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Sugar planter. [volume] (West Baton Rouge [i.e. Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, La.]) 1856-1925, February 04, 1860, Image 1

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Olee Near the Ferry Landing,
aerIptlon-S3 a year, due invariably at the
timeof subscribing ; if not then paid, or within
three months thereafter,five dollars will he charged.
No subscription will be taken for a les term than
six months ; nopaper discontinued until arrecrages
are patd.
Terms to Clubs.-Where a club of not less than
tea names is sent, with the cash, the iaper w ill be
furnished at $2 50 each subscriber ansi an ain i
tional copy to the person furnishing the list.
Where a Club ol not less than twenty is furnio hed
with the cash, the paper will be forward,-d at $2 25
each subscriber, and two additional coplies for tihe
AdvertlfnagIl-KAdvertisements not exceeding eight
ines. $1 for the first, and 50 cents for every subse
quent insertion ; those of greater length in proeor
tion. A liberal discount to thuse who adver tie by
the year.
t In all cases we reserve to ourself the right of
excluding any advertisement we may think proper
it being understood that our advertisieg rates cover
only such as we think proper to insert.
beth aS Parwrrrtr, BLA.K!, CARtDS, BRIsFr, FT.sRAT.
and other Notices. executed with neatness and de.
patch. In all cases, cash on delivery.
ALttorney at t.a~r.
oFFICE. P:Kilr S 1OW.
DBR. MARSHALL POPE offers his t'rofrs
stonal services to the citizens of West Baton
souge. Offlice at it. it. Chinn's. Esq.
Sept. 17th. 1859.
Joesen S. .It.uaaLsR..... ... (;I'.)ocE W. TI'CKIE
may 14th'b9tf
Nt 40 Chartrem Street.
AlO 31ubrooa,
ESPECTFULLY offers his services to the people
West Baton Rnt as regularly ei.ntissind
RIH ESURVE. . rI. r D., ean always he
feuad atthe residence of his father, about one m'e
above the Ferry Lauding. Orders for surveying pune
ltly attended to
De tb.tf.
Dealer Ins,
I Bapda lres, .SdtS to BogeVs Drag Store.
P .Seoaunstaltly oe aiad, a large and beautifu
oassrteant of CIOCKS, WATCHES and JEWEL
Mch b offers to the citizens of East and Wes
slte gnIge ad vicinity, on reasonable terms
Ny.1st lRS
G LAZING, GRAINiNG, Gilling, Marbling and Pa per
Hanging neatly executed. Particular attention
paid to Plain and Fancy
St is i .
mitations of wood and stone finishbd in the best
orPicturessor I .ooki .g Glasses miade to or er.
.oDrers at ir Plautation work s. dicited.l
tbwarb & W)illitm iogel.
[S iccesonrs to Edward Bogel.]
Baton Raouge.
K EEP constantly on hand a large and well selected
and pure chemicals.
Paints, Oils, Dye-Stulfs,
Glassware, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, Perfumesy, yMe(ical
Wines and laquors, Chewing and
Smoking Tubaeco, Havanna Cigars.
Matches. Garden Seeds, Fluid ,amps,
Gans. Pist,ls, Revolvers, Cutlery. etc., etc.
tt All of which will te asol at reasonable pricer.
WGive us a call at the old stand on Lafayette St
syld4v. EDWARD & WTi.l.l i 1 nirla .
o. W. FoPr.. .....................W.oIS WOtCEI.TE
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
Baton Rouge, La.
..WILLPRACTICE their profe.sir.n in the par
ishes of Ea-t and West Raton Rouge. Iberville. I'oit
Coupie. East and West Feliceana, tIhe uprrom ('aurt
of lbuisians and the United States Circuit Court
at New Orleans. loct?
Surgeon Dentist,
Baton Rouge, La,
ARTIFICIAL Dentures inserted in the most anprr
red style, and satisfaction ewarr.nlld or no
chaºge, and Surgery performed strictly accordingtl
science ; all the valuable modern improvemernts ad
opted. nov26'F9
Manufacturer of all kinds of work in
Tin. Copper, Sheet-Iron and
Opp.dte Deal's Stable, Baton R.age, La"
CONSTANLY on hand, a general assortment of Tin,
eWae, at wholesale and retail.
l'Gutters and -pouts put up at a short notice
P'Orders from adjoining parishes promptly at
tended to. Repairing attended to with neatnest, an,'
despatch. nov ..15Q
arlo s. anu w ...................... . w. eor:
Plaquemine. West Baton Rouge.
Iberville, L. Baton Rouge P.O. La
"Baro-owe e Pope.
Ltteoreys & Counsellors at Law.
t ibshes of East and West Baton Rouge. lberville,
Peiat Coapee and West Feliciana. Also in the Su
I e Courtof Louisiana, and the United States is
atd Cireuit Courts, at New Orleau.
h1l.' a
Improved Gaslight Apparatus.
i HIE unwer' 'ned respertfllv calls the att-at;:n
I of I anters and the public g'nerrlie, to his 4..s
Light Apparao as . ni it '.tablihl ,co,.n v
todal avbun-_t, over any oiher ku1,nl of I ght fo pU')
ie Build1ngs Privae Res:dencrs, Sncar Ifon
es, etc. t| loa abuu,lttau D.ot clat-he ala ilissl>c
to,y hrtlnlmolia.ls. w ere his Gas Li.ht Apparatus in
in operation, that there si a tar nt ,o 75 ,per cent.
eit Ils ,', le'td es all the labor that lts: neces-atiltv
bestswed on Oihl i.amps or any other kind of liquid
now in use. 'tlhe Capitol at Baton s:ouge is ns w lit
up by ,ue of .y
of which I have the testimonials of Gov. R. C. Wtrc.
LIFFE. and of Messrs. BERLI I IIII.DRLr, r ere ,nt at
Arms of the .Senate, and J. II. IaSunt.rl, Sergeant-at
Arms of the Ihouse, who say
Yoeur • Itaoved has light Apnaratus' as ap.
t led to the ~,ate House, is admirable in all its ar
ra nsements. and all that could be dle.ired .'
I have also the testinoptoni ,l Iu:;r..lIt'rr " 'EtaIxs.
of l-ast Ilatton Roouge. and W. W. i sn. ,of .tsump
tion, who have my apparatus attarl:ed to their su
ar hiousas. whtich I would like sugar planters to ex
,.nv2fi'59 D R. TIGIIE.
Si.\ddress allletters to D. R. Tighe, Baton Rouge,
Lt., and they will meet with promt attention.
New Livery Slrable.
