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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, July 12, 1856, Image 1

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1 ., 1. AIN SI [ MEST l T ON I. S '[TtR)KAY, JULY 12. 185.. . .
TILE Sli 1AB I . \NI 1I
1JE*'ItY 1. ill XMI!.
Edi tor &~ Pr 'r '' i·or. ·
OLUCC it rar i h, 4 ,i11.,
h' ST 4!. 7 '
1'jI.LMS of ther !1 t; ~~ \ i
SnbTeridt' tCub --"r
tth~:raf IIV;
fatr. h4p a ) 1
tWor a ti) il the es,- -
Jut: Print ý :· , ··;
* Uot.
Joh~lrr·r~~ I'r14· I.
New and sitcui i ",. . r the
S cureof aln ici,,.1" r , '·'."-' . I. d i
pution. lJandicri. r .- , I , ,rs.
tions. tcadarhe, I'h , in - O . ick ;,1,
and Limnh. Feme m ,t : - - I'l
iryfew- n ce arcr tahe i-c C-". a:it. :`.... ýi, i- !
t: is not mor o r ". "
eias and unffrer' l ' - lo"'h .,,'1.
lass but ef, - :a ( -.t ." ,a, r.:.... " -
N . - erson ran fl e, ; ! .e..
b dr prevall;: r ,de- i, t , - ,.
eien fatal dtisenes., wi ch . :' a d ~ :. a
by tie timiele and i'dicrio 's -c.o aR ;; ':i ,: : t" .
Thbis is alike true i'f Ci -. Pe . -I - , : ,d
Bilimsa derangementsI. I n:, t, .' '-ar
prodene the deep seated re"rd " ..' " t ers
whiehl-nad the h-ar'e ; al : ;o r , . ::d. ii . a
reliable famuily phi . :s of tL ;; .nIe to
the pulice health : ... :itr 1
With consummlnat e n i "i ." I', ' "' An
extnasive trial f - 'r s
rrs, and l'atie nt. ' - . '- "n; , ::5
tain thing Lithert, en( n,,-,, : . . ('r.ra
t1reben- etfcte b e.! t': t!, ` - rii e"n
Ftantiated by p 'rse - ,: ( : .d . : 'n ' a- d
character as to frbi t 1 - ' n
Amonr the inm u ii, ; : " ..,- , have
Pre'ftJ. )M. l i . .. yt.. : Cin
annoti, whose h gh eQ. :a , r i e-z
Joais'MrI . f M.:- i. :u-. C'ourt of
tb' United Stat'-.
lion. J. M. WS : . . rr Mz I'.......
N. LOnai;won V , et
Also, D i). J. :
Nenw York City. , -r. '
IIoN. W. L.'M Na; , S I',.,,r ..:to.
W\t. B. AsTOR. t' -' r'. ": T! tm \-r, r;e.
S. ILLAtai ,- Cy.., 1 ; J of the; Meuln.olitan
lintel, and main oth,-rs.
Did space permit, ,e . .ci e r:.nv :tn:':!rled
certificates, from all nr.r, aore it.r- i' 's ha
b-en used, but e id-noe .,.a, :.e-,re camb.. -!.' th:
tk- experience of emnm nt 1,ri,.:" rmr: :s found in
their effecti i pn, triL
These Pilts. i r --dr i ,f ar ;. .re.-- ton ane",
sti'dy, are offered to t:- pr . , a t: ,, .st and
most Ecmplete which t1o pr,.s' " st:.tr of ,medial
iiCenlce can aflord. I. .. - ';- 'inded not of
the drugl themsinih-,:':, ' : ' .ri.H'ii-in itll'tn
olzy of 'Vegetbie reer, : . ati: . "l t ii. el'm 'al
process in a tate , .r ..- ir to ,:
l.a uch a mani r ar; t,; i...-. ' :'
nysterm rf eamin ,iti. :. I .r - .r , d:
in the Cherry " tr :d : :o- w l,!:. to .r,,d" pIi a
more efficient r'i. i, - been .'
tained by any provi.ri 'Ti n,, .n n. ( ,er , " tly i - r
mito s. While by tio , 'i o ,.".,f "::: 'a ;t t". e
miekine is b'rden.d n-'.r: .r , i" h (. o ac In
rmonuou. and inturb,, ,,, iv i e:; b lt.
vidual virtue. onl tat ir . i-o,.e!. f,- the i ,,:ratite
ela'et i present. A ;, . t ,i- - 'lind
ites of each subst:m . ., :,,.,, i r^ 1 : t b' iairl . the
euratirn e virtues a v L< t.inal. It< t is
self-e"ident the , :.t r, , - th.' v
proved, mn re purl ", r, n ,io'l,. and t!.,e il.ls' r.
rmore puwerfial :: Ir. ,aSe "h,: iia
t.edieine kraj wn t, ti ,. . ..:.
