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if; -•***
rijo i. s. ( hax.c.
L # )jom a'l Letters end Communication.- j
; oe A.llrerec.l, to se cure attention.
L ral <—fnt arlaL-y ;*a Atltance:
sl.tß' ;*r tnriiitti.
l^* H * * 1
['orni-- ot Aavovtiftmg.
L',-. [lO liSSi] 1 iasiulia, -- - 501
I 11 3 ••• $1 'Ji j
I ~ n^ertion!osslimn I.J, 'jf.>
" tar *UK UUi, - bit !
-t 4 001
.. n.:ie £>s*.
0 . v: ir. ------- 0 00 i
t.' ( initio re work, per sq., 3 ins. 3 Co,
I . . .. isnt isitfttM, - - - - - 50 [
-u S't mO2;'..H, - -- -- -- 13 (Ji :
•• io oo;
" 7 Oo
I .< rear. -------- 30 00
" " - 10 Ov.l,
j .\~ displayed, per annum Ob 00
e;x months, 3 00
.. " three •' 10 00 j
" o*.c mouth, t 001
" per square
I .'■ i each Insertion un<lc-r 4. 100
[•>., rjiuuius will he inserted at the same
| -vor'< or tvrecutor's Notice, 2nc
. So.: *e- each. 1 50 ;
L fiSai per tract, ------ Xso |
f,_\ as, ea h, ----- -- 30"
I .. \,• ,-es. each, 1 50 :
1, 4 k ,-.iter s S..a's, per square for 4
[<< ■ -*, ' 1 50;
IpMW *rProfessional Car-is, each.
jfj 8 lines, per j ear, - - 500 j
L, , ni!. i :or U Notices, per line,
j <g" 'r , icur advertisenn nr.* nmst t> '
L< itdvaa-e. ati'i no unth-e will he taken >
I■ f r:y nt; from i distance, "nless ti.cv
I .--lit aa.s-i by the aiottey or satisfactory
; JlISi:i:.S5 CUitlS.
r r: :v \M OOT.vski.LOR AT LAW,
.:r:-pcr*. i'a.. will .mend the *eve-a!
j •.a Potter au i M'r eau Counties. AH
I i..-2 s> rat" c-i hi- care iviil receive 1
Jr.. ' ,a. O'hco un Main st.. oppo
site *.:u'*o.!:t liuu*c. 10:1
|!*'R.\""Y AT LAW. CouJerspcrt. Pa., wiii
jt;.icl] attend the Courts iu Forler and
Jfcidjoiniap Counties. id:l i
|..:r-. rt Pa . will a' .ua to all bnsincs-;'
... 1
j f... , - j a • c ire. wr.tt protnptnes an-;
j k c *:*. ein Temperat .-c block. t?ee
j " 'M. n St. 10:1 {
I " PA'EY AT LAW. Coudtrsport, Pa., -xillj
I c-r; -,o jusiaess entrusted to htta, with
I "••• tncss. 113 e • U:. r O -
ail- - j <;>. 1.1
I . :
| T-Y aT LAW. Wells >oro". T ogra Cr> . i
j 1 ... .Trifl he t ourts m i'otu r ac ,
A<<t. 9:13
11. W. HENTOX,
\'l- yat:v T i' :• r • !'a.. '
I '■ -s . j Lss lin -. h It.: '
I 'r ■ .- h. 9:33 I
t w. K. KIXG,
I*' 7 -" n D.lAi TN'IAN AND CONVF.Y-
I A- : J ■ 0.. i'O..
j - •; r t via' e u ms. i. '•.reu-
I ' .. s cf ..::•
> >•' bo *::*_ v ui— c to '..r r. j
1 0. T. ELLISON,
N'tPilV.Si T.\N". Con-! -sport. Pa
"-L. rms h•ehv a- o: u. vil-
I *%': t i p that he will prompt? re
for prctV>si'-r.al rvi-v>
I * : - Ia n ? , m tihii&g fcmertj o•-
i'- " '■ H!! s, Ps, 7 . *" o :-j
Hs-.SJ s> - r E A JOS£B
- i-c TONES,
►j ; IN . is,;:rl D:' IXES, PAINTS
I -- r : . Vrti . Sta; onen, I)ni tioois.
