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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, January 28, 1860, Image 1

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omea Meet the V.11ry Lesidg,
Ils optItoeS l €year det tithvriably at the
.imed subserab bing ; if 6t title paid, or within
S.lreesoaths the tlve d°ohr will be cat-ged.
No sabscription' will be takes tor' le. ternd than
AI mouths ; nopapet discontinued until arrearages
Sre paid.
-una o CIem--.Where a ehk of not less than
.teasiues is sent, with the desaL the paper wial be
fluished at 52 50 eidh snmedftr and a ain i
'i.,al copy to the person fttlizttah the list.
ae a Club st not leI tb twtIy it fsrnished
With the eash, the paper ill be fr.taed at $2 225
beach subscriber, and t idditktosl .opies ftr the
A drim ..--Advertiseit.elttsa ntektbedift eight
Uses. $1 forthes rat, and $0 thtis fob every shbse
.quet insertion ; those Of gititer Iltgth ii ptbpor
tie. A liberal discount t tthose uth adrvltt e by
the year.
In all ases we reserte ti obrttlf the fi~ht of
excluding eay advertisement We Slay think proper;
stbenlg understood that our kdVertising rats hover
.ip seel as we thrmn proper to iisett:
bash mn 'PaU3Ils, BuLsa, Cas1bl, BRoie s Ft'iy AL,
aedieterNotiees. eected with neatness and des.
patch. In all ases, cash on delirvery.
ssp ft',9t
A.tto ey art ra .wr,
"D. MARSEALL.POPE offers his ProfeT
sweal services to the cit:seas of West Baton
I.buge. Orce at 8. R. Chine's. Esq.
ept. 17th, 1869.
py 14th'S9tt
... E O . LANLA.
0 . chartrssl*rrst.
e Ar+ sartlese tohe people
" Dealei.r
v e tta aFrr Lndn o l to .
It Ith-tfifu
nt w o iJEWEL
ost and Wape
.AS --.
$7Kr o11 srasa,
Orrearr PIPES & Br. DPORD s.
GLAZING, GRAINiýG, Gildnlg, larlin fand Paper
Gliaglnt eaetly executed. Partisniar attention
Wid o Plai and rFaSy
mitatleng of wnod and atone OIjisbtdo the best
erPlateresatn LnokLig Glasses made to eraer.
Orders hi Plantation worksolicited.o.
4az0l$b a Wiliaw L ogcLe
(tidedasers to Edwar B r.l,]
s ***....t ' " .llE o,
tP astantly en band alaee and well selected
sad pare ch emlcas. c
Palate, Oils, Dye-Staffs,
Glaswase, Patent Medtinaes
ellet Artieles, Pereissee y, oei tal
Wines and Liquore, Chewing and
Siaking Tobaeeo, Havanna Cigars.
;iatches, Gardea Seeds, Flaid Lamps,
ame. .Mels1,eoler, Ct1ere, t 'e.: etc.
A.r eof whech will lts sad astreasonable pnces.
Wee as oall attbhe old standon L4fayette St
Aumae nt slatedAletiandeoso ntstew,
.t.. ................. I . smeo ro.sL n
1Uiidwýa aLii fbet seds. rosarle,
Bata' elge, La.
ThtA4R1AltVITCE their profesria in the per
ltes of East and Wbbt ittoae age, Iberville Pant
Ceapie, East and West Felic.a, taeSiprem rCourt I1
of Lotslllas and the UnsteitSates Circuit Courts P
at N9w oreaaspe. oct22 D
Sata Rhuge, La
RTIy Dentres aind4rtd in the meet appro
red isy e, sad' warr sttdd or as
eand 'alrSy pethbrmnd itrietty deerdrngto
"l ; all the saihable modersn improvementsa ad
pted, aeov26'9
Mas f etww cf alU kinds of work in
'` s aTrc
O...satit of Tin
41P sand rpoets pet up at a short notice
Orders Inoga.t.Mte ...de4 primptly at
some a.a w.. a .. .. s. arv.su
Atteim s esusellrsat Law4
4 I Wll· I ts the ftar
Improved Gaslight Apparatus.
H BIE undersigned respectfully catls th .ttle~ilbn
,s o Elrterr skidtbb public generally tb his Gas
Light Allpiasths ht its establlshed ecbniany
Sand asltpat.yes over any other kind of lI ght, fortb_
lie Btilidi4I. Private ResideneP e, Sttar iHol
is ete., it Las abundant courl'. ae and salistfe
tu-y tertamonials. wibre his Cils Light Apparatus is
Sin operation! tnht there is a uih:t r of 71 per tent.
in money, bqszdes all the labor that 6hs nirtstrilv
e estoweda QoOil Lamps or any othrtt kind of uiruid
now in use. The Capitolat Baton Rou e is nos lit
t up by one of hny
I Mt aeeed
of which I hve the tltstithonials of Gor. R. C. Wrc-
LITrS, and of ltbors. Bl"Lisl( hLiJgS, Sergeant at
Arms of the ,mate, and J. H. Pa..UI, iSergeant-at
Arms of the louse, whbt s'a
"Y Your LImproved ,as Light Apparatus' as ap.
plied to the hate lDos iat is admirable In aell its ar
rangements, and all that eould be desired."
I have also the testimonials bf Dr. Jlar rimomxs,
of East Baton Roage and W. W. Pron. of Assump
tion. who have tdy app.ratus attached to their so
gar housas, which I *duld Iske sugar planters to ex
nov2t'59 D R. TIGIIE.
lPAddressallletters tti D. . Tighe, Baton Rouge,
La., and they will meet with promt attention.
nWe Liery lllbtle.
C ASTLE& KBAN, having pnrthased the abl known
Stables on Third street, foriderly owned by Rob
ert Beal, beg leave to Inf:ritB the pnbl c gesibrally,
that as soon as practicable, they insted to fit upi
their establishment in a .lantfli thit th m9 stifptssed
by any other Livery etilJte ii tli kPsI.. ;Tlhe will
have a new supply of4artiages Btgggikb. an other
rehicles, as Nell as Carragl,, limgh, and ýsddle Hor.
s--in fact every asec mumoditlof for triavblbri. plea
Sure parties, and others, can Ife hiL at ft'ashbable and
atisfactory rates RH.'R? A. CLE,
Having sold to Messrs. Castle & Kean the Livery
table on Third street, known as "Beal's Livery
-table." I taki this method of reeommending my
-necessors to my patrons and the travelling eomma
,ity, belevingrthat they will giye full satisfaction ti
all their customer.
