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ifcta ilWmHsriimtts.
\, ,t ic> r< Buil<lei^s.
a* EALKD PROPOSALS tw ill be received
until the 17tii d.y of October next by the
s.hoo! Directors of llomcr District,
•or bail linj a Fr.im? School llou.se, 24x 50. on
Avers' 11:11- Fall specifications tn iy be seen
b* calling on A. W. Latdkop, in Horner. —
Proposals to be left with the same. Br order
Board. E. THATCHER, Sec'y.
Homer, Sept. 14. 1857.-10:14-31.
At Merchants Hotel. North 4ta St.. I'nilada.
accessible, your att ntion is called to it.
Hi ]• i-sessinjr fac lities and advantages worthy
ofrour consideration.
Among its advantages mav be enumerated
its location, having shorter lines of communi
cttion to the interior, its proximity to the Iron
nt:d Anthracite Coal districts of Pennsylvania,
l.je I rge and varied extent of its njanufac
vires biing far in advance of any other city
n the United .States, the moderate expenses
, •eessnrv for parrying on business, etc.. etc.
Ttie market possesses unrivalled advanta
ge f s <r the s tie of many kinds of produce.
. ;rh as Flour. Wheat, Hurley, Wool, Butter,
t'iieese. Ac., while the charges made upon
and attendant expenses are more inoder
•„;e than neigboring seaboard markets.
H \l. IF. PA EL, Wholesale BOOT. SHOE
62d M irket St.
I KtLVE A h'f.VG. Wholesale CLOTHING
HOUSE. NO. 4.50 Market and 423 Merchant
TJ. 17. 0 R. GILLESPIE $ CO Wholesale 1
GRt'CEKS. Nos. 11 and 13, South Water St.
J C. Fit EEL AS I), with C'LISE A C'A R-
R(>L. Importers of WINES, BRANDIES,
GINS. <Jc., No. 304 North 3d Street.
T. MoRRIS, PEROT A CO., Importers and'
Wholesale Dealers in DRUGS. CHEMICALS
No. 021 Market, and 012 St. James S's.
CONCENTRATED LYE for making Soap.
Manufactured by the Penn. Salt Co., Tureii
:u:n. Alleghany county, Penn. Represented
>j LEWIS, JAMES .j - Co., Philadelphia.
. LIS A TAYLOR, Importers and Cash
-ibers. No. 305 Market Street. HOSIERY.
THREADS, COMBS. yo.. A c -
ASS. IIAIOCEL y Co., Importers of
RIES. <j - c., No. 37 N. Third street.
JAMES, KEXT. SA ?l TEE A CO., Import
ers and Jobbers of FOREIGN and DO.MUS
YH DRY GOODS, No. 23t) and 241 North
:.d Street, above Race.
CHANTS. Warehouse No. 14-J N. 3d St.
SOO&E, UEXZEY A CO., Importers audi
,_>les i!e Dealers in IIAII WARE, CUTLE
,.i and <* I NS. 42i Market and 4lt Coixi
tnerce street 3. j'
\i A L 11. 818 IGIIA I'S, Importer and;
Wholesale Dealer la FOREIGN and DO
-;:EsTIC HARDWARE, No. 253 North 3d,
s'reet. below Vine.
iIAXD SA WS in any variety and style < f
ecelebrate i IKE stamp, manufactured by ;
ALTER CUESSON, Depot No. 3u3 Coin-|
lu.Tce St.
i MVIiIS. IIATCJIETS in great va-'
'• mui i.h•:ur-J by C. UAXXOXD, De-
N•.3 i ; Ciin lur-e st. The attention
"i bis call It) these goods as being
.ti in quality and finish to any mida.
N BAR HER. Wholesale Dealer in
•" KS. A rent for the PATENT EQUAL
rof G'LD PENS. s. E. corner of 2d
-•i Cllesta.it ats.
■Firr A REATII. Importers of WATCH
" corner sth and M irket >t3
niilH\, JO.VES & CO.,
Importers and Jobbers ia
-ritish & American Dry Goods,
- j Market, through to 204 Church Alley.
xf bout Us credit for approved Notes.
[10:14-3 m.
jl "SLANT to an Act of the General As
-1 - inbly of the Commonwealth of l'enn
r.ia, entitled "An Act relating to the :
..us of this Commonwealth." approved
aid day of July, A. D. one thousand
hundred and tliirty-nine, I, A. C. TAG
•T S.ieriff of the county of Potter. Penn
' v *ni;t. do hereby make known and give
to the elector > of the county aforesaid,
- a G leral Election will be held in said
v of Potter on the second TUESDAY
i i>et djer. 1837, at which tiuie state
• Meaty officers as follows are to be eiect
• U, wit:
' ~*on for Governor of the Commonwealth
r if for Judjes of th" Supreme Court
w/nonwealth of Pennsylvania.
