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" """ MONEY.
£d3ce. a 3 will y'.id tbe bitterest pill,
WhPe failure sours boner;
The cure for evetv ill
And c r 'J"y grief is Money 1
If yon shcuid wound onc'3 finer feelings,
Br being rude or rash,
Aa 4 can't succeed the hurt in healing
By gentle means, try Cash 1
.There's nothing like it; 'tis as sure as
'•Death or quarter-day
A msn is never put in duress
When he's prepared to par.
,The hiliious man will loso his bile,
The bitter ce3se to frpwc ;
The inconsolable will smile
At sight of money dov.*n.
business goes on by sea and land
Just as you "foot the bills."
If anyr job you have on hand
btiuks fust —just ''OTCGsethc &.< "
30, in the sorest pinch in life,
One friend v. ill never fail—
aurr than father, brother, wife—
That is, "<k uh or. the naif."
[A* Y Eve. rot!.
A ICitri
"We saw yesterday afternoon, at the
Central i'ulico Station, a young man ol
very respectable family, who was arretted
pn the charge of larceny. A levy years
ago he was an industrious student a;
college, and lor a little youthful iadisciv
tion he was expelled —seat into busy
life with this disgrace hanging about
him. Away from home and friends, he
formed the acquaintance of evil c nnpeu
ioua, and a love of strong drink was at
once acquired. Lost to all parental re
straint, ho relinquished his books, and to
day, though he has just reached man's
estate, he is in our prison walls, a con
firmed drunkard, charged with crime ! j
Wo have thought as we gazed on the
young man, after he had been com mitted
by Alderruan Enue, of the insiduou- pro
gresa of intemperance upon his -.1:1! car!;,
day 3. How vainly its victims strive to
break asunder its unyielding fetters, and
while contending, arc struck down by iti>
iron jiarid, and hastened, rapidly hasten-.
ad, to the dark yloom of distraction
Ssd, sad indeed, is the tale of woe, ol■
sleepier nights, bitter tears, and broken
hearts, that come to us like the low wail
ef a mendicant on a cold winter's night,
and causes us to weep over the sorrow
ful fate of those near and dear to us —
po-heirs to immortality, who has b.en
wrecked on the ocean of life. L nder
these baneful influences of intemperance,
how many a home has been deserted that
might have been a perpetual scene of do
mestic ioy! How many hearts have
been left without one solitary ray of com
fort to cheer them, that might beat in
unison with the warm impulses of its fel
lows'. —and how many an intellect, op
pressed with the incubus of deadly
thoughts, has been racked aud ruined,
that might have gemmed the literary
coronet of a natioD, or swayed its council
halls ! Many there have been who aiu
now forever crushed under the potent
energies of the demon of intemperance,
that might have played a useful and im
portant part in the drama of existence,
or under the sway of religious influences,'
trodden the peacef'al walks of private life
in the dispensation of joy and charity to
multitudes around them. But what is
the reality of to-day ? Ask the widow
ed mother's heart—ask the orphan—the
policeman's roll—the judge's sentence —
the gibbet and the scaffold.
•' Ask death beds—they can tell."
Ph Uarfejjih in Press.
times, says an exchange, the "marriages"
and "deaths" in the newspapers numeri
cally about balance each other. Of late,
however, the former have grown small by
degrees and beautifully less—but death
about holds his own in spite of the press
ure. The truth is, wives, in these day
of silks and tieunccs, humbugs and hoops,
are come to be a luxury beymiu the reach
of a common man's means, and hence,
like most other luxuries, they must be
dispensed with in hard times. Fashion
able weddings are few and far between.
Wait a little longer. Cau't afford it.
We have heard of sundry worthy cler
gymen lamenting the failing of fees, from 1
the bankruptcy of cup! J. The best thing
the clergy can do, then, is to preach
down extravagance, prodig nity and pride,
and preach up their oppositss—Lumi iry,
chanty and ike kindred virtues. It is.
Flora McFlimsoy that has spoiled the
>rado—and it the-® be any way of reform
ing Flora, lot it be done, if she had
"nothing to wear" at Saratoga, all last
summer, when money was "a drug mthe
marxct, wonder what she will do this;
winter, if the "orisis" kcp on
English paper informs us that a girl of
seventeen, residing at Briugegote, Glas
gow, named Catherine Burt, was brought
to tbe Central police office of that city,
haviug had her ccc-k fractured in a strug
gle, from a young man having attempted
to kiss her. No extra violence, it was
said, had been used. Dr. M Gli was in
attendance, aud reported that the injury
sustained appeared to bo a partial dislo
cation of one of the vertebrae of the neck,
causing great difficulty in respiration aud
swallowing —he presumed, from pressure
on the respiratory nerve. She wos or
jdered to the infirmary, but her friends
'preferred taking her home, where she
I now lies in a dangerous state. Steps are
; being taken to have the young man ap-
I prehended.
i We publish this as a warning to young
; ladies not to resist such attempts. If so
•serious a result ibllotyod a resistance
which, noui the nature ot the attack, was
very slight, the consequences of a mora
j forcible repulse might have been fatal.
