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+ \ f\nr\ A YEAR made by any one with #ls
s2,ooU Stenc . Too it No experience "*£>■
ibflmencaa sUJcil Tool Works, ripririgfleid, Yer-
Sober Facts for Thinking People.
Year after year, for an eighth of a century
the Press of the country have chronicled the
be jeficial effects of HOST ETTER'S S'i'oM ACH
BITTERS. Editors, authors, physicians.mer
chants. officer? of the army and navy chem
i,u counsellors, ministers of the gdspel, in
•bort, a great cloud of witnesses of every pro
fession, trade and calling have testified to La
efficact as a tonic and regulating medicine.
The names and statements of these witnesses
bure been published in the publ.c prints
Many of them are well known to the puouc.
Their testimony has nver been challenged or
impugned. Upon evidence far less weighty
men are acquitted or condemned by conscien
tious juries.
Hostetter's Stomach B'uters is not.however.
upon trial, it has been tried and pronounced
ou the authority of those whose lives and
health it has preserved, a pure, harmless, and
emiaejtly salutary preparation. Attempts
b<*ve been mad eto rival it. They have failed.
Can it be necessary to sny why they have fail
ed? Ask the recovered dyspeptic?, bilious
BuSVreiers. victims of fever and ague, and
nervous subjects who have experienced it?
effects, what they think of it. A*k them and
be guided solely by what they sa\. bold
rr.v/rr-i.v HORSE LISIMEM.
for lameness, cuts, galls, colic, sprains.
Ac., warranted cheaper than any other. It
is used bv all the great horsemen on Long
Island courses. It will not cure ring bone
nor spavin, asthere isno iinimeut in ex.Sieuce
that will. What it is stated to cure it posi
tively does. No owner ot horses will be
without it after trying one bottle. One dose
revives and often saves the lite of an over
heated or driven horse For colic and belly
ache it has never failed. Just a? sure as the
sun rises, just so sure is this valuable Lini
ment to be the Horse embrocation of the day.
Sold by all druggists. Office, 06 Cortlandt
Street, New York.
.A-iiotlier Engagement I
While the attention ot the enemy is fully
Engaged by Grant
the attention of the public is no less engaged
By C ristodoro's 1 lair Eye,
which is accomplishing wondeVs in the way
of beautifying heads that age, or sickness, or
capricious nature had disfigured with unsight
ly hues. Milton says truly that
" Peace liatli its "Victories
less renowned than war.'" Manufactured
bv J. CRISTODORO. No. 6, A-t r House.
New York. Sold by Druggists. Applied by
all Hair Dressers.
Knotvledfe Often Safes* Life.
Every living being has in bis system
When these are within their natural limits,
our health is good ; but whan they are in ex
cess, pains, rheumatism, gout, debility, cos
vivenesS, diarrhea, dyseutary, erysipelas. Ate..
Ac., afflict us. What we have to do to recov
er our health is to take out from thfe BOW
impurities. This done, health follows of ne
brandreths pills
are the only medicine that can do fhis with
entire safety to ail the organs of the body.
are now living who hare adopted BRAXD
RETH'S PILLS as their only remedy for
periods of from thirty to fiftv years.and whose
averag "health is excellent. They have always
cured themselves, when sica.bv using ♦Lese
Principal cSce Brandreth Building New
flgjjr 2ditobo>* Joi'hxal. —DeaeS:?. : With
your permission I wish to say to the readers
of your piper, that I will send, by return mail,
to all who wish it. [frze a Recipe, with full
directions for making and using a simple
Vegetable Balm, that will effectually remove,
in ten days, Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Freckles
nni all Impurities of the Skin, leaving the
same soft, clear, smooth and beautiful.
I will also mail free to those having Bald
Heads, or Bare Faces, simple directions and
Information that will enable them to start a
fall growth of Luxuriant Hair, Whiskers, or a
Moustache, in less than thirty days.
Alt applications answered by return mail
■wituoct charge. Respeetf'i'.lv roars.
THUS F. CHAPM IN,"Chemist.
831 Broadway, New York.
To CoxsritPTiTEs. —The undersigned
having boen restored to health in a few weeks
by a very simple remedy, after having suffered
Bevtr.il years, with a sefere lufig affection—
ii anxious to make known to his fellow-suf
ferers the means of cure. J
To all who desire it. he will send a copy of
the prescription used, [free of charge], with
the directions for preparing ana using the
same, which they will find a sure cur' for
Consumption. Asthma. Bronchetis. Coughs.
