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i faahlers, lrcnsu t sol 3 Htiiike*
Tl l e J ?' c ! r cular B<-iU free wilb namplea. Addn-M
the°America.; Stencil Tool Works, Spnxigdeid, V er-
V ' IC , IToctam
Sober Facts for Thinking People.
Year after vear, for an eighth of a century,
ihe Press of the country have chronicled the
beueficialeffectsofHOS T ETTER'S STOMACH
B'TTERS, Editor?, authors, physicians,mer
chants. officers of the army and navy, chem
ists counsellors, ministers of the gospel, in
short, a great cloud of witnesses of every pro
fession, trade and calling have teatiCed to it.-
efficacy as a tonic and regulating medicine.
The names and statements ol these witnesses
have been published in the public prints-.
Many of them are well known to the public.
Their testimonv has nver been challenged or
impugned. Upon evidence far less weighty
men are acquitted or condemned by conscien
tious juries.
Hostetter's Stomach Biiters is not,however,
upon trial. It has been tried and pronounced
ou the authority of those whose lives and
health it has preserved, a pure, harmless, and
eminently salutary preparation. Attempts
have been made to rival it. 1 hey have failed.
Can it be necessary to say why they have fail
ed? Ask the recovered dyspeptics, bilious
•uffereiers, victims of fever aud ague, aud
nervous subjects who have experienced its
effects, what they think of it. Ask them and
be guided solely by what they say. Sum
every where.
for lameness, cuts, galls, colic, sprains,
&c., warranted cheaper than any other. It
is used bv nil the great horsemen on Long
Island courses. It will not cure ring bone
nor spavin, as there isnu liniment in existence
that will. What it is stated to cure it posi
tively does. No owner of horses will be
without it after trying one bottle. One dose
revives and often saves the li; of an over
heated or driven horse For colic and behy
ache it has never failed. Just as sure as the
gun rises, just so sure i 3 this valuable Lini
ment to be the Horse embrocation of the day.
Sold by all druggists. Office, 50 Cortlandt
Street, New York.
ALnotlier !
While the of the enemy is fully
llliirai;ed by Grant
the attention of the public is no less engaged
By c ristodoro's Hair Dye,
■which is accomplishing wonders in the way
of beautifying heads that age, or sickness, or
capricious nature had disfigured with unsigiit
lv hues. Milton says truly that
" Peace liatli its \ ictories
no less renowned than war.' Manufactured
bv J. CRISTODORO, No. C, As tor House,
New York. Sold by Druggists. Applied by
til Hair Dressers.
Knowledge Ol'ien Mives JLilc.
Every liriog being has in Lis system
When these are with'u their natural limits,
our health is good ; but whou they are in ex
cess, pains, rheumatism, gout, debility, cos
tiveness, diarrhea, dysentary, erysipelas, &c.,
Ac., afflict us. What we have to do to recov
er our health is to take out from the BOW
impurities. This done, beadtfc ToHows of ne
nre the enly medicine that can do Puis with '■
ectire safety to ail the organs of tbe body.
are now living whe have adoptee BRAND- j
P.ETH'S PILLS as their only remedy for,
oeriods of from thirty to fift v years,and whose
averag health is excellent. They Lave always
cared thtmselve.3, when sick, by using these
Principal office Braudrelh Build'ng New
jour permission I wish to say to the readers.!
of your paper, that I will send, by return mail,
to all who wish it. (free) a Recipe, with fuli 1
directions for making and using a simple
Vegetable Balm, that wiR effectually •rerwe.
in ten fiays, Pimples, vllotches. Tan, Freckles
and ail impurities ot the Skin, leaving the
tame soft, clear, smooth and beautiful.
I will also mail free to those having Bald
Heads, or Bare Faces, simple directions and!
Information that will enable them to start a
fail growth of Luxuriant Hair, Whiskers, or a j
Moustache, in less tha* thirty days.
AH applications answered by rctutti mail
without charge. Respectfully voyrs.
THUS F. CHAPM \N,"Chemist.
831 Broadway, New Fork.
To Coxst MCTivEr.—The undersigned
having boen restored to health in a fow weeks
by a very simple remedy, after having suffered ,
several years, with a severe lung affection—
is anxious to make known to his fellow-Euf
'■trers the means of cure.
To all who desire it. he will send a copy of
the prescription used, [free of charge], with
'•he directions for preparing end us'mg the
'Hue, which they will find a sure tr:re for.
Consumption, Asthma. Bronchetis, Coughs.