Baton Rouge, La., April 28, 1859.
Cooperagel Coope m.gell
TUHE UNDERSIGN€D, having loeated at the Ferry I
1 Landing 9. this parish, is ow fully, preparedlo
urnish planters and others with HOGHIADS, BAR
RELS and HAIt BARRELS, which hefltly guamn.
tees in every prtieular.
,ý ALL orders received and promptly
A s.kre of ptroage issespect. l
W l fl.tq.od . the Collection of lll ots, D.Deaf, f
ae.out:, *Vhrtc may be givea to li for eol- 1
o ot pas. isp .apus ,i
: eet Ofef, Baton Rouge. I1
>~Rw tIE iNiS.-s have new om as ndt
J awºerylarge knd-elegantitoek ofGILT MOULD
INGS,; frpm .ano to sti lncleis in width, and can cut
petirs or Toiiking-glass frames to order. Shop on
Main street,- Jppbite the ;eStir Of lhmrs.:lipr& k
snoa27tf CHARLE.S (. WIt. ON.
• ' - ' , = . m m ." . .
JTILL FS9r 1ET in afaitllfd.ead workmanlike man
er, elif contracts Air'bufIlagt or other work in
is line. whi.a aesy be eonadedlto;hin.
Orders a"' *s-.1 'e him brough the Posioace nil
meet with prompt altea*+'n.
_To Archit .el, a Iders. C tgonrs, Planters
amd etast
TrHE UL'DERSIGN . would respectfully inform
Builders, ltI ters and the est a iityat large.
that he is now fully prepared ta)mnusaetureby steam
power, it short aotiresad mcdedate pItes, Oval, Gothic
or Beviled Window sash, all kinds of ~.dl and Sashab
I)oors, either fixed or revolting Doot and Window
Blinds, Dfoor and Window Frames, Base, Moulding, &c.
laoinig, Tongueing and Grooving, turning of every
Plank dressed to order of any width unaer two f.et,
and of any thickness under three inches. Timbers
Iressed perfectly true, of any length under thirty-five
feet long and twenty inches square
IpAll orders addressed to me th.-.ugh the PosS
o lIs, or S. M. Hart & Co., fa Boti Bouge, wil meet
with prompt attention.
jan J. W. BROW"
Steward's Caoktig, Utoes I
STEWJRD'IPSIqag oven, ir tight summer and win
ter cookingstorves, improved in 1i59 The most
complete stove of the age-coseomes less fuel, and
at the same time has all the coaveniencies imagina
ble belonging to the culinary department. We have
them of assorted sises, and will sell them at New
Orleans prices-expenses of transportation added.
Call and examine. "
Agent for the above.
sept. Iy. Corner Yaf. and Florida street
saxTh JUsICIAL Disranr.
In matter of the Sccession of Joachim Daigle
deceased. No 531.
BDY VIRTUE of a Commission directed to the Sheriff
: of the Parih and State aforesaid, from the.afore
seesirionetd'ITtrict Court.;it matter of the abdve sue
cesiio, of date the 6th day of Jdhuar , 14O0, will bhe
'offered for sale :at public auction, o the-Last and
hirhest bidder, on the preries in thisps rish, ou
Thursday, 10th day of February,
1860. at 11 o'clock, A. X., the hereinafter described
pr6perty. belonging to' the succesion of Joachim
Daigle, deceased. to-wit:
1st. A oaptai tract of land astuated ia this parish
it forty arpeat t.ra.. te ri...i M.iro..ip, .b-.s..,.
the deceased resided, cultivated and established as a
- pgar lmantion, measaring-4%, arpeant, front to a
politc road, with tbhedepth theretob hlelaing be
tween paralll Inees. bounded above by oads of John
Baptiftb IaBauve, and belbw by those of Raphael
hlebeýt1 with all the' bailsigsg and li.provbments
'heeaseý ' -
S.2d. .!Wter traclof land alsoesituated in this par
ish, me ring three (3) arpets, front with the depth i
tberein belonging, contaI'n abopt thirty-nlne (39)
saperieiM arpent, benderL above by tads of B.
tefrjnma, below by Mehlsoeavlib. in Troet by lots
now, or la.tJ belASging to Marin'..Ulaehard sal
widow Taylor.,and in )ie ear by aadoefJ. B. LaBa
diole- with the im .rovementy thereon.'
3ad had aJnothbert..ltbfland also iftisated in this
parish tiEiglity;slx arpdatsrom the rivve, 'cotain
inagiohsndp e a.d sixtyJ-pspertliial areo, more or
lesS, bou.pded above by ands o T. W Bird, and below
by tHem ofsiplael Hebett,' With'the improvements
theren. ' '
Moreover the foltowiginasmed a4d described slaves
on aadattaohp on Abe ' qtatiou aoboe described,
L .Save. owo man aged 59 yea
S"Pu , Ram, " 44 * 4l
4-o.Jr.. ,,. u a .,n
I. ,sevid ," 3 1 " 't t
SHe.ry, " " " r.36,. . .
7. George, " . 8" s11 " (..rpeiter.)
* Joh,, i '" " " I2 (Olaekskaltb) t
10. Jean, " isi. : $7 Wp'd ae hand d
:Ediuamd. "' lu '
14s 3aseets, gerpqusa s 44 gearsd
Iý,, 'M~.ýe~wý1s~p Iw m I
2. lrae, aged 7 years.
3. Francois, aged 5 years,
4, 4. and an infant.
17 Martha, negro n*otan aged 28 years, and her
in three llidres.
'5 I. Joe. Aged 7 teare,
1 2. I hiliie. 4 years,
2- 3. I-ham, 2 years,
- 18. Z , a neero wemad, ~sickiy,) iLged 26 jtiAs,
e and her .!sr. children,
1. Bill. aged 7 years
t 2. P.2ckv, axed 3 years, .
v 0. Dansl-. agel i yers.)
td 1. Rosalie. negro woman agjd 2 Years, Iabd her
it two ehilirbn,
I. Jingo. (afflicted,) aged 3 years,
2. and an infant.
