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®i114Y J. YAMS,
om.0 t'St the Court Mouse,
,33N5.s(t the $UU AR PLA TF RI
,a us..W -45 t ear, due invaritab~Iait the
taas JSabso ta; if notth: jirr-!, ,r uiririrl three·
noa eatbrfrr, five dolltartrail be riorgrd, n ii
*briptea t·llb betaken for a less terrstha .a . nix
sths: ad NpS disontlnue'i unltl arreranrsa are
Ih.ueudwq..-Advsrtieements zaot ea irdag tea.
11mw. SIlt thie Isrt. anal 5" z·ntd faa.* tcav *a
gft iaserthsm; thene of greater len: ta t i"aAatsfblr~lrt t ob
A~libetli diatnait to those whto aaivrati~. by the
Year i
TPm Ie t·bs.--Wbere a(lath of nial I'..' th~an
toau setl I . m at , w it h t h e r oa s . tl he pa p er w ill mt0s ni '
f.1stshed·triO~FcAb aiubnrralaw.i. a Ian aaldti~au
1copy to the person famishing t he list
Whersa Cub of not less than twrntr a furnihedl.
with tbeoath, the paper wall be lornatiraI at $"1 YS
ohebecriber, sad two addiitional auapies for the
geat~ Job PrinUaig.
.h AS P ceozs, BLA'JIV. C*skxn fnrun. Fr'xa
sad other Notiesoi.s eiaieutel with OS«.tliOS aua1.1
epateh lafalleasea, cash on delivrry,
Talla has long existed a public demand for an
ec.-vve purgative pill whi,"h could bt relied on as
wre and perfectly safe in its operation. This has
been prepared to meet that demand, and an eaten
live trial of its virtues has conclusively shown with
what seemass it accomplishes the purpose designed.
It is easy to make a physical pill, but not easy to
make the best of al pills--one which should have
nose of the objetos., but all the advantages, of
ewy other. This has been attempted here, and
whl what success we would respectfully submit to
tih public decision. It has been unfortunate for
the patient hitherto that almost every purgative
aediine is serimonious and irritating to the bow
es. This is nat. Many of them produce so much
pain and revulsion in the system as to more
en a tearbaaee the good to be derived from
Mag gidl produce no irritation or pain,
.. it k sat from a previously existing obstruc
)w ties or derangemeat in the bowels. Being purely
vqetable, no hasrm can arise from their use in an)
quanity; but it is better that any medicine should
e taken judkiiously. Minute directions for their
a.e in the several diseases to which they are ap
plicable are given on the box. Among the com
plaints whirk have been speedily cured by them, we
myyention Liver Complaint, i:n its various forms
7'eadice. Indigestion, Languor and Loss of Ap
eFtre, Listlessness, Irritability. Bilious Headache,
mhlio Fever, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side
and Loins; for, in truth, all these are but the con
sequence of diseased action in the liver. -As an
erient they afford prompt and sure relief in Cos
tivenems, Piles,Colic, Dysentery, Humors, Scrofula
sad Scurvy, Colds with soreness of the body, Ulcers
aad impurity of the blood, Irregularities; in short,
an and every ease where a pargative is required.
Te have also produced some singularly sue
ae res in Rheumatismn, Gout, Dropsy, 6Gravel,
&yiplas, Palpitation of the Heart, Pains in the
Iaek, stomach, and Side. They should be freely
in the sying of the year, to pur;fy the blood
ad ppmae thte system for the change of seuasons.
An oeapaioal dose stimulates the stomach and
ioeels lats healthy action, and restores the appe
Said vigor. They purify the blood, and, by their
hulaet nation on the cireulatory system, reno
ates the strength of the body, and restore the
wated or diseased energies of the whole organism.
taem an occasional dose is advantageous, even
though no serious derangement exists; but un
Iosnmary dosing should never be carried too fir,
Severy purgative medicine reduces the strmgth,
thenataken to exces. The thousand cases in which
a physic is required cannot be enumerated here, but
sugest themselves to the reason of every
;and it is confidently believed this pill will
answer a better purpose than any thing which has
hitherto been atailable to mankind. "When their
irtues are once known, the public will no longer
doubt what remedy to 'employ when in need of,
cathartic medicine. Bemin sugar-wrappied, they are
pleasat to take, and being purely vegetable, no
mn can arise from their use m any quantity.
For minute directions, see wrapper on the Box.
PrateUcal and Analytical Chemist,
hrims Cents per BOL Frie Bozes for 1.