Colds, etc. The only ohjectof the advertiser
in sending the Prescription is to benefit the
afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be invaluable, and be hope?
every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will
34>st them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription, will please
vldress Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON,
Williamsburg, Kings County, New York,
Sept. I, 1365. [3inos.
WliealoiT* Ointment
Will Cure the Itch in 48 Hours.
Also cures Salt Rheum. Ulcers, Chilblains,!
all Eruptions of the Skin. Price 50 cts.
For 6ale by all Druggists.
By sending GO cents to WEEKS & POTTER.
Sole Agents. 170 Washington street, Boston.
Xf ass ,it will be forwarded by mail, free of
postage, to any part of the United States.
Sept. 10 —Sp. Notice, c,
formed such wonderful cures and given cen
tral satisfaction to all those who have made
tic of them, can be obtained of DR a
Fa., wbo will examine patients, astertain the
-Mure of their disease, and give all necess
&ry directions and advice to those who make
°f the Medicines. Orders from abroad t
receive prompt attention.
July 19, 1865.
H7I' S bLOvIS 0F ROSES,-for the La
Whiskers ! Whiskers !
Do you want Whiskers or Moustaches? Our
Grecian compound will force them to grow on
tile smoothest face or cbih, of hair on bald
bead 3, in Six Weeks. Price. SI 00. Sent by
mail anywhere, closely sealed, on receipt of
price. Address WARNER k CO.,
lysn Box 133. Brooklyn, N. Y
j Forty different styles, adapted to sacred and
! secular music, for SBO to S6OO each. Thirty-
Five Gold or Silver Medals, or other first
i premiums awarded them. Illustrated Cata
logues free. Address, MASON & IIAMLIN,
j or MASON k BROTHERS, New York.
CtAbinet Organs and CUtcker-
J ing's CclvbtT.tcd Pianos for
sale by John B. Sbakspear, of Wellsboro,
j Tioga county, Pa. Persons de>iring to pnr
; chase can do so by applying to A. L. ENS
; WORTH, E?q., at the Bingham Office,
j Coudersport, Pa.
I "Don't be foolish."—You, can make
: Six Dollars from Fifty Cent:!. Call and ex
; amine an invention urgently needed by every
body. Or a sample sent free by mail for 50
cents, that retails easily for S6, by R. L.
Wolcott, 170, Chatham Square, New York.
j __ " " ——'
#*2?" The Fall Examinations of Teachers
will be held at:
Coudersport Nov. 10 atl P. M.
Philander Reed's "11 "
Hydorn School House, "13 "
j Sharon Centre, " 14 "
I Oswayo Village, " 15 "
j Andreas Settlement, •' 16 "
! Bingham Centre, " 17 "
i Harrison Valley, " 18 "
Sunderlinville, " 20 "
Bird School House, " 22 "
[ North Wharton, " 24 "
Teachers will please bring Pens And paper I
i Patrons aud others are respectful! v requested '
to attend. It. T. CLAFFLIN. j
Coudersport, Oct. 31, 1865.
It having come to our knowledge that im-|
Rations of ihe American Watch have been j
put upon the market in great number, calcti- i
i !atcd by their utter worthlessness to injure
the reputation of our genuine products, to
' protect our own interests and the public from
imposition, we again publish the trademarks
by which our Watches may invariably he
j known.
\\ e manufacture four styles of Watches, i
' The First has the name
Mass.,'' engraved on the inside plate.
The Second has the name
"APPLETON, TRACT & CO., Walthatn,
: Mass.,'' engraved on the inside plate.
The Third has the name
"P. S. BART LETT, Walthanj, Mass.," en
; graved on the inside plate.
All the above styles have the name Amer
ican Watch Co. painted on the dial, and are
. warranted in every respect.
The lourth has the name
"\Y M. ELLEIIY, Boston. MaSs.," engraved
on the inside plate, and is not named on the
: dial.
I All the above described watches are made
of various sizes, and are sold in gold of silver
cases, as may be required.
It is hardly possible for us to accurately
; describe the numerous imitations to which
;we have alluded. They are usually inscribed
j with names so nearly approaching our own
I as to escape the observation of the unaccus
tomed buyer. Some are represented as made
by the "Union Watch Co., of Boston, Mass.' j
—eo such company existing. Some are'
named the "Soldier's Watch," to be sold as
our Fourth or Wru. Eilery style, usually
known as the "Soldier's Watch." Others are
natued the "Appleton Watch Co. others
■ the P. S. BaitLKY," inroad of our "P. S. Bart
; lett besides many varieties named in such
j a to convey the idea that they are
the veritable jroductions of the American
i Watch Company.