As it is frete-,,t! t t , ',, ;:, th:at my mediiner
Shou!dbe takn ii ,,r t~ . ,,m -cI c: ,f ni attending
Physieian, and ais ' i t ,. '" oerl ui e f ai'
remedy without k;n,,,,.- · . . I-i T haoe
supplied the acurai'-'e I.-.,-p - " .hIh both my
Peeteral and 'i:i!s are c" ',. .,, I.;r. \'i.l'.e hadV Of
Practitioners inth t rn 1` ".1- rs.:!;. Ii.nt.sh Arner- I
Iran Prowinces. If. hw irr. -',ir i hovhl ii. 'hy i
one who has not. .;,t ,u will be
promptly forwsrded ,ni : ,i t," ',.- req-;r t.
Of al the Ptent , ,it inr,; C!::,t ,:r' ntiib"r 1, how
few woul be tak.i : 1.:hirr ,..r li nti a; kn-,wn
..r life cetnsists :u :,r ir .-t,.er:' 1 l. ae Ino
The composition of mvio ,ri-rratio.oni la, d olnnu
to all men, and :di ,' h e ,,t r .. 'l ti int t" iind e or'
the slbje't fret ' rn ,' knon- "d' Itnhir c'.nviil-tmns of
their Intrinsic menrits. ITh," Cherry Pectoral ra was
pr'i:tne~uml by sciientific inen to re a aroi;lc'rful
Iiediiron befrio i ts ;"eteL.t w-ren kinona. any enm
Anent I'hsicianrs bhai der::- ed the samme t?,i- of
nry Pills, and on ni r, , i-,.i'lerti, anid are will
4a. to certify that their :r:tit"ipaints were imore
than realizef by tili it eifc ts upon triai.
I They op'lep- te he 'Loni - ,,,wrful influence on the
n.ternal visecra t1, .i,-:cf t'" "i, od r;d stimulate it
into healthy actin,,--r .ove the olbstriuctions of
the stnmacth, ",ae , 'si, ' ,r. -:.d ,other or·gans of the
bld, rerstorirg thiieii ir-i'-ular nrlioni t.o health, and
by lrr" ing, wherevcr ti-ev ciist, suchi derange
menl asi are the first oriin of diseavc .
maY sugar-wr:lnpod. they are pa:isant to take,
An !aslg purely v;r,.tabhie, an harm can arine from
their i ne m any qairneittsy.
F" Iinaute .diretiorn.o see wrapper on the Bon.
SY'Pactical and Analytical Chemist,
ic 25 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for $S
"' ' b J. L. V1ALET.
W 1. Rtouge leb, .J 1556
Procedures du Juri de Polic de la Prr
uisse d' Ocst Baton Rouge.
.. , . ` .ý - .. , " .".. -., . .
II i i
a- n .1 q a 1 ., .
. r -- Z n!. a ' . ii n.
C, 1 00 Ic' ni i. ;tq:
.,, .:.. ".. < - t1. It; L Inoar } i ,:.a ..'
. .I !! b -
/,%r. , ,. "'Gaae.t ' .; .- , I am- , ...W .. . et
Wa :n L 'ab tan .; A>;1
_ - cette horme--e, qut ,
I .h"! - .. .. 1 1 !i· i t + s
I- -ga P n
!e · r, a: a' z tt: r · ; ' i. `i
' "t, It' l . ý ,~ .r..2 }I .T If,-. 4 *,'It"
.,.;r V. . , -- 'r :* r, . , ,T ·i'.
TI hha.rn .ai. a A.
