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~~ *
Are now receiving a new and complete
Spring Goods ! !
purchased since the heavy decline and
during the recent panie in New York.
Consisting of
Full stock of MEN'S
&.C., siC. f &.C.
Drugs and Fancv Articles
Oils, Paints, and Dye Staffs, White Lead in
Tin Cans, Alcohol, Catnphene, Kerosene.Lamp
and Lamp Fixtures. Glass, Patent Medicines.
Chemicals, Botanical Herbs, Perfumery .Fancy
Soap and Toilet articles, Gum, Hair. Ivory
and Wooden Combs, Pomades and Colognes
and a fine assortment of Flavoring Extracts
Pen*, Ink and Paper, and Linseed Oii—raw
and boiled,
13 nislies
Cloth, Tooth. Xaii, Hair, Hat, Taint, Varnish
sad Arti3t Brashes
Teas, Sutrars, Choice Syrup, Good Rio Coffee,
West Indii and Dandelion ''offee, Rice, Corn
Starch, Farina, Cocoa, kc.,
P, A, STEBBINS 1 & Co,,
Garner Main ana Secrod Sire.te,
Cauderepow, Apr. 10, 1861
Corrected every Wednesday by P. A. STEB
BINS S CO.* Retail Dealers in Groceries
and Provision®,
oppositeD. F. Glassmire's Hotel,
Ccudersport, Pa.
Apples, green, bush., § 75t0l 00
do dried, " 200 250
Beans, " 300 350
I Beeswax, lb'., 20 25
; Beef, " 8 9
Berries, dried, y quart 15 20
Buckwheat, "pi ousli., 1,00 1 25
Bnbkwheat Flour, 300 375
Butter, lb., 20
Cheese, " 15 20
Clovereeed 700 750
Corn, 7j3 bush., 1 50 200
Corn Meal, per cwt., 375 400
Eggs, V doz 15
Flour, extra, y bbl., 9 00
do superfine " 90u i 0 00
Hams, lb., 25
Hay, "£> ton, 10 00
Honey, per lb., 10 20
Lard, u 15 20
Maple Sugar, per ft)., 1"> 19
Oat 3. "W bush., *5 80
Onions, " 100 125
Pork, y bbl., 30 00 35 00
do -Jft).. 18 20
do in whole hog, ft>., 10 12
Potatoes, per bush., 37 oO
Peaches, dried, y lb., 20 25
Poultry, lb., 8 10
Rve, per bush., 1 50 188
Silt, y bbl., 550 600
do sack, 15 20
Timothy ecd 250 350
Trout, per £ bbl., 800 900
Wheat. bnsb., 175 200
White Fish, £ bbl., 800 900
YV Aches, and warranted superior to any
Other. Croup it positively cures ; relief is
absolu'ely sure immediately it is used. Moth
ers remember this, and arm yourselves with :
a bottle without delay. Croup i 3 a disease
which gives no notice, frequently attacking !
the child in the dead hour of night : before a
nbvslcian can be summoned it may bo too
late" Remember, the Venitian Liniment
never fails. Price 40 A 80 cents a bottle.
Sold bv all Druggists. Office, 56 Cortlandt,
Street, New York.
Composed, of highly concentrated extracts
from and herbs of the highest medicinal
value, infalliable in the cure of all diseases i
of the Liver or any derangement of the Di
gestive Organs. They remove all impurities
of the Blood, and are unequaled in the cure
of Diarrhffi, Jaundice. Dyspepsia, Scrol 1
Biliousness, "Liver Complaint, Fevers. Head-!
ache, Piles, Merculial Diseases, Hereditary
Humors. Dose, for adults, one pill ia the,
noising, children half a pill. From one to
three p .Is wii' c tie ordinary cases, and from
one to three foxes will cure any curable case
of no matter how long standing. Price $1 00
02 Fulton Street. New York.
The Greatest Victory Yet !
The above heading of a recent bulletin
from the
is in all respects applicable to the results of
when brought in contact with hair of any;
obnoxious tint. Five minutes removes the'
undesirable color, replacing it with the rich
est biack or brown. No stain is left on the
scalp, no damage done to the hair by this fine
eaioldent vegetable dve. Manufactured bv
J. C. CHRIST No. C Astor House,
New York. Sold by Druggists. Applied by
all Hair-Dressers.
A General Assistant of Nature.
What is health ? What is disease?
