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Are now receiving a new and complete
Spring Goods !!
purchased since the heavy decline and
during the recent panic in New Y'ork.
Consisting of
Full stock OF MEN S
&c., &c., &c.
Drugs and Fancv Articled
Oils, Paints, and Dye Stuffs, White Lead in
Tin Cans, Alcohol, Camphene, Kerosene, Lamp
and Lamp Fixtures, Glass, Patent Medicines,
Chemicals, Botanical Herbs, Perfumerr.Fancy
Soap and Toilet articles, Gam, Hair, Ivory
and Wooden Combs, Pomades and Colognes,
nd a fine assortment of Flavoring Extracts,
Pens, Ink and Paper, and Linseed Oil—raw
and boiled,
Cloth, Tooth, Nail, Hair, Hat, Paint, Varnish
and Ajtist Brashes
Teas, Sugars, Choice Syrup, Good Rio Coffee,
West Indiiand Dandelion ''offee, Rice, Cora
Starch, Farina, Cocoa, Ac.,
F, A, STEBBINS' & Co u
Corner Mais and Seeond Strasts,
CsuitNSort! Apr. 10,1861
Coudersport, Tnssday Evening, August 15, 1865.
and. Oeneral.
jpgr->n exchange says a gentleman from
Jersey Shore caught a trout in Antes Creek
lately, weighing over two and a half pounds.
UST'The Atlantic Cable, at last accounts,
had "sprang a leak," seven hundred miles
from shore. It is considered doubtful if suc
cess will attend the Companies present ef
Hannah A. Torrey, of Ulysses
Center, is agent for the Life of Abraham
Lincoln, advertised in another column.
McKean Mmar has entered upon
its third volume. Good success to you
the new advertisements, this week.
We have not room in which to notice them
at length.
JTgyTbe Agitator suggests Coudersport as
the place for holding the Judicial Senatorial
and Representative Conference!,and Wednes
day, Sept. 13, as the time.
A dangerous counterfeit of the one
dollar Treasury notes, issued by the General
Government, has made its appearance. Ex
cepting a few minor discrepancies, the spuri
ous note is an exact fac timile of the bill. The
general appearance of the bill is also very
good. The green ink is ofa somewhat light
er shade than that used on the genuine, and
some parts of the note look scratched and
bluried. The figures lon the note are print
ed in green ; in the genuine-tbev are white.
The face of Chase, in the counterfeit, is badly
oxecnted, but otherwise the work is well
pone, and the note well calculated to deceive.
ffgy The New York Tribune , in speaking of
Mason & Hamlin's CABINET ORGANS, says:—
"These instruments have tr.en blown by the
wind of genuine success from Boston to San
Francisco. That Messrs. Mason & Hamlin
have succeeded in making a superior small
instrument —from little bandbox-like things,
to those which, portable, and
larger than a piano, can make inem*?:™
felt in a church—is the nniversal opinion
of the musical profession. They agree that
no such mechanical works of the kind can be
found in eqnc.l perfection in Europe. The
tone is pure and full, and with an immense
body for so small a provocative mechanical
force. They stand rough traveling, bad
usage, and will live in climates which will
kill American missionaries."
gffiWc call attention to the advertisement
of the Duplex Elliptic or Doable Spring
Skirt. Though a recent invention, it has
become very popular,and is rapidly Obtaining
the preference over other kinds in use. The
rods tn it are composed each of two delicate
and well-tempered steel rprings, which are
ingenuously braided together edge to edge,
the lower rods heavier, and having a double
covering. This peculiarity of construction
makes this skirt very strong and durable,
and also so exceedingly flexible that it read
ily adapts itself to the form of the wearer,
and allows of any amount of doubling and
| crushing without injury to its shape-. These
skirts are unquestionably the lightest, most
desirable, comfortable ard ecohomical ever
made. These are advantages Vrhich ladies,
who have experienced the discomfort and
inconvenience of single springs, wiil dulj
Xl&tn About 400 people attended the Sun
day School Picnic at Raymond's Corners on
Friday, August 11.
' The school at that piace had invited other
! schools to unite with them, and most nobfy
! and heartily did Lewisvilic and Oblesburg
i respond to the invitation.
i The crowd began to gather at lOy A. M. ]
! At 11 A. M. the Methodist School Of Ulysses
came iu with (1 judge) e*<? to *5 members.
