grosse Tete Precinct-B. R. Chinn, B. W. Clark and
James .. Lobdell.
Poydras Precinct-F-. H. Germany, George Young
Report of committee on application to participate
in the distribution of tbe interest'of the l'oydras leg
acy, laid on the table till to-morrow, 3d'Jne inst.
On motion of W. D. Winter,
Resoled, That the petitition of Jacob Bairan, that
a ferry be, and is hereby established between the
plantation of A. Sidney Robertson, in the upper part
of this parish, and Banalsou's Lnding in the parish of
Leat Baton Rouge. And that the President of the
Police Jury proceed to lease the same according to
The committee heretofore appointed to lay out a
Publie Road for certain inhabitants living in the rear
of David Pipes and A. Lobdell, made their report.
On motion of W. D. Winter all that portion of said
report proposing to give the sum of three hndred
dollars, and the follwing portion of said report was
adopetd, to wit:
, the rigned, a ecommitteeappointedby the
Police Jury of West Baton Rouge, on the 3d Monday
ofMarch last, do makethis our report.
After a survey of the premises, we have located the
road asked for by petitioners as follows, to wit:
To begin at the Souttha corner of the lands of
Abram Lobdell, follow said lands up to where itstrikesu
the landsofJames Pipes and Draid Pipes, Abraham
Lobdell hereby agreeing to give the land for said rad.
Theance along the Northern or upper line of David
Pipe in a straight direction to te and of the estate
of P. P. Babin. thence down the same to the school
land, thence down tbs same to the land of Alex Bar
row thence down the sme to thel of David Pipes
to the Public road between Dr. Paders end Mad. Pope,
all which will appear as traced In principal mark
on a map marked and sbmittd as prt of our report.
ani road to be thirty feet wide. DavLid Pipes hereby
agrees to gire the lands tr said roed wherevIt is 10
c.t on has leads.
The yons nd aosawere called .for.
Yeas: Janvier Hebert, F. White, B. Landry, J~. C.
Woods, Adamis Hebert, J. W. Pipes, W. W. Lemma,
W. D. Winter. L. Favrot.-- yeas.
Nays-L. CDadweli-Adopl d -
The Jury then adjourned till Tasuday 3d nt.
T. BBmoay Clerk.
LT TVA OT, President.
Pursuant to ads t the Pollee Jury mat on
Tuesday thea d, ay, 1d . -
Preent-Louis Pavrot President, Janvier Hobert,
Frank White, I3. landry, James C. Woods. Ada.nis
Hebert, L. (aldwell, J. W. Pipes. W. IW Lsemmon.
W. II. Winter. Absent--James R. levall. On motion
of J. W P'ie .Messrs W ID. Willer. J. (. Woods and
t. Landrv were apposnted a committee toexamine the
Treasurer', Books, kc. & ,aid committee reported to
the police jury that they had examined all the books
and accounts, and that they found every thing just
and correct.
W. It. Winter offered the following resolution which
was asopied:
I heraru a pltblic Ro-a is to be made by the parish
for the t,enelit of crtain inhnbitants lying back of the
Ilaltation of Ii l. J. . Willhams and the estate of A.
harrow, sail Inoad to pass between sa d two plantations
thetefore hibe it
liKes.hal. That the President of the Police Jurs be
authorized to pass notarial actexempting said owners
from working the road in c.nsideration ol their gir
i.g the right of way. Ie it further
e.ol'erd. That said Road be andl a hereby constitu
ted a lRad isltrict, and tatl Dat I Plipes, Esq. be ap
pointid overseer thereof, and that the lands liable to
Said road duly und.-r existing laws. belonging to the
Inllowing named lersons, are hereby assigned to said
Road, to construct and repair the same as is provided
by law.
W. ID. Winter offered the following resolution.
Re.cdsd. That a committee of tire be appointed for
the purpose ol determining what works are necessary
to be done to render Bayou Chactaw and Brussard tit
for draining the lands traversed by said Bayous. and
that raid committee be invested with full power to msake
a correct estimate of thecosetof such work.tand levy a
Tax on each proprietor interested in such Bayouas in
the proportion of the lands he may drain therein.
