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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, June 28, 1856, Image 2

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i "
j-Hen ry .1. Pun kilt, C C :' '': - -
1* ",,C C1 ch: ' .-.. . : .- "
, .. .E YO 1 ,
A. J. IO)NI.I, )N.
"/1' 7'A¼ i" i".7
Tur D.,;:v C':: L_1. ,- We a.: , , .-:
that this a,,e ex.a'"e '.: A ,n ca n .
,eiatigaw e- -ru ro.or n the p:. e , a
da; v. ';. nreak- wed Jls, : :..e s. ;
g,'ein by th.e .lcr:can party toL: ..r:r. -
We ah!a -s welcome tfle ('-eir t, ,r ta ;
cnrce:vlrg it to be one of t:.m :. ,.r:- e
po,:tical i ruha;s cf ti:e coO;:rv. lWe ,<,
t!e DayC, Lor' wr:i ar~!met : ..I'e'
tin t. s cte:;geo iptvpriet,:e
T.i Sr.i ' E :.:s --:: cO.r .a.
:ESL.:C wV cop ,::1 ' a:: it o:. . t i'.. -
ldee Ieor. annont:,cng ..at th-se .
splendid steamers. ere abo:o, .:
Lake PIroidet:Ie a! New (: c.,;* t:a ?c
Cards hate siron ,ppeareed i: h c New - o.
leat:s papers denyw :i.at tOhev «P t,) be
w ith dr a w :. !; n - :t±e : d e t -e Y _.w 0
I-a t*_C. we Cal : t a --t, :: "our r;e5
r. A:, Arc Y} - W- ha- ne receive a
< rular f! rn .r; r:..Isr i t - j i u :
have tor:nme a Newspaper, Biuk adii t i.eýa:a;
Agency ; --,ai .i, at ' .. , ;: .;' .
They are -bon enterpn:,g. , a:id '.n
m en and -rc .n a. .:.u a'e a" . e a _ :
Sthem we c;. cor l:.. r ., ':. , . toi
in their :,e Tev a..- u atte:'C to the ci
iemun %_f '`Pes aa -i acr.:u It
- I' Cu-' - - 1 --- -
I'o Cuan , r· PrIta -- but If',-l'w--l
We re- p.e--ct i:y adi t:ae at:e.: ,o of I'en,::
P;anter, to !the rard ot "ir. :.-.:v TE-{_e
lrs. :n -rlg .., tot be afount -, ..: .tlr
col.,mn. Mr T. as a Imechae;:, sans i
amongst the citizens of IBart Ro.o ge, and
those requ::i tg a:s service~ in his !:.: o:
buvines.. co,,d ,ot ro b"tter than.: to g
him a cha:,:e. One a1 antage :, the, e ,;av i
shurt crop' '(tsr) is. tihat his charges are
mode-r- in ' !c th:ngs.
A WirTORA.WAL.-We clip the futaiowtng
notice of withdrawal, from the Baton RHouig
.'-s'ocateof Satur. :l !ast :
(rO . .,;,or Sun Jo: ..', it 85
LIs. A.drocn.e -lIlownevur relicttant to ap
pear in the cauumr:s ofa news,.pa,. "r, -
irg to deal candidtly and fra::;iv 'v:::a my
fellow ma-. I avail min seli ul this methiod t
sty my political association with tilh A m i
-an iparty has ceased. ii w;thdra, ir'. from
a:it party', ho,-t'.r. I do list c- sider n :vsel
ca:led upon ft, i;thly it. I t, <!iete many oi
its parta:ir:s are ,). atrned by igh unorable i
anr. patrhat"-- motives,
I r,-at r., mt: firm convin,", of ti.:e true
pr':n'ca.le of Jlefierso- and Jack'son and shall
ever 1.e" "n;! a. h:;mb:' , co-,werative in trhe
aurks u! the Deanioctatic party
Not deentithg it ,nc-sarv to trou-ie y ;a
V it.h a lon.; crommti,-ni--c..
i am very r-ctsp:ct::.