20. Patsy, negro woman aged 2R Afei•, and h r
1. Jimmy, aged 7 years,
2. Victor, aged 4 years.
3. and an infant.
Movable Effects.
hiny, mare iu.e, N dng, mare mule,
Dave. horse, Tom, hlorse.
Ptephen, horse. Charley, horse,
Lash. .' George,
Jim Crow, horse,
One pair oxen, Bright and Iock.
S" Jolley and Spot.
One lot Sheep.
Three cows and calves.
One lot bogs. lot carts, plows, hoes, axes, spades,
tools, harness, collars, corn, ray, household and
kitchen furniture, eic , etc.
Twenty shares bf lb litton Iouge, G. T. & 0.
It. It. Co , etc.
Terms of Sale.
The slaves to be boid one u8n*h hash on the day of
sale, and the balance payable in four equal install.
m'nts ,o thy. first day o' March of each of the years
1861. 1862. 18t3 and 1864.
The tract N~umber 1, as per Inventory, or the
Fiantatini and the swamp lands described in the
Inventory as Number 3, to be sold together wiib all
the Improvemets and appurtenances thereon and
thereuntn lbel,nging.
The tract described as Number 2 in the inventory.
to be sold separately and subject to a tacit mort
gage existing in favor of the minors. Marie Emma,
I ous, l.eontine. Anasta ie and Abraham Lejeune.
issue of the marriage of Iltonore Aillit a 6J Ehe
Leenone, doe'd, !r the suit of seIea hu. drld and
fourte" n dollars. with 8 per cent interest per annum,
duo on the 21st of 31rch of each year. Said amount
of seven hundred Snd tiut8thl dothiFt to be paid it
the proportion of one hundred and forry-two 8T
dollars due e:rch of the above namedlamuaor at
respective maturities. ` - 1
The three above deserded tracts of
deduction the amount cominIt , f e I
named minors in thep d
trvct.s) t be sold on i
tir w of *ipof
amount, ast
asnont. pa lo~t i.1
laorai fsatog their otes satis
rh p .as Ith fnrniash their notes for the land
iadiUI, palatlli. Cospm.a, corresponding with
tlex aa of- the swwivng vemdoe and partners. In
ml sPsnt- and the sharea of eash of the major
b.ttllad, minors bheir-.all of which notes to se
pyaylmWl t I e oice o the iDeorder of this Parish.
bealhag Intermst at the rate of eight per cent per
,tnnas from and after mastoity till paid, to be en- o
dorsed to the sattsfaetioa of the Adminastratix and C
mortsage retained on the Land and tlaves until full ft
and anal payment thereof.
West Baton Rounge, Jan. 7, 181C.
Paremes bd*Otesatenioup.
Dana I'affaire de laSueea.aion de Josebim Daigle, de
cedee. 139
N "d VERTU d'une commission a a.o adlresue an
1 heliffle Il paroiae Pt Etatauadite, par 1• Cour
da Slzieme histirict Judieiaire. dans et pour eette par
I . oisle t Etat. d n I'af.aire sus-menitonne, en date
dua Janvier 18., ii nera oaflt ec venta Pablque an
plus offrant et dernier eucherrisseur, sur lea lieux,
Jeudi, le 16nie Fevrier 1860,
a 11 hettet A. x.. touter lea proprietes c;oapres de.
triteo appartenant a Ia succession deJoacnam Daigle,
decedes, aavoir:
STr. 'Yn ertran morcean de terre nitne dans eette
Spaolate, aquarante arpenst du ieave Mississippi.
F dernier residence du deftnt. noltive et etablie enmme
on hab:tation nuarier. mesurant quatre arPens daux
tiers de face a on chemin publique, IveC la profoo
dear y app-rtenant. eniir lignes paralleles, borne en
a haut par terre deJ. R. IAbauvu . et en has par etllo
de Raphael Rehert. avee lea batisses et ameliorations
qui sy trouvent.
8 2nd. UD antre moreasn de terre. aussi situe en
eette parolssc. meeneant If rn arpens de face. avec la
yntohndenr qni y apaettenaet, enttenant a peu--esn
treaneneanf (3] arpeml de superelae, borne en tunt
par terr s.de B. Pe. ronnia. em bap pat Malaisnnvlle.
en avant par terrains smaintenopt. on dernie-moont,
de Marin Planchard et I rvenae Taylor. e n iarriere
I farr parterre d J. R. Labadioli, aver le iam;ronve
ments goi ay troanent.
3me. Et un autre m recan de terre, situe assri
dnn ce.te parninse, a quatre.ving-sai arpens du
leare ti ldsi.ippl. contenant ceat oixante acren do
anperflcie. plan on moins. borne enl'nt par terrea d6
Thamnso W. 1lll. et as has par deies de Raibhael
Hebert a.e lea Imlrouvementa qui sy trouvent.
4me. Pa plun. lea eselrFes sa'vantoc etant iur et.
appartensata it plansttion, plus haul deerites:-
1. .am. negre bomme, age de cinquahe.-neuf anq,
2. Pevrn. noae hbmme; age do igaqulate.un ann,
3. Wllirm. negr homme a e q'.ranta-quatrean.,
4. Harr nerormhmma, agedeqntrsnte.nefiann.
5. fr rville. navw homme. age do treate-un ana,
6. Henry, uegre honmse, age de tradte- lzee u,:
G. (eorgedo. do charpntier.,de trette-on ans.
8. PIutta, nerre homme, age de vingt-sept ana,
9. John, do feotern. are de vllng.t-a~pt ann.
16. Jean, bleas d',na .ain. age de vingt.·apt san,
11. Edward. negre honme, age de vingt-denx are,
12. Devall, negre hamme. are de diz.nea ana,
13. Ben, negre homme, ag qe y.iat ano.
1d. Rosette, lemme, agee do qua ante.quatre mas,
1. Eglie, feshme. agee d viut-neau and, et sena
quatre enlaaa, savoir:
1. Philomene, age eufanusa
2. Dave age ei sept', -s,
a. raumaa,• w n a.amqn .n .r a.