Por the rapid Care of
Tans remedy has won for itself such notoriety
frm its cures of every variety of pulmonary disease,
that It is entirely unnecessary to recount the evi
aees of its virtues in any community where it
aubseen ec ployed. So wide is the field of its use
futte, and so numerous the cases of its cures,
that almost every section of the country abounds
in persons publicly known, who have been restored
romn alarming and even desperate diseases of the
lungs by its use. When once tried its superiority
Over every other medicine of its kind is too appa
rent to escape observation, and where its virtues are
known, the public no longer hesitate what antidote
to employ for the distressmg and dangerous affee
ioes of the pulmonary organs which are incident
to our climate. Not only in formidable attacks
upon the lungs, but for the milder varieties of
Comm, Cotvas, Honssasnms, &c.; and for Cmr.
Daax it is the pleasantest and safest medicine that
an be obtained.
As it has long been in constant use throughout
this esetion, we need not do more than assure the
Veople its quality is kept up to the best that it ever
m een, and that the genuine article is sold by
- aten Rot., IA.
Peoredures du Juri d Poic d Police d Paroisse d'Out
Baton Roea.,
' .nrfrmement a I'ajournment, Ie Juri de Police
s'asemtbta a I- Matson de Cour de cette pIarolae,
Samedi, ite 7 Octobre, 18~t. quand lea memmbres
suivanites furent presents: J. C. Wooda. Frank White,
Adain'ms hIutbrt. Belesaire Landry, James W. Pipesn
James It. P.i tll et L. CaldwelL Absent: W. W. Im.
men, W. Ii Winter, I.. Farrot et Janvier Hebert.
l. President e.ant absent, our motion de Frank
White, Mr. J. C. Woods, fut nomme President. potroem.
La reirnatrlion fut aluor presentee, et lue au Jura,
laqt:elle consiste en ee mote:
Otu' HBATO RBrot0, Sept., 22 186..
4u G(r.rer du Junr de Polic :
Monsieur.-Veuillez anihoucer an Jurl do Police que
Jo donne par la prcenote.ma demistion comme tprm
i:e du i6me arlondliement, afln qu'il ait a me hire
reumptc'ar. . ai I'tuonneur do vous taluer,
olpgne) I.. FAvanr.
Apres ta lecture e lIa sIndite demision. le Jurt
pr,' eds a tthre uon president pour finir la terme, non
tin .ar la L. ayvrot, restgne. J. C. Woods fut remnce
It elu unannmement, it n'ayait aneune opposition
Mir It Stevens envoya auunt .a resignation an Juri
comme Inspecteur de" chemino et levees ,lans et pour
Ie nixleure arrondissement, laquelle eonsiste en ces
s.Am*I PIrANTAt.au, (tser le 4 18t4.
Au President d Juri de dolicdu I'ariua)e U. B. tospe:
Q. ellu temps Ia e j'ai recn une notice de Mr.
T. |irgeiron. aprsa latquelte it m'annoneait mo ap
poittmrnt comme inlpeeteur des chemins et levees
datn et pour le tme arr.ndisiement. MatL comme it
y'a de- pertonnet que otbjetent a ce qu je J ervis. je
vous prie d'accet,ter ma resituatiotn.
Tres respectunement. (signe) B. irtmrre.
Sur mottion fut nomme en ea place.
l.'el.ction des directeurs des Ecoles dans le 5me
Distrnct n'ayant pay en lien.
Ce fut Resolr . que t M. R. IDevall, Chareles Smith
et B. W. ('lark, suit appointes, passe.
la re:tnlhtion auivantt fit alors presente et passe:
li el uRestau Clue l'Avrcat de paroinse wit. et it eut
parles presento autorin. de paver des revenues du
Treor la nimme de trente piastres at quatre vingt
sou.t$dt.ijC) p.ur let frai a grffier du a Manuel
Moreon, dans le proes dtu Juri de PohIee d'Otteot
e ln Rouge s. J 1'. . ichel, institur dan.la paroisse
4 l.t Raton Rouge. *
Q) u'l sit dt plus Resole: Que le Tresrier de par
oisse pale tc comme dti quatre piastrte et cinquante
I usn (SIt.I frain de Shersf. du a It. V. Babin d.ns
le itme proves.
Rapport due Comite de Finance:-Le comite de 8
nance, ayant examine les eitmpte, que leurs ont pre.