CASTI.E & KF.l\. having purchased the well known
SStal,les ,on Third street. formerly owned by NIob
-rt Real, be hlave to infirm the publ c generally.
tLat as soon S:l practicable, they intern tIn ftt ui.
their establishment in a manner not to be surpassetI
hby ony other livery stable in the South. Th,y will
,rave as , ew s pily of carriages. Buggies. anl other
Sehilees as w, -l as Carr:nae. uig.ey. aond Saddlc Iler
-s-in fact everyt ace, mmotdation nor tr.aelers. plea:
ure parties, and others, can he had at reasonablh, and
atisfactory rates I ' RI A. CASTL,
Having sold to Messrs. Castle & Kean the l.ivery
:r.hle on Third street, known as '-Beal'. Livery
ttble."' I take this method of ree-mmending my
-necessors to n,y patrons andthe te avtelln c,,mmu
jity, heltevine that they will give full sati:.action to
-ill their customers.
Baton R.ouso. La., April 23, 1,51.
Coope alge: Cuoperagrl
T IE TXFDtERSIGNED, havitn located at the Ferry
Lan.ting oi this parish, is now fully prepared to
sti'h pla.Inters and others with IOGlH.AI)S, BAR
iI..A and IIALF IC RRlL:RLS, which he fully guarran.
tees in every part.cular.
, ALL orders received and promptlystteaded ts
A snare of patronage is respectfully solicited. "
Offle on laurel Street. Paton Rnnce. ,Ia
Henry J. Hyams,
Justice of the Peace,
WILL attend to the Collection of all Notes, Drafts.
cc'tOunts, &e., which may be given to him for col
P IPost Olficc, Baton Rouge.
G ILT MOULDINGS.-I have noson oshn,.d
Sa very large and elegant stock ofGIL.T MllC.ID
INGS. from one to sin inches in width, and can cut
peture or lookinc-glass frames to order. Shop on
i;ain street, opposite the Storer of Messrs. Piper&
i-o.aiTtf CRPI.RLE' -. Wif.'O4N.
A. 1v.CA.IltKON.
BATC2- £Olit;E. LA.
W ILL EXECUTE in afaitlifulanl workmanlike mar,
ner. ei! contr'acts for building or other work in
is 1i_. ws.tU ,et be coniidet to him.
Orders ar~ ea.1 ", lit" hro-.gh the I'.ptoffic ~ it
meet with prompt attent--n.
To Archicts, BE liers. Contractors, Planters
and Others.
T~ E t 1'NDERILINIi woltl.t resptetfully inf,,rm
SBupiters. I'lanters and the community at large
t.ant he is nowt fully prepared t manulacture by seam
Iower. tt stlrt notieeansd modat.ste prices. Ovtal. Glothle
*r tevile'l Windlow sash, all kinds of I'annel and S'a.l
toors, either ftixet1 or revolting Door and Window
lllinds. Ieor and Window Frames. ta-e. Moulding, &c.
'laining, Tougueing auid Grooviag. turning of ervly
Plank dressed to order of any width undler two troat.
anlli of aon thicknes undter three inchles. 'l'iil!rer
lreled perli.etly truet. of nay length undter thirty-live
feet long and twenty inches s.,uarv.
St`All orders addraessed toI me th'osugh the Post
0 rice. or S. M3. Hart & Co., of Balau Iouge, wtll meet
with prompt attention.
jan 5 J. W. BROWN
Steward's Cookling Stoves!
"TEWAItsD'I large oven, air tight summer antd win
-) ter cooking stoves, improved in lb59 The toe.'
compl'te storve of the age--ensomes less ftrl. and
at the same time has all the conven;encies imagina
'de belonging to the culinary department. We haver
them olaassorted sizes, and will sell tlhm at New
Orleans pries--explenses of tlransortation added.
Call and examine.
Agent for the above.
Sept. 3v. Corner Laf. and Flo-ida street
In matter of the Succession of Joachim Daigle,
deceased. No 539.
B Y VIRTUTE of a Commission directed to the Sheriff
of the Parich and State aforesaid, from the afore
mentlined Dnstrict Court. in matter ol the abov,e te
cession, of date the 5th day of January, 1'60. will be
offered for sale at ipblic auction, to the Iast and
hiohest b'dder, on the premises in this parish, on
Thursday, 16th day of February,
1860. at II o'clock, A. H.. the hereinafter described
croperty. belonging to the succession of Joacihtm
I ial:', deceased·RI. to-wit:
lst. A certain tr tet of land situated in tlhis parish
at forty ai ients from the river Miss"iodoppi, whereon
the deceased resided, cultivated and estabbshed as a
<ugar I'lantation,. measuring 4% arpents. front to a
iutl-ic road, with the depth thereto belonging be
tween parallel I-nes. hounded above by Lan-is of John
iBaptiste .LRauve. and beh.w by those of Raphael
{lebe-t, with all the buildings and improrvemlnts
2t. Another tract of land also situated in this par
:sh, measuring three (3) arpents, front with the depth
thereto belonging, containing about thirty-nine (3")
iuperflcial arpents. bounded above by lands of IB.
i'evronma., below by Molaionnrille. in front by lots
nor. or lately belonging to Marin Blanchard and
widow Ta- lot and in tie rear by landsof J. B. LaBa
tio.e with the im rovements thereon.
3r. Awl another tract of laed at.o situated in this
prnr:sh at Eighty-six arpents from the riv r. contain
ne one hundred and sixty superlicial acres, more or
le,.. bounded above by landsoufT. W Bird. and below
by those of ltapl.ael Iiebert, with the improvements
)iMoeover the following named and described slaves
on and attached on the Plantation above described,
1. Sam. negro man aged 59 years,
2. Syrus, " S '" 51 ""
3. Wiliam, " " " 44 i"
4. Harry. " '" " 49 '
5. horville, " " 31 "
6. Henry, a " i 36 "
7 Georoe, " " " 31 "' (arpenter.)
8. Plaulhn, I" ' 27 ''
9 Johln, " " " 27 (Bllacksmith.)
10. .len, " " t " 27 " crp'donehand
11. Edmond, " " 22
12. Devall, " '" " 19 "
13. Ben, " " 20 a
14. Rtsette, neffo woman aced 44 years,
15. Matilda, " girl ", 11 "
16. Ellen, negro woman aged 29years, and her four
ehildren, o-wit t
2. la e, aged 7 i easts.
3. Francois. a.iei 5 years, "
4. and an ilfant. J
17 Mlatlls. negro woamnl aged 28 years, and her
three cI lerca.
1. Joe, aIe-d 7 - arS
2. I htipe. 4.r -::rc. .
3. Isham, 2 i arcs. j
1. Ze:ia, a n'.o wo'In., (sictkly.) aged 23 yeiCrs
antd ier hre , chiltnn
1. 'ill. ag.,d 7 years
2. t:ecl, v. alet vari, car
3. I :an, I. aIre, e1 "e rs )
19. lHowali,, nlgro warnan aged 23 years, ano hetr
two chil. ren.