>with a beautiful banner, with cevt-ral four (
horse teams, and (not the least important) aj
most bountiful supply of eatables—enough !
for themselves and to spare—very nicely t
packed in a large box in excellent condition, :
and superintended by a very efficient com-i
mittce. They were accompanied by their;
worthy Superintendent. Rev. Ilenty Rowland.
Banner carried by Lewis Golden.
A little before noon the Colesbnrg School
drove up in just about the Same style and
numbers, having sent on a little ahead, ever
so much of good things tc eat. Were accom
panied by their efficient Superintendent. A. ;
G. Presho.' .
At 12£ P. M., the procession Formed at
the School House —Colesburg School by
classes, leading promptly and in order.—
Ulysses School followed in good styly and ;
ready. Raymond School by classes, and not;
outdone by others in numbers and manner,!
haTing in the rear its Bible Class in which j
visitors were invited. We noticed, with
pleasure, several Sunday School friends from ;
Coudersport, where we had met as teachers;
and scholars 10 years since, and quite a del- j
egation from Pike township;
The Marshal,Normail H.Wood, late of the Army |
was on foot, in citizens' dress, with a red scarf;
about his waist, very modestly and efficiently >
conducted the march, giving orders in a quiet
manner that assured the teachers who led j
their classes, and did not frighten the little 1
;one§. His assistants were L. G. Presho of j
Allegany, and Henry Gridley of Ulysses, w ho
were not behind in attempts to do it all right.
: Each clasp was led by its teacher, all seem
ing desirous to do just the right thing at tbe
i right time. The procession reached about j
| 80 rods, and as they opened ranks and march
ed down its centre to return to the School 1
j House and thence to the grove, one could
j not but be charmed by the sight. As we
I a certain point near the School House, ■
on the way to the grove we were greeted by j
an excellent song from 8 singers.
At the grove, after singing by the crowd,
Rev. W. Calkins, of Philadelphia, made an
excellent and appropriate prayer, Rev. H.
Rowland made a good, interesting address,
J: W. Bird gave an inieresting talk on a
celebrated Cave near Stanton Va.
Rev. J. F. Calkins of Wellsboro, made a
short address on "Jesus, our True Guide,
and on the "True Way," text taken from one
of the banners, in hi 3 usual" off-hand and
effective manner.
The speaking wa3 interspersed by some
excellent quartettes—by two songs from some
of the Allegany girls and children formerly
trained by Mr". I. M. Horton, and by several
songs by the crowd.
At 2J P. M. Procession formed and inarched
to the table. The children were well pro
vided for, and I am proud to say that the
Schools proper, and our distant visitors, con
ducted with the utmost propriety, and all
i seemed to enjoy the proceedings hugely.
Two good Rope swings had been provided
and were well used after the dinner.
Supt. cf R. C. School.
Miffiiuburg Telegraph says the oats
crop of that county is one of the best ever se
gQP'The constant rain in this county for
the past two weeks has started the potatoes
to rotting.
Administratrix' Notice.
WHEREAS Letters of Administration on
the estate of SAMUEL ROGERS, late
of Hector Township, Potter county, deceased,
have been granted to the undersigned, all
per3on3 indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate and those hav
ing claims against the same will present
them, dtllv authenticated to the subscriber.
SUSAN ROGERS, Administratrix.
August 15, 1865.
political career, and speeches in and out
of Congress ; aiso, a general view of his pol
icy as President of the United States ; with
his messages, proclamations, letters, etc., and
a history of his eventful administration, and
of the scenes attendant upon his tragic
1 lamented demise. By JOSEPH H. BARREWI
j Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D. C.
! Nearly ready, in one volume of over 700
i pages octavo.
Embossed Cloth. $3; Sheep, Library Style,
£3 50 ; Printed on extra fine paper and bound
in half calf, $5. German Edition, fifty cents
higher on each style of binding.