4t,. rl - n a la iae. F'.w r. ,
* -- r "a!r.HimW Tnia -1 1
! : . I. I "r .r - : rt Tr i' 5., :, , .i' ,
.,: :- [,] r* V rl r . ,t I*. im-n i .. .. , 1 .r L .,.:1. '
.r:1." I;r I< i iL n. lI'N Farrr .,+-~· I : A it
,: Arron[ 1++ t,-n - Marc,, lio I ir 11 n it , ! t -Y et1 r P
hi!her et Ihtsel trar bles rt.
t.,-: Arrn-UR- I1-art V Pnbraa at 0 1. "
, -r, .. J'... A . . ir. , B .. ..r. .. r. ' { I.'
,r :.tro-t-;f Cr BI in. J .L 1.oit Alll pi Tral.an
°-,w , r. . , --.- \1i, . ..r. tW J L" lre et .I I; , v li.
it,:. Ar: , r.- -rr, sI J Smith.. H A t,0,,,:: t:
J - nu
!In A.rano-D 1' rain, P. L t',.,r'nfey at 1'
1, A nrronr--E M I.ferre, Jo! n I, -lacrk ett I
P'rcinct du ltcocrci--M l i:on, V T",.,lir et Ii
I'r inet i'riuly Ilan.ling--Sosthene A.i.;e, J ".dire, et
"F (i1! lahn .
Pr, ,me:, M.a,,on e Cour-V D :rrca', .t rr',
ft ff ! ,er arv i.
J'rokirrt. (;r,..e Io te--B R Chinn. I W (lark it
,ri, I I. li, ll.
'r. inct ,dras-II II I (;,- ,:., G.o rge "oomi
Le .i 1r.r i 1 ca e 'rite ul r 'ap uli-atii'n !-, p .rsIn
n ,"- 1,:1 ieir ,n t dau ,. 0 di st s rii tbi:,' il"ra ?rdt
d o t ," n'", a" . 1 f aut t ar::a t :, :l. . . ;u : t : ' .u t ui t.
',r - e:-. la petition ,, .lain , itr.-an. qu'un i.err;
i, i t I et ,laintrenant etiili eitr*. ct',AhitLa on ,I," -
':wire' ltohvritn ,. darts Ie tau t t fde i paro a, t-, le
lan'ine r -'. PI.uoairin dans i n jar-$-- !'1-t I'00,
:uoue, rl, quer. L'e -'rcidcnt du Juri d, 1'.lice I
le l:r nr;. rt ,l': lrv . la lIi.
I,, moi iit ja-lp appoiaie pler trace-r an ehmin
pb, pour certaiin hahitansa. amm'urantF e ru w ere
,! hi.,ationi de David Pipeis iti A LLobdll fit re,,
Fur mo"ion de W D Winter, tout etite pe--tion de
:.t ralpp rt dornant a A Imbdell la nme , d tr,I.
"*r t pir-. .,"itpur qu'il coup Ia premiiure irecti.o d,n
it ..in ettl i'il y fa-"' des p ont. fut ro. et et que
ia 'artt Isivante d it rapport soit aio lpte. viz
'i,. i sjitl -ig"un-l. inn omintei appinte par le Juri
It i l.t- ,I hineUt BRaton Rouge, le 3me Rundi de Mars
p:t"- fa;t-n le trapprt, suivant: apreis on examin ,ii
-u x n ia:: avonstrece le chemin demande les pot.
ti i, ore,. eavoir:
iie lit ehlcmiin cotlnmaneeri a PIeneoigninr pad ist
dl tirre d' ibrann Llteli, en sutantilee dites term
iju l a ir qu il frappe le t lrre-n de Jamnes W Pipeset
',e Dvid Tipe., cnsientanit a donner la terre pour le
ci-ltruttion dlo dit therin. lie la een suivntla ligie
Iuprrioer to I'uahiartion de David Piepn, directment
a 1p terres de la puice.inou de P P bina de la en allaut
fr.nver Itere de le Pie d ublic, dejL a Ia terrer de
A 1: orrow e I n allann fraptper Ia terror de David
l'iptt jui qu'au ehtioin public entroe e Dr Enders et
Mud Pop-. Jo tnut parartr ur r hie maB o tracer a
cet effet, et gumin cumme etant un partie de notre
rapport. Pe. tit cmemnin sera tremnteepieda de large.
David Pipes d,,nnant ja terra pottrfe dit chenmiu, par
taut on ii se Iriuvera situe eur sa terre. "
Sur motion tej pour et conkc fnrent app.les.