•" i: . Main si-, Cju .ersport. Pa.
I. ' -•.* ■ kerT, Grucerioi, Ac., Mainbt..
I K >Vort. p a . ' 10:1
.- -IV MANN,
N A of Main
--* CuU4iri-art. Pa. 10:1
L "ARK GtLtos,
'" -i :A. JR. late from the City cd
"* V tsh -p opp v-.te Court
port, Pu'.ur Co. i'-i.
- - -rticnlar attention p•ATto CI T
-1(k35-1 T.
I rtrcE.-. E - 0 j iVE 5 w. ?x:rn.)
. " - " i a *•„, nmriv eppi ite the Court
v '.. • Pi. Tin sad 5.;.*.-.
, '-re niie to order, in good tyle. oti
\ ~ :
Proprietor. Comer o'
1.. •" -.; Strt jut C oudersport, I 04-
9:4 *
' 'aILLS, Proprietor, Coleshurj
en u- m mirth cf Cou
•-. , ilfv.Le Raa ;. * i t
&P 00*% 'lf'-OCO
I''rom (Cx~ Y~t-S f -nny "p 0il " "
In the quarrlc-T .DioaH you toil,
Make your mark.
Do rou delve upon ta° <oii,
Make your mark.
In whatever path yon go,
In wh itever [.LACE yua tatvi,
MORII. T swift or MOVING ?lo'v,
W itii A ftrtn tud boneat HIND
M;IKE your uiarK.
Sbo ! OPPONENTS H?DGC y-im- wiv,
Make your nark.
Work by nigh* or work b;. day —
Make your mark.
Struggle manful, AND well,
Let no OBSTACLE* r onose ;
NONE, right-shielded! . ver fell
By the WE-AP -US of his foes —.
Make your mark.
What though born a peasant's son —
Ma .E your to irk.
G ood by poor men es- be done —
Make your mark.
Peasants' garbs may vartn the cold.
Peasants' w ords may cairn a fear,
Better H.r than hording gold
Ls the drying of a tear —
Make your mark.
Life is Qeeting a I-hade—
Make your mark.
Marks of some hind must be made —
M.:ke your mark.
Make it while the arm is strong,
In the golden hours of youth J
Never, never make It wrong;
ALAKU it with the STAMP ot Truth—
V . .
IIAUE your mars;.
From the Phil -Ulp\ia Bulletin.
Patient an 3 faitliful, tender and trii".
Praying and thinking AN.I working for you,
B taring all TI -n:ly sorrow for years,
HONC'UI'y striving to tvr.Q'ser my fetrs ;
Say, D d niy patience, my tenderness, truth.
Merit not mor • than tl> • blight of RAV youth ?
Give me once more my wild energy H ick,
; u- me the hones :iat iilumin D life's track.
<Cve IN" the faith that I wasted on \ou.
Giie n:E the LOVE that I squandered thereto.
Y> U caun.* —" > lightly you cast them aside,
And for you AND all others these feeling- have
Yet. tho' the hopes that I cherished are dead.J
Tho' THE light from my spirit forever hath tied,
Tho' twa- doubting in lleav'n when I doubted
iu you,
A? my stfodard and type cf the loyal ar D true ;
' 'cr the w- ck of my life I would neier repine,
It the R V. e I Hl.ve lost were but aided to
thine. A. N. c. '
Chcirr fallir-
The Rose ana (he Settle.
In n country s t.ewherc in tbc v< rial—
no nw.tet wlo u —at the North E le, pro
bably, or may ho at the South —t>rp< r-'
ehauce b"t\veeu the two —there rose at
a r ge anu tiourisiiiog city. Its uiar.u'ao
lorits me u- ted thr their es'ent, aud th
me rcjianr-riincCs of that plaee revd; .lit
t!e wealth th>--e n am:''.etor.es produecu
On the t r.rskirts of the town w-tp I n:::
HYo liousc?—al.iie in lorui, in extent, iu
value. *•'Two peas, ' or •* two nuts," or
••two j in*," 1 1 frequeatly deeurib?dthetr!
i-..v. N- i i tl.o<e two LVUm' •'
;e-l two brvtht r- —twit;—the or.lv sons
f the builder C-f th >-e two houses. It
•ad bee a at.-rev of the c U man to .u.v
■ the lx\ms i;c ca.ieii tl eni, i( igcU:
alike; hi means beiugatopic, LC bad
ti:- p--Wvr g Lis rancy. "The
bevs" married, u: 1 on the wedJirp Jav
th-- L:st stone of cither borne was b.id. .