A woman's Lli'E was curiously pre
served by her husband, in Staffordjhive,
lately, by t'uc process of transfusion. She
lay at the p .iut of death, when, as a last
, resource, a veiu was opened iu her arm,
and in oqo arm of her flu-hand, and as
the loflood flow - J ito U ILe latter it Wo
transmitted by suitable apparatus into tho
venis of the wife. After seventeen ounc
es had been thus injected, the pulse L>
eati o perceptible, and the eoloilcss lips
reddened, the glavsy eye brightened, and
she th iukfully said, 4 i am better. ' The
tn--: has progressed very favorably, and
the woman is recovering.
#■ o- V >
We Yankee- hare been living too fast,
Tk'itj lu v' k 0.-•- a'avii) iw Hi,
1 Bfo 7-8.
rfi'JlZ T'svIBtTXE was last issued as a Daily
£ ua tae lata oi April, liili. Its '.V • v.< K
i-jiuou H'iW comm. ucia iu September ot tac
game year; its Semi-Weekly in ill ay, it;4s. It
was the hist Uaiiy in America to isnuw a
do h Ic or i ight-page sheet at A 100 |. ice, aufl
e, ;,us kepi a I leas', even with tile lorcmost Ol
its rivals in the rapid expansion ot N'ew.-p :pr
v. lerpriat, which the great extension of Kn.il- 1
i l oads, and tee establishment of the Telegraph;
i avst> ui have crowded into these l ist sixteen
e'.i uiful rears. No larger journal is afforded:
! at i i low a pri-'C iu any quarter of the world ;
t; -ne in Am nra, no matter at what price is- ,
atu. pays au equal am aunt, weekly or month
ly, 1 a intellect ual labor. it employs corres
' uoudeut j re-nlarl; iu the loading capitals ol
Europe, a.iu at me most important points ou
; this co-it incut. with a liberal sua' ot" writers
and repor-'.r- at home, regard tig full, early ,
and HCCL ate information as toe first object ol
;• Newspaper, and the timely and thorough;
cl icidation thereof as thg chief sn<l of its Ldi
tOfials. in that spirit, THK TKIBIKII has:
' b((-n and v,il bo tondu Aal extending and
peiibetiug its correspoudcuce so l'.isl as the
: increase oi" its patronage will justify the <-x
-: per; st - . Shoufli the cur. tit attempt: > connect
. L he Ui i wuii the N% • World ov the magnetic
a ire prove so ta si ui. we shall very a ,on, at a
;.cav\ co t to ourselves, aud. we trust, a co:-
iAp Ui'i.'ig ..a\an.. r g'i to !>or leader--, jiufi.sli
; each morning a synopsis ot the preceding
Jay's occurrences throughout Europe. North
era Africa, and W, stern Asia, with regular
• epot - of the mail, 'ts, the monetary uspevt>
and harvest prospects of hither ilarope. With
i a good ati is'h side him. and his daily paper
ou his fireside taoie, the American farmer o.r
nl sau wi:bia a days riue ot the city may
l'm-u study each evening the doings u! tin*
civilised world throughout the day preceding ;
.aid it seems hardly pos ibie thai any man
who can read, but especially one who has
children to educate will longer deny hintsall
the pleasure and proir. of a daily journal
The eiuno is true uieasur..bly of iho.c who
Live fui uier inland ; though, win re mails arc
' infrequent, a Semi-Weekly, or even a Weekly
pajie*. may seem suQlcicut.
ILIE 'i lilffb'NE ucals with qu; ftions f Po
litical Economy, Public I'oLcy. Ethics. Mate
ria Progress, and \\ hatever uiay ali .-ct the Iu
: ilectual, Moia l, f;octal and Plnsical well
being of Uiunkind. dogmatic Theoi jgy alone
; xcepted. It? leading idea Ls the hoaoring oi
: uo ic.-t. useful work iu whatever sphere or
• capacity, aud the co.;s> q'tcut elevation of the
; L hot', ig Class iu knowledge, virtue and gen
! era! e-tc- ui. It is necessarily hostile to
• s. a very under nil its -aspect?, io iutenipcran.'e
in whatever ! r:u or degree with its acee-?o
-: ries, to War, save in the defense of Country,
aud Liberty against actual invasion, and i
every form of Cr.rubltng. Desiring to >ec
Production extended and encourag d. while
wild Speculation aud useless Traslrc are cur
j tailed, it favors the policy of sustaining and
diversifying Horn ludustV-y hy a discriuaiua-1
t;ng Tarilf—a policy w uich tend 3 to increa.s •
'tie price of Grain io the farmer while (limiu
; shiny that of Dread to the artisan, by redu
cing tire distance aero - which th Mr respective
products are exchang il, and, of course, r du
cmg the cQ-t of their transfer. Regarding:
Filiou-terisia in ali it- phases, and evcrv form
and device of National cuve.'ou-.uo-s. with un
qualified abhorrence, a toe b.int* > ! IdiqiuLdic.-:
and in their triumph the grave of Equal
Human Rights; we seek by every means to
woo and u Iu the attentioa of our cotiutrvinen
from projects of aggrai dizemcnt abr .ad t > cn
erprtz s of devel >pment and boiieficoucc at
h one. farcin among which ne rank a Rail- ,
road through the heart of our territory to con- ;
ucct the waters of the Atlantic with those of .
•hi Pacific. D-M oving that the goods of this
life are not yo: fairly distributed, and that no I
one ready to work should ever 1 ttai-ii in ua
nliitg i<llyc|3, it lends an open ear to every!
