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|| Never Questioned S
£® *? a>^
Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure
* and wholesome. It is made from highly re- St!
fined, pure, cream of tartar, an ingredient of §§£
grapes. Not an atom of unwholesomeness
goes into it; not an unwholesome influence
P*': comes from it. It perfectly leavens the food,
makes it finer in appearance, more delicious
to the taste, more healthful.
c<?~ .
gc. Its superiority in all the qualities that make «||
;k; . the perfect baking powder is never questioned.
Absolutely Pure No Alum PH
5" , ■ ■ J _. ;
-ereraony Will Be Performed Tins
Evening in Curtin Heights
M E. Parsonage
Lite of Misj Ki.-.i ljn.;le.
1--C :• « Mr. Ms. Wtiuam U.
U*j£e, 314 Peffer >iw;. to Wil.an P.
Bi .m■■■\. n: tax* a,, this evening at
S.'!o 'n the fHion>|i of the Ourtin
H-. ig ito X. E. cimroh wtth the pastor.
!+.e Kev. A. s. WiHlott! officiating in
t. ■
T.ie I'rt.io » i. : a traveling suit
-■>: >iue • iffon a.t otb trisvnied wUta
3 : h« to harmonize. Her
(•nag* htOfM m eof HtUdp ami
*; ie» lies.
After a w<M-t.nj* tr; to California
4 : ! '■<■' iuyoi of Art cna, Mr.
in I ,M -. a lev will i.o "at ho.ne"
IVvea >e; 20 to their friends a;
5-4 Peffe- s:ree:
Lrorar*. Mr.°Bickl«» W «JrSb.
a X-. W an h Keller ISM
N.- • Thi-i «ree:. H> :s » au
(i the Penn sylvan ; -a.Sroa l io ».
ftrrr.p-Vogel Wedding
Marietta. Nov. 4.—Miss Mary V 0
fti and Thornla Stan p. of Manheim.
wore -i..-- ■. t yesterday at tiie I'restn
terian manse. Christiana, by the paa
to*, the Re\. A. T. Stewart. A Mm
t <>r >v;is , t ,i i;i ■ . telv afterwards
tiSHST ITGfflt
H:' Stirtea to Fa . Red Rash Dried
Into Sma. Sca'as. Could Be Seen
Plainly in Hrr. Used Cuticura
Soap arc Ointment. Trouble Gone.
•♦lO No 60th St . Philadelphia Pi -
'.la!' aco ! was troubled with dan
druff. V. flrrr • was just thin and I didn't
fc -. pay any attention to It
~ hat after about a ro. <r.' b
or jo i" became «o thick
i and itched me *o much
; 'hat 1 would scratch it
un,a head wo.Jd
\ | ' ' S'ed sQartlv aft?r my
\ y )A hair «««od «o fall and
/ &' then I knew l must do
c soa*«-.IUn?. When '.a*
trouble first appeared tl
was Wind jf a red r«h waich later dried
into ftnjui s-i'es and could be plainly seen
in mjr hai- There «u a '■onMant itching
f~rjn nor till night to c-eat that I would
«<-atch unt.l my s-alp would b'eed and
U-«- t --led to !:.!e arab* My hair became
very thin and dry.
First I used a wive hu* it didn t have
acy effect Th-n I used lard ar.d sulphur
wt-_rh had the same »ffei-t After that I
«a* Cuticura <o»p and Ointment adver
tised and w-oi» -or a samt'.e. then I pur
a >aie of Cuticura Soap and box
of Catican Ointment Vow my head U
f'e* from dandmff and my hair is (trowlna
In nicely. The trouble is completely gone. '
.signed Fred E Dingee. Feb e. I9M.
Samples Free by Mail
Although Cuticura «o»p JSr and Catl
cura Ointment 50c are sold throughout
the world, a sample of each with 32-p. Skin
Boo* will be sent free upon request Ad
dress po«t-card ' Cuticura Dept. T Boston
Our Policy
High-tira.ie Optical Service rlis
(•ensed by experts at
reasonable prices.
Prescription Optician
Opp. Orpheom—Bell tttWs L.