Yoa ur, .ervt,
F. M IRoli .
I h:e : ;:st h 'at awe - ke. 11 .ore.er a
w i!:'!1:a ' takes place frunom the Ame:,. .,
:"art-". we ;ke to see it pubtlshe ta - he be'I
Eit cf ral i::,lr- ced--as well fur KI:,w
N-t',mngs as ftor Democrats. e t iteems :
:- that mainy '-p-ple labor iner .he plea si::
delusion that they have con:nitted so her-a ,
- . rag ,a":-, a aact" ii qitting the Ai n: -
wan pa- tyt, hat it is -nec.tiafy to blnazin
ifort the matter ti he wr:d, that it n-tay
taad tiii in ad: t Brat hearts' If
we were to push thi cars r : al thi! se
taat : 7''hdraw ,r..: ,,e DieIc:'._rd. ie 4r'y.
tt"- -lip ---
we c.hui, havr ro.-; n . - ittle c se.
CaL. Po' 5' c zras-.-The fou':V: ex
tract of a letter :rom C-1. l'._.t, to a f:,;,, it
this city, declares L.s-aeceptanse of the I,,si
t,,,u assigned himt by the Am.ria. party..
This wiilI be glad tidirngs ro every member of
t;e Amer:can party in this District. li
a: i enter :p'me'diate:y upon iris 'iuties ;is
e; 'tor.--B. I;. azette.
" I ;.:rere l regret that th!e c oice fi i~e
',-[ :v . , ,i: : t tall upon asthier, for I r
,~:.i ; la l hare avoided tite labor and re- t
S-"..itility ' :the pisition. "T'e American r
hart: . however. had an ackn.owltedgedtt right i
to .ile.taid. tt y. services, and tihe duty vwhich
their parti,;iiv has assineied mi- shall be per
ormed to the best of rmy humblie abilities.''
k - --"" ---- c
r 7Cit .y strap5 and let me go to glory ! t
said Dow, Jr.. when hit kissed Po!i; . .rnie d
irat time.
1 Yuinous Assaiiarn.
"i ! _ 'I : 1 , ., Ih : l dý . . td !
arc ~cc IC'
attF v i:)~tt~t it:!. ,:'. ýtýIt;'' et
po::e lcal Li :ttrtsl~t' .,> ., a'·,': " hl' 'n tint'..
St-1, c'. I: l: '... . " '.l>... .., .:1" i· . as.·~
it !.l! ::: t. :'` · 1._ t ' 1-. .: rl 1' .. .,
tx's ,sei' eI.t
-tv 'I
r3 N: e C-.:: ,t "...i..
'I 1'· 1. ;
AN Vo 5'W 1 '" onN
J, e e t!
Ve: i ha 'd r i'4 : n-., -' . a ';'; i.! .
svav tn-' te g ti 'ne
at a. So _Ire 2 r ±' , 55 .. J' li :.-;
CO'? 0OTC'k : 14tor r, "L;-. t id,.i"
wti sqorn: cut ofit:. dc: 'e '
7propensities, D;id rot , te ', hamt. ,n
S o u t h e r n r i L . , I r . J I ~ :_ 1 l-. ,
the 11th day uf' April 15M. say ; I.e i.:,
of Represe!.tatives.
Pe:cit me here, Mr. r'i,airmar, for a ,o
rnent, to ,peak upon a j.. ct to w1i. I
have nevei before advert J i,". !. -.,
and to which, I trus:. I m ; . , . -r '._. . .
occasion to advert. I me: ti, s:
s!avery. I bel ,e i ,t '' ,(1 r p t p ;" S ,,
a "rcat moral evil. I ta ltd ,! , .
it has betin ia 'ccia e rtlt .!, upit n s ~ .," ..t , -
(t,,L 'r"t make's it a sa(6j,.i ,t ,,proru ! ,,
l',i/it tM IL UU'
Oi co reP r. . will say k!,. o.a ! r of n ,,
poliical 'ilk that t c,s'e el nTmwi.lr w- c
uttered thirry years :go, a:d tim t te ha. si:,,e
given abiir: a.t e:'idence ,-,' jI : I"ngs to
the South, time having w, ;keod a great cha..,e
in his political opinions. Lut we will ::
anticipate you.