' n sG - • of Social improvement which doe's
a at coanterrail the diet ites of eienfal Kurality
nor w.;r upon t'oat natural right of every one
in wuatS'wter he has fairly produced or hon- !
estly acquired, whose denial must gink man-!
■„ iin j tiao cttacts and night of barbarism
.v. ; universal . qua lor. Wi. an profound cor-1
-■. u-ne-'-y thi. iit.er3. drunkards, Hiioriin-s
and prcdi'gatc? can iierer be other (in the i
m: nyi t-.an needy aud wretched, it bears aloft :
the great truth that Prevention is better than
Pita .lament-—that the child trained up in the!
way he should go, will rarely in after years
desert that WHY LOR the thorny paths of Vice j
and Crete—thst trne Education—R o flgic>n3
Mor.il and Industrial as vrull a? Intellectual j
is the most efi'tlive temporal antidote to the :
errors and woes of our r ice. Recognizing iu
the most degraded specimen 01 Humanity a,
divine spark which should bo reverently
cherished, not trodden cut. wo have
char it v for all forms of evil but those which
seek personal advrutago thrgugh the deuase
ment of our fellow-beings, ihc champion ol
no class or caste, the devotee of no sect, we
would fain be the interpreter to each other cf j
general concord between Labor and Cap.fal, <
and ; mong those whom cireutm t. nces or mis
apprehension have thrown into tmnutur. '-' u " ,
tagonism. A cotemporaiy once observed that
he never knew a hard, grasping, niggardlv j
employer, who did not hate HIE FRIBI NR.
nor a generous, iarge-souled, u;r llyoae, will
ing to live and let live, who did not like it.
We ask no higher pr.use, no warmer attessa
-1 tionl
! The circulation of THE TRIBUNE is at tins
tlm; as follows: Daily 3'i.COO cop.." 4 :
Weekly. copies? Semi-Weekly,
IC.OOO copies; California and European,
cop'* s: Tutr 1 'dIiO.SCO coj.'t's-
Tout of the Semi-Weekly and Weekly we be-j
licre to be exceeded by no other newspaper i
published iu the world; t':..t of the D > ly
■ falls behind that > f som ol orr cotvrap- r
' rie.. Had cur hostility to Human E.every
*. and the Liquor Traffic been more gu rrd • 1 a id
: oolitic our Daily issue-would now be same;
' thou, inds heavier and our Advertising far
; {more lucrative: bat of our patronage ge tftf -
f ally we hive no reason, no wish to coaipl tn.
i Of late, a concerted efiurt IMS been made- to
diminish our rural circul ition through tae in
; lluence of the Postmasters some of whom cm
b.irk in it eagerly, others und r political con
- Taint: while a large number, we are happy
■ tor the sake of Human Nature to state, rei'us
• to bo dragooned into it at ail. Still, wo have
been made to feel the heavy bund of Power,
iiud have doubtless lost thousands <4 subscri
bers in • onsofiucnce. Pretexts to which ao iu
, dividual iu his private capacity would have
stooped have been relied cm to justify tlm
iloppr.ee of our pipers within reach of their
su! -or hers and r.ghtful owners, and their re
tention in the Post-office till their value wa?
■ ci's roved. Postmasters hive been schooled
v rival jor.ru il- everal of them liviai; on
i their sell-proclaimed ability to serve as an
> antidote to THE TRIBUNE—;'• to their p--
[ liiical duty to pro in te at uur expettie the
dissemination ol gazettes of adverse politics.
We shall outlive tins warfare, but we do not
[ affect indifference to it. In the open Sc-Id of
: discus-ion wc fear nothing; but in the tens
j of thoqs ind3 of rural neighborhoods wherr
the Postmaster can iuduce many of his quiet
n- ghbors to take the j mm 1 be recommends,
. we have already lost ome patrons, and ex
p.-t to lose more as our subscriptions for this
ve ir expire. We inpeal, therefore, to the
hearty, faithful, fearless advocates of Tree
Labor and Fr-e Soil throughout the laud to
take Care that this official warfare on our cir
culation be not prosecuted without counter
action. We employ uo traveling agentfor
; we will not con.-ent to bare the public har
assed with the solicitations of strangers in
our behalf. We s'rike the name ofea' ii -uh
-criber to our Weekly or Semi-Weekly from
. our books - as- on as bis t> rm h.iS • xpited, for
.' we will not haunt ottr patrons with duns for
. arrears which they may say they never in
tended to incur, iqr p-pcrs wliich perhaps
! they never reau : we rely ftp- the renewal of
lour club subscriptions solely on the vclun- ;
teercd efforts of those who, liking our paper,;
believe its influence s ilu arv and worthy to be :
exlende i : .and thus far our reliance has been
■j justified, as we trusl it may continue to be.