Pupils oi Central High Held Their An
nual Straw Ride to Boil
ing Springs
The \rgus" staff of . entrai High
* loo ' ho't its annual straw r;ie to
A>i".ng - - Moil lay evening, Upon
their »r- v..1 there sapper was served
after w.t h a woonlight waik was en
•V v eJ. The rurrv, > ia!>erone»l bv Miss
!<te*-ar nd Pro:". Hall. ifletocM U»e
fol nvii-g members of the e'.ass:
Misses Kt lei 1.-. it... Pauline Hanck,
Marie PaaiMertv. Mar e Holtr.m&n. Bes
»»• i Martha Miller, (iert-ude Bd
• ■ards. uert- le \\ iison. Helen Brootn
r..l. Sam Oouil, Catherine XelUer,
iVrofcy he. nan. Miriam Ryan. Lurile
Aotoeke*. Ma.-gare; Futkar, Miss Stew
: ' \a f F'.ers. Ri><iar«l Ha
' . it H.irVjtckier. George Kline.
« ' v< Lteroy Srmi'ker. Ed
waro .; r,. Samuel Proehlieh. Herbert
Harold nisler. George Fox,
1 • .iv.no-. \\ iam Bingham ami •
I.iymond Mo',.
IVeuty-tiTe Xcw Members Will Be
Added to Membership of City
iK;:'.ng :.:e last three weeks the I
-a i.es «>• the Ma 'abees. under the
e:\:*;on -f De- uty Great Commander i
Mrs. May Bkkok. have been doing most '
excellent work in this oitv and on
Thursday evening. Xoveimber 5. Miss I
l-->uu- 'ury. tue great commander, will
uitiare :» !a~- of about twenty-five
ivi e-s at FTantz hall. Third and 1
lain ;on streets, at S o'eloek. This is
tie largost organization for women
in the worl 1. having a membership of
over 1T2. , ' > 00 and having for its dbjeci
not only the protection or" the home aud
loved ones out also tiie uplifting of hu
manity. f; ;« earnestly hoped that ev
e: 1-ady Mn vabee in" the > ity will be
present 3t tit s initiation.
!:i this oity alone there is a n:em
->ershir- of over Three 'hundred and I i
it tao cxocilent work of Harrison "£ !
-i e guard te.iai under the leadership i i
of ( aptain .Sti-j.-toank a sji oesst jl | ,
an i i ensant evening is expected. i•,
McCleary-Enders Wedding
Mi-s Li la May Kn lers an.i Donald
Arthur Mo lea r v. both of Xew Cum
berland. were quietly married at the
parsonage of the State Street I". B.!
xiiuroa yesterday at noon. The cere
mony wa. performed by the pastor, the
R-*v. K. A. G. Bnssler. ami the eoupie
were unattended Mr. ami Mrs. Me
deary wi-1 res !e i Xew Cumberland.
Miss Eva K'lnkel Entertained
Miss Eva Kunkel entertained the
members of the Km broidery Club, to
which she belongs, at her home in Pax- \
la>t evening.
The guests • uided Miss Edith Mar- j
tin. Mi-s Ruth Kunkel. Miss Irene Wil
liams. Miss Enola Crouse, Mi«* Sadie
l»avis. Miss Anna Keener, Mis- Helen
S'noatT an 1 Miss Kunkel.
Birth Announcements
Mr. aa l 'Mrs. Edward B. Koser. 1527 1
Regioa -treet. announce the birth of a
'on on Mom lay, October 26.
Mr. ani Mrs. I/eßoy Smith. 1525 j
Fark r-t-.-et. announce the birth of a ,
son. Robert I«? Roy Smith. Sunday, y 0 - I '
vember 1.
Maav Attend Current Events Class
Two hundred and fifty women at
ten iel the o;>ening of the Current
Events class of Mrs. Mabel Cronise i
•tones yesterday afternoon at the Y. W.
C. A. Tiie audience completely filled
the .lohn Y. Boyd memorial hall, the
reoeption hall and corridors and manv
were compelled to stand throughout ■
the meeting. The executive committee
ha- announced that by next week there
will be seating accommodations for
W C. T. U. Meeting
The regular meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance L'nion wiil be
held at the home of Mrs. S. O. Goho,
807 North Sixth street, to-morrow aft
e-noon at 2 o'clock. Miss Palmer of the
Stoujh ;>arty will address the member*
and the hour ha* been changed from the
usual time of meeting 2.30, in order to
have Mi«s Palmer, who is prominently;
identified with W. C. T. U. work, at the
1 meeting.