Keep cool JE..rcNas ! the w 'at er is en
tirely too warm for over-eccni.- .e';tjust no-.
Wait till fail and we.l eudea.-.r to pirocre
you a passage o board ftie spleudil picb,r ri;i
r.icg steamer JA.irs Bi'cila.O.o il·,r No
vember trip up Salt River.
In tico meantime, get ',our 'duds- r ady,
;d ,o e'vpecting to hear fromyou soon, aiii.
!-u.-. 1 v P:rr;Nsyi.....-lThe iP:ts
ir,: (a:re. speaking of BUec:h:a: ciiares
a* ic Piennsyaa Ir B'iwhanan "py.'isssrs
,o ;ri;,-, tt hinwy r ;u c; dL d /br,,,i' da;'".," lis
Ion.ul:i;" ' s ,*rl y keep- truse in tle party
wh) othestci ;;or;;',d have I 'een river. fiolr
it. but it i no a ,! We have uunr'
scen or heaid .. one oli 1..e W ig IRepublican
or American who ~..: :_.I rI r1.'and ce
noww that the~e are hunddt cs ,!t D)"mocrats in
,hts countcy u'o wki:l jr . 'r.,e -rho will not
:or:,r an ,cirrumatcznr .i t ,re f' r I uhananc
"In 1S5'i. Pierce carne iet'ii iylvala hy an
iiincnses majority. and Ihe ,btai'ed sweeping
n;::,orities in Greene. Fayette, V e.stimreland
A :rustro;ng, Cliarion, "e.a uuo, B.::, Mercer,.
(',h-! ford, Warren, Mc'r ean, P'otte, Brad
Sut, uaquciehanr ah and Tioga coantles. It
ias biy nmeans of these c.;:ties that he ec:
,cd the tatv. It IT tc nearly allthese coun
ties wil: g.#ve ijac-y niajornties against Biuc
a.an. and the few that vill do so, will be
able to give but nominal majorities for him.
LI We regret to learn from a gentleman t
of Grosse-tete that the worm has appeared in s
that beautiful section of country, doing much
damage to the cane and corn. We hare not I
heard of its yet attacking the cotton. ,
iii fta ( ., ti .-lr~.' 1 E)"' _ " .ý.. " I:~
01 " t-,V. He -.R\ ---(a- ay -
, 5-l :s w" y i. 1' t .a5 ,n . 'h'
el n'.: ,r. iiu: New O l()r, th. . , ,-,
'avy, been so qui:t ab::t ...
tl:e (acT of their i.r, ,'
rl r ... r se , , ! : ''gr b ?i i , , r:li r: . ,",t: ,,
itir e :., R o r ber e tie I. .
c: , . , , :o o n i r s]; th e i:h .. r :, : .,-,
ip aj:t a .i t ve;'it yea ! tei i ,: a et,,.
l"c(tqi , It. s ; on e at t:: . ' a a:'i ,.
t .a ti ,, t. day to read the a,.nt-n,
tl ,re . Jt rcorruptiile i er' r , ( i
a a,t c,,r devoted heads. parr i ,,f : - .,
eatin~ii Io .:ai s ire ind a rt .rf. yr " -. -
Lo;:d,.!o.: P, , -h-...--.'h-y are s, t s,,:v wil
spie out any other way. Tire pro.lcct of
to: a ar, ;tionr matddelrns them.