'lorvisded that all expenses Incurrre in the. xamina
tion of said Bayous shall also be paid by the proprie
tors who are interested therein.
The eommittee appointed to levy said tax for the
cleaning of raid lisy,tus consists of Messrs J. V. IDu
ralIe, J. A. Bird, V. Trahau, D. lape and N. . .;'.,,.
The parish Attorney made the following report
In Ib46 the parish of Point Coopee rendered
judgment against this parish and in favor
of John P. Michel for the srm of......... 1,54 00
With interest at 5 per cent triosm April 20th
1846 to date.. . . ... 798
With ost of sust, &r................... 7 50
Total ......................... ....... 2,466 2 "
On aceeo'n. of the many changes in ofice the pre
er' .., - .s:oruey has not been ableto dlscuverany
ii -.. that the auorsaid nun was ever paid by
IIt lurthe'more reports that the parsah
ai West Paton Rouge has obtained judg
mlnt against the .at. of John P. Mitchel
for thesum of. ...... ................ $1683 00
wito 5 per cent interest from Augt. 24 18050
to date ... ................. . 46 00
Also the tioll.wing costs obtained against t.
St. D CLIrk. Justice of the Peace, for refueal
to ob0er the orders of Road and Levee In
spectors ............ ............... 164 40
On the examination of which the following resolu
tion was oftered and adopted.
Rsesloli. That the parish Atty. be and he is hereby
authorited to set onl the judgment held by the parish
against the Estate of J. I'. SMitchel with the judgment
of J. 1'. Mitchel against the parish.
Res.meed. Furthermore, that if in the settlement
there shoultI be a balance left due by the Pariah to
the Eat. of J. I'. SMitchlel. the parish Atty., be and be
is hereby authoriaed to draw on hise warrant on the
parish Treasury to the amount of said balance and
that thi Treasurer pay said warrant out of any money
in the treasury, not otherwi. e appropriated.
W. G. IBosemn having presented to the Police Jury
of this paeish a en, aeial petition ia which ha pray a
that said Body may extend the term for the payment
of a certain judgment ren-tered against him tin fior
of the parish of We~t Eaton Ronge.
On motion of W. D. Winter. it was
Raolasd. Upon the memorial this day preseIed by
W. G. Boawman. That tle pariah Atty. be and he is
heeby authorised to settle with sand Bozeman the
judgemant reaently olnasaed in the Supreme Court in
the cae of the Polte J'ry, v"-on the foullowing terms
and tr wt:
st.hewb.le amount of debt. in
b ll b i. dtt. b. and for the balance
lBoteman e ill his note payable in one. two
Osd three years with approved iwearity, and bearing
interest at the, rate of e:cl:t I ermlper" annum from
date, the inutrest upon u sid noti to paid anunum
all Providred that said Bozemawmake such settle
meat on or before the let day of Jaly,5186.
Provided .lso that no aoration of the j]ad eat a
privilage is orerated by such settlement.
J. W. Pipe- offlred thie following reso.ltla.
Ressolr. .. That the parish Atty. be ;utrtdted to x
:,,r;n' into the condition of the P'ubtic Road leading
flram the late Micajah Barrow's plantation through
the upper IBrule or about the forty arpent line to the
Rivrr fisossasippi between lands of Sirs A. Barrow, a-d
toause the same to be opened whenever obstructl
if in his opinmon the r:::ne should be considered a
public Rsoaiw.