Members of Queen Esther Circle Were
Entertained at Her Home in
M W. Vac Wagner entertained;
the members of the Queen Esther cir
cle of Curt.n Height# M. K. church at
her home at Uainton Monday evening.
The guests spent a pleasant evening
with music an i games after which sup
per was served.
Those present were Miss Minerva
Rohrer, Miss Margaret Fralich, Miss
Issbeiie Loban. Miss Fern Gross. Miss
Mary Mecklev, Miss Mary Sliker. Miss
Mabel Jones. Miss Rhea Miller, Miss
Blubath Sikes, Miss Margaret Rur
yo. Miss H:ai\'-le Wheeler. Miss S;\r.l
Rohrer. Miss Marie Fisher. Miss Ksther
Loban. Miss Emma Frank. Miss Mir
iam Metzler. Mls« Beatrice Barger.
Miss Nora Gross. Miss Sara Burgoon,
Miss Hhoda Wert/.. Miss Esche: Jef
fries. John Ebersole, George Smilkev,
liewey Latiie. Stadden Williams. Karl
Crist. Jay Frank. Clifford Wingard.
Paul Kitzmiller. I'aul Holtznian, Clyde
Keei. Porter Jeffr es.
Students Are Working Hard for the
Success ot Annual Bazar and
Tne general committee .n charge of
the Tech bazar and vaudeville vester
dav appointed the following commit
Publicity. Professor Knause. Joh'i
To-id. Golden. Monger and Moitz; post
er and advertising. Professor Reese..
Snow. Anderson, Bernheisel. Hilton:
printing and distribution of tickets.
Professor Grubb. John Todd. Garland!
George Miller. Heffeltinger: decoration
antl lights. Professor Koous. Golden.
Knight. Hcuck, Menger. McKelvev.:
ic e cream. Professor Pomp. ililton.
Jack stitelcr. Molt-. George .Stark, Es
sig, Houston. Mover: cake. LJovd. Web
ber. Koenig, Moore. Schmidt, Bover.
Butfington. Reeves. Gipple. Gilbert.
Wr 'ght. McFarland, Bo.\ son. Fitzpat
rick. Tittle. Be.'k. Wagner, Wohlfarth.
Shuey: vaudeville. Professjr Strawin '
sky. Fohl. John To id, Shope. Mcllhen
ny, Melville, Wall, Heffeltinger. Chavne,
snow; candy, Professor Hill. Koons
Paterson. H. Cocklin. Madden. Peters.
Ressing, Bucher. Werner. K. Sta*k,
Pollock, Wore eater, McCurdv, Fagerj
Morniugstar. Stri.-kler, Zerbi'e, Lipman. j
Scheffer, Crane.
Spent Evening at the "Idle Hours''
Cottage at Paxtonia
Members of the F. Y. C. O. Club en
tertained a number of young people at
a Halloween party at "Idle Hours." a
cottage at Partonia, Saturday eieaiug.
The party in luiied boaise KVe i- ;
eri<"kson, Lucy Manuel, Helen Sloan,
Mary Frederickson. Ejretta MoFadden,!
Esther Rielwrlne, Helen Frederickson,
Helen Manuel, Anna Prey, Enura Fred
ricks©n. Nellie Houdeshel. A<lolf Staig
er. Alfred Mi-Near. Earl Essig, John
Early. A&ert Weisser. Archie Hon le
shel. Jack Montgomery. Morris Reed. I
E igar McXear, Roy Houde«hel and Rov
Young People Chaperoned by Miss
Olive Hoover
A crowd of young folks, eiiaperoned
by Miss Olive Hoover, enjoyed a week
end party at the "Ail In Cottage." at
the Cove. The party included Misses
Maude Arney, Peari Speese, Helen Bat- ;
ten. Pearl Hoover, Florence Stine, Min- j
me Holra. Paul Hoover, William Yates,
Ross Beaver, Owen Hoover, John San
son and Howard C. Hoover.
Chestnut hunting, rope walking and 1
lawn mowing were some of the many ;
pleasures enjoyed.
One Redeeming Feature
The fool men have a lot of faults.
, But. Wess the'.r hearts, they ( ion't kiss
■ eae-h other when they meet on the
I street.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
News of Persons
Who Come r d G j
Miss (Catherine Hrock s<niith, who
lias been visiting her parents, at Chel
sea. N J„ has returned to her houie.