THE TRIBUNE is printed on a large im
p-rial sheet, Bit by 4t inches, folded in
quarto form, and mailed to subscribers at the
' following
DAULT Tiiiucxr. per annum . . Jf> 00
One Copy, our year . . . $3 00
Fwo Copif one year ... u O'l
Five Cuphs, one year . . It
Ten Copies, to one ad iron . . 20 uo
One Copy, one year . . . S'J o'>
Three Co L s. one year . . f> o0
[ j Five Copies, one year S 0
, Ten Copies, one year ... 12 U"
Twenty Copies, to one ad-frets, and any
larger number at the .ate of £ i per
annum ..... 20 00
Twenty Copies, !■ address of <v/eA sub
ssriber, and any larger number at the
rate of $! 20, each . . . 24 00
Any person sending us a Club of twenty or
1 more will he entitled to an extra copy.
Subscriptions may commence at any time.
Terms a.ways c sh in advance. All letters to
be addressed to
Tribune Buildings,
No. 151 Nassau street, New York.
New Youic, Sept. 1851.
Oirers (ircat Inducements
f\R OC E RIE S. P i't O VISIO NS A c.. a 1
® If the store formerly occupied by D. W.
SPENT KA. on 3d Street, North side of Public
A good assortment constantly on hand, from
which I will enumerate a few of the leading!
articles, sqcl; 03
Sugar, Mu-tard, Candy,
Colics, Cinnamon, Nuts
Molasses, Pepper Sauce, Crackers,
Syrups, t Y.t.-up, Soap
Peppvr, Yeast, Candies,
Spice, Oils, Shot,
Ginger, Tobacco, Lead,
Cloves, Sou r. u O." Caps,
Curb. Sod 1. S.'gars, C. Tartar,
iar.d many other tilings too numerous to men- j
tiun. w*iii b ■ faun liu t!ii - department, which
wtii ins sold at ii trilling advance from co-l.
for r. adv pa v.
Coustaut.y on u.iud. s-ica as
and many other articles in the hue of Provi-j
lions nut necessary to mention. Also,
sur aas P. *ooms. \Yu- 1 u and Poards. c'ops.
Dinner Box s, Ac., tvliiaii will he sold low t >r'
j cash or ready pay. Oatg Potatoes, Butter
! Eggs, Cheese, ana in fact almost everything a j
j f.irui j r rai.-e. 5 , will be taken in exchange for 1
I Goods, at their cash value. I invite the at-,
tention of Yiiiagors, Farmer- and Lambert..
who deairc to m ike purchases in the above j
xrUoic 7 , nnd si:.;cit thvm to call before pur-|
j chasing elsewhere. K. K. SPENCER. ■ [
Ckmdemport, Juce 0. 1857. —10:2.
I LEACH.-.D MUSLINS and a fiw other r.
I 8.5 tides in ths line of Staple Dry Gocc
i lov- for cash at E K. JIpENCfiR'S,
10:1 P W. 3,/gt,
— :
Of all disease ; the greM, first cause
Springs fruni ngl®dt of Nuuire 5 laws.
When a Cl'BE is guaraatecd
1 St'f-Ai-use, Xtrvous Dobik y, O
\r ravel, Diabetes. Diseases of <he Kulncjs . ..a
ldijiddirr. Mercurial Jiheamaiism, Hcrojula,
/'aim- t.'t lac Bones o id MnvAv, Diseases of the
Lnr.jr. Tarifdi, Xose and Eyes, L ictrs upon tin. •
Body 01 Limbs, Cancers. Dr E niy tcJ i s,
St. Vita's Dunce, und ait diseases arising from
a of the Sexual Organs,
Q UCII us Nervous Trembling, 1.0-? of Mem-j
kj orv, Loss ol Power, General Weakness.-
Dimness of Vision with peculiar spots appe ir- !
i tog before the tyes, of Sight, Wakvlui- \
iitirs. H'-'spcpsia, Li ver Disease, Eruptions upon \
the face. P.'in in the buck ami head, Fcnn ie
irrc-: -J u:itic and ail improper discharges from
both sexes. It matters not from what c. ma. j
tiie disease ori tituPei. hoWci'er lo :g standing
or i bsAuute t'm c ise. r<a-t vr.rit <• ccriu<;'. and m
a shorter time tl.fiir. p rinancnteure can be el
fected bv c.nv othe: uealmcut, even ail r the
disease ha.' f *.filed the skill of cininen? plr. :-i
-eian.3 aud resi-ted all their means of cure, i'he 1
niedicinesare jde isant wiihoat o'ior, cau mg uo ;
sickness and free froui ruercury or oiLum
During twenty years of practice,! have rescued •
from the jaws of Death m: ny tliotisan i ; , wa >..
in the last stages of the ■ bove m • itio : -J ;
I ct-es had been given up . die by their j ,: y •-
eian®. which warrants me :n pre lii - ag to tin
Ufflicfcd, who may place them eke ■un !errriv •
, care, a p .ufrci and most - peed;, c a'C. is icrct
Dlser.sc. ft re the "reate-t eiiciai 3to hi-a tit, a
they are the first causeof Consumption, Scrof- J
u'a, and many other <'is-a#';.- an i -h - t!-; b- . '
terror to the liuumh iamily, As a perm m ;.t
cure is scarcely ycreffected, a majority < 1 the ,
j eases falling info the hands of incompetent t
persons, who not only fail totjnrttlicdlsttwdsj
but ruin tl.e cor li-uiicn, t-hn:; the .y -acm
with mercup*. which, with 1 e d.vea./C, has
tens the suHorer into rapid Cu-i untp'.ion.
lut shouul tie diaf-ise -. ■! the treatment
not Cause d.-a !: sue' .iv n Rm vie -m mar-
Re-. the ell.-c ;so is eatunc t iipon the c, alreu.
who are born with feeble <•; lsliluiioas. an
the current of life corrupt<.t| by a firua which
hmr n itsi if in y-croful-. t'c- ter, k 1 :crs. hr::p—■
' tions un other a {feet ions of the skin, E <;-.
