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Hon. Salmon J'. Chase has boon
j, nominated by the Republicans of OtiL
j o r (jovt'i-iiur.
,' iiuO'br.'cb/tlliS, cV.''.
jg&y AiiHoiiiiOCUitniy ul Candidates foi
dice one dolkir each, invarubly iu ad-
tiiitoiiiu'eiiiotit. -U'h HI- ■ authorized
t'i jiwiioao t* DAN KAkkR. of Ulysses. as a
• fi liilaH- lor too office ot PI'OTHtfNttTA KY,
(• ! to the d< cihon ol lire Republican
Feiutry Coh\cation *
For the Journal.
1.-' not E. Lyman the man for County
Commissioner? Ji- is a liriu advocate
for temperance and Republican principles,
of good rejHirt, and the best town oliit-er
iu Swede 11. Cntil he changed his poli
tics, he was the leader in town business,
now he is not tit fur a member of the
Hoard. I believe he can get rlie nomina
tion, if Home one will speak for him, on
tie 37th, when the delegates meet in con
wiition. If there he no objections in
voiir mind, would it not be proper i'or the
Journal to announce his name lor that
/ulice nest week. 1 lease do it.
11. L. BIRD.
I'. H. lVunis Hall, and others pro
ciosed his name last year but he refused
Jur ginl remtons, lie will now comply
with the wishes of his friends.
Met'UltMli 'K- ihtOU N LMK.—In Sylvauia.
Nt the re-.denee ul 1 lie bride's father, on the
llthiuM.. In He v. J, Jjiiidriik. Ma. Rouinn
\l, I'oitMiek ami Miss Jane ltaowvcEK, hotli of
yew York City. ;;
Co i| jr?por! Cri:c~C i|n* ji)i,
Corrected \\eci;ly Jur the Journal,
M 230011 MtSJE! & J
lhct<r* in Ih ij (,'uuJs, (,'rocei iu, jiuts 4' Caj>x,
Hoot* .j' Shot*, Cfockvry, fork, l\oui,
.I leal, .\oitorti, .Jr,, if,, Jl'0„
Fructt, suoecfiue, f bb!., - - >s,s oo
•' extra, •' yno
" '* - 30 00
• Ll, " - - - - 3 ao
no. iliAi, 100 lbs., 3on
r r:k. [U in., - - - j i;
• ■u. '• •• .... I I a
. iLLuV\, " u - - - - I*4 (a. i<
A ••>.. '• " .... li 7 (Tt ; i
Urns, " " - - - - 17
"n! ttl.. - - - If,
I'.sir ."Skis. u •• - - -
liiCLK Sl'iiitt, I'll , ... lOfu, 12
i'lujn ArrLiis, •• •• - - - 1-1
C Bushel, 2 50
White Beans, "p 1 •' - - 3 7)0
If. I'KWMtAT, " . . . (J*j
- . _ c,o(„
l us, " 44 - . - i
Kit, " ' . - - 7f,
I'IITrTOSK' .... _ _ _ 2't
Fs,s, p) Dozen, u
ll.\. 'p> Ton, - - $7 (it Soo
r> 1 i—— _
mmwwiuiiiiiiiiii...miii.Mtoiui,nmii,iiniut l MiHiiimmiii
White Teeth. Phuhmeij li.it: n ii vNi>'B::,tr-
T'fi'L t'oiil'LEXloN - e;tu be .•.Cijtlired 11v" using
t:i- "Ihtlnt ut a T/fii.l ni'l y/oten s. ' Wiuvt t.-u| v
ui grittkiueu would remain under the cui.se ol
!. ilutigiveable bre.itii. when by using tiiu
' : f. would not only render it sweet, but leave
'■'■ it l fill wb:l ■ as alabaster? M.uiv persons,
.iu? know their bre..th is bad. and tiie snu
jft i. so delicate their trieud> will octet' uieu
it. HeWare of counterfeits, he sure each
1 t'.lr is signed FFl'ltibnF at i.. N. Y.
for sale bv all Druggists. 1:."{7— l Onia.
>.•1.1 by Mlt'll A JoNdS, Druggists, t'ou
sport. i'a.
' n tl'L is iiereliy given that I'tupo
suis will be received at the Otiiue 01
i ; w town ( otioeil until the iirst <lav of
N "jite.nb'T next, lor tiu: building
"itlss then uuhuilt, in accordance witii
liir Ordinance passed .May Li."), I.S.iT.
b> Ordi'r of i own Council,
.Sec y. of Town Council.
' 'Hidersport Aug. od, ISbT.
J. 11KXDHICK. Principal.
phK Academic year will be divided into
A llireeTeriusoithirteeiiweeksea.il. Tue
' 'iu-r Term will commenew on MomVav. De
■: rr Sth, lSoti. The Spring or Summer
'""in wilt rommefice on Mond .y. Ajiril nth,
'■'< : and the Fall Term cu Monday, August
•'iu, ls.>7.
Tuition per term ul tinr.een weeks, as fol-
I ;
• <rv Studies—Reading, Spelling,
ile.iUl Arithmetic, Ac., - - $2 50
I 'Uiiiiuii Kngli'li itraucii —(leogra
i':,y, t/rthogrnphv. Arithmetic ami
b .'.miliar. - - * - _ 3 7f,
". "T Knglish Branches—Natural
'•nlusophy, Astruiiomy, Chemistry,
•' id Fr>t Lessons iu Algebra, - 500
' yw Maiheinatics—Algebra, (Jcom
. (!r f Ac., -' . ! 1 . t; 0U
V'l.ages—Latin. (Ireek, or French, t> bo
4v> >'ig, extra, .... •> 30
Music, extra, - . - lo 00
fer I'iii/nient Strictly in ,Ir/ro/nv,"fj-ia
"jlar. wlio can write legildy, wdl be
i'"'"lto present an original Compooitiuii
111 lw " weeks,; and mule scholars to dc
utice in two weeks.
