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Coudersport, Wednesday Evening Jin. 13, 1565.
and General.
t£3=~ Sec New Adverti .-ru-i.ts.
EST M issonri has since the Governor,®
Message, abolished Slavery, instantly and
lion. Edward Fvcrett. one of Ameri
ca"? greatest statesmen, died at his residence,
ia Boston, on Saturday morning last.
Jgh. The person ••• it tct k fn ta the hotel
of D. F. Gias=-n. : . ;dier' overcoatalmost
new, is reminded t it '-honesty is tbe best
policy,*' and sometimes the most convenient.
The XtA .• r "terry. —Ti" second anni
versary of the Proclamation of Emancipation,
•was celebrated with _rca; spirit by the color
ed people of Nt-ff Orit nr. iliiton Head, New
York, Boston, Washington and other cities.
A Traitor Cont hcti. —Cox ot Ohio, one of
the leading tr.-.it rs in < ur Congress, confesses
that he has n<-t heretofore believed the stories
of cruelties, practised by the rebels, on Union
prisoners, but tint he ! ; now the testimony
and is compelled to yield.
Hewardiny lira re —The wife of Gen.
Grant has been presented by the citizens of
that citv. with a r fluent' 1 in i'hslade!; -ia.
costing £50,000, and the v :ow o! Gov. D. Lb
Bimey, with.a home costing SIO,OOO while
$20,000 bare been s:.\\-.-*..."l for Lt-r benefit.
Good for the 'p.; her City.
■come out Square for abolishing slavery bj
constitution .] ••-..* t*i:ert, ami u avur o* ' ie
"Democrats :i .: li-ninrll last..trtian to
fate. It say stl at the ' Deii crats ■
tie then.se!v- sto a dc..d I dr. Yv'bat wiii
the slavery v.o; hi. .rs .- yto this ?
A Tuait ;; Tv Tii 'I . TB. —Thatar b
other day. t 'he w . .-.shied to go
South, if the 1 re-i* : t v i r.l ...\y him
We have no d .1 • : 11 the tr th and w
go by all means.
r . s V-... . e .... c . . .- x s
each and all who are indebted to the Jor;.-
kal Office for anything. They will be made
up to the 20th of February and if not p..1.1
before the 1-t of March measures will le
taken to col
BgU Bk CA I —V
to avoid th'ru. A >:c_b* -k c re
ashes pat ie .wo . i v my 1 v :<
a block of b-i 1. : a - s: y v>
from a lmle in tl. st ve. a fir: .in He fr m :
defective chimrey. w i i tl :• ie ; >ft A
you do not wan* to 1 • tw. d u: sbelterl
one of these cold r.L hts. c r lose your stort
and goods, be care:.:, : !
Ti. e Harris! r 2 he
daily to mail :.f .6 j r u
or ten copies :r> ..e i >st- V r fori'.". The
Telegraph furnishes ! . reports of e.*i
proceed:nr: and w latest kj tel
egraph. It 1 ; \ coo ] .* and we
glad to learn is in .. in ■ t pros: t-run con
proposes an 11 >r 1/' ite t .m •* ?
held in that itr • nt: IT hi of J.u.u r
been given. Uarri.- .rg rlso 1 ts I .Iter ac
commodations than Re:. . .:—'.her w li
no expense for a Ball to rr.-oi in. What 1 -
become of the old Editorial A?--
Why does it not c.iil a c-nven consider
the exigencie- of the von as >e. ::.-g c-r
itors and publi-uors'
{gi. We hat a 1 tl' fr f "-a L b
of StewartsviHe-. Mlr.nes-m.. inwlii -h
some observations of" we ;'her in Dv
ber: 14th, 12- t ;><v zc:o at 7 a. T.i : lr h.