T.'e also caution the public, and particu
larly soldiers, against buying certain articles
CALLED watches. M freely advertised in illus
trate d paters as "Army Watches." "Officer's!
Watches," "Magic Time Observers," "Arcana
Watches,'' Ac,, the prices of which are stated
to be from seven to sixteen dollars. A good
watch, ir. these times, cannot be afFordedfj.* i
any s*.ch money.
A little attention on the part of buyers will
protect them from gross imposition.
Agents for the American Watch Co.,
162 Broadway, New York.
The most Elegant, the Cheapest and the-Rest Ag
ricultural, Horticultural, and General Family
Paper in the United States Gratuities in
Choict Grape Vines, Strawberry Plants and
Elegant Engravings, to the Value Sevbstyrip
tion price, sent free to every subscriber ! ! !
r I"UIIS popular rural paper, published on the tot and
1 loth of each month at CT cA,X.Y.,at Jl.soa.year,
is now greatly enlarged and improved, and equal in j
Tze and vrlti" of contents to any other similar pnbK- 1
cation in this country. Indeed, no other pa; er of the
kind can be cm pared with it. in the real value and
interest attached to its contents ; and it i< decidedly
ahead of snythintr of the kind ever published.
The KCKAL AMERICAS is NM a local paper, but just
as \ Suable i- X,-w Kugland, the Western and other
i-tates ns in tbe Slate of New i'ork. Its circulation '
| is Urgti than tha* of any other paper out of tlie citv
of New York. Volume X commences Jan'y t0t,1866
'i'iie form is very larire SIXTEEN I'AUS OCTAVO, con
taining double the readli.g matter, that can tie found
in any-other similar publication on every subject of
interest to farmers, Iruit groweis, grape" growers in
particular, -toek raisers, gardeners, tiee keepers, & c.
Ttiis etrgant paper is illustrated with some of tbe
most co-t!> Engravings, that money and art can pro
duce; and its L terary department embraces general
Family reading, which in interest, has never been
eqttiled tn this country. Tn brief the Ken lL AMERICAS
is now admitted, universally, to be the most I'ractit al
and Reliable Agricultural and llerticu'taral publica
tion extant. Every subscriber receives the lull vaiue
: of the piper 'n choice Grape Vines, Strawberry Plants
or tine Engravings,worth j2 each; and all subs ribers
for 1806 who remit their money before Dec. 15th re-
I ceive the volume for 1865
' *.o the c'ose of the present year.
The Agriculmm editor of the Philadelphia "Sator
■ day Evening Post" (an entire -tranger)in congratula
ting me on the appearance of my new paper, "writes ;
"Mv opinion i- litat you liave issued the be-t journal
j all points considered—for the practical, working far
mer. that Ye Jnrv- -ever had 1n the United States, or
; any where else, i like its general make up better than
I that of any piper I have ever eeu. * These
are my houect sentimetitsf'
Agentsaae everywhere %an*ed"to get fpUl fibs, win
receive mag; ificen: Premiums in Vines. Plants.Hjigra
vings, Cash, Gold Peris. Magazines, Newspapers ic
Samples ot the Rural American free to all appii
; cants. Address T. B. MIXER, Clinton, Oceida Co.,
New York.
ASSISTED h v competent T-achers. The WIN
TER TERM will begin Nov. 27, 1565, and con
to ne Twelve Weeks. Tuition, includingin-tructioo
m Common and ITigher English Branches, German
ana Latin Languages, (to be paid at middle of term.)
K'Z 13 Uj 1 *- . I nc 'dentals, twenty-five cents. Boole'
tx-Rk c) g!e all( * doUble entry, taught without
| ril n ' trQ v tion *" n be thorough and prac
' Enirlial Branr -? 1 e *P® cta,, y in Common
: !
Coudersport, Tuesday Evening. NOT. 14, 1865.
1-ocal and General.
Georgia Convention has repudi
ated the Rebel War debt by a vote of 133 to
| U7;
figp'The Pews in the Methodist Church in
| this place will be rented for the ensuing year
: on Thursday afternoon of next week (the 23d)
j at 2 oclock.
Jsssj"See the advertisement of the Quakei
City Business College in another column. It is
one of the most successful institutions of its
, kind in this country.
incredulous, who fail to see "what
love is,'' should read the story on the first
page. Its Convincing ?
fiST" A Thousand Bushels of Oats wanted,
i for which [the highest market price will be
' paid. See advertisement in another column.
P. D. Catlin has opened a Chair and
Cabinet Shop at Clark's Corners where he is
prepared to fill all orders in his line.