1. Jingo. (:fllicted ) aged 3 years.
2. and an nll tfil .
20. Patsy. ngro woman aged _S years, and h ,r
three chil,hen,
1. Jimmy, aed 7 years,
2. Vctor, aeed 4 years'
3. and an inftnt. "
Mlovable Effects.
Fanny. mare mill.e Nacte ,, n.:r'e mtle,
osa, .luli . ..
Illve. horrse, Toin. h , ..
Stephen. lhorse, Cthrtiy. horse,
La-sh. - George,
Jim Crow. horse.
One pair oxen, Bright and Buck.
' " < O Jollthy and Cpot.
One lot Sheep.
Three cows and calven.
One lot hIug.. lot carts, plows, hoes, axes, spades,
tlo,,., harnJn collars, corn, ha, household alnil
kltcl ,en tirl itll re, etc.. etc.
Twenty ;hares of the Ihtton ounge, G. T. & O.
R. R. Io . nte.
Terms of Sale.
Tile slaves to h" s ld ,," te.r,'h I -eht ,n th. InY, of
sale. aind the balance i ini,,ite in f:r e ul in-f:l!
monts on thi, firs-t : \- ' Mtarch of each of the year-.
1lit. Isi2. 18th ant 18i4.
Thet tlict N Iiber 1. an per Iniventory. or the
;Jlullantion anid tihe -wamp lta:,!s Bestci 3 ., in tl.e
Inv lntory as ý tnlbler 3. to he s.l, I to:rether wit!, :ll
the inlmproemrnntns itd ppuIIII teIIIuaces thereon atod
there nrnto, beiinigi itng.
tlhe tract describel as Numlber 2 in the invrntirv.
to be solid epal:a'ely -ndt suiljet to : Ilacit ml,:t
,iCee exi-tiIng inl :avor f the minors.. MaIrie F l-mm,.
I o s, Leclntile. Anasta i-n' awl A.r:,ham ln ejnurne.
isnse of thie marriage of I lentore .Atllit and f te
1.e'Ilnte, It.e'd. tr the num Ie f a.nc a tlr die a nit1
furtie, n dollars. w:.t 8 per cent iintereslt per aI:u.
,low on thi. 21st Tf ':a'ch ,f each vy-tr. Said am,,:.nt
of seven l:u,n!drelI and furlteen dillanrs to be paid in
till, proiorjtiI at .line hiunre I and f,ryV-two 87 10F)
Idliltr due ech i of the above named raTnors at their
restpectil e maturities.
The three above desertbed tracts of land (after
dedluctitng the amount comi cb of the aberi
namen milors in the pure 'oe of d~g of ri
trcts.) to hbe sold on the - and e %titionleas
-t.wit: Ii fttourth 6iýi firnt of
on fenrth on the lir-t otf'archi 1862,
. t ron the t'st of March 1863 and the l.ast
th payabla on the first day of March,
1864. -
The movable sierets to be sold Cash fr all sums of
Twenty Collars an:l under-and for all sume lIverr
anri above said amunnt. iayble on tile let of I.Mirth,
1861. The urch.tsers to furnish their .oites natis
factorily endlrse.!.
The purehasers tn furnilh their notes for the laIn-l
anit lave., payable in Coupons, c, r c-polllr4ll0r ,:it
tl.e shares of tie surviv nr vnu or a:ln 1 artlers in
c..mmlnnit- and tht siari ofi. f enol, of thi .r jol -
Iheirann,1 minors hei s-all of wl,ierlt ntes to
payable at the office o the eic-irder ,f this Pari-h.
tI aring intereIst at the rate fI eitrit ier cent ler
tnnumn foo awl after matluril; till psi.., to bh, en
hGr.ed to the -atu-naet'on , f ti. -\deniuistranti an'
morte.ee rPetain-,l o1 Ithl Land anl :-laves ulltil fuli
iand final payment thereof.
West Itaton Rouge. Jan. 7. 18' 0.
Paroissa deOu3tsBatae ERrge
Pans l'affaire de la SunccP.non Ide Joaehim Daigle, de
cdlee. 75;9
SEPTi' rllpne remnrmsiin a i. or n-,br-eae a
] Sh ,iffde Ia r,,.ani-.- t Eta isnit,. par la f toar
,hi r'ýr ,."re Distr;clt .hiulr onre. d:u s et *,-ur cet'", !,ar
eijae et Itat. r1 n" '.r*-fne-r st- m-.nt'nnr. en ,late
,lu 5 J:anvier 10::. :i eran off'rt I nte putqu,
piaun oil:att et delvier a.chat risanur. tar Ie- haux.
Jeudi, le 16nie Ferrier 1SO0,
a 11 heare A. .. ta.sn. les pr-nr' tg r:upr.a, de
erites appunrenant a la succes ion deJh.aehun I;'. :.
decedee, savoir:-i
Icr Irur ertain moreeat de tore, ,ttne n'nnc ret.e
pano, ae. a rqitnn¾' nrrns , ,Ir- .s. ?IM:-:..a:pl.i.
nlernir,", rlenrenc"eu d efunt. cul:ire ,at eta!,li, c, anem
n1 hab tari,,n -nucr;-re. mesurant en-atr,. ar- en de..,
tIe's el ftee a en r'htemin ,.'h1'Iqu-. avr i pn ' , r n
'leur a!.pertea:nnt. entre libnes parah-ll."., hen - rn
laut par tprrres de.T. l.harna..et t-n h:. tpar e, r!Ps
,le Ilap'l,nal Hebert. r: "ct lea batisses et ameliorationn
qui y trouvent.
'n,1 Uan lntron mnrcen, dle terre. nlunai sitlp el"
'n to n.rri-so. m.e. lrn,' t trni.- :rten d(- fc.- :i.ne ln
nrof',,!rlr rlnni v an, p:,rt,-nint. eonte t a a en-;yre
trr:'e-nenf [3!'] arpenn de sluprficie, borne en hart
!nr t,-rr' - 'ne I. Pn' rannin. on i,. s patr ,l:- i-< ,nvill,,
ean 'want ,'"r terralns mnn.inf'annnt. ou !ernieman-nnt,
S!- Marin nlanclard at la rvene Tacvlr. p. nt arriero
.,ar rar terr r d, J. R. Iabmdiole. ave-r l" I-mrouve
montis qni Sy trnitrent.