4. unenfant. I
16. Matbilde;,aegrette,age e ease ae ,
17. Mart,,. negrenee, ag e d ingt bait aus et
use trois enkhns, ;avoir:
1. .Jo, age de neat sans,
2. Philippe, age de quatreann. a
:. sil;ia, d ade anS.
18.. eiAa, aeg:nse, (maladive) aee de vlIgtdi nq
ann et ifs truis enfans, avoiri
1. Bill, age ihe neuf an, Ia
2. Becky ages de troiasrtn t
3. DeaieL agete ingq Hs.. J
19. Rtonalie, nagrease. ape dvinet-trois ans et
see deei enfans, eavoir:- P
1. Jingo, (a8ige) age do troiseas, t
2. et un enfant. t
20:-Patsy, negresse, agee de vingt-bl t ans et se P
trois eanaun, savoir:-
1. Jimmy. age de sept ans,
2. Victor, age de quatre aus,
3. at on petit enfant.
Fanny, mnae, Rosr, mule,
Nancy, mule, Julia, mule, a
Die, ehe-va, Tom. et.va a
Stephen. cheval, Charley cheval,
l.asb, theval, George. eheval,
Jim Crow, eheval, Bright et.Buk,. boe;sa de
tire. Une pair ditto. Jolly and Spot. Trois vachen t.
et veazu Un lot de moutons. Un lot de Cocheoas .
,Un lt de, charrettee Un lot-de olerlues. Uo lot h
de baebes. . Un lot do peill et .paleaim. .lan:lt de
bot. de chaliagp. Un tot de uals on paille. Us bt
dofota. i Fa lreede maison at de ciaine.
V at Actas.a ero chem.de for de Bptol Roue
tems at ooaditi.usde vent. .
.Leaseacxn semot rr easd iMn he ;e.apbpt. et I.;
lot No. 3, devront etre veniluea ensemble avec toutes
lea batisses et amelho;atious quisy tiouvent.
Le morceau designee dans l I'ventaire comme le
or lot No. 2, sera vendu separtaeot. et SUjet a uUe by
I;,thliue tacite .n faveur dil mitieuts, Marie, fil
mr. Audls, :: titint, Anasnti,. et Abrahaht l.ejeune,
is.,. db Ihdlirlta d'keenAbtre Atlet arve feu I lie Le
jeun. pbur !a sit~,noil de s.pt , nat quatirze piastles,
a, avet huit pliur cetit. d'interbt par an. d lee 21 liars
de ch.acque 8hnee. LCe dit elontt.nt de slb th s.ant qua
Itoze piastres, devrS e4re payc dabls !a ~, ittrtion de
cent qtaiablet-deua 01-1~O0 piautres, montant du a
elhaitun.\lfsansdits nineursa leursnaj'o it1 respectvs.
;r .es trfit aelidits maotceaux tie terre, ap.ts avoir de
,luit surle ttrix d'adjudication l'uu de ce~ dites mor
ceaux de teFiie. Ie n\ontant ventant a chleune des her
itiers sus-lmentinones. aeront vendus einl.e suit:
r Un quart payable Ii ler lMars 1S61; uon uart le ler
lMars 1382: un qua,' le ler Mars 1865. et le dernier
quart it ler lMars 1864.
.Les effeta .flilliers seltt ddSdi ebfiiptant pour
toute s, mmine de vnig piat.iresetau dessous;et pour
tutes sommae au de Is et au dessus, de vingt pias
tres. payable le lr Mtrs 18til, 6s .Equ iu urs Otir
anion leurs billets 8ndotses.
L.es acqueretrs de la terte it dhi enclanves furhi
root lears billets, payvables par coupono, eorrespen
daint a a1 part de Ba veuve et beritiere dans le beb de
commusnaute. et la part des heritiers majeurs eti mi
neurs. l.ePquels billets seroot fairs payable a l'hfi
ce du Fecorder de cette parois-e, portant iatbrbts a
raison de Iuit pour et-nt. par an depuis ecebence jus
qu'au patment plein Pt final. et nadosses a la satisfae
tionde I'Administratrice, ve hbypotheque retenue
sur La tet ,e et les e.claves jasquau ljaiment final.
ls.t ITaton Rouge. Jan. 7.1 .. 1 .§.
are..e d ... tiea 8no ..g
Dane l'afaire de is S$ ade Terenee Dsuoufe,
d -o.6547.
EN VkBT U d'oam sion a moi a se dans
B'aftatre ei-desn date du 30 feeeasb; e 1859.
de laCor da Six' istrict Judicialre, damsel
pourla dite pa taavsundit,. itl eri offeret en
v5ote publique offrant et dernier encherris
sear a la 1ur B1 en cette paro sse,
Sam e 11 Fevrier, 1860,
a 11 hi8b . le proprietes ci-apies dee~rtes sp
parlestijmu dit nsecession. savoir:
Un eertal·t orceau de terre sltne er. cette pt, sse
meauraat rpent oe fhce air fleuve Mstsissippi.
plus ou iiis, avec l.a profondeur lui apparstiaut.
los figt fernrdant darns la profondour, borne in haut
p~ra~ d'Ovilte Dun -ape, et Nemaurin Manade, et
n.lbas pir elle dtie A. A. Williams, avee les ameli
orltiadts qui s'-trous.lt:
SCoualitins de B venatei--t tiers Cti i T T
le jour i. ta nutfe, et la ltlatnbe parable en dod i
teimnes bganz 11? ler jonf de. annees 1860 e4 1861
Ltaeqoeretr fournirs sea btileh endosses a li satin
fact.on d la Tttriee. aýall i'usi ti du Recorder a
decettd Nprsisst, ll.rtmlt a faisdii de bhuil
Ssent, iar o ap ce jusq,' a
y tildea r rrtena 1
`ili.terre plerettfinaal -: d
' In, Ro ee. Jan. . 1860. i . e
Parish ot west Batol Rouge.
To matter Succession or Tereo8n Damouye, dreedsed.
No. 547.