•• Tiiue enough to get the'.u finished,
>ai; ttie i .ii geu*ieui:ui. re ruob* 1 t..s
Lauds iu glee : " won ! wuut a nureery for
a twehre-moath, at any rate. Icu.-aSi huus..
will do till t'e.en."
The young brides were present wheu
that re .nark WAS MADE. U'TE blushed —
AND stuUed : the other blushf D—ADD frown- J
•"•a. it WA- T: O n-Mtie aud the rv.seag.UU
STANDING side by siue.
Six ! oat Its passed, and the house?
were half UP —the c.i gentleman himself!
directing all thearracge-ue* taoftiiebutid
"It i good indeed cf your father, now
an old i an. lotakean interest iu our com
fort.'" said one of the young wives to her
husband. " llainh —tliat was the l.Us
ba:.d s name —"you ca never repay niiu
i„.r his kind led tag aud his generosity to
i i
• It is au absurdity for your father to
play the architect, aud aiuioet orieklayer,
remarked the other wife to her sj-ouse.
Boy del) —his t aiue. " You should teis
hiiii thst it is inconsistent with niseaiiiug
and las station.'
"It is cousistent with his pleasure,"
remarked the husband, "and tucrefore I
aui content.
Twelve months passed, and the houses 1
were brushed.
•• Nursery ready in time." ?aid thegx>d
old man —"ready iu time—ready iu time '
The houses were occupied, iu course of
tv jlvc-ii.onths thi Miwriu were occupi
ed also.
" There are unceasing anxieties in A
mother's lot," SAW the good wifeof'Kalph,
•• IUT UUTXASIUG pleasures UO.'' AND SHE
J ' JlKll '° I< "_'- * ,, of ire:- D;t3)PC!*Qjt|, qi/i) 1 i>c 4ii.s;-j)i)iiiqiic!f of hjerqiihi, JLfofriiui*: qpD i(ctog.
j smiled at the innocent face of her sleep
ing babe.
" llow women can like flic* bore of chil
dren, Icanmt imagine," remarked her
si-.ter-in-law, as her child was hastily given
to its nurs-e.
dear- passed on—as thry always do—
and the vouns wivea became middle aged
S women. Sons and daughters clustered
I round them, and the grandfather, oi land
I leebicj, now icant on these young tilings
; for support.
j Time had worked a won!emus change
•in the two o-itr r? —Ralph's told o' a
; ho ne-sto"k or l.apt ine.-s. fr-m w nich he
i drew largely, white Bv.yJell looked as if
! ooutent and happiness were not ia the
| world at all.
At tiiis time, when the families of each
! vcie springing up. and needed money to
' be speLic on them, in education, mainten
ance. and the different adjuncts of their
i station, one of those p:ni"s of tite com
mercial world, wbich ruin thousands, tor.!;
•place. Unfortunately, Ralph and his l
brother h: d entered into !a~g speculations,
which failing, they were involvod in the
nrevailiiig ruin, and found themselves
' verging on bankruptcy.
" lie of good heart, Ralph," said his
i wife, '"there is bread in this great world
j for all. Our time large he use. our servants j
: and our carriage*, are tit absolutely ne
icessary to our happiness; we can do as
■•Miter* do—live with, ut them; and the
children, Ralph 1 th:s lesson of adversity
! may be f-r ti;eir w> ltare. Take comfort,
Ralph, tl:-TC is pknty of that left for us
; ui the world, it our wealth ha flown away."
"Yes." answered her husband, as he
I c- a*ped her hand, and drew her to him—
— • Yes ! there is never falling eomfortl
here. Lucy. God be praised for having
given me one so ' meet to help' me, bothi
in joy and sorrow, wealth or poverty.*'
" You should have forseen this crisis."
remarked the wife of Boydell, "and not
allowed your cldlaren to he brought to
b-.'-iiirary at tncirage, when j..st enterimr
on fife. £xpeases arc unavoidable, un
less iu Iced, they Ui educated as th-2 "iabor
ing cia--e.-—which idea may be worth
yonr wi=e ton=ideration."
