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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, June 21, 1856, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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.ý-_.--:"-- - - T -.1....... . . . . - ... T 1 T --r._--- -A_-T 1 DAY JUNE "1. 1 6 ýO
VOL. .NEV,4"I ' '" "
Editor & Proprietor.
o m e e ·r a a tI :/ m
SabmrIprlOu .. j.', . 1 .;1. .., .. {
nioth thct
AdverttdngC- !. r!.
lines, $1 for
Ulent in.ert;u:.
.1 liberal
Te~rmsto Club,' -
ten !sine, : + 't' '
fursielied at $1: 5't e. -.l . ·
a clpy tu
Wcen a Club r..,:
With th.' ca-.r.;a
each £tb eriurr, ant
neb $4 Pamp i·r·rrs. i! .01 : : ; Y" - ;
epath. In all rac-,
T'I1HOE ha" ints ex~' n a ': - . 'tmatd for 'in
'ece'vIPe purgative pi i; '. , : , t . I, r. d ltn no .
sure and perfectly safe in i- .er.. I his has
been prepred to isnet that ad,-n:. . d a tein
sive trial of its tir.tus iltc' i !.;i · e: -:,,,",: with
what suceCe it aecompli-hes the !tr,,e d' -e::d.
It is easy to ak e a ti : . aa i ,· e. - ,
make the best of a! pi's --. ., wh -: :; h' me
none of the objeetions. but al tn- a'!:. itacs. of
every other. "hiLas bas bn attemn..p: !tl r-, .td
withwhat uccess e wc ui r;ectf:ti '.v .':it tlo
the putniedecision. It I r. . '.....
-the sptis iteri..to that -,.at-: u ry t i ri n gare
teicinela aerim'noniians a::,1 irri;,t;i to the !wn -
ei This is not Many tf the , it: ue si o r 'v:h
p . ttl4bg paiin ani riiU ;,rin t, e n as to ...re
' lta. annterblmt anu e tl. si t. i: d, :-,- fro5m
taied. These piC1 pincr ;tc .r:. tion or 'lpe
unless it arise fRm La prerti S.y .-t.::ig .'stru -
t io n o r d e r a nar nt- + :;: " tu - w e s . . , oe p u r e ly n
vey etib;e, noi:iri i : r , :.r , r cll :h .-r -.c ill n at V
eunttital ;iti int i- , - I w: o I
be taken judic.o, ...'. f,.r t o r
use in fiee ,v ral hr y are a;
pli able are given , ' . , ' . )., -
pIaints whict harii bi - i ."n s ao: l'r v , ' - ý '.. them, we
may nenticio L tier 'i,'n i 'o.- us f rmi
' t Jaundice, Indi-a"st.i .. .\;, -
p e t i t e . L i s t l e a n .. , I . I l , an h -i , ,
1ious n e'cr. ;eur . . - ." ei i
and Lo.ns; f tr. i t ,:. . .: . :.rt n -.. t!h ar.
seqlence sicf diae :a I . A. an
apnlernt they ..tic re, ,.pr: : :,, ' reic: f :1 (' .
Iirsb . Pii,'s,(Ifiic.'t)\ ir·. , iiuc., r-. U ....:
lel S'uTvv. Colds ai . . 1e. :.:
and impurity of th ', I - : " r
any andev.cry caie i.- .r.tva r.,:ired.
They hac a i . ... :
cessful curesin : : . .
Erysipelas, I'alhit., . t h' t
Back, Stoma-, . ~
taken in the .p ri :.. e. I . .... .
and prepare the stecm f,, t}( he .._:.- .f ., ..:.,:: ..
An occ.atioial d.so .timnia"tc t^ 4. .'-"'*ii 1'r.. 1
bowels into healthy acti a ri ',re' . ti'e ::.,tpe-"
tite and vigor. Taey iur t,;y - .. a:d, by their
stimulant action on the circuive:krv a-ttm, rr!.,)o
4ate the strenrth of the 1.,-, ha.d rictore the
walestedwli~a Redo r:ii r fr :. *t ;
lB ne ne occa.ion,. ;do i^ "i. . , ." . "(.t :',
though no serious dernCarec.: , :.;.t : t )l-;
lecesasary doiing sihoild aiev,-r li .i t.;o fa:r,
as eery purgative medicite roti ,, e r::, l. t.
