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Black Self-Stripe Suits, side belted coats, breast
patch pocket, circular skirt. $15.001
Black and Navy College $16.751
12 Styles of Late New Model Suits— HK
Black, navy, checks, etc., AO* I O
Black and Navy Tipperary $19.751
Black and Navy Novelty Suit, a copy (fcOO KA
of a high-class model. Special, ip
200 Better Suits— Fancy or plain, $23.75, $25.00,
$26.75, $28.75, $29.75 to $37.50. Small and large sizes
—l6 to 48. One special Black Silk Poplin Suit, size
48—only $30.00 — One special Black Fancy Taifeta
Silk, size 42; $85.00 —special, $50.00.
Black and Navy Unlined Gabardine Coat, $9.50
Tan Covert Coats, $8.75
Black and White Check Coats, $6.50
Better Black, Navy, Tan and Check Coats— many
prices up to $25.00
Serge Dresses— Special $3.75, $3.95, $4.25,
$4.50, $4.75, $5.00 up to $16.75.
Silk Dresses, $7.50 up to $35.00
250 Silk Crepe de Chine, Stripe Tub Silk, Jap Silk
Waists, white and all the new colors. Special, $1.95
Of course we have better Waists up to $8.50
' - "T
Masonic Temple Will Be Scene of One
of the Prettiest Dances of the Sea
son—Mrs. John K. Tener Will Be
One of Patronesses
The third and last cotillion of the
season will be held this evening in Ma
sonic Temple, Third and State streets.
The ball room decorations will con
sist of spring flowers, a profusion of
annunciation lilies, daffiodils, white hy
acinths and other flowers and greens
predominating The E. Atlee Frueh
orchestra, from the Bellevue-Stratford,
Philadelphia, will furnish the music and
supper will be served at 11 o'clock.
The patronesses will be Mrs. John
K. Tener, of Philadelphia; Mrs. San
ford DeWitt Coe, Mrs. Walter P. Ma
guire, Mrs. William K. Meyers, Mrs.
Frank Payne, Mrs. Henry D. Boas and
Mrs. John M. Wallie.
The committee in charge of the dance
includes Henderson Gilbert, Vance C.
McCormick, Frank A. Robbins, Jr.,
Henry B. Bent, John Ericson and
George Comstock.
Several dinners will precede the co
tillion. Miss Eleanor Darlington will
entertain informally at dinner at her
home, 321 North Front street. The
guests will be Miss Mary Elizabeth
Meyers, Miss Mvrv.nne Leason, Mr.
Traill, George Shotwell, Mr. Redus,
Bobert Spangler, Clarence Funk, Har
ry Darlington and Gilbert Darlington,
who are spending the wefk at their
Mrs. Tener Guest of Honor
Mrs. John K. Tener was guest of
honor at the luncheon given yesterday
by Mrs. Frank Payne, who is enter
taining Mrs. Tener during her stay in
the city. The table appointments were
in pink and white with fragrant spring
blossoms Parrying out the color scheme.
Those present were Mrs. Tener, Mrs.
Philip T. Meredith, Mrs. Samuel C.
Todd, Mrs. George Kunkel, Mrs. Wil
liam Henderson, Mrs. Walter H. Gaith
er, Mrs. W. Walley Davis, Mrs. Itollin
Alger Sawyer, Mrs. Lewis H. Johnson,
Mrs. Sanftird DeWitt Ooe and Mrs. F.
Herbert Snow.
A the Dansant at Club
With a the dansant which Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis H. Johnson will give to-
Change of Food Brought Success and
An ambitious but delicate girl, after
failing to go through school on account
of nervousness and hysteria, found in
Grape-Nuts the only thing that seemed
to build her up and furnish her the
peace of health.
"From infancy,' she says, "I have
not been strong. Being ambitious to
learn at any cost I finally got to the
High Schooi but soon had to abandon
my studies on account of nervous pros
tration and hysteria.
"My food did not agree with me, and
I grew thin and despondent. I could
not enjoy the simplest social affair for
I suffered constantly from nervousness
in spite of all sorts of medicines.
"This wretched condition continued
until I became interested in the letters
of those who had cases like mine and
who were being helped by eating
"I had little faith, but procured a
pkg. and after the first dish I ex
perienced a peculiar satisfied feeling
that I had never gained from any
ordinary food. I slept and rested bet
ter that night and in a days began
to grow stronger.