Bhe ceased with a aneer on her face. I
"Other men would u >t Lave been so
ventursome with their monev," she rc-:
marked. •• The i>r j.Tuings. fbritaUiwe, j
Mid the Smiths, withdrew in time, and
Lionel R'agdon told me that your children
night thank you, and you only, ii starva- :
tion were their fate."
" In iaerey cease." replied the husband.
" or vi •; will drive n:e mad."
•• 1 must put your condue f t .irly before
your e. s —it is my duty," she replied.
"1. u reserve it until lam likely to
>p] :• y rar effort at the performance]
of iLe duty, ;:o answered b'Dtc v.
Poor •• i'utyi" how d'c.ui uliy is she
•nisliin il' iby these ascttiu dames. "It
1* a day. ! u: i u;. lor that pica many a
harsh truth is uitctd. "It is a duty!"
--us iv t'.er-strici uise'vi'inarians, nr deol.
-• ra v :G are dti 't-n forth tut rt-u.bie on
in ove;^'worked ami wearied brain. •• It
.s a duty . c vers tnc e:tic. rcbuxe a;;',
t e .-tv ie rj .tider. it may b. a " f.u y
to >ye;.k piaiu'y : n i b * :i v s-mstlni-j—'
but it is a duty to cho theopportunitr |
when the sp ech may be aceep ; . bie, a;d
n-t ! : nu c!ii. • the wonndt a heat b
a r--p toionot the very truth v i.'cii, silent
ly re "Oguiced, is g f.ir.g it aire - ;y.
Loydc-i uii. .v j.iuu Wt.. taat lie ndui.t
have tors-' n a,.d i-aitiuiiy have provi
for the melaneh.-'y et .t whicii l.ad tak n
pinee. His con-;*iv.-.ee reproached • •
b.tto !y for euciessoea and rashoes*. and
:? w.ic s w -i- ftin nt u cdei to a.J
to tiie seif-rty r a.-i-. which i t to it er,
.nig t ha* e w., rkod sonic g >lbv pr due*
t*ig a Muiet detenninatu a 11abide i-v the!
more sober couneds of Ralph in tVu '
for Ralph's voice tiai be.u lift-d ag-i i-: •
ihe very specula'ion wnich l.ai cause ,
the ; ut failure or the b.*o*.icrs.
1* .cited a id gal.ed, and wear ltd of life
and life's struggle?, l>oyd.-!l knew r..>*
whither t > turn for comf .rt and e n--" •
ion. His father had been gatuered toi
the dead; L.s 1 r0t.... .' L. . Jed was tea
proud to betray hi- lack oi ut me.-tic peace
to film ; his children, imitat.iig the ha i
i example of the m. ttier, turned agaiost
him, and instead of ela* T ering r >un i hiui
:u tae hour oi wvc, cp.-L.. b auied bimi
for the course he bad adopted.
• At ia.-t his mind, by ath usa* d
! eonhicting sorrows, gave w.iv ; a iuaatie
asyiuui became his !. ae, while his wife
aud children dragged on a life of misery,
supporter by the u:ere cuarity c-f relation*
Tar differently fared Ralph. In the
humble cottage ta the outstii-T o; tfc r
tov u where he sow dwelt—a atuilealwrvs
welcomed hi in when he came home from
t'ue city'- toil and din, tired w'.:h the b ;-i
I ne>* of the day. heart-siek with it* diap
rointntcut—-*'tsta d peace and \ rt p'nes*
.•.waned hi n in that little home. His
children—drawing their tone from that
pxd wife £nd uiotaer —thought only "Low
they could s-.-othe the tired wauden-r wh
iiad relurtici t. them, and makr him fur
get in tie plae* i j-\v e: the present, the
:a>erv f t'.e psu-t.
"Baipii," said Lis one day, "I
would scarcely exchange our present lot
for the one we held when lirst 1 became
\( urn ife. i'here is a:: earnestness iu this
quiet life of strict utiliry which i* lost in
t.ie ultded days of wealthy spleudor. I
am Is happy "here, Ralph, as if you had
placed : e ia a palace—La, pier indeed—"
He sioppeo iier as he locked
into her geutle face.