Whentakei to exc.ss. The tim.,: :a .. . ..- h,
a physic is required cannot be, ( ..l,-rattir: I:.' :', sat
ey suggest temsielve to 1;.i r"':: . f et iri
dYi and it is confidentic Wl.e 1, i.11 . ill
Uanswer a better purpose ti "' ' 1 o: ii' has
itherto been n'ai!a .e ;, IV:. : ha-n : ir
tuulr ar ionce knov'-:,, i t; ,i:'. ^:: I:- 1, sr
doubt what remedy ti, vm, '1,v· ' "'","i i ii 'a
eatharticnledi - . " . - ,t < .r
lessa nt take. o ti pm.y witd
can arise froimi lhe,u, ni !:}" +i.-:n' '.
For miute directionu, ,c , ,,i. 'a ir Lox.
Practical arnd Analytical Cilanlist,
Ml C Gta per ozr . Five Boxes for $1.
A YE I1' S
For the rapid Cure of
Twa remedy has win f.: itielf fuch notoriety
rua itecureasof esery aliety of ptimon ary ,li.,easi;,
that is entirely unncc,'siara t' deio,:nt the ei
denes of its iri es in an,-y n'unity whst re it
hu emOployed. S, wide i. t c, Fld of it; ::se
and so numeroe t,, ,..; of its ctres,
hat aost etvery section of ' i rcntry abounds
fpe~ro liy ko , si, , : ,ha ,o i-n restored
L sjlwLag and even d;pei rate diseases i f the
hnga by its use. When on , tried its supieriority
overyet other medicit ne: its kid is too aippa
nt es..e observati. n-.,:d ' w, ere its virtues are
L9OVi, the public no loiiit r hesitute ,mh:it antidote
to Xea i for the distres iii and dangerous altec
ti of'U lsa pItlmonary organts which "ar( incident
to oia dsate. Not only in fortmidable attack;
'a4" the lung, but for the milder variet es of
a e~s U UEm. .,H iltORiEN i'.; and for CHIL
a .n it s the apleasantest and aafest medicine that
an it has long been in constan.t usr throwtihmit
tIS to.jsa we .leead not do moire than assure the
l sl quality is kept up to the best that it ever
~ tl that t genui le article , sa t i -
IL T. W1l'lilit.
WI LLLtt 'ti.; i ,.
- "W, J, L. r'IAlb,
Procecding: o, the Police Jury of the
i's.r.s$ cf West Baton Rougc.
. . 1 l nt'.
s ,i.bst.,
1 I" . . Ir·: ai Isfft.t...iW i.r s t'lr' :,; .. ,
sl sd tttt' -r'it. ii. "c. i,
po 1V. It itn.t ; : t e a I ni
t 1 .: . ' ,.
. s i. itt1I
sit " s :r t i. U Vt 't,
k... .it. - i , :s,"
I t , s . it at it ,. t ."str:.K A i,
"P t V:hi "i .s F. . as.- sin.. · "
::'"` w s- s r ss. s tos i : i ri t Is.
, IS t "-l . cic. stIrrc:y ,-t-ssr is IB
-i-s ·. ~ rsO-----~- V . . l.ss s Ll i-os
j *'I :s t . : -: c, ' r t·L f -
) 1. I.- " w ti F.e th, , f .3II'i r1' anrtsr."
i... r. 1..at. W..
.., . . I t tr ! .
t , ,5 . tue - ' sb-nt of:th? Co 'i. Jury I r- e -
, .' , the Vctr.".., &c.. of -th . i oh . Jury
tiM t i. u !-- ss 1 Ctain. F s-tis asstists an IoW, Da
,,,d the" 6, '. *t, and.I A e , F t se si, s, i ie.
. . i. fl i. . t .
Oný i.sssss n . I. r tisn*-1 sil at.' tpsri t, rsrrs :ss
5 " 551 s. sss i g . s s. i t. i l-r . Guarter ,; r::1s t.e I
. , ,. . i . : : .
}r \ t,: ,, ir- ni f al i-s - ,
4tr . ". . ss s
, in i R, " l1':'T: A'/ .
f iii,. t°!,l't5 55I. ·a of.sssstt Is ltiii tie\ll
, i:ss 1 s i-s tWsn t lui( s r t, ii:n, t 1 .. t ". "ss ttss
Ii it t-. e l. Tsi*r! il:t , t l-ls s rd ,rsiay s : ,
c. f , - , .: , ,: t Id : t" o n,n i ll
I.;,, '1 i0 . 1""'x ; !; ,.