"I had a new feeling of peace and
restfulness. In a few weeks, to my
great joy, the headaches And nervous
ness left me and life became bright and
hopeful. I resumed my studies and
later taught ten months with ease—
using Grape-Nuts every day. lam now
the mistress of a happy home, and the
old weakness has never returned."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read, "The Road to Well
ville,' in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
morrow at Harrisburg Country Club,
complimentary to their son, Leland
Johnson and his guests, this week's
gaieties will end, although quite a num
ber of informal little dinner parties
and dances will be held in the even
Frank B. Wickersham Host
Frank B. Wickersham will enter
tain at a dinner of seventeen covers
at his Riverside home this evening. Cov
ers will be laid for President Judge
George Kunkel, Judge S. J. M. MeCar
rell, Senator E. E. Beidelman, W. Har
ry Baker, Freeman H. Gerberich, Mau
rice Metzger, Michael E. Stroup, Rob
ert T. Fox. William H. Nell, Oscar G.
Wiekersham, William F. Houseman, Eu
gene F. Feal, Harold Alden, Claude E.
Briuser, William 11. Earnest, Charles
Holton and Frank B. Wiekersham.
Triangle Dinner Dance
The Easter dinner dance of the Tri
angle Club will be held this evening in
Wintenlule. with the Loeser orchestra
playing for the dancing. Dinner will
be served at the Senate, with the or
chestra playing. On the committee of
arrangements are J. Stewart Montgom
ery, Fred B. Oorl, Ralph Eldridge and
Charles Vowler.
Charming Affair Given By the Misses
Burns, Weirman and Schmidt,
Last Evening
A subscription dance was given last
night in Hansliaw 'g hall with Miss
Dorothy Schmidt, Miss Margaret Weir
man and Miss Miriam Burns, as host
esses. F. Marion Sourbeer, Jr., played
for the dancing and the guests includ
ed the following:
Misses Sara Morgan, Fannie Hoy,
Catharine Thorn, Dorothy Duncan,
Pauline Schmidt, Dorothy Dowdell,
Edna Catharine Simonetti,
Clarabelle Claster, Miriam Keiser,
Mary Stark, Helen Gerdes, Miriam
Landis, Elsie Schmidt, Helena Keet,
T/Otiise Fisher, Osta Fee, Margaret
Welsh, Dorothy Schmidt, Miriam Bur
rows, Margaret Wiesman, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Williams, Edna Starleper, C.
A. Delone, Heath Brasselman, Edward
Book, John Moltz, Samuel Froehlich,
Kenneth Rhoads, Joseph Kiernau,
Charles Pease, George Bowman, Cy
Heckert, Otto Lantz, Harry Dong, Ed
ward McMansuny, Dick * McAllister,
Ben Byers, Reed Shuey, Frank Daugh
erty, Stanley M. Wray, Moe Cooper,
G. Weber Knight, Martin Keet.
Mrs. J. B. Mac Donald and Mrs. Note
stine, Hostesses to Ladies' of
Olivet Church
Mrs. .lames MlacDonald and Mrs.
Lucian B. Notestine were joint host
esses at tea at the former's home, 9
South Fifteenth street, for the ladies
of Olivet Presbyterian church. The
guests included:
Mrs. Charles Pass, Mrs. L. Bolton,
Mrs. John Gates, Mrs. T. Burtner, Mrs.
Boyd Shartzer, Mrs. Anna Mote, Mrs.
Charles Papp, Mrs. M. Hauck, Mrs.
Edgar Leeds, Mrs. Don Wertz, Mrs.
Charles Border, Mrs. 'Harriet. Arm
strong, Mrs. Charles Leas, Mrs. J. M.
Williams, Mrs. James Barber, of Tren
ton, N. J.; Mrs. George Gelwicks, Mrs.
Harriet Smith, Miss Nancy Scele, Mrs.
Ard Seelte, Mrs. J. Harry Steele, Mrs.
Percy Walker, Mrs. H. B. Bomberger,
Miss Esther Heagy, Mrs. J. P. Brassel
man, Mrs. H. S. Pennypacker, Mrs. A.
Boi/ch, Miss Kathleen Burtner, Miss
Jane Mac Donald.
Held a Euchre and Dance
Lebanon, April 9. —Marked by a
more brilliant success than any pre
vious affair of a similar nature ever
conducted by the association the an
nual euchre and dance last evening in
the Weimer auditorium of St. Joseph's
Library Association proved to be the
most delightful Post-Lenten social func
tion ever conducted in Lebanon. At
least 500 persons representing many
classes were in attendance. Many use
ful and handsome prizes wort awarded.