SEN ERAL C'OLLCTOr.-.31Mr (.I ""
Ss e.er: h, of Plaquemrine, is t.ow er.naged to
travel r ti, ough th the State as ,i ,liec,
and air l tose who may have ibil to coi;,c
can satf.i ertrast them to his ce i .
perse eeere, g and tinde!atigable in a.tir
to hi o business and we cordisdly reccr e tet,
him t. rutr frienuds. lie is an horirzd t" o
lect for ,tes office, and we hope our pa'-;o:
wrill meet bcan with the "eone thing reetitli
when he piresents their bills,
I l l iCAr.roN Me efita~ .-We rr have
nelri wttessed a more tame and spiritei,
porhtical gatiering than was as.,emtled at te
State-house on Saturday eventirni last to ratify
the Ci.cira'ti nI m t ii atiot:s. The si ,ecChps
were dull-the resolutions stale-and rtere
was a total absence of arnythr.nig hke eathu
aiastnm or even earnestness. One of the speak
ers, who, by the way, ison the electoral tincket,
declared that Mr. Buchanan was not his rast.
secod, third or even sixth choice fot the
Presidency-and such seemed to be the gen
eral feein.. Another speaker in the excess
of his grif at the defeat of Pierce, seemed
not to have iiquired who was the candidate
for the Vice-Presidency, but declared, at a
venture, that Buchanan and Crittenden would
sweep the Union. Our American friends
have only fo arouse themselves and go to
work to secure Mississippi for Fillmore and
Done"son.-Jaecon, (Eiss I Fag of our Unio.,
;ra ci iti eflyI:
\! . : .2- ' 2 -" t · :; : -'·.'·
ri p rson is :.'. -r - ' a .. .
['hi ..' .c .' 1 :: i '.m .i.r -1 - " :,
- L: '.':. " 1.'. ; ,t ý' · f"t -. t'' " :'' ." : t :e ^ ,,:
i. I, r...:. .icer+. , . , " - -: il. \ :' :
i: :~ t Are an -
I : .\:n r, :n n ..
p r , ,t : t t h , u : ,,p ,,r t y ý : ,ý. v:, . , : , : , - ., , .
:z.: r en'trtitAn anJ. 9, ogh l:\ - ,:1,(1 '1roo
a' t, they ha;e stead!ly c -to, , Pr. ' . :i: :
"- JI its n wi,. l nts. It was nE".eI "nh;:2 1)
:,i.ted toi shut themi off for.e, 'r loi actie
'ar ,.1tpat:o in prei u t ,,ar 'n nc ', aa ;! ,t,
!;t:atry choice of I.n'latrs. They .:-e
? nrwevr, plainlay tnld we vo:te tr A:u; rican
,,rn: ciizenr s for , iý"ce--ti ehevin t..at the
't rie w 'est of the coUntry are .:, a be
"i:bserve . ' Ily such a ciou'rs e. tc ur:'r
a r!e to f.:. o a, i . :, cr:csi r-:,,a --ar-y fbt,;r
--a:,y doeu`,'e dteaihng to tais '- X. - (' ,'e.j
A Vots(E FRno Sagr:rH C.ý ouIY .- -The
tC'tunnbia, So:th C(arolina, Times., a D.uni
crat:c j.,urnal. +hf"s repudl!ates -'r l :shahn-l
Mr BinIuc-mua:;'a a!r u'ede:nts are such that
we cann-it givo him our -rr'ort; ;u ,r !do e
c!it:',e t; at the people of bo th C'ar;irna can
i ;inuced to as--.t II lac 11 3.: in the IPre
h-,.l'ttial chai r. He is not o.i;l a ren.r- ade ti oni
e W hig a't, a tart a-tal, a,.- Federalist,
,::ta Free-soiicer. havio given his 'uppo't
", a 5,,stevery Norther: movemrent intr rJ'
So clrcum c:.be tie area tcovered hby t.e
'itution of .:aacry. To sum, up th,, whole
' - , hi.tiry. he i, not ail allvo ite of Stat
Iligh!.i a,,, wei doii)t not he will go l.rther
,a'n a!,i of hi- predlecessors, if elected, to
cnro. uidate the ( overmne :t. Silth Carolina
canulot consistently support Mr. Buchr:an -
i-Its ;ominatio: is a rebuke to Mr. Pierce and
[email protected] administration.
.Y"- Mrs. Grnson, the lady who so nobly
thrust herself between her husband and the
assassin's knife, and received the blow intend
ed for himn, has since died of her wounds in
New Orleans.
ti? Thanks to the ever attentive and ob
ligirg clerk of the Laurel Hill for late New ;
Orleans papers.