P'one: Janvier Hebert, F White. B Landry, J C
Woods. Adarnmis Hebert, J W Piper, W W Lemmon,
W I Winter et LFarrot.
SConit: I. Caldwell-Adnpte.
Ia Juri ajourna a Mardi le 3,Juin 1856.
T. Bu cmmna , Clhrk.
L. FAVRIOT, Preeident.
Cot-nf"nrmement a l'ajournement, le Juri de Police
e'ascembla jf S Jnin I8$5.
Prenent L Farrot Prrc nt, Janvier flebert, Frank
1r! I", i ,
r.",. ..:1. .4 .1. ·' ·· 1 ` ·:, 1 ;.·. · · "F 111
... tai, .-v' . .. I' I, 1"1 z. 'r .1 i 1;
:1 r.~ .·; ·~..:~i ·.
.iii ' :' i-~ i .>. , ,: t: 1.,.. "1. 'i., !
d." · 'r - .. ..r .." :;: . t.. . " ··A ? .. 1. i- .u t· .u
r" . . l tF : : ;
7%. 1 IT JI ft v* Wi.
C , t, ,. : rip n: J . ; i · ·. . : . .. ,... ...... . . I :, : r.I
.. , - ,, .1 l '-..- . .. : ,:. , te n . .. - , . . n . ,J. J'
.tu a ! :ft: - i. 't t /, . :t i"|
l .,r 1 v. ', a " ,. I t 111, ."s 'I 1"u . 1: 7 j *
< r h -b,: - ir. I n E l.r t t1 sro ",loi . .t . ... t n I c li W' I
''"inn.t"!. , i <r i.i.... . ....... t... .lx i
r ,, ...... . ,, .n i
tI I. i l. -, It , ... " t l N t i . u ,e .a ti cu
R- -er I "'! hi n I t .o' i t;, h" ' o a i ' i' i .
an 11 lint. Icnw ry..Ll
P( a t t ¶tf ,i
Ire A min. lnini an · Econ
1 t h '>ra w r., ] d* .n '1" IT1r r ,."
in unYN 2 iL o" 3
, m ,iin "a, l i .. ri r l. i' i,.i n li . .' , 1' u
. .trn IA .pt i n a u,. ' ut , , J l tTo n G t O l c
4 inn i n.naluo. r l1n (non Si tr u [ L.d, ' I t' IV 11
,llena r 'en....... . t. . 2o 1ct
jnI i .o ;- :un ,i o i'..: r. .... . ,',' l· ' t* 3
; tiI " I:. i id. ,.
urr otiono:e : W ~lji e i ('rlr Sit r molt di n
p\ einl. t vdn luari d.r nine put r " ii in nontct qiuet.
',,al.:r-- , a1 l. i. , ',u l.: N 'i r ,,Pu ... . . . . y .lan:;
.ur !i. ,iepurationie bnoairo a la iaison di Enun
lPourvu qu.n Jurnee aitton onit pis.o pune dte
omt jui qt'i a .... ...... qu'i i apporte n ri I
4lie Aiommea nlrn poiur 'ou.mpli J seimn :otdedit
draux a r,'e'u ........................ v7 ?
5,, mwitt api e " &nlettcuau, , ni, !, JWlilr , G A
lbtau a rW, t o . o. .............. ....... 2 t S r n
Gle Coitolpie n p olln pnl, epou e , ie oll tin:i ns n
W hite a. rrcu................. ..... 3;2 ., %
. miline Rge pour examin er i R do dcberph
'Alent a re u ......................... ap exa i
Smr Fatllt. Dupuy, eprut.*." ,]'Urnin le,
jeun., a reu ......................... 1"22 1l.
Fur motion de J IV Ptpe. it rst
1E.t.ltu, Qu'un c~ mite, de cinq ..nit appointe par le
prosident di Juri d l'oiier pnt-r ,llu'ii volett quell
sont les reparations Ceex..iren a Ia Maison de Cour
grin pu'on y fasse Ies affairen.
Pourvu que autleiop action poit prise par le dit
comltejurtye'a re qu'il dit rpporte an .uri de I'o
lie' Ia somme req utaa pour i'accomplissement des ditee
Ie eomite appointe a cet effet, J W Pipes, Adami
l ebert. W W Lemmnrr, B iandrv et Janvier Hebert.