Throat and 1.-ing*, e; tailing n; on f-om a b. n-1
exi.de u*e of sutic. iug and cuur gniag liicnt to
an early grave.
SELF ABUSE v:oR; f rmidablo enemy
Ito health, for nothing el.-en the drtd cata- •
iogue of human diseases <• us so destructive
a drain upo t Hi ■ sv.-teni, draiviuy its tnousands
of victim - ihrougii a iua veai .sol su,Bering
down tQ all Uiilin: ly m-v . Ii 'ie lioy- ti.e
N'ervoti? sy.-tcm, rapidly v./i- f 1 "- aw ay tiie e::-
e.gics cf life ses men tl <lcr ■ u :-nu n l .
preterits t!ie proper de- Mopuien' ot the ?y- :> tn
, disqualifies for marriage, socj.-tj, husiti.-ss- i
and all earthly happlne -s. an i 1 aves the suf
ferer wrecked iu body an 1 mind, j redisposed
10 con.-Uiiiption an-1 a train o: evils rqore to be
[dreaded tha.i death itself. \Y iih the fnHeStj
confidence I a-sureTlie u a for lunate victims o! >
Sell-Ah use that a permanent aud speedy care
can be nib-eted. r.'.d '.vita -he abandonment of
ruinous jiractices iny patients can be restored
to robust, vigorous health..
The aßii'-ted are cauricrmd against tho tise \
of Patent Medicines, for iherc are so many
ingenious snares in th • columns of the ]>ub!ic
! p-inH to catch and r(;b tho i-.nwe.ry sutiVret -
that m'iiions have th-ir cc --iitu.ioD: tui-icd ;
i hr dr vile compounds of quack do-tors, or!
: the equally poiscmoips post rums vended tts I
■•Patent M tdicincs." 1 have carefully nuaiyze
many of the -o called Patent Medtcint - ;-nd ;
tin 1 that nearly all of them contain Uur./ iv.
Sublimate, which is on- o ' the si'-or,. est p -
parntiens of mercury and a deadly pomon '
; which instead of curing the disease disables
the system for life.
Three-fourths of the ja-'ent nostrums now
in use are put up by unpritu'ip! 1 and i. tiur.in;
prrsous. who 'lo no" unu : t u-1 even lie itl
phabel of the materia nnd, 1. and arc eqn.iii-.
1 destitute of any kao \<.; ecf the hiiriiau
avstem. having 0:1 c objc: ~ iJ. in view, an-'
that to m ike money r gardk-s.-. of congcqu-- .-
lrregulariti -s md n!i diseases of male - tin .
j feui ties treat ! on pri u-iplos established by
twenty years of pructicand n .action- d by
thousands o ; toe most r< murkaid cut s. M d
i iu -s with full directions sent to any p >rt of
til" United .States or Canadas, by pati at?
I coaiuiunicating their symptoms by let; r.—
Business ccr:.-spondeucc strictly couiidenti.'.l.
: Address.
OfHcs No. 1131 Filbert bt.,
(Old o. loi>, \
1 P II I L A D E L P ill A .
NEW 0001 >S.
Lutv Pt it tix H2sti Sct vtdy Pay,
''JlilE SUBSCRIBERS arc offering fv.r --ale
A an '-utirciy new st ■ k. consisting of
NOTB NS. .;c.. Ac.
i In our selectii ns the wants: of nil have been
i remembered. Th. Lieu:!-ru n• an liud iu o.r
i :ock of R -.'dy M :d.- Clothing an elegant
' Uu-hio table -nil, or a sub -antial Hus
j - siit, and we have i10.t.3 .v C.q.s aud Boots A
I Sao -st > ;n ,teh.
Tae Ladies can find Fashionable Bonnet
j i"-:i!.! 'fully trimmed, or b.mncU : nd trimmirg :
a g md as-sorimc-at of Dr- - Goods, r.rui it .ni
' intiigs; Glovt-.-. .Mil:.-, if i.-icry and Gaiter-.
An !, las', but not I<-: d. curded and skei ton
S.i.rt.s ; al ". Ratio !)9, Skirt-Wiml'-hone and
ilra -s SU 1 rt-lioop ; beautiful Ji-t Neck!:o - -
and Bracti t.'-o'.-il . i' .ns. r.r.d too Tiiatiy
: otiiei- things to t-numera; —.ill of which we
■ are -• -limg low for G -u. Luaib r, or any kind
-•i Prod ic-. ILOv U, MEAo. I ISii Ac., cou
. -Uiuly ou Laud.
VS. R. A a. il. GRAVES,
i Sharon Center, Putter Co., I'-:., June 5,
. lt-AT.—lO:2-tf.
A XR-aNGES AND LKMON.s just n crived bv
I IP 10:2 \Y It. .V ... 11. GRAYED '
! "S X W. SI'ENUI.R is Agent fornia oy or the
ut i' t poj.u r M <1 , V.OAV iu u e, •
f w cf wiiicii ue will mention:
I Ac.. &r.. &r .