Ssentes, tee t.ouvent corrects. et en recommendiat le
' ,. W Pope. Sherif.................... $12 00
SIt. Hebert. J. P. tme Arron't .............. 5s 00
O- Bernard Recorder................... 10 00
SIt. Stevens Itnspeeteur de t' & Lbme Arrotn 26 00
E. BLourg, Coroner. I inquete.... .......... 25 00
Adamis Hebert et Frank White, cemte.
Sur motion de Adtmir Hebert,le commite appointe
a la deraier sention du Jtri pour examiner lerchange
mens et reparations de la maison de ri. Enders dern
ternment achete par la parossse pour en fire une
maison de cour, fat decharge de son detvotr.
Aa Jrt de Pelet de la pureisee Oust Baton Reuge: I
Lr petition de 1adame Tracas. montre qu'elle eat
dans le beaoin. qa'elle eat vielle at in8frme. C"eit
pourquul oll prie qu'elle sofit altouae ne annuite do
tresor de parolsie pour soe support.
(sisne) Edwards & Barrow, Avoclts pour plaintive
A siordt petition fit rejete et refuse.
Le Greer do Jul, est ordonne de notifler chigqu
membre de toute le assemblees du Joelr de Police et
d'imposer un amende de dt pastries tr cbaeqae
umembre absiet, 'il o'a des raitOns suo nhate.
t 1l m parasealt plus d'aftfars le Juri s'ajeura$
ja'qua Lnnde iLe 27 Otobre, 19C6.
T. B.rituatu, Cerk. J. C. Wooot, Praidat,
i Pursuant to adjournment, the Police Jury of th
Safiiresaid parish, met at the Court House hereof. on
Mlonita. October 27, A. ID- lt6Cr-when the f.llowiug
' member. answered to the call-Frank While, Adamis
leIHibert, Djesaire Landrry, James C. Woods. J. W
Piles, Lafayette Caldwelh, W. W. Lemmon, J. R. De
Svtll. and W. D. Winter.
s On motion of W. D. Witer, all the absent mem
a bere of the peevous session were excused.
t then came Mr. H. Bergeron, who presented his
I credentials as a member elect to this body, from the
first ward.
On motion a committee was appointed to examine
said credential, consisting of Mesrs. Belisaire Lan
dry and W. W. Lemmon. said committee reported him
Sduly elected, and Mr Bergeron was admitted and
Ssworn as a member of this Jury.
S The etection not having taken place In the 6th
5. ward. so prayed for, a new election was ordered for
. :he 1ith of November.
g. The Jury then proceeded to the examination of the
different propsals, for the repairing of the House late
vly purchaed from Dr. Eaders, by the parish, for a
Court Huse--and after carefully examining the pro
posals and plans submitted to the Jury-motion was
L made to accept Mr. Camern's. It was objected by
a Mr. Caldwell, on which the yeas and nays were called
t- for, as follows:-Yeas-Frank White. J. W. Pipes,
r, James I. Devall, W. W. Lemmon, W. D. Winter. H.
t, Bergeron.-yeas 6. Nays-Belizaire Landry, Adamis
SHIebert. Lafayette Caldwell-nays 3. passed
t A committee of three was then appointed to exam
ine and superintend the Work as done by Mr. Came
ron-and to see that half said work be done by the
a payment of the first instalment, and to receive same
if proper-said committee consists of Messrn. Bele
satre Landry, W. D. Winter and James R. Devall.
x On motion of W. D. Winter, the former estimate of
the Parish Taxes, as made by the committes appoint
ed to that effect, was rejected and a new one ordered
o to be made, as published in tbhe parih printing.
the petition of James F. Blackman. sole heir of
Collins Blackman, and owner of the tract of land
known as the 'Blockman'sTract,' situated in the par.
ish of West Baton Rouge, and for which the afore
said parish has instituteda suit for work done on said
tract of land in road and levee, and for which no
benefit has as yet been derived-petitioner prays that
said suit be dismissed on condition of petitioner giv
ing the title of said lands to the parish-and more
over F.etitioner prays that lhe be allowed i, cut wood
thereon, and also on another tract beloiging to tue
parish and adjoining the aforesaid, for which petition
er agrees to pay b0 cents for every cord cut thereon.
Motion was made to adopt aforesaid petition, and it
Pnrol, That said Blackman gives coafession of
Judgment in favor of the parish, of the title of said
land In the suit now peuding between petitioner and
parish aforesard.
The Parish Attorney is hereby authorized to attend
to this matter.
There beng no more business, the Jury adjourned
till Monday, Dec. lot, 16o6.