Ie Comite apptiote, par le Juri de Police d'Oue.t
Baton Rouge pour examiner Ie Kareourei d'lbervlle "t
d'Ouest Baton Rouge rallrtcrent qu'ite aiait e<ami
1 r r ... 1 · ·'t IIr . " il ·.! e -:, F,' . r . t -n
La..mcut of a Sing.e La .0
t II'
n n". hI L? I - In r Iv
Il:l.i'"'ai3ei f i =: t C
w th o i- -rru t
t ., :b.-nj pr,
.,...: VP a ."ry G ""ctn :acs
+n 217 iF~e t or-c
^2 Its1.
7 .I nen[tht ~rI,.'aa
'ai r', ," n 7-I ..?
-:,,l 2r 7o--. .1' o
Tit ,. . n p to. C. rc v.
I! . I rt . 7,1` h ·it " i .:nt .
" ..~. ·. - . .,.. t ,> .
r ...." . :,r !.., , ,..: to ..., ,·Iliv
i· ~...-~ a:;i .,..d l;ar ·
It ""r. M r i"' -,n .:;i - i t " "C I-inn
- 'ir er au- or Pal-ma
th w 11./ r P'
I.. t, hl tý .' c-n-, n. tat, n'.
!,IC tll n· a;: !.rI." · u e'
ry·u- l r: '·: *:y-: rr ·;;·
Ofni these N-aux Wont wi;. (' ;.r~ I"." ^,
\t ·; 'at al'' they FII ·!. ··; :: ,1:
1t nn " "'erensu . rfaun r tl ne
t,",+ .,fL' them P(1RIYrl pI,
7.--*- ·i .l HISOWN DFT.rr.---l n book ii I t
t' :b'..Ik dtescri',tive of .cere.s ani e r txhe
Il:diiis in the early times of the Nri iwest.
the . ttllowing ludicrous incident was tolld
A little druinken Idulian. nared 1y thle
F1er-wh people around. 'Old Boilvin. froin his
i,:, mboance to an Ind'an agent by that name.
at Prairie li Chien. was the person on ac
co,,it of whose death the application was
made. "lie lna been fishing.: they said. en
the slores of one of the little lakes near tie
I'oltage.. an n havi.;,"g taken a little too much
'wi-hi c. had flaiclr ilto the water and been
drwnv...' No~hing of hint had - en fouind
Ibt Lis lanket on the bank. so there could
b ie I. :rmi-ral ceremonies, but they were pre
pared to wake a great lamentation aboet hirR.
"'T.erei was nto difficulty, notwithstandting
tlit ptuhibition on the subject, in procuring
a keg of v. hiskey from some of the traders
whIo yet I mained; so, armed with that and
thel other treasures, they assembled at an ap
pointedl spot, riot far fror tlhe scene of the
catastro;:ie, and sitting down with the keg
in the : rhilst, the commenced theiralliction.
Tie Iire theyv dank tae more clamorous,be
came their grief, and the faster flowed their
Int the midst of these demonstrations. a
little lignie, bent and staggering, covered
with nMid antd all ii disorder, with a coun
tenance full of wonder and sympathy, ap
proached them and began:
-Why. what's the matter l Who's dead ?"
.h'lo I dead b: repeated they, looking up
in astoltishmenif., 'why yoii re dead! you
were drowned itr Swan Lake ! Did we riot
find vour blanket there ? Come, ait down
and help us nmourn.:7
The old mat, did not wait for a second in
vitation. He took his seat and cried and
drank with the rest, weeping and lamen
ting us blt,terly as any of them, and the
strange scent; was continued as long as they
had power to articulate, and any portion of
the whisky was left.
Da.nr T To TiE COTTON caor.-The late
heavy rains in some portions of South Caroli
na have doun much mischief. A high fresh
et in Wateree river has destroyed the entire
cropof many planters in Richland and Sumpter
distri cts,'and it is too late in the season'to re
plant cotton.