{er.'on / r Canal Commissioner of the
■ ■"■.■(a!rh of Pennsylvania.
/ - ns for M others of the House of Rep
' ■ General Assembly of Pennsyl
- ; ! eon Junction wilh the county of Ttoya, to
,s *: t.' lr counties of Tioga and Potter.
' p-fun f.e profhdnot (try and Clerk of the
f Eourts A-. of Pottrr county.
'Person for R -jisttr and Heconler of Potter
; 'P* T *on for Commissioner of the county of
.'■'■" on for Auditor of the county of Potter.
ma ke known and. give notice, as in
lJth section of the aforesaid act I
t:,at vvery person excepting Jus
,o IV-ace, who hold any office of ap
'f jiroiit or trust under the Govern
■ '-t U nit d States or of this State, or
. . ' Hor incorporated district, whether
''tied i.fficcr or otherwise, a subor
er or agent, who is or shall be em-
U " tr silli legislative, judiciary, or ex
>; -ejmrtnicnt of this state or the United
:• L , ', ' aii y c 'sty or incorporated district,
> t-nit every member of Congress and
Sifrop ' ° and of the select and
- Tx ■ 'unci lof any city, or commissioner
' r h°rated district, is by law iucapa
,r •• 1 u _r or exercii.ng at the same time
„ rr \ "ppointm nt of Judge, Inspector,
'• n y election in thisConimonwcalth,
•r .. "° ,ns pector or Judge, or other offi
.-:i. * t ucil clcctson shall be elligible to
men to be vo'.ed for.
Also, that in the fourth section oi the Act
of Assembly, entitled ''An Act relating to
eh c ions mull for other purposes," approved
April 18th, 1840, it is enacted that the afore
said 13th section shall not be construed as to
| prevent any military officer or Borough officer
. from serving as Judge. Inspector, or Clerk of
any general or special election in this Com
, mon wealth.
, It is further directed that the meeting of
. the return judges at the Court House in Coti
dersport to make out the general returus, shall
be ou tiie first Friday succeeding the general
election which will be the loth day of Octo
The re tern judges of Potter and Tioga
counties shall meet at the Court House in the
Borough of \S ellsboro. in the county of Tioga,
ou Tuesday, the 2uth lay of October, 1357. to
make return for Members of Assembly.
I also hereby make known and give notice
that the places for holding the aforesaid gen
eral election in the several townships and bor
oughs within the county of Potter, are as fol
low. to wit:
For the township of Abbott, at the house
formerly occupied by T. B. Abbott in said
For the township of Allegany, at the school
house near the place formerly owned by
Chester Andrews, in said township.
For the township of Bingham, at the house
of A. K. Lewis, in said town.-hip.
For the township of Clara, at the school
h nise near Sala Stevens', in said township.
For the township of Eulalia. at the New
Court House in the Bor nigh of Coudersport.
For the township of Genesee, at the home
now occupied by U. Chamberlain, in Eliisburg.
For the township of Harrison, at the house
recently occupitd by Ira B.irtholauiew, in said
For the township of Hebron, at the school
house No. 3, near llenry lugraham's in said
For the township of Hector, at the house of
Anna Wilbur, in said township.
For the township of Homer, at the school
house near Jacob Feet's, in said township.
For tiie township of Jackson, at the house
of Benjamin Barse. in said township.
For the township of Keating, at the house
of Pliny Harris, in said township,
t For the township of Oswayo, at the honse
of John Wells, in said township.
For the township of Pike, at the bouse ofj
Elijah Johnson, in said township.
For the township of Portage, at the Sirer
school house, in said township
For the township of Roulet, at the school
house near George Weimer's in said township.-
For the township of Pleasant Valley, at the
school house in said township.
For the township of Sharon, at the Sharon
Center school bouse, near John Vourhees.
For the township of Sweden, at the house
of Asenath Taggart, in said township.
For the township of Stewardson, at the I
houe of John S. Clark, in said township.
For the township of Summit, at the house
formerly occupied by Uel Cook, in said town-'
sh'p. " j
For the township of Sylvania, at the school
house near J. M. Rees', in said township.