0. Blrnard.iJr., l:ecordr ............. .10 00
. H rt J. . Inqu .............. 1.5 00
E. Bourg. i'orner r Intute ........... ;6 00
V. Hebert. J. i'. State v~. `hipou............ 10 00
Sugar Planter La salary.................. 1"5 00
Charles I'etat,Jr ........................ ' 00
ii. I1. Favrot. larish Atty ..... ....... s 09
Belizaire flebert, Read and Levee Inp ...... 5 00
J. J. Odom, Jailor East Baton Rouge..... 113 70
H. Bergeron, Road and Levee Insp........ 25 00
W. B. Chamberlin, Clerk Court............ 81 86
Camille Landr ........................... 30
Total ............ ....... .. .. ... 1171 94
maorT or II oxx. O rrri. Or L.IalMO Or THE POLICE JUKr
Wmsr BAros RooU-, May, 30th. 1836.
To the Presidenr and 1Memhbers of the Polioe Jury:
The undersigned committee appointed by the Police
Jury to select a proper person to codify and revise the
laws and regulations of the 'olice Jury of this parish.
represent that they have employed the services of iD.
N. Barrow, Erq., for that purpose at a compensation
one hundred and fifty dollars.
( Lafayette Caldwell.
(Signed) , Alexander Barrow.
Belesair Landry.
Petition praying for the construction of a publice
Road commencing at the Mississippi Riverbetweenthe
plantations of Mr. John L Lobdell and that of Mrs" J.
B. Hereford and running though to section 8 T 6 R 11
E west of the Mississippi River.
Reofaed. That a .ommittee of five be appointed to
lay oil sid Road.
Said committee was composed of deoars James De
vail, P It. Chinn, H. W. Allen, H. A. Flinn and W.
0. Winter.
Report of the majority of the committee appointed
to receive proposals and plans for. budding a Court
House and Jail.
The majority of the committee reported unfavorably
on those propositions.
W. D. Winter made a motion to take the vote +
the Jury, with regard to the building, 4 ot ofa new
Court House and Jail. Seconed.
The yes and nays called for by W. D. Winter.
Yeas 8 nays 7.
On motion it was
Resouled That the Jury proceed to the partition of
the Poydras legacy. *
rTOTAL AMxoorr TO S DTIVI $2830 90
lit Aimen Josephine Vander Ecken wife of
F. N. Tuillier........... ............ 37 18%
gLd. Victoria 8iguir wife of J. B. Clavene... 372 18%
3d Euphemie Tuillier wife of L. Brussard... 8372 18%
4tb Alosa ladry wife of EugeneTricuit.... 372 18%
5th Aspeir Tacneau wife of Julier Godeau.. 62 18%
8th Adolphine Gibson wife of Thos C. White 376 18%
7th Emiline Griffin wife of'Joseph Allen.... 381 86
5th Estelle Dupuy wife of Ursin Lejeane.... 122 18%
Mr. Jame W. Pipes offered the following resolution.
Resled That a committee of Irve be appointed by
the president for the purpose of making such repel
to the presentCourt House as will in their judgment
make It anser the purposes for whichit is intended.
Provided that no action shall be taLen by said com
mittee until they shall have reported to the Jury
their estimates of the expenses necessaryto make sid
.mmittt0e appointed to that effect, W Pies, A.
Rebert, W W Lemmom Rdmmre In dry ud Jaser
The committee appointed to examine the West
Baton Rouge and Ibrifile Cut-off read makes this
their report:
That they befamfiaed said .ut-of road andthat
they '-amr to the conclusion that rain road could not
be drnined nor made practicable without a ditch, ten
feet in nidth and varying 2 to 3 feet in depth, be dug
across the lands of Messrs L Ileaobry, J Ml'eak. Frank
White and Dan Hlickey running into Bayou lourbon.
L'pon which the following resolution was offered
and adopted.
Reolede, 'That a committee composed of MecsrsJ. T.
Landry and IH Bergeron ke appointed to act in cojune
toon with a committee a poiinted or to be appointed by
the Police Jury of the pari-h of Iberville to contract for
the mak:ng of the necessary ,irinage to the Cut-off road
and to receive in due fornm of law the tight of way
through which said drainage has to he made, from
L Icsobry. J M Peak, F White and D Hickey.
Aud that the sum of $500 he appropriated by the
Police Jury of the parinsh of West Baton Rouge. and
that the parish of lberville appropiate a like amouint
for the repair of said West Baton Rouge and Iberville
Cut-off road.