" Not happier, Lucy," he added, "not
happi- r. d-.-,.r wife. Your nature would
icarry blnss* tts pirfect as this world can
bestow into any phase of life—net ' h.:*)-
pi<. r', Lucy, but as happy cither here, or
there, or anywhere "n earth —u> hapny.a#
such a kindly heart as yours can and
-tiould. and w:'l be auvwhete."
Ralph lived to an old age: his hair was
white, aud his step tottering; but the
heart and mind were tirai still. Hi.- chil
dren were married, or otherwise settled
iu the world; wealth had fallen to the
share uf some, couipet-ncy only to the lot
of others.
But rorrow, keen sorrcT, r. >w foil on
Ralph. Lucy died . and as he saw the
uou!d fall on the lowered coffin until it
was hidden lroiu his view, he whispered,
a* if to he- who lay there—" i know what
j'ioss is now, dear wife—l never felt its
meaning b-. tore."
j Boydei 1 also lived to an old age. A
partial recovery tumbled hi n to return to
1:1s home—but he was no welcome guest
there. Unkindness and want of care had
the re-ult which might have been expect
ed—lie returned to the asyluui, hopeless
ly mad, and died there some years after
wards, to the vei v evident relief of his
wife and eLiil Ire a.
Now. i:: all human probability, these
two womc . worked the snju ! to the fate
of their hit.-bands. The uue by l.er grii
! tleness soothed the w.'uuded spirit, an !
jin seeking to bless him, sou ;d a full La.-
vest of b'es.-ingi for herself.
And the otb :r I truly did she " cast her
seed up ui the water'*" an l "tru'v did
she find it after many days." It was like
the poisoned Upas berry, taking root and
spring tlil the eh uliy tree ca?t its destruc
tive influence on those poor wretches who
• sat beneath it* branches.
Politeness Pays.
" Seems to me you treat tliat raggr i
little brat with more D"iiierie*s than I
should,'' said a rough looking man to a
young shop keeper who had ju*t done ur>
1 ihree cents' worth of -ug-ir very ne&'iy ir:
a brown paper, and tied it up carei'u'ty.
The b y i:i question had presented a
marked physiognomy. From under his
[ rimless fist projected a wide, full bn-w.
deep spari lug eyes, aud features fuii o!
•neigy aud rjs-jintion. Ii - face and
hi uds scrupulously clean, but his chuhcs
'v re poor and patcnod though not a.* trie
man had insinuated, ragged. lit.- uioth
?r was a woman g luuc'i i rceo;
i i
character—a naro wonting woman woo
• a been reared in apparently I- iter cir
; eumstanev-ti'in th *et' An w *urr- and
;U h rr, :-r si. was toe wife >: a drunkard
• The grocer van busy, *nd he evldeotly j
: had n.'t bw4 irh*t wes s*id#Q t.ie rougii
i.ir.g man remained again.
"I s iv, V v . a queer one."
'* ii <v queer, G;v*s ? the gr.-
e-r. thr vingam lopafte*inlo t-hetcalo.
** V. hy y i tr. ut ail t!.e b'jgar- about
here v l:b as mu h c;n-iderat: m w;:en
-oer r ne wi;!> t.• -• r pouuies, as if tLex
or g- * bv the wholesale."
" A-.u way sh .n'ld'u: I ?" said the gro
cer, lo iking up with Lis honest eyes wide
open au I clear.
"O. I don't know; it's queer, that's
Vi; you re the oulv nan ttu : does it I
reckon, in these pari* '
! ** We 1. I'M tell you," sai-J Wymn, dv
'?> -rat- !7 ttowinding tie -v i of cjr .
•nd twisting the .string :■ u" a pack ay
thebeld In his hand: "the fact is. if i :
wasn't naturally tend' r towards the chil
dren. I should do so froua policy. You i
*e\ I'm but a young man, and these
•brats a* you eaii them are growing ut>
fast. Mao * r.f them, of i.tiic* wyth as
thev seem now. wiii become n • n <-f char
acter. and men of bnsii es*. Nov* I want
to retain their custom. *' lie said laugh
ingly : "their peonies, in the cmr.-eora
v years will turn into l-euads; their
tl:ree cents* w -rth of - tgar wiii c angc
i into orders by the barrel. I ska I havt
many a pod customer atneng the'brats;'
Ibest ics. I've awavs found taat Dolitcseas
ii ii
pay? wt l.