A true copy. J. C. Woos, President.
H. Basoesor. Clerk.
West Baton Rouge, Nov. 8th, 1865.
5 Cohformement a 'sjourneumnt, le Juri de Police de
1. cotte parolsse. s'assembla e la mai.on de tour, Lundi,
it :e 27 Octobre. 1566, quand lee membres suivantes fu
) rent present: Frank White, Adamis Hebert, Beleraitr
a, Landry. J. W. Pipes, L. Caldwell, W W Lemmon. W
it It Winter, J R Deval et J C Woods. Absent: Janvier
a Hebert, Louis Favrot.
Sur motion de W D Winter. tons le membres absent
aus seances precedents furent excuses. Alors vint
Mr. Hilaire Bergeron. que presents son certificat d'el
' ction comme membre elu, au Juri de Police, du pre
mier arrondissemeit. Sur motion. un comite consis
Stant de Messieurs landry, et Lemmon. fult appointe
po r examiner le dit certeifcat d'election, lequel
it certificat parut 'onforme a Ia loi, Mr. Be.garou fut
a done admis et assermente comme membre du dit Jori.
f L'election n'ayant pas eu leu dans la sixieme at+
. rondissement, aIn d'elire un membre en place de L.
it Favrot resigns, one nouvetlle election fut .ordonne
pour le 16 du mols courant.
it Le Jori pass a ors a I'examination des differentes
offres pour Ia reparation de la maison du Dr. Enders,
iserniermeotachetae tar la paroisae, pour en faire un
Maison de Coer-st spres avoir examiner lea ogres at
Splans sonoanes an Jun, un motion fut taite d'seeepter
.elle de. r.Cameron, comme etantle meilienr: it fut
objeete par ]r. C..dweii, .or qlO sea oui et les non
freit ap.tiaa0mw suit: iol--Whitel, Pipe, Deval,
Laestt , Winter at BergP os, sis. ?eN: Ladry
Mbert el Caldwe4, trois, noc-.pese.
U.;n comite to trois lut alor, appoiltn pour exas. e
et surveiller i'nuvrage faite par Mr. Cameron, ld
, voir quoe Ia moitie de la die outvrage s ,it fait, qn
leo premier terme echtna, et de recevoir la diteou tgr
Ssi dans leur jugement it le croix ýut.itsot, etc. dit
comnite consisle dr 61M. landry. Winter at Pevall .
Sur motion de W. 1). Winter. l'etimati.on dles tx zi
de paroi.s ae aite tar to cuntite nun me a cot -t lat
: saiun du Alout ternier, fut lejeter, et ane nO o lie
oruonlne .etre faite.
l.a petition de James BRlakman. spul hertlier do
,k lithns Blackman. proprie'nire d'un morceau do terre
con0u oaus le noom de " ilackmtan Tract " oite dans
cette paroisse. et pour Iequel, la parIsse nusdite a
inttitue an procp I our ouvragte faste our ce lit mer
Scan do terra, ett clnuns et Ilores. et auquel tucun
rl anetsr n'rst restll . PetitioL naire prie qua let it
e piroces uilt dermi a condition que petitsunaire donne.
lea titres de la dite terre a ia Iaroi.e.. Et de plu*:
1 petitionasre prie qu'il lutl sut promis de couperlu
boiu la-deasus, ainai que our une autre morel-au, ap
partenant a It parl, tr..e t joignant erlu.-i pairlequei !
baix. pet tionaire vent pa tr 50 cent.- i-our chaque oard
qu'it cupera. tMotion fut faite d accepter la petitionl
, rat d1t, pour, u que le dit Blackman donne confe.asion
e jugenment so favrer de La partls.e, des tatre. et
droits de la tite terrae lans et proces nmoatntennt ex
satant entre pet:tionaire et Ia paroisac suadit.
t L'Avocat de paroiase eat par le. presents autorine
s de voir a cet affair. i&. Et n'alant plus rica a f(ire,
ie Jurl s'ajourna juqlu'a Lundi, Decembrelet leorl 0l'
Pour coict conforme: J. C. Woo-cl,
STheo'dore Bergeron. I;r*.fr. President.
dekii n of October 27th ltI.
t Estimat* et Parish Ta.eafor the ensuing year.