Health is when the supply and expendi
ture are equal. Disease when the supply and
expenditure are unequal.
HRANDRETH'S PILLS impart certain ex
pulsive powers to all matters of the body
whose life is below the standard of the sur
rounding party, or which have remained
longer than nature designed. So in fevers
and ail that class of cases which soon run
into mortification BRANDRETH'6 PILLS
have marvelous curative qualities. Our
bodies are continually changing, and it is by
this change we live. Should matter remain
ia organs beyond the time nature designed,
pain and inflamation set in, which is nothing
more than a preparatory effort for our good.
All Erandreth's Pills are supposed from the
results to do is simply
for the
The most interesting and exciting book
ever published, embracing the adventures of
a woman in the Union army as Nurse, Scout
and Spy, giuing a most vivid inner picture
of thg war.
Teachers, ladies, energetic yonDg men,anu
especially returned and disabled soldiers in
want of profitable employment, will find it
peculiarly adapted to their condition. We
haTe agents clearing $l5O per month, which
we will prove to any doubting applicant.—
Send for circulars. Address
N. E. corner Sixth and Minor streets,
Philadelpcia Pa.
"117IIEREAS, my husband, JAMES G.
\t BOOTH has left the bed he never
owned, and the board he never provided,
without just cause or provocation, I hereby
caution all persons against harboring or
trusting him on my account, as I shall pay
no debts of his contracting after this date.
Colesburg, Pa., Jane 27, ISC3.
STRAYED or Stolen in Bingham township.
May 26, 18G5, from the subscriber, Six
Young Cattle —two Light Red Steers and one
Heifer, two years old, and three Yearlings,
with white on the belly, and one red and
white spotted. Any person giving informa
tion of thera will be liberally rewarded.
July 3, 1863. [4w]
Marble Yard.
r|YRE subscriber desires to inform tbe citi
l zens of Potter that he can supply them
with all kinds of Marble work, as cheap and
as good as it can be had any p'ace in the
of all kinds furnished on short notice.
, t Couiersport, Feb 13'05 Jj
Condersport, Wednesday Evening. July 19, 1865.
and General.
86%. Paper? of the State report quite cool
weather during the past ten days.
tsSj* A Soldier bad hi 3 pocket picked of
$l4O while standing in the depot at Lock
Haven, on Thursday of last week.
—— .
P£jT° There was quite a heavy frost in this
county, the morning of the 14th—not :ufS
cient however to do any damage.
The Tioga Agitator says: "Rev. J. F.
Calkins, so long Chaplain of the 14? th, has
returned to resume his labors among us."
About 410 Soldiers partook of the
Soldiers' Dinner in Wellsboro on the Fourth,
and it is estimated that 8000 people were
©af" Robert C. Cox, of Liberty, and W. T.
Humphrey, of Osceola, are candidates for;
Assembly, in Tioga.
£s?* The new Hotel in Williamsport will
be opened in time for the State Fair 'which 1
is to be held in September.
The New York JTerald says that Een
Wood is a Benedict Arnold without his
bravery and a Judas Iscariot who has not the
grace to bang himself.
AT Jamestown, N. Y , last Wednesday, a
dam broke away, doing about £3,000 dsm
ege. besides causing the stoppage of sundry
mills. The new dam will be completed in
six weeks.
The Lock Haven Republican States
that an attempt was made the other night to
burn the dwelling of Mr. Sheffer, in that place,
and that if it had succeeded, the family would
Lave been burned with the buildings.
££%„ Major-General John F. IlartranH, the
original commander of the 51st Penn'a Reg
iment, is recommended for the nomination of
Surveyor General. A fine man, an able ohi
cer. and a worthy citizen, his nomination
would be a "tower of strength" in the Fall
The Harrisburg Daily Telegraph has
been enlarged and improved in many respects,
and now looks more like the organ of a great
party than it has heretofore. We commecd
it to" our Union friends wno desire a paper
from the Capital. Terms: Daily, £G in ad
vance ; weekly, £2.
ggp Nothing that Maximilian can clo will
3u :kc to cover up the outrage of his presence
in Mexico. He may be the most liberal of
| the liberals, but be is none the less a usurp
er, the tool of a despot, supported by foreign
bayonets. He may do -what be pleases, the
oniv act that is cailed for ia Lis case is bis
removal to Europe.