Wirze, the Andersonville fiend, was
hung at Washingtou on Friday last.
jorities at the late election in Pennsylvania
foot up as follows ; Gen. Flartranft, 46,893 ;
for Davis, 25,882 —majority for General liart
ranft, 21,016. The total Union gains were
24,308, or 21,016 over Slenker's
majorits in 1862.
A delegation from the North Carolina Con
vention had an interview with the President
yesterday and favored him with the reasons
why; in their judgment,that State should be
now considered as fully ' Reconstructed." The
President replied that there was one thiugyet
left undone—the ratification of the Constitu
tional Amendment. He further informed
them that he should continue Gov. Holdeu
in power as Provisional Governor until re
lieved by special order.
The Secretary of State telegraps to Gov.
Perry of South Carolina that he is to contin
ue to exercise the duties of Provisional Gov
ernor until relieved by special order from the
President. The Secretory also expresses the
regret of the President that neither the Con
vention nor the Legislature of that State have
declared the Rebel debt to be illegal,and that
the State seems to decline to ratify the Con
stitutional Amendment abolishing Slavery.—
This And the reply of the President to the
North Carolina delegates, seem to indicate
very clearly that there is to be no hurry in
admitting the late Rebel States to renew their
old relations to the Union, and they will be
kept under provisional government until they
have fnlly complied with the requifsmev* of
the Administration.
We have been shown a specimen of
! the oil found on the Portage in Cameron
| County. It is very thick, almost as much so
. as good syrup in mid-wintef, Owing to the
fact that there is more paraphlne tbati Ben
zine in it, and is therefore a firie lubricating
j and very valuable oil. This tnickness bow
ever seems to be the great difficulty in the
way of Successful pumping—they having
: broken the pump twice, as we are told, aud
; only been able to procure small quan
tity of oil. Sufficient has been procured to
warrant further investigations, tVhick we are
happy to learn the Company are determined
to make.—They have clearly established one
, fact: that ehere is oil in that section of the
country ; whether in sufficient quantities to
make it a profitable investment is left for the
future *o determine. This success on the
stimulating our citizens to make
another effort for a well at or near Couder
sport. It is now proposed to form a Stock
Company of 500 shares at S2O -a share. A
meeting will be called in a short time, when
we hope the shares will be taken by all who
feel able to risk a small amount in the in
The Orphan's Homestead.
The late struggle for the life of the Repub
lic is succeeded by many new and onerous
duties. Of these, one of the most imperative
is our care for those over whose prospects
orphanage has bronghidesolation and gloom.
We know that many thousands Of the children
oF our gallant are now looking to the
humane people of the country for that support
which their fallen fathers would have given
them. In behalf of these orphaned little ones
thus left upon the country's care, an Associ
ation, represented by the nndersigned, has
been organized to raise a fund to found an
Asylum in a central locality. The Institution
is designed to be erected, as far as practica
ble, by the Sabbath-schoOls of the land—a
national memorial ot our perpetuated Union.
As a deans of interesting tbe schools there
in, they are furnished with photographic cop
ies of the historic picture found grasped in
tbe hands of tbe dead soldier of Gettysburg
(Sergeant Ilumiston), together with copies of
the beautiful soDg composed upon the touch
ing incident—'-The Children of the Battle-
Field.' - Schools taking "shares'' in the
Homestead wil' receive, if desired, the value
of their contributions in copies of these af
fecting relics of the war.
It is proposed that each Sabbath-school
contributing to the fund TWESTY-FITK DOL
LARS, shall be said to hold ONE SHARE in the
Home, and shall be entitled to name ONE OR
PHAN for admission into it; as also to have
one vote in selecting the spot where the in
stitution shall stand—whether on Cemeterv
Hill at Gettysburg, or near Valley Forgs, of
Revolutionary renown.
Oar Sabbath-sChools are nnrseries of pat
riotism. a# well as of pietj. It i earnestlj
hoped that superintendents will promptly |
second this appeal in behalf of the soldier's
orphan, and as early as practicable have
their schools to co-operate in our interesting,
patriotic and humane enterprise.
But we must appeal also to the general
public to aid in our undertaking. Having
already an available fund of twenty-two
thousand dollars ($22,000), we propose at
once to receive orphans under the care of the
Association in a temporary way in the city,
until the fund may warrant the choice of the
couutry site and the permanent erection of
the Homestead.
P. B. SIMONS, Treasurer.
No. 330, Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. Oct. 21, 1805.