This work is Reliable and Authentic. It
was written by the gentleman whose
bears, and the data concerning the material
points of Mr. Lincoln's early history and po
litical career (it is not now improper to men
tion), was furnished by himself to Mr. Barrett,
who for several years stood in confidential
, relations to the late President. The author
has resided ia Washington from the very be
ginning of the administration, and has ex-
I plored the records of the War Ofiiee for facts,
I and had access to other sources of informa-
J tion not usnally accessible. Interwoven witli
• the narrative, in chronological order, are full
' extracts from Mr. Lincoln's speeches, thus i
embodjing bis views ' n the best and raost
acceptable manner. His administration is
elucidated also by interveaving his State;
papers complete, while the narrative of the
author concerning the great events of the
period is clear, concise, and admirable. The
' portrait is beautifully engraved by Ritchie,
| from a photograph taken bv Brady at a sit
; ting arranged for with Mr. Lincoln by the
' Publishers. The likeness has been prd-;
nounced by many personal friends, the best.
[ The Publishers, immediately upon the de
! cease of Mr. Lincoln, sent an artist to sketch
the scenes closely identified with his early
1 life, and also the scenes immediately associ
ated with the burial at Springfield, Illinois,;
and will have the pleasure of presenting the
following Original Illustrations in the volume: j
1. Birthplace of Mj. Lincoln 2. The Emi
gration from Kentucky in 1816. 3. House,in
Spencer county, Indiana, the home of Mr. |
Lincoln for thirteen years, and where his
mother died, 4. The Crawford Place, where
i young Lincoln worked for 25 cents per day.
j 5i Lit tie P-g-oc Baptist Church, where Mr.
Lincoln (when a youth) and his parents at
tended. 6. His Mother's Grave. 7. Ander
son Creek Ferry* where he was ferryman fbr
nine months. The Log House in Sangamon
county, 111., where the "3,000 were,
split. 9. His Springfield Residence. 10. Thei
Scene of his First Inauguration, etc , etc.
*** Nearly 1 000 men are already at work.,
Terms uniform. Remit $1 50 for complete,
Prospectus and outfit for canvassing : name |
a dozen counties, arranged in order, of your j
choice, and if territory cannot be selected,:
the cash received will be returned. Sold j
onlv bv Canvassing Agents. Address
Publishers, i
Either alio West Fourth Street, Cinrir.n'cti, |
or Walker Street, yew York.
3. TF. Bradley $ Nzlc Patent Duplex
Lip tic (or double') Spring Skirt.
This invention consists of Duplex (or two)
Eliptic Pure Refined Steel Springs, ingeni
ously braided tightly and firmly together,
edge to edge, making tbe toughest, most flex
ible, elastic and Durable Spring ever used.
They seldom BEND or BRKAE, like the Single
Springs, and consequently preservfe their per;
feet and beautiful shape more than twice as
Idng as any Single Spring Skirt that ever
has or can be mads:
The wonderful flexibility and great comfort
and pleasure to any Ladv wearing {the
plex Elliptic Skirt will be experienced partic
ularly in all crowded Assemblies, Operas,
Carriages, Railroad Car?, Church Pews, Arm
Chairs, for Promenade and House Dress, as
the Skirt can be folded when in use to occu
py a small place as easily and conveniently
as a silk cr muSliu dress.
A Lady having enjoyed the pleasure, com
fort and great convenience of wearing the
Duplex Elliptic Steel Spring Skirt for a sin
gle day will never afterwards willingly dis
pense with their use. For Children, Misses
and Young Ladies they are superior to all
The Hoops are covered with 2 ply twisted
thread and wiil wear twice a3 long as the
Single yarn covering which is used on all
: Single Steel Hoop Skirts. The three bottom I
! rods on every Skirt are also Double Steel,
i and twice or double covered to prevent the
covering wearing eff the rods when dragging
; down Stairs, stone steps. &e.. Ac., which they
; are constantly subject to when in use.
All are made of the new and elegant Cord
■ ed Tapes, and are the best quality in every
I ps r t, giving to the wearer the most graceful
and perfect shape possible, and are unques
tionably the lightest, most desirable, com
fortable and economical Skirt ever made.
\ ors of the Invention, and sole Manufacturers,
97 Chambers, and 79 <fc 81 Reade Streets,
New York.
For sale in all first-class Stores in this
City, and throughout tbe United States and
| Canada, Havana de Cuba, Mexico, South
1 America, and the West Indies.
BCfcn, Inquire for the Duplex Elliptic (or
: double) Spring Skirt. A. C.
STRAYED or Stolen in Bingham township.