Among the new and appropriate names
for ladies' mantles, are: "W'ife's Bli's," the
"Husband's Torture," the "Banker's Terror."
the "Notar y's Joy," the "Poor man's Sorrow,'
the ". Rich man's Dread" the ' Maiden's Joy,":
and the " Girla' Delight."
L ~ r·,, di (.:1 ir !:·:r: t" 1 .t ,
9 l i } L/I I.t r r·· l c:I'f
;ir.i ;I~ f}'1i' { '!.ýtt t.'. : gP~tl11''! r r
K. *'.· * '': i.1.·"
I.' I ' -'
1 * :..s tr x' a: i..
it c .r r .. ..
i ,. " .-n1. ..', ","r..:I ra :i~;aie w5. s .-e
}an , a , art- ,f (ereff- i :-er - ..
-1t 1-.-.,:.a" -.: . sghtnig thl,' ," 1, , t t:ot:r
, . 'if'g dowra a! St h.. kpi.cosex:
-y ; s -e::e oif eCli C-.C ' . j' . eggarsde :-r: -
t: a etasue , ti:" ( :.. ... .' , : , a '.
'1 p t. ' ! .- . a.r :.,
- ". t - .. .. - e,
It'a' }".r' e:. . r, - stn t p, n t,, --r "ei ao' 1 e
i . .-o: t a, ti,
> 5 , - : _ e .A t " 1 e rv "'d f1, - to o .. 'N e w . nL .:, .
S . i ;a .,: :. i:; , , ae t the l e 'es.a
,:. v. . p , rea l e ' W, je r taste :
- +i,' " t . ,e uer : the i , !:lesth exI ite:d S e t.
a,. I'',,: u . i " -T'he l m
, " r:,'Fv , :' , "1 ,to i`:.,l arv re o w:, ut ne`, f\i,-re- e,
, :ae ',:a l' :.i Anwrr a. hJ lt :-, :ile thia
, i w : te piro , i' nt r:e.'tt.e l
t r I, "r,, ', ' A l..A' iti "str ort'. ' .'has , e con
'"] r,!.t wy n wst h:-, ty ".t, the narw
*dip or hin tet.ert fwiaua. 0: 'he aOtte
Stabr:.g t,. iarl of ara ehdo!i ctnh un iated
ie r.r u tem ;c oerment of the i ' ite:d Sth,
, an 1 }i. crwn 'on, int a despat~,ch, rpote,,i
e a corrriratis a pr had on the of f hi March
, 'tc . 5r. l arr:.l ti-e i'.' inyg noh of rt-,, se
Sapprove,! am regretted the exosting ' tate of
tdnlgs i. Nicaragua. which they thought
::rtl'rroui ared atelling theo cat . shlade on
the reputation ot the rioted Sta'es ; that
'he-t were as an.xion as tios Brit is, to ,ve
Ment tr ee the Goutvernment Walker ro",ed
. ant were de beiurned to take facmeasres
r t he ire as riil aries thin actera on citi:ens
a le 'rt a eadat ss.
Here, now, is a pretty state of thing, .At
tihO ier iiatponetd the Cmimn expectati Coven'iot is
riot res.r!'sin to narpathize with the edlts
1vl,:ch are being made by th, people of C'en
tral American and, teen. WVa;kerl to regener
ate that pfrtion of the cont ient,h the Ad
miunistration are telBng the Britih gea ea n
e snt that they are as anxious as it is, to have
Walker "rooted out 1"
Wnom shall we beheve ? The fact is not
forgotten that the nomination of President
t 'erces hwas haise anthe astsurance of the
adquoitiorn of Cpi ba, and that Youg Amnerica
hailed hmi£ as the leader of titibusternsm.
avow he disappointed their expectations it is
not necessary to naarate. What shall -we
thandk ot the new movement elitoped i ra on
ser.ative curdidate Buchanan as a leader ?
