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D jrn yjinmlcnco of the Potter Journal.j
Stli uu., 2Gth, li>s/ j
Siuof the date of my las£, a change, a
gloomy ch ii-re, has e.une over the spirit
of i.iv drea as here i:i Kansas. Satan,
i'\ri on rha abut, his been stirring up
ins iiibre'; to their iylerual work /X t.
the (T"pekit ('oir eni'on, tlie prospect
s.-eiued bright and cheering for ant-ace.-
lii 1 and glorious triumph of the cause of
baniaiiity ; n<;thing seemed ii£ei'i>arv hut
to take possession of the Territorial Gov
ernment, which under the fair promises
,ct Gov. Walker, seemed to he an easy
( lask. But no sooner did the Border
Uetuou.N loam the purposes of the people
of Kansas, than ihcy went to work to <lo
fWst them, and have made out one of the
* . • 1
most till linou-', not to say infernal ap
jiortiouliurrits for the election in October,'
,tbaj. ever made by man. 1 need not
uriu nrs. the particulars , they are before 1
the world. Three fourths of the people
arc liisiYanrhised, and the ballot-boxes
are io be placed conveniently to the Mis
putp 'i y''ljaius, and strange as it may ap
pear, t,o\. Walker sanctions this foul
{.lot, and intends to back it up by the
]. 8. Tn-ops. JJow Jong will justice
slumber? How long \pill the American
people the general government to
he used as an instrument of cruelty?—
bliall it be used for the purpose of ensla
ving Freemen ? May not the time be
drawing near, when the people must take;
the government into their own hands, and
purge it of the filthy tibqniinatious that ;
now revel in high place-.?
The prospect of taking quiet possess-1
ion pf fhp ballot-box iu October, which a
sheet timp ago looked so cheering, is now
• -livelong*! in .fnyk clouds. What the
Uotiycnfion at Grasshopper Falls, uow in
session, may decide upon remains to be
seen. There is at present very little hope
that we can vote, or that anything can be
gained by doing so. Dark as the present
prospect appears, we do not despair; the
people qf Kansas have decreed that it
shall be Free, but the precise manner in
which the goal shall be reached docs not
yet appear.
The present policy of the Administra
tion seems to be to harrass the Free i
State men by cruel treat.ucut till they
can endure it no longer; till they commit
some act of violence that will justify or
serve as au excuse for using the troops.
However determined Buchanan and
Walker may be to enforce the bogus laws,'
the people will ever be more determined
not to obey them. I speak advisedly
when I. say that the whole power of the .
U. S. Government can never enforce
these villainous enactments. No man 1
who is not prepared to be a dogged slave, >
can hesitate for one moment' about repu
diating thcui utterly.
The old game of arresting men for ,
treason is again to be tried; a number of
our citizens here are indicted, myself in- 1
eluded, for participating iu a meeting six- i
i on months ago, which resolved not to .
pay the "Bogus taxes. What the result
may he X care not, 1 shall nofc move uiio
jot or tittle from my position. My mind
is fully maie tjp to meet, the issue, be it, 1
yrhat if way. 1 would scorn to obey the I
j>ogijs laws in any particular, for I should i
feci that I had done a mean cowardly act.
And L am well assured that L stand not
alone. \V r e, the people, will resist the
internal usurpation unto death, if need
be, thoqgu it should split the Union into
fragments too small to bo discerned with
out the aid of glasses. What is the U uiuii? j
It should be a glorious compact for the 1
good of the people, but Las it not become
tne instrument of cruel oppression ?
It may not be uninteresting to the!
readers of the JOURNAL to know some
thing of L. D. Williams, better known
here as "Bogus Williams."' He is de
spised by every honest man in the com
munity. He is fully in the confidence of
the Border villains, and is frequently ab
sent, as is supposed, iu council with them,
and doubtless reports whatever transpires
in this community. When there is a
crowd of men collected in discussion of
political affairs, he may be seen hoveriug
around, intently listening to what may be
said. Some months ago the people here
jpnoiated certain officers to settle diffi
culties ; a trial was hue] before one of them
not long since. Bo<rus Williams attend-!
O # v_ • i
ed, ostensibly, as council ior one of the
parties; he took notes of the proceedings,
and obtained a copy of the oath, and
went immediately to Lecomptna, and re-i
port says he laid the matter before the;
court. If this were not a community of j
much forbearance he would be lynched.
THE President, a short time ago, receiv"
ed a letter from Professor Siliiman and :
ethers, including several Doctors of Di
vinity of New Haven, objecting to the
emplopment by biiu of the United States
military forces to execute the so-called j
laiys of Kansas, assuring him that!
they cease uot to pray that he may have
his proper course of duty pointed out to
him, or something to that effect. To this
letter the President has just replied,
briefly but pointedly denying their pre
mises, and questioning thejr knowledge of'
those laws. And after acknowledge their i
validity, he calmly assures thein "that by!
♦ help of God he will enforce them, in j
*' .flunee with his oath of office.
r'■ - U'A, Ui be wondered at that the
v v it nhy and the President dis- j
4 /,*'*• * ' iorti.'-r .t'nn to maken'
• '• •" . * •* with the law* of,
G*.d, the latter, according to the Demo
cratic journals, must .scout the ILghei
Law, and attend to the interests hi;
party. —A ational Era.
EDWARD STANLY, the Kepublicar
Candidate for Governor ill California, ii
his first speech, commented upon the
Bred Scott decision, and informed his
. hearers that during the tiiue when Ju.dgt
Tanev said the opinion was entertained
that "negroes had no right which white
men were hound to respect, they Wsre*-
allowed to vote in Caroling.
&jj,b It?, 1357.
FOR (top Kit NOR
DAVID WILM3T, Of Bradford,
WiLLIAM MiLLWARO, of iffiiJa<DJfdin.
JAM'S VcECH. Of Fayette,
JOSEPH J. LEWIS, of p^iLer.
fyptfbji -ID t\uii)Ui i;'o)ihi):)iioi)S.
ISA AC RKNJON, of Potter Co.,
L. P. WILLISTON, of Tioga Co.
FOR PR (T 110 X<ITA ft Y.
HENRY J. OLMSTED, of Coudcrsport.
A. H. BUTTER.WORTH, of Coudor?port.
L. H. KINNEY, of Sharon.
JOITN C. BISHOP, of Allegany.
commend to the attention of
our readers the letter of Richard Meu
denhall, who went tq Kaqsas eiaht ypars
ago. No person in this county will be
surprised at what he says of L. D. Wil
fl-y \Ve are au tori zed to announce that
hold in the Court Room, in this place, on
TUESDAY EVENING, 22d insf., which
will be addressed by Hons. L. I'. Willis
ton and Isaac Benson, and J. S. Mann
and A, G. Olmsted Kaqs. and others.
Ail are r- >rdial!y invited to participate iu
the meeting; •
J&frJ :r A\ e would recommend to the
Township Committees to hold Republi
can gatherings iu the various school dis
tricts in the county during the cusuiug
four weeks he fere election. Speakers
can be had from this place at any time.
Therefore, we say hold meetings and in
fuse a little spirit into the eContent. Do
not rely on that " majority of' "s'>," but
go to v <rk cud swell it if you can. .It;
will give our friends elsewhere courage to
" tight tne good tight" willingly in the :
future. Any call for Speakers,addressed
to A. G. Olmsted, Esq., Secretary f
County Executive Commitee, will be
promptly responded to.
Olsappoiute-a Candidates.
It is au unavoidable feature of all con
ventions assembled for the purpose of
ma'dug nominations, tiiat for each posi
tion, every applicant but one must meet
with a disappointment of his hopes.—
Knowing this to be the case, as every j
one does, no man who has acted with a
political party, because he believed by
doing so he was upholding right and com
batting error, will complain if he should
be distanced in the race for preferment;
nor need any hotter evidence be required
that he was unworthy of distinutiou at its
hands, than to see him, undersome petty
pretext, go over to the ranks of its ene
mies, when the chances upon which he
avowed a willingness to rely and abide by
have failed to gratify his wishes. It is
an unmistakable indication that his party
fealty was based upon aell'ish motives,
rather than upon an honest adherence to
the principle. — Lycominj Gazette.
We have once or twice before found a
| good thing in our Lycoming nieghbor.—
We are so well pleased with the above,
that we commend it to the friends of the
Gazette in this County. A word to the
wise is sufficient.
"Has Crossed I lie Rubicon."
The following extract from a Washing
ion jotter of the Charleston Mercury,
contains an assertion which we hope every
free Kansas Republican man will read
and ponder:
• Corrf.tpotuh.acr of The Charleston Mercury.
" WAJHIJNCTOJL fciept. 3, 1857.
" 111 his r, ply to Professor Silliuian
and confreres, President Buchannau has
crossed the Rubicon, and proclained his
position upon the. rmlical point of differ -
| ena Itria t ctt the Xorlh and the South.
4 Slavery existed at that period (when he
! c *>'ho ill 1 ' Eie Presidency) and still exists
; in Kansas, underline Constitution oj the
I'nitcd StofeSy
<4 TliatSiaej'y may exist in any State
tiiat chooses to continue or institute it, is
undoubted. That it dqe§ in half
uf the States of the Union, is manifest.
That this half of the States of the Repub
lic have as much interest in the common,
>- territory as -that h.df which possesses m
v slaves, is admitted. Then, whether tin
is negation of a portion by the non-slave
holding States shall be stronger than tin
affirmation of all th-e slaveholdjng
R and the aqniescence of a portion os th<
11 non-slaveholding, in relation to the affair;
e of a Territory, is one question; aip;
s whether the people of that Teiritorj
e alone shall or shall not decide the mat
' ter for themselves, is another; and with
e in these is comprises the whole problem.'
There are two facts stated in the above
„ that should make the honest supporter:
of Buchanan blush to the ey livws. —
Fiist that" Buchanan lias crossed the llu
= bicon," and taken the extreme Southern
. position, that Slavery exists in Kansas
= . under the constitution of the United
States. This verities the strongest as
sertions of the R publican press during
the campaign as to what Buchanan
would do if elected.
But the second assertion is more hu
iiiiiiufjng than this. This letter states
in ai her ambiguous terms, that the North
supporters of Buchanan aquiesee in the
Slavery-extention scheme of the South.
This is doubtless true as to the leaders
<>f sham Democracy in the free States,
but we believe there are many thousand
voters in this State who supported Hu
ehaiian under the belief that lie was in
favor of freedom and justice. These
will repudiate him and his party just as
quick as they discover that lie has thrown
off the disguise heretofore worn, and is
the open alley of SI very-ex tension.
Sciitliein Slavery.
Every paper published in the South,
contains the evidence of the barbarity of
? America. The advertising columrjs of
the most obscure weekly sheet, will con
vince any person with a spark of human
ity in him, that "Slavery is the sum of
all villainies."
Take the following, which is cut from
the SptingScld (Mo.) Advertiser of Sep
t tcmber Ist:
Runaway Xegro.
N r oriCK is heroby given that I, the under
signed Sheriff of Newton county, Mo.,
hive in my possession in the jai in the town
of Neosho, in said county of N •wtoa. a Nugrq
man calling himself FOAAC UUADLKV, ami
says lie is free. Naid negro man is about 31
years, copper color, broad round face, about
5 feet S or 10 inches high. heavy built, weighs
about 180 or 185 pounds, had on when arrest
ed a short blue blanket coat, white shirt with
pleated bosom, soldier pants, black satin vest
worn out. black soft fur hat well worn, and
common shots. ,
Trie owner of said Negro man ia hereby re
quired to make application to me for said Ne
gro man within three months and pay all
charges incurred on aceouut of said Negro
man : and further to comply with the requisi
tions of the law in such cases, or otherwise
said Negro man will be sold at public auction
for cash in hand, at the court house door in
the town of Neosho, in said county of Newton
and State of Missouri, on MONDAY" the 2d dav
of NOVEMBER. 1857.
11. JENNINGS, Sheriff of
July 21, 1857. Newton county Mo.
Bo the worst barbarians go farther than
that ? Ilere is one, Isaac Bradley, who
asserts that he is a Freeman, arrested in
the pursuit of happiness, by the Sheriff!
of Newton County Mo., who docs not pre-!
| tend that the prisoner has committed any
I crinie, or that he has any evidence that
he is other than a Freeman. This Sher
iff, under the despotism which Slavery ■
everywhere creates, seizes an innocent
man and throws him iqtojail. Then he:
calls on his master to come forward and |
pay all charges \f ithin three months, or
the man will he sold, so that if he is not
now a Slave, he sqoa will be. Having j
no master, as lie asserts, it is impossible
that one should pay the jail fees, and
hence there is no escape for him.- •:
And this is the institution which Presi
dent Buchanan and his party have under
taken to force into Kansas. Will the
people submit to such an outrage ?
Republicans, to lour Duly.
We find the following timely and good i
advice in the A. J. Tribune, of Satur
day last. Y\ e hope Republicans through
out the State will give it heed.
"We have already alluded to the can
1 vass in PENNSYLVANIA as presenting the
siugular anomaly of a great party devolv
ing the entire labor and responsibility of
' upholding its flag and defending its faith
upon a single man. Hardly a mppth of
! that canvass remains; yet up tq this hoqr
1 the Republican standard would seem from
this distance to have been upbournc by
David Wilmot alone. Now Mr. Wilinot
is an excellent debater, and, if he were
omnipresent, so that lie could speak in a
j dozen different places at onqe, he might
ido all that is required. As it is, he can
not speak within reach of half the people
i who would gladly hear him before the
, day of election. Meantime, his antago
nist, (who pleads the vote of Lis State
j Committee as his excuse for not meeting
Mr. Wilmot on the stump) is backes by
other orators, and the efforts of active
powerful Committees, and a most unscru
pulous press, Col. Forney's new Phila
delphia "organ taking tup lead in his sup
port. With Wilmot aud Packer travers
ing the State together aud speaking to
the same audiences, we should fear noth
ing; but with Wilinot speaking alone for
.the Right, aud Packer aided by all the
in appliances of a great and disciplined par
io tv which has the Federal appointment:
>- and the Federal Treasury in its grasp, the
e odds are too great, and we call on the Re
s, publicans of every county in Pcansylv a
e uia to organize tor a quiet biR determined
■•sj canvass henceforth to the election. Only
J let the light shine and the darkness will
y cease to be felt. If Dr. (fihon's book
t- alone were in the bauds of every voter in
i- the State, it seems impossible tbat a ma
jority would vote to sustain the authored
0 the heartless and cruel letter to Prof. Sil
linuiu on the state of affairs in Kansas, —
It is only among those who are iguurant
~ ' of the material facts, and who do not know
i-1 that, Mr. Buchanan has himself appointed
ni' 1 as well ::s retained in office the master
s I spirits of the Border Ruffian robbers and
murderers —including some whose indi
vidual hands are red with the blood ot
innocent Free State men —that his letter
r, tp Sijljman can be deemed triumphant.—
u Ipul o:je hqjf tljQ Republicans of Peuu
jsylyau taken TjjK TUIBUNE during the
1 rt two or three years and lent it freely
Ito their neighbors, that letter Would suf
s See to iusjure the ijef 4 gf ifs iqjthoraud
l> his partisans in the pending content,
ej "There io yet time to do the needed
work. If there be a lack of faith or of
1 heart ou the Republican sicje, it is con
fined to the politicians —the People do
' not share it. Cjeij. Packer is cxeeeding
-1 jy vulnerable with regard to the Canal
- jobs aut| s<|qaudcrit}gs of the last ten
3 yours in Pennsylvania, aqj a simple, brief
expose of his connection ft-qli atqj profile
from these jobs would set thuqsaijd.B ac
\tively against him who are now indiffer
] cut. The attempt of the allies of South
■ Carolina and Mississippi to raise votes 011
the assumption that \Yilnot is a Free-
Trader is an insult to the popular intelli
gence, which only needs to he met to re
coil on its authors. Whatever may be
P Mr. Wilmot's individual notions of Po
litical Economy, his election would he
quite other {hftn Free-Trade triumph,
and tliis the authors of the cry that he is
. a Free-Trader do perfectly know. Mr.
? Wilmot was nominated aud is supported
as the champion of Slavery Restrictions,
and as such lie stands or falls; hut his
election would liberate Pennsylvania from
the toils of the political gamblers who, in
opposition pj their owu convictions as well
i as hers, have dragged her behind the tri
umphal car of Calhouuism for most of {lie
last thirteen years, merely that they might
1 riot in the spoils of office. It is high time
that they were rebuked for this betrayal,
and the opportunity uow presents itself.
"We close by cutreatiug every Penn
sylvania Republican tn do his utmost/or
the election of Wilmot and his able and
worthy associates on the Republican
State Ticket. 111 a year of relative apa
thy, little effort oiteu secures great re
j suit."
To BE SoT.N.—The Secretary of the
Interior, owing to many applications of
late made for portions of what are known
as the Choctaw Orphan Bands, in Missis
sippi, now held in trust by the Govern
ment, has directed that proposals be re
ceived for them until November next,
, when they are to he sold to those bidding
highest. That is to say, such of them as
bring more than the appraisement made
in 1 *b&. The rest will then be held sub
ject to sale at the appraised value.— Xeie
York Tribune.
• CRATIC PARTY.— Judge Wilmot, in his
speech at Philadelphia, said :
"Do you think that I cannot readily
get back to the Democratic party if I am
opposed to it ? Why, gentlemen, older
| sinners than I have gone back, aud got
. their reward : I should only have to ootn.
I mit some gross aot of outrage —" catch a
: nigger," or when he seeks a crust of j
bread, seize him aud put him In prison ;
then would I have atoned for all my pol
itical errors in the sight of the Demo
cratic party."
Y\ HERE is PACKER?— This question
is often propounded by members of both
parties, without any satisfactory response.
The last we heard of him he was being
led off the course by his keepers looking
care-worn and jaded; since which time lie
j has been kept elosely secluded in the com
mittee room. Whether they will allow
him to go about prior to the election is
Wilmot is on the stump whilst Packer
is evidently up a stum]*, —lie is stumped
'most offuotually.— McadcUle Journal.
1 A 'atonal Intelligencer gives the following
synopsis of this instrument:
V * ,
"The new Constitution prohibits Sla-I
very and guarantees liberty of the press,
trial by jury, &c. The first Legislature
is to consist of thirty-seven Senators and
eighty Representatives : pay, S3 per day.
There are to he a Governor, Lieutenant-
Governor, Attorney-General, Secretary of
State, and Treasurer, elected for two
years, and an Auditor for three. The
Judiciary is to be vested in a Supreme!
Cogrt, District Courts, Courts of probate, j
Justices of the Peace, and such othe r
Courts, inferior to the Supreme Court,!
as the Legislature may establish by a two- 1
thirds vote; all Judges aud Justices to'
be elected by the people. White male j
citizens of the United States twenty-one 1
years of age, residing in the United States
one year, aud in the State four months j
next preceding any election, are voters. |
Also, white persons of foreign birth,;
having the above qualifications of aire
aud residence, who shall have legally de-j
clared their intention to become citizens;
and persons of mixed white and Indian
, blood, aud of Indian blood under certain,
rogr.lalions. Tlie Legislature miqv. hy ■<
s! two-third vote, pass a general buiikint
e law, with stringent restriction* and re
.jiiiivnuMils. Si. Daul to be the re:it o
-j(lovemiucnt until located elsewhere In
11 the- Legislature.'*
yj,. " • -
k| <so ton a nil County.
For the tost IIVtA*.
_! T. I?. Gridley. Raymond, Si 21
I tor the week, Si* 71
V Excess of expenses o"er receipts, Si' oi
-! Our farmers all wear smiling fanes
1 whereat we rejoice exceedingly. Sect:
-1 time and harvest have come, and bounte
t' oiu crops have rewarded i|ie faith and toi
r of the husbandman.
. j Rev. A. Mr Jut! re, the minister dole
> gated to us by the Conference, delivered
his first sermon here on Sabhath last
. We listened to it with pleasure, and trust
j ho may be well sustained here.
j The Post Office at Harrison Valley, in
j- this county, has been re-established, but
| we do not lean: who has been discovered
',to be a reliable Domoonit." Hope they
will be able to keep tbe concern running
I until 1 ISGI, when lots of reliable Repub
licans can be found to take charge of its
! 7'" PysnejUies,—lt is ail admirable
practice to take a tablespoonl'ul of" Hur
ley's Sarsaj ftrilla, one hour before dinner,
' to invigorate the stomach, and another
an hour or two after in order to tramjuil
ize irritability, and neutralize any acids
generated during digestion. If this plan
be strictly adhered to for a brief period,
a permanent cure is the invariable result,
—Med. Jour.
Messrs. Fonder H'< Its, of 308 Broad
way, N. V., have laid upon our table a
copy of their Phrenological Almanac
for 1858. Price (i qents for single
copies—2s copies for 81. It contains
portraits with brief biographical notices
of a number of prominent persons, among
whom are <1 en, Wui. Walker, Gov. R.J.
Walker, F. Meii.uui, Cyrus W. Field,
Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie, Char
lotte Bronte, and many others similarly
Charles Me Lain came into the office
thes week and paid us in advance three
iyears subscription. We wi.Ji some fif
teen hundred of our enlightened citizens
would follow his example.— J:rs<u Shore
We wish some six hundred of our en
lightened patrons would come into our
office and pay up what they owe u< —we
will be satisfied with the pay for one year
in advance—at least until the end o* the
By rofereuenee to our advertising
columns, it will be seen that the mer
chants of Philadelphia are asking a share
of the trade they have so long neglected.
They have doubtless discovered that the
''trade" of Northern Pennsylvania is de
serving of more attention that they have
boon aoeUstouied to giving it, and now.
when it is almost too late, renew their ac
(juanitanco with us. We are pleased to
; see them thus invite our merchants to
their market, though we fear it will be a
long time before they recover from the
neglect of the past. Philadelphia has
eminently superior claims upon our trade
than Xew York, being the metropolis of
our State; but if it lias failed to enjoy the
profits of that trade, the fault is with her,
not with us. Our merchants trade where
there is most inducement held out to
them, by keeping that particular market
; carefully before them in the columns of
■ their newspaper, and to the neglect of
j Philadelphia to call their attention to
her wares, must be attached all blame,
I for her nut receiving a larger portion of
our trade. We believe that the commu
nication with Philadelphia i> jost as good
as that wath Xew York, and her claims
upon our trade are certainly more prom
inent. We hope, therefore, that our
merchants will give her claims some at
tention in future; and in order that they
may know where to make their purchases
with advantage, wc ush them to look over
and select from the cards sent us by Mr.
John A Riddle, and which they will
find in their proper place.
For the Journal.
t Hat'! Story.
pltiKN'H Chase: —On Saturday eye
ping, the 29th uit., my oxen, a pair of
| nice fours, were taken from my pasture
!by two ruffians and driven off. Not find
ing the right track until Wednesday
morning, they had three days the start of
uie. 1 followed down pine Creek, t'trough
the town of Bel mar to Bahfi's Creek,)
thence to Trout Run, via the Block House,'
\ to the Lycoming Creek and thence to a
slaughter house in Williamsport. r i he
whole distance is about 120 miles, which
thev performed in two days apd. 21 hours,
.and I, iu two days and a half, my travel
ling fieing much retarded from the ne
jcessity of constant enquiry, and some
times deviating from the track. The
' rascals ofil the oxen on Wednesday morn
ing for *8G,35 staid around until noon'
and left, saying that more oxen would
soon be iu. The butcher (an honest
Dutchman called Jo.) had bought them
I in good faith, had disposed of one to his
| customers, and the other was under his
knife. He thought it a hard, ease to pay
| over the second time, although the prop
erty was partialy identified, and his pur
| chase could be proved. But through
i the voluntary friendly aid of the Sheriff, I
a and Esq. Petri eh I recovered 879,
g could get no more, without recourse t,j
■- the law. The whole affair has cost m.
>f about 819, if the fellows can he camdit
V by the means, my loss will not be regret
ted. They were frequently described u t
=? iho as follows: The older about 15, black
hair, beard and whiskers, rather tall and
slim, lame in his right foot, wore a calf.
! skin shoe slitted on the top. The other
i about 25, less in stature, with rather a
! boyish face. lie. pretended to he tfic
I owner, was quite smart and quick to
speak, and did the talking mostly. 1 hey
can very readily be identified by six ,i r
y more responsible men iu WiUuiusport.
A man left in tlie ears immediately for
>. Fjlmira hoping to find them at the fair.
d 11. L. Bum.
i- Sweden, Sept, 9th, 1857-
i! 4..-.L . i an. . . . .... ..
I U K 1 >.
CKITTK.NDKX—|n Coudersport. Sept. sth,
, 1857. of consumption, Miss bvui-V Ann Crits
J rcxuKx, aged 25 yeuru
r tYukY'i'sjffq'l iVuX'-ttynvpl,
Cornelld I \alrfy for the Journal y
i M IKiOJI tklili .V J l('KMt\,
t 1 toilers m thy (n.oiJ.i, (irocerit'x y Huts ,y ( •ij>3 )
Ji<iots ,y Shoes. < 'rockery, fork, /•'tour,
Mail, .\olion*, ip., tyc.,
main street,, COUDERSPORT, PA.
. Floor, suoeefine, bhl,, - _ yy
< " extra, " l 00
PORK, " " .... a 0 Ot)
i Salt, " " 3 50
Corn Mkal, 100 lbs,, . . - 3yy
? Rotter, T' lb.) . 2o
- I'ARO, '• •• .... ] 2 @ty
, r ALLOW, '' " !)(,, i(j
r Wool, " . 2 7(n 34
Hams, 00 . . _ . .
Siiot'Losus, T' Ifi.) - - - -
> Deer Skin, " " - - - 25
1 Mai-le Sou as, lb., - 10( 12
Dried A coles, " " - - - 14
" " 'pt Bushel, 25u
' AVsiite Beans, " - - 3 50
B I CK WHEAT, " " - - - 3H
Oats, " " - - - 30(aT>o
" Corn, " " - - 125
1 Rye, " " - - - 75
: Potatoes' " - - - 25
, Ee.cs, 4? 1 Dozen, - - - - 12
Hay, "f 1 Ton, - - • $7 08 yy
Rats, Roadies, Red Bugs, In
sods, Ac.
Insects. Ac. (The ON RV INFALLIBLE
REMEDIES known.)
Xir;Y®"COSTA iP' Sends by mail, prepaid, a
Sample B \ of the Rut, Roach, ,vc. Ex. to any
ahiiess in the U. S.. 011 receipt of 81. or the
Electric Powder for t";>c. (The Bed-Bug Ex.,
being a liquid cannot bo sont hy mail.)
R-ir COSEAR" w II furnish DRUOHISTS,
Sample P.'.ekage of his v irions preparations,
[assorted] with Circulars, Bills, Posters, A<.
on receipt of 85, (leaving bah 8"> due when
sold.) iu order that they may test, its merits.
Jfefif See Advertisement. For Circulars. Ac.,
Address k * COSTAIL," AO.
Rroudway, IS. I'. io.n-R.
White Teeth, Perki mkd Dreatii anoßeav
tifcl Complexion —can be acquired by using
the if a TiioustnulFlou t rs." What lady
or gentlemen would remain under the curse op
a disagceeai Ie breath, when by using tho
•Balm of a Tuoi sand Flowers," as a denti
frice, would not only r-nder it sweet, but leavo
the teeth white as alabaster? .Many persons
! do not know their breath is bad, and lite sub
ject R so delicate their friends will never men
tion it. Beware of counterfeits. Be sure each
bottle is signed FETRIDGE & CO.. N. Y.
For sale by all Druggists. 9:37—lima.
Sold by SMITH fc JONES; Druggists, Coti
ersport, Pa.
SN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
- Court of the county id Potter, there will 1
exposed to public sale at tlie Court Home in
Coudersport, on TUESDAY, the 2'2d day "f
September. 1857, the following described real
e.-tat ■. situate iu the township of Sharon, in
j said county : Bounded on tiie north by tl
niyhway leading from Miliumt to (lubrie.l
Barnes', on the east by lands of ,J. Barnes and
Gabriel Barnes, on the south and west by lauds
of Mann & No-hols, containing eight acres
, more or less, about two acres of which is im
proved, and on which is erected one fr u v
house and one frame barn—also some lriut
trees thereon. ( LIAS. g. JONES,
Administrator of the estate of Harry l.yinsuq
deceased. 10-10.
fallowing accounts have been filed at
I the Register's Office of Potter County,
Pennsylvania, and will be presented at tbe
.September Court, on Tuesday, September 22ti ;
1857, for confirmation, nisi, to wit:
Account of Joel Hendrick, administrator of
the Estate of William Lyon, deceased, late of
Sweden township.
Account of Charles S. Jones, administrator
of the Estate of Harry Lyman, deceased, late
j of Sharon township.
Account of Clark Cruui, administrator of
tlio Estate of Philander Ha* ley, deceased, laU'
of Bingham township.
All persons interested can attend at said
lime and place if they think proper.
A. JACKBON, Register.
Register's Office, |
Coudersport, Aug. 22, 1857. ) 10:11
Afiiditov's Notice.
\ T OTICE is hereby given fiiat tlie under
J.M signed, an Auditur appointed by the O
rphans' Court for the county of Potter, to dis
tribute the assets now in t\ie fiaads of J-
I Bendrick. tfie administrator of the istate ef
William Lyon, deceased, among tfie seven l
| creditors of the said estate, will attend to tbe
j duties of his idlice. at the Prrehopotam s Of
fice in the Borough of Coudersport. on SAT
URDAY, Die 19th day of September next, at
; one o check. P. M. Persons interested e-au
attend it they think proper.
LEW 18 MANN, Auditor.
Coudersport, Aug. ID, 1857.
VT a Meeting e>f the Town Council of tha
. Borough el" Couder.-port, held on the 7th
insu, tin Letting of the bide-Walks on Ist, 3d,
Ith, sth, Cth, 7t!i. East and West Streets, and
part of 2d, street, was postponed until the
First Monday in October next, at 1 o clock 1 •
M., at their office in said Borough. By order
jof the Board. SA.M'L 11. SSTORRS,
i Coudersport. Sent. 9, 1857. Seirctary.

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