Cold*, etc. The only object of th* advertiser
in sending the Prescription is to benefit the'
afflicted, and spread information which be
conceives to be invaluable, a&d he hopes
every sufferer will try his remedy, as It will
cost them nothing, and may prove a 1 lessing.
Parties wishing 'be prescription,will please
address Rev. EDWARD A. WILSON,
Williamsburg. Kings County, New York.
Sept. I. 1665. [Jrnos.
Whealon's Ointment
Will Cure the Itch iti 48 Hours.
Also cures Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Chilblains,
and all Eruptions of the Skin. Price 50 cts.
For sale by all Druggists.
By sending 60 cents to WEEKS <5: POTTER.
Sole Agents, 170 Washington street, Boston,
Mass., :t will be forwarded by mail, free of
postage, to any part of the United States.
Sept. 10—bp. Notice. 6 mo?.
T ALL AiiuE MEI'K INES. which have per
formed such wonderful cures and given gen
eral satisfaction to all those who have made
use of them, can be obtained of DR a
Pa., who will examine patients, astertain the
nature of their disease, and give all necess
ary directions and advice to those who make
ne of the Medicines. Orders from abroad
will receive prompt attention.
Jnly 19, 1865.
dies, —at STE3BINS'
Condersyort, Tuesday Evening. Nov. 21, 1865.
and General.
i John A. Logan has been ap
pointed Minister, and Win. BrowniDg Secre
tary of Legation to the Republic of Mexico.
Thomas has sent a detachment
of troops to enforce his order directing the
citizens of Tullahoflia to re-erect the Freed
men's School bouse, destroyed some time
frgr V Missouri railroad has adopted the
system of making each passenger pay one
cent to the conductor cm account of the Gov
ernment tax. The ST.- Louis Democrat pre
sumes that no one will begrudge that amount
as it goes towards paying the National debt.
Sherman and Gen. Banks, a few
months since, were claimed as Democrats.—
Sinca the former's letter to Kilpatrick. and the
latter's election to Congress, they are not so
attractive as heretofore to the Democracy.
gtJr t "Govenors of States that fixed dates other
than that selected by the President as a day
Of thanksgiving for peace, are changing the
time so as to conform with that fixed by the
Chief Magistrate.
Geo. V. Lawrence, who has b*en
seriously ill for some time, was in Pittsburg
on Thursday last. The Gazette say; that he
looks a little the worse fr6m his severe eick
ness, but is worth a great many dead men yet.
The Pittsburg Gazette end Beaver
Argus have both declared a preference for
the election of Hon. Thomas Williams, now
representing the Allegheny district in Con
gress, to the United States Senate, as the snc
: cssor of Senator Cowan.
jffevfTomplaiut is made that a large num
ber of the Steam vessels now employed in tne
Southern txade from New York are utterly
unseawortby and unfit for use. There : s such
a demand for transportation of passengers and
freight thai all kinds of vessels have been
pressed into the service.
Trimble, in the Tennessee Senate,
on the 12ih inst., offered a series of resolutions
against the Confederate leaders, closing with
these words .- '-That for their bad eminence
and great crimes against their fellow-men and
the United States, Jefferson Davis and his
accomplices have justly forfeited their lives,
and deserve, and ought to suffer, the extreme
penalty ef the Paw."'
American Minister to Russia has
sent an important communication concerning
the cattle plague to Secretary Seward, which
the latter has published. The diseaseis noth
ing but the Russian cattle pest. It is conta
gious. and destroys all cattle which is attacked
by it. Our minister suggests that Congress
pass a law preventing the importation of cat
tle from abroad.
fear"* We learn that the investigations of the
gentlemen who secured the lease on the pro
perty of John Kaup. in Wolf township, this
county, have resulted in discovering a Tein
of copper ore four feet thick. We beiieve it
is the intention of cbe parties to ascertain the
quality of the ore before making arrangements
for more extensive operations. Wc- hope the
quality may turn out to be ail that they de
sire.— Atuney Luminary
Ifejp'John Mitchell, editor of the Richmond
Ezaminer during the rebellion, emigrated to
the south of Franee, where he intends nerma-1
nently to reside. Mitchell is determined to
live under a despotism • and having failed to
establish that in the south of this country,he
seeks the south of France as the next best
pla;e in the world to worship his idol, Ty
ranny !