Great Democratic Speech at Segt:n,
I .nin ]'1'r i '" a 't I ' the
.'d]. ' ,'. ".',": , I .+ 1/!. 11, 1 In! . - . r . .' i _, Ir r I
o. i1 . iri' ' a... B iii i.ii, maid tfhe .! 'S;" x.,x
pr ped 'r ., or the ,. ., a n, t,,. tA- :
iw, 't rl' nr.a tt l.i , ' i,. r , ca i l n :
,.,_,u 1 t iii.-- ' . ati e.t r - l tr " rt't :; c -
, :l..,el te \ 'u Ilt , t++e : '.,.:r;1'
:: 'n rIlr t ar t w t , xat the ; a: tv .i
l. w .'t rI v 'e party '" . e,,n ry, a: el I
S-, ri " IWr .', li'. I, , to i .i
i l ix I lilix. i
S7 . . `w olr a lim,,r, Vl ' ut }j l, .ore I waita
ar.a A ' h,,, I'.,+n *,+ .-,. txcep+ %t-wi:, II
1t!I IG , . ll ii[ ta.I l I. il'l e. a1''.''ai 'Ii
siti l .1 d is\ u 11' :i.. lt n ti'dri nk i.
i I ,r' , ,r ,:..v an'! I lst l:,+i h ki hIg'n~:,
[ . ." ar I; i to .+ ,us+.. Fur, 1belor I 1 i: '
! ;If* t thile u ic i lr'jI n a art l l';ay imllrit
Te.t rr;i atl~ie .e `;t. ,t h , i.cha in t+abe ei
I, ,vtoards c v -l, ri1 soni wil .; " a' ni tsike n
rAt i- .'ttieay.a' th 'iin tr-m hi, atper,'an
PIlie: l l. w i ll 's i e : ; _.e .YrtelIicr buzza).Ill
i mighity ti.rt, an ili; high up into th an
I ,re ..' the sun, alnd r okin e th:r ox ; thatmoty
irb tLi.t or that casts its hadlw iv life on
this ra indantce snhere gather from its i ium'
r'ash, Iv tir;l me:tal lite whicah will enable
:,e to enlite, the benited among mi fellow
"1Ir. President I s eke h1ere to da as the
i'anderin x!am viwich has returned to hn an
c'-+tral tiocl:! Sur I repeat my Deimmrecracy
was sukt in from the cradle; "I have always
be."n a Dirnaicarat. Away yandOr in times
.one by. up among the towe-rm pekes of old
Vi'rgimah, '.char the snow glitters in the lite
of thl vernal gu. hn I a, ercated the great
pru, 'puts ov the _)imnmoracv. Yes, Mr
Pr)drdent. a way up n n.hat good ole Stait hay
i caSt mny voice upn the breeze in favor ov
Itrr nocracy: and now hur. down in the
m<4 i n Stear ,v Texas hidar the vernul sun
an aut'nula zefer' sail t'he lox ovthe rhory
,)ld man, an kis the cneak of the blushing
!o...set. will I again raze my voice in tfavor
., Its irtniples. Down here in this young
va.;t . har the blu. ov thousans martvrs ov
,tiety hav phlrt,,hzed the sile an run Iike
m..is ,Iver th. ronI. I wil again stan up
beiure the Arner-an pere'p- an pledo tlr its
ila,. n-ovrx , do.' tries. Ye-, str, with one
,. te)xd l, the eag,. that L.: rd ov America.
Wili'hI floats along on the clowids like aptaper
kite, anxd the other placed on the central
spxirt. ov W asii;gton and Pierce. I will ever
rnlmatl' trew to my 'arty. and will send my
V'iice down the naie like a hurricane. to ter
riti them who dares too contend ain its!
Sur. my doctrine is. the tnionand the Koun
ti now and firex r, t r. Wn a:'i insuifferable."
I:1L'R. AI LA HRAPiPt.-As wee enPTPred
h-; monks were sin.og, I was peculiarl]
tr.k lv the stern sorrow i.,bde in their
n,.1·eanir. and by the mournfil e,:er~y with t
which. in deep. strong tones, they lifted theirt
i\ ies up to (m;td. They were ;lad in lon',
w lte choral robes, descending from head to r
ri.ot. At alir past 1f the prayers were fin- 1
iched. A hand beckoned us from the chapel
a,.d we followed, not knowing where the
,lifted arm would guide us. We reached a
,oor of the inner cloisters, where two broth
ers awaited us, with a vessel of holy water f
placed on a ledge before them. Over this
we held our hands while one brother poured
water thereon, and the other wiped them
with a coarse towel. This ceremony, after 1
tauntg our command of the risible minscles
mi .t everely. blin" crncnleded. rne of these 1
. a:stere T'rappists urlocked a large door. over
which mightihave been fitly written Dante'si
i',sri,,tion for the gates of the infernal re
,m..s", "tanish all hope, ye who cuter here.'