24' above; 2 ... C >*• bel >w : an 1 t
three days succeeding it averaged 10' below
at 7 a. m. We wout 1 like t > . cot pt 41 •:
proposition of Mr. Baker but have not facili
ties at this end of the line. The m "ary
stood this morning, the Istb. !•:' l< w rcr
at 7 a tn.: th-J coldest morniftg tre have had
this winter. L..st winter, the coldest day was
the first of January, when, if we remember
correctly the Thcrmouu .er indicated 21°
The Ger.:s,; }■• —The J.-unary :: - -
of this well kn wn agri- d - .r-.-.l j ur: i! ' re
ceived. We cordialiV rccornmcn i it to all
our readers who ar in any way : u r stt i in
agriculture or hcrticu'.tur-. Ite
dollar a year. It is one cf the best an i
cheapest journals published. Sma a_v •a
back in a letter to the p .' Cher. Joseph H r
ris, Bocbester. N. Y., ac.u yc-u v. id re* :*-e ti.a
paper for a year: and then show* the Janu iry
number to your ne . b'--s . J ley v. s :b
--6cribe also. The publisher Fart er
offers to send a c yc: * j p ; -- to .- . v, he
Wish to examine it before subscribing.
three' Cent Fractional Currency. —The Print
ing Department ia t..e Tr -ury has near y
completed the jda: - r.p . u: ce:n- ry i r : •
issue of three-cent notes, I: ..- n- ; ivr:-t
that Secretary Fes? nden av; .-r
nation of currency, in or :er that t..e p. pie
may be relieved fam ex cti: - <■: •
la tors who obtain control of the nick- cent
and two-cent pieces as fist as issued from tlu-
Mint, and compel dc d rs rf--euiring -them to
pay a premium ct ten to £ icen cent? to ob
tain a necessary sir _ y for the transa:tion of
THE CHOPS op 1-364.• —The yi< !d if l£C4 i'
given as follows i:i the interest", g : cl
the Agricultural Bureau:* T.ie w! t crop
is 161,000,000 bushels, against 191,000,000
last year ; corn. si> 1.002.000 bnsbels against
449,000.000 last year : rye. 20,000.000 bush
els, or about , < -.. t - ; ar; 1. r
ley, 11,000.000, cr half a m..,. a ic--s I u.
last year; oats, 1it,000,000, or 1,000,000
more than last year; ■ u ;wheat, 1 0. >
bushels—3,ooo.oo ) mora than last a ear : po
tatoes, 96,000,000 bush . —4 i 0 Uss
than last year; toba , T. - . C pounds
being 70,000,000 pounds less than :a. c t year,
and bay, 18,000,000 tons, beirg 2.0 0/00
tsns le?? than each of the t wo preceding years.
The fi<x-eeed rrop is from one to lour per
cent larger than Ust year. i
Neglected Con jits and Colds. —Few are aware !
of the importance of checking a Cough or
'Common Co': J,'' in it? first stage ; that Lich,
a the begir.nl; g. would yield to a wild rem
e-iy, it neglected, s<>ou preys upon the Lungs.
| '•JJT J ien,s Broitcioul Troche?,,' or Cough LJZ
] enges, afford iustaut relief.
Lincoln's Cabinet. —Since Mr. Lincoln's
| inauguration in March. 1861, there have been
rive changes in his Cabinet: Mr. Stanton for
fur Mr. C;.mtron, Mr. Usher for Mr. Smith.
Mr. Fessenden fur Mr. Ci.ase, Mr. Detitkson
for Mr. BL ir, and Mr. Speed for Mr. Bates
the seats ia the Cabinet are aonr tilled as
Secretary of State—Wu. 11. Seward.
Secretary of War—Edwin M. Stanton.
Secretary c.f Treasury—Wm P. l esscndcn.
Secretary of the Navy—-Gideon Wells.
Secretary of the lu'ericr—John I*. Crber.
IV-?ma?icr (>• reral —Wm. Dennison.
Attorney General—Jutr.cs Speed.