May 26, 1865, from the subscriber, Six
Young Cattle—two Light Red Steer 3 and one
Heifer, two years old, and three Yearlings,
with white on the belly, and one red and
white spotted. Any person giving informa
tion of theia will be liberally rewarded.
July 3, 13€3 [4*]
For StferftflT.
PIKR MILLS, PA., July 28, 1865.
DEAR SIR : Please announce TBE name of
A. B. HORTON, late Capt. Co. G, 149 th P. V.*
for SHERIFF, subject to the decision of the
Fall Convention. %•
Guardian's Sale of Real Estate.
> XTOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of
an order or decree of the Orphan s
Court of Potter County, made on the 20th
day of June, 18C5, the undersigned, as Special
Guardian of Marv A. Johnson, Sarah John
son, and William Henry Johnson, minors,
owners of said lands, will expose for Sale at
Public Vendue to the highest bidder, at the
Court House in Coudersport, in said County
of Potter,
On the 19 th day of September 1865,
at 1 o'clock P. M., the following described
Lands: Situate in the Township of Hebron,
Potter Co . Pa., viz. Lot No. 126 of the allot
ment of lands of the Estate of Samuel M. Fox,
deceased, containing 135T acres more or less.
Also Lot No 134 of said allotment in the
same Township, containing 54 and 2-10ths
acres of land more or less. Also Lot No. 122
of said allofmeiA in the same Township con
taining 125 and 8-10ths acres of land more
or less! Also all that part of Sub Lot No. 9
of original Lot No. 115 of said allotment in
the Township of Allegany, lying west of the
highway containing 61 and £ acres of land
more or less. Also Lot No. 75 of Mc 3 icar s
survey in the Township of Oswayo, in said
County, made for N. H. & W. S. Johnson,
containing 80 and 24-100ths acres more or
less, now occupied bv Mrs. Andrus.
Aug. 10, 1865. Special Guardian.
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court
for the County of Potter, the following
described real estate belonging to the estate
of AMBROSE COREY, late of the township
'of Ulysses, in said county deceased, will be
sold to the highest and best bidder at the
Court House in the Boro' of Coudersport on
Monday, the 18 thday of Sept. next,
at 1 o'clock P. M., all that certain messuage
situate in the Township of Ulysses, County
of Potter and State of Pennsylvania, bounded
and described as follows, Tiz.: Beginning at
the south-east corner of the 0. A. Lewis lot
in said Township, thence north 24 percees to
| a post, thence west 10 perche3 to a post,
thence south 24 perches to a post on south
' line of said Lewis' line,thence east 10 perches
I to.a post the pl.ice of beginning, Conta-'ning
■ One and One Half Acres of lanu more or .ess
and bei Jg part of a Lot of land No. 359 con
veyed by the Trustees of the estate of W 11-
liam Bingham to 0. A. Lewis on the Bth day
of February, 1836. , . . .
1 Also another lot of land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, and
! bounded and described as fellows : Beginning
j at a post the south-west corner of the above
described lot, thence in a northerly course
along the west line of above described lot 20
: perches to ft post, thence ir. a westerly course
i at right angles with the first course 4 perches
to a post, thence in a southerly course pnral-
I lei with the first described course 20 per.ches
to a post, thence in an easterly cohrS- Uloug
; the Highway 4 perches to the place of
. ginning, Containing One Half of an Acre o
! land, and being the east half of a lot of land
• conveved by H. H. Pent to A. Corey ieb.
i 17 > 1857 ' . . i i . jAa
Also another lot of laud situate iri tn6
Township, County and State aforesaid, and
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at a post standing in the west lirie of lot No.
15 of the sub division of H. E. Dents lands
in said Township, now in possession of Ac
drew Gee, 30 perches south of the south line
of lot No. 13 conveyed by H. H Dent to Ma
hala Baker by deed bearing date April 9,
1855, thbn'ce south west 173 perches to a
comer, being also south-west corner of lot
No. 15 aforesaid, thence along the north line
: of a lot in possession Of Abram Waggoner
: west 77 and 2-10ths perches to a corner,
j being also the south-east corner of lot No
i 16G contracted to be sold to J. Nelson Crowcll
jbyH. H. Dent-, thence north east 173
, perches to the south line of lot No. 14 con
veyed by 11. H. Cent lo Ji.iuala Laker by deed,
I bearing date April 9, 1555, thence along said !