" Sometliing in thai," ejaculated the
coan % tnaa. thrusting h : -s ban is into his
pocket*, "s.:aet:iing in that: but I never
looked at it in that light before."
"The boy who bought the sugar," con
tinued the grocer, "is one cf no ordinary
mind, if I aui not mistaken. If LL fat ti
er was dead, I'd take him with me inm
the sture and make a mau of bitn—though I
vv.v. . I r-'-h.o will -1 . b-:u r far Li::
than I could; and the far-seeing grc-ccr
smilingly han le ; a cents' w rth of * lu*
to a lit: e timid chil i. whose top curl just
reached to the counter.
Time ver.f ed tl. r o !'?ti nof A'yman,
the gr cer. Tb?r- wa-a' 4 a shop :n the
■ ; w ere so much sto all change vr
.-;eu: aa in kit; for the ciiildtm 1 rad to
go where they were not afraid of re ugh j
• actii in or rude speeches. '1 i'.lt iheui- i
selves safe y.l.ile making their little pur-!
chases; they saw tliat their rights were 1
respected; aud it is well known that on
*neh trilling sales much profit accrues in
the apgregite. Time passed, aud Wy-!
.man, tie grocer, was the most popular'
i man in tjwii. His pleasant face at forty!
years was greeted everywhere. Yon: g
men and maidens always patronized A y
man. Tt was strange to see the trans
formation t'.i it took place so gradualiy tiic
• little dirty faced juveniles shot tin into
awkward youths learning trades, and then .
grew to the respctv.ble business mem—
Wyman enlarged his hop, and built him
a splendid house, "all the fruits ot the
ciiiiureu s pennies,' ho often said, laugh
" \ es, with him, it pai<l to he polite ;
it a!way* pays. It pays the mere .ant 3*
well as the mechanic, the lawyer a- v eil
as the physician. Urbane manners have
been toe means of making many a for
tuno, wiuie the cross-graiin d have v. -n
--dered why they didn't get along. The
tiiat speaks i s mind at all
time*, and in all places, boa>ting itselt
that it is only honest, blunt arid straig'm
forward." is a habit that demoralizes as
wdl as insults. Ask any man you chance
1 to see, if he remembers those who treat-j
ed liiiu with uibanity when he was a ci.du. I
and ne will recall his name with a throb
of pleasure. Perhaps, too, he wiii couple I
-one other names with the epithet of "old
( rascal 1" and "I've never liked that man
I w u'-lYt have dealings wiili him."
j It paid toe grocer to be polite. The
ragged boy, the drunkard's son. became<
a groat as well as a rich man. He estab
lished Lis sad mother ia a handsome res
idence of tier own and sent iu unlimited
orders to the grocer. It was his intiu
ence that gave Wyman several post.i of
' ii .ijor in his native city—for the town
became a thriving city; and when silver
' hairs Lung on the shoulders of the old
qmau, and tho young congressman's name
rang fur and wide, spoken by admiring
• tongues, prabe.l by men of wisdom and
-re:bug worth, it was no idle hft*flt for
• hiui to say with a smile of tilumph, "I
; told you so 1"
Politeness pays!
Speak ficatly to Each OAier.
"Please to help me a minute, ? : *tor.'
I " Oh, u n'* disturb me, I'm reading,"
xv::s tl e answer.
*' But just L -Id this stick, won't y u,
while I drive this pin through
"I cant now. f want to frrr*h this
*t'—y." sa i I et.iphatieaily ; and iuv iittl-
I brother turned away with a disappointe i
k, in searca oi someb.-dy else to a-si.-t
hi in.
He was a bright b>y cf "••n years, and
inv only b'*' ther. lie had been visiting
■ * ::>\r frhmd, an ! 1. 1 *-• n n windmill.
were em: 1y 1 I i w. Ling i n:tl! >••: •; ihr
e •.*-• ; .-1 h'g t- mak" t q--. vr i-eihirr -ws.'