S'-.r - rs A< 'jpknt—lff. Tiioinas F. Dun
can. Surge n and Medical Examiner of dratted
men in tLls= District, met with a serious an I
pai i'ul accl lent on Monday of last week, near
.Miihcim, while on l;is road to Willinmsport.
lie w„i w.Lia a quarter of a miie of the,
aboTe ; lac?, when t e lines dropped from his
hand?, and in the attempt to catch them up.
the horse ? Mcbaly took Light, causing Dr
I'unc : . to fall forward ever the dasher, ar.u
jjctti: g fast in the irons, was dragged into
Millheiin before the animal could he stopped.
A email b y with hitn at the time remained
in the sleigh unhurt. V* e did not hear the
f : :t f L:- iuj .rics, bafsuppose them to he.
from the nature o; the case, ot u serious char
acter. — Belle fonte Press.
Pi ->vr D* \h. — The attention of par
ties holding nt; recorded Deeds is directed to
the provisions of the Act of Assembly, which
'•All deeds and conveyances for real estate
in ibis Commonwealth, shall be recordea in
where the lards lie, ui'hin. six monthj after the
execution of such d eds and conveyance, and
- : fore." Ed. s ! 11 be adjudged FRAUDU
LENT AND VOID against any subseq sent

cording of the d.cd or c mveyancc under
I'r, ve t Mat Hal General of Ibc United States,
v. king the 'oliOv. ,::g qne-tifrn :
•It an. .n is within two or three months of
h llgt ito f rve oit the vrin-ie term for
Tae f .lowing answer was rrtufned :
7 -Oft V. ■ IG' craft O 1
Washing} i, D. C. Jon. 3. Ibgo. j
He r ? held for the time he is drafted.
West Branch BBU-ui.]
CgT>, Mr. t*, Nd Womu n, after acting in the

tnrv, has .'• I bis labors by retiring from

the arflrt 'idns'of J
• h sewho wete Li> b. lter political opponents.
■ - •
r> Cornell its, roTtiitjues the publication with
h .1 :,.g Land some improvement- in
ly; ••iNipfcicftl appearance of the paper.
We wish hint success.
- '■*
A Mow t Handbill. — Mr. Editor: — "I send
von the following notic?, that the i.atrons o;
1 ritv for Little Mac, and the author of the
fallowing was a prominent copperhead and
township officer :* * E. P. Q.
T;.e r ibscrli r hc-iug called of God to go
to Cciesa, 5 ill Ivan c unty, Pa., to aid In the
; ur;. -e- to put the proceeds thereof into the
1 Two-rear-old farrow Cow, Yearling
Heifer, fit* about five tons of Pay, Oats
Straw, Some corn and Oat ?.
2 Bed-read?, 1 Feather Bead. I Cnrnn, 1
tal To, I Stand, 1 set Oh airs. Book Case.
Cook-Stove, Hand-mill, Churn. Waslitub,
Soap, SleaJs, Harrow?, Sonic Lumber, and
• ■
mor.t . s credit, $5,00 and under, p qva-'.e at
<a'ie. D. D. Lathuop.
S. Ic, T*inrtday, November 17th, 1544. at 1
o'clock p. ra.
Pelroleum l)i>(ricls
I corn the I'*- rolrum Bee order.
some of the Railroad levels of Pecnsylv n; ,
and Canal levels of this State. In Lie former
I give the distance?, in the latter I fa.led t
known, and the distances are of liPle cousc
quence. It may throw some light opoa the
Petroleum districts of the two States.
Frie from Philadelphia. 449 m. 553 f.
War?en. on Allegheny River. 383 *' 1.1-9 ••
Clarion Summit. 353J " 2, 1 06 11
Ilidgeway, 330 " 1,007 '*
Shippen, 208} 4< 1,01 l '•
First Fork Sinnemahoaing, 246 " CIC u
Lock Haven, ' 225 " 552 -
Williamsport, 200 506 •
Milton. * 173 " 451 •
Harrisburg, 106 u 314 ••
Lancaster, 63 " 351 "
The f regoing r.rc the Pennsylvania r.v.il
road level? by the Philadelphia and Erie
roads, and distances. Oil City is on a level
CM feet below Warren, placing its level 1.125
feet above tide water.