correspondent of the New York
Evening Post, writing from Jamaica, commu
nicates the following remedy for Cholera:
"Steep one quart of pimento, (better known
as alspic'b,) in a gallon of string spirits, rum
or brandy, the latter prefered, for at least ore
week, stirring occasionally : take a wine glass
of this infusion with a little warm water, and
sweetened with sugar. He says that the daily
ase of this highly afortatic medicine will be
found a remedy or preventive in districts
where cholera prevails or is anticipated "
another column will be found the
card of Messrs. liawley and Gummin, Attor
neys, at Williamsport. We take peculiar
pleasure in recommencing thrs firm to the
business community, as being able, energetic,
and faithful. From a personal knowledge of
the character of bo£h these gentlemen we feel
assured in saying that they will prove an
honor to the legal fraternity. Our people will
remember Mr. Hawlevas the obliging and ju
dicious Commissioner of the Board of Enrol
ment, in this district. May ye haul and may
clients am.
s"af®Tt is a fact ihat the great majority of
those pardthed by the President are of a class
who, while they were indentified with the |
movements against the Government, were not
leading traitors—were not in a position to
control the tendencies of treashn. The Pres
ident has now declined A to pardon any more j
military 0* civil leaders of treason. This is
an important fact. The spirit T which first ■
prompted the pardon of some of fhe leading
men in the South, wa3 alike patriotic and!
generously manly ; butlhe spirit in which Ex
ecutive clemency has been appreciated by
many of those who were the first to enjoy its
advantages, has doubtless induced the Presi
dent to prove to this claai that be is not un
-ODscicus of their low ingratitude,
Jfcat?"*Tfce Lancaster Examine l - has entered
upon its fortieth yar. If is a fine specimen
of succe3sfal journalism, ably edited and ever
ca the side of right. We wish it success.
fcafSee advertisement of Allegany Normal
Music School. Prof. Johnson is one of the
oldest and best musical instructors in the
0 >. 11 >
We ieam that a deposit of black Mar
ble, equal to the Belgian, and superior to the
Irish, was lately discovered near Wiiliamsport.
Übis is the only known deposits in America.
A company has been formed to work it on an
extensive scale.— Clinton Republican,
DKATB.—John Lantz. Jr., of
Washington. Ohio, formerly of this region,
where he had many friends, met death under
the follow,ng circumstances : While in the
act of filling a coal oil lamp, the oil took
fire bursting the lamp, and at once covering
his body In a sheet of flame, which could not
be quenched in time to save fa is life. Ee lived
only a few hoars, when death put and end to
his sufferings. He was about 20 years of age.
Lycoming Gazette,
of Congress who have already
arrived in Washinington city, and who are
appalled with the filthy conditition cf that
locality, ere discussing the practability of
temporarily removing the National Capital to
Philadelphia. Ii is declared that the cholera
will certainly rage in this country next sum
mer. Congress will be in th; midst cf an
important session in the heated term, and a?
the condition of Washington is such as to
provoke the virulence of the cholera, it is pro
posed to bold the approaching session of that
body in Philadelphia. Of course this is noth-
ing more than a suggestion in its present
shape- But there is no denying that Wash
ington city is in a wofully filthy condition,
so much so that members of Congress are not
to blame for seeking a refuge from disease in
the cleanly and healthy locuhly of Philadel
Teachers' Institute,
A Teachers' Institute will be held at Lew
isville: commencing Nov. 2Stb, and termin
ating Dec. 2nd, with an examination.
ft. T. CLAFLIN, Co. Supt.
Whiskers : Whiskers !
Do you want Whiskers cr Moustaches? Our
Grecian compound will force them to grow on
the smoothest face or chin, or hair on bald
heads, in Six Weeks. Price, fI.OO. bent bv
mail anywhere, closely sealed, on receipt of
price. Address WARNER £ CO..'
lysn Box 138. Brooklvn, X. Y
Forty different styles, adapted to sacred and
secular music, for sSO to SOoO each. Thirty-
Five Gold or Silver Medals,- or other first
premiums awarded them. Illustrated Cata
logues free. Address. MASON £ HAMLIN,
or MASON £ BROTHERS. New York.
Lyon's Periodical Drops!
(ireat Female Remedy for Irreg-
I uiarities. Tueae drop* are a scientifically rota
pounded Said preparation, and letter than any Fill?,
Powders ->r Nostrum-. Bein? iqnid, their action is
direct and positive, rendering them a reliable, speedy
and certain specific forthecureofaUob-trjcionsaiid
!-uppreio: sof nature. Tlieir popularity isin-i cated
by the fact that over 100,(kX> bottirs are annually sold
and consumed by the ladies of the United S'au-s.
every one of whom speak in the strocge*! terms of
praise of their great merits. They are apidlv taking
the place o every other Female Remedy, arid'are con
sidered by all who know aught of them,*- the surest
safest, ani most infallible preparation in the w rid,
foy the cure of all Female com' laints. the removal of
all obstructions ofnature.andthe promotion of health
regularity and strength Explicit directions mating
when they may be used,and explaining wbtnand why
they should not. tor could not be used without pro
ducing effects contrary to nature's chosen laws, wii:
be found carefully folded around each bottle, with
written signature of JOHN L. ETON, without whici.
nore are geuuii-b.