7' g'. t ,--. h en A. 0 ;trti . ;.c p . ' . J).,. t I 7 -,
1 " ',%i J 'u - 1 "! 1 " J -.xut:uL II. l i. ,, rn..ny, A nti ,
1li ,t : r i--- 1,. 7I t a . t : I' (ourruny ant1t W.t l o tD.
(' oL ,.d ' .net--.',1.ac-c:i a Le t'u i ):. iV 1 : n Fa il·
n .-- . 11. (':in . I;. \7. 'lark . .
.',irru . L rm btinc ppint.,, y .iu:
.5 t ."r a ,. rvev of tlre tir ".. d;.o w e ha.."' loc:ated th c
'rT, bL, l; tttt: , -. ,t!..- r ao"er of the le li of
£.brato Ir , fil. II I -ti ,l la:.']r FLL tlto I'''te i trt l i '
I., ,,,, ;i l.,.tl,'y a.,r~n,:,g t. give the h.!, , for oi11l rna~l.
Tlencer :tiant ti, Northeru or u e.pr line ",f lrid l
Pilpe" in a si;Laigl itection to tte land of l.o ertalt
±f P P. Il.,I:n. tlucuou down, tie same to the oehtmol
lan 1. t!hrnc, down the iame ".o the lald of Alex tar
row,. thence town the ,al' to telanudeof Dvid l'ipes
to the Publl rtad betwe.i Dr. Eniteras and Msad. lo'pe,
all wie oh will atppeat tr traced in principal mark
on a map ma:rkl anl subminitted a part of our report.
:oid rad to bt tIhirt', fPet wide. ivid Pipet hereby
agrees to give the la!ide for said road wherever it is lo
ected on hll lnuds.
TLe reas and nay a were ,alled for.
Ycax: Janvier floetert, F. White, t. Landry, J. C.
Wood'A Adami., lie-b.rt J. W. Pip.r- W. W. Letnnon,
W. U. Winter, L. Pavr,-t.-- yeas.
Nays-L. Caldweoll-Adopted.
The Jury then a.jour ael till Tuesday 31 inst.
T. liaaoaxoIr, L4OrY.
T,. FAVItOT, Presidelt.
Puarmant to adjournmett the Police Jury fimet on
Tuealay the 3d of May, 11l6.
r'restl-Louis Fapot ,l eid, t, J cnner aI lacrt.
-·lll \l -":I (··1·:_aII.V i ·· ...,t.
."", ,. "t . !.A C : ti· · f. 1 .:1: ,a.. '1,1, i-?- t~ . ,
I a t -r - .... r i n.' I .. I..U )...1 t .
t : ·· l - ·'f' . R, . t.- ·ii,.:: ·iI
baa itatit hC
I .. ... ........i . -; ~ ··~- ; .~~;
" 1; i t ' \ " " ..,. ..1...t i:... t l ... , ..' . I l. ..r ` , ..
UI J 7' \I .' : '5 T1
f ll "r ; , " .e t S I ": II i' . . . .\. .t . _ ..: I
a.. ir e1t iit I ýi
'ii ,.:r" ''-at : ·.i i
;· 1 . · .elI.
fL, ·· ::1:i -L u · · i., ·· {.1 t ,..c) ) 1: ,!: :._1: 1 .}
ýt}.t. : . . 1t r-t AU·I ~. · . i .·- :;. :r·
"". :t" · , ..1 1 : : ._ . , ý vn th f ....1:" .
;Z- 7 r~1·;
.. r .. ,i , I ' .. " ' .... Mild +t.ii..l:
.; ., . .. . . ,1
"ii -jait *1l
I "1 1 2
T }, .. " .., i t . .. . , ' .. I ". ,':. , ..... y$1 .1 9
Ito u '1 '0)11 i c
awl rgT T T hIL In<in. L u te ne.trtt;W 1Yitt If Hri]
. !b. e J'rr ,,it nt , l h .i r n,+ t ,. i f L m . rI .ir ' Jt:' !I
ri, Tl .t , ! F ,i, ? t 1:.: . u-" at a c mi.;i: ' i :
hrr o . . .
I ;, . , T . -' "a .o .. ..itt . .e (f ve .e a p pointed t'
hi.·- ; .,+r i::lllh'i+ t.i , . "+-' n, L : ' .t . . It. .. .. IIIa 7W .