" ■sr.; rau be obtained iu private Families
"'f)ilhge, or roouif ran be had in the
" l - v 'b v ajiplying to tiie Principal.
fur the past year, and it is
u M / Ult twfa-.ticm we anuouuee tiiat we
■ secure tiu- eoiitinuauce of
The flourishing condition of the
has hevu exhibited by a larger at
•S■'"ld u '" re goeral expression of sat
>t..r, " iui ( ' y er been experieucwl here-
| ll, l the Trustees flutter themselves
, ' " ' fenewal of liis engagement thev
'in, . ' M "K out the wishes of the patrons oi
1 U lli y thus favorably indicated, and
, fir that station a gentleman full*
p-nt',. ' ' to stl Ii!y the wants of an iutclh
-11 U mmunity.
'•Li ItKKS. President, 1
IL OYKHTON, .Ser'v. i H
l.f.W IS MANN. Treasurer, L
AMtgs French, i ?
<mi ( ] ,lhNK¥ J - <I.M>TKD.
14V VIKTIJK Of a writ of Levari Facias
sued out of the Court ol Couuiiuu I'leas
oi Pott r C'oiuity, I'cnit-vlvuimm, und to me di
rected. •! shall expose to public tfule or oiitgi v.
at * ii • i '<>■. t Louse it the iforough of Con
deipoit. on .'Monday, the L'i-t Jay uf ."Stintciu
her, lof> i, at 10 ol.H'k. A. ii.,
All tlie timber trees, of whatever spcfiie.s,
kind, or naturi, now growing nod uf the size
of tea inches in dinmc u? at the stump, or that
may grow ami attain io that s7z_- u.uing the
period hereinafter hicntiuuei-, on all the hc-re
iaait-r mentioned and described tract", part
ot tin t-. jitfVt-' or parcels of land -it; into in
the County of Loiter, ami State of i'er.usvl v.t
nia, containing. together, pt'iy Tiiou'saml
A res, aJiow mires A' - ., as to!]o\V.- t V./ :
tin >il. tn it certain truct or piece of lami
survey ill in pursuance ol' warrant, uujiib.'i
four tuoii.-aiiil six hundreJ and thir: v-two,
(4,lib-,} Containing nine hundrc i ami iiinet .
acres amj allowance of six per cent, for road -
Ac. ALSO -(.ht al! that certain tract or pie e
I>l lami sum eyed in pursuance of warm lit nuni
ber four thousand six hundred and thirtv-tbur.
(4.GJ4.) coutaiuiug iiiue hnudrcd and uimlv
acres and ail twanee of = j >; p.r c .oil. f,r ;o. J
He, ALSU—On all that ce.t.iin tract, jiiee.
or parcel ot laud surveyed in pirsaunce .l
Win rmt nuinber four liiou-und six bundled
and thirty-live, (4,1'.;.>,) coutoiu.iig nine hun
dred ami ninety acres and aiigwancc of six
per cent, for roads Ac. A I.SO— On nil thai
certain tract or piece of land smrveved in pur
suance of warrant number lour thousand s
hundred ami iT.rty-oiu;, (4.041.) containing
nine hundred and tsineiy acres and allowance
uf six per cent, for ru .us Ac. ALSO—On ail
Hint cm t tin tract or piece of land survey ed in
pursuance of warrant number four tfi iu-and
six hundred and foidv-;liree, 4,15414. containing'
n.ne hundred and ninety acres and allowance
of six per cent, for roads a-. AI,SO—On all
that certain tract <;j- piece of laud surveyed in
pursuance oi warrant number four tiioisand
s i hundred ami lorty-two. 4. tilth cunt lining
{line liumlred and ninety acres and allowance,
ot six pr ( cm. for roads Ac. ALSO—(J.i nil
thai certa n tract or piece of laud surVcvcd in
pursuance of warrant number lour tliausitndi
SIX hnudndand finty-cigiit, -LC-i&L coi.tiiiniug •
nine hundred and n.nety acres and allowance
ol mx per cent, tor roads Ac. ALSO—On al!
lliju certain tract or piece ol land surrcved in
pursuance of warrant number lour thousand
six hundred an 1 forty-nine. I.u4b, containing
nine hundred and timely acres HtiJ sliovvauct
of six percent, for roads Ac. ALSO—On all
that certain tract or piece of land surveyed in
pursuance of warrant number four thousand
six hundred and fifty-live, 4.boa. con.a.nine
nine hundred and nig. ly acres and allowance
of six percent, for roods Ac. ALSO-—On all
thai certain tract or p.tree ot l.wi i eitrvcv d in
pursuance of warrant number lour tfious nd
s:.v hundred ami fifty-eight. I.OoS, cootainiiic
nine hundred and ninely a/res ami allowance
ot six per cent, for roads Ac. ALSO Oil all
that ec! tain tract or pi< ce of land surveyed in
pur.iuaticc of warrant number four thousand
six hundred and Intv-iiinc, 4,<■ f. . containing
nine Jui.id.ed and i.iucly :.ces and allowance
of siT per cent, for roads Ac. ALSO -Uii nli
l ull cerium tract or piece of laud .siirvcvod in
purs ua ii *e of warrant number four thousand
six nuudred ami sixty-four. 4.'Jul, ooiitainiii •
nine ii imlrnl and ninety acres and allowance
i>: six per cent, for roads Ac. ALS J— On ali
til a t cert on t ray t or piece oflanu surveyed in
pursuance m w..r.s,iU ii.iur.ir io.it' Liousaud
-•ix hundred and six'y-fivg, L'J'Ja. r'uotafrii.ig
nine hundred and ninety acres and allowance
of six per cent, tor roads Ac. ALSO —On all
tist certain tract or piece of laud surveyed in
pursuance of warrant uumber four thousand
i.\ biiudred and sixty—ix. 4.i>d<j; containing
:iue hundred and ninety acres and allowance,
>f six per cent. fi< r roads Ac. ALSO—On ah
that certain tract or piece of lai d surveyed in
pursuance of warrant number four thousand
tix hundred and sixty-seven, 4,(U17. containing
line hundred ami ninety acres and allowance
A' six per cent, for roans AC. ALSO—On all
liar cert tin tract or piece of land surveyed in •
mrsuance of warrant number four thousand
ux hundred and sixty-eight, 4.dud. containing
line hundred and ninety" acres and ailowanc.