2019 North Second street.
Mrs. Clyde Skinner. Miss Rena Skin
ner and William Skinner, of Kastou. are
visiting Mrs. Charles Skinuer, 1220
North Sixth street.
Mrs. trunk Drexel Dudley and son,
Jc'hn, of S;. Augustine. Fla.. are quests
of the former's nieoe. Miss Sara Eliza
beth Cooper, a; Camp Uill.
Miss lrma Moore, of New CuA«
laud, has returned home from a visit
to Ahoona.
Miss Orn Kekman. of Lancaster, ar
r.ve.l in this city yesterda\ to be the
g.iost of iier sister, Mrs. John R. Sauter,
128 Locust street.
M;ss Mary Hoffman, 605 Peft'er
st-ee.\ is recovering after a recent ili
h. t. Kckmau. Mis* Ora Kokim.u, Mr.
and Mrs. Predericks aud Harvey Wil
liams. of Lancaster. motored to this
eitj and were recent guests of 'Mr. and
Mrs. John P. Sauter. 128 locust street.
John Gamber, 1329 North Sixth
street, has returned from a visit to
.1. Russell Graham, of tihe College of
Pharmacy. Philadelphia, is speeding a
few days at the home of 'his parents,
Mr. and 'Mrs. H. M. Graham, 98 Tut>
.lames Ijurkin and Thomas
1522 Naudain street, are home from
Mrs. P. McKnte» has rent rued to her
home in Philadelphia after a visit wit>h
her parents, Mr. ami Mrs. John Me-
Geehan, 1622 Market street.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donuelly, 152-1
Naudaiu street, are home from Geftys
Mrs. A. C. T. Spot?. and daugtaer.
Miss Miriam Spotz, 1332 Vernon street,
are the guests of relatives in Philadel
Jesse Met Kulton street,
is on a hunting trip to Lewistcwn.
Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Seibert. 1520
N;".idain street, has returned home
from Ciiambersfbarg.
Miss l.:i;ma (Ml.'Cullough. -116 Harris
street, has returned home from Wash
iugton, D. C.
Miss Mary Greek. 050 PetTer street,
has returned home from AParvaviHe.
Miss Gertrude Smiley. 430 Hamil
ton street, has returned home from Lew
William M ur.'hv, 1604 Regina
street, has returned home from Wash-
'ugde-n. P. 0.
Mr. and Mrs. Welsh. 400 Reilv street,
have returned home after taking a mo
tor trip to Gettysburg.
Miss Sura Kennedy, 35t> South Thir
teenth street, has returned home from a
trip to Washington. P. I'.
Miss Hi.tii Hoover has returned to
Wilson College after spending several
iavs with he.- parents at Evergreen and
Chestnut streets.
M.ss Sara Bafurin. (>ll9 Boas; street,
is spending some time in New York
P. Cramer iias returned to his home
in Denver, Col., after spending some
time with his brother. Max Cramer.
1— 2T Wallace street.
M.ss Elizabeth King, oil' Reily
street, and Mr-. Russell Ri.-hie. of Boyd
street, have returned home from a mo
tor tfip to Gettysburg.
Marietta Club Entertains
Marietta. Not. 4.- —Monday night
the Khotol Club, composed of forty
young men of th's place, entertained
the leoorating committee of the bor
ough at a sauerkraut supper and lunch
eon. Toasts were responded to by many
of the gaests. There was a grand pa
rade at 11 o'clock and fireworks was
the order of th*» celebration.
A Hard Meal
to Digest
Is Quickly Digested by the Taking of
a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet
After It Is Over
<. oru on the cob is hard to digest,
for some folk, but with a Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablet it readily is disposed
of by the stomach and digestive ap
Don't ciriijt your stomach. Give it
just what it needs at the very mo- ■
ment it needs it. Here is the way a
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet acts:
x '
He—"l can eat corn now and feel
O. K. A Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet will
a.ulckly digest it."
One takes a tablet just alter the
meal is completed. It is taken into
the mouth like food: is mixed with
the saliva: swallowed moist and par
tially dissolved. It joes into the stom
ach and is there mixed with the stom
ach juices which are composed of acids
and alkalies.
A Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet re-in
forces these juices. It quickly digests
the elements which such weakened
juices cannot dige«t.
After a while the stomach passes the
meal partially digested to the in
testines, where it goes through another
stage of digestion. Here, as in the
stomach. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
strengthen the juices of digestion and
complete the work of giving the body
the benefit of the meal.
There is nothing harmful in these
tablets. Only natural ingredients
which the body lacks are supplied. In
a short time the blood and digestive
juices arc given the power they lack.
.Man can digest any food without in
jury and the entire health of the body
is increased. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets are sold wherever drugs are sold,
price 50 ceDts a box. Anyone wishing
a free trial of these tablets please ad
dress P. A. Stuart Co., 150 Stuart
Bldp., Marshall, Mich., and a small
• sample package will be mailed free.
Women of St. Paul's Lutheran Church
to Hold Meeting
Special Correspondence.
New Cumberland, Nov. 4. There
will be an open meeting for all the
women of St. Paul's Lutheran church
Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. It
will be held at the home of Mrs. J. W.
Bream on Market street.
Monday evening Mrs. H. W. Speak
man entertained some of her friends
at her home on Geary avenue in a very
delightful manner. The rooms were
beautifully decorated with autumn
leaves, fruit, flowers aud vegetables.
Very interesting games, appropriate to
Halloween, had been arranged by Mrs.
Speak man, which were greatly enjoyed,
after which the guests were invited to
the dining room which was gay in dec
orations of yellow ami black, with
witches, owls and black cats peering
knowingly at the guests. The table was
artistically decorated, the centerpiece
bejng a .iardinere made from a pump
kin. filled with fruit and grotesque lit
tie images. Pumpkin pie, gingerbread,
fruit, popcorn, nuts ami cider were
served. The favors were place cards,
on which were inscribed verses, which
when followed led the guests to look
for their fortunes which were hidden
in dishes, coffee pots, etc., and caused
considerable amusement when read by
each guest. Those who attended were
Mr. and Mrs. George Reiff, \liss Anna
Reifl". .lacob Reiff. Misses Martha and
Chastina Yensel, Mrs. J. A. Sprenkel,
Mrs. Addie Fulton. Misses Kate and
Mary Malone.
The West Shore Ministerial Associ
ation met November 3 in the St.
Paul's Lutheran church at 10 a. m. In
the absence of the officers the Rev. Mr.
Shuey was elected president pro tern,
and the Rev. A. R. Avers secretary.
Members present were the Revs.
Messrs. Avers, Reigle, Adams, Young,
Hutchison, Manges, Mages and Wolf.
The association decided to meet in De
cember in the Lutheran church at Camp
Hill. The Rev. Mr. Young was chosen
to read a paper. The Rev. S. O. WeifU
read a paper on the "Childhood and
Youth of Martin Luther." A general
j discussion followed. After a prayer by
i the Rev. .T. Y. Adams, the nssociat.on
The co-operate meeting of the men;
bership of Baughman Memorial M. K.
church was held on Monday evening.
The pastor, the Rev. V. Adams, pre
sided and George H. ReitY was ehosen
secretary, pro tens, in the absence of
J. H. Reiff, the secretary of the Co
operation. The purpose of the meeting
was the election of trustees. The fol
lowing are the trustees, with their re
spective term of service: J. J. Baugh
nian. Dr. H. YV. Linebaugli and Ira But
torff. to serve three years: James Mor
ley. William James and Joseph Bates,
to serve two years; J. R. Kautfman. J.
H. Reiff and Frank E. Seitz, to serve
one year. Ira Buttorff was elected to
fill the vacancy of G. F. Bobb, who has
taken up his residence out of Pennsyl
vania. and Frank E. Seitz to till the
vacancy caused by the death of C. I*
Miss Sylvia Kaufman is spending a
week with her sister. Mrs. Frank Beck
lev. in Washington, D. C.
Misses Ethel Drayer and Marion
Killheffer, Messrs. Shields and Packer
spent Sunday in Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Planner and fam
ily visited Mr. Panner s grandfather,
Jacob Danner, in York county, on Sun
Mrs. Sarah Weikert and Mrs. l»ouisa
Bair, of Gettysburg, are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. John Hover.
To Open Basketball Season on Friday
Special Correspondence.