On motion of W D Winter a committee of three, eon
si-tiug of W II Winter, .lames l( Woods and B landry
was appointed to muke the estimate of the taxes.
And their being no more business, the Police Jury ad
jorned. Sine DLe.
11. l;autanoN., Clerk
L. FAVIORT. President.
Whlen Sir Cristphler Wren began to
buil- the New St. Paul's, in digging for
a foundation, ihe came to a laver ot Sax
on graves, lilned with chalk, some in
stone coffins ; a:ti! ait some dis'ance be
low, the bcdies the IBritish, only
wrapped in woo in shrouds, fastened
with pins of hard wood. In the same
row yet deeper, (-igteen feet) were the
ashes of the Romans in urnis-Britons
and Romains together-The conqugtors
and conqulered both !og.-ther. Lower
than these graves stood the foundat;ons
of old St. Paul's resting upon very close
pot earth, tand yet still lower nothing bult
'dvy and mixed sometimes unequally.
Ibut mostly so loose that it would pas
through the fingers; then water and
sand, mixed with periwinkles arnd other
i sea shells. This was about the level of
low water mark.
The gradual rise of the site of London
by the formation of shoals, &c., will be
readily understood by the above account.
It grew by natural causes, and at the
time of the arrival of the Romans was a
rude British stronghold, d;tended by
earthworks, and by thick woods towards
the north. and surrounded on the other
s;ides by an immense extent of water,
amid which the present course of the
Thames could scarcely be defined.-The
was a pretty widow of from twenty to
twenty eight, left rich by herllusland, a
respectable and wealthy farmer of S---,
in the county of Oakland, who juttdicious
ly died about the age of fifty. B- ,
a sighting swain of twenty. fell in love
with this charming widow during a
:chool vacation, and was tllereby dis
traeted from stuldy and nearly franttic.
His father. who "designed him for the
ministry," had a peculi ar horror of the
sweet widow, whom lie regarded as lit
tie better than one of the wicked. Her
itack eyes, her heaving bosom, and her
elastic tread, were to him only the sym.
bols of old Nick. -He wasin despair, and
in his lespair lie visited the widow, and
besought her, if she had a particle of
mercy,. not to ruin his son. In vain the
widow protested that she had used no
arts--had only seen the youth a few
times. and was entirely indifferent to him:
the father still insisted. ani the pretty
widow promised that if the boy camne
again to see her it should be his last visit.
Not many days passed, when the enam
ored youth made his arrangements for a
visit, of which the widow had notice. The
few previous interviews between them
had taken place under circumstances pe
culiarly favorable to romance and senti
ment, upon moonlite walks or in parlor
tete-a-tetes. This time the timid youth
was tohl upon his arrival that Mrs-- was
at the barn; whither he went and found
his beau ideal, with skirts knee high, a
man's hat, a pipe iniher mouth, a mug
of cider in her hand, superintending her
men-KILLING HOGS! He never came
again-it was Too killing.-Detroit Ad
ter (N. Y,) Democrat says a gentlemen of
that city. proprietor of a coal yard, was
endevoring, a few days ago, to impress
upon the mind of his son, a little fellow
five or six years old, something of the
character, etc., of God. Among other
things, he told him he was his Father in
Heaven, and if his earthly parent should
die, he would still have a Heavenly
Father to care for him and protect him.
The little fellow was all attention.
evidently interested and pleased at the
idea of having two farthers, and, looking
up, lie inquired earnestly if his" Father
in Heaven kept a coal yard toot"
A RAfT IqrnlK--A modern traveler in
Germany, gives a description of one of the im
mence rafts which occasionally descend the
Rhiue. He says,"it was nine hundred feet
long two hundred wide, on which was built a
village for the accommodation of the boatmen
and the pasengerm, consisting of abeut one
thousand perons. There were attle, ogs,
and other animals on board--ana also a shop
where the pbaengers could'be supplied with
eveay necessaryticle."