ji six per cent, tor roads Ac. ALSO—On al,
hat certain tract or •Merc of land surve .cd in
Mir.iu.incc of warrant number lour tiioiisim:
L.x hundred and s vent;-one. LOT I. contain
itg a tie hundred ami ninety acres and aliovr
tnce of six per cent, for roads Ac. AJ.SO—
.Li al! that cert • iti tract or piece of lami oir
.cy i.al in pursuance of warrant number four
hohfuind six hundred and s verity, 4 ?70.
•untilining nine Ini'idred am uihel v* aci .-a and
i.iow.tnce of six icr cent. f r roads Ac. AL
SO—On all that ccitain tract or p ecu oflanu
mrvcyNl in pursuance of warrant numb t
bur liiousand nine hundred ami thirty-two.
1.0 'd. containing nine hun Ired and ninety
teres and allowance ol six per ecu', for roads
.<", Al/SO—On all titut certain tract or piece
if land surveyed in pursuance of warrant Xo.
bur thousand nine hundred and thirty-three.
L'.LL't, containing nine hundred and ninety
teres and allowance of six per cent, for roads
Vc. ALSO—On nli that certain tract or piece
uf land surveyed in pursuance of warrant Xo.
l uir thousand nine hundred and t'.veut -nine,
M.'.'Mh, containing nine hundred and ninety
acres and allowance of six per cent, for roads
Ac. A LSI > —On all that certain tract or piece
of land surveyed in pursuance of warrant Xo.
lour thousand six hundred and eighty-four.
4.054, containing nine hundred ami niuetv
acres and allowance of six per cent, for roads
Ac. ALbA) —On all that ceruvia tract or piece
of land surveyed in pursuance of warrant Xo.
four thousand six hundred and eighty-five.
4.iisfi, cont lining nine hundred and ninety
acres ami all iwance of six per cent, for road ,
Ac. ALSO—On all that certain tract or piece
of land surveyed in pursuance of warrant Xo.
four thousand six hundred and eighty-seven.
4.U.57. containing nine hundred and niuclv
acres and allowance of six per cent, for mads
Ac, ALSO—On ajl that certain tract or piece
of land surveyed in pursuance of warrant Xo.
four thousand seven hundred and seventy
eight, 4.77K, containing nine hundred and
ninety acres and allowance of six per cent for
roads Ac. ALSO—On all that certain tract
or piece of land surveyed in piirsu inco of war
rant No. four thousand seven hundred and
seventy.nine, 4.77y, containing nine hundred
and ninety acre- ami allowance of six percent,
for roads A-. A LSO—On all that certain tract
or piece of land surveyed in pursuance of war
rant No. four thousand seven hundred and
thirty-four. 4.7154. containing nine hundred and
ninety acres and allowance of six percent, for
roads fic. ALSO —On all til It certain tract
or piece of land surveyed i:i pursuance of
warrant No. four thousand siv hundred and
forty, 4,01 d, containing n ne hundred and
ni/icty acres run! allowance of six per cent, for
roads Ac. ALSO—Ou nil that certain tract
or piece of laud surveyed m pursuance of war
rant No lour thousand seven hundred and
twenty-five. 4.72;>, contain tug niiie hundred
and ninety acres and allowance ot six per cent,
tor roads Ac.AA s O—On all that certain
tract or piece of land surveyed in pursuance
of warrant Xo. four thousand seven hundred
and s ven. 4.707, cont lining nine hundred
and ninety acres and allowance of &ix per
rent for reads A;r. \LfiO- -< ht all that cer
t im tract nr piece of land surveyed in pursu
ance jt warrant Y,<f. four thoUsfttd sev-a hun
— J —trtT' 111 111 ■! 111...
drtd and sis. 4,70tf. couiainiug nine buudretl
aiiii liiuc acres aud aHuii'iiicc ol six per cent,
for roads AALI>U-—On all that certain
tract or j>i- a ul land surveyed in pursuance
ot waJiuni No, luur tijous and seven hundred
and five, 4,75, "e/Uainiii.; nine hundred and
nine acre:, .-.mi ,11-jvvam-e .is p.r cent. I'ui
I,.ad• iCs ALNO -Oil ell that evttaiu tract'
ui p..-. e ul land a|trevo<l in pui iuaiu'e of vvar
r ut -N '• t>'Ui taouiujid -.even hundred. 4.700,
uiue hundred and ninety acres and
a iovvnnce oi six pei- cut. I.i roads &e. AL
NO—On ell that cert dn tract or piece of Jmd
■.arveyeU in par nance ul warrant No. four
t ions 'ir 1 . -i\ iiuudred itnd ninety-five, 4,005,
e iniaiuiiie' nine hundred audjjiu'elv acres ami
aliowauce of .ix p c r cent, for roads Ac. AL
•"O On ail that certain tract or piece of lunu
sai vviad in p:n urn. e of vvarr. ut No. four
tiioiiaiiud seven hundred and twenty-sis, 4,71' d .;
nine hundred and ninety acres and
allowance of ,:x per ceni. for loads sr. AL
-~o—tin all thai certain tract or pa ce of laud
surveyed in pursuance of warrant So. foui
t.iousaud . U hundred und sc vi iliy-five. 1.(J75.
containing nine hundred and ninety acres
and .-.liow ance of six per cent, for folds Ac.