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Mifss Phillips, of 'Mahanoy City,
is the guest or Miss Johanna BoMe,
1527 North Sixth street.
Miss Emma Seiler, of Hogestown,
visited her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth S.
Loose, 805 Green street, returning to
her home yesterday.
William West, of Huntingdon, is the
guest of his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. Brady Oaveny, 338 South Sev
enteenth street.
Miss Esther Gross, 438 Walnut street,
is visiting relatives in Now York City.
Miss Katherine Young, 1000 South
Cameron street, will leave to-morrow to
visit her cousin, Miss Mart'ha Sparrow,
at Shippensburg.
Miss Re-becca Miehener, Miss Cor
delia Miehener and Charles Miehener,
366 Orescent street, are in Milton w"here
they were guests of the Clcmmens-'Beed
Joseph Schmidt, Thomas Schmidt
and Al'bert Schmidt have returned to
Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg,
aft#r a holiday visit with their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schmidt, 58
North Thirteenth street.
IP. Treaster and daughter, Mrs.
E. H. Thompson, "Miss Dorothy Thomp
son and Robert Thompson, of Milroy,
were recent guests of Mrs. Joseph Boss,
237 North street.
IMT. and Mrs. Thomas Ooolc have
gone to Baltimore after a visit with
Che former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.'Mer
vine Cook, 1428 Walnut street.
Mr. and Mrs. William Stotz and
(laughter, Miss Anna Stotz, 1815 North
street, have returned from Royalton
n'here they attended the, funeral of
Barnard Pinnegan yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Drum, 1801 North
Sixth street; 'Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Drum
and daughter. Madelin Adele, and Miss
Mary M'cCutcheon, 1723 North Sixth
street, motored to Williams;ort and En
ders, where' Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Drum
are spending several days. The others
of the party have returned home.
The Rev. Harry N. Bickel, of Potts
ville, spent yesterday with his brother,
C. M. Bickel, 1509 North Sixth street.
The Rev. B. H. Ilart, formerly pas
tor of the Fifth Street Methodist
church, left Wednesday for a vi»it to
his mother at East WaterfQrd and will
go to Williamsport to assume charge of
Pine street church to-morrow.
David Henderson, of Spruce Creek,
has returned home after a visit with
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Holmes, State and
Eighteenth streets. ,
'Mrs. B. H. Hart, 1726 North iSirth
street, spent yesterday in Thompson
Miss Gertrude Dunn, of Oberlin, is
the week-end guest of her sister, at Mil
Miss Eleanor Wolfe, 1504 Green
street, has gone to Shippensburg Nor
mal school for the spring term.
Miss Caroline MoiFarland, 158 Sylvan
Terrace, is spending a week in Phila
Miss Mary Smith, of Lewistown, and
Miss Bertha Goldstein, of Portage, are
the guests of Miss Tillie Freedman,
203 Harris street.
Mrs. Joseph Lauman and son, Wil
liam Lauman, of Rochester, N. Y., are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. MaciDon
ald, 1803 Mul'berrv street.
Miss Caroline Lindley, 520 South
Thirteenth street, spent several days in
Miss Mary Tunis, 440 North street,
has returned from Atlantic City.
The Rev. J. Wallace Green, of Ger
mantown. lias been the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. ,T. E. Sponsler. 607 Briggg street.
•Mrs. Norman iB. Kurzenknabe, 1010
North Third street, has returned to her
home after spending several days wit'h
her parents in Port Royal.
Miss Helen Sloat, 1415 North Sixth
street, has returned from a several
days' visit to Atlantic City.
Miss Mae Hope, of the State Health
Department, is visiting in Ohio and
West Virginia.
Entertained Members of the Cricket
Club at Her Home
Mass Marie Sheaffer entertained the
members of the Cricket Clu'b'at her
home, 1222 Market street, last evening.
The guests played cards, after winch
dainty refreshments were served. Those
•present were:
Miss Mary Shaub, Miss Marian Mc-
Cormick, Miss Lou 'Boatli, Miss MaTian
Berry, 'Mrs. Van Dayhoff, Miss Vera
Van Horn and iMiss Sheaffer.