The Canadian jury in the Sanders
kidnapping case have at length been dis
charged, being unable to agree. The Judge
denounced them bitterly, declaring they
either lacked intelligence or honesty, else
they would have brought in a verdict of
gnilty. The closing scenes of the trial were
disgraceful, tha Junge appearing to have lost
all dignity, aud quarreled with the lawyers
as well as the jury.
♦ I |
A colored man. recently, debating the
matter, proposed as an equitable and peace
able solution that after the year 1870 no man
under forty years of age, unable to read or
write, should be entitled to a Vote. He was
willing to risk his race to such a test ; would
some blatent politician be as ready to expose
their constituency to the same?
JB"r j Some of the ladie's of the South, the
sweet angel 3 who wore ornaments made of
\ ankee bones, are petitioning for the pardon
ot Jeff Davis. There may be reasons why
Jeff, should not be hung, and he may event
ually escape, but the efforts of these tobacco
chewing, snuff-dipping beauties will not Jielo
him much.
—r- > .
Tha Herald of Health is just what it
professes to be—a journal of physical culture
which "should be in the hands of every mother
who would rear her children to robust man
Teachers' Institute.
A Teachers' Institute will be held at Lew
isyille; commencing Nov. 28th, and termin
ating Dec. 2nd, with an examination.
R. T. CLAFLIN, Co. Supt.
Corrected every Wednesday by P. A. STEC
BINS <s CO., Retail Dealers in Groceries
and Provisions,
opposite D. F. Glassmire's Hotel,
Coudersport, Pa.
Apples, green, $3 bush., $ 50 to 75
do dried, " 200 250
Beans, " 300 350
Beeswax, ft., 30 35
Beef, " 9 10
Berries, dried, quart 25 35
Buckwheat, bush., 62 75
Buckwheat Flour, 250 300
Butter, lb., 38 40
Cheese, u 15 20
Cloverseed 700 750
Corn, bush., 100 125
Corn Meal, per cwt., 250 300
-Cggs, doz., 20
Flour, extra, bbl., 11 00 12 00
do superfine " 9 50 10 00
Hams, 7$ ft., 25
Hay, ton, 700 800
Honey, per ft., 15 20
Lard, " 20 30
Maple Sugar, per ft.) 18 20
Oats, bush., 45 50
Onions, " 100 125
Pork, bbl., 25 00 30 00
do lb., 18 20
do in whole hog, ft., 10 12
Potatoes, per bush., 37 50
Peaches, dried, ft., 25 30
Poultry, Tp lb., 8 10
Rye, p*C-r bush., 100 150
Salt, bbl., 475 5
do "$3 sack, 15 20
Timothy Seed 250 300
Trout, per b bbl., 800 900
Wheat, x? bush., 1 75 200
White Fish, * bbl., SOO 900
Lyon's Periodical Drops!
The Great Female Iteincdy for Irreg
ularities. Thee drops are a scientifically com
pounded fiuid preparation, and better than any Pills,
Powders or Nostrums. Being liquid, their act'ou is
diiect and positive, rendering them a re iabie, speedy
and cfer'.Sin specific forthecureofaliob-tructionsanii
suppressions cf nature. Their popularity is indicated
by tiie fact that over IGO.OCO bottles are annually sold
and consumed by the ladies of the United Spates,
every bne of V.both speak in the strongest terms of
praise of their great merits. They are iapi>l]y taking
the place b every other Female Remedy, and are con
sidered by all who know aught ot them, as the surest
safest, and most infallible preparation in the world,
for the cure of ail Female complaints, the removal of
all obstructions of nature and the promotion of health
regularity and strength. Explicit directions stating
when they may be used,and explaining when and why
they should not, nor could not be used Without pro
ducing effects contrary to nature's chosen laws, will
be found carefully folded around each bottle, with
written signature'of JOHN L. LYON, without which
none are genuine.
Prepared by Dr. JOHN L. LYON, 153 Chapel
Street. New Haven, Conn., who can be consulted
either personally or by mail, (-nco-ing stamp.) con
cerning all private diseases and female weaknesses.
Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price f 1.50 pr Dot.
lrsp General Agts for United States and Canadas
Nov. 9, 1865, at the residence of the bride's
father, by R. L. Nichols, Esq., MORGAN S
Trial List for December 1865.
D Lewis et al vs Mclntyre k Mahon.
Jame3 Shafbr vs May & Smith.
Levi Dickson vs Win. Burleson.
Lewis Wood vs W Chandler.
Colwell t Lyman vs Charles Chandler.
Mauley use of Mills vs Jonathan GlasG.