ALNO--On nil that certain tract or piece of
t; ltd surveyed ui pursuance of wßrr.-ut So.
tour tilousaud seven hundred uud seVetily
sev en. I.i 77, containing nine huud ret] and
ninety acres and allowance u f sis per cent, tor
roads in. AJJ.-JO —On ail tiial certain tractor
piece ol J ind sul v e_> ui MI pursu.Tnee of w: rr ml
.vo. four ttious. nd six iiuudred and tlurtv-
U.rec, 4.(j.;a, c Jiitaiuiiig nine hundred and
utii ty acres and allow . nee ol six per cent, fui
rjiids Ac. A On all that certain tr.ici
or piece <>f laud survey-id in pursuance of
V'aliaiit No. t .Uj thousand six hundred and
iil ty , 4,0u0, conl 11 liiiig liiite liUiidl'id and li' ne
ty acres and allowance of s A p-„r cent, for
roads Ae. ALSO—-On all that certain tract
or piece of 1 nut surveyed in pursuance of war
rum No. four thousand six niuidr, d and se\-
eniy-lour, 4.0 i l. conuiimng nine hundred and
ninety acres and allowance of six jn r cent,
tor roads uic. AhfpO—Oil ail that certain
tract or piece of laud surveyed in pursuance
ot warrant No. lour thousand six hundred ami
jixty-anie, containing nine hundredj
and ninety acres uud allowance of six per
i cut. for roads Xx AL*iO Oil all tiuit cer
tain tj.iet or piece o! land surveyed in pursu
till*, c ui VY.IIT.AH I SO. lout' ttiuc
hundred l.iirty-four, 4 Ifif, containing
nitr.' hundred and ninety acres and allowance
ot s i x per cent fur roads Ae. ALMO- On all
Li.at pivcc of land. being ? x hundred and fortv
acres and allowance ot six per cent, for roads
Ac., O; a certain tract of laud surveyed in pur
lU-'.ui'C of warrant No. four t'oousaud six luui-
Jred and filly-one, 4,051. A!.NO On all liiat
piece of land, being six hundred and iiiuctv
uve teles and ailovv.uic.' uf six per cent, for
-oads Ac., ul a certain tract surveyed in
•in suuuce of warrant No. four thousand six
ill ml red and tifty-two. 4. a ad. ALSO—Ou all
unit piece ol iaijd, lieiiig- s'Veil hundred and
i net, acres an J allowance of six per cent.,
or roads Ac., oi all that certain tin tof html
iurvey ed in par. u '.?i euf warrant Ni. lour
iiuusaml -ii liuu .'red aijd lii'ty-s.x, 4.odd. -
AL.SO—f>n all that piece of laml, being
ivo liiitnlii 1 ami eightv-i wo ai res and al
ow un-' ul six Jim" cent. f r roads Ac., uf
i certain tract surveyed in puruaneo ul
>v inaiu -No. lulli" thousand si v liumltod
iml liify-scv. n, -I.tj.i7. AL.SU—(An all
hat piece > t i.iiui, being eight hundred
tmJ forty acres ami allowance uf six per
■cut. fur ruads Ac*., ot a certain tract stir
cd in pursuance of warrant No. four
huuaiid nine liumired and twenty-eight,
A liSp) —On all that piece of laud,
iciiiu; eignt hundred and fori\ acres and
dluwatice uf six jicr cent, fur ruuds Ac.,
d a certain tract .surveyed in pursuance
d warrant So. tour thousand nine hun-
Ircd and twenty-three, 4, ALSO—
)n aii that piece ot land being six lmn
lred and tiily-livc acres and ailuwancC uf
fix per cent. h>r ruads Ac., of a certain
fact survey d iu jui:>uauce of warrant
No. tour thousand seven hundred and
weuty-scve.n, 4.iN7. ALS'.) ()n all
hat Luc west-half, being tour hundred
iiul ninety-live acres ami allowance of six
cr cent. Tor roads Ac., of a certain tract
airv y: J in pursuance of warrant No.
our inouaaiid ix huiidijpd and filty-iuur,
f,L->L ALSO-—On all the west-halt,
icing t.iiir hundred and ninety-live acres
ind allowance of six percent, for roads
N'c., of a certain tract surveyed iu jiursu
mce of warrant No. four thousand six
lundrcd and iit'ty-tliree, 4,Odd. ALSO
—On ail that tract or piece ot land stir-'
,'cycd in pursuance of warrant No. four
lioiisand six hundred and eighty, 4,050,
•oiitamiiig nine lmncired and ninety acres
tnd allowance of isix per cent, for roads
N'e. ALSO —On alt that certain tract or
piece of hind surveyed in pursuance of
warrant No. lour thousand six liuudred •
uid seventy-three, 4,074, containing nine
hundred and ninety acres and allowance
it six per cent, for roads Ac. ALSO—
I)n all the west-half, being four hundred
md muety-live acres aud ailowauee ot six
per cent, tor roads Ac., of a certain tract
surveyed in pursuance of warrant No.
tour timusaud six liuudred and seventy
two, -1,072.