south line east 78 perches to the place ofj
beginning, Containing Seventy-Nine Acres,
with the usual allowance of six per cent, fori
roads. being lot No. 16 of the sub-divis
ion of the said H. H. Dent ( s lands in the said
Township of Ulysses. . - . ■
Also one other lot of land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, des- j
cribed as follows, Viz*. Bounded On the north
bv lands Owned by Burton Lewis, on the east
bv lands owned or In possession of Benjamin
Baker, on thb sOUth by lands itl possession of,
J. D. Leet, and on the west by the highway
leading from Lewisville to Brookland, Con
taining about Lighteen Acres of land be the
same mote cr less.
S. W. CHAPPEL, Admsr.
Uly3ses, Aug. 14, 1865.
Administrators Sale
B\" virtue of an order of the Orphans Court
for the county of Fotter, the following
described real estate belonging to the estate
of WILLIAM FLING, late of the township of
Ulvsses, In 2aid cchcty deceased, will be sold
to "the highest and best bidder at the Court
HouSe in the Borough of Coudersport on
Monday the ISfA day of Sept. next,
at 1 o'clock P. M:, All that tract of land be
ginning at the north-west corner of lot sur
veyed to Augusta S. Whipple in the centre of
the Highway, thence South on the line of
said lot 72 rods, thence West 13 and 5-10ths
rods, thence North 72 rods to the centre of
the Highway, thence Bast by the centre of
Highway 15 and 5- lOtbs rods to place of be
ginning, being pftrt of Lot conveyed by H. H.
Dent to Daick Whipple by Deed bearing date
Dec. 19, 186jj, and containing Seven Acre 3.
ALSO—Another Lot bounded as follows:
Begihhicg at the south-east corner of Lot No.
104 east part conveyed to Duick Whipple,
thence North 72 rods to Highway, thence west
13 roda, thehce South 72 rods," thence East
15 rods to the place of beginning, containing
Seven Acre?* ALSO —Another Lot bounded
as follows : being known as east part of Let
135 of the allotment of Bingham lands in
Ulysses tp, Potter co., Pa., containing 56 and
2-10ths acres, being the same lot which H.H.
Dent contracted to D. Whipple, Jr., on the
Ist day of March iB6O. ALSO—Another lot
being west part of lot No. 135 of the Bingham
lands in Ulysses tp, aforesaid, containing 50
acres and being the same lot which H.H.Den
contracted to Wm. Blakeslse on the Ist day
cf March 1360;
ELLEN FLING TRIPP, Administratrix.
Uouderspcrt, Aug. 8,1865. .
, Marble Yard.
THE subscriber desires to inform the citi
zens of Potter that be can supply them
with all kinds of Marble work, as cheap and
as good as it can be had anv place in the
of all kinds furnished on short notice.
Ceudersport, Feb 13 '65 17
To the Union Men of Potter.
I hare been for some time past encouraged
by citizens of the County to be a candidate
for Representative. I announce myself a
candidate for that office. I hear of candi
dates for other offices, without opposition,
for the reason that theyhave been in the
Armr for the Union. I too have been in the
Uuion Army—served faithfully in the ditches
and swamp's of South Carolina until honora
blv discharged by General Burnside, by rea
son of disability received in the service, and
in the hue of duty. My son fought in the
same Regiment (45th P. V.,) until he was
killed by Rebel bullets. Still lam opposed
by gentlemen who were never in the service
—gentlemen, who if nominated, will receite
mv cordial support. If any one doubts my
honorable record while in the Army, I reter
him to every officer and man belonging to the
45th P. Y. wben I left it.
If any other Soldier who has been honora
bly discharged, desires the nomination for
this office and inserts his name, I will with
draw this Card and support him.
Pike Mills, July 25, 1863.
The following is a description of Barrels
and Kegs belonging to the Brewery of Joseph
Schwartzenbach, located atGermania, Potter
County, Penn'a, viz :
From one to forty barrels marked with
numbers in Roman letters, and part with my
name burned in on the top; all iron bound.
All persons having any Barrels or Kegs
marked as above in their possession wiii
please return them or they will bo dealt with
as directed in the late Act of Assembly.