3me. Et nn anltra mra'reran dot ,rra. itale P.asi
rl-,ns otto paro;nne. a quitra vine-aix arpens dti
fnlaens tis.iaaippi. contenant centa nixanto narees d,
sane-fic.e. plus on mnins. borne an ha liar terrae ,oe
Thnm--nm.n W. tir. ir t en ba par eollen daip Iaphael
llelbrt ave Ie, inrarouv.mentla rni -r trontvent.
ine. Pe plos. Ins earl .eri sa v int',- etant ulr et
appartenantala plnt"'tlin. n hlia halt dIe rite:-,
1. Pain. negro hammn, .age de cinquante-neuf ans.
2. Cerela ni-'e hlomme, age de e'nquante-un ans.
3. Wllium. neere Ionmme a eq tarante-quatre ana,
4. tTarra naernohmm." ag'eqr Inaranteoneufan'.
5. Oreville. negre hlntlme. a.e d]e trente-nll ans,
6. lenry, negre homme. age de trente-six ans,
7. George, dni charpentier. do trente- n :'na.
8. l'a.,in, nezre hnlam. agn e de vingt-sept ans.
9. John, di, forgernn. ae do ving;:n-sept ans.
10. Jean, blese d'nln niain, age -Ie viang'-tipt an-.
ii. Edlwardl, negre hemmne age de vinget-, nx ans,
12. Detail. negre h -mme. arn de dix-neuf ans,
13. Ben. eg, e hinmmnn. age do venzt ans.
14. Rosette, nmme, agee lde q:arante qlatre ans.
15. Ellen, aemme. agee de vr.ngt-neuf ans, et ses
quatreenItans. -avoir:
1. I'hilomene. age neuf an',
2. lave a-et.e Oe;t ans,
3. Ferangois, ague do ea:q ant et
4. unenlfant.
16. Mathilde. negrette, agne e onze ans,
17. Mart. a. negreace. age te vingt huit ans et
ses trois enfans, havoir:
. Joe,. age de nat nuai,
2. Philppe, age de quatre ans.
3. Ia an, age de denx ans.
18. Zeha. negresse, (m:ladive) agee de vingt-cinq
ans et sea tr,,is elnfalns. -avoir:
1. ;ill, age de neufan.,
2. Peacky. agee dc trrisans, et
3. Panietl. anged cin, anu.
19. Rolsalie, negnesee. agee de vingt-trots ans et
ses deux enfinse, seavoir:
1. Jingo, (alIlige) age de trois ans, .
2. et an ennft,nt. J
20. lakty, negaSnne, agee de vingt-huit ans at ses
trois en'au, savoir:
1. Jimmy. age.de sept ans,
2. Victor. age de quatre ans,
3. et un petit enfantt.
Fanny, mu'e, . Rosa, mule.
Nancy, mule, Juliat. na:e,
Dave. ch val, Tnom. cheval,
-tephen. cheval, (Iharley cheval,
lash, cheval, George. cirevalt
Jim ('now. eh -ral. Brighit t eBuck. b:neufs de
tire. Une pair "' tto. Jolly nanl S lot. Troin vaches
at veaux Un llt de moutons. Un lnt de cthelnlnns
C' lot tie charsettes Cu lot de charrue.a. CU lot
'e hacbhes. Un lot de pelles et pinchea. Ca -l.t -e
bois de chaulage. 'n lt de m:tie . ine paille. Un It
de fain. Fuarnituredo maison at de cuisine.
Viugt Actiona dans le c:emin de fer de Baton Rouge
Grosse Tete Railroad Compaiany.
Terms et conditions de vente.
Les enclaves asront vend 's un lfinle a. ptant. et f
Ia hbln:nce payable en quatre termes cgaux, satr le
premier de Mars de chaeun des anneen 1861, 1862,
133et 1864.
Ia moreen Nu . 1 (par inrentaire) ou I'babitation
ic-i wc c -c, "i t e ,:tl 1.", r ~ , l-1
bt .`. o. i, ,l,, t,, . r, it111"" n 1110 . :ae.''I - ,
II < b'ttl - i' - I -c; cn, I. I -, ---c-1cu r a*t Ir ut-
.' -c-qtei. l t",!,-rcct..c c ,i11-c: Imfcii t -irIel 'etfi
V-ct le,._.. . \-r . "i l Vr -"! cceicc u : c J rt ;cct :t ,ii"i "t
conncc pccc I.'icc."ic-ine n 1 i'"'a -cdc;..cca' lat i c ,. I ,t
1'. , III 1u1,!,'l.I c toil!la. r 11 I1 ,,I;:::I .11, :1:,,",
;i~ i `\liicit.trtitrieii Se i\~cy~piuticeque retinue
VUC IS terre ci len ..cl jn qu au pict 41 ' final.
O'ie1t'.i tc l:V u a"- "n'~ 1\ :10 D..S.
ParnIlac d Uiaeat Datum Ilouge.
tinn- rIt, ~e le ,ia ruee1"ion"r dTeren` e Du-1aouyc,
diec c. N8~.547
~Y ccn'c`C S0at a m i ccni'c.-cc c'Rnn
EIt:!lir t1i e-1.:' . ,l. cli ut tct c:cttttre CcII
unI," ., c e .rti.. ý " ". .nta .I- SPitante CSta
:4- ," n n," ur , I,:, 1.1:,-t rte ,"t :.1 at ! o:t
Stnied, JFcvl, :vlle~ 0 tou
I11r: ntit .rnn '-u cc rue -e", tat. f-- I -nn
,!.nt 'In 1ti,, t ad bc\t.- ",c tIccrinit ni -ciiieb' i
le Ju·.. idr: q vru, b el ilL ,-I,( fit flit. i1: li.:l. . a I11f1!
icu~-i t:~ f~; il.r Ir ci~ cr l ii ·· crcccc'tecc ect]~ ccc1·:
c" ii ear"" 1-cett e parmi--e, p ortent trre a tere Ees a
ra',in d Ipur t p t - c sn par a drepuiqecI, ' a CP jas
pat- de" ci'A)-1 ttji ni cip c i ra ccc inp tcteque retenli
en ban tere Cehrtt sclai i juh wiq t in p imnt fint
tuen-nc. aton PotlX . I an. 7. I 6ri. l . i.
1'accj- d-entcti BatlonI R eii ii.
colt',DU S XEMS DSIlt1 r JUD LAIr r
Ilan- tafitehi Tutrice. P t pablo a l'offici lTer Ihe r luo iu
dc celj~eiaae.~r pi ncetantlatcre~l a· raico de~er~ ii !;
pci~t .~lr Bf 4~ihr aedeen ar .pr5:4 clscce jnanii
p aiht.tre h i-ticeque et 'ti t Il--il 'Ia- e ,iicure lrte
nut ,laditeck dujcicjuau paimt .l IrIit I. del
;,nor It !it(- ,:era' ar et. ,I, rar ,'ir~r :ii·- ··t en
r , t , " pub :ii~ ·~vlue a l ~ l pt . til , , l e !I,.\, i-;eb' erris
,ou r a la s rlm nda!zrtir Its lieu Cott(- p'ari "~
Slara edt. Wll? L !it
Ones1: Barton Al.cX. Ian.p rit-tO. r:teel(,.