For the township of Ulysses, at the house
of Atlas Bennett, in said township.
For the township of West Branch, at the
house of Lemuel Hammond, in said township.
For the township of Wharton, at the house i
of Stephen Uorton, in said township.
For the Borough of Coudersport, at the
I Court House iu said Borough.
A XD WHEREAS, a joiut resolution propos
al. ing certain amendments to the Coustitu- j
tiouofthis Commonwealth has been agreed;
to by a majority of the members elected to j
e toll House of the Legislature, at two sueces
sive sessions of the same, tiie first session
commencing on the first Tuesday of January,,
A. D. 185 R. and the second s-ssion couimenc- j
ing on the first Tuesday of January, A. D. \
1857 ; an 1 wheieas, it is provided by the tenth
article of the Constitution that any antand- j
meat so agreed upon shall be submitted to the .
people, in such manner, and at such time, (at
least three months after being so agreed to by j
the two Houses.) as the Legislature shall pre- |
scribe ; and whereas, by an act of the Legis
lature of this Commonwealth, entitled -An j
Act prescribing the time and manner of sub
mitting to the people, for their ratification or.
rejection, the proposed amendments to the
; Constitution." approved May 12, 1837; audi
whereas, by virtue of a writ of election to me
directed by the Governor of this Common
wealth, I am commanded to cive public no
tice of tho said act of Assembly ;
Now therefore. A. C. Tagcaiit, High
Sheriff of the county of Potter, do hereby pro
claim and give public notice to the qualified j
electors of Potter county aforesaid, that an i
election will be held in each township and
borough iu said county, on Tuesday, the 13th
day of October next, for the purpose of de
cididing upon the adoption or rejection of the
said Amendments or any of them.
That the said election shall be held at the
place of holding the general elections of this
Commonwealth, and hall be opened between
' the hours of eight and ten o'clock in the fore
noon and continue without interruption or
adjournment until seven o'clock iu the eve
ning, when it shall be closed.
And it shall be tiie duty of the Judges. In
spectors and Clerks of elections of each of
said townships and boroughs, to receive at
said election, tickets either written or printed
or partly written and partly printed, from cit
izens duly qualified to vote for members of
the General Assembly, and to deposit them in
a box or boxes, to be for that purpose provi
ded by the proper officers, which tickets shall
be respectively labelled on the outside, "First
Amendraeut." "Second Amendment," "Third
Amendment" and -Fourth Amendment," and
those who are favorable to said Amendments,
or any of them, may exj ress their desire In
voting each as many separate written or print
ed or partly written and partly printed bal
lots or tickets, containing on the inside thereof
the words, -For the Amendments ;" and those
opposed to such Amendments, or any of them,
may express their opposition by voting each
ts many separate written or printed ballots or
tickets, containing on the inside thereof, the
words, "Against the Amendments," which
said amendments shail be voted on separately.
That the election ou the proposed Amend
ments. shall in all respects be conducted as
the General Elections of this Commonwealth
are now conducted, and it shall be the duty
of the return Judges of the respective town
ships and boroughs iu said county, first hav
ing carefully ascertained the number of votes
given for or against each of said Amendments
in the manner aforesaid, to make out dupli
cate returns thereof, expressed in words .\nd
not in figures, only one of which returns so
nude shall be lodged in the Prothonotary's
Office of the Court of Common Pleas of said
connty, and the other sealed and directed to
the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and by
one of said Judges deposited forthwith in the
most convenient Post Ofiice.
Given under my hand, this 24th day of
August. A. D. 1857.
10:14—tc A. C. TAGGART, Sheriff.
D LEACHED MUSLINS and a few other er
I' tides in th* line of Staple Drv Gocdfi
low for cash at E. N. M'K.VCKR S,
, 10:2 D. W. H ,
j ¥1 Y VIRTUE of sundry writs of Venditioni
J \j Exponas and Fieri Facia* issued out of the
, Court of Common Pleas of Potter Co., Penna.,
r and to me directed, I shall expose to public
{ sale or outcry, at the Court House iu the Bor
ough of Coudersport. on Monday the 21st day
of September, 1857, at Lo o'clock, A. M., the
C follow ing describcdreal estate, to wit :
Certain real estate situate in Allegany town
-1 ship, Potter county. Pa., Beginning at a post
I on the Oswayo corner on the Coudersport and
Eliisburg road in the said township, running
South forty-five degrees west twenty-three
i rods and 8:10 to a post, thence west twciity
• nine rods and 3:l'j to a post, thence no.Hi
, seventeen rods to a post on the Oswayo road,
i thence east forty-five rods and 1#:10 to the
place of beginning ; containing four acres of
land, more or less, on which are erected one
frame dwelling house, oue frame shop and
one frame barn, and with some fruit trees
thereon. ALSO—A certain tract of land
commencing at the north-west come- of a lot
of land bought of C. Andrews, lying south of
the Oswayo road, thence west along the Os
wayo road to the corner of said Chester An
drews lot of land, thence south tlong the
original line to S Wincgar's corner, thence
east to connect with a board fence to the
highway running from Coudersport to Eliis
burg, theuce north ulong the highway to the
corner of four acres of land bought of C. An
drews; containing about four acres. ALSO—
A certain lot of Find bounded north by the
lauds ot A. NY. Andrews, east by lot in posses
sion of J nn -s C. Curtis, south by lands of H.