P-cpared by Dr JOHN L LYON, 195 Chapel
street. Nt-w Ilaven, CORD., who can be cot suited
either personal y or t>y mail.(enclosing stamp,) con
cerning a'.' private disea--s and female weaknesses.
Sold by Druggists every where Price sl*o pr Bo:.
lysp Cetera! Agta for United States ai.d Caualas
31 4 KR(LI):
At the McUenry H-.-jse. Meadviile Pa., Nov.
by R-v. —— , Dsiillt A StwWeil, of Titus'-l ie
and M.ss Charlotte Haven, of Con d era port.
In Eulaiia, Nov. ICtb. bv Rev. L. A. f'evens. O.
R Webb, of Ron let, and Drs. P. A. Taggart, of the
former 'lace.
Kobf- Ilawle.V, H. if. Cummin.
"I TTLLI AMSI'ORT, Pena'a. Special attention
\\ given to Collection of Pensions, Bout.ty and •
Bick Taj-, arid all claims against the National and
State Governments. ' nov2ltf
For Cotton Yarn
no to
v*~ Stebhiiis'
LI AYE just arrived at
VJI3E Highest Cash Price will be paid for a Thou
|_ sand Bushels of Oats, delivered at the Store of
the undersigned in MUlport. ft. S. olwe9.
\ Millport, fov. 14,1563. tf
rTTIE Wir.eer Term of the Ncrma! M:sic School
IJL Course, of the
, will commence on Monday, December *tb, and con
j tinue six weess. It will be under tiie instruction of
No course of Musical instruction has ever been in
vented which will impart so much kdowledire in so
. short a time as a Normal Music School cotirse.
Those who design qualifying themselves to teach
| Singing Schools, leal Choirs, and all wishing a thor
j ough knowledge of Music,are
! for a Circular. Tuition $lO Board £5 a week.
I A new Chnreh Music Book which is believed to be
i better adapted to the wants of S nging Classes and
Choirs than jmy heretofore published, has just been
! published by A N. Johnson. Price. sl2 per dozen,
j A pamphlet containing specimen pages may be ob-
I taiued gratis by addressing, Auegany Academy of
Music, Friendship, New York. ltnov2l
'3H3H 338 AVON
I can't stop adveitising because I've quit
selling calico for now I want to
Sell Farms Survey Lands Write
j Deeds and Contracts, Pay taxes for sou-resi
• dents, Ac.
Ihavea BLACKSMITH '-constantlyon hand'
in the old shop, who hates to hare a bare
footed horse pass the shop, and 1 must tell of
it tc get him started. "P J !B
Brookland, Pa., Nov. 10, 1865.
A SOAP Question Settled ! Inquire at
BY VIRTUE of sundry Writ" of Vendition
Exponas. Fieri Facias and Levari Facias
issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of
Potter County, Pennsylvania, and to me di
rected, I shall expose to public sale or outcry,
at the Court House in Coudersport, on
MONDAY, the 18th day or Dee.. 1885, at 1
o'clock, p. m., the following described tracts
or parcels of land to wit:
Certain real estate situate in Homer tp.,
viz. : Beginning at a post in the south line of
warrant No. 2113 being the south-west cor
ner of a lot conveyed to Susan Ayres, thence
west by the warrant line IGO rods to the
DeNewville lot. thence by said lot north SO
rods to the southwest corner of H. Edgcomb's
loi. thence east 160 rodsthencesouthSdrou!
to the place of beginning : Containing Eighty
Acres and being Lot No. Fifty-one in said
tp., and part of warrant No 2113. alout
Fifteen Acres of which a-e improved, w ith
some fruit trees thereon. To be sold as the
property of I. L Croncb.