The eommitteeappoiloted to make a new esti:.te of
the Parts Taxes for the ensuing year, report as fotll.w.:
laapectors of Roada and Leree ............$ 3100 0
Coroners and Justices of the Peace........ O. 00
to Parish Printer.......................... . blOt (0'
Parish Attorney .......................... 00
h Clark of Polies Jury ...................... 200 10
aasiona " ........ ........... 00
Diltract Court...... ..... .......... 9t00 00
Clerk, 3theriff and Recorder ................ 400 (0)
at 4aseaor................................ 100 00
u ('riminal Proceedings.............................. 250 00
rt Caual xpens ....................... 1000 0
l Appropriation. to t'laquemine Cut off..... 50) 00
't ommisioners of Electins ............... 177 00,
' First note to itnt. Enders on Court House
a d interest. ............................ 210 00
Repairs of Enlers' House as per contract *
with A. W. Cameron ................... 4531 00
Total ........... ... .............$12,468 00
W I). Winter, '
.h.ele.sire Hebert, " Committee
e Jas. C. Woods,
0 Senion du October 27 1686.
o I'rita atio de: . axes;tor I'a=tlt ulvmnt
Sle comite appints pour faires estimation des taxes
0 de parvinoe pour laurae suitante, rapporte commau
: Infpeoteurn des Chemine et LeI~ers........ 300 00
SCoroner et Juge de 'Pas...... ........... 600 00
Imprmeur de Paroisae ......... ...... . 500 00
r Avocat de Parol 16............... 0 00
SGrefeter du Juri e Ptolice ................ 200 00
r esion du Juri de Police ................. u..n On
at Cour de ttistrict........................... 90 0 00
1t Greiner. hleriff et tecorder ............ 400 oO
S As or .......... .................. 100 00
Procedurea Criminlles... ............... 00
SDepenue Caauallet. .... ........... . 10tl0 00
Appropriation a ancourcl de Plaqurmio e... 5a00 0
C Co.nmmslaires d'laetion ......... .. 677 00
[ Premier biloet du an Dr. F.nders pour la Mai
Sson de Coa et tle iateret la-desus........ 2160 000
Ppter 1te reparations de la mation d'Enders
Sematttaes vet A. W. Cameron......... ... 4531 0''
T al.... ................... ......... 4$12,466 W0
W. TI. Winter.
lelesaire aniryr. - Comite.
..o.. Wo-l. . 1
SOCIAL STA l sTcs.-T-hirteeiI nmrried
I gentlemen, who, witlin the la-t week or
* so. have been convicted of having stnok
ede in their on dining roons, have been
severally fined a new Ibonet, and. in de
i fault, have been conuitted to the hard
IaboI of taking out their wives for an
iafiternooi,s shopping.
There are livinu in a Cheltenham
a boarding house, three maiden laidlies,
who are known to have resided there for
nearly thirty years, yet whose united
age-, as priAetely confessed in recent
conversation, amount to only fi'ty six.
a No fewer than three cases have oc
curred of young ladies awho have been to
J races having paid their bets.
Out of a hIndredl bonnet, that were
sold last week at Brighton, it has beetn
ascertained that more than ninety wee
supplied to ladies who had gone in just
e to choose a bit of ribbon.
e In a lodging house at Ramsgate, late
ly, half a quarter of a lamb, Iresty near
' Iv two-thirds of a twenty pound ham,
two packages of choconlate, a pot of
r Dundee marmalade, the remains of a
large pigeon pie which had one slice cut
out of it, a case full of Manillas, thirteen
lumps of sugar, half a cau*ter of coffee.
t and almost the whole of a bottle of
French brandy were discovered (by the
landlady) to have been consumed by the
Out of 11,000 English cabmen, it has
been discovered that no less that three
Ihave been induced to take the'pledge.
d Punch.
d "I know a great ov.r-grown. first-rate
d man in tllis place, writes a correspon
dent, engaged in the mercantile business,
who is munch troubled to recollect names,
and who, one morning, with rencil in
hand, and quill behind his oar, called
e ut to his partner, `Billy, what is John
Supplebeam's first namet' And he
never discovered his mistake till he be
r gan to write it, when lie forgot the last
t name; and with the same unconscious
ness, sang out; 'Excuse me Billy, but I
have forgot John Sopplebeam's last
name now !' The roar of laughter which
I ensued, restored his mtimorv.
a: r A Yankee being asked by a
Ru-ssian, the boundary of his country,
said it was bounded on the North by
the Aurora saarealis, and on the South
by tihe day of juihirment.
lr ' The French steatntmsip Lyoenais
eft Ne'w York on Saturday last for
l, avre, with forty-two passeigers, and
. *41O$O in specie
A.N OssIlFI.. M^AN.-In a quiet little
vd illaget n the Western Reserve. in Oiio,
says the Prescott Transcript, there lives
a man who, physiologically considered,
ig certainly one of the wonders of the
1s world. isl joints sae completely ossi
. fled, turned to bone, and he is not capa
ble of making the slightest movement,
except alternately opening and shutting
two fingers of his right band. His body
it is as rigid as iron, and it couldn't be
bent without breaking some of his bones.