Pn"', ant a of ar sn n"_ 1: L ,1 ,,""1"I r X1:..,il.
l iX Fline Dim:nt,'.an, t iCIo~tnr Ccii c t. "",ifh
Icc nuenued'cccecc~e Im Ictrcet rar.ltccite chicialeci c
[)ton a ) ; \il'~l \ t aecin .ttitniciee-tt
-ti-c ceticc; e i t t -- i, ''lIT
-Ie ccci the is recicce iii l.r ;a i, ~~
imneit,"hurll .1 rita 01 Fi~l-ebl'u e.i a I~bll"t
fctllcieira-c 'cIce. aal trnair l I,-cerdti~ci,t plre
de etici -iiiae Clran i- te- t aic raiao idei pit-it1
a --" Raiitocnc Rou ccianii c0. cci a Iclir ac
'SPATE: OFc iOt lAce
. SI3V icc- n~ cci tt- i-c- ccc ti-j--t RT. -tc
elte.- ii "IT -r:r i- irtt~ toi nice i rc ctcc - inbih
t ci" cite an t uitic,?,i paice i lita!1 'ta1 "ac e iii.b "1r'
for .1tl at pIbit a ccccictin - ti r It1-cit f .ap e t "
der on~ th rnic e nt~,plii.1
Sturc.' 1i1tc Rnccc Febn uary, 1860
P°ente a i'Encan.
Successions de Thomas Mille, et sa
'emnwo, .alifne. tpls denlX decedes
Par ll'11-1L jL BERT, Adninlst,atenr
des tilts Scceastloxta.
S( EIn. V END L'¼,:cn l.hi:.,,l, t VENDIlEDI,
Il e 1, 7 I l .e r!, r. 1t60. d 11 I ances A:. 7.. en vertu
,len ordtre de 1'Hn,,a l, C'or du Vlxi..lh D!inirtct
.Ju:itciiirn de 1' -tat dae lia Lni-lanie. en it Iour ai
' ,t,i-se ti'lh rville, ctte 11 Janv-- r iSl. l-.s ;prpri
ei',.s ci-a; ,re's - ci tt s; In mniti tIndcit i-e deI quq llos
anllarti-nt aux a..l;t" succe<si- n. et I'auntle telll,li
i Fnule ii. rt nidaL. rrlan-i tt as l: plartois-e .:e Wet
Baton tllL ge. ule certatue titbiiat,-,itt. lt e ,lan- ln
prciisse ie Wtitt l;;tan ttio.ge, cultivie Iin uier. ct
e nullsrnl.us le nali de "" M\arl.no,"' et complllO.e des
Ints :ie TERRIIE cri- itprs ti0Crits:
letr Iln certaiin it de turre -itu; dnIns la paroiise
dte \'e-t S;ato, {olla e. nl,~uil-lta t ,h-.-i pt arper"':.
main.. tren. t pieda .., lie a ti " ' taicois ilti. treec
ie r" l r hfn.ienl:" -I"" heilc--at. t ,tnrlpvil. I lus on mnilu
reitr't iilne' partlrls. bLrti- eia hi at par Il teirre i te
Plerre (.ranger,. ie enll ha. s -ar cell dei Trevilli lIan
ldry, et cintellanlit ai pe,-l,; i ix c-nt vinllt et un ar
vents de superticte. es.entlhlt atvec tiutes les batines
et :amlit:ationn .p.lip f attenant.
2 i n autre certain lot di terre. situ6 dins la dite
parois.e ie Went Batnn Rouge, jnoignalnt la terre ci
desnas d;eiiie. i-tant In double concestion d'icl:Ie.
mne-urant treize arpent:ns, mains trente pieds de face,
atie" IIIO pritiindeturdequaiil:tran iternt<. entre lignes
aiall i,-"s. eionte:ant cinq cent dluze arpets, plusli
inu In jilt. Ide supei itce', trii- on cLuat liar lat t'rre
-Ie Pieure- Guranger. en bias Ipa celle de IihrvilletForrlet.
et en arri;re pa:r terre de I rinarel l'etPrcn in. et au
tres terre. ap;.artenant nux dites i slnec'-.siuTrs uet Ian
ilt, II Triillidld ie-nemble avec toutes les amecliora
tion; p aI:part-nalnt.
Sma" UII ialltr errarin tlot de tere situi- aunsi dean
la ite patryiee de Went I'alon o{illpe, t ,tiiiilie 4I'a
Iu'pr- It' lt lal de Ria veeur lde Teri es I'ubliqules, mnne
-tal.t i t-- quarlt Sud .i t td in cctiL 31, ,tait d l
Towniltip \I I Inl lanse XII Est," et contenant cent
quarnute .ept 64-100 acres.
4dte l.ii autre certain lot do terre -.ituc nussi
daa.s la pTarneise de West Iatrn Rouge. et desirni
t'l:prirs a l'atente "comme ttanlt les lots Nlnmeros
un, dceux. cinq. six, setpt. huit, nelif, dix. onze, et
'nuze dr- la ecitcn 32, dasa le Tonishllp II'. du
I'tape XII EMst, cunteniant cl peu preis trols cent deux
38-100 acres
Los lSCIAVES ci-apri s discrits, savoir:
Panicel naphn, ni-are nata de vinlgt-six ann,
J lil, r.ipglesse agi'e de vingt-six ani,
(nCharles mith, ni-gre agt de trente-qiatro ans,
tnancy li.pgreee a.n.e de vilgti-sept lirs. i :n:ladive)
W -.l-ing.an. n a.ir e (nylnt an tlerni) age e 339 ans,
Maria, nI;grtesse a de trcente-un ans,
Peter, li"gree :age de trete-six ans,
Anllltile. (ayant uan cantcer) agie 41 ans,
Big Henry, nigre .gi, de t rente-t rai nus,
.Mary. ni-gresae ai e d- e 31 ans. et ses deux enfans,
Carol:ne. age ee dtrois anas,
Josiah. l'un an,
Geo. Itarrisoti, nitgre agedede qurante-quatre ans,
Matilda Hird. ne'rit -a- de qularante-~ix anns,
Daniel tains, ni-gre age ,e ving ueufans,
Jlne wi.rlesie reice -d." vlnit-uln ana,
Al - (ek roiss. i;a-e niag de trentc-naeuf ni.
Alley. ni;nresae (tre mla ittlv,.) a.ee ,li 34 ans,
Jantes All.n, libre a:i; dli trenate-uu ans-.