ALSO —Certain real estate ?h Ulysses tp.,
Beginning at a post in the north-east corner
of lot No. 45 of the allotmentof lands in said
tp. conveyed to Thomas Hamihou, thence by
the south line of lot No. 41 south 89|° east
120 and 3-10ths perches to a post the south
east corner of said lot thence south 27° east
15 5-lGths perches to a corner of lot No. 177
conveyed to E. A. Wagner, thence by lines
of said lot south 52 ; west 103 S-lOths perches
and south 6 perches to a post the north-east
corner of lot No. 154 conveyed to Alva Car
penter, thence by line of said lot west 48
perches to east line of lot No. 46 conveyed to
Alva Carpenter. thruce by east lines of lots
No.'s 46 k 45 afbresaid north 86 and 2-lOth?
perches to the place ol beginning; Containing
Forty-five and three-tenths acres with the
u?cal allowance of six per cent, for roads ic.,
| being lots No.'s 171 i 176 of the allotment ol
lands of S. Ross in said tp., and part of war
want No 1272. about Twenty acres of which
are improved, with one frame house, one milk
house, one frame barn and some fruit trees
thereon. To be Sold es the propertv of George
B. Baker.
ALSO—Certain real estate in Oswayo tp.,
bounded on the North by lands of John Briz
zec, on the east bv lands of Walter Wells, on
the south by lands of Wm. Wiicox, and on
the w e;t by the Highway leading from Oswayo
to the Eleven Mile. Containing One Hundred
and Twenty-four and Three-fourths acres,
about Sixty-five acres of which are improved,
with ore frame house, one leg barn and an
apple orchard thereon. To be soli as the
property of XV. T. Kenyon, W. M. Keayon,
Lawrence Kenyon and Vanrensalear Kenyou.
ALSO—Certain real estate in the village of
Lewisviile, Ulyssess tp , Beginning at the
soutb-west corner of a lot in the village of
Lewisviile conveyed by deed by John liac-kett
and wife to Elymus Hackett, said corner be
ing in the highway running west from the
said Ely mas Hackett's store, thence north
with the line of said Elymus Hackett's lot 8
perches to a corner, it being also a corner of
the said Hackett's store lot, thence west 6
perches to a corner, thence south S perches to
the centre of the highway,thence east 6 perches
to the place of beginning : Containing Forty
eight perches of land strict measure, it being
the lot cf land conveyed to Mary A Bailey
by Lucy S. Hackett by deed bearing date the
16xh day of Dec., A. D. 1863, upon which is
erected one frame house To be sold as the
property of Mary A- Bailey
Al-.SC —Certain real estate ia Wharton tp.,
Beginning on the First Fork of the Sinnema
honinsr creek near the north line of warrant
No. 4T2T, thence north 27 0 west along said
creek 71 perches, thence north 40° east along
said creek 43 perches.thence north IS 0 east.in
a hemlock, thence south 109 perches to a post,
and thence west 65 and 6-lOths perches in
the creek to the place of beginning. Contain
ing Fifty Acres more or less, about Five
Acres of which arc improved with one frame
house one frame barn and some fruit trees
thereon. To be sold as the property of Jarues
Bartfon. Jr.
ALSO—Certain real estate in Sharon tp.,
Beginning at a post corner in the south line
of a lot known as the D'Aubigny tract, and
standing 48 perches west of the south-east
corner of said tract, thence along the line of
said tract west TO and 5-10ths perches to the
north-east corner of a lot of land conveyed
bv the Sheriff of Potter county *o Joseph
Mann (Sept. 24. A. D. IS6I, and entered in
Deed Book A, page 45), thence by the line of
said land south 100 and 7-luihs perches to a
post cornet thence alor.g the line of B. F.
Nichols land east T9 and 5-ICtbs perches to
a post corner in the west line of a tract of
land sold by John Keating k Co. to Amos D.
Nichols, thence by said line north 100 and
7-10ths perches to the place of beginning :
Containing Fifty Acres of land, on which is
an improvement cf aoctit ffve acres. To be
sold as the pronertv of O. C. Warner.
D. C. LARRABEE, Sheriff.
Coadersport, Nov. 14, ISOS.
Register's Notice.
TO all Creditors Legatees ttnd other per
sons interested : Notice is hereby given
that the following named persons did, on the
dates affixed to their names, file the accounts
of their Administration to the Estates of those
persons deceased, whose names are under
mentioned in the office cf the Register for the
probate of Wills and granting Letters of Ad
ministration in the County of Potter; and
the:! the same v.iTl be presented to the Or
phan's Court cf said county for confirmation
and allowance, on the 18th day of December
next at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the Court House
in said county :
Nov. 11, 1865.—Partial account of Polly
Estes, Administratrix ol the Estkle Of George
Estes dee d, late of Oswayo tp.
Nov. 18. IJ6s.—Final account of S. M.
Presho, Administratrix of the Estate of le. J.
Gee. late cf Allegany to., dee'd
DAN BAKER, Register.
Coadersport, Nov. 14, 1856.
Administrator's Sale,
I J Y virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court
3 for the County of Potter, the following
described real estate belonging to the estate
of JOHN GLASPY, late of the township of
Sylvania, in said county deceased, will be
sold *o the highest and best bidder, at the
Ccurt Hotrse in the Boro' of Coudersport. on
Tuesday the 19 th day of Pec. next
at I o'clock P. ILi all that certain messuage
orUactof land situated in Sylvania township.