Olmsted use of Mills vs "
Munson use of Gorun vs Harry Lord et al.
Jones Mann & J ones for use vs J'thn Glase.
Stebbins for use of Mills vs 44 44 '
J. G. Mercereau et at vs Dedrick k White.
L Sweet se of Mills vs Glace k Kirby.
S M Mil's vs Geor^BaftltU.
T J Burdic et al Bradley k Wright.
A E Nelson vs A M Benton et al.
€ouuty of Potter vs C C Rees et al.
D Eastwood vs J M Lyman.
X Dwight vs Colwell k Weston.
X Blackman vs Jas k W Fox, Garnishee &c.
E G Crane vs E Seeley.
F H Smith vs S Ross.
E A Hopkins vs C White.
Ch's Busbor vs Potter Co Forest Imp Co.
B S Goodrich vs Monroe k Cobb.
Nancy R Ply met vs James Hearing.
D T Swain assignee kc vs Heirs at Law of
L Americus Wodd.
H B Edwards k wife vs Martin Van Lien et al.
Roulet School District vs County of Potter.
Condersport, Oct. 30, 18P51
H. J. OLMSTED, Prothonotary
jvjy- Two centuries ago, not obc ia a hun
dred wore stockings. Fifty years ago not one
boy in a thousand was allowed to run at
large at night. Fifty years ago not one girl
in a thousand made a waiting maid of her
mother. Wonderful improvement in this age.
1. Ti e Alcoholic Maddlemant. or the q"*** : on nf
Alcoholic Med.cation discussed lu its length and
2. Notes of Travel, or the Health Institutions of
3. The Health of Students.
4. Gerbit Smith on Drunkenness.
4 A Chapter otj Nervousness.
6. Physical Training in Amherst College ; in being
a letter from Dr. Hitchcock, Pio essor of PFCYA
ical Culture in that Institut.on, to the Publishers
of The Herald
7. Drunkard's B air.s.
5. Intermittent Fevers.
9. Turkish Baths.
P>. The Cholera
11. Biack Spot in Vine'and.
12. A Learned Londoner on American*.
13. The True Temperance Platform in Ohio.
And many other Interesting articles.
THE HERALD or HEALTH contains Forty Pages of
matter on Physical Culture and Health topics, and
shou'd be in the hands of every mother who would
rear her children to robust manhood, every s'udent
who would preserve his hetlth, and every invalid
who would be led away front a dependence on drug
a.id quack medicines to a dependence on Nature's
remedies—air, food, clothing, sleep, and a wise
TEIIM3.—One copy one year, $1 50; single num
bers, 15 cents ; fcur copies. $5 ; ten copies, $lO.
No. 15 Laigbt Street, New York.
ITIIE Highest Cash Price will be paid for a Thou
sand finshe's of Oats, delivered at the Store of
the undersigned la Millport. B. Si. Col well.
Millport, Nov. 14, 18G5. tf
North-east Corner Tenth and Chestnut Streets.
The most complete <ird thoroughly appointed Bush
ne- or Commercial College in the country.
Ti.e only one in the city possessing a Leel*lative
Chatter, and thecn'y one in the United States author
ited to confer Degrees of Merit. Diplomas awarded
to graduates in the Commercial Course under its cor
porate seal by authority of law.
Conducted by gentlemen of liberal education and
ax tensive experience in business, aud affording une
qual'ed advantages for the thorough theoretical and
practical education o! young ni n for the various du
ties and employments of bus ness life.
by a system of
! original and pre-eminently practical, giving the etu
j dent in the shortest time a complete insight into the
| routine, details, customs and forms of business in
: genera', as conducted in the best-regulated commer
! cial and financial establ sbmente.
Upon a r.ew plan, with an original exposition of the
1 science of account-, arranged and published by the
proprietor of this Institution exclusively for his own
u-e, eating one-half the ordinary labor of the student,
and g ving him a complete knowledge of the practice
of the beet account m! s.
Book-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic, Pen
manship. Business Correspondence, Com
mercial Law, Lectures on Business
Affairs, Commercial Customs,
Forms, and Actual Basi
nets Practice.
Algebra and the Higher Mathematics, Phono•
graph'/, Ornamental Penmanship, the Art of
Detectiug Counterfeit Money, Engineering,
Surveying, Navigation and Telegraphing.