Ann, ni-greise -agie de 21 ans. e.i ,n enfant I moit. ¶
('lias lireiid. uiric( nyatint tiiep heri:e) agi ite 4dl9nns.
nMargueritte. ngigre-,e agie de 39 ans, et sun enfant
" ,arti". algi Iquat ire anny.
1il i Jack uti"re a; e de cinqlante-qeatre ans,
Janle altet. ni-grelse lage die i-inqun:te--itx ans,
Ilack fJelf. net1g'e c, ." trente-nenf at s,
Malthil.la ata'th. iI; tresa-e agee de 32 ans, et son er.
fant. iiazTrite Igee utin an,
liia/une Henry, n."ire de trente-un ansn,
1.ittl3, Margaret. (avec un cancer) :,gee de 38 ans,
Horace Brown, negre age de trente ani,
Suzan, negresne agee de 30 ans, et sea den eifcant.
J .!u,l.: ag,, ":e cin.| :in , et
.,-n.ana. u lq: e deux :in;, f
I,.t tai . (Inalt,:1') t;;r ; agi n de cinlquatnt e-un an..
lin.,'ri,,,., lli-e) ti;,ie s-e de tcen ie-hait arn,
;'n1 ( r, -, Iarte dtt cin t-se; t ann,
] ~,,llf ,.; i;,r ·-e :.a e ,e v ingt .,1,1 r .']t ' et .on en
"int. II ·,r .l a3 ,i4lpr an..
I I .ilr J llv4. H oii aI. . .i' ( lt i n. ii- f a ,1"
Szz" , , . niil -re 'lcl .i , t i a. ,
.,h; t. ;, u a P. a .d+';tr a: i t t i. n.
i'!;t etL. : 'ii, lllr e ;IL,;, ,tie ,: r;. - n I't" v . , !
1.n :, ,.e l..rrln r ni.e : ,., '. ,R n " :,,- i : .t: . .
litle l lnI' i 're . . , *, l:t.i t:.i ir,- a
l lt It'- .nt
e tan it -iei - lle tl , tii . i ,a1
(;lt Icen. (a la t on hr' ie) a. l d o (;rl a.anle ant
a.ir. t i-o a-Ii 0 tre mirt
1 mllund, i ;' cg i' .:" tug.0 n ht ; h ;ie :.T:s,
t(ha,. lcA. n l e u , ai a tI , 'i ,uar l ie i an a,
Little t en, n. gn e age n vin.et-,s u . (testtopi,,)
. t't Ilt. ,,-c " : ci " a ri ti-c at- c
11il Ion, I t . r x a ce d at, - n -Ize 't I -t
,t a.. -ienr- . latiline :t_ a , l," tIr ena n-I te a. ci
na . ettn c t-:tiw, qn:t:ti l ,int l i,-s -a -tn:
Tretp-a t - ,it nal entI: ,do e. it a' .il arne : !i-dux el -
valix: ,eac.r mac la t a. tin te) ,la- . -i-,,: ' 2,ain,,n
lun lot " i-tIc : ull.t . .e fi 1n , et ca n
g.,T ut.-' 1' r.,,, 2rii'tis cti-des-us decries, seront
vendue, enr bloc ou inybb,.i y
Lac Le.n eelaven c1 ap:ls decitai et apaartenaut
excelusiven1t aux ditei suece-sions te Thdomas V inle
et ra ftmme. lIanlne i)upuy. ton; deux a deaetdes, et
no fka nt pnas iaarti." it c tie- ex:teant entre
l'tl ma, Mille e; ti-adle li . 'l'r;nidad. seniet veudlus
spatrtecat ent tiulape-dan.bac de ' habitation. Cte
J.hnson, tn'avant q 'tun veil) itbgrenagb de 29arns,
Ad.line t (ir t il-cl.e,:i te) cr-- aait-. a de 4 ans.
!far i,'tte I 11. ,.'es-e agle de *5. ,ns, et .on
en ant act e de tri is n.uis.,
L.t.cy, .1gresae a.ge dle 45 ans.
Terms et Conditions de la Vente.
Le prix de chaque adjudic .n, payable un quart
do pritx COMPTANT , le jour de la entei; lan balantce
., tris l,:t menty egath, un tiers dant uu an. un
t;.-r; .tan.s deux ans, un tiers dana trois asc du jour
or lat vente.
L,."- a,.quoreurs fnrniront leurn billets en co,.pons.
en st,- . -,t lt .'atisfactin des parties idterresbes,
pirtat:t imnret ia hail I cur cent par an du jourde la
St',te. seront faitc payable alu bureau du Iteanrder de
la pam,,i-e d berviile, et hyp],theque speciale sera
1.,, e : ur le; I rlprietea-s vudu.u s.
#i-g , vent, aura lieu sur In dite habitatien,
oni]e t ratonTn To,,n ..T:J n. 111SGO. n,,ho:nstrateur.
alretion Sale.
Success'on of Thullas j e "#e &his
wife, Pauline Dupny, bot, dec'd.
By MI(:IIEL HIEBERT, Admlnilrator of
said S.ncesslon.
\\' II. be sld at puhl:c auction, on Friday, Febru
`s ;11y :T it. 16-0, at 11 u'cl.ck. A. 1.. bI, ant in
per-L'`.:m': ,.: i.l .q'de'r f omnl the -ion. tlhe .'-xth Jush
. i< ,,i-i is:t tn t of , nsui ts ia, in and !-r the l'.arih
, :,rt.1-:.I , h--ringdat-. tof.anunary 1i . i&'i 2-.
fol:l·oinl · e-e:l -e i pro] er'l 'lie one lli ovided Iball
lo aiichl bhelngs rt said cucce--ion, and the -,thr.i
Slit .e !i {.'! t 1 - mile I. Trimnidad. arei!ent :f West
:.l.t.on 1 o..ýe.
1-'. A c :tain plantal:ti or tract of i ndI ituatel
1 ini aw he,'in.g in the t ari-h of West l'ton l:ouge,
e:l Iti te as ati sua' e-tate, and omm'tnl:yl called tihe
r-nFoC I ll.ltlttoll. land connpie.d of tlhe following
2.1 A certaiin trat of land situated in the sa:d par
-th of 1e-It i-att-n isougi, measueing seanti'in ar
f .t', e- thirty l et front -in the tier \lis-i-sippi.
with thel deptlh of thirty-even airents more or le· .
ULotteeo 1 iraiel line,. ht.n ed lt:te bi la ds
'ietre G.,;orer. anil below liv lard;. of Treville
.niy, ant cntaini:ig Lbout iix hundlredand t;e:
t.-' -ulertic:Iall arpeot togetlsher withall and sin:u
lir thei ' utdis, ftixture- a-i imnprosements on anti
apes t,.siniag to.id t- :titi i , I ntatiin.