Potter county, Penna., and bounded and
described as follows : Beginning at the south
west corner of Patent 4758 thence extending
eastward along the line of said Patent eighty
perches to a corner, thence extending north
ward along the west line of said patent two
hundred perches at right angles with the first
line, thence extending along by land of Sam'l
HYefca southwardly eighty perches .o another
corner, fhence by the lands of Thomas Rees
two hundred perches to place of beginning.
Containining One Hundred Acres of laud
be the same more or less.
Sylvtnia. Nov 6. 18^5,
Ifcfftb-eaet Comer Tenth and Cheitnut Street!
The moet complete and appointed Bnst
r.e- or Commercial College in the country.
The only one in the city po—eating a Legislative
Charter, and the on'y one in the U'.i ted Siatea author
ized to confer Degrees of Merit. Diplomas awarded
to graduates in the Commercial Course under its cor
porate seal by authority of law.
Conducted by gentlemen of liberal education and
eiten-ive experience in imsiness, and affording une
quailed advantages for the thorough theoretical and
practical education o! young m n for the various du
ties and emolovments of bus ness life.
by a system cf
original and pre-eminently practical, g.ring the stu
dent in the shortest time "a complete insight into the
routine, details, customs and forms of business in
genera', as conducted n the best-regulated commer
cial and financial estabi shmeuts
Upon a new plan, with an Original exposition of the
science of account', arranged and published by the
proprietor of this lustitut'on exclusively for his" own
me, saving one-hail the ordinary labor or the student,
and giv ing him a eomr'ete knowledge of the practice
of the beet accountants.
Book-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic. Pen
manship. Business Correspondence, Com
mercial Law. Lectures on Business
fairs. Commercial Customs,
Punas, and Actual Busi
ness Practice.
Algebra and the Higher Mathematics, Phono- j
graphy, Ornamental Penmanship, the Art of
D"iectiug Counterfeit Money, Engineering,
Surveying, Xavigation and Telegraphing.
The arrangements for Telegraphing are far In ad j
1 rrxt<st of v y thing of the kind ever offered to the pub-1
j .ic. A regular Telegraph Line is connected with the 1
i Institution with twenty bratuh offices in various parte
• of the c ty. w here public business is transacted, and
I i:. which students c>f this Institution are permitted to
' prac ic<*. No regu nrofSee t ractiee cn be had in any
other school of in-" ruction in the country, without
which no one can obtain a position as a practical op
! era tor. Young men are cautioned against the decep
ve represe? tationsof those who, without any ouch
facilities, pretend to leach Telegraphing.
Tlrs In=titutxon is now enjoying the largest patron
, ige ever bestowed upon any commercial school In the
-hate. Over five hundred stunents Wire ia attend
■ ar.*e the fir-t year, and over seven hundred during
i the past year. Tne best class of students may inva
riably be found here, and all its nascciaiioi-s are firs:
| Th® Institution is loca'ed in the inoit central pari
■ of the city, and i's accoinmocatiots, for extent, e'e
gance and convenience, are un'urpa-rsed. AH the
rooms have been fitted up in the vere best style with
IPi-iness Offices or Counting Houses, Te.egrap-h
; Offices. Stationery Store, and a regular
I supplied with fine'y-ergraved lithographic ncte
used a- a circulating medium ia the Department of
t Actual Business,
j who de=;re the very best faciht es for a Practical
Eiucat onfor Bc-iness. we guarantee h course of
Instruction no where else to be equalled, while the
reputation a d standing of the Institution among
I busi ess men make its endorsement the best pasaport
'to success and advancement. Hi c nlempiatiug
• entering any Commercial College, a*c irvited to seui.
containing compete interior views of the College,
ind full particulars of the coure of instruction
terms, ic"
L F.tIRBA\K.S, A.M.,
Special Teacher and Supl. cf Office Busin'ts.
i novl4ml3pd
308 Broadway, N Y.
I CYCLOP.EDIA : a system of Hydropathy and
Hygiene, Containing Outlines of Anatomy :
Physiology cf the Human Body ; Hygienic
Agencies, and the Preservation of Health ;
Dietics, and Hvdropathic Cookery ; Theory
md Practice of Water-Treatment: Special
Pathology, and Hydro-Therapeutics, includ
ing the Nature, Causes, Symptoms, and Treat
ment cf all known Diseases ; Application of
; Hydropathy to Midwifery and the Nursery.