.'ght i*i. He W'.-rk p.. . it.y u.l
the ~ v .'i-* • .iu saw an I * -.c ..taite. and
n>w it ouly n led putting t g -i..-r to
n ph I • it—an I his only si>ter had re
in- 1 to a-.-":*: l.im, and he had gone away
with I.l* y UDg Lcart ?a< L*ncd.
I thought of all this in the fifteen tnin- -
iute? a r * ; r he lefi me, and my borik gave]
]me no pleasure. It was not intentional j
ui;L ;i:c*s, .:r t*. ugh!:r**nes, tr i
j loved uiy brother, an d was generally kind
to Lin. ; stih I had rcfu*ci to !p hi..:
i w u.d iaivc g. .e after Ist n, au i atr'.r j
1 the a.**'-ttr.ee n led, bit I k*. whe
Nad found Some one cl-e. Bat I had ncg-;
•M i an o{ [■ •rtuulty of gXddening a
ehi!di*;i heart.
In half an hcu- he can e bound"rg info
the h .'.lsc, exi"!aiming, " Come. Mary, i'w
igoC It up; just see How it goer !** 111-;
tone* w-re joyous. ai.J I saw that he had
: forgotten my p.jtuLmee. 99 I determioe .
to atone 1 y unusual kindness I went
with Llni, and su~e er mgh i i the r fof
the w ;.lUoue was fastened a miniature;
w.-- and the ants were whirling
uM-und fast enough to suit any b -v. I
prah-vd the winduihl and u;y little broth
er's ingenuity, and be seemed happy and •
j entirely forgetful of my unkindness, and
[resolved, as L iiaa many times b-thre.
to be always loving and geutle.
A t.*w days pa*svd by, and the shadow
cf a great rorrow darkened our dwelling
•ihe joyous laugh and noisy glee were
Lushed, a*'d our merry boy lay in 3 dark
ened room with anxious fa-res around id:n.
his cheek* Surged, a-d h?3 eves unnatu
ra.ly bnght. Uometiaics his temples
would moisten and his muscles relax, and
then h.-pe would came into our 1. mn*,
and our tye? would fiii w it- ikful tears.
It wa> in one of these dec. it fa 5 euicre ir
his di- a*e that he hcuni the noise of In.
little wheel, and said, " I hear my vsin-i
••Does it make ycur head ael.e I
asked. *' -all we take it d.wn 1"
"Oh, R"." replied n--\ "it f-t*u* 3* if
I were out of J or*, xs-i it gjuke? me let!
K *STmr?T.r^.->53Gr? > LC 1 ifcl fJW: ■"■ U'H
lie mused a mpment, ot*u then tMded :
"Don't V-ju remember, Mary, that I
wanted you to help me iix it, and you was
reading, at >i f-. 1 w; you could uot? Rut
it didn't u.ctke any difference, for in amm a
helped me."
Oh, how sa t!y those words fell upon
'try enr, and what Litter memories tixejr
awakened ! llow I repented, aa T kissed
ii*:.' i'rani/a forehead, that 1 hud ever
.y 1 0 unhu.d'v to 1 im. Hours of sor
iow went by. and we watched Lis coucii,
.oj growing fainter and fainter, and an
euoh dteuntil, one week from the
morning on which he spoke of Ills childish
s;.oris, v. e closed the eyes once so spark
ling, and folded hls bands over his pulse
less heart. lie slcep3 now la the grave,
and houi" is dcs. late ; but the little wind
mill the work o: hN busy hands, is still
swi ging in t*Y breeze, just where lie
pi:-. J it, upon the ro. fof the old vrocd
>h-•!; and cverytime I see the tiny arms
. tevi h h:g I ren ember the lost little Fiank
—and I remember also the thoughtless,
and Ufikhid words !
R'-..ihers and :istcrs, tc kind to each
■- thi r. Re geaiiec nsidcrate, and loving.
Vt oj> un's lullcence.