C in il levels in the Shite of New York, via
Erie Canal and its branches :
Syracuse, (=aitj 400 feet above.
Geneve, 441 " "
P.ochester, 5t3 lt "
Buffalo, 565 11 11
Binghainton, 814.} " "
Olean, 1.573 '• "
A SucecriUr (o Yonr Piper
What a Clianae!
Governor Hall, in bis final message to the
Legislature of Missouri, shows that Lis senti
ments have undergone a complete revoi .tion
relative to the -'domestic institution. ! Wi.e
l.e was chosen, or rather when as L'e'itenac".
Governor he succeeded Governor Gamble, he 1
was as '-conservative"' on the question i
slavery as the ratidest owner of t.se '-boys'
could desire. His.ryes however,have since teen
opened—very widely opened ; insomuch that
sn tiie message referred to, he looks upon the
--tuition as dead—as the cause of ali our.
troubles: asd counsels the Legislature to adopt
such measures as may b? neeessary, with tiie
assistance of the Constitutional Convenf.cn
to which the delegates have been recently.
elected, and which would shortly assenic.e.'
so as to give i' a sudden and not even & de
cent burial. N't a war i d es he say of gta
L.l or even compensated emancipation. lie
refers to the late election as the will ot tie
people on this great disturbing question,
v. sich cannot be ignored or disregarded.—
But the change is net only with Governor
IIa.ll: it is with the masses of the people, who
have by their action, r.nnouuced the doom ol
slavery wit boot ev-n benefit of cie-gy. Mis
souri, under tuc banner of Freedom wrLi.
within ten years, become one of the foremost
States of the Union.
SIMMONS wishes to purchase in the tillage of
WellsviUe a good house and lot. He also
wishes to seii or exchange the following
property, situated in U- .vnyo, Pa. : Or. lurg
new dwelling liouse, which cost g- 50, one
block of stores and S3O - J worth of Dry
G. ■;lies, ia. Also u:e house ;,..d
barn opposite sail st res : one su in l.ick
carriage horses, one single r- . two new
ion carriages, two democrat wagons, three
open buggies, two cutters, one skeleton wag
on, one sulky, one sett pleasure bobs, two
lutuV ' r wagon?, and other articles and live
stock t-o numerous to mention.
In addition to the above I will sell or ex
change. one lot of lan 1 at the head ofOsw.-yo
road leading from YVellsviUe to Oswuyo, Pa.,
_'7o acres: also one farm on the Eleven Mile,
on which is erected one frame house and barn
1C acres improve' l ; also one lot ot 1 >nd it-
Michigan, near liast Saginaw. of 120 acres.—
Tire above lands are ail suitable ior una?,
and arc valu..h;e fortiu-;rf.ie iiemloc.t limner
and some pine. h>o, will smi the property ,
luge. o.ie G3'liic dwelling house, barn, and
other build ; with about lGncr s c: :u.2.
A good . a J su:.'h ic-ni warrante; dec 1 wi.i bt
givt 1 Pj-a p .it : tr.e whoie. . . ? jroier.'v
wii! be - Id reg .rdiess of value, or eiehangeu
f.,r go. is, f *11..-, ir ■ .cr. pr< perty. For 1

Wvilsville, N Y.
■" -w-.m, -t-vt—zr~ V—tg- - ■ . ■ •■•■^car-r-3

BINS a -Co. P.-t . I* ..lers in Groceries
and Provisions,
opposite I). F. Giasstuire's Hotel,
Coadersporl, Pa.