:i. a ,t.. th,-r certain tract I : !.. l ail-o situated in
the sai loarlsh of West nBton ihoue inmendiately in
at r of ;he It; t of land above dec-riCbed and be
it- th!e l., able cncee-sion thereof. me.-urinm thir
ltos - i, ntls I as thiriy feet host. with the d-,th ai"
,rt" ari tr . Letweeu ; arailel lines, alt. -i five
hun,!r, "! a,;i twelv- nripento more or lets. hounded
.:La i\ lads tni 'ltere (,Uanger, below by i.ands of
vi-ilh." Flret. and b 'ck by those of Hernard I'eyron
Ii a.a.l oher tenails of tile said uccessiona and umile
I. Irii'l.isi, till. tl!e imlarovemenlts tla ent on.
4:i.-.: thlor traet o loand also sittuated in the said
iPatn-h of lciet Baton iHouge and dls guited as poi
,.---:-.- , -" ,t e;pt .it It in; the Sout, h l ast qu.hrtt-r ofr
°-etiol thirty-one. in 'lT.wn-lip reten of R.ai ge t ele
:i-t and containing one hun ired and s:rty-seven
65th. et of land sitlnted in the said Par
I-I of lel wiage. an-i de.-is:yired a pier lat
eat as tbeinag a one. 1cc. tofie, ix. ,even, eig.it.
nine. ton eleven and twelve, of section Thirty-two
SIn't,, n-hip -even o f lange twelve 1.art. containing
about ti.ree iiun hedl and two ic-100ncres.
fibh. Tl'e tllos ing named and described slaves, to
laniil .aaho. negro aged 2t years,
-d.1,1lia, ngrel .i a',-i -- 6 years,
c',:at les >mith. negro aged 34 ears.
Nalne, aegre-s, (tot sounds) aged 27 years.
\t'ai-hington. (ruptured.) negro aged thirty-nine
lMatia, negre's aged thirty-one years.
I et r negro aged thirty-six yearn.
Augustine, negress (having a cancer) aged forty
ons ge-ar?.
fitg lenry, regro need thirty-three ears,
Mary. negress aged thirty-nine years, and her two
chilt ! ,..1,
Carthne. aged three years, and
Jtoi:.a aged one year.
;George llarrifoni. negro aged forty-four year-,
MathiPa llird, negress aged fort? -six years,
Jane, negress aged twenty-ore years.
Alex Cross, negro aged thirty-nine yoars.
Daniel Davis, negro aged twenty-nitae years,
Ally, negress (not aonun) ated thirtyo-our years,
James Allen, negro aced thirty-one years.,
Ann negre.s aged twenty one ears, an' her infant,
Charles Beard, negro (ruptured) aged forty-nine
Margaret, negress aged thirty--nineyears, and her
child Charity, aged four years,
Olt Jack, negro aged fifty tour years,
Jane Cadet. negtess aged fifty-six years,
Flack Jeff, negro aged thirty-nine years,
lat nilda :m:th. negress aged thirty-two years, and
her cill Jlazarine, aged one year,
'incayune Henry. negro aged thirty-one years,
lttle Margaret, (not sound) negre.s aged thrty
ebi.t year,,
it-race Brown, negro aged thirty years, Is
Sasan. negress aged thirty years, and her two t'
chiblren. .Inmy, aged five years, and Joshua, age(
three years.
I.:tr ill, (not sound) negro aged fifty-one years.
Hlar riette (we-.kly) aegressaged thirty-eightyears,
B,-n Creole, negro aged twenty-seven yea,.,
tDolt y. negress ag di twenty-seven years, and her
child Carnelius, aged one year,
Leonard ,l ones. negi-li aged twenty-nine years.
Kezay., negress aged twenty-five years, and her
chill Louisa. aeted one year,
tloe. (blacksmith.) negro aged thirly years,
Mtadiumn. negro aged fifty years.
ltack Sam. negro aged Ibrty two years,
James cadet, negro aged fifty-four years,
J-ihn Richard, negro aged thirty-six years,
Henry Hultllm, negro ag, d thIrty f-tur years,
Ilt-ls Michel. negrol as'ed sixty one 3 ear.,r
SJohn, negro aged twenty years,
old lien. negrol aged fifty years, (badly ruptured.)
('azar. negro aged thirty-tiur years,
Edward. nearo aged twenty-eight years,
('harles Wickuan, negro aged iiorty yeara,
Little Ien-, se-arro ared twenty-two years, (crip
.rlei Bid, negro aged fifteen years;
Wilson negro aged sixteen years,
James Hienry, negro aged fifteen years,
£ic A Lierge qualntity of moveable proterty,. to-wit:
Thirty-eight mules, twelve heads of horned cattle,
two hirses, tiur blitnd mules, nineteen heads oal'hgs,
one lit -It corn, one lot of hay. The Iatrmiug utensils
in ct all mov ablil -n and attached to said planta
ti,,n, it full dencription of which will be given on the fo
day of salit. The whole of the above described prop
eric wll Ite s, 11 in block ,.r in Glbo.,
The Iollowing namted and described slaves belong
ilg exelusively to said Succession of Thomas Mille
antil his wife I'auline Iaput, both deceased to-wit:
Johnson, negro aged twenty-nine years,
Harriet Bell. negress aged twenty-five years, and
her infant child,
Lucy, negress aged forty-five years, a
Adeline, negress aged thirty four years. (very
the said slaves last abov6 described-to be sold esp
Terms and Conditions of Sale.
The price of each adjullication payable one fourth
of the price in Cash, the balance in three annual in
-taltmo.nt, from the day of sale; that is, on-third in
ene ytea'. .ne third in two yrars, and one-third in
thiree vs-rs fi'slm tLe dar of sale, with interest at
eiht Ier cent. per annum from the day of sale till
i.aipl, speenal mo rtgage retained on the property, pur
chasers to give n,,te. in colons and endorsed to the
satisfaction of the i arties interested, and to be made
i:la vable at the Office of the lRecorder ct the Parish of
hair to take llaee on the premises.
')it 'liE I-EIIElliRT, Administrator.
°e-t ti:;ton ]toge. January 14th, 1860.
In matter i f the Suecession of John Fussell, dec'd
No. 546.
r11[l:' F,:' l, icrl ard lirinrahan, Curator of said
'I r -ei-, , trhs i !o l I:nl account and tab
: ,; u . .i ' r :,i I in the sai r e.
\i";, i- ].e,.by tguien that all legal oltposition to
1II- ilomologati,,tntf s:aid, account and tableau must
be iled iln th olire of the Clerk of s.ld I arish withihl
thirlry days fIrinctile first public-.tion thereof.
W. I. Ci1.tMIlMERLIN, Clerk.
C'I: i.'; fice,. January 19th. 1860.
Paroisst de Oueat Baton Rouge.