•Middlet-own. Nov. 4. Nathaniel
Lerch, John 1/utz, Jr.. and John and
Jacob Myers left yesterday for the
Cove, near Marysville, where they will
do sorme "carpenter work for several
Claude Withauer, of Washington. D.
C.. is spending several days in town as
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Ging
rich, Swatara street.
Mrs. Martin Crull and daughter.
Laura, are spending several days in New
Cum'berland where the former was
called on accoant of the illness of her
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gross have re-
Eases Quickly When You Apply a
Little Musterole
Aud MUSTEROLE won't blister like
the old-fashioned mustard-plaster. Just
spread it on with your fingers. It pen
etrates to the sore spot with a gentle
tingle, loosens the congestion and draws
out all soreness and pain.
MUSTEROLE is a clean, white oint
ment made with oil of mustard. There's
nothing like it for quick relief for Sore
Throat. Bronchitis. Tonsilitis, Croup,
Stiff Neck, Asthma. Neuralgia, Head
ache. Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Pains and Aches of the Back
or Joints. Sprains, Sore Muscles,
Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted Feet, Colds
on the Chest (it often prevents Pneu
monia). Nothing like MI'STEROLE for
croupy children.
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c
jars, ami a special large hospital size
for $2.50.
Be sure yon get the genuine MUS
TEROLE. Refuse imitations—get what
you ask for. The Musterole Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
Theac Chjrntnx lalnniii AT* \mn
•t Their Brut
holds the record—lo iiuurs—ls th*
newest and only twln-sci ew steam
ship sailing to Bermuda, anil til*
only one landing .lassenae,"* a; the
dock at Hamilton without transfer
, by tender.
Hound Trip with meals < )S:>ad
slid stateroom berth up
ror lull particulars apply, lo A. B.
OUTBHHKIDUU * CO.. tenia Uss.
bee s. s. LuL. 3* Broaunay, .\e«v
Yarki P. I.ORNK Ist Mar.
i ket »t.. Hainabarc, !•«., «r mmr Ttrk.
| e«
Try This! Doubles
Beauty of Your Hair
and Stops it Fall
ing Out
Your hair becomes light. wavy. Huffy,
abundant and appears as soft, lustrous
and beautiful us a young girl's after
a "Damlorine hair cleause." .lust try
this —moisten a cloth with a little
Dauderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one small
turned home from a week's trip to Phil
adolphin and Chester.
Mrs. Sherman Hawthorne, of Harris
burg, spent yesterday in town.
The 'Middle!own A. C. football team
will iplay the Annville College team on
Saturday afternoon on the latter s
H. B. Brinser. who has been ill
at his home on Pine street for the past
several weeks with pneumonia, is able
to be up again. It will be several days
before tie will be a'ble to be outside.
Irwin Bowman spent Tuesday at
Mr. and Mrs. tieorge Willi and
daughter motored to Liverpool on Sun
day, returning home on Monday.
The first game of basketball of tlhe
season will be played in the Luna rink
on Friday evening, November 12. and
will be between the Rescue Hose Com
pany team aud the P. 11. R. Y. M. C. A.
team of Harrisburg. Warren Schreiner
is manager of the Rescue team.
Mrs. Joseph Force and two brothers.
Kendig MciOord and Donald McCord,
attended the funeral of a relative at
Marietta on Tuesday.
Edward Fletcher. Ann street, let't
this morning for Philadelphia where
he will visit relatives for several weeks.
Miss Bessie Clark has gone to New
York City where she will make her
Frank ami Charles Witman. of Phila
delphia, are spending several days in
town visiting their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Witman, North Union
The official board of the M. K. church
will hohl their regular monthly meet
ing in the lower room of the church
to-morrow evening.
The pu'blic schools will l>e closed next
week on aveount of teachers' institute.
Quite a number of persons from town
1 were at Harrisburg last evening to hear
the election returns.
'Mir. anil Mrs. 10. 0. Steiner and chil
dren spent yesterday at Harrisburg.
The Wednesday prayer meeting of
the Presbyterian church was held last
evening as quite a number of the mem
bers will attend the Women's Home
and Missionary Society meeting to 'be
held at Moohaniesburg this evening.
The Pastors' Aid Society of the M.
E. church held their regular monthly
meeting at the home of Miss Titus,
Pike street, last evening.
Mrs. H. J. Wickoy Iras gone to Ickes
burg. Pa., where she will visit relatives
for several days.