We entcerd the cloisters, which were then- lq
and doubtless are still-glazed on one side
only, and provided with benches for the so
ciety, who, during summer, here hold their
public conferences.
We then advanced towards the.Refectory.
a long and low room. somewhat resembling a
college hall, but for the fare therein discussed
with a recess set apart for the lay brethren
and poor stran;ers. Downr the middle ran
three long tables, one being at the bottom for
the abbot and prior, who dined apart from
the rest, while ier thcir heads hung a pi'ture
of the Crucifixtirn. before whi'ch all bowed
on entrance and. exst. A hand was waved
as a signal for our entrance, and a small table
pointed out for ua by the door, to which we
silently retired. t The monks were marshall
ed in two rows,A*trt d were chanting the Bent
dif e. At the );loria P'atri they bent till
their heads were hut a few inches from the
floor, and continued in that wearying attit::de
for some seconds. when the "Amen" was
pronoiunceed. in a sepulchral voice, by the si
perior. They then simultaneotisly arose, and
retired in perfect order to their respective
seats. * * . *
The only difference we observed as exist
ing between the meal of the monks and o,:
own was simply this-that while we were
favored with apples, as a slight rarity at that
season. and butter as a laxurioust superfltity.
they had none of the former. and are forbid
den by the rules of their order to touch the
latter. The use of eggsand.fish, whereby the
other monastic orders ebiovert Fridays lfast
into a day of good living; is fikewise forbid
den; so that, except at som..iarticular sea
sons. when they are allowed a little milk to
flavor their herb-soup, their diet is rigedly
vegetarian. During our repast, we observed
a monk rise from his seat and fall prostrate
before oft:q his bretheren, kissing their
feet in a~ lity. This was enjoined as a
penance lsome slight breach of discipline.
-Niational Mnazitne
There isa man n ney, 1!1., so dirty that
the assessors put him down as real estate !
He is probaly related to the individual in
Wisconsin who was decidedly in favor of
bathing. He declared he had just given him
self a good scrubhing, and found a flannel shirt
that he hadlost three years previously !
f:,, what ; i.f p p le . ,1-i v he- . rd lt
:., r- ....' ' lt ,;;: ,-rally .n hot yi m
it ,as hI ',n ýlace .[opers ]u to be ,e .
'aited in ia 'ms with nioihiur
Inrc a e'oo Ir Le il: s rom and him tnPI.
, ..; ,,i wh 'en v."r Cilr happrned, h" h,+
.,+.r.,, N ; tv "enera-i' a.,o t na certain ,,
i r, ;i r \ot 1,i, t , ra" e l at ' it ..
',,"r to him. P:' t',a., ".ran ýr,
I, r^ It! !he next ron(' N t "i..'2 n.m .:0 '
t..- , , ' for especia " :te:". ! r....
! r i _t up any wisetrtr:
i uii does eemtom ctLatth iit pO :
S, 'if . al most amazirng ,"eI
,,v¢. r .,rd In -t.! m y hie trnm ar' ,
.,%,wa'+ tom tra ron p 'ehie 1 vco l .+ t ,
it 1,": rake " h, h , e a -". ew ' ,
--I r:inta:n that jo two pe",), c," talk 1 (
tl;o Jark t, one anir '- !!t y i' o in thi e
: 'it. Report such a ta'k. read it t1 th,.n
:11-, thlevyll ls son L,rie:" th:t t1:.+ "e be.n'
C:it In.io,. T'hat's ,.
: remind, Mac( Sl 'oper of a i""!k 1!c
,"' iarn i, a N,.rw Jer",:v ioteL. I had
,dtedy sn:.;kod my,.*:-;i I ti, a r,+='fiar rni'.
a. h as the ", god aloie !eny7, wheh I" +
iia ,tik, Iv hearin:i somehui ,,! y enter the {Iw.xt
A+ ,".::. .. larently he woke sr, mrbody_ etc,
u,. t,, ', a sceping there in adva.' e
"'1 l'- thar 7" ays the man abed.