Ay- es, green, Tgl bush., $ 75 to 100
r a I* *3 AA *> f v.l
I>l •J? . M J ti JU
Beeswax, lb., 1J bo
Beef. " 8 9
Buck > at, A' bujii., 87 1 j
lineKwheat I- .our, aOO 3 .5
Butter, 1 } lb., 35 3S
20 23
Hams, y lb., 23
li.ir. y ton, 2C 00 25 00
iloney, per ib., I a
Lai 1, . " 25 70
Maple Sugar, per lb., 20 25
Ji:s. y bush., " 80
Onions. '• iOO 12j
Pork, y '■ hi. S5 00 40 00
t"; I y lb., -d 23
da ill whole hog, y lb., I 2
Potatoes, per Cj 3
Poultry. V , r 8 .; )
live, per b ish.,
Salt, y bbl., t'O 725
do y sack, y J
Trout, per i bV.., & ( > bO
U-iited States Collector s
VfOTICS is hereby piv*n that thesubscrib-
W cr will attend at the of €. S. & E.
A. Jones, in the Borough of Coudersport, or,
Wednesday, the lota Cay of January. 18075,
between the hours of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M..
when be wil receive theC-pecial tucotae T nc
levied by resolution ot Congress approved
July 4th, 18C4.
Un'u-I States ;a: !s will be required in
it is important that all persons who have
been assessed and do not pay within the
above period should know that the exaction
ed in pursuance of the Twenty-Eighth Section
of the excise law approved 3, 18G4.
E. A. J tSES. Deputy Collector.
Condersp'ort. Jan. 4, ISOS
French Eurr Erlill Stones.

fTnnE nnuer-'gnel announces io the tr *r
• M. that be continues to manufacture and
.r.i'iort iircct from the most celebrate! qa .r
--ries in France, the best qualities of
Frcncli fiat;* ?2itl SUmcs.
intecs satisfaction t . the purchaser. Also,
every number in use, of the celebrated
Orders by mad promptly attended to, and
goods forwarded lv r > •••!. canal, or exprcts
if desired. V il. If. KBPXEIi,
3r023. No. 10. West State St . llarrisburg.
Administiator's ISTotice.
Letters of Administration to
T i tlie estate oi WM. B."JENKINS, late of
f iipp.cn t iwnsiJp.Caroeron coanty.de d.i.a-. i
■ten granted to the subscriber, all persons
inJcb'.t-d to saiu estate are requested to make
iifime liatc pnvlheat. nr. J those having claims
ag in.-; tiie s .in-'- w j resent them, tiu j au
thenticate!, for settlen cnt to
J A COB JEN KINS, A d m'r.
Coudersport, Oct. -5, -5.4.
PA. STEBP.INS k Co. are closing up an
• old Ledger. All persons indebted to
them will plei-e call and settle, before the
! accounts are left with the proper officer for
J Collection.—Xov'r 18,'63
Capital SI.CCO,CO3 230, Shares at $5 each.
Reserved Capital §250,000.
President. ALEXAKDE2 M,CLTT2E.
JAMES*'. SELLERS, Secretary. j
ELISHA W. DAVIS. Trcascrer.
This Company ha* 1.0 acre? or land, in fee.
cn Allegheny River immedl .teiy opposite Oil .
CR'% and adjoining L vton: \ with I'o rods
front on the river, and 75 rods front on Lay's!
Rnn. Hon. C. P. Rsnisdt!!, editor of the Oil!