; The arrangements for Telegraphing are far in ad
f vance of anything of the hind everoffered k> the pub
lic. A regular Telegraph Line is connected with the
In-titut;on with twenty braurhOffices in various p'urtp
| of the city, where public businesses transacted, and
in which students of this. Institution are permitted to
practice. No regtt'nromee practice c.nheha iin any
j other school of in-truction in the country, without
whici: no one can obtain a position as a practical op
erator. Young men are cautioned against the decep
tive representations of those who, without any such
, facilities, pretend to teach Telegraphing.
This Institution is not, r enjoying the largest patron
age ever bestowed npon any commercial school iu the
I State. Over five hundred stunents were in attend
aace the first year, and over seven hundred during
the past year. The best class of students may inva
riably be found here, and all its associations are first
The Institution is located in the most central part
, of the city, and its aecbmmocations, for extent, ele
gance and convenience, are unsurpassed. Ail the
rooms have been fitted np in the vere best style with
Business Offices or Counting Houses, Telegraph
Otlices. Stationery Store, and a regular
supplied with finely-engraved lithographic notes
used as a circulating medium ia the Department of
Actual Business.
who deMre the wry best facilities for & Practical
Eiticatioufor Business, we guarantee a cour-e of
instruction no where else to be equalled, while the
reputation and standing of the institution among
business men make its endorsement the best passport
to success and advancement. VII contemplating
entering any Commercial College, are invited to send
containing complete interior views of the Co'lbge.
and full particulars of the course of instruction
terms, kc.
Special Teacher and Supt. of Ojice Business.
A RE becoming t'® radst popular Medicine
I\. in circulation for the cure of
It is also gaining a great reputation iu the
Principal Office, r oudersport. Po.ter Co., Pa.
AGENTS WANTED to Sell Kettell's
One Vol. History of the Rebellion.
THE only work, every pag of which has been pre
pared for the press since thec'oseof the war.
The popularity of this work has no parallel-. One
General Agent for the west returns Over
Subscriptions per day on the average through the
week. The canvass has just begun, yet we have
Over f30,000 Subscribers,
the rate we are now Selling, bur list will be Over
lioo,ooo the first year. So flattering is the
prospect, we ordered paper for 47.000 Volumes before
it book was bound. It is the work people want.
Full- Complete and ltd table. Price,K4.so
Only about half the price of other Histories, in pro
portion to the amount of reading. Our Agents report
repot I a very general desire iu ihepubllc toexcharge
the Two Yol work f>r this Illustrations are numer
ous and beautiful, from steel plates. The wotir is now
ready for delivery. Address
3L. StoU>loins,
N0v.6,1855 Hartford, Conn.
The Rochester Straw-Cutter.
OLMSTED k KELLY, Condersport, have
the exclusive agency for this celebrated
machine, in this county. It is covenient, du
tabje, and CHEAP. Dee.l, 1860.-13
A SOAP Qneetioc Settled 1 Inquire at
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of anorderof theOrpban'a Court
for the County of Potter, the following
described real estate belonging to ihe CBtatO
of AMBROSE COREY, late of the township
of Ulysses, iu said county deceased, will bit
sold to the highest and best bidder, on til#
premises in said township, on
Friday the Bth day of Dec. next,
at 10 o'clock A. M., all that certain messuag#
situate in the Township of Ulysses, County
of Potter and State of Pennsylvania, bounded!
'and described as follows, viz. : Beginning
the south-east corner of the 0. A. Lewis lot
in Township, thence north 24 perches t<#
a post, thence west 10 perches to a post 4
! thence south 24 perches to a post on south
j line of said Lewis' line,thence east 10 perches
to a post thb pVtce of beginning. Containing
One and One Half Acres or laud more or les
and being part of a Lot of laud No. 359 con
veyed by the Trustees of the estate of Wil
liam Bingham to 0. A. Lewis on the Bth day
of February, 1336. aud being situate In inu
village cf Lewisville, with one store house,
one granary, one dwelling house, one barn;
other out houses and some fruit trees there-j,
Also another lot of land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, aud
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at a post the south-west corner of th? abo\ e
described lot. thence in a northerly course
j along the west line of above described lot 20
j perches to a post.thence in a westerly coarse
j at right angles with the first course 4 perchee
to a post, thence in a southerly course purai
■ lei with the first described course 20 perches
! to a post, thence in an easterly course along
, the Highway 4 perches to the place of be-
I ginning, Containing One Half of an Acre of
laud, and being the east half of a lot of land
i conveyed by H. 11. Bent to A. Corey Feb.
i 17, 1857, being a village lot in the village of
Al.o another lot of land situate in the
Township, County and State aforesaid, and
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at a post standing in the west line of iot No.