This singular process of ossification has
been going on in his system for more
than twenty years, le is now about 46
years old. and has not had the use of
his limbs so that he could walk since he
was nineteen. Ossification commenced
first in his aikle joints, gradually extend
ing itself through his system until he
was entirely helpless ; ince that time
lie has been aholly under his mother's
r. care, and lshe watches over him with an
anxiety only a mothet can feel. When
ailhout 26 '.ears old lie became entirely
0iblind froii smine unknown cause, and
hiis remained so ever since. At about
S3(0 he 'itiered greatly from toothache,
o and finally had themn all extracted. A
1 l rear or two afterwards his finger and toe
0 nails came off, and were supplied by
, others grwing out from hi~ finiers and
0a toes at right angles and present.ng, the
o ! appearance of hiornis. \VWhat is still Imore
i singular in regard to his nails. !f the end
of the rail is cut off it will bleed freely.
o Such is the condition of this remarkabie
man at !l:e present time. lie has been
visited by a great number of scientific
men from all parts of the world, but all
t have filecd to give any plausible reason
iof the cause of his tran,sforamation from
flesh to lone. Sin.unlar as it may ap
Spear. although his jaw bone is firmly set
o in his head, lie not only talks freely, but
fluently converses with his friends and
r, thse 's bho visit him. on all ordinary .op
u" ie of tlie day, and ihe shows himself well
einf*,rned, and of good mil,'. He is a|
wn- aysv cheerfu:, appears contented and
Si:!,I,iy, and it seems proballe that he
w ll live many years t' come.
A LirrTTLE lo's PRAYER.--A little
I.boy after saying nightly the prayers
which had been taught him, was quite
-ti-narcious of what he called praying his
own way. lie had a large number of
brothers and sisters, whose needs and
peculiarities lie soiiietimes made the sub
ject of his petitions. On one oreasion,
at commencing this exercise, he was
overcome with sleep. Wrestling with
his stupor, ihe said :
"Oh, Lord bless Elizabeth, and make
her better than she is.'
His head fell back on his pillow, but
:soon rousing, he murmured, drowsily,
"Bless Henry, too." It was is vain ; the
tongue refused its office-so he added,
indistinctly :
"Oh, Lord, I can't, there are many of
'em." and he sank into the deep slumber
of childhood.
At another time, while conducting
this exercise in a somewhat more wake
ful manner, he said :
"Lord, please to bless father, and give
him a new heart. Be so kind to bless
Mar', my little sister, and give her a new
heart. Oh, Lord, bless mother, but you
need not give her a new heart, for she
could not have any better one than she's
got. and I don't see how she'd go to
work to be any better woman than she is
gyman in a country church had been,
in the course of his sermon, expounding
on the nature of miracles. No sooner
had the sermot, ended than one of his l
congregation, a bluff farmer, approached
him, and began to thank him for much
that he had learned in attending to his
discourse; but hoped that his reverence
would pardon his asking for some fur
t- her elucidation of the meaning of a mi
racle, nothing that he had then heard
having tended to enlighten his ignorance
of the nature of such an occurrence.-
The divine immediately assented, re
questing the farmer to wait in the porch
SLill the congregation had di-persed. In
the porch, accordingly, did Giles station
t himself, happy in the hope of the solu
tion of such a mystery, and was sedu
I lously watching the departure of the !ast
1 loiterers in the churchyard, when he was
b literally "taken aback" by a tremendous
salute in tho rear fr*,m the well directed
and vigorously applied boot of the pastor,
whio, in reply to the mingled expressions
of pain and wonder which burst from
his disciple, mildly inquired, "Whether
what he had then received causd any
pain I" "It hurt me most confoundedly,"
s rejoined the farmer. "Then," said the
cr lergyman, in the most significant man
d ner, "all I can tell you is, that it woeid
bare teen a miracle if it had not."