Creek Monitor, and agent for tins land, as
sures the Compnny that ;t will sell sa lots fori
$lO VOC, reserving the oil right which is
wonii SIOO,OOO additional Lnvieaia'.e riM>|
ntie ulll be derived for the Company from the
sale r-f there lots : and the Company have two
good engines with complete fixtures to operate
ha me '.kiu'y for o.L 'i he territory in this ,
Immediate local; iy his never failed to pro- |
dnce profitably. j
Also, ore hundred acres, in fee simple, in
the celebrated Cherry Run District, tnimedi- ;
ate'.y adjoining C" rry Ron Petroleum Com
pany, whose stoclt is r >w worth over S3O per
share. Tlie Company now have offers, which
v 1": < - r.cceptc i. f r sinking v. ills oa lease,
triih at r n v cost to the corporation and one-:
half tiie proceeds to go to the Company. The
Curtin and Si. Nicholas C >no panics are in
this immedi *•? IccEl'y, r: 1 their stock is
ftow tcmnmnfiing :v large remium. In ad

pie. on Cherry Tree IL..J, which empties into
Oil Cre k, ami in the best educing section
of the Oil Terr'toTv, and 110 acres in fire
siinph-.tin W Inut Bend, five miles at ove the

"tig over 290 per Ivv.
on Oil Creek, each pre .string over'en barrels
■lucing ten barrels per d ;v of heavy oil, worth
now s2l per barrel. The Company now re
ceives three-" of the •• ore- b of the
two. Each of these 'nets v.ll be devel. *• d
and the engines :.d llstures r.re now on
hard to do it.
The < .; or.? of the C. mpnnv mean to pros,
ecute the development of these lands mo>:
or. .u '• ical'y. an 1 they have entire confidence
that they will Yield very large dividends on
the capital It ck.
ready engage !.
Tubs ripth is will be received at the cilice
of the Comr Yny.
Administrator':; No tics.
"IVUERKAS L Administr airn to
V the E-tate oi WILLIAM S.J JItNSON.

New York, deceased, 1, ;te been granted to
the subscriber. nE i r?ons lode*.-'. 7 to said
merit, and tin L iving lain* n rainst the
s ime will present i.iem, dulv authentic- 4 **""*
State Medical Board.
Ilisdouar'.-rs "Pin : .-m:,or, -j
Harris 77. • ■ h J
■il'; ' ' ' '
1 is now in t'r-buti i t t:ty, and will
continue tin';. furth.rii t.- e, "0 e-x- "".Re can-
EdatCS for t. <1 p I if MvOiV.ll Q..;Ci;S ill
Pear svlv nia Keg hi. .is.
The" appointment of ft nambref Assistant
Surg'cr- will be ria jired ionrnea, ite . to f.il
varan rie's not' existing, as wt.. as tur cinc-rs
constantly occurring.
. -
furnishing pro; -r testimonials as to moral
bar ' cter, Ac., R,;i he admitted to the exam
Bv order of the Governor :
Surgeon General of Pennsylvania.
rjYHE subscriber having located in Lewis
-4 ville is prepare Ito do all hinds of work
in Lis line, on short notice and ia the best
Makius 'and Repairing

chi'oery to do wo:k iu the wagou-iine better
and cueaoer than aov otner <.-*.-Ei)sbment in
the countv. I am also prepared to m tke
l*]v??c?. PetirEa, Dec. 1. if'o4
t r.r.iE RAILROAD-
A. 'j'l great • ' w-rscs i;e Noiihtrn
and North c?t con' vs of Rcnnsyl vac at to
the city of Erie, rn Lake Eric.
It has nevn ku?c<l by t'.e Pennsylvania Rail
Road Company, rnd i nder th:;r ncspierS is
Rtir r r. Ridlr c •v-vi throughout its en-Ire
It is now in use for Passenger ntfd Frciglil

miles) on the Eastern Division, and I'ioui
to Erie, (73 cuiltsj cn the Western
Turofigh Mail Train 2 10 P. M.
I.cave Westward.
-r* ♦ ir k • r tA- ft \ u
i IKO-v . Mr,;. i' ■ i 'A- 1.
Cars run lisrorgh wiTnotT CUAXGK both
ways between I'hii.idclphia and i-OLK Il.tvea
Eiegint Sleeping Cars on Express Tra"
b th ways between Willi-. in?;- it and Rißi
mare, and WiiSiamspott and IN .iadelpi ia.