Germania, Aug. 8, 1865. (4w)
Court Proclamation.
WHEREAS the Hon. Robert G. White,
President Judge, and the Hons. C. S.
Jones and G. G. Colvin. Associate Judges of
the Courts of Oyer & Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Orphans' Court and Court of Common Picas
for the county of Potter, have issued their
prcept, bearing date the twenty-second day
of June in the year of our Lord one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-five, and to me
directed, for holding a court of Oyer <sc Termi
ner and General Jail Delivery, Quarter Ses
sions of the Peace, Orphans court, and court
of Common Pleas in the Borough of Couders
port, on MONDAY, the 18th day of September
next, and to continue one week :
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Cor- ;
oners Justices of the Peace and Constables
within the county, that -they be then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o clock, A.M. of
said dav, with their rolls, recor3s, inquisi
tions, examinations, and other remembrances,
to do those things which to their offices ap
pertain to be done. And those who are bound ,
by their recognizances to prosecute agaiiiat :
the prisoners that are or shall be lii the jail of.
said county of Potter, are to be then and there ,
to prosecute against them as will be just;
Dated at Coudersport, Aug. 9, 1865, and
the 89th year of the Independence of the United
States of America;
Trial Ust for Sejit. Terni
D Lewis fetal vs Mclntyrfe A Mahon.
i Shaffer vs May and Smith;.
1 Dickson vs Jones.
Dickson v"s Barleson.
i Wood vs Chandler.
| Colwell A Lyman rs Chandler.
: Mills vs Bartlette.
i Burdick rs Fay Bradley A Wright;
1 Wartn ys iladde.
| Ives vs Willetta.
; Nelson vs Benton et al
j County vs Rees et at .
Blackman vs Fox A Fox Garnishees
Crane vs Seeley
j Smith vs Ross
Comth use vs Haven
, Hopkins vs White ....
Busbor vs Potter Co Forest Imp Company
Lee rs Kenyen
Brown vs Lndington
I Gnau vs Clark ,
| Stevens A Nichols vs Bateman
Hill vs Davis A Kilbourne
Summit School District vs Potter County
Roulette " " vs same
Abbott " <{ ys same
Wbartoi •' Vs same
tt having come to our knowledge that im
itations of ibe American Watch have been
pnt upon the market it? great nuhiber, calcu
lated bv their utter worthiness to injure
the reputation of cui* gcUuine products, to
protect our own interests and the public from !
imposition, we again publish the trade marks ,
by' which our Watches may invariably be
known. , _ . f
We manufacture four styles of Watches.
The First has the name
"AMERICAN , WATCH CO.. Walthatn,
Mass.," ehgfafed on the inside plate.
The Seccfil has the name
Mass.," engraved on the inside plate.
The Third has the name
"P. §. BARTLETT, Waltham, Mass.," en
graved on the inside plate.
AH the above styles have the name Amer
ican Watch Co. painted on the dial, and are
warranted in every respect.
The fourth hai the namfe .
"WM. ELLERY, Boston, Mass.," engraved
on the inside plate, and is not named on the
All the above described watches are mad
sizes, and are sold in gold or silver
cases, U3 may be required.
It is hardly possible for us to accurately
describe *be numerous imitations to which
we have alluded. They are usually inscribed
with names so nearly approacbidg cur ovrn
as to escape the observation of the unaccus
tomed buyer. Some are represented as made
by the "Union Watch Co., of Boston, Mass.'
—no such company existing. Some are
named the "Soldier s Watch," to be sold as
our Fourth or Wm. Ellery style, usually
known as the "Soldier's Watch." Others are
named the "Appleton Watch Co.;" others
the P. S. BartLFY," instead of our "P. S. Bart
lettbesides many varieties named in such
a manner as to convey the idea that they are
the veritable productions of the American
Watch Company.
We also caution the public, and particu
larly soldiers, against buying certain articles
calleu watches, so freely advertised In illus
trated papers Us "Army Watches," -"Officer's
■ Watches," "Magic Time Observers," "Arcana
Watches," Ac,, the prices of which are stated
to be from seteri to sixteen dollars. A good
i watch, In these times, cannot be afforded for
any such money.
A little attention on the part of bdyers "will
protect tliem from gross imposition.