On Saturday afternoon, July Ist, as
three colored boys were fishing in a boat on
Jones's Lake, near Montrose, the boat sunk
, and all three were drowned. Their names
! were Edward Williams, Theodore Allen, and
Alexandria Ray. Williams could swim, and
j attempted to save the others, but tbey, in
their fright, seized hold of him and drew him
figy The Second Volume of Messrs. Tick*
1 nor& Fields Companion Poets for the People
! has been issued and contains the better part
iof Tennyson's short poems. We have no
; doubt but that when the people come to un
derstand the worth of these volumes they will
be found as frequently at our firesides as the
most popular magazines of the day, Send
for a specimen copy. Price 50 cents. Tick
nor k Folds, 135 Washington St. Boston.
StoT" Messrs. Tieknor k Field, of Bosten,
have published a pamphlet edition of a most
I remarkable narrative ''The Man without a
Country."' Upon its original publication in
the Atlantic Monthly it attracted more general
attention and comment than any article
printed in a long time Jt has a peculiar in
: terest at this particular time and should be
read by every American, old or youre, man
or woman. Send fn cents to the publishers
and they will send you a copy , pott-paid.
Fins AT KA>E. —Some three weeks since, a
very valuable sawmill, belonging to Gen. T.
L. Kane, at Kane, on the line of the Phila
delphia and Erie R. R. was destroyed by fire.
The loss to Gen. Kane cannot he less than
$15,000 and the loss to the Railroad compa
ny who ere erecting extensive repair shops,
a round house, Ac., and to the citizens who
contemplated building at Kane this season,
is almost irreparable. We are gratified to
stale, however, that another mill will be
built as soon as men and means can build it.
Gen. Kane, with his usual promptness and
energy, is pushing the work forward with all
possible dispatch.
Information is wanted of the wlierea
' bouts of Nathaniel Hart, late of Go. A, 207 th
P. V., who has not been beard' of since bis
discharge at Camp Curtin, on the sth of June.
Any information will be thankfully received,
if addressed to Mrs. Harriet A. Hart, Bloss-i
burp, Tioga county, Pa., or Mr. Frederick
Uhler, Harrisburg.
' 1 -r
We get the following items from the •
ilast Williamsport Bulletin:
One Hundred Dollars has been deposited '
in the First National Bank, towards a Fund
.' for the purpose of erecting a Monument to'
". the memory of the fallen heroes who werrt *
j from Lycoming County, and the Ladies arc,
.'taking the initial ste'ps for establishing a;
- Soldiers' Home. The Williamsport Bridge
. Company are ready for bids from contractors I
rJ to construct the Bridge. A man named |
r i Peter Cavigan was killed in Perkins Mill on j
r; Saturday afternoon.- Copper ore was found
on the.farm of Martin Caub,in Wolf township.
The sale of Government horses on Wed
nesday and Thursday, was very successful.
- The number sold was 139. The highest price
paid for one was $215. The lowest price
;S2s. The Street Railroad is in full blast.
£ A beautiful car was placed on the track, and
e ! commenced its regular tripsin Thursday last.
, j It runs at intervals of twenty minutes, and
j the first day had no lack of passengers. r
_ The people of Muncy are taking act.ye mear
j ures to have a Soldiers' Monument erected in
j the Muncy Cemetery. Several hundred dol
' lars have already been raised for that pnrpose.
. ! Of the last regular meeting of the OH Ma Je't
n i Congenial Gathering, held in Crab-apple
-3 orchard. July 1, 18G5.
I Having met, the ears of the congenial sis-
tcrs were regaled bv an
Instrumental piece on the Accordeon, by
Aramiata Jane Sciaggs.
>\it, an Essay, -single Blessedness,' by
! Hannah Martha Simpkin3, which called forth
i heartfelt enthusiasm.
Song—"We're a band of sisters."
! After which, as the tea was cooling, they
p-oceedcd to the supper table—Mercy Ann
Livcforever and Felicia Dorothea Nipper
carrying the banner on which was inscribed
• Liberty for all—a union with no man."
On seating themselves, they were horrific-d
to find that the splendid bouquet that graced
the centre of Lc table contained a bachelor's
button, but as Jemima Mebitable Snapdragon
j had the courage to throw the vile thing away
| with jusi indignation, they proceeded to par
take of the delicacies set before them.
The following toast was offered by Alvira
| Charitv Green :
Old Maids—who, though racciing in a crab-
I apple orchard, are not yet reduced tobouquets
of "thistles and tansy."