R. Stafford & Co;'s Olive Tar i: re
plied and ir.hal.sd by wearing on INHALER
around th neck and ots the breast. His OL-,
IYE OINTMENT is applied where the skin is
broken, and is a popular remedy where known, i
Oocd for 'he Whooping Gocgh I^:2.
rpHE subscribers take this method of in-
X forming their ikitnds that they are Ln if
ceipt of. and are now opening, a. choice and
desliable stock of
to which they invite the attention of ail who
i desire t■> make purchases. Oar stock i? large
has been lelcctvd with great care, ami i; par
ticularly adapted to the wants c-I" this section
of our country. Uur ttcck of Dry Goods con
sists of
i and a variety of other articles, too numerous
u< mention. We have uisu a cotnpltte assort
ment of
all of which wiii be sold uncommonly cheep
for rt-adv par. and lb. ;i ved credit on av
cm suitable t.e ins : - a. • other <• tahlishmenl.
'MANX xNichols.
Millport, 'i ->s- Hi 1556-—UiU iy.
CSSA7K 35.4 \V r.iCTrni:ix§,
-RjS 1 >i'OOtllG Stl'CGt,
: One Deo.' East Qt ad way ? ■ Late 4<i<S Drotd
i W£- .1 NEW-YORK.
' pCXTITE ;,u evam'uati >n of thmr gr. a! va-i
-1 i ctv and superior assorttti ut ol CHAIRS,
manufactured at Ih.-lr own < dr.Rlisktiient. and
. under their itu jicdiate obst-i vutiou un.l dwec
. '.ion. in ivi.ug
. {.NYA:.ID CHAIRS. w( . AC., EC..
Euihra htj th • ui iit eo npl' te assort>n i:!. ■
and choice, t U;n<!.? ioi iJrji. on/ Jo
Chambers, &aidtft*, Ikbratiei, Cvt&ffoiff //m'-'.-,
I•• .■: i'U'/i:-: i.v.i. JJo I u>r. /><.•< orrs, .jf S
•jjetUer -.v.,1 every d-.v iubU M.-rt adapted to ;
: t; • eoniidrt, eeav.%! and luxury of th. ■
Ci /. , ih- Atf ih J ji- p, th.- /. 'ime an J L~,zy.
in ]i u o: ng:->n'y of de ;ya. *!• gaive of
..a -Is. fju; i - y 'and < hii ot am • rial, l'ai h
idn.ss ol fc.cc'Catieu dttrabil. y itul ha; n
.h.•>.• ciialr:- a:e 4. jMr them, .\i.
W. KING '.\ <:o .: ... ; ti the lii.-t at. .
JUl\ Mer.ii A:; ' li; y net n.n.cnd
.In ni iitr prtl' ru de ■<■• beds or couches. tur
fpatients afflicted wi.h Spinel AiliuMde ur •
jji ou'-'iui a.lections.
1 . ei.h r arm of the hair -..uy be attach'd
• t •u, che nt rta.j - r vvii.'ng t < :s.i:, an ,an
, •• d."ir.:d v-ull be tu.iiiatAciurcu to
.<> order.
A Circular with explanatory cu'j. will hi
u by Uiitii if it-onr-.-u a;.- i order.- [wub .•-
i mitunce ,j pronapuy lorwtrdu to any parlor
| :ht w.uld.
• An Arm Ch Sr. Reclining Chair. C> . h and
| Hedstca i. [COV.<N D I.V ,V .j i- -a-ceptib!.- f.'
i twelve different ]u-'ti' ns or < !:. cjr--, to nn-t
j ;!■" varied i'"; 1 i •-•meat.-: i r o>m:.>rt, ronveni
' . ti<-.', l,t> an and econocrr. [in space will
in- price. | V.'h.-ther in • 1 ,: .u -ss or It rlh. tl.i
e< i 'bratcii • HA 1R "ii vo. i.i-.i. I>. t:: ■i- :
... . ...
'uciurci r. fhi-' or njiy other country.
! Tit ■ price varies from i'.f rm to Thirty D. i-
I iar ■. ace, r<i ng i ) fin. ii.
T^i'tiidie liistiiuti, t . wti! a ! irtdivi..-
:al lhi- f'ilAlß i a '> "f di-:!al.I' tiri: ! .
: I will be i' d in auiv r:;ir : ■ r en th
v.. KING L
! I> ,ome -t.. <hi door *t Ih

V EYV GOODS—A line A -ortur t j:: i
| AN! received at OEM:-"; ii>dS.
Tsac b-rst 1 i. rapetiHc Ajgtrta*
trvcr DdfrotUiccd.
■m—7" v_- f MA(;NKTOEI.FO.
. *. .v..'£% - exciting the
i4y"-'Y v ' > "% :
V|pC ; _ . . 'N ; : ; ;■ • ■
Vncn of the land. It is nrwr clearly dernon
str.ited that the lancet, mercury, ami t'd otit;;
internal drug medication'" rati Re laid aside
vritli perfect safety t* t::: r<- Lieut a:■! abid
ing benefit to posterity. Wh< r< v< tth esc ina
chinos have b en introduced, they t rile tin
hi' lied wouuer and praise, ike apparatu
i adapted !o prevent, red- w and < every
i;y.— more \
i lariy all tho-" r Tnful and fo.i Uiidaßle d :-
c< which have for cent uric.-. Rallied tl • pro
found ■ t i"rnia t and >kßl r>:" p'iy- : e : ;a.