e 'THE WAY OF THE Vb'tLD.--'lhe
i, Home Journal gives the following free it
s translation of a suggestive passage from v
I, "Les Femmes," a recently published ci
e work of Alphonse KIarr. It contains a I
- world of wisdom, if the reader's philos- a
ophy can but find it out: tl
I called the other day upon a pretty "
woman, whom I found in a state melan- ii
cholly. "I feel quite sad." she said : "I tl
had been reading some fairy tales yes- ir
terday, and I dreamt, all last night, of at
a those delightful godmothers who over- w
w wheln you with precious gifts-such as w
3 Prince Lutin's cap of roses, which -made
f him invisible; Prince Loulon's ring, L
which made him so charming that oa
I woman could resist him; and I awoke '
discouraged to find myself once more h
s fallen into the prose of actual life." "I g
see," was my reply, "you have not your w
eyes sufficiently about you. The prodi- to
1 gies you speak of are constantly being a
t reproduced in our own time. You have
onlyo tell the people who come to see o1
1 you, that you are neice, cousin or god- ol
t daughter to a man in high office, and w
, .o will soon see how much beauty and el
wit the discovery will add to the stock ni
of those gifts you already possess-you ki
will ste how much admiration and flat FI
terv will be lavished upon you. And, e&
unlike the girls in the ;airy tales, you
will ave no occasion to be really the at
gd-daughter-to say that you are, will
be sufficient. I- know a man who is a g<
brute and a clown by birth and educa
tion, clumsily made, and as great a fool hi
as it is possible to be. Well, when this
fellow puts on his finger a certain ring ta
i decorated with a large pebble, of the
species they call diamond, he becomes
- witty, well bred, handsome, and an ainu
c sing companion-at least, people regard it
him as such. Whenever 1 wish to make t
I mysclf invisible, I have a certain old hat, cil
rusty and napless, which I put on as of
Prince Lutin put on his cap of roses.- te
To this I add a certain seedy paletot. p
I Lo, and behold ! I become immediately rn
invisible. Not a being in the town sees, to
mecogoizes or speaks to me." co
d1 n
eOogonlzes or speaks tLo me.'
le vengeance of the allied powers demanded
ra son victims, and the intrepid Ney,
e who had well nigh put the crown again
i on Bonaparte's head at Waterloo, was to
f be one of them. Condemned to be shot,
lhe was led to the garden of Luxemburg,
" on the morning of the 7th of December,
and placed in front of a file of soldiers,
º drawn utro kill him. One of the offi
Icers stepped up to bandage his eyes, but
he repulsed him, saying:
:e "Are you ignorant that for twentyfive
years I have been accustomed to face
't both ball and bullet ?"
7, He then lifted his hat above his head
e and with the same calm voice that had
1 steadied his columns so frequently in
the roar and tumult of battle, said :
"f I declare before God and man that I
:r never betrayed my country.: May m.
death render her haopy. Viv eaFranceP'
g He then turned to the soldiers, and
striking his hand on his heart, gave the
order, ''Soldiers, fire !"
'e A simultaneous discharge followed.
15 and the "bravest of the brave" sank to
rise no more. "He who had fought five
u hundred battles for France, not one
e against her, was shot as a traitor !"
' As I looked on the spot where he fell,
SI could not but sigh over his fate. True,
is he broke his oath of allegiance; so did
others, carried away by their attachment
to Napoleon, and the enthusiasm that
r- hailed his approach to Paris. Still he
was no traitor.
Kr AKr o Down A HATCHWAY.-One
is day, when the flag ship of an American
d Commodore was lying in the bay of Na
h ples, she was honored by the King
is and rovya family, with suite, who came
:e in gilded barges and the full parade cf
r- royalty. The ship was dressed from
i- deck to truck in holliday attire; side
d boys were mustered at the ropes, the ma
:e rines presented arms, the guns thunder
- ed forth a royal salute, and the C(nmmo
- dore welcomed his guests to the quarter
h deck with the politeness befitting an of.
n fieer of rank.
in One of the suite, a spindle-shanked
a- and gaudily attired Neapolitan, strayed
u- away from the party, and, cruising about
st midships,%spied a windsail, an object lihe
as had never seen before. As it was fully
us expanded by the air, he took it for a pil
id lar, ant folding his arms, leaned against
ir, it, when it vielded to his weight. and he
as disappeared below, heels over head, with
nma velocity that was actually marvellous,
er as was his escape from injury. The mis'
Iy hap Chanced to have only one witness.
" This was a veteran tar, who, approaching
Ie the quarter deck and touching his hat,
n, respectfully: ' I beg pardon, Commo
d (lore, but one of them are K.mr has fal.
len down the hatchcay ?"