Wiuegar, and west by lands of A. \\ . Andrews:
containing ten acres, all imoroved, with fruit
trees tliercou. Th above described lots be
ing all connected as one farm.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of James C. Curt:s.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate iu
Hector township, Potter county, Pa.,
bounded and described as follows, viz :
On the north by unseated lands of the
liiughaiu Estate, east by lands of Henry
Haines, south and west by Bingham
Lauds; containing 50 acres, being lot No.
70 of the allotment of lands of 11. 11.
Dent in Hector township, and part of
warrant No. 170t>. ALSO—Ono other
i lot situate in Hector township, Potter Co.,
Pa.: Bounded north by Bingham Lands,
oast by Bingham Lands, south by lands
of llunsecker and Garlock, west by lands
formerly of Jesse Johnson ; containing
90 and 9:10 acres, being lot No. 77 ot
the allotment of lauds of 11. 11. Dent in
said township, and part of warrant No.
acres chopped, with one frame dwelling
house, one log house, two frame barns
and some fruit trees thereon. ALSO —
One other lot. bounded north by lot for
merly owned by Henry Haynesaud Bing
ham Lands, east by Bingham Lands,
south by Bingham Lands and lands of 11.
11. Dent, and west Bingham Lands;
containing 100 acres, being lot No. 93 in
Hector township, and part of warrant No.
1354 ; of which 25 acres are improved,
with one log house, oue saw-mill and
some fruit trees thereon. ALSO—Oue
other tract, situate iu Hector and Ulysses
townships, bounded north, east, south
and west by lands of the Bingham Es
tate ; containing 100 acres, being lots
Nos. 14tf A 155 iu said townships, and
parts of warrants Nos. 1260 & 1800.
ALSO—One other lot, bounded on the
north by unseated lauds, east by Henry
, I). Leach, south by lands of liunsecker
A Garlock, and west by 0. Loucks; con
taining 100 acres of which twenty acres
j are improved, with ore frame house, one
frame barn and an apple orchard thereon.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of U. and C\ 11. Loucks.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in
Pike township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded
on the north hy lot No. 14, on the east
by lots Nos. 14, 22 & 35, on the south
by lot No. 22 and unseated lands of the
Bingham Estate, and cn the west by un
seated lands and by lots Nos. 13 & 36,
being lots Nos. 11 A 12 of the sub-divi
sion of the lauds of the Bingham Estate
iu said township ; containing one hun
dred and hfty-five acres, of which about
fifty acres are improved, with three frame
houses, two frame barns, one saw-mill and
some fruit trees thereon. AL^O —Lot
No. 36, situate iu township, county and
state aforesaid, bounded u the north and
east by lot No. 14, on the south by lot
No. 13 and uuseated lands, ou the west
by unseated lands and lot No. 15; con
taining 104 acres, about twelve acres of
which are improved, with one log house,
one frame house and one frame barn
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sel las the property of Elijah Johnson, t
Fi. Fa. ALSO —Two-thirds part of
of all those certain two tracts of land sit
uate on the waters of Kettle Creeek, in
Stewardson township, Potter county, Pa.,
and in the warrantee name of Nicklin A
Griffith, granted by the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, (No. 5956.) containing
one thousand r.ud ninety and a half acres
of land, which Crosby \Y. Ellis and
George Stewardson, by deed dated the
sixteenth day of September, A. D. 1859,
conveyed to Oliver Watson, which deed
is recorded in Potter county, in Deed
Book "E.," Pages 197 A 198, and the
said Oliver Watson conveyed the same by
deed bearing date the twentieth day of
November, A. 1). 1850, to John F. Cow
an : And the other tract surveyed in the
warrantee name of Nicklin A Griffith,
granted by the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania aforesaid, (No. 5957,) containing
one thousand and ninety-four and a half
acres, of which ten acres are improved,
and on which are erected three log barns
and one log house.