For infofmatb n t - ectir.g Passenger bu i
.i apply at the b. F Cor. 12th and M,
Street >.
At 1 for Freight business of the Company's
S. •!. Kingston, Jr., Cor. 13ta and Market
St?.. Philadelphia.
J. W. Reynolds Erie.
J. M Drill, Agent N. C. R. IL. Baltiitsore.
H. 11. Lioi'STON.
G-:n I frrjhl Agt. ' hi.'a.
LEWIS L. Ilorrr.
Gen I Ticket Ajt. Phil'a.
Jos. D. POTTS.
G' ' l J/.oTrT Vf-Uiorr,sprrt.
The Kochaster Straw-Cutter.
OLMSTED A KELLY. Coudvr-port. Live
the exclesive agency for tbis celebrated
machtoe. in this county. It is covenient, <3a
ribje, ar-i EidSAP. Dec.l, ISCO.-12
Nos. I & 2,
CITIZENS. Friends and Custom
. trs . I return my thanks to yon for the
libera] patronage bestowed r.pon me for the
past t•• i years, nfi 1 my business having so
mi.eh increased, found it necessary to estab
il>h my headquarters cn the railroad, have
ted VTcHsvrile,and hereafter may be found
.it the
Empire Store
at th "pper end of the village, where I shall
1 a pleased to see all try old customers and
s many uetv ones as may Mel disposed to
favor rae with a caiL We arc new opening a
large stock of
kc.. and shall err- fry to give all customers
goo i burg Ins. To my friends and customers
at V.iittesville, I sincciely return you my
ntvs for your liberal patronage there, and
• i at* at WUsviile, 1 shall try
to repay you for it.
r ~- I Shlrtirg? and Sheetings for 30 to 50
tSrer Ji to 35 cents,
wefrih 45.
Good I'ela'ms 25 to 37 cents, worth 25 to 45.
1 Fluid Alpaccaa 26 to cent- - , worth
50 to 75.
Esrrn Fhba Alpaccis 40 to 03 cents, worth
03 to 88.
Estra all-v.-col Dc-lairs 37;. to 50 cents, worth
50 to 75.
Tine Mozatn':jiqac3 22 to 25 cents, worth 33
to 45.
Tine all-wool Merinos CO to 60 cents, worth
51 to $ 1 50.
A large stock cf Cassinters, Kt. Jeans, Sati
neti-, liroaJciotiis, and other goods equally
as low.
This branch of our trace we call yor.r niton
ion to in particular, as we can and will save
von 25 to 50 per cent. Fine suits from sl2
TO sls. worth S- >t n $25. Good black pant*
Mr $3.7-3, north $4,55. IdiiraLNjcskin $4,50.
** L j&L.f
cf the Ties' an 1 Latest Fashions, very low
Fine Merino" 5 , 1 Viool, itciiiij
ftii i raost oilier Stilus.
Boots 4'
A large assortment very low.
Fine Trench Calf Ladies' Shoes for $1.25
worth $1,75.
Mail > | :e Calf Loots $E •5 to $4.75) worth
$5 to st>.
ITats and Caps for
Ladies a.a Gents, very loir.
Crockery and Hardware,
llauiuf Motions, Nr.,
at prices far telow the present market prices.
Flour, Fori;, Fish, Hams,
'lea, Sugar, Co fee.
Pepper, Spice, dr.,
as low as can be bought in the State.
C. 11. SIMHO.fi,
Welliville, X. V . October, I=<>4
Fall and Winter
jsst received from New Tork, a t*rpg
stock of seasonabie Goods whrch the* *il|
sell as low as any house iu the Co*ntj ; co*
sisting of
pry Sflnbl
lc a3 j rarietiei n'n
Full stock of MEN'S
&LC., &.C., See.
Tea fron 75 cts. to S2 per pour J
P, A, STEBBINS' & Go.,
Corner Main and Stretf
Colder sport,

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