BY VBRTUe of a commission to me directed in ibe
above enlitked succession, of-data the 30th day
- of tlecember 1859, from the Sixth Judicial District
Co ,rt in and fir said parish an'1 State, will be offere,;
for sale at public aoction to the last and highest bid
der on the premises in this parish, on
Saturday, 11th of February, 1860,
- at 11 o clock A. x., the hereinafter described prop
erty belonging to said succession. to wit:
A c rtain tract of land situated in this parish.
measuring one arpent frout to the river Mi.soissppi.
more or less, with the depth thereunto belonging,
the side lines closingin the rear. PI uoded above by
-ands of Ovlde Dnmonye and Namaurin Manade. and
below by thus o. A. A. Williams, together wilh the
improvemerts thereon.
Teams of Sale:-Oue th rd CASH on the dar of asle
r -and the balance payable in two equal in-,alments.
and on th? 1st day of January of each of the years
1861 and 1862-the pu charser to furnish his not-s
I endorsed to the satisfaction of the Tutrix. payable at
the office of the Recorder of this parish. beariogo
the face thereofinterest rt the rate of eight per cent
per asnn n from and after their respective maturi
ties. till final payment. and mortgage with vendors
pi ivilege retained on said land until the full and fi
nal payment.
We.V' l atos Ron-.. J.anure 7. 181O. Slrriff.
Paroisae de OWsit BSato m ge
Iane l'.f.iree n sla ueccesmiou de thar¶s' smith et
Eiicabeth M. !'mith. tons deux decmdie. No. 590.
N VERTU d'une eomntissionamoi adrase ,ua
Sliherif de is paroisse Ouest Baton Rouge, lit I
dels Iouisiane, en date du 2 Iecembre 1859, par la
Cour do Sixieme District Judiciaire, tenant cession
dans et pour la paroiese et Etat susdit. dans l'affailre
ci-dessus designee, it seas offert en vente puhbl.que,
au plus olfraut et de rnicer eeherrisseur. sur l ie u
Mereredi, le ler de Fe.riier, 1860,
a 11 heares A. M., tootes les propnetes ci-apres de
crites appartenaut a la Su.cession de feu Charles
Smith. et Elizabeth M. Smith son epouse, tons deux
decadee, savoir:-
ler. Un certain morc^au de terre situe at etant
dins la susdit paromssd'Ouest Baton Rouge.(on de
mearerait lea dnes.) at cultivee comme une habits
tiou cotooiere, et desigme p.r le patente, No "313.
comme etant to quart Sud-est de Ia FSetion 12, dan,
le Township 6 du Ratige 10 Est, contenant cent so.x
onte-deux 24-100 aires, aCec t:intes 1ls batisses et
improur, meite qni n-y trouvent.
2me. Un autre ntleeau deterre sltoe ausai dian
cette paroiass, et desiune per la patente, No. 2431.
comme etant le lot numero deux (2) de la Section 12
anas Ie Township6. dou Range IP Est. contenant ving
50-300 acres, av tea i.pprou veicnt.y appjmrtena at.
BELSON. age de vingt-,sest aim,
LUKE. age de vitft-deat ans.
CHARLEY, age de cinquante-cmque ans,
SARA, aree de treate-six ase,
CAROLINE, agee de vingt-sil ans, et sea &Ifans:
GEORCGE, age de mept ans,
-EIrV.NNDHRk, age d a eiq ans,
EMMA, agde ,e tkoia L6d, '(( .
LUTI. agee de sue an. J
-NANCY. agesmea vingtqunatre ass, et
FRANC" s jrwj''tyusata'r" ."
711TcC bixters
Quktre muieti, deux jumnts. uOe cheval, trente- 1
cinq teteado-betess -conp, t.ei.ecuchons, faurni- '
tore de naison et cuisine, etc.. etc.
Conndi6ton dBe hi vente:-.Latevretlaseslavet a
serout venlts on quart comptant, et.Ia balacceepn 0
un, deniuet tiois ian, du jour de la rente.
La dsobiller 'ser veadu comptant pour tout somme
de vingt.pl.astres-et an deseus, et pour tput abmme
so dessoula do dusdit mnotant, payaybie on no an
du jour de la vente. Tons les billets devrdbt -tre e
endosses ala satisfaction die .'Ammlistrate.r pa)a- e
bles anbureao du.Recorder de cette paroissgt 1t toe n
portant intaree a rai-on de' hiit pour edt. liar an
le date, jnequ'ou palment plein et fi&rle hypo
theque retenue sur Ia terre et lea esclaves jusqu'au
aiment'plein et final.'
Ofest Baton Rouge, Dec. 81, 1859. D. Sherif.
S . In oarSKcr coterT. -.
In the matter of Suceession of Ch arles : mith and d
Elizab'.th Smith his wife. S6th dead, No. 590. el
Yf VIYtlUE of a Commissin directled to the d,
D lheriff. f ,the Parish of West iflton Rouge.
State ot Louisiana. or the Siath Judiial Court, of e
the aftresald Pam4(to ditl 8Stdtd i-' nkiter of the p
;uceeaesMoll ofCharles Snmitlh nsd E.ibaeh M. Szpith, v
his wife, botlh dead, of dd the 22n day olf Jecem- Is
ber, 18)9,'wiItlie aeid for .lb at iltubiaAuction. l.m
to the last and lmlgtlest bidder, on th, pyreisees, on
Wednesday, 1st of 'ebruaryI86, O
at 10 o'clock A. f., all the hereiafter described
prra yt pe losigtig b to- Vl. aforasaid Sebshten, to
;st. A certain trait of, land. situated'- yfig aqd,
beiug t.WIbl.foe.aid Par Itn bf Weat Bate tOuge.
w(,.) U alunlulrs y ,:'1 L arai: LLn rasha, counLatu We
tes one hundre. and askty-two 24-11t,0 aeses, with all
and singular, the buildings, fixtures and improve
le mentd of every kind on and belonging to said tract
sy- oflaud.
tb 2nd. Anot.ertract of land also situnat in this
se, Parish and designatedas per Patent 2.431 as being
e- Lot Number twb, of .ection 12, in Township 6. of
es. Haote 10 East, cbntaining Twenty 50-100 acres.
r.o (20 $0-100) with all the 1.aptovements thtreton.
a- Bl1aves.
de t.SON, aged 29}years.
La 1KE. axed 22 years.