Seized, taken iu execution, aud to be
sold as the property of John C. Dodge,
Jr., and Charles P. Dodge.
Fi. Fa. ALSO —Certain real estate
situate in Abbott township, Potter coun
ty, l'a., bounded ou the north by lands of
John Keating A Co., east by lands of
Kadde A Co., south and west by lands of
John Keating A Co. ; containing fifty
; acres, of which ten acres are improved,
with one log house and one log barn erec
ted thereon.
Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the property of H. Starkweather.
ALSO —Obtain real estate situate in
Hector township, Potter county, Pa.,
bounded north by unseated lands, east by
! the Tioga county line, south by lands of
Z. Mallory and Guernsey, west by
unseated lands ; containing one hundred
aeres, more or less, of which twenty-five
acres are improved, with one frame house,
one log stable and some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Erastus Guernsey.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
Pike township. Potter county, Pa., bound
ed on the east by the Tioga county line,
on the north by lands of O. B. Goodman
Co., on the west by lands of O. B.
Goodman, and 011 the south by lands of
Samuel M.Losey; containing two hundred
and twenty-five acres of land, on which
there is eighty acres improved, two frame
houses, three frame barns, two bee-houses
and other out-buildings, apple orchard &e.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of A. T. Lose v.
ALSO —Certain real estate, bounded
and described as follows, to wit: Situate
in Sweden township. Potter county, Ra.,
bounded on the north by Bingham Lands,
east by Bingham Lands, south by lands
of James Fish and Keating Estate, and
west by Bingham Lands, being lot No.
57 of the allotment of Bingham Lands in
said township; containing eighty acres,
more or less, fifteen acres of which are
improved, with one log house and one
log stable thereon.
Seized, taken in execution and to be
sold as the property of Stephen ltedson
and Jonathan ltedson.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
Genesee township, I'otter county, Pa.,
hounded on the south by the road leading
from I "lyases to Genesee Forks, east, west
and north by lands of O. \V. Ilickcox :
containing ten acres, six acres of which
are improved, with one frame house, one
frame barn, other out-buildings and some
fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
.sold as the property of Lunian Winchell.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
Genesee township. Rotter county, Pa.,
bounded on the north by lands of Silas
Billings, east by lands of Theophilus
East on, south by lands of Moses Dawley,
deceased, and west by lands of S. S. Rob
erts ; containing fifty-seven acres of land,
of which there is about twenty acres im
proved, with one water saw-mill, one frame
house, one frame barn, two plank houses
and some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of John Billings.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
Ilebron township, Potter county, Pa.,
bounded on the north by unseated lands
of S. M. Fox, dec'd, east by unseated
lands of S. M. Fox, dee'd, south by un
seated lands of .S. M. Fox, dec'd, and
west by unseated lands of S. 31. Fox,
dee'd, being lot No. 101 of the allotment
of 31. Fox : containing fifty acres of
land, of which tcu acres are improved, on
which is erected one water saw-mill and
one board shantee.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Win. G. Carmer.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
Bingham township, Rotter County, Ra.,
bounded north by lands of G. G. Colvin,
on the east by lands of William Cobb,
Walter Leonard and J. B. Jones, on the
south by 11. I>. Ives, and on the west by
lands of Truman Kibbee ; containing one
hundred acres, with about fifty acres im
proved, on which are erected < ne frame
dwelling house, one frame barn, and with
two apple orchards thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of James R. Straight
and C. 11. Ives.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
Pike township. Rotter county, Ra , bound
ed on the north by lands of Hensiker &
Garlock, east by lands of Hensiker k
Garlock, south by warrant line of 5127.
and west by lands of Hensiker & Garlock;
containing 50 acres, being lot No, 37 of
the allotment of the Ashley lands in Rike
township, Potter county, Ra., none of
which is improved.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of John L. Rhenix.
ALSO—Certain real estate, to wit:
A piece or parcel of land situated in Pike
township, Potter county Ra., bounded on
the north and west by lands of the estate
of the late O. B. Gocdroan, dee'd. east by
the Tioga and Potter county line, and
south by lands of Samuel M. Losey; con
taining about two hundred and twenty
one acres.