; Designed as a Guide to Families and Students,
and a Text-Bcok for Physician*. By R. T.
Trail, 31. D. Illustrated with upwards of
j O<JO Engravings and Colored Plates. Sub
stantially bound, in one large volume. Price,
prepaid by maii, $4 50.
Of all the numerous publications which
| have attained such a wide populaaity, as is
i sued by Messrs. FOWLER and WELLS, perhaps
none are more adapted td general utility
than this rich, comprehensive, and well-ar
ranged Encyclopaedia.—JV. T, Tribune.
cluding bis best public lectures, among which
are Thoughts for a Young Man ; Powers and
Duties of Women; Demands of the Age on
Colleges : Rich and Educated ; Poor and Ig- i
norant: Baccalaureate Address, etc. i'htse
lectures, particularly the first two, have in
these separate forms had immense circuia: ion, 1
and are un versally acknowledged to he of
the greatest value. Price $3.01>.
EDUCATION : its Elementary Princi
ples Founded on the Nature of Man. By JG.
Spurzheim. M. D. With an Appendix, con
taining a Description of the Temperaments,
and an Analysis of the Phrenological Facul
ties. Muslin, £1.50.
We regard this volume as one of the most
important that has been offered to the public
for many years. It is full of sound doctrines
and practical wisdom.— Boston Med. and Sur.
and APPLIED : accompanied by a Chart, em
bracing an Analysis of the Primary Mental
Powers in their Various Degress of Devop
ment, the Phencncma produced by their Com
bined Activity, and the Location of the Phre
nological Organs in the Head. Together with
a View of the Moral and Theological Bearing
of the Science. Price, $1.75.
Phrenology and Physiology." It contains a
defirmion of each faculty of the mind, full
enough to be clear, yet so short as not to
weary: together with combinations of the
faculties, and 100 Engravings to show the
. organs and small; thereby enabling all
' persons, with little study, to become ac
quainted with practical Phrenology. Anex
j cellen: wortc for students. Price, 75 cts.
Gymnasium With numerous engravings;
containing foe most improved methods of
applying Gymnastic. Calistbenic, Kinesipath
m. cud Tocal Exercises, to the development
of the bod ly organs, the invigoration of their
functions, the preservation of health, and
cure of diseases and deformities. By Dr.
Trail. Price, $1.75.
Venters HorAs jor the Young
j Comprising Hope? and Helps, Aim? 2nd Vid
and Ways of Life. One vol. Price, 00 .
The great popularity of the Writing* of Mr
Weaver ambhg joung people induced as, ttf
publish them together, in which form tfcey
seem to be more generally approved tints
separately. ,
Electrical Physiology t t5 Ph!osopbJ
and Practice fully Explained. By Dr. J. B'
Pods. Dr. Dods has an extensive re;n;atiuat
as one of the most powerful Psychologists a*
well as ofce of the clearest writers In the
country. This work stands at the head of fch
that have been written on the subject. Price?
Education Complete. Embracing
Physiology, Animal and Mental, applied to'
i the Preservation and Restoration of Health of
Body and Power of Mind : Self-Cu!fcfe, and
Perfection of Character, including the ra*"r
agemeut of Youth : Memory and Intellectual
Improvement, applied tc Self-Education and
Juvenile Instruction. In one large volume;
Price, §4.00.
Constitution of .Van, Cocsideffel? id
Relation, to External Objects By George
Combe. The only authorized American edi
tion. With Twenty Engravings, and a pcfr
trait of the author Muslin, §1.50.
great work have beec sold, and the demand
still increases.
Hydropathic. Family Physician. A
Ready Prescriber and Hygienic Adviser, willf
reference to the Nature, Causes, Prevention
and Treatment of Diseases. Accidents and
Casualties of every kind. By Joel Sbew.M.D.
Illustrated with nearly 3JO Engravings.—
Fr.ce $4.00.
Principles of Physiology applied to
the Preservation of Health, and to the im
provement of Physical and Mental Education
By Dr. A. Combe. This work has for a long
time beeD justly considered one of the best
works on* general Physiology ever written.
Price. §1.75.
Children; Their Htdfopathic Man
agement in Health and Disease. A Descrip
tive and Practical WoTk. designed as a Guide
for Families and Physicians. With numer
ous cases described. By Joel Shew, M. D.
12mo, 432 pages, Muslin, §1,75.
Combe's Moral Philosophy ; or Tha
Dalies cf Man considered in his Individual,
Domestic, and Social Capacities. By George
I Combe. Reprinted from the Edinbnrg edition,
with the author's latest corrections. Large
12mo. Price, §1.75.