AND ALSO—The right of free in
gress, egress and regress, in up,on through
and over the above described tracts, piec
es ot tracts and parcels of lands and eve
ry part and parcel thereof, to fell, cut,
hew, bark haul and take away the said
timber trees from the said lands, and also
th e right to pile and store the said tim
ber trees on the said lands when cut and
divided into logs and timber until the
same can conveniently be hauled, floated
ur carried away, and also the right to
build, make ami construct houses, roads
and bridges, for the purpose of hauling
aud taking away the logs and timber cut
and hewed fro.u the said timber lands,
ami also all the right to use the waters
ami streams of water in and upon the
said lands and flowing through tiie same,
to tluut and carry tiie logs and timber from
said lands —the said right to cut and carry
rrvyity timber trees from the said lands, as
above described, and all and singular the
other rights and ju iv ilegesabove mentioned
and described, and each oftiiem—to contin
ue, and to be used and enjoyed, for and
during tin 4 period of Fifty Years, to b"
computed from the fifteenth day of Febru
ary, A i>. lsbij.
F i7.e{, taken in execution, and to be
sold a th;* prnpertx of the Nuabuiy
mzymmmm ——■ inßiwum.
Canal and Water lWe.r Com puny," a
the suit ct Toil a Tatrtrait, Trustee of J
S. Silver el al.- ■
A. 0. TAUGART, Sheriff.
Coudersj*ort, Aug. 0, J SAT.—Gt.
<ST SliUS.i; li\ I Vii 41. 4TIOY,
" vouveys the remedies io tlit* ciii
v t ti sin Uic lung through the air passu
ges, and louiing in direct coutm t with tin
disease. ucutrai.zes the tubercular matt-r, al
lavs the cough. causes a lice am! c.-t-v expeo
to ration, heals the lungs, purities the blood
imparls i\ ucwed \ italily to the nervous .system
giving mat tone and energy so iudispeu-abii
ior t!ie restoration oi' heaiui. r J'o be able L
stale conlideutly that Con-umptton is curabb
by inhalation, is to iuc u source of uuallovta
pleasure. It is as much under the control o
medic.: 1 treatment as any other furiuidubh
disease; ninety out of every hundred case;
can be cured 14 the hrst stages, ami hl'tv pe;
cent, in tiie second; bat in me third stage i
is impo-sible to ,-u.ve more than five per cint.
for the Lungs arc -o cut up by the disease :u
to bid dc.iuir.o to medical ikoi. IA ,n, how
ever, in the last stages. Inhalation affords ex
tiuordiimry lelicl io ttic sutieriii; at'cudiu
this teuilui scourge, wu.ch auu i.tllv destroi
niueiy-iiie thousand pet oil..- in the Liiilet
.*-,alr.- aioni ; and a correct c.ilculaiiou siiowi
tliat of t.'ie present population of the earth
eighty millions ale vksuued to lill the Con
smiipii v e s grav e-.
1 inly the tjuiver of death has no arrow st
intal in c'ousuiupliou. In alt age- it has beet
t he great enemy ot life, lor u -p..,c.- Jieithci
age aor sex, but sweeps otf alike the brave
m - beuutiiiil, Hie graceful and li:e gifted. Jf\
tiie help of that Supreme iJeing from wlion
L'omelh every good and perfect gift, i am en
alibied to o.ler to the ulilicted a pciiuatiuii
Liud speedy cuic in Consumption. The lirs
eau.se ot tubercles is from impure blood, am
the immediate cileci produced b\ their depo
iitiou in the lungs is io prevent the free ad
luiosiou of air into the an - cells, which canst
t weakened vitality througu the en.ire system
1 hen surely it is more rational to expect great
ar good from medicines entering the cavitie
jf tiie lungs than fio.n those administcret
Llirough the stomach : the patient will aiwav
iud tiie lungs free and the breathing •. asv af
ter inhaling rcmc he i. Tiius, Inhuiatioii is i
oral remedy , tie\eu'thrdess it. acis constitution
lily, and witli more power and certainly- dun
remedies administered by the stomach, 'f.
prove the powerful and direct influence of thi;
-lis mode of administration, chloroform
nilulled will entirely destroi scnsihiiiU in •
V-w luinuies, paralyzing the entire u-rvoii
-v-tcui, so that a ill,-ill may be Kmpuuilcal with
silt The slightest pain; Inhaling the ordinnn
nil ruing gas will destroy life m a tew hours.
ihe luhaludou oi ammonia will rouse tin
•ystciii \i ueii la.ni u;g or apparent iv dead, Tin
idol* ol many oi the lucdicuics i- jierceotiiii
ii tin; -kiu a few minutes aIY-r being iuhul- J
in 1 may be immediately detected in ihe blood
v convincing pioot oi tuc coUsiitiition.il effect;
>f mii.ualion, is tiie fact that sickm is al
ways produced by breathing foul air—is no
hi- positive e\ideuce thai projier remedies
•artfully prepared and judiciously admini*-
ered through the lungs should produce tin
nippiest results During eighteen years
jtiu tin-, many thousands suffering froui dis
use- ot the lungs and throat, have been un
it r my care, ami 1 have etfected uianv n-inark
ible cure-. e\en after the sulferers had been
irunounced in tiie lu-l stages, which fully sat
sties me thai consumption is no longer a fata
lust use. ,\iy treatment oi' consumption i
irigiiial. and founded on long expctience auc
i thorough investigation. My perfect acijuuiu
mice Willi the nature of tubercles, Ac., etui
des me to distinguish, readily, the various
onus ol disease mat simulate consumption,
iud apply the proper i*i. italics, rarelv b<-inj
uistaken even in a single case. This fauii.-
arity, in comiection with certain pathologies
md tuiciOscopic tiiscuv erics, eiiaoles me to re
ieve the lungs from tiie effects of contract.-ii
•bests, to enlarge the chest, purify the biood.
iapart to it renewed vitality, giving energi
niil tone ty the entire system.