Dans l'afaire tde la Suhccerion John Rausnel, decedee
No. 591.
TTrENDU qu" Richardl Hanral an. a enregistre un
_ "tProt 'viro:re de son Administration dans
L.i ,te i u, cs..'on
A; i. et par cee presentes donne que toute opposi.
tion l'-gale a l'homologation do dit C(Omple. soit en
r..ti-Ie dani e bulreau do (Grefser de c-tte paroisse
danis i. trente.jours qui suivrunt la premtere publi
c o.tion de cet a.is.
Bureau du Grelier, Jan. 19th 1860. Greffier..
BY virtue of a proclamation of His Excellency
Robert C. Wicklitfl, Governor of the Stateot
.io liiana. of date the 17th of January, 1860 order
ing an election to be hell on Monday, the 20th day of
February next 1860-for the purpose of.choosing as
Asociate .lJut ice of the Second Supreme Court flid
irict if s.i I State. to fill the vacancy occasioned by
the resignation of the Hon. James L. ,Clea;Awoociate
Justice for said District, of which thais'Pai ih forms a
part. - , " .. a '$ , x.:
For Cut off precinct at . the house .of UTelien
Raffital- .,7
Commisstoners-Jiaver Hebert Vileneuve 7Tiuter
and Marcelin ioiron. "
For the Court ilouse precinct, at the Court
Commissiners-Alexander Barrow, F. R. Allaln
and H. J. Ilyams.
I'or 'ruly Landing precinct, at the Coffee House of
Tras. Bourg & ci
Crommiss:oner sg-&Feli- Hebert. Frank Williams and
Frame A. Woodls.
For Idobdell ' precinct, at 'the store ofJ. F.
Tci,.eaui- .. -
'armmnissmerei- . Lobdell, B. W. ClarkiLnd
J. F. Tacneau.
For the I'oydras pr the School House of
he 2n , bchool I)tricst-
Cuomniui sioners-Hugh on Tardias
andJun'.'' iieaunshamp.
The polil at each precinct te*
o'clock, A. ,B., until 4 o'cl-ck P. IG-`
b- conducted ad ti returns to be made by sa. Coin
misiuoers. in all respects according to the pro
c-;fus uof the (n',nttitution and laws in such cases
made and provided.
WM. WHITE, Sherif.
West Baton Itouge. Jan. 19th. 1860.
Paroisse d'Ouest Baton Rouge.
.N vertu 'une proelamation de son Excellneece,
SR.C. \icklil'e, Gouverneur de ia Louisiane, ea
date dlu 17 jour de Janvier 1860, one election sera
t:vnue, Lundi le _0me jour de Fevrier prochain; 1860,
pour elire un Juge Arsocier de la Cour Supreme du
.ad lIit:trict de l'Etat suodlte pour rcmplir la vacance
, ,rca-noane par la resgnation de t'Honorable James
I.. Cole. Juge As.oocier du dit aistrict pour lequel
cette paroisse en fait partie La suadite election sera
teonue omme suit:
Au I actnirci-a Ia maison de tzelien Raffray
Comnesionaires--Janvier Heb-rt, VilleneuveTuilller
et Marceliu Doiron.
Au lIruly Iauding- u cafe de Tras. Bourg & Co.
Cmmisconsirres--FetiC Hebert. Frank Williams et
a'rnre A. \\oods.
.\ la malnon de Cour de cette paroisse
C'mmis ionaires-Alexander Barrow, F. R. Allain et
II. J. Ilvamn.
A l.iib' "!'t Stnre-au m'gazin de J. F. Tacnea-
r'omlmnisionaires-Ltouis S. l.obdell, B. W. Clarke at
.1. F. l'Tanegu.
Au Bayou Piy'dras--a 'Ecole du 2mePistrict
Cotnmi-sionaires-tl. S. Flynn. Edouard Nurlin at
Je,i I lh .eacihanmp.
L.> crutin a cbs-uun des siudits precinets sera
ten a ,iui et de 9 heures a. M., jusqu'a 4 heures P. g.,
I'e l-ctiton devra etre tenue. et les tetours devront ea
etre 'tits ainsi que le requierent la constitutitution et lsa
lois y avant rapport. IWM. WHITIE,
Ou -t Baton Rouge, Jan. 21. 1860. Sheri9.
The Eaten Reaue Cheap
On Lafayette Street.
IS the place to get a fine picture ; one that will not
We return our thanks to the citizens of Batdn
Rlouge aid vicinity for their liberal patronage, and
promi-c to continue to use all our skill in taking a
eO0nD PIetrCRE and at a FAIR PRICE
Our fiieds are invited to call and examine speci
mens at any time. If the pictures taken in our gal
lery are lot superior to any taken in o'her Galleries
in this city, we do not ask your patronage. If they
are, ii is to your advantage to give us your patron.
We shall endeavor to please our friends.
till and us over Asher's Store, on Lafayette
Street. Eaton Rou.e.
January 26th, i860. L. T. DAVID.
A LL persons wishing to exchan:e old looking
glasses for now ones, can he accommodated by
calling at my establishment on Main street, near
Jan. 21, C. G. WILSON.
R ANAWAY from the Plantation of Belcher k Tan
ner, on dayou lMaranguin, about six weeks ago,
a negro man named BILL, Copper-colored, about
five feet six inches high. square shoulders, chunky
built, very fiat nose, and has several scars on his
legs. The above reward will be paid for his delivery
to the plantation, as abcve.
Jan. 14th-2tpL BELCIORR k TANNER.
Fruits and Nuts.
o BOXES in Branay.
10 Cases ' le, in their own juice,
5 Cases, assorted fresh,
20iioxes Raisins,
30l'oands Currants,
2 Bales Soft Shell Almonds, for sale by
b 1 Barrels Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon,
10 casks Iresh iBacon Shoulders.
10 casks Stagg's sugar cured Hams,
20 boxes Varmicelli,
20 boxes Macear,ni,
60 bags fine Salt-large sise,
5000 yards Kentucky Bagging'
1 bale Twine,
100 barrels Cape I.ime.
100 barrels Alabama Lime.
100 barrels Thomaston Lime,
25 bags Plastering Hair,
50 barrels Cement,
25 barrels Plaster of Paris,
10 barrels Crushed Sugar, Loveriag',
10 -' Powdered
10 kegs Gun Powder,
100 bags assort.d Shot,
20 dozen Buckekt, assorted colors. Mustard
'ickles, Pepper, and many other articles, all for sale
foi at thl, warehouse of
Old Rye Whisky,
Old Ijonongahela,
Old Western Reserve.
A few barrels of each of the abroe brandaWhlaky
ao hand. Call soon, or your chane 1elect.
Oct 25 sass BAB-fr BcN3)UM

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