R. t"HAIltL. Y. aged 55 yearS.
- ARAHl , a3ed 36 years.
r EAROI.INE aged 26 yeaf., and her 4 rtitdrea :
|i;OtL.E, aged 7 years, I
- VE.NI RE. aged 5 yea.b,
er aMA. aged 3 years,
er j"KE,nged yar,
NANCY. aged 24 years.
t FRANCES, aged 24 sets.
I a- . Stock.
.*r 1 mules. two mares, one horse, this'ty-five
head f cattle, thirteen head of hogs, 6de,buggy,
one car age and larming utensils, wish hlusehold
and kitrien furniture, etc., etc.
l a ml'et' s ofStle-The land and slavtes to be sold
one fourt.h Ash on the da$i o. sale, and the balance
in one. twb qud three yerasfrom day of sale.
The nibvable effect., to be solil cash, for all sums
Twenty DIollars and under, and for all asunt over and
above that amount. payabh'e in one ytar from the
a day of sale. All the notes to be endor,-d to the
satisfaction of the Administrator, payable at the
-oMce of the Recorder of this 'arash, and alT bearing
on the tace thereof interest at the rate of eight per
cent per annum from date till final pay~leht aad
mortgage retained on the tbhdand slavre untrt the
final payment thereof.
West n Rouge. D~ee. 2d, 1839. D. SOhsif.
1Pflte l'Eaca .
Successions dg ThnlmasMille, et sa
-emm6, Pa ia a..toe 's deux deeedes
-Par *IC H$L` T5 siiratsaktear
8)iRA VFNDU a I'eoasn publiquse' 131f,
le 17 aere, 1860, a 11 lhre . ,e ve tu
d'un ord t 'Honoait le Cdo* du ei1ik1meBo LNsit
ud cia ~ l'ttat det la *aeaipnae, enet pea
paroisse rville;. datt 11 Janvier 1860. lea propri
ebtes ei-aprea dber.eat llambi.tu6 indivise desquelles
spisartient aux s tl6 a IqeeesLope, et P'autre mottil
ile 8: T rda W5tdktdansla parsisse de West
on Rougeoe 'ta fitiasBitatlon. satue dansia
pamrisse de West Baton Rosie5 cultivte en suEle. et
e.u.sess,,as le nom de '.Lteetgo," et composee des y
lots dg, TERRF.er4se djorits: . ,.
ler n certaial-i de terre situb dais la pa.oiase c
de Wet Baton Rouge, aesuraut dix-sept ,
moins trente pieds de face asu fle.e
Mae proebn.Ieur de trene en
2dt3 ot Pe eh- . dlt
cents ea blev lss:
et amitlidrn say p i fhiant. -
21 Un autre certa'nlotde terrsei tte54aes 16 dite
paroisse de West Paton Rouge, joignaot Ia terre ci
dessus dertite, 8ant fa double coocession d 'selle, c
mesunrnt trbite I phitts; thoins h'nte pitd de face, L
avec unoe profondeurdb (earante arpeats, ettre teges
,aralliles. contenaj i:inaq ceet dbuze arpetsa. plus
ou m-;ns, de superficie, bornb bn hiat par la te; r
de Pierre (Granter. en bas par celle de Dorville Forret,
st en arrinre par terre de B. rnard Peyroq: in. et anu- cl
tres le -res appartenant.au dites sauces.ona et Fm
ile B Trinidad, enselible aveo toutes leasamtliera
tions y appartenant. ci
mane Un autre certain fotide terre asii. auass dans
la dite paroisae de West Baton Rouge, et deigne d'a
pre-s lo re.ude Recevenr des Teres Publiques, c idme
elant le quart Sul Est de la section l1, dadsle
Township VII du Range XIl Eat," et contenant cent
qua·anie sept 64-100 seres.
true Un autre certain lot de terre sites nunsa
dans Ia paroisse de West Paton Rouge. et designs
t'apres la I'atente "comme etant leslots aumaeros
un. deua. cinq, six, sept. huit, neuf, dix, ooze, et
danue de Is Section 32. dansa le Township VII, du
Range XII Eat, contenant a pen prbs troat cent dens
tS-100 ac.es
Les I.CLAVES ci-apris dieeris, savoir: Pl
Daniel S.apho. nt;re agi de viogt-six aus,
J :lie, Ir.gresae agle de vtngt.aix ant,
Charles Smith, negre age de treate-quatre ans.
Nancy nigresse agie de ringt-sept ars. (maladire)
Washlngton, nsgre (ayant un bernie) agede 9ans,
Maria. nigresse agri de treate-un ans,
Peter, nigre age de trente-six ann,
Augustiue, (avant on cancer) agee 1. 4? ans,
Big Henry, niare ag;e de trenate-trisaus, ti
Mary. nogresue agie de 89 a30, et ses desu enlfai, l
Caroline, agee de trois ans, er
Josiah. dun an,
Geo. Harrison, sigreagee de qtarante-quatre ans, 1i
Matilda Bird. negressa de quarante-six ans, aE
Ihniel Daris, nigre age de vingt-neufans,
Jane eigresse azse de vingt-nn ans,
AlIck Cross, ngpe ag de trente-neaf sna, he
et Aiek Cross, nig-e age de trente-nenf s.n.
SAllev. n.gresse (tree maladare.) egee de 34aus,
James Allen, ongre ao de tren.e-u aens.
a Ann, nigrrsse agrele 21 ns, ee sonenfant 1 mois,
Chas Board. ngre(aysit ubb bernie) age de 49 ans,
a Margueritte. angresse giee db 69 ann, et son enfant
r' ,harity, agee quatre ans,
Old Jack. n-gre age de cinquantedtrstre an.,
* Jane 'a5et. negrease age de ringuante-six ans.
Black Jeff, n-gre sago di tiente-neuf ass,
Matbhildi $sith. nagrease agee de t2 ans, et son en
fant. Mala'iine agee d'un an,
e- Plctayul Henry, negre de titene-an. ns,
ys T.ittl, Margaret, (avcee en cancer) agee de 38 ans,
x Horace trown. nagre aigde trente ans,
Susan, ngresse agoe de 30an,-, et see dent esans,
it Jimmy, agS de einq assLIt ,
e- Joshua, a;ie de deunas, J
Larkin, (maladif) negre age db de anite-un ans,
1. Harriette,(maladive) nigreese' d talNte-hbul ans,
in sen Creqle, neqre de vingltyept am.,
l- Dolly, negresse age de vr gt-sept tus, et son en
it fast, tersneliuS, aghd'in a,;.