.Medicine* wi.h full directions scut to ant
iarl of tne I uitcd S'atcs and Cumulus bv pa
ir nts com muni rating their symptoms by letter,
>ut the cure would iie more certain if tin
latient siiouid pay tu • a \isit, which would
rive tne an opportunity* to examine the lung
uid enable me to pit-scribe tvttii much greatei
•crtaiuty. and then the cure cuuhi be etfected
without my seeing the paticut again.
(1, W. (i 11A 11 AM, AT. J ).,
Office 1131 ifiibcrt Street, - Gici
IMO. 10S,) below T well til,
lY r IIEREAB the Hon. Robert G. White
v 7 President Judge, and tiie lions. Josepl
fiann and G. G. Culvm, Associate fudges o
he ( 'ourts of Oyer \ Terminer and General Jni!
delivery*.(Quarter .Sessions of the Peace, Orph
ins ('unit and Court ofCommou Pleas for tin
'oanty ol Potter, have issued their precept
joaring date the lifth day of August, n
ueyearot our Lord one thou-uud cigiit lmn-
Ircd and lil'ty-seven, and to mo dircctci!. for
lioiding a Court of Oyer and Terminer anl
ieneral Jail Delivery. Q -.artet* Sessions of tin
Peace, < 'rjihaus' Court, and Court ol Commoi
Picas, in the i>oroug!i ofCoudersport, on MGX
DAV,t!ie 21st ilay of September next, and tt
continue one week.
Notice is therefore hereby given to the for
mers, Justices of the Peace, and Constable.,
within th • county, that they* be then uud then
m their proper persons, at I<> o'clock A. M. o
-aid day, with their rolls, records, inquisitions
exutuiiuitions. and other remembrances, to ui
lio.se things which to their offices appertaii
to be done. -Viid those who are bound bv
their recognizances to prosecute against tin
prisoners that are or shall be in the jail of sail
.■utility ot Potter, are tu be then and there ti
prosecute against thetn as will be just.
Dated at CornKifat'ottT, August sth, IHST
Mid the Mist year of the Independence of tin
United States of America.
A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
\\ r " GUN k CO., of the Yates County
V t • Nurseries, havi* for sale a large am
valuable assortment of I'gis it Tsti:i;>
of al! varieties usually cultivated. Tlicsi
Trees are young and of vigorous growth. Tin
qualities are the most choice known, and an
warranted ovm ive. Also, a firi" stock o
for fall delivery".
I -A*" A 1 lie.-- orders to C. RE \Cft, IVn Van
Yates Co., N. Y. <h*iLi> left with U(HI T.
N1L1..-, Cuudvrf-jM>rt, Pa., r. ill he promptt*
tilled. 10:'J --tjmo.
JVK and ' :s;i e articles in the Drug Urn- ft
l<? 'la by -'lO - ) K K
C>- WIT\I:SSI';S; .
->*/ ou F
J hit 'V. /-L/e is the Aiflkor. -
I Who !i is lind lo yearsexplrience as a Bunk--"
t-r and Publisher. and Author of
.4 ut rii f of [.returns ol ilroadi> it\) Tabernaeh,
when, for Dj successive night-*, oyer
®SA3S A '51}.600
Greeted him vritli Rounds of Applause, -~
j while lie exhibited the manner in which
p| Counterfeiters execute their Frauds, and . v
tlie Purest and Shortest Meads of
Detecting them
. The llunk Sole A'.iyraecr# all sat/ that he
- ; th umUerl Jutlje f Paper Mont ti lichta. iT
iiw'kYiii/iJ bdljijlii't Ctj li x
Describing every Genuine Hill in
and Exhibiting at a glance every Conn- r "
terfeit in Circulation ! J
Arranged su admirably that REFERENCE T
is EASY. and S
£feii".\'o index to examine! No pages to
hum up 1 Dm so simplified and arranged, ,
l tiial the Merchant, Danker und Business Z
i Man can see all ,t a (Hanet. C
i hus each may rend the .same in ins own-*
A i m /; TOXG'L'R ~
Must I'erf eat Hank Aula List I'tihiisJttil. T
Also a- List of r-
A Complete Summary of the FINANCE or v
EI'WOPK X AMERICA will.be publislied in each
edition, together with ail the IML'URTANT
from an Old .Manuscript found in the East. **
It lurni<hes the Most (Complete liistorv w
.ol'< )rioiit:\] I ai 1*.
ii'i-ci} tin* Mo.-if I\-ij>io\i Mir Positions in
which the Ladies and Gentlemen of that 77
It. oiiutry have leen so el'tcn found. These
Stories will continue throughout the whole l~
year, and will prove ihe. Most Entertaining w
I ever offered to the Public. PJ
iSS?"*Furnished \\ eekiy to Subscriber-' on- Z
ly. at SI a year, All letters rnu-t lie nd-,2.
dressed to
JOHN S. DYE, Broker,
Publisher and Proprietor, To Wall Street *-
New-York. 10:1-1*. ~
N EW < k>< >r>s,
YJOW IM icesi <t IKI itca<!) Pay,
iT HE SI IJ.TI'RIII EES are offering for sale
m. an entirely new stock, consisting ol
NOTIONS, .vc., Ac.