Combe s Lectures on Phrenology , in
cluding its application to the present and
prospective condition of the United States,
with Notes and Introductory Essay, anu an
Historical Sketch. Price, §1.75,
Copies of the whole, or a part of-these
works, will be sent post-paid BY FIRST MAIL,
: on rrceipt of the price, Agents wanted;
i Address with stamp,
rowler &l Wells,
Administrator's Sale.
! |3 V virtue of an order of the Orphan s Court
j tj for the Coußty of Potter, the following
; described real estate belonging to the estate
j of AMBROSE COREY, "late of the township
jf Ulysses, in said county deceased, will ba
sold "to the highest and best bidder, on the
i premises in said township, on
Friday the Bth day of Dec. neat,
at 10 o'clock A. M. f all that certain messuige
situate in the Township of Ulysses, County 1
of Potter and State of Pennsylvania, bounded
ana described as follows, viz.: Beginning at
the south-east corner of the O. A. Lewla lul
in s&id Township, thence north 24 perches to
a pest, thence west 10 perches to a post,
j thence south 24 perches to a post on south
I line of said Lewis' line,thence east 10 perchea
i to a post the place of beginning, Containing
One and One Half Acres or land more or lee
and being part of a Lot of land No. 359 con
veyed by the Trustees of the estate of Wil
liam Bingham to O. A. Lewis on the Btb day
of February, 1836, and beiDg situate In the
village cf Lewisville, with one store bouse,
• ohe granary, one dwelling house, one barn,
' uther out houses and some fruit trees thereon.
Also another lot of land situate in the
j Township, County and State aforesaid, and
I bounded and described ss follows : Beginning
at a post the south-west corner of the above
j described lot, thence in a northerly coarse
Along the west line of above described lot 20
j perches to a post.thence ih a westerly course
i at right angles with the first coarse 4* perchee
; to a post, thence in a southerly conrse paral
j lei with the first described course 2u perches
! to a post, thence in an easterly course along
the Highway 4 perches to the place of be-,
ginning. Containing One Half of an Acre of
land, and being the east half of a lot of land
conveyed bf H. H. Dent to A. Corey Feb.
17, 1857. being a village lot in the village of
Al. o another lot of land situate in tl
Township, County and State aforesaid, and
bounded and described as follows : Beginning
at a post standing in the west line of lot No.
15 of the sub division of H. H Dent's lande
in said Township, now in possession of An
drew Gee, 30 perches south of the south lino
of lot No. 13 conveyed by H. H. Dent to Mit
bala Baker by deed bearing date April 9,
1855, thence south west IT3 perches to *
corner, being also south-west corner of lot
Xo. 15 aforesaid, thence along tbi north line
of a lot in possession of Abr&m Waggon®*
west 77 and 2-10ths perches to a corner,
being also the south-east corner of lot N'o.
IG6 contracted to be sold to J. Nelson Unwell
by H. 11. Dent; thencs aorth p east 175
perches to the south iine of lot Xo. 14 con*
veyed by 11. H. Dent tcTMabala Baker by deed,
bcaiing date Aprjl 9, 1855, thence along said
south line east 73 perches to he place
beginning. Cert lining Seventy-Nine Acres,
with the usual allowance of six per ient. fof
being lot Xo. 16 of the sub-divii*
ion of the said y, pj. Dent' 3 fatlds tn the said.
Township of Ulysses, about Forty aires of
which are improved, with one frame house,
one irarae barn and some fruit trees theron.
Also one other lot of land situate in lira
Township, County and State aforesaid, de**
cribed as follows, viz: Bounded on the north
by lands owned by Burton Lewis, on the east
by lands owned or in possession of 1 en Ami®
Baker, on the south by lands in possession o?
J. D. Leet. and on the nest by the high#tfy
leading from Levrisvi le to Brooklani. Con
taining about Eighteen Acres of land be tho
same mo.-e or less, about Four acres 6f which
are imDraved.
E. W. CHAPPEL, Admir.
Ulyssef, NOT, 6, 18C5.
Ci Abluet Organs and CtUcker
i ing's Celebrated Pianos lar
aie by John B. Shakspear, of WtUsboro,
Tioga county. Pa. Persons desiring to puc
chase can do so by applying to A L. EN'S-
Esq., at the Bingoatn Otfice,
Coudersport. Pa.
*.** "Don't be foolish."—You car. ratitcr
Six Dollars from Fifty Centa. Call and ei
amine an invention urgently needed ly every
body. Or a sample sent free by uu.l fbr 63
cen\s, that retails .easily for so, bv_ It. L.-
Wolcott, 170. Cbtin Eqn%ra, NV*

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