Leoaurd Jques, nsg'r age deynglt-ueaf ta.,
S Kizzlh, iegressB e d.e de vngt cinq anh, et son
L. enlhntiAu.a, age, d'unan,
Joe. (Ibrgeron) negre agn de trests Ons,
MadiliSo, negre age de einquat.t tias,
Black ttram, segre ager de quearerdateux aa,.
Jim Cldet. negre age de cinquante-quatre ano
Johd RI, ards, ore agr d6 treantesix ans,
Henfj Holland, negre agse kete-quatre ans,
Dad Mitchel, negre age e soixante-tn ans,
.Old Bs;, (ayant-un bernie) age deicinquante ani
Cetl, negre age de trekte quatre ass,
E tend, egra <ste il d tli.L t ae "
C a. Wiiekon, oingra agcs equ ai'e an,
Little Raen, pgre agr de tisgt-deuk sme, (estropii)
Jel fra(2gre agb as 4 ahde am, .
Wilson. negre age de seig ami,
Jaw. Henry. a g~u age9 do seuatanrl sa.
* Une certaine quanlite dq mpblliers, savir;
Taente-huit mpletn douse brteas- cornes; deacbe.he
vaur; quatre muieta ieugte, dlxor-aef.'~dehoies;
uo lot de mats; n lot de foli et de pail;ff lea, ontile
arratoirea; de msme que touts lea effets appeatenant
et attachhi. Ia dite habitatoa dlont usnepluasmple
'description stra doune le jour de Ia vente.
,Tnutes lea proprintrs ci-dessus decrites, seront
veednes.6 bloe on s glebo., - , ,
g lzeserelavetL ei-apres dec.ite:WL eappiedute
exclustesmeat sau dites.suceessions de ThomM Mille c
et ý freme, l'auhpe Dupuy., tous deux decedes, et
ne faisaut pas partie. de Ia, somber existant entre E
Thomas Mille et Emine B. Ttflidad, serOat tendus
si'prrtnent et et indepeadaamerlt d l'habitation. Cat
eclaves sout:
Johnsn., (u'ayant qa'un neil) .egre aggi de 29 ans,
Adeline,' (tres mnaldive) nigresse agee de .4 ans,
Har -ietti. hell. ngresse ages de 25, ann, et son
en.ant'igre de trois a "ois,
* Lucy, nigresse ago di 45 ass
Tern' et Conditionsadela I ente. '
Le prix de chaque' adjudication, payible usn-quart
du prix COMlPTANT. I jour de lavente; s.tbl.ees F.
er trois paimento ,egaug, an ,tiery dlng as an., q p
tiers dans deux ans, un tiers dens trols ans de jour o
de Ia rents.
Lee aequereurs fourniront lFeus billete en etlpbne, n
endninas, a la etisfaCtioi des partiest interresesens I
pcrtant iptart h-buitpenur Cet.ipar ogu jourdela is
gente, seont, fait. pa.bl ap bureae au eeorder de a
lapaerpise d'Jbersill , et iyp'oteqsdb specials 'era a,
retttude i`s lea prnprothebs venLneS. "
L . a. rnie au lien sar la dite babitation ,
Onest Baton Rouge, Jan. 14148. admiuniatrateur.
Successon of Thomas Mille and his w
wife, Pauline Dopiij b i dec'd. 'L
WIjLL bei sold ate p r iucl uof sin Friolaj ebra
S ary l7th, 1s3& t 11o'obk a 'N. byland in
p..bane or an order froA thehl. tY 8tth JrL'.
cital trct lCourt'of'nu iuS,i., iaalad fit PLrish
orf ieille. bearing date of January Il'tb 18d0 .t.
IfoLbwofng escribed pro erty The urone ndvrdeJ ifarT
) of wbith belonst to said Suro eeson e, and theisiste
usndivide t lar tto Emile B. Trinidad, rideat of Weat
Eaton 0.o.0.
S1st. A certairq4 tatdsr:.Ataui of ji ii th t d
wa lying and being Pi the P'arish of Wea toh Rouge,
at' cultivated as a ..r es'tate and coteonoi d edte th
e- Itarengo Plrtation, asd eomfpoaldf We to fowfhg
Oct tracts of Imfil, to-wit : .,
2d A certain tract of land iH.iºi'1d in the said par
hish of West Baton Rouge ime. uring seventeen ar
tg pen s les tlhirty feet front on the drt e, Mlusissfppl,
ot wilk~hedepda ege eey. a. ,
es. between paralle l lines Tlies e shabovae atds of
Pierre G anger, and below by liods of l.eill
Landry. anl containing about six hundredaand two.
vy-one sulierficiaarpents toget her with ialland siau
ar tht, buildling, fixtures and improvementa on and
apperta lng to said Malengo Plantation.
3. "Another tertain trles-ef laud also situated ih
the said Parirs bf Wt Blton Rouge ifsaediatel in
the rear of t oe tract f land above described and.be
ing the deuble concession thoeeof, measuring tiPr
teen nrpents tess thirty feet rbnt, with the depthlof
forty arpents, between p.arallel lines, containing ite
hundred so twelve nrpslita more or leas, Ibounded
above by lands 'o Prene Cranger, below iy t1nds of
Dorville ,Fret, and back by these of Bernard P r'og
re in and other lands of the said seccesion and iEtd
-4. Trinidad, with the improreamnta theresa.
d th. Anotbher tract of land also situated i the said
Pariah of West Batom Rouge and .ithated as per
Id receivers' reci t as being-the South East quarter of
, Cetio thirn in To,,wnship seven of Ruangtwelvo
East, and r t in one kunired an -ortv-pevai
641OO aeees
d 5th. A.it.l+r t.ract of lad sitn.ted in ihe AeA Pa
ish of Welt ..tbn :rouge, and designated as per lt
i.t as helhLi, ts one. two, ya-six.' ees, elgi,
ra nne, ten: ele-en and twelve, of-ueeetn Thhity-tlwe,
in Tuowniip seven of Range tselye, East, containing
Sabout three hundred and twolld aerera.,
6th. The Ibllheing named anddea heibedAlaweetin
lanirel aaao., negro aged 26 years,
Julia, negress aged t1fi-5en,
. harles Smith, negro aged t. eag. .