Feel Bully! Don't Stay
Bilious, Sick, Head
achy, Constipated
Spend 10 Cents! Remove Winter's
Poison From *Your Liver
and Bowels
/ 1
Enjoy life! Spring is here and your
system is filled with the winter's accu
mulation of bile and bowel poison which
keeps you bilious, headachy, dizzy,
tongue coated, breath bad and stomach
sour—Why don't you get a 10-cent box
of Caacareta at the drug store and feel
fine —Take Caacarets to-night and en
jßy the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel
cleansing yon ever experienced—Give
Caacarets to children now.—Adv.
Has Believed Pain for Every One ln
the Family
When little Susie had the cramp;
when Johnny got his feet wet and
caught cold; when Father sprained his
knee; when Granny's rheumatism both
ered her—
That jnr of MUSTEBOIiE was right
there to give relief and comfort.
MUSTEROLE is a clean, white oint
ment, made with oil of mustard. It wiil
not blister like a mustard plaster.
Quick relief for Sore Throat, Bron
chitis, Tonsilitis, Croup, Stiff Neck,
Asthma, Neuralgia, Headache, Conges
tion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Lumbago,
I'ains and Aehes of the Back or Joints,
Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruises, Chil
blains, Frosted Feet, Colds on the Chest
(it often prevents Pneumonia). Noth
ing like MUSTEROLE for croupy chil
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c
jars, and a special large hospital sir.e
for $2.50.
Be sure you Ret the genuine MUS
TEROLE. Refuse imitations—get what
you ask for. The Musterole Company,
Cleveland, Ohio.
Progressive Euchre and "300" Will
Be Given Under Auspices of
Knights of St. George
Plans for the progressive euchre,
five hundred party and dance, under
the direction of Branch 168, Knights
of St. George, for the benefit of St.
Francis' church are nearing completion
and from indications the event will be
the most successful of any adventure
ever undertaken by the branch.
The affair will be held in Winterdale
Hall on Wednesday evening, April 21.
C'aTd playing will begin at 8.15 o'clock
and wiil continue until 10.15 when
dancing will begin. A full string or
chestra has been engaged to furnish
music. The card party and dance is
the annual spring entertainment of the
Knights of St. George.
The committee in charge of the ar
rangements is made ui> of Michael J.
Barry, Thomas P. Culhane, Simon J.
Hare, Charles P. Theuer and 'i'rank J.
Queen Esther Circle Gave a Farewell
Reception in Her Honor at Home
of Miss Yocum
The Queen Esther Circle of the Fifth
Street M. E. church gave a farewell
party Wednesday evening at the home
of Miss Helen Yocum, 1721 Green
street, complimentary to Miss Miriam
Hart, who leaves Monday for Williams
port. The rooms wero prettily decorat
ed with spring flowers. The guests in
Miss Naomi Smith, Miss Elizabeth
Feltenberger, Miss Helen Chandler,
Miss Helen Lozier, Miss Margaret
Shoaff, Miss Violet Helm, Miss Alverda
Blessing, Miss Bess Bennett, Miss Ma
bel Wynn, Miss Hazel Fraiin, Miss
Hazel Seibert, Miss Irene Bright, Miss
Nora Bennett, Miss Catherine Mauk,
Miss Grace Sparser, Miss Ruth Ster
ringer, Miss Elizaibcth Thompson, Miss
Mary Glosser, Miss Marie Arthur, Miss
Ruth Stoner, Miss Mary Garverich,
Miss Irene Loomis, Mrs. Ralph Sellmy
■er, Mrs. W. H. Yocum.
Members of Derry Street TJ. B. Church
Elected Officers and Enjoyed
Social Hour
Class No. 15 of the Derry Street
U. B. Sunday school 'held a meeting in
the social room of the churc'h last even
ing and elected the following officers
for the year: President, G. H. Gilbert;
vice president, F. A. Manley; secretary,
G. Wilson, and treasurer, H. Sides. Aft
er tjie business session a social hour was
enjoyed and refreshments served
Those present were: Howard Huber,
Harvey Wilson, Aaron Beats, Ralph
Brough, Clarence Newmeyer, Clarence
Slike, iHerbert Sides, Charles Peiffer,
Harvey Miller, Harold Eckert, Russell
Win'ks, Russell Winemiller, George
Thomas, Joseph Knouff, Saul Fink, Rich
ard Robinson, Paul McDonald, Stanley
Wingeit, Horner Sides, Evans Hollings
worth, Stewart Harmon, Edgar Steph
ens, Mr. and Mrs. E. Gensler and Miss
Wetob. Music was furnished by the
IMen 'a quartet of the c'hurc-h.