Seized, taken in execution, and to b<?
sold as the property of A. S. Burnham
and Joseph 11. Cole.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in
the Borough of Coudersport, beginning
at a post in the west lint- of Main street,
being the south-east corner of John S.
Mann's office lot, thence southerly by the
west line of said street twenty feet, thence
westerly at right angles with Main street
sixty feet, thence northerly twenty feet
to the otfice lot of John S. Manu, thence
easterly by said lot sixty feet to the place
of beginning, on which is erected one
two-story office.
Seized, taken in execution, and to }>e
sold as the property of Crosby W. Ellis.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in (Jcn
e<se township, Potter Co., Pa., bounded on
the north by lot No. 4". east by lot No. 47.
south by lot No. 48 ami Bingham Estate, and
on the west by unseated lauds of the Bingham
Estate, being lot No. 4G of the allotment of
Fox and Ross lands in said township: con
taining 107 and 7-10 acres of land, about forty
acres of which are improved.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
| as the property of Samuel Ilurd.
; Aug. 28. A. C. TAOCART, Sheriff.
VI rult'll conveys the remedies to the cavi
▼ T ties in the lungs through the air passa
ges, and coming in direct contact with the
disease, neutralizes the tubercular matter, al- j
lays the cough, causes a free and easy expec- 1
toratiou. heals the lungs, purifies the blood, I
imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system,;
giving that tone and energy so indispensable
lor the restoration of health. To be able to
state confidently that Consumption is curable !
by inhalation, is to me a source of unalloyed
pleasure. It is as much under the control of
medical treatmeut as any other formidable
disease: ninety out of every hundred cases:
can bo cured m the first stages, and lifty per '
cent, in the second ; but in tue third stage it j
is impossible to save more than five per cent., |
for the Lungs are so cut up by the disease as
to bid defiance to medical skill. Even, how
ever. in the last stages. Inhalation affords ex
tiaoidinarv relief to the suffering attending
this fearful scourge, which annually destroys
ninety-five thousaud persons in the United '
.States alone ; and a correct calculation shows
that of the present population of the earth,
eighty niiilioas are destined to fill the Con
sumptive's g.aves.
Truly the quiver of death has no arrow so
fatal a< Consumption. In all ages it has been
the great enemy of lii'e, for it spares neither ,
age nor sex, but sweeps off alike the brave. ;
ih- beautiful, the graceful and the gifted, Bv
the help of that Supreme Being from whom ]
cometli every good and perfect gift, I am en
alibied to offer to the afflicted a permanent
and speedy cure in Consumption. The first ,
cause of tubercles is from impure blood, aud
the immediate effect produced by their depo- i
sition in the lungs is to prevent the free ad
mission of air into the air cells, which causes
a weakened vitality through the entire system.
Then surely it is more ratiuuul to expect great
er good from medicines eutering the carities
ot the lungs than tiom those administered
through the stomach; the patient will always
find the lungs free aud the breathing easy, af
ter Inhaling remedies. Thus, Inhalation is a
local remedy, nevertheless it acts constitution
ally, and with more power and certaiuty than
remedies administered by the stomach. To
prove the powerful and direct influence of this
this mode of adiuiuistration, chloroform
inhaled will entirely destroy sensibility in a
few iniuutes. paralyzing the entire nervous
system, so that a limb may be amputated with
out the slightest pain: Inhaling the ordinarv
burning gas will destroy life in a few hours.
The inhalation of ammonia will rouse the
system when fa:u::ng or apparently dead. The
odor of many of the mediciues is perceptible
in tiie skin a few minutes after being inhaled,
and may be immediately detected in the blood.
A convincing proof of the constitutional effects
of inhalation, is the fact that sickness is al
ways produced by breathing foul air—is not
this positive evidence that proper remedies,
carefully prepared and judiciously adminis
tered through the lungs should produce the
happiest results ? During eighteen years
practice, many thousands suffering from dis
eases of the lungs and throat, have been an
tler my care, and I have effected many remark
able cures, even after the sufferers had been
pronounced in the last stages, which fully sat
isfies me that consumption is no longer a fatal
disease. My treatment of consumption is
original, and founded on long experience and
a thorough investigation. .My perfect acquain
tance with the nature of tubercles, &c., ena
bles me to distinguish, readily, the variou>
forms of disease that simulate consumption,
and apply the proper remedies, rarely being
mistaken even in a single case. This famil-j
iarity, in connection with certain pathological j
and microscopic discoveries, enables me to re
lieve the lungs from the effects of contracted
chests, to enlarge the chest, purify the blood,
impart to it renewed vitality, giving energy
and tone to the entire system.