Icanv. negress, (not sound) aged 2 7yea,
Washingtbn, (raptured ) L.igro l .Md: t-ad.i
iad;u nagrgres aged tlthir.j e years,
JPets regre jed thitycta .years
Augustine. neg.'c n (hrving + caeeCr.) jai 1Mt
one yeares, n . i
rBigy, mesn ,7 d .t07 .ahae ,
Thiary-,e gtme twh e
beathil e ss aged forty a
SJne, negress aged twenty-one years,
Alex Cross, nczh bfrtylnitefr
nlº " wirnss aegrsaged ltenty. se1ar `
SAltegress (nota aund)aed tlhity' uts "rma
James Aen, nee re aged tirtynS6 reox e O
San l.eg.reets t .e.tm o at a, twoen,-t1ird
t aree ea k negro (ruptured) hed t fort
e Ser en t pe. r s I
Mar~e treot, ntegr o h tre e... -
cehldCliarty, aged .ou er, r e -
DJan geesee agd .ft r yearni
busace B of-n; ,eg
Su aden, negres aged
children. J,.rdy, agad' v , t
three years, - a wi. h rttr . t I .c
La. i. (not negro aged s flftory-ears
har, ieie. (weakely) negressaged thirty- elma41 l.
Ben Creole. negro aged tty-f esur ye .s,
opey, aredgreas aged twetoegitwR .' ;a4 s."
uar+child Cor n fots, ageoone ,
Leonard Jones, negr aged tH; e._ a '
child lorisa,'gag dyfle yar, ` 5
Joe, (Bhcksmish, ekm ýthiat ,yeses t,
Madison, negro aged u l tr , vye r..
James Ladet, negfh aged ol5l'ron
John Utebard, negro aged I (etstyt iMierb
Henry dhilames, thegeegd Ihursytotovfena,
ano Mihel, onegro aged sixty one eadrs,
John, neo" ro aged-twenty y-- -
Uld Ben, negro aged afty yars, (badly en$as4,),
Cae-ar, negro aged thirty-four .ears
Edward. negro aged tweett-ight y.a.r, "'-a
Little Ben, n ho aged tweleny-to ea ri, .o I
Jeff Btd, negro aged ftee .ear t, . o
Wilson negro aged slaixtq . e ars ni·, , ...
James Henry, negr-o aed fifteenyears,
or A large qiastitn of modeablo pro.ert to.4'IE
Thirty-eight meles, telyn headstf besnel dits
two horses, lour bliid mulep,,, itcan b ofe h,ý.
onelot ofeore, ,on. orlo hey. The .r - aes.a
in fact all moveables on aad attliot to' dlab.ut s
Tion. a full description of which wilt bpao ven .n the
day of sale. The wuhtle of the ebdi luea in
erty wrill be sold in blct or injIdbo. -o. -.,
The following namrd i'nl descrifbed save belongLý
tug eecl ytelwr to said he uce id s of Ts l s it .m l
elucr, ne.er aged frmty-e y ayeolh., -
he hsroid sive ntLt abuor deeulbn d b oth esel
The price of eah adjudicaton h ayr ae. ed-t i."
othe price in Casheo the bland c i three nnual lo
tislmesots apaem tbednyor~ -that is, on-third ,
ucone year es i ,Ris trotro ycaa
_d per l ent. pnreans ad they- o f ls: ilt.: ,Y i
Tid, sapecial mortgage rtaincdesied t ohepnpellvpa-,
Tpa e arit the Of eaof the Baoidet of tpa Pb igehr q,
sale to pe keilm ae on the P thepsep.
MItCBIL HEBRET, adinlnatrator.
We-t fEaton Rouge. Jaiary Iltb,l,1O;"
.lJ'-- f~j -DI8Wl- C C0LI~T
Si':TII aoaiiru cr cot r '
In mr;ie. o: the Srcsce- -on of John lusaeU, deo'd
lNo,. 66.
PASsF ~ Ric~!a:d Iiam'a*ien, C iat* ' of - FAINf
9uec esoinaa, Lae tiladra dipl acoc uwLAnd 110
leau of distribution in the same.
Notice is hereby geti hatýlI fat' ptitltib tur
the Hoaiolosattoii o;;-said aoconaa nd tInibiOI
be tiled in the offce of the ferkorsaiid Pariswithi
thirty days from the hint publication thereof.
Cleat'k' qh~ )~ ~y-b; 1n60.
STAT .;,LAS LON: 2 g.4#.
coat; DUEbl .--L'.
Dans 1'affaolred Ie Su cceeholoii wuhse1, d .eaed..
No. 56h. -
.t T" 2 DU qn' Beo" rBooko, ·ac rnfibJs
11 compte I'rovis nre do son. Administration done
Is dith OncacSiiod5- 'l
Avisetparcegs seni. damne. g qtouts ii NSA,
tion legate a ),bomoloogaion d l ifttCopte. eodite
regltrO done la bareu dii Greaer; de citta pro ae
' dimo ter tfeote.,iouras qw quiycet boSr.rnDerepubl
ca t'a do ret e i's
W.Ja CH4IhIJBN : ..
Be. eauda Greffier Jon. l9h'S160. Grefiet.
The Biut$ :B e. t5?ea
A3411&YV b'A'·:Y~:·. ln~tt,
....ON LaEknt.ff 16011114i'
Td tile piare td get a tin piehiatp ooM*ioaabt .ot
I fad.. ~ etleok
We retire h&-f 1 tbirks1 tb iW eitidenb breintol
foegeaad vieibily Ir 1, I ro#ads,: ý
,prominp to eonqioue to de 2.1 o s skill in t...nn -
0001) PItTred abeithkuyle4$ti ,"'
Omr fuiewLnarg itydo coall 80 qtaUO se
mens it mny time. I Iftie' pttittire aortfd cgh.
lery ore not saoetloi^io max takam ira*1Molt dl tat
in thin city, we dognot ask Z, r P4 noltraOUgg ifthq
am,; it is tIoyiis adviStkt * ab' ilti ºouiput
axe. We Y, .'
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January 26th, 860.
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