Responded to by Mercy Ann Livcforever.
Araminta Jane Scraggs gave
Old bachelors—"One and all unmarketable.
Reponse—No doubt- of that; by Ketura
Delia Slimmens.
May the tribe of man vanish from the face
of the earth and be seen no more ; by Ange
lina Mary Patiphor.
Response by Felicia Dorothea Nipper.
Fearing that the sentiment justoflercd can
not conveniently be complied with, Alvira
Charity Green gave the following:
May Old Bachelors flourish forever —at the
Bachelors' Re'reat.
Responded to by the whole sisterhood.
* Dessert.
Araminta Jane Scragg3 and Jerusha So
phronia Pillicoddy, having partaken freely,
of the persimmons, which formed part of the
bountiful repast, felt in a mood of singing,
favored the rest of the company with a long
song, the concluding verses cf which are
particularly fine:
May the suh shine on as it ever has done,
May our names as changeless remain ;
And .10 Cupid darts ever pierce our hearts,
May we never have "Love on the brain.
We hope that the day is not far away,
When no bachelor can us provoke
With the words we now hear whenever
they're near
As, "Ladies, permit me to smoke."
May bullet 3 still fly—may smoke cloud the
May cannon continue to roar :
May the trumpet still call until it takes all,
And then will our troubles be o'er.
The following resolutions were then
adopted :
Eeeoived, That while we deplore the rava
ges made in our ranks during the past year
by the disease called Matrimonium t we are
consoled by the thought that the opposite
sex suffered quifb as severely as our own.
Eesolvcd, That those unfortunate members
of our band who have been unabie to join us
here, have our heartfelt sympathy, and that
for their benefit, a report of this meeting be
sent to the POTTE?. JornxxL for publication.
Rcoh: That when the snail- sof another
summer shall have called forth the buds and
blossoms on the crab-apple tree?, we will
mee; again in this, cur favorite retreat, to
renew our resolutions of the present year.
Jl -ok-cd, That—
At this juncture the form of Jeremiah Clod
pole was seen, passing through the orchard
on his way to the Bachelors' Retreat, at sight
of which the company retreated in graceful
confusion. UXE "WIIO WAS TUEIIE.
£-2?* The following is the description of
the large Hotel about being finished in Will-
The whole structure is one hundred and j
fiftv-six feet square. The basement, which j
can hardir be called a basement, as it is only !
about eighteen inches below the surface of.
the surrounding grounds, is as dry as any;
other floor in the house. It will contain a 1
first class Restaurant, Oyster and Eating'
Saloon, which will be situated Jn the north-1
east corner. Iu the southeast corner is a
large room which is to be fitted up for an
elegant Ice Cream Saloon for ladies. On the
west side are the rooms for washing, ironing,
baking, Jcc. The basement also contains a
Barber Shop, Store-room for the use of the
Hotel, and about fifteen sleeping rooms for
the use of the employees of the House. In
the centre is an open area sixty-six feet
square, which is reached by an open arch
way. Here are the rooms for depositing;
coal, kc..
The next story—which must be called the ;
first—is divided by Lulls, or entries, running :
through the centre of the building at right
angles, making four entrances, one for each
side, besides one entrant# into the Dining
Room from The Railroad Depot, when that
structure is'built. At one side cf thi3 en
trance is a Wash Room for gentlemen, and
on the other a similar Room, with private
Saloon attached, for ladies. The Dining
Room is 129 feet long by 40 feet wide, and;
will be furnished in elegant style with j
small oral tables. There is also an outer >
entrance from the west front. These \
enhances are all from a verandah, which
extends around the north, south and wes*
fronts. The central north'entrance l*adsto;
the Office —a large and spacious apar:ment—:
connecting with a Bar-Room, and from that
to a Billiard Saloon, £c. On the cast, ir the
ladies' private entrance. On the left is the
ladies' Reception Room, which is connected
by foldin:* doors with the ladies' Parlor in
the northeast corner of the building. Trom
the south entrance, by turning to the left, we
enter a magnificent room which should be a
parlor, but is designed for a Steye for the
sale of gentlemen' and ladies' furnishing
goods. This will be a novelty on the main
floor of a hotel, but will have its conveniences j
and attractions. This story also contains a
room for cookfng, with a large fliTfe to carry '
off the steam and smoke, so that none will l
; escape into the Dining Room or other parts j
jof the Hate?. The secend and third stories
I are occupied by suits of rooms for families !
i and single rooms. They arc all -large and'
'airy, and the doors between communicating
■ rooms so large that a bed can be moved thro' j
i them without taking them apart. A passage
I way, or entry, seven feet wide, runs entirely
. aro'und the centre of these stories, dividing
the rootne into two sets, front and back. The
; passage is well lighted from both ends. The
fourth story has a similar arrangement, but i
: the rooms are smaller and designed for a sin- j
| glebed; but they are large in comparison i
[to the single rooma of mosi, hotels. There 1
j are three main flights of stairs to each of
j these stories, besides the private one for the
i use of the employees of the house. In fact.