Txc pi- •, -- fi < n the )9n of Mts, I. ; vtrm*ri t
in I . Xetn Covt uxii'
I All men are influenced by women to
an extent hardiv ever realized. " [ nev
er take a stop of any importance without
fir-t advising with my wife; if I do, I aat
apt logo wrung;'" was an admission cade
in our presence, not long since, Lv one of
our ui't taicnte i clergymen, whose clear
uesa >f j i Iguient and proverbial sagacity
might exempt him. if any one, from seek
ing advice at all. '-I owe to my mother
I that I am, or > vrr hupe to be," is tho
v tin -ion of f \ ry great and good man
who L. > ever lived. When Napoleon
was asked what could bo done finr the cl
evatiin of France his reply was, "We
need good mothers " And the elder Ad
am-, in giving the list of educational in
f.uene- s whicn 1 t i formed his son, Juha
A lams, closed with thesignificant
dec: trot:on, - After all, my sou had a
J hat not alone z* a wife and mother Is
woman's ialluenee felt. Mrs. Fry. who
sought. t. e amelioration of the condition
' coiiv ts. and their reformation, exert
• i an lr.du nee in this department of phi
lanthropy. second to no one who has lived,
excepting Howard. The labors of Miss
Fix r the insane have crowned her with
-urtls. -dared by few male rivals. Lord
Brougham asserted that Harriet Martin
• j i hi more go d by her works oc poiit
eai e \n< ny t—n any man in England ;
m 1 the is f the saintly Florence
Nightingale, f.nd the heroic Mary Pat
are still fresh iu ail hcaru, ehow
; j more than i*.. re Wer ls can d#, how
uuif - a*s iafacMj| when
"• wi.is to have it so.
V,' arc- : i- .j * at men do not see how
v > use >oae unij avenges the injary
indicted up.>:i her, in defrauding her of
•-due ion. K p> vro ian iu ignorance,
-ripp' • her i u.iect, compel her to nar
-• wneass oi". .. night, tie her down to petty
us end • b ;.s of pursuit, debase ami
t.e cuffe. r. Ah know I*w a truly great
and good u an, eve,;, will be dragged more
•- from hit orbit, by the iuilucnce of
a I; I,: gnu-aiif, unworthy wffe; while up
on *f:. hx d moral principle, w u o
•i"C at the aercy of every circumstance,
the ii du . a d.... F d.y bid woman
- appalling, ii r • were no other rea
soaa why wo n a loui i receive the higL
tio . era: advantages, a suaicieat
ae aruold be toiuil in the fact that men
are. to a great < xi *nt, what women a*
a-ivcs, r:.crs, eutcrs, and friends make
Capital Sermon.
A writer in the Sierra (Cai.) Citizen,
on . t t: * tuie of " \ oung Men and Tree
i r gives a better sermon, a better
lecture • a morality, and a better essay on
n.enmi h. y- >phy, u.in a few lines, than
v - j f. ;nd in S3 many volume*
1 of s'nmiard autho •:
*T fee tree fr *g eeqaSf *he color of what
c er it i i :CKi to for a .-iaort tirae: if it -*
• . • ' a':, i: viU g-jor the color of that
tree: if the sTcaciore. o~ cyr>re*s, it wilt be
i w *i-h w;s: ir. i x', : -i found in the
j- -rlsr im, :t is stir- to ■ e rr.Hiß. Just so
* .to young i ?n: tiitir companioas tell
v i \i iu. r r r .- , :i tj.v acscciate
■ i ' vu ;r. ti.e ceuiiias and *.:.e pro
? : lee r heurt? are alreidv stsired
w: h g . ;ar i - lame, and they will ti><emar!v<9
'"■rviii <r iie yl-.-'c. The study of bad
gus, or ue iove ci *: .e-1 coaipeaicas, is
t rcuUu-t and mvst ceruin roa*i to mia
nng mew can truvt-i, ar.d a few WcTI d:-
: 1 ~"S o cu-.iet w I !ead tbew oa ster
t- "'.r.--*- (. ;r rr'-rai.
i p j~-. i-w- n, w gow importai.t ir uto
t ; r<j. •£.; - kU-ju? of er . kiad, espe
.- iu . ut:?. How -rageroa. i: i to'gaxe
- -r • the insji.
n itioo r v ! -t- t e -no- -5 percent:' zs. or has
i ' ii •* -a s ? -ase of our auty to
av.'i araa.
Ar inc -ior say* that maids
wua a-r -,g -iii. but woaai
:• ::r * a. p-.rtir.ii* aud tLcv a.at
. verjti g.

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