From v.'hafewi cvhw my I i an c
daring an e\c. ? or d< li-h-nry of the ac'd
and ai'mjine •ecretion*—the mac'ii -t'- jwu-.ci-
Iv la ■.. : iy !',w;o!' 'i t'i tli'.' a ':: • •> •

on as of JU. I R'KiNS' I.N'S .t! \GNi.TG;
ELEI TR!C MA RHINE. This eppAivu- d!
i> •-• t;v'• iy prevent, aixl peidili 1 !;'.■•■ a'
euro fhi: umptiun. Serutela. RIHUI;
o'her p.iinfal Mai.idies. houever hopeh -■ and
in all --"xmi! nud urinary Gi- •.: r . p-'Gicj -
lariy wl: re the Goo! aula, n lie? ' •. " 1 '••• a
i! ni a and ruined hv ne natural solitary a a as
to v. a id: too m.mv'of the young of both sexes
.: 1 -O •:'! Ill' n' a ! d V
M Oil INK is without the d'l.g rou? eomtd
oh Hon .„t b ilti rh-wi! <1 ni,l^-..which t alov,
renffeH rt yunertor t<i ail others on the score
of neat oe=s. e!ec.rslii>es..js; 4 Htr and nfilitv.—
jfl is. iu fact, a handsome parlor ornament:
nuv be applied by n •child : cud will last n
tif. -time, to the groat saving of Doctoi
bd, - . A'C.
Ii wilt be sulely packed r.nd sent to ar
part of the United States. S hi who!, win
and retail at the Medical Oftic-. No. : NORTiI
SKVESHII Street, Philadelphia, Address,
i.v Goods j as: received at OLMNTLD'c>. j
ill for gale by JOVRL.. M ANN .V .''ONE3. j
Juna If-M. — tf,
Ths Ctieopesi and Ilaiidioncsl Pcri^di
co.I in the world
tir cxzlntlcn IGO.CGO.
M.VOAZJNE tioses its fit-t vole me in J u * 2
next. Durirg the few briet months of its c-*_
tcnce it has attained a popularity tmrcupild
in the r.tn;n]s of the Piess.
The publishers having offered libcrrd
uiiutus for choice literary eC'ortr. the Storicg
j Rouaauccc. IDecys, Poetry, r.rd other spark
ling and interesting reading w. s eon.iuef.ci.l
in Jannery Inst, and are being still publish
ed in the Visitor.
The New Volume will be conn-erred iujj.
ly ISkV. greatly improved slid enlriigi.d.
Each number will contain thirty-two
large si md r<>vcl octaro pages, making a ira.
nijicvnt volume of nearly 400 p.ages for the
year-—rr presenting an amount <t the •.hoi-
Ce t rending en all subjects, ecptal to whit
| would cost m ihv Rook stores at least tlfiy
sent?, payable in vat 1; 1 iy in advance.
Some of he most popul. r r.m? bt iilirut mrd
rod R: -Ho ci-Sitrißtitor.s are r ahtr cvntri
br:t."• t.u i the p R' - i.crswili spare no ruitia
: areatpeuse to render the. "Welcome Visitor"
tur vet' re, 11 table to .1 re lined -mi intulß
gem r. mu mil .
Thrf pt h. c * .:i is aiitptcd to sll elassr * cf
= pe= ]<l Ml- ; eg: ••! th- id—and wherj
rverstei: nr.d perueed, meets with uuivv:rl
■ i ccrj- : on.
t@* N&vr Is the Utns to subscribe to th>
. New VoluE; .
; Tl-.j baclc number? may Rc hd (R,
cytujdi to -a*- ; for S cms ti-vu. ur the whot<>
serh-s of 15 nun.h -r., fcr i VVJ:XT /- rivr cents.
J. ;ti iuuui > menu t j Clubs and C a
v? -'-r-;.
' I r r " Hamcmbsr. on- terms arc F"~ ccrtta
fur on* yea r. for a single cot-;., or three .!-
. - -
(,'nc Dollar. Addrevs,
Ct -3!' EN k Ct MPiXY,
Pr.Rli'her?. North Sevt-m'ii Street,
fop stairs, i l't.'.l-delphi.v. Hul-H
& will Lad a an- lv nt
9: {3 .TCVEN ; 'V \ ; -0H" <
t GNEi. i' ANN u . LS. pay the high tst
, suatkri j..-';ee ('■' all k a i
?sfe A VEli'S
3. V i 1J L 5.
Tnr. RE has lore existed a public dem -t-ti fur KH
I eftevtive piirgntiv,- pii! which eouUl l >e oe J*
sure arul perf.-i-t,r nafe in it? operation. D.-a hi
>een prep-ui-d to n.-- ; that demand, and sr. eiten
sive trial of i-.s virtue? has conclusively shewn with
whr.t sweeess it ar roniplishe? the purpose (bsigmd.