. there seems to he nothing left undone which
j could be done to make this a first chiss Hotel.
| unsurpassed In our large cities for extent o?
; room or the perfect arrangement for accorn
imodation of guests. Such a house will,
i necessarily- attract persons who desire a
| comfortable retreat from large cities, and
. will, undoubtedly, be fuhv appreciated.
Frederick Seward Las so far recov
ered from his injuries as to be able to ride
; out each day, weather permitting, and he
j expects shortly to visit Lis home in the cuite
i of New York.
gentlemen who run the M'Kean
Railroad and Navigation Machine, have been
with us once more and retired, propubly not
to again return until next year about this
| time, vrhc-n they are compelled to visit us
again, in order to retain their charter. FOT
a goodly number of years we have been ae-
I customed to this hind of proceeding, and for
! the life of us we find nothing in it attractive
or which tends to win cur adnrration. The
meetings of the company or* held in sorac
| body's back office, and the proceedings are
clothed with the most profound secrecy.—
Every two or three years the company is
completely metamorphosed, not from the
lart-a to the butterfly, but from one set of
men to another. Whenever a change occurs,
the ntver-despairing, hopeful inhabitants of
the Tallies of Potato and Marvin creek,believe
the change to bo for the better. They are
told that "the road is now certainly to be ;
built," and determined to look only on the
bright side of the.picture, they believe all
they arc told. They remain all the time as
ignorant of the doings of the Company as
though no such company existed, and still
hope on for the improvement to commence,
for the day of deliverance, until "hope de
ferred makeih the heart sick." Such was
the history of the Allegany Valley It. It. Co.,
such Is the history of the M'Kean R. R. and
Navigation Company, and such wc have al
most come to the Conclusion is to be the his
tory of all railroads affecting our immediate
locality, but still we shall continue to "hope
on, hope ever.''
We have reason to be thankful that capi
talists are directing their attention to other
sections of our county, if not to this. The
Buffalo and Bradford Railroad is being com
pleted to the Bond coal bed as rapidly as
men and means can build it. A large
amount of coal is being mined daily, and it
i 3 expected that before the winter months
roll round, the iron horse will be transporting 1
the products of our western 1. ills to the vast
mark< ts of Western New York, the Lakes and
So with the Buffalo and Washington IL R. j
The men who have taken hold of this enter- ;
prise are determined to carry it through and
we look upon the eaTly commencement of
operations upon the road without fail.—
McKcan Miner
-s>r. < lisipln on A'errro Stifl'rage.
Rev. Dr. Cbapin of this city spoke as
follows in Lis 4th cf July oration at:
"It has been ours to reassert cur fa
ther's declaration that governments de
rive their just powers from the consent
of the governed. We have the premises,
shall we accept the conclusions that gov
ernment el.all have no power except by
consent cf the governed; that there shall
be 'no taxation without representation ?'
In the assertion of this principle our fa
thers threw the tea into Doston harbor.
How far shall we go in asserting it 1—
Shall there bo no taxation of property
and yet a taxation of labor and bones and
sinews ana thought and speech and the
dearest human lights? Shall there be
a taxation cf any class of men while the
men themselves are unrepresented ? Shall
they give their blood in the hot battle
and their sweat in the field, and yet feel
that they have to vital function in the
organism of the nation ' Shall we allow
them the bullet feat cot the ballot ? Fel
low citizens, the principle that gives its
distinctive character to the Declaration
is the principle cf universal suffrage. It
asserts this radical principle of democra
cy. The condition of universal su.7rr.go
should be universal education, [Ap
plause.] The criterion of a man' 3 vote
should be, that he knows why he votes,
and this will be enforced exactly in pro
portion as he knows what it is that votes.