Agenta for the American Watch Co.,
162 Broadway, New York.
CiAblnet Organs and thicker*
' lug's Celebrated Planes fof
[ sale by John B. Shakspear. of Wellsbord/
i Tioga county, Pa. Persons desiring to pnr*
' chase can do so by applying to A. L. ENS'
| WORTH, Esq., at the Bingham Office,
,; Coudersport, Pa.
I to the memory of ABRAHAM LfScotw/'
j the Marty* President, by Mrs. E. A.
' burst, the composer. The Homa
. Journal says : "This is a fine composition,
! well worthy the reputation of its writer.''
Very solemn and impressive. 1000 copies artf
' issued weekly. Price 30 cents ; with vignettef
of the President, 50 cents. Mailed free*
Publisher! Horace Waters, No. 481
Broadway N. Y.
VALUABLE MEDICINES, which have pef'
formed such wonderful cures and given gefi*
eral satisfaction to all those who have made
use of them, can be obtained of DR. A
Pa., who will examine patients, astertain tlio
nature of their disease, and give all necess*
ary directions and advice to those who makO
use of the Medicines. Orders f'era abroad
will receive prompt attention.
July 19, 1865. ,
J. W. ALLE\, PRINCIPAL, assisted BY
1 competent Teachers.
will commence on MONDAY, Aug. 20, 1865,
I and continue Twelve weeks.
Tuition to be paid at the middle of tfa&
Term, from $3,00 to SB,OO. Contingencies
: 25 cents.
A Teachers' Class will be instructed Prt6
of charge.
Rooms suitable for students desiring to
■ board themselves can be obtained reasonably
in and near Town.
For further particulars, address the Prin*
cipal, at Coudersport, Pa.
HERMAN CAMP, ) No. 44. Dec. Terrtl
vs. j- 1864, in the Coinmort
1 ROXANNA CAMP. J Pleas of Potter Count},
Libel in Divorce. To Eoxanna Camp,
pondent above named. Please take notice
■ that a subpoena and alias subpoena having
been issued and returned nihil; you art here*
i by required to appear on the fir9t day of next
Court, the 18th day cf September next, to
' answer to the complaint made in this case.
D. C. LARRABEE, Sheriff.
Coudersport, July 25, 1865,
THE Pennsylvania State Agricultural So*
ciety will hold its Exhibition oil Tnes*
day, Wednesday, Thursday find Friday, Sep*
tembcr 26. 27, 28 and 29, 1365, at
Any information desired will be given
upon personal application or by letter to thd
undersigned, at Norristown, or A. BOA D
HAMILTON, President; Harrisburg.
j . The office of the Society will be open at
Williamsport oh and after the 3th Of Septem*
ber. A. BROWER LOSgACRE, Sec y.
Norristown, July 24, 1865. —3t
a. co
t> £
g 03 e*
I am keeping a Small Assortment of
| DRUGS).,.
And a few other "Traps," for Which I wat.i
Or other GOOD PAY.
I have a tip-top Blacksttitfb ready
to do most anything appertaining to his
Trade, as well and as Lcrw Priced as can bw
found iii the County.
&c./ &c.
2 6
S <
< % <
I have a good Compass and person h ire trt
use it in dividing farm 3, establishing lines
and corners and ir. surveying and exploring
Lands, and have in charge and for Sale, soma
"Rare Chances' in the way of Farms.
Office in the S. E. corner of my Sttre at
Brooklaud, Fa., Aug. 1, 1865. -
THE Stages on the Wellsboro and Cou
dersocrt Line will leave Wellsboro every
Mchday and Thursday at 2 o'clock P. M ,
arriving at Coudersport on Tuesday and Fri
j day respectively. Leaves Coudersport every
! Wednesday, arriving in Wellsboro on TbursJ
i day at 12 o'clock 31., and leaving Couders
port on Saturday, arrives in Wellsboro on
Monday at 12 o'cloce M.
This Route has lately changed proprietors,
and the undersigned is determined to keep it
in good order both with respect to teams and
drivers. Ample accommodations for trav*
elers at Yermilyeas. HENRY CROFUT.
Gaines, Aug. 2, 1865.—[5mpd
P. A. Stebbins & Co.
A RE AGENTS for the sale of
MACHINES for Potter County
Nov'r 18, '63
by B K §pene#r/

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