Medicines with full directions seut to any I
part of tlie United States and Canadas by pa- ;
ticnts communicating their symptoms by letter.
But the cure would be more certain if the
patient should pay me a visit, which would
give me an opportunity to examine the lungs
and enable me to prescribe with much greater
certainty, and then the cure could be eli'ecteU
without my seeing the patient again.
Office 1131 Filbert Street, Old
No. 109,) below Twelfth,
nTIEREAS the Hon. Robert G. White.!
President Judge, and the Hons. Joseph
Mann and G. G. t'olvin. Associate Judges of
the Courts of Oyer X Terminer and General Jail
Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Orph
ans' Court and Court of Common Pleas for tin
County of Potter, have issued their precept,
bearing date the fifth day of August, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and fifty-seven, and to me directed, for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer und
General Jail Delivery. Qaarter Sessions of the
Peace. Orphans' Court, and Court of Common
Pleas, in the Borough of Coudersport. on MuN
DAY, the 21st day of September next, and to
continue oue week.
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Cor
oners. Justices of the Peace, and Constables :
within the county, that they be then and there
in their proper persons, at *lO o'clock A. M. of
said day, with their rolls, records, inquisitions,
examinations, and other remembrances, to do
those things which to their offices appertain
to be done. And those who are bound by
their recognizances to prosecute against the
prisoners that are or shall be in the jail of said
county of Potter, are to be then and there to
prosecute against them as will be just.
Dated at COUDERSPORT, August sth, 1857.
and the 81st year of the Independence of the
United States of America.
A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
Thomat J. Hart, | No. 143 Sept. Terra. 1857.
vs. - In the Common Pleas of
Elizalxth Hart. J Potter County.
And now. to wit., July 31-t, 1857, a Sub
poena and alia* Subpoena having been issued
and returned Xihil in this case, the said res
pondent, ELIZABETH HART, is hereby required
to appear in said Court, on the 21st day of
September next, to answer the complaint set
forth bv the Libellant.
10:8. A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
TfVHE undersigned having bought out ali
X former owners of the Lewisville Sum*
Grist Mill are now prepared to do all maimer
of grinding, as they believe, to the satisfao
tiou of their customers. Come and see.
Ulysses, Feb. 28, 1857.— 9-36.
John IS. I>yc is the Author. y
Who has had 10 years experience as a Baak-^
er and Publisher, aud Author of
A series of Lecture* at Broadu -.it/ Tabernacl
when, for 10 successive nights, over _
Ifctf >O.OOO PeopieriasO q
Greeted him with Rounds of Applause, *r
while lie exhibited the manner in which
Counterfeiters execute their Frauds, and ~
the Surest and Shortest Means of
Detecting theui
The Bank A otr Engraver* alt sat/ that he
the greatest Judge of Paper Money Itvtng.
btUchqg Cotwfcrftii Jjoks 2
Describing every Genuine Bill in Existence.
and Exhibiting at a glance every Couu
terfeit in Circulation !!
Arranged so admirably that REFERENCE T
is EASY, and
index to examine ! No pages to
hunt up! But so simplified and arranged. *
that the .Merchant, Banker and Business m
Man can see alt at a Glance. 0
Thus each mav read the same in his own ~
Most Perfect Bank Xotc List Published, 'j
Also a List of
A Complete Summary of the Fimnck or
Elrope £ Amkrica will be published in each
edition. together with all the IMPORTANT
From an Old Manuscript found in the East, v
It furnishes the Most Complete History
.of' Oriental Life,
describing the Most Perplexing Positions in
which the Ladies and Gentlemen of that 3
Country have been so often found. These
Stories will continue throughout the w hole A*
year, and will prove the Most Entertaining *
ever offered to the Public. r~s
Furnished Weekly to Subscribers on- J
lv. at SI a year, All letters must be
dressed to
JOHN S. DYE, Broker, O
Publisher and Proprietor, 70 Wall Street, £
New-York. 10:1—1 y. Q
County of Potter, vs. C. W. Ellis & Jam**
W. Smitu.
Trustees of Biugham Estate, vs. Jacob B.
County of Potter, vs. E. Johnston 1
Bump 2cL
Wm. McDougall. vs. JllO. M. KUbwrn, 4
Rafus Rice.
C. Aylesworth, vs. N. P. M.narJ.
George Andrews, vs. Amos D. NicLolj. --
C. Kveliu. Jr. vs. Jonathan Card, vt. &].
Beuj. Smith, vs. Isaac Lyman.