It is not corn that votes, nor cotton, nor
greenbacks, nor a white skin, nor a black
skin. It is the intelligent will that votes,
or should vote. Let the qualification be
set forth and known as a condition, and
it will become universal. Yon can lift
men into intelligence, the safeguard of
democracy, but you cannot educate them
to be red, black or white."
—This body will hold its annual meeting
for 18C5, on the 16th, I7rh and 18th ot
August, in the Hall of the Uousa of Rep
resentatives, at Harrisburg. Gov. Cur
tin will deliver an address of welcome, at
10 o'oiock A. ii, on the lGth. It is
contemplated to have 2n excursion to
Gettysburg, on the afternoon of the 17th.
The I'cnntyhania School Journal Eays
that the hotels of Ilamsbarg have con- j
senied to reduce their charges about one
third, in favor of the members of tbe j
Association. The railroad? will grant
froe return tickets to members who pay
full fare coming to the Convention.
Erie Di. patch says : We were somewhat
taken aback, a few coys ago, on the creek
by-meeting a "charming female" who
talked as "pertly" upen oil and oil welis
as any person of the opposite sex wc ever
met. She had sites for sale of any desir
able promise—was quite indifferent about
trading—asked a good royalty, ranging
from three sixteenths to one quarter —
had interests which she consllercd worth
from §50,000 to 8100,000 —did not want
to marry—expected to open an office in
NewqYork soon —had no agents employed,
transacted her own business, and was
ready to negotiate for anything in the
shape cf property from a steam engine to
a State house. ET cetera.
; been appointed for Virginia, Louisiana.
Alabama and Georgia, and tho organiza
; lion of these departments is to be effected
as soon as possible. The idea of placing
the burdens cf the Government equally
on the shoulders of those who fought to
preserve it is to bo made a* practical mat
ter as scon as possible,and the South will
yet loam that tho c3'ort to destroy a
; rood government was very unprofitable.
The new Constitution of .lissours has
boon adapted by a majority f one inou--
|aud eight hundred ami sixty-two
The Prot-id'Tice Jtumnf, in an article
on Mason i Hamlin's Cabinet Organs, spenk*
of these excellent and now celebrated instru
ments as follows : "For Toluine and quality
of tone ; for variety and beanty of effect? }
for excellence in crescendo and diminuendo;
for quickness of response to the touch in rapid
stf.cato and legato passages : for the ease and
c-ntire freedom from fat gue with which tbo
bellows is operated ; f.>r the stability of eTery
i part of the workmanship and capacity of
standing well in tunc, the new Cabinet Of
gans of Messrs. Mason <fc llam'ln—portable
reed instruments, the largest of which are
smaller than than ordinrry piano-fortes—aio
not only quite equal to the smaller pipe or
gans of the host makers, but mncb superior
to the generality of those heretofore nstd m
email churches" and halls, and for private
f practice."
f*%, Ilarvey Sickier, Esq , the able editor
of the T nk 7 ; [PstvJ Democrat, publishes
the following la his issue of the 30tb of Oc
tober. ISO! :
"Vi'c deem it due to Messrs. J. C. AYE* ft
Co.. to make known our experience with the
use cs their HCTHACT S*BSA?AKIH.A. in otif
family, by stating the circumstances under
which it y as taken and it 3 effects.
When onr only child, now in his Ibifd tWfj
was about eight months old. a sore appeared
frrt in small ]imples on bis forehead over bis
nose. Those rapidly increased and Uniting
formed a loathsome, virulent sore, which fi
ugs.lv snrea i over his forehead and face, not
even exccptiocr bis eyel is, which beeam®
swollen that his eyes were closed. We called
a skillful physician, who administered th<J
usually prescribed remedies. A solution of
i nitrate of stiver was applied until the mess of
corruption which covered his entire faCC
| turned jet black. The sore again and again
burst through the scorched and artificial skin
formed by "this solution. Meanwhile many
remedies were employed without any appa
rent benefit. For fifteen days and night 3hd
| was constantly held by his parents to keep
aim from tearing open with his hands thtf
corrupt mass which covered his face.^
Everything having failed, we were induced
by the high recommendations of Arras Sin-
SArAMLLA far the cure of Scrofulous disease,
'o give it a trial. In Lis treatise on Scrofula.
Dr. Ayer lirccis a mild solution of lodine of
Potash to be used as a wash while taking UitJ
Sarsnpe.rilla, aid it was faithfully applied.