Men of Reformed Salem Church Met in
McFarland Auditorium
The Salem Brotherhood of the Re
formed Salem church held its monthly
meeting last night in the McFarland
auditorium. J. William Bowman, presi
dent of the Brotherhood, presided at
the business meeting. The following
program was given:
Lantern pictures of the Panama ca
nal, shown by Mark Parthemore, of the
J. Horace McFarland company; violin
solo, Stratton M. Byer, accompanied by
Garret Sutton Wall; vocal solo, Stanley
R. Neidhamer; piano solo, Garrot Sut
ton Wall; address, Prof. Howard R.
Omwake, of the Harrisburg Academy.
Following the program a social hour
was enjoyed and refreshments were
Entertained Members of Five Hundred
Club at Her Home
'Mrs. William Morrow, of the Foun
tain apartments, entertained the mem
bers of the Wednesday Five Hundred
Club at cards. Miss Verna Miller won
the prize. Those present were:
Mrs. Charles Scliaup, Mrs. Philip
Hall, Mrs. Fred London, Mrs. Aaron
Brown, Mrs. Edward Markley, Miss
Ma'bel Morrow, Mrs. John Graham, Mrs.
William Drinkwater, Mrs. William
Shrenkengust, Miss Verna Miller and
Jtfiss Augusta Kitzmiller.
Special Free Alteration Off
We received this week a lot of attractive spring suits which we purchased at a i\
price that will enable us to offer free alterations in addition to a liberal discount. !
We have included garments from our regular stock, and you may select any suit or t]
coat in the store, on which required alterations will be made without extra charge. ]
This offer holds good until Saturday, April 17th.
Qft For Ladies' CI KQQ For Ladies' i
jQ* «PCWO $12.50 Suits $20.98 Suits J
in all wool serges, satin in poplins and serges, in S
lined. Shades are black, blue, green, tan, gray t
VT/Vv • putty, brown and navy. and sand, and shepherd *
iggjk /jNorfolk and other mod- checks, black and white, ;
fv e^B ' * and mixed checks, silk
sll QQ For Ladies' liued '
\ fj| IPAA,JO $15.98 Suits e-l 7QO For Ladies' ;
W \ Jnv i» shepherd checks, . $24.98 Suits 1
s . erßt ' B and P°P lins » silk in serges, shadow cloth ;
( i j < l in ed. Blues, greens, and poplins, in black, J
V VJLtlto an d P u ttv are the shades blue, green, gray, etc., «
• \ N|jj! f |' om whith y° n ma y all silk lined.
U $13.98 For Ladies' I Silk Poplin Suits I ■
■ ~ $18.98 Suits have an unusuallv prettv *
L\ 111 P°P"US, serges and I collection of silk poplin suits I «
homespuns, in green, • l n bl , a „ o{ " ew " 10 . d V la - S
/3 Ji . .vxtW/ r Nijk_/ 1 S • ,1 r,iey C(),llfi ln putty, Belgian
/-/ (\ battleship gray, bllies blue, navy, «rern, worth
wW*' and black, and shepherd * l6 -?s to 127.50, our prices,
17 checks in black and $12.98 to $19.98 I
white, all silk lined. ;
Big Coat Values Smart New Waists New Skirt Arrivals $
, One of the biggest values we 5
" ew sp"«g cunts in serges, have ever o flf ere(l are these new White Bedford cord skirts, ex- 5
shepherd cheeks and basket black lace waists over white silk cellent quality all wool material, "
weaves, in white, black and col- net , and full $5.00 value, our worth $5.00, CO QQ 4
ors, worth $7.00, our price, v P rk ' e $3.98 ... , , . •
5^4. yS black and white, and mixed *
Other coats in a variety of new __ . checks, $5.00 value, ••$2.98
models in serges, poplins, covert r~ U ? lan 3lr ® ral dS All wool poplin skirts in black j
cloth, moire, etc., worth $lO to to
$lB, our prices, to $7.00, our prices, choose from, $5.00 value,
$6.98 to $12.98 to $3.98 $2.98 |
STSSriW .10-12 S. Fourth Street ~9Q
The Rev. G. F. Schaum and Mrs. Schaum
Given Pleasait Surprise
An informal reception aud old-fash
ioned donation party was given last
evening in honor of the Rev