OPA., N TO Skind-hearted-An editor west says:
out Wendedst has snch an ain pathy to the newfl
doctrint ourse of spiritualism, th.t he will o longerd us a
have his paper printed on the "medium"' size,
and objects to its being enveloped in "wrap
A kind-hearted editor out west says: If we t
have offended any man in the short but bril
hant course of our career, let him send us a
new hat and say nothing about it. The fore- P
going conclusively shows the possession of a ,
disposition not only forgiveing but forgetting. a
St.y tt'-uated .l.P n '
" . . : t r n0 ra
., -?ith tn
. : :-. , . e T'E I . € t
- . ' '-,i" . ole dig.t"v.
c:atea lallDth,
'u. as < ded ot
to: srlea Mby
" - ' .a Pr" l priote.cr
, u c 1e Cha Ir tr
a:y a: the Drugg!
`- .cic', gued haojn e.
o: f Ban Rouge, in the
"' his entre attenio
:: M'Ui From ai g
i .na, * e fetel couat
" .. who.l may entrust
: .o fLr gturranle
t 0he Iubscriber at
w- , wil pt.
I to Joaha Dal.
: i'i" .-
at . ayou Sara Paet,
I. .LI .,t, I1LLiAUNSD C. D. jL
', , e ::, 0-, as every Sunday
'_ ' Lt: , A. A .
E cL. 11 iLaves eew Or.
02 Mouday at
a 1 - -.M ½t.z; Taueda Thurda y
'" " r, S" . A. B. aod & Landry;
. L . Korno Co.
G i.: i E. SPRAGUE.
t-neroul (,.let;.:::g and Steamboat ALdh
b n-orr Main atar
Fý>t'Ro TO
. ' .. 'Lznterea, Kmaaaes,
I1 & J P.odd.
W A. E1olett&Co.
ew Orfams. La
-r' u LC .~7 e je-28-ly
To Cotton Planters.
i' offers ite cssto tn to Cotas Pl*
si ,.' .n t- h a-. z .. . t of r fere ne "
';uIlT lie luas had ampa'eumea
' ,"~ .~ : z::g o lMears. J W. PIg,
I j s ' a'rier Hebert, Beleakladry
.. :.r., i!.rt a. td . by the Poli Jary
'leto rr' ne hereby nttUed to
-:,- ..::r ( :r H ,e . on Thursday extJely
I: t- " - *- :. ;o tn e ece'ary repairs to IL
.s "ll--ER t, Chajir.s.
,i-i t i'! B{CfLDING LOUt
:i:-: .r- for ale in buidiu lots, the
, . ·;,. , : -t ruit ~! - : th t e F erry La nd:i , in
t ,:rs:o purchases. Prean
p lVtasn." shodllavailtaeuelmvfebeso
:. t s a1 :,l o . Wý. ' rcaalgajg i -
r r ; "' b- Fr .: T;; i; -" of this parish. a em
: ,. "::, ' c : 4us , aras oid, withoutay"
.-.a... :. ;.e : . :: y o given that saels
,.: -. _, ,e a :i 1 '0d rcwby mes
f(; ! 'T. .I.! -. J. P . 5th W. b d
t' :- .' "!. . ,r r" t - Po;er Jury of t1i
. .. .....i " - . it soou b te Ia t
SE." 2 ,'- : .:,.- - k q-. ::a, ,a, Cr urt Hole ouate
,f.. , :A 2, t t d.,r,, Mt July, therightte
. .' , \ t -f: :. ". !,!y,. hl -, .rn .th, ietationi A.
,- ,pe parot f toas laikh,
.. 1 ... .-r:- , :: . . pan h of Fast o i te:
: T:: P rsidnmt Podie Jy.
r 't c ois parish. two -
j n: rrt~· i ýei·- ri i ?s x: rDuranadotber
'a;! ti sIna `r' 'roe rtears old, wttbaet
ani -. "I 'r"i' N'on 'ii . 'reh gioeuth*ItflUS/
":....L..- Icars litad; 1±.e . ITebd 'r sitdabtil.
:}r .;:r"rest' if a' th" residence of OW
s -ii"':a Ot'atih.
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