In our ■ lectioUa Ihe waul-, ol all have been .
ft member* d. The Geutleiuen can find in our
.-loci; ul Ready -Mad*- Clothing an tie ant
la-hioi i',;le suit, or a substantial Bt.-ine-s
-nit. and we hive ,V Laps and B ots .V
Sho 'S 1.1 Ilia lil.
1 Ladici can find Fashionable Bonnets
bcautituiiv trimmed. or bonneis ami trim mine :
I • I
a good assortment ot Dress Goods. and trim
ming : Gloves, N111:-. Hosier) and Gaiters.
And. l ist but not least, corded and skeleton
Skirt- ; also, Rattans, Skirt-\\ huleboue and
Brass Skirt-Hoops: beautiful Jet. Necklaces
i and Bracelets, Corals, Fans, and too in.tin
other thing-, to enumerate.—-ail ot which we
arc selling low for ( asli, Lumber, or any kiud
of Produce. FLOI'K, MEAL, Flail Ac., con
stantly on hand.
W. B. & J. 11. GRAVES.
Sharon Center, Putter Co.. Pa., June 5.'
1857. luY-tf.
OR A NOES AN I) LEMONS just received bv
lb:~ W 11. x J. 11. GRAVES.
| | M* • SPENCER is Agent for many of tlie
y r • most pojiular Medicines now iu Use, a
few of which lie will mention :
&-e., &c.. Ac.
Sfr'ifil. R. Stafford .V Cop's Olive Tar is ap
plietl in I inhaled bv wearing on INHALER
around tiie neek and on tlie breast. His OL
IVE OINT.MEN f is applied where the -kin is
broken, and is a popular remedy w here known. '
Good tor tlie Whooping Cough. 10:2.
Al l >lT< >!i"S NOTICE.
OTK'K is lie eby given, that the Auditor
AX appointed bv tae Court of Common Pleas'
of Potter County to make dlctribution of the
proceeds of the sale of real estate in the case
of G. B. Goodman for the use of A. Brunei" rw.
John \f. Kilbourn, of February Term 185lt.
No. 12<:, will attend to the duties of his appoint
ment at the office of the Prothouo ary, on Sat
urday, the 2l'd day of August next, at tiiree '
o clock in the afternoon of said day. All per
ms interested in the said di-trihution are de
sired to attend if they think proper.
11. J. OLMSTED. Auditor.
Couder.-port. July 22. lyj'T.—td.
Ui'lCE is hereby given, that tlie Auditor
Ax appointed by tiie Court ot Coinniou Pleas
ot Potter County to make distribution of the
proceeds ot the sale of real estate in the case
of William Cobb vs. William Perry, No. 141 '
June Term, 1855, and Robinson Nelson vs.
Samuel Rodgcrs. of December Te in, 1852, No.
51, will attend to the dut es ot his appoint
ment at the ofliee ot tiie Prolhouotury, on Sat
urday, the 22d day of August next, at one
o'clock i tlie afternoon of said day. All per-'
sous having Judgment or other liens against
tlie said estate are desired to attend and pre
sent tlu ir claims.
11. J. OLMSTED, Auditor.
Coiidersport, July 22. 1857.—td.
Thornar J. Hurl, j No. 11.1 Sept. Term, 1857.
v . y In the Common Pleas of
F.'iznhrth Hurl. J Potter County.
And now. to wit., July 31st, 1857. a Sub
poena and alias Subpicaa having been is-ned
and returned Xthi! in this case, the said res
pondent. KUZAUKTU HART, is hereby rcijuired
to appear in .-aid Court, 0:1 the 21-1 day of
Scpl.-mber next, to answer the complaint set
forth by tlie Libcllant.
MNB. A. (_. 1 AGGAI'T. Sheriff.
"VT G\V GOODS—A Large and Splendid A -
Kx bortiuent just received at
C OVK toO 1 1 lI.NG of Chene\'-uiaaufh< tare. <
Oon band at E. K. SPENCER'S, j<
lU:2 I. TV*. S., ACT' ; t
' -Lt-t r'-cMved by Oi.MSTl'!' .-.
(it nil disease ; the great, first cause
Springs I'roui neglect of Nature* laws.
; llliei* a (I RE is guaranteed
X • .Vt/ion* Dibit in/, Stricture*, G'Uett,
G'ruveJ, Dio U V*, JJweust* of the Kidney* and
5 l>iadd<r. Mercurial Ehcumatism, Scrofula,
j / a tin- in the Jjoncs and Ankfts, Disease* of the
Lung*, J hroat, J\o*c and Eye*, L 'leers upon t.K*
Eody or Limbs, Cancer*. Dropsy, Epileptic Eiit,
St. 1 da* Dance, and all disease* arising fro 'U
J a derangement oj the Ssv. mil Organs,
SI L'Jl as Nervous Trembling, Loss of Mem*
ory, J.oss ol Power, Gcuerul \Veakjie,
Dimness ol Vision with peculiar spots appewr
- ing before the eyes. Loss of Sight, Wakeful
ness. Dyspepsia, Liver Disease. Eruptions upon
- llie face. Pain in the back and head, Female
- irregularities and all improper discharges from
• botii sexes. It matters not from what cause
• the disease originated, however long standing
or obstinate the case, recovery is certain , and in
- a horter time than a per inanent cure can bo ef
fected h\ any other treatment, even after the
; ''i .-ca ,• his b.stiied the skill of emineut phvsi
eians and resisted nil their means of cure. The
; medicines are pleasant without odor, caiuungnu
sichiiess and tree front mercury or balsam.