"Hul-io and behold ' aii,-wered the onle
W 'alt onr your welcome a(ore you corme
in." sai! N .
i n-comes are always welirinme,' an-were'l
No. 2. "The mroxologist of tipulars dire'ted
me to apartment XC. being exceedingly
weary. I did i ncandalized. Yet, if you de
sire tlllii .ll ity- ''
"Strarnger,': rid No. I. "hold thr ! don't
light a match for the love of God ! I know
adzactly what you look like without going
fnrder. You're five feet eleven inches high,
sPrey eves. and a coon colored vest. short
cropped hair. and a loose over-coat. nose like
a razor handle. and a scar over your left eye.
That's the stripe.'
"How do you cognovit that7" was the
amazed reply.
`-Cog- thunder!" was the response -
'Ht,,w do I know how you look' Why, who
the '-ll ever heard of a man's coming to bed
iin the dark and 'ailing a bar-keeper mixolo
gist tipular fixins unless he had grey eyes,
razor-handled nose. short hair, and a coon
colored vest Don't light amatch. stranger.
on my account. Drummen's light's would
be darkness on your lace after such a blaze
of language as that. lilumirnosityand cogno
vit ! That shows you've got a carpet bag in
your 'hand. and a whiskey bottle in it--ShM.
There was a sound like the pop of a cork,
and a clear ca'e of drinking to better acequain
tance going on. as I fell asleep. We hear
queer things in the dark. That Western man
rather knocks me whenever 1 think of him.
-Knickr, rorkcr.
Ma FILLO.'oaES PaosPrECTs.--''he St. Lou
is News, in noticeing Mr. Fillmore's accept
a!ce says:
"He has an old-fashioned way of hugging
the Constitution to his bosom as the guide ,f
his actions, instead of shaping his course ac
cording to the theories of either the Southern
or the Northern school of politics. He has
made a good President once, and, if elected,
would undoubtedly do so again."
The uprising of the people on his return to
his native land is but the dawn of the glorious
day which shall bail him the Pres. nt of a
fi.e, united and prosperous people.
BEES A-N QrAILS.-The Rev. A. H. Mil
burn, in a lecture on the West, says:
"Two remarkable facts are to be noted in
respect to the advancement of the whites.
The first isthe quail. unknown to the Indians,
makes its first appearance from whence no
man knows--when the white man ploughs
and plants his fields affording an abundance
l;c delicious food to the pionhrs. The second
fact is, the honey bee is not to be found in the
country while in possession of the Indians.
It keeps just in advance of the advancing
wave of civilation. When the Indians see
swarms of these new visitors, their wise men
sadly acknowledge that it is time for them
to abandon their hunting grounds and the
graves of their fathers, and seek new homes
BRInu r HOURS AND G.-OMY---AIh! thsl
beautiful world ! Indeed I know not what
to think of it. Sometimes it is all gladness
and sunshine, and heaven itself seems to lie
not far away. then it suddenly changes and
is dark end sotrowfu:l. and the clouds shut
out the day. In the lives of the saddest of
un there are bright days like this, when we
feel like we could take the world in our arms,
then comes the gloomy hours. when the fire
wall not burn upon our hearts and all without
and withiu is dismal and dark. Believe me,
every heart hasit secret sorrow, which the
world know not 1of and oftentimes we call a
old when he is sad.-Longfellow.
AL.AiM :s Mexico.-The Baltimore Eun
"A despatch from Washington states that
inteligence from Mexico indicates that mnu!:
alarm is felt by the government respectini
the Spanish expedition. and foreshadows sn
appiication for the protection of the Unite:l
States. Southern members of Congress, it is
adlded in the despatch. suggest the'granting'of
protection on the condition of a cession to us
of the Tehuantepec route with the circunm
jacenlt territory.
ination of Fremont does not meet the entire
aprobation of the Black Repibhlicans. All
tse old liners of that partv--sci'l for irntace
as Mr. Pennineton. of rNew .lerey; Jut'ge
Pringle and Russel Sage, of New York;
Wrashburnof Illinois, and pretty near sil of
the Pensylvania delegati.n--tthse men pre
ferrem, John MchLeon, of Ohio. Butthey wil
give a quasi support to Fremont. ints in.n
at the same time however, he cann

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