15 of the sub division of H. II Dent's lands
in said Township, now in possession of An
drew Gee, 30 perches south of the south line
of lot No. 13 conveyed by H. H. Dent to Ma
hala Baker by deed bearing date April 9,
1855, thence south west 173 perches to
corner, being also south-west corner of 10l
No. 15 aforesaid, thence along the north line
of a lot in possession of Abratn Waggoner
west 77 and 2-ioths perche3 to a corner,
being also the south-east corner of lot No.
IGG contracted to be sold to J. Nelson Cowcl*
by H. 11. Deht; thence north east 173
perches to the south line of lot No. 14 con
! veyed by H. 11. Dent to Mahala Baker by deed,
Ibeaiing date April 9, 1855. thence along said
j south line east 73 perches to he place of
i beginning, Conliining Seventy-Nine Acres,
with the usual allowance of six per cent, for
' roads, Ac., being lot No. 1C of the sub-divis
ion of the said 11. 11. Dent's lands in the said
Township of Ulysses, about Forty acres of
which are improved, with one Frame house,
one frame barn and some fruit trees tberon.
Also one other lot of land situate in th
Township, County and State aforesaid, des
cribed as follows, viz : Bounded on the north
by lands owned by Burton Lew:3, on the east
by lands owned cr in possession of Benjamin
Baker, on the south by lands in possession of
J. D. Leet, and on the west by the highway
leading from Lewisvile to Brookland, Con
taining about Eighteen Acres of land be the
same more or less, about Four acres of which
are improved.
E. W. CHAPPEL, Admsr.
Ulriseg, Nov, 6, 18G5.
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court
for the Countv of Potter, the following
1 described real estate belonging to the estate
of JOHN GLASPY, late cf the township of
jSvlv.iuia, in said county deceased, will be
sold *o the highest and best bidder, at the
Court House in the Boro' of Coudersport, on
Tuesday the 19 tb. day of Dec. next
at 1 o'clock P. M., all that certain messuage
. or tjactof land situated in Sylvania township,
Potter county, Penna., aud bounded and
described as follows: Beginning at the south
west cornet* of Patent 4758 thence extending
eastward along tli? line of said Patent eighty
Derches ti a corner, thence extending north
ward along the west line of said patent two
hundred perches at right angles with the first
Pne, thence extending along by land of Sam'l
Webb southwardly eighty perches to another
corner, thence by the lands of Thomas Ree
two hundred perches to pla.ee of beginning,
, Coutainining One Hundred Acres of laud
, be the Same more or less.
Svtvirtia. Nor. €. 1865.
Court Proclamation.
TiTTBEREAS the Hon. Robert G. White,
v f President Judge, and the Hons. C. S.
Jones and G. G. Colvin, Associate Judes of
the Courts o? Oyer t Terminer and General
Jail Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace,
Orphan's Court and Court of Common Pleas
for the county of Potter, have issued their
precept, bearing date the twenty-fourth day
of Sept'r in the year of ohr Lord one thou
sand eight hundrea and sixty-five, und tome
directed, for holding a court of Over A Ter
miner and General Jaii Delivery, Quarter
Sessions of the Peace, Orphan's Court, and
Court of Common Pleas iti the Borough of
Coudersport, on MONDAY, the 18th day of
December next, and to Continue one week :
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Cor
oners, Justices of the Peace and Constables
within the county, that they ie then and there
in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock. A. M.
of said day, with their rolls, records, inqui
sitions, examinations, and other remem
brances. to do those things which to their
offices appertain to be done. And those who
are bound by their recognizances to prose
cute against the prisoners that ore or shall
be in the jail of said county of Potter, are to
be then and there to prosecute aguiast them
as will be just.
Dated at Coudersport, Nov. C, 1865, and
the SOth year of the Independence of the
United States of America.
THE Stages on the Wellsboro and
dersp&rt Lrne will leave Wellsboro every
Monday and Thursday at 2 o'clock P. M ,
arriving at Coudersport on Tuesday and Fri
day respectively. Leaves Coudersport every
Wednesday, arriving in WeHrboro on Thurs
day at 12 o'clock M., and leaving Condere
port ou Saturday, arrives in Wellsboro oa
Monday at 12 o'cloce 51.
1 his Route has lately changed proprietors*
and the undersigned is determined to keep
in good order both with respect tb t*eros and
driver?. Ample accommodations for t-av*-
elers at Vertnilyeas. HENRY CROFLT.
_Gaices, Aug L 2, 1865.—(6mpd
P. A. Stebbins & Co.
ARE AGENTS for the sale of
MACHINES for Totter Coast/
[ N<rr'r IS. '63

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