Retribution or, the Coquette at Fault.
At a festive party, on the first day of
April eighteen hundred and forty six.
were asseubled a good!y number of
young ladies and gentlemen, conspicuous
among whom shone, as the 'bright, par
ticular stars,' of the evening, Miss A nnie
Trumbull and Miss Charlotte Entise; the
former a beautiful lady-the latter both
beautiful and coquettish, even to a fault.
It may, with safety be said, that Miss
Entise was "an arrant coquette," beauti
ful on the extreme, and he, who had
been jilted, or slighted by her would soon
forget his defeat and return again, to
bow at the shrine of her beauty. Be
tween these two ladies, there can be
claimed no precedence in the- point of
loveliness-but the former, when she
did love, love I ; but the latttr, when
she pretended to love. was at the same
time practicing, with full suc6ess, her
heartless coquetry.
Among tue principal gallan:s of the
evening, might be counted Mr. Howland
a very aristocratic and, apparently, weal
thy gentleman, Mr. Charles Dan"ers, a
respectable mechanic, and several others
whose names it will be unuecessary to
Mr. Danvers had been paying Tlis at
tentions to Miss Entise for quite a year,
and he had sanguine hopes of ulti'mately
being united to her, but his youg fiends
often said to him,
"Charley, what's the use of wasting
your time with that foolish girl. It will
all end in your being gilted, and then
for a short rope and high tree!"
But Char!es was deaf to all counsel,
or entreaties, and still pursued his for
mer course, blinded and entransed by
the beauty of Miss E., he was really
blind to her faults.
"'Mr. Danvers has engaged me to
dance," whispered Miss Lotise to her
next compauion, "and when he come
to lead me on the floor, I will beg to be
excused, and then enjoy his defeat.
April Fool: how appropriate. You will
notice his countenance !"
She did so. Mr. Danvers came for
ward, claimed his right to her had in
this set, on the grounds of a previous
engagement, when, surprising to him
-elf, she begged to be excused. But on
his turning dismayed away, he was more
surprised to hear proceed from her lips
--April Fool."
Ills cheek blanched for an instant,
while M.ss E., was almost convulsed with
laughter; but, reader. she knew not the
consequences-from that moment and
ever afterwards, Danvers released all
right to her hand, and vowed never
more to exchange the least word with
the haughty beauty.
Miss Entise saw at a glance that Dan
yers was enraged, but she well knew her
power, and thought that he would again
return to his allegiance-yet she was
S * * * * * *
First of April, eighteen hundred and
forty seven.
. A year subsequent to the above men
tioned incidents, a similar party was as
_embled at the same place, and the prin
ciple personages who assembled a year
previous, were in attendance. No recon
ciliation had taken place between Miss
Entise and Charles Danvers, but they
had held casual conversations, and Miss
Entise hoped and supposed he had for
gotten the past.
During tie evening he had put a note
into her hand, which he told her to read
ht the close of the sett, in which he had
engaged her dance.
Danvers had determined to retaliate
on Miss Entise, and now he had an op
portunity. He led her on the floor, and
told her he should be absent a moment,
and left the room, leaving Miss E., stan
ding on the floor.
The music began, and yet Danvers
had not returned, when the dancing
commenced, and a gentleman approached
her, and told her that Mr. Danvers had
left as an escort to Miss Annie Trumbull.
and it was now her opportunity to read
the note he had previously handed to
her. And she with difficulty tottered to
a seat and on tearing opon the note, she
read :
Miss ErTISE.-You have had your
triumph, I now have mine-remember
April Fool. CHARLE. DAsvans.
Miss E., dismayed and excited, fainted
and during the confusion, was escortted
to her carriage by James Howland, Esq.,
mnd never afterwards saw she Charles
On perusing a morning paper, several
weeks subsequent, she found the follow
ing-- .-By the e. Dr.
M1taam.--B the Rev. Dr. ---.
Mr. Charles ilanvers to Miss Annie
Trumbull. daughter of the late wealthy
Jared Trumbull, Esq.. n~ of this town.