About thirty-five menVbers of the
•'Mite Society of the Church of God and
several friends attended the husking bee
given at the home of Miss Esther Demi
ler, near Kingston, last evening, having
hiked there and back. A very pleasant,
time was had by those who were pres
ent. Refreshments were served.
T. .T. Antrim spent the day at Har
The infant ctiiild of iMr. and Mrs.
George Irely, of Lawrence street, is
quilte ill with pneumonia.
Justice of the Peace Joseph L. Bolton
Moves Office Monday
Special Correspondence.
Lingiestown, Xov. 4. —Mr. and Mrs.
William Lenker announce the birth of
a daughter on Sunday.
Joseph L. Bolton, justice of the
peace, removed his office from the home
of Mrs. Mary Rheim to the home of C.
D. Lingle where the postoffice formerly
was located.
Mrs. Sara Urick, of Harrisburg, on
Saturday visited friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Troup and fam
ily, Mr. aud Mrs. John Wright, of Har
risburg; Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wright
and daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. Bow
er and daughter, of Steelton, spent
Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John Shipler.
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Shope, of Hoern
erstown, Samuel Umberger and family,
of Hanoverdale, and Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Wilbert and son, of Raysorville
Heights, ou Sunday visited Mrs. Pannie
Shaffner and Daniel Felty.
Harry Juillard spent Sunday with
friends at Hummelstown.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Fitting, of
Heckton Mills, on Sunday were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Books.
Miss Eliza Shriner spent Sunday
with friends at Harrisburg.
Mrs. Laura Mixell, of Highspire, on
| Sunday visited friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Hassler spent
i Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Sirs.
William Deibler at Shellsville.
John Crum and family motored to
Sunburv on Sundav.
Miss Flora Clay on Sunday visited
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ricker, at Hum
John I-'ox succeeded in gettin? the
limit, ten rabbits on Monday.
The Misses Martha and Elizabeth
Graybill gave a Halloween party at
their home, west of town on Saturday
evening. The rooms were decorated
with corn shocks, autumn leaves, pump
kins and flowers. Games contests and
fortune telling were features of the
evening's entertainment. Frizes were
awarded to Anna Feeser and Henry
Ferber. Refreshments in keeping with
Halloween were served to the follow
ing guests: Misses Hulda Longeneckcr,
Maud Graybill Carrie Gabel, Alma
Lyter, Ella Good. Marion Smith. Verna
Juillard, Anna Feeder, Catharine Koons,
Mary Heneh, Elizabeth Arva, Hilda
Hassler, Elizabeth anil Martha Gray
bill, Frank Hoke, Roger Good, Prof. H.
H. King, Philip Arva, RBSS Hepford,
Robert Hoke. Walter Drawbaugh, Roger
Diekert and Henry Ferber.
A Halloween party was held
at the home of Miss Irene Lingle, of
Manada Hill, on Saturday evening. The
decorations were elaborate with autumn
leaves and corn shocks. The house was
festooned with crepe paper and cats,
witches and pumpkins, spooks present
ed a very weird appearance. Ghosts
met the guests at the door and escort-
| strand at a time. This will cleanse ths
ihair of dust, dirt and excessive oil and
in just a few moments you have dou
• bled the beauty of your hair.
Besides beautifying the hair at once,
i Dnndorine dissolves every particle of
'dandruff; c lea uses, purifies and invig
j orates the sealp. forever stopping itch
ing aud falling hair.
( But what will please you most will
be after a few weeks' use when you
i will actually see new hair—fine and
downy at first—yes—but reallv new
I hair growing all'over the scalp. If
you care for pretty, soft hair and lots
of it surely get a 25-cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danderine from any drug
gist or toilet counter, ami just try it.
Ed them through the jungles up the
stairway, where queer noises were
heard. The evening was then spent in
games and fortune telling after which
refreshments were served to these
guests: Erin a \\ arner, Thomas Irwin,
Esther Irwin, Harry Fetrow, Ralph
Hetrick, Paul Schaffner, Elsie C.
bingle, Clay Miller, Mumio Hetrick,
Hermau Hoover, Gertrude Peters, Bruce
Deitz, Mary Henry, Frank Wolf, Ellen'
Eshleman, John Steele, Wilson Hetrick,
Lucy Urieh, Charles Hetriek Ada Leit
ner, John Jennie Simmons, John
Met*. Harry Gingrich, Jeremiah Ging
rich, Mark Hetrick. Miles Hetrick, Ira
Cassol, Albert Garrett, Frank Wolf,;
Harry Urieli, Reilv Hetrick. Mr. an-<
Mrs. John B. Liable, Mr. and Mrsc'
Thomas Lingle, Mr. and Mrs. Milton'
Hetrick. Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Gingrich;!