It is easy to make -i physical }>i i, but not easy t<*
' make th? bet of sll one which should hare
none of the obiccti-ns, hut all the advantages, of
every rithor. This has been attempted here, r.i
witli what sucee-'s wc would reepretfi.k'y su'mit to
the public deei-i.-n. It lias been mi Tor! unite for
the patient hitherto that almost every purgative
medicine is acrimonious and irritatii jf to the bow
els. This is not. Many of them produce so much
griping p hi nr •' revuls. n in fee ?y?fe"i a? to mare
tiiiiii cor.uterii&l&nrr the good to he o'ciived tr.ua
them. Tfiese piHf produce no irritation or pain,
inless it arise frmn ; v usly r xi-t'a'g ohstruc
finn or derangement in fiio bowels. Remg purely
vegetable, no harm can arise frc.-n t: use in
rjuantitv ; Rut it is better th: t fu v vuiuicinc should
IJO taken judicious!v. Minute directions for tank
ti'.e in the s. vi rr l diije.nscs to which tncy are ap
nli' :.h!c are given on li;e box. the cox
platnts which have been speedily cure d bj them, *•
ia.iv mention I.iver Complaint, in its various f. rx*
of J.annuo r. I.idlacs: on, Languor and l,o*s ;f Ap
pi lite, Listlessness, Irritability, Bilious Keriaek',
UiiioHS Fever, K.-kt s-ul Ague, Pain in '• chide
-mi Loins: for, in trith, all these or- ->ut the t-on
st-iioencc of di?c-a--ed action in the liver. Av *a
aperient, they afford prompt and sure relief in Cos
ti\uess. Pile?, Colic, I/yseutery, ilinuors, JtiTof
ula and Scurvy, Cold? with soreness ol the LwR,
Cleers and impurity of the blood; in short, any
and r-very ca-e where a purgative is required.
'ihev have also product ;1 some singula)lv •we
ccs--f'it cures in ltheuiuatism. Gout, l>ropy , Gravel.
ErvsipG.is, Palpitation of tl-.e lleirt, i' .iui in the
Ihick. Stomach, and Side. They should ut freely
taken in the spring of the year to purify the blood
, and prepare tiMj system fot the change ol •*>•#*
An ncocjioDal dri'st stimulates the stomach w.4
howc'.r, into healthy action, and restores the a; p**
lite ar.d vigor. They pniify '.he blood, and. by t v c;r
stimulant action on the ciieulatory system. rea*
•' vale Ike Straugth cf the body, and restore the
wasted or diseased wteigics of the who's; oraar.iia.
lien-e an occasional dose is udvntageoi., eras
though no sorious derangement exots; b" 1 u -"''
necc sary dosing should never '-e can ed too tV,
as every purgative medicine re.hi-"- '- the sfrc-gtr.,
whan t ikcn to excess. Jhe thousand ca?-iu whi, k
r physic is required cannot he enumerate 1 here. he.l
they suggest themselves to the re. ti c-f r ""Y
hud.-; and it is confidently believed this pill w -3
answer a hitter purpose than any thing v 'Ao- ' "'
hitherto been available to mankii d. t. -o
virtues are onee known, the publie will no lone*-'
doubt what re U'-dv !s employ when in need <>. -.
cutinrtie jnedieine. Beu.g -ugar-'-rappid they
jde isnnt to take, and hcJ.ng purely vegeta.uc, no
harm can arise from their use in any ijmmtitv.
For iuir.uie directions see wrapper on toe fioi
JAM i: S ('. AVE Ii
IMncliciti ttp'j ticnl Chctßlsl
Tries 25 Ceutii pr lox. Five EOXSB for 5L
For tlu- repiil >f
(oralis, iolik.
( O\S HF'i'lO.V*
THIS remedy has wen f ,- r ITSELF SUCH NOTORIETY
from its cult's of evei v var.r-ty of pulmonary dis-c
tint it is entireh uuiiecevcirv to recount tlic v 1
dene- ? of it? viitue? in any community v.-hf-c d
ctn;.'.oyi-d. S(1 > Y j'R" is the fieid of its a**
fulness, and' on .-aerous toe case? of its rur?.
that aim- t every "eciion of tlie eountry abound'-
•In person- publicly kn wn, who have been rrstet™
.roj'i alarmiug aiid i\m desperate diaeaucs of th
lungs by its use. When oner tried its suponorit*
over every other medicine of its kind is too api , ; -*
cut to <-1 ape < 1 serration, and where ii - virtur-s a
known, the public no longer hesitate what ;-.nti<h ,M
vo enip'.nv h.r liie-ch t:css,:ig-;uid dangerous T ' : f e "~
lions of Xnc pulmonary organ? which arc ;*J
to our iliui-ile. A : i,.n opiy in for.ni'l .ole ••
tacks upon the lungs, but I>>l it.e milder '"JQ*
of COLIW, Cui'CHF, FIOAHSRITUI, .v.; n *. .
CNILINTF.N it is the plcasunlcst and safest
that can he obtained. , .
A' it '.i .s 1< tig been in constant use
Fits seeti- a, vvc need not do more than assure -
IK-i j>!e its tp: lity is kept up to the best that te
La> been, ami that the genuine article Us od af
ti A JO2VKS.
i). YV. H EKCEH,
I CO U PER .-POUT. Fa., r.ud Rj Country
client? .n<! lv(>

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