I' otalr
I '" . rt ft nl.ijeni ort f ,it ' ci n iti.. a'Op"'ute
t . ".ic,. pr 'lri alr l n ld i s'. it It l ouli . ng .a .to rt
T u 1 j i .th it ec.n itte, ropred u tu ll
on 'h," i e ,il n, tin .
Sh it iti" l it ,r tu ition to l ira. the o t -l .
r e ,.,.l: ith e.l al t. , ie b.i lltoI g, rnt f" a ue iI
. "ir. ," :r" ,J l ia l cale fr , y V. D. Winter.
Snav, ~tiu as
Itirsll lri. th.e Jry' proceed to nthe p'rti ton of
TOTA. A0V11 NT TO O iEtFrnllD $2"'0 50i
]'- Ant i ml Joiehine alnoh r - cl-lu C, ife of
1'. . Tuilln r .. ..... . $372 1
4:i. tlrozi Lonidre wife' ,;C u·' lei:e'ficiit.2.. 372 lS.
6t1h Adolphine (il-on wife f IlTou C. White 375 1s8%
7th Emilin' ruttian wife of lo eph Allen.... 15 561s
8th Etlle Dnpy wife of Urrin I-,jeitue.... 122 1212
Mr. Jame W. Pipe offered the followting resolultio n.
Rio-,cId 'that a corumittee of fiv be appOiintekd by
the preei'eutot Pr , he uriou of maltingsuutlrepair
hi the present Court IHouW. aRn will in their liigl'frt
wake it 'nrwer the purposte i for -which it is io'''"l'
I'rovided that no action hatll be taken by said toni
oittee until they ,hall hare reported to tlhe Jlry
their ootimatea of the expeosea ncelaery tro mtwne c+'
tIonpuit: ailpointeu t hat i ort. mJ AVf Ti, A.
tlhert. lr IVV Leoou ni lielezairc Landry and Janvler
'IT,. a cunnittee appointerl to examine tlie West
B lat.l' ,uie ad tbi'tillO Cut-off road makes tIld
t heir report: aw . 2 1..
Lt t they have exawi ed arin Cut-ni. reade t . all tha
I ta o in si
it an . ý, ' . , , , , , o" "
.a , . i
t i :i : ' : . ' 'T1" ') -
,Ut . W i i. n .. . i' l ,''', 'jr
t, ,"` i.1. ;11 I l . is ,kt' . , h..' . . r . . . . .,, t
e , x r H d.'- . :i: " t.rt
ed.e ',"err le), orm s. '1 Fre.': t .': 'l /cr>.- . ·. :; - 4· e
ti o c ;ti'.t .I. t,.e l.:2tt, i
i-i .tw e, tlo" t r e.: .
t.e w1 do. w te bi. ju:t . ,: C o.e i,. Ir |. '-
ey. `h.e then in'. i to ' '. rety par s t .o
i e.s i, a,,:c e l h. :, : : -.4 . ti .
i cea l U!srse . t:. wt+._:
r oSe- P ci tr iei t rtl
Tinr Monrt,. ir.,w -'e ,ot:.d a _r
her veii up on any accunt.. Iia,:.k-C er Cn.
piexin ltoks ;ater than .ter, :l co:ta
wti her -ahlies. Seuds back hetr ;; w riess
. .ec._ t t, ft of crape e(i the si.rt isl
•e1 : ,, · : bl, + t "h Stea:. rei - " set to
,li ti h. ot . t a dress'e coat ft r---.ore
w-k. Wrnkders ,: t L'a' di.adne' sTlo:upikin" {
i .-.-s tt e i:d . re: y day : isa:n .
at rstm . inh kr ;t, v. ,,;t' 1,a ,w : i ...
C'unciude', to gi',e up i: - .
b i.trdl '.nto at a ht.?el. A I+ , , :i:,ll i
v tatinl tu,, "at tend tihefl te o, ',.rt'
1st.- tl, please iltld T o t:.- ! "T . : my is di.