; During twenty years ot practice. I have rescued
• Moiti the jaws ol Lteath many thousands, who,
n the last stages ot the above mentioned dis
eases had been given up to die by their phvsi
• lans. which Warrants tuc in promising to the
.•iiitictcd. who may place themselves under my
| cure, u p<-fleet and most speedv cure. Secret
D. '• -ase- are the greatest enemies to health, as
they are the first cause of Consumption,Scruf
'll:'• and uiiiin other diseases, and should be a
tenor to the human family. As a permanent
cure i- scarcely ever effected, a majority of the
case- falling ifitu the hands of incompetent
persons, who mil only fail to cure the disease*
but iui the constitution, tilling the system
with mercury, which, with the disease, bas
t< ns the ulicn r into u rapid Consumption.
1! it hould the disease and the treatment
not cau e death speedily atul the victim mar
ries. the disease is entailed upon the children,
who are born with feeble constitutions, and
the current ol life corrupted by a virus which
betrays itsoll in Scrofula. Tetter. Ulcers. Erup
tions and otiier aficcuous of the skin, Eves,
Throat and Lungs, entailing upon them a brief
exi tence of suffering and consingning them
m an early grave.
Sid.l' AlilSE is another formidable enemy
to health, for nothing else in the dread caU
l-.'. iie ol human diseases causes so destructive
a drain upon the system, drawing its thousands
ot victims through a lew years of suffering
down to an untimely grave. It destroys the
Nervous system, rapidly wastes away tiie ou
g'es oi 1 if,-, causes mental derangement,
;>: • veo' - the proper development of the system,
'•jtialitie-• for marriage, society, business'
earthly happiness, and leaves the suf
: ;• \v:i cl.eii in body and mind, predisposed
''•> ' " nmption and a train of evils more to b
! a"led (nan death itself. With the fullest
■ a in! en c i assure the uulortunate victims of
"-.si-Abuse thai a peiauaiieut and speedy cure
v .ui >e atb-cP d. and with the abandonment of
miaou practici-s my patients can be restored
to robust, \igorous health.
I he attli. ted are cautioned against the use
id 1 ateut .Medicines, lor there arc so many
iugemous sua res in the columns of the public
plants to catch and rob tbe unwary sufferers
that millions have their constitutions ruined
by the vile compounds of quack doctors, or
the equally poisonous nostrums vended as
• J'alent Medicines. I have carefully analvzed
many ot the i-o called Patent .Medicines, and
find that nearly all ot them contain Corrosive
Suoiimate, which is one of the strongest prc
-4 parations of mercury and u deadly poison,
which instead oi curing the disease disables
' the system for life.
1 hree-lourths of the patent nostrums now
in use are put up by unprincipled aud ignorant
person.-, who do not understand even the al
ph ihei "I the materia me.dica , and are equally
as destitute ot auv knowledge ot the htiuiuu
system, having our object only in view, and '•
lii.'.t iu make money regardless ol consequen
Irregularities and all diseases of males and
females treated on principles established by
twenty years of practice, ami sanctioned by
thousands of tac most remarkable cures, iled
ic ui s with lull directions sent to any part of
the 1 Ji.ted Status or l inajas. by palieuts
communicating their symptoms by letter.—
1 usine--correspondence strictly confidential.
Oiuics £ST o. 1131 Filbert St.,
(Old No. 109,)
10:G-ly. m:Low TWELFTH,
1' 11ILADK L P II I A .
i SSI'E laiS J\
County of Putter, vs. C. YV. Ellis A James
W. Smith.
of Bingham Estate, vs. Jacob B.
County of Potter, vs. E. Johnston 1 James
Bnmp 2d.
Win. McDougall, vs. Juo. M. Kilborn, A
Rufus Rice.
t . Aylesvvorth, vs. N. P. Minard.
George Andrews, vs. Amos I). Nichols.
C. Evclin, Jr. vs. Jonathan Card, et. al.
lieuj. Smith, vs. Isaac Lyman,
l'ike Township, vs 1). Ctiappel.
W iiartou School District, vs. Julius Johnson.-'
Isaac Pearec. use of Doty A Doty, vs. Frank
lin dale.
L vi Annis, vs. \V. T. Jones.
K. M. Carpenter, vs. Ciias. Armstrong.
Barak Nilcs. vs. L. I). Williams,
Eiias E. More, vs. Morris S. Carpenter.
It. 11. Brown, vs. Leonard Davis. •*
llosea Cushiug, vs. li. Barse' A AtitJer.
Sand. Haven, vs. A. M. Bentou.
dcorge Avers, vs. Win. Perry.
Vesta C. Dike, Ac., vs C. P. Dike.
W m T. Jones, vs. Jackson & Rees.
A. W. Williams, vs. Deloss H. Dunbar.
1 homng D. Lillie, vs. 11. Courtright, et. al.
Jus. A. Leonard, vs. J. Steveusou.
Josiali Bump, vs, 11. S. Carrier. ■ a
Collins Small, vs. Morris is. Carpenter.
Poller County, vs. Hunt at Crittenden.
C. W. llowe i Co. vs. W. T Jones.
Gemine 11 A Creswcli, vs. W. T. St A. F.
Gilbert it Nichols, vs. N. L. Dike.
David W. Scely. v*. Win. Perry,
K. M. Carpenter, vs. Richard Shay, Jr.
Geo. 1L Vosburg. vs. M. J. Flyun.
11. J. OI.MSTKD, Proth.y.
Couderjport, Aug. 3d. 1837.
NJ : w AliilAN(> EMK N T. ..
railll-l underdgnetl having bougdit out alt
S former owners of the LeWisville Steam
.ri.o Mill are now prepared to do all manner
"I grinding, as t!u\\ believe, to the satisfac
tion ot their customers. Come aul sec.
0. A. T.EWIS,
rivssrs. I-! li. D.'V.—9-38.

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