Mr. and Mrs. John Hetrick, Mr. amf
Mrs. Edward Warfel, Mrs. Edward?
Shriner, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hetriek.;
and son, Georgo, Miss Grace T. Henr.v.
Jennie McDonel. Anna Rupert. Mr. nnit"
Mrs. David Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Moses
Keller. Miss Annie I. Vortv, Alljert 1..
Hetrick, Kathryn Warfel. Ralnh Uokc-
Estella Bwergard. Charles Bam hart,
Naomi Shoop. Francis Ritchie, Carrie!
Bolton, Norman Hetrick, Grace Stahlea
Luella Lcininger. Mrs. Hess, Anna Bo! 4
ton. Russell shoop. Mabel Klein, John*
Heinley, Irene M. Lingle, John fouiad*
Ethel M. Hall, Hiram Hummer, Jane V.
Kline, Ross l.ooli. Ruth Shope. Mabel
E. Hetrick. Amelia A. Hummer, Flui
ence Hummer, Rufus I.ingle, Susan
Shuey, Bertha Hetrick, Adam .1. Wal
mer, Rodger Hoover, Nora Hetrick."
Charles Hummer. Verna Hetriek, Eno':«
Simmons, Carrie 11. Hetrick, Elvin Mil
ler. Liz/.:e Walmer, Howard Hetriek,
Ethel Longeneeker, Norman Hetriek.
Ailella Longeneeker, Reuben Keller.
\nnit> Eshleman, Mark Walmer, Violet
Hetrick. Marvin Hughes. Loudie Bolt:-.'
George P. Miller, Ruth Runkel. Samuel
Eshleman, Bertha Deitz, F.dyth Ging
rich. Harry Loudermilch, Anna Ging
rich, Gertrude Runkel, Dorothy Loud
ermilch, Trene Hummer, Herman Bolt*.
Shot Dead By a Corpse
On the road between Aarau and
W ildegg the body of a young Swiss,
aged twenty, who had committed sui
cide by shooting himself through f.iy
head, was found by peasant at
once informed t>he police, as it is pro
hibited by t'iie Swiss law in such cases
fro touch a corpse. A gendarme named
Bodiner arrived on the scene and found
the young man still holding the revolver
with his lifeless finger on the trigger.
Hardly had the gendarme touched the
hand of the corpse to remove tfhe re
volver when a shot was heard, and Bod
mer fell mortally injured. He was
found to have 'been shot t'hrough the
abdomen and died in the hospital a few
houTS later. He was the father of sev
eral children.—London Standard.
Get at the Real Cause—Take Dr. Ed
wards' Olive Tablets
That's what thousands of stomach
sufferers are doing now. Instead of tak
ing tonics, or trying to patch up a poor
digestion, they are attacking the real
cause of the ailment—clogged liver and
disordered bowels.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse
the liver in a soothing, healing way.
When the liver and bowels are per
forming their natural functions, away
goes indigestion and stomach troubles^
If you have a bad taste in your
mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor,
lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or
energy, troubled with undigested food,
you should take Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color. They do the work without
griping, cramps or pain.
Take one or two at bedtime for
relief, so you can eat what you
like. At 10c and 25c per box. All
The Olive Tablet Company, Colum
bus, O. Adv.
Sunday, Nov. 8
From Lv.A.M
Hummelstown 3.30
Swatara 3,35
Herahey 3.37
Palmyra 4. 04
Annvllle 4 13
Avon 4 »8
Myerstown 4 - .37
Richland 4,43
Womeladorf, 4,'a3
Robesonia, 459
New York. Arrive 9.30
RETURNING—Leave New York,
from foot West 23d St., G. 50 P M
foot Liberty St.. 7.00 P. M.. same
date for above stations.
Tickets good going and returning
only on above Special Train, date of
Children between 3 and II vears
of age, half fare.

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