Before one bottle of Sarsaparilia Lad been
given the sore had lost much of its virulence
and commenced to heal. Another bottle
effected an entire cure, and the genera! pre
diction that the child must die was contra
dicted. Ills eyelashes which came ont, grew
again, and his face is left without a scar, as
smooth as anybody's It is unnecessary fur
me to state in how high esteem w6 bold
Ayer'a Sarsaparilia.
VALUABLE MEDICINES, which have p®r
' f< rmed such wonderful cures and given gen
ral satisfaction to all those who have made
of DR. A.
! Pa., who will examine patients, as terra in tho
nature of their disease, and give ail necess
ary directions and advice to those who make
use cf the Medicines. Orders from abroad
will receive prompt attention.
July 13, 18G5.
J. W. AJLLrX, PRINCIPAL, assisted by
j competent Teachers.
i will commence cn MONDAY, Aug. 28, 18C!r #
' and continue Twelve weeks,
i Tuition to be paid at the middle of the
Term, from $3,00 to f 3,09. Contingencies*
23 cents.
A Teachers' Cias3 will be instructed Frre
of charge.
Rooms suitable for students desiring to
board themselves can be obtained reasonably
' hi and near Town.
J For farther particulars, address the Prin
• cipa!, at Coadersport. Pa.
<f hihinet Organs and Clilcker-
L ins's Celebrated Pianos fcr
| sale by John B. Shakspear,'of Wellsboro,
Tioga county, Ta. Persons desiring to pur-
S chase can do so by applying to A. L. ENS
WORTH, Esq.. at the Bingham Office 1 ,
Coudersport, Pa.
to the mcLiory of ABRAHAM LISCOI.S,"
the Martjr Prcsldeat, by Mrs. E. A. Park
urst, the popular ccmposer. The Kolu'el
• Journal says : -'This is a fine composition,
j .veil worthy the reputation of its writer."
Very solemn anJ impressive. 1000 copies ere
I issued weekly. Price 30 cents ; with vignette
of the President, 50 cents. Mailed free,
! Publisher: "ioi ace V 6 atcrs, No. 481
j Broadway N. V.
| TTJTIEIIEAS my wife AMELIA has left ray
V ▼ bed and board without just cause or
| provocation, I hereby vtarn all persons not to
harbor or trust her on raj account as I will
debts of Iter contracting after thi.- dale.
Colcsburg, Ta., June 20, 1865.
Mercantile Appraisement,
List of I).-.tiers in Merchandiseju the?
oatjr of Totter, for the year 16C5, with
ClassiHcations, kc.
Tiacf. Cl'*. Amt.
Trscy Scott, Allegany, 14 7,01
'B. K. Spencer. Coudersport, 14 7,50
i P.A. Stebbins k Co., " 13 10 00
C. S. k E. A. Jones, u 13 lo,o'i
D. E. Olmsted, " 13 10 CO
Collins Smith, " 11 7,00
John S. Mann, " 11 7,00
Mason Nelson k Co., " 14 7,00
11. J. Olmsted, " 14 7,00
j v.". rtis, : Harrison, 14 7,00
Kruscn k Buck Bros, Harrison Valley, 14 7.00
Mary A Goodman, " " It 7.00
f Cyrus Sanderlin, Ilector, 14 7Oj
, Henry Ar.dreson, Kettle Creek, 14 7,00
. Charles Mcissner, Gennania, 14 7.00
i Augustus llcpp, " 14 7.00
|H. Theis, lt 1* "/'$
Jacob Kali. " 11 ?/*>
J. Sehwartzenbach, Brewer, " 10 5,0(1
Fredetick Och, . " " 10 5,00
Chappel & Bros., Ulysses, 14 7.00
Peterson k Co., " 14 7,00
S. W. Monroe, " It 7/0
!L. Bijd, ■' 14 7,00
;Coiwell & Weston Bros, Itoulet, 14 7,00
Chs. Broutrsiar, Gt-rmania, Distiller, 0 25,00
B. S. Colweil, Millport, 1 I 7,00
II A. \V. Humphrey. Shi gle House, 14 7.00
, Mrs. Locke, " E t Sharon, It 7,00
j Geo. A. Barclay, Wharton, 14 7"&
i Joel Evyraond, " 14 ,
j Harry Lord, Oswayo, 14 7.00
! [Johnson <y Nelson, 45 15 G-'®
L. li. KINNEY, Mercantile Appraiser.
I June 27. 186..

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