':ht, and tii:nes T j':p .,.s ,: is . "e;y i
tt, ,mian to give hlim so, niuci candy a.d .o
many 1bot: a. - . Ilis mother belns t.o -
' t certain alleviations of her sorrow'.; tie
.e , proitacted cce---ti," walks
t s. cal. -t. She cries a little wh.n
Tutu i'ui asks her if she as not ' forgot.ei 't
l ant the loweirs in a certain ce:ne ti. Tope
kirs cimes in and .thinks her lov ther than
e' er.milig through her teals. Tommy
seVl outito the garden to make a pretty
d:rt li[.'"(to the utter demn litin of a ir ew
flock an;d trowse-r ) ant return very .nlex."'
tcd!v. to fintt his mama's cheeks very 'r'n
and to e toetd lup m the air by l 'ompkirs
wi hi, d lu'arics hi:m.i.elf his "ne , new papa.
"No, T N. vIe. wtirt. Mititv Hi r t.-Orne
of our iexcharge papers tell a story some
thing iik. the follct.ing. _'Some months ago,
a clergymani was calledi upon to marry a
young co uple who had vowed to each ail th
s:',ect vows that are to be found iu the set o
voctutary ,'f Lov'e. The manage leas to
conme ott'it Zane-aville, Ohio. The bride anto
her friends had assembled, and every thing
was in readiness for the solemn ceremony
but the iidegnroom-the faithless bridegroom.
The lady waited and waited, but the rascal
came tint. At last. lhaving given up every
hope of his arrival, tie disappointed bride.
full of tears and despair, wat, forced totisp~er
se her friends, and retire to bed alone, againstt
her will. Not long ago, the same clergy
man was eited upont for a similar purpose
and all the yartie' were assemblel. The
h, t ,n"mai beIan 4e9( eereflan : but when he
caln to tohe word.- "l oui take this m.I to be
your w set hi-sbliand ?t the lady s ldenly
aNo! I will inever marry him! He served
me meanly six months ago; and now F11 re
pay" him in his own coin t"
The p iariage was broken off, and no en
treaties could prevail upon the young womani
to have the din apoint,ed lover. It was the
s:te lady who had been previously jilted,
and she returned the compliment in a more
decided and mortifying manner to the teadr
An old woman lately arrived in Chicago.
on her way to Urbano, Illinois; with a ibed, a
box, three dogs, a cat, a black hen, a basket
containing five kittens, and a pup with its
eyes tnt het open!
a n'n (I arnhnr' Ed:ab au' h M eiehr.
A Moister Vtp5W
' r t.in ! I do -fel, for ewr
a iuritn I never saw, yet ters
.- f sr(-Ib pppreass4 in i nn. e ri
l... . !h,; -' . :' i.a, .utferihg Soi i!.: F '
S . ' : - rr fix' n ,,r -
t t , ý s": [ . : .t k :... " . . ":. , .! ,'. . ,
I , t ,., .-x . . : , . '.. - .' .x ,. - a, '
... ... . l~, a r o :L v a;re -
l 'Cr xx( n i trx 11 l¾ a
,klxvi ori- v . x pli x
e.,-e ti'->.c ih , x t- , ' e a, 'er it-r. ii e,
! I .: " 'i ,',-' e-i et. i- n t . stre.c'.t'. . `a;. r'n xhe
o i." W ý. W, . I t ,, eta.. M ", i . VL o -
S, . " .- :n ). a r -i: ll "vrn ait('
. e,, e . . c: as te street
xta: a ,x i . t the t.sofx her.
v- c s ,th a n,.t inte n ' and,
u 1. t;; i :i. rmi pathy txhe faliin,, t'ir ap :x
. a d.,i ). 1 !-xxl o thei li'. e ti -i.. d
pii:., .,i ( :n;I i ta -c S pass the
.-OW tv y .'l ear to do. i tthe getr up an. has
.-:. : 1 bw ,' r w: ,, for witt ht, .- wish to
.i .o ':' .t\ tolx"'r'o t br.ut IaI 't ok i
i,.-r,. w i,-: . I t :i- .i ; :'. '. x'i, o
, rtnes , ut, I u-'r'p - '.,', xa i'' visit ou twou
in t .'' "'if' . tl O xhu' . . I 4'iaps to eaix nt
; r'l.e': p. the- t". a:u:,, - u . ' ..y .: - ee , rL ', a
th r.x . g ,f a. s . yme pii xaroh, .