W..Wll," said Miss Eutise, "I can so
lace myself by accepting the proposals of
Mr. Howland, who, despite his foppish
manners, seems to be a gentleman."
And sure enough, the next week an
nounced the nuptials of the above named
Deacon H--, while passing through
his lot the other day. stooped down to
tie his shoes. A pet ram, which the boys
bad tamed, among other things, was
tanghl to regard the -posture as highly
offensive. He instantly pitched into the
old gentlemen's undefended rear, and laid
him full length in a mud hole. Picking
himself up, the deacon discoverd the
cause of his overthrow standing in all
the calmness and dignity of a conscious
victor. His rage was boundless, and he
saluted him with the energetic language,
'You God damned old rascal!' At that
moment his eye caught a glimpse of the
benign face'of the "minister" peering
through the fence, and lie instantly
added," if I may be allowed the expres
Iv HE CAN.-Every man ought to get
married-if he can.
Every man ought to do his work to
suit his customers-if he can.
Every lawyer should tell the truthi
sometimes-if he can.
Every man ought to mind his own
buisness and let other peoples alone- if
he can.
Every man should take a newspaper, and
pay for it-without the least shadow of
a mistake-if he can.
The Boston Harald in speaking of
the benefits ofadvertiseing makes the fol
lowing true remarks:
"An advertiser who publishes but once
or twice a year, is like a jack o'lantern
which is yawseen and and then forgotten
while th.e advertiser who constructs his
advertisements th skill and keeps them
constantly before re public during his
buisness season, is a stady light whiUh
throws its beams far and wide."
FOR MoTHERS' Eyxs.-Mothers who
encourage their daughters in superficial
aecomplishments and bold display are
often p.eparing for them a lifetime
of chagrin and misery. On the other'
hand, when they are trained at home,'
by precept and example, in retiring,
industrious studious, virtuous habits they
are prepared to be useful and happy,
throughout life.
PALPAnsi. HIT.-An invalid once sent
for a physician, and after detaining him"
for some time with a description of his
pains, aches, etc., he thus summed up
"'ow, doctor, you have humbugged me
long enough with your good-for nothing
pills and worthless syriops, dnt
touch the real difficulty. I wis
strike the cause of my ailments i - is
in your power to reach it." "It shall be
done," said the Doctor, at the same trne
lifting his cane and demolishing a decan
ter of gin that stood on the sideboard!
A HARD HzxI-One of our citiens
r who is well known !e a man of ability
and wit, was once guilty of perpetrating
R the following:
1 Standin; in the street one day conversing
with Dr. Z, they observed another phy
sician to pass in his chaise, &companied
by one of his patients who wasfast recor
I1 Well,"said Dr. Z., "I never took a
1 patient to ride in my life."
"No," said our friend, "Mr--, the
a sexton, alwaysvess you the trouble."
1 A Cuax woR CRAIP.--M. C. Bisser.
writing from Dahlonega, Georgia, sends
us what he regards as a sovereign receipt
for cramp in cholera, or indeed any cramp
s and requests us to -"subserve the cause of
z humanity" by publishing it, which is this,
b to wit: "A cold application to the bot
tom of the bare feet, such as iron, rock,
1. water, earth, or ice when it can be had,
3 the colder the better. It will relieve in
u ten minutes. If in the upper part of the
t body or arms, then apply the remedy to
e the hands also."
S . .'-- -
r His Cam -Here is the Rev. Theodore
r Parkers creed, as expressed in a recent dis
1 I donot believe," he said "in the mirae
d ulous origin of the Hebrew Church. or the
Budhist ,hurch, or the Christian Church, nor
Sof the miraculous characterof Jesus. I take
e not the bible for my master, .or yet, t
church, nor even Jesus of ?azaretb, for my
il master. He is my bhet jistorie dial of hu
man fetness, not without error, set with
out the stain of his time, ad, In p
course, not without sins; for men
-. sine exist in dreams of girls.

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