A UCii iuirsa& UcitJL o A w. - A#a~, auIo
in the smart village of Cincinnati tlhre
Svegetates a certain hoteb keeper, who, for
I cuteinehs, is "some," y6 u may depend.
Having frequently been imposed upon
while ru.plving his bountiful larder with
the nrticle or geese, by the wide awake
"Buckeye" hucksters, he detmed it high
time to try if cheating Hasn't a game
that two could play at. So one morn
ing, bright and early, lie presented him
self before one of the numerous farmers'
wagons surrounding the market squares,
with a--"I s-s-say, friend, g-g-got any
geese." (The poor fellow has got Chas.
Lamb's defect of speech.)
"Yes, fine lot - ."
-;ww/d, I've g-g-got up at my
b-b- I firedest set of bovs for
g-g-geese you id see, and I
want to h-head 'em o with some
tough ones-c-can't you p-pick me out .
a few old h-he fellers."
"Well, I don't know but I mfght find
one or two," and so turning over his pile
of poultry, he collects on one side of his
wagon some eight or ten geese, which
claim to the title of "old he fellers"
needed no corroborative proof of "Noot
ka Sound Convention," or "Treaty of
Florida," but might justly be pronounc
ed clear and unquestionable.
"Mine host" eyed the progress of sep
aration with evident satisfaction.
"Are those all the t-tough ones you've
got ?"
"Yes, sir, and I vow I didn't know I
had so many,"
'Well," was the reply, "I g-guess I'll
take the other lot !"
---- I--t
"LIvyINo " IN NEW YoRK.-in addi
Lion to the ordinary resident population,
it is estimated that there are urually
twenty-five thousand sojourners in the
city of New Yook, the larger proportion
ofawhom are lod.ed at the various ho
tels. The character and extent of the
peevisions consumed at the more luxu
rious of these may be judged from the
otllowing'exhibit of the amount of food
consumed in a single day at the Saint
NIcholas Hotel:
2501bs roasting beef. 1.5 bushels peas
150 lbs cornal beef. 8 dozen asparagus
180 lbs veal. 2 bbls spinach
300 mutton. 5 boxes tomatoes
12 calf's he.!a 15 dozen lettuce
2 lambs I bushel carrots
60 lbs fresh pork 2 bushels onions
30 lbs bacon 1 bushel beets
150 lbs hams 2 dozen parsley
12 beef tongues 3 dozen mint
100 pairs lambs fries 4 dozen radishes
12 doz sweet breads
Poultry. Fi1t.
12 turkies 60 lbs salmon
25 pairs fowls i 3 dozen shad
75 pairs young fowls 100 lbs panfish
4 geese 100 1bs lobsters
6 pairs ducks 10 lbs smk'd salmon
12 dozen pigeons 12 lbs salt mackteral
10 dozen small birds 10 eels.
2000 eggs Ot.t'.
100 lbs butter 5000 se
Yegetables. 1000 fryin.
4 bbls potatoes 300 pickles.
2 bbl new potatoet 10060schet
To supply the tables of these hotels,
as well as those of the more opulent of
of the citizens, eart quarter of the con
tinent is laid under contribution. It is
by no means uneammon to see at the
same table delicious codfish and salmon
from the extrmne Northi; canvas-back
ducks and terrapins from the Chesapeake
Bay; wild grouse from the far west, and
tropical fruits from the more Southern
latitudes. We have also agencies for
the sale of the Perigard preserves, the
celebrated pates defoi gras of Strasburg,
Westhpalia hbrms, truffles, and other Eu
ropean delicacies, and there is scareely
a celebrated wine in Europe which has
not an agent here, who receives his
shipments directly from the vintage.-
New York Post.
'ertisement in an Irish paper, lately, set
ting forth the many convuniencies and
,advantages to be derived from metal win
dow sashes, among other particulars ob
serqed, "that these sashes would last
forever, and afterwards, if the owner had
ny use for them, they might be sold for
old iron."
has said of those who die yours, that
they are like the lambs whichk Al-
pine shepherds bear in theitr~ý to
higher, greener pastures, that IO
may follow.
tI Some wag took a drunken fel
low, placed him in a coffin with the lid
left so that he could raise it. placed him
in a grave-yard, and waited to see the
effect. After a short time the fumes »f
the liquor left him, and his positiun be
ing rather coufiued. he sat upright, and
-after looking around exclaimed, *'Well,
I'm the fisat that' ris or a:lc I'T c
fuundedly belated jf

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