i. 'i v erel -"'Ho ,i 'angry he w iihe 'ii 'e conti
;',,nt and fa . Ls that I ai ot thee to gi. e
iuu L. I L"'A'xk.ast i' Sometimes' ie ias li's
:breakfatI. at t.e lve-at one-at ton , and I
Ixa-ie seen Lim sitting down to it wxhen she
was havio,- her dinner P
,0. lis t.inner; I dare say that is a differ
Set trt of thing from hers, epoe. uw oman! He
,e:. I s' ni, e, at a cl-t ub, or w ith his boon
-,,:r' :nio:- or ax}where in fact but at
,A ''Iu'a 'W ' open the lit
il xte s ,:. L- is k12 tii , ,' l. r, andi five
1. ti, , n rr.:. In a ie, ( l. . milk'an told
usan: that le hias -es' him xr.eakii ug in pale,
iaggard. aind .orti-at:t with hi h' ii'l t t igiv,
I h e h, i t l.' cx.t '"i o me'x timLe' te Lt s r i
·! wonder if sho waits up for hin m
t) :o. we see the lighit of her solitary ca:n
ie i her loom ailwa ý as are ig to
oid: and yo may ,e sur. : y heart bleeds
or her-poor s_ litary thig !" I don t know
indeed, . that I ever was so iterested 'bout
any stranger as I an bout tli young crea
tDear. dear! it is terr:ile!" sighed the
svn:pathlzin Mrs. C1::ton. "Buta does any
one visit them lt iale'-;h~ friends, do you
- I den't th:uk he can have im-any r:i :ds.
thel heai:i ss feI, ' t., I .cre are n.'i..v people
cali-sty!ish people t--- rri and
there tie is, the wretcx', i te , tl his ball
slept look. smiling. aid ha.diug the !adies
out. .s if he was tee i'et exeu:ilary husiba;ii
in the wourl'.
"itas she chidre:;! I hope she has. as they
would collole her in, hi- log aece
SNo, een l that cun.'t.rt is diened her; she
has no one to cheir I.er: er i,,ow thoughts
mut be her comrpanion- at s.uch times. But
perhaps it i a bl--asii, hor what kind of
fither could c uch ania!' make i OL:, I .houo
lik e to k:ow her ani yt Idread anya
qialutari : e xvit her iht'.i ,t; hrtytrook.
you know wouldmt kmnow ech a man2
M"'ly dear Mary yu hlave me hqite mia:
i0hoiy; let us go' out. You know I have
much to see. anii many people to pl ,:
and here we are spending tie bt thart o! tihe
day in something not much i-t:'vced f;o.ni
T'e ladies of course set onu, saw all the
"loves of bonnets" in Regent street: c .:1 the
:'sacrifices" that were bemig volunrt'ril' ofler
ed up in Oxford street; bought a grtat mart
things "less than ialf the on;il'al cost;
made calls; laughed and ,liatted away a
pleasant exciting day ior the rcountry lady,
who, happily forgot in, th i u-t!e t'he druooip
ing, cresttallen bird who was iretting herself
away in its pretty ctge in -- road.
The next day a lady. a ireeid of Mrs (Clay
ton, who had been out vwhe:e site had left her
card the day before cate, antd ater chatting
for some time, turned to Mrsis brayhrooke,
and complimenting her on the situatioi of
her house, "I find." she said, "you are a Ieip h
bor to a dear friend of umine. M'rs. Wiliaiiaii'.
p "Mrs. ,Wil ,ai !." exclaimed Ltoth tier
hearers with excitementand cumiosity: '"Mrs.
1Wlliamns! U. 1Low very sing;lia.o t you
obr ilke. i br e , a oui; tI i. ,, m .y .:
".lý(7':-- fi...
1i Awt%.i_ t Viila: I t clhugt" ," t . r ',.t ; -...
, o.,. r ila!-the very :. ,
ItN i": r: -!" ,,.. v "i. ,. 11 :..i
I.. . , i" a 0 . : ;n . o lie. ,:-- ;,d [,,r1
S!iii ,:r : :- ,nir l ýII. }' :. ...;, b Iw , : ,
xv C bal n. ,, P c a.} ,nr
); ',.. i- .fec :14,u mo . ,t i : , ! r.
P 01 i.'i % , . r o`I t i 'i , i ,c t. 'c !.:':"c. ,.ie w: 'c: I
• .' tI1 Fli'',P :'dl; ][!O'..R ciltl ll 1' la!ed
W- '.iL"' i . to :'e: I.` :wie hlZs at bvorn
1-'rt:::. a,, .it wi's : b.ut -a: 's m n ow hi
Son -,- wbeend whe -ct.e cek j , lb.- . t-,
I e r h net ii, i er naowiu fa ea
t 'it 'u .-f rt ics mnot Ied Mrs. Bra;i -
, 1 - rw c,; that be Ci ,, a : r
rt. c·ans Ih La ma: cain clTl, ay day he
hilt Le ca:not Leipit, ,,or s,: tl Hie won'.!
be tho Lappiy to sIP:,d Ici tveIih:ns at home
ith iris dear li:tl.e s ;i, b et ve know h:4
b i.it.s be.ieafn when oth er peio ,.e m." ivei.
1 hern it hat in leavens ali.la iflci busi
i .' i1 :a bnpa . ro r:. f ne d a N ad. 'S 'ApE
O1' :os n s .me ric sie.--nThe sAmerican
Democrat, pualish.- I at Eath nur:e says with
M-alrard Fillmore has ever been defeated
: annthing le undoertook and we rill express
eor nrm belief that Le never will be. Every
step ihe has made in lihe, hf.re, infancy to ian
dood. has been upward and onward, and so
it til be. until he reaches the highest tnot to
ws .ch an American citizen can aspire, the
SChief Magistracy of the country, which he
has so faithfully served. Why should Fillt
:rmre have, deer. so thoroughly tested and not
f.,;ud waiting if it were not that he might
become the great peace-maker of our native
iatd, d ,d cause the North and South.the East
a-! the West, the free-soiler and the slate
owner to unite cordially it su,-ining the
glorious fabric of Ameriban ut, n aiid fic.
C.:.:-? .ArFFCutON:.-1- Lave a poodle I
wo.ul miake tutor to my son, if I had one.
I sometime use him toward my own edsuca
io Will not the follow.ng trait of his ch:r
acter tmoo you:
He conceived a stan;ge fondrness, an abso
lute puasion, for a young kitten, w'hitrh he car
:ied about ii: his mouth for hours-when he
went to ha!k: and wherever he came to a
re-' it !lace, he sat her down with the great
est ease and tenderness, and began to play
with her. When he was fed, she always
took the nicest pieces away from him, with
oit his ever m[aking the slightest opposition.
The kit:,en died and was buried in the gar
den"; my poor poodle showed the deepest
grief, would not touch bood, and howled
mournlilly the whole night long.
What was my astonishment when the next
morning, ie appeared, carrying the kitten in
,jis nmout;i Ile had scratched her out of the
ground, ..nd it was only lby fore..that we
co,.'d tale her from hliai.-Tatti Fruiti.
Tan a, ; c o .o Horse.-A man who want
ted to buy a lorse, asked a friend how to tell
a hre's age.
.-B. th,' teeth,: was the reply.
iThe next day the iman went to a torse
dealer, who showet him a sp!rslid blact
hose. The horse hunter opei.'.di the ani
mnals mouth, gave one glance, and turined on
h h heel.
"'I dont want him,ii said he, "he is thirty
two years old."
He had counted the teeth !'
A teacher had been exp!aimlulr to his class
the points of the compass, and all were drawn
:p in fiout towards the north.
'Nosw. what iv before you Joh ":
"The north, sir."
"'And :chat behind you, Tommy ~'a
'"My coat taiil," said ihe, trying at the same
tine to gt a in' .
'They have a man in 3Iissi-sippi eo lean
that he :n:,.s ,o shadow at all. A rattle
snake trt,,k at i g `six times in vain, and
ret:,r:ted i ,i-"guit. tIe makes all hungry
'w 1o: at htim; and wvsn childreni meet
him iu the shteet, ti.ey run h0.m crying Irn
A,: exchange tells a qu.eer btory of a naon
,~a. s founid one #tlday rnoniig wittii.l
a hat, stt:ug on a bhock of grar.:e with his
iba:e ~ieet in a brook, trying to catch a bad
co;d, s:: as to sin base at church.
Five thousand s'aves in t., tyf Chare
ton, South Cerlila, it is s ta.te. a
tributed the !a't year to e ! o
with pr'isl" oil 'Teleuey , "
A~ } rc? \i !(:35 1,.-: }mar:! 'over- f:,r
two doilars a ' ( iii ie 'l i
folks. ' here tis poriso. '. ... .: ti I
very tri,,.rial n i.s aat - i .,at -a, "- '
m--bear- ..
"im an a giOe accor, a
Ssaid when u uter tooto tr . i i

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