Pike Township, vs D. Chappel.
Wharton School District, vs. Julius Jobn9 -n.
Isaac Pearce, use of Doty A Doty, vs. Fratu.-
lin Gale.
Levi Annis, vs. W. T. Jones.
E. M. Carpenter, vs. Chas. Armstrong
B;trak Nilcs, vs. L. D. Williams.
Elms E. More. vs. Morris S CarpcuUx
D. B. Brown, vs. Leonard Davis.
Hosca Gushing, vs. B. Barse' A AasTsji.
Sand. Haven, vs. A. M. Benton.
George Avers, vs. Wm. Perry.
Vesta C. Dike, Ac., rs C. P. Dike.
\Vm T. Jones, vs. Jsckson A Reeg.
A. W. Williams, vs. Deloss H. Dunbar.
Tkomns I). Liiiie, vs. 11. Courtright, eh
Jos. A. Leonard, vs. J. Stevensou.
Josialj Bump, vs. 11. S. Carrier.
Collins Smith, vs. Morris S. Carpenter.
Potter County, vs. Hunt A Crittenden.
C. \\. Howe i: Co. vs. W. T Jones.
Gcnimell A Creswell, vs. W. T. A A. P.
Gilt rt A Nichols, vs. X. L. Dike.
David W. Seely. vs. Wm. Perry,
E. M. Carpenter, vs. Richard Shay, Jr.
Geo. ft. Vosburg, vs. M. J. Flvnn.
H. J. Olmsted, Proth.y.
Coudersport. Aug. 3d. 1857.
American Salttj -Paper Manu*
lacturing ( ompany of
Hew loik.
C A PITAL B^oo,ooo.
A. NICHOLAS, President. Uffite 70 W.ill-Bt.
A Perfect Security against all manner of Fraud
by Counterfeiting on Paper.— To Prevent
Photographs and Anastatic Counter
feit". Erasures, Transfer* or Al
HAVING purchased the Patent for the ex
. elusive right to manufacture and gel! the
new Chemical Paper in Amenta. invented and
patented in England by Henry Gltxs, a ctk<-
brated chemist aud officer in the Briti.-h arm;,
it is hardly uecessnry to say thai the Paper is
recommended by Mr. Kent. Assayer of the I .
S. Mint. Mr. Lyman oft: e New York Clearing
House, and Meade Brothers, extensive ai d
skilful photographers, 233 Broadway N. V.
The latter say that 110 imitation Can be made
on n check or bank note printed on the Safety
Paper. Below is our list of prices :
Bank Checks, 35 cts. lb.
Bar.k Bills. .'8 18 for 1000 sheets.
Biils ot Exchange. $25 for lOuO sheets.
Promissory Notes, 4u cts. {0 lb.
Sight A Time Drafts, $25 for 1000 sheets.
Insurance Policies. 4 > cts. lb-
Railroad Stocks A B aids. 40 cts. lh.
Bank and State Stocks. 40 cts. lb.
Bond-' and Mortgages. 40 cts. lb.
Wilis and Deea-a 40 cts. %> ib.
For wrapping Silks and other fine articles
it is excellent, us it prevents moth?. 40 cts.
V 'b.
For Indentures and Agreement?, 40 cts.
i All State and County Records should slvrav j
be printed or written cn this Paper, as the
chemicals inserted in the pulp nor only pre
vent erasure or transfer, but make it lasting
as time.
For Southern Climate® it is excellent, and
much superior to any other ; as the moisHiesa
j of the climate does not destroy it.—the prop
erties inserted in the pulp being a preventive.
In all the southern states. Cuba, the We.-t
Indies and the Central American States, no
, public record- can be keptorer 20years. writ
ten on the ordinary paper, while the oils and
other chemicals im r ed in this Paper makes
it in destructible by the ravages of time. It is
also proof against moths, rats and other ver
min. which feast on and destroy ail other pa
per now in use.
The Company have now in operation Mills
in Morris County, N. J. of about 300 horse
■ tower, aud are able to fill ail orders for Paper
I at *he shortest notice.
All orders for the Paper must be addressed
to A. NICHOLAS, President of the Company,
:No. 70 Wall Street. 10:10-3 mo."
iy' OME CLOTHING of Cheney s mannfai t j:a
V J on hand at E. K. SPENCER'S,
10:2 D. W. S.. Ag*
NEW GOODS—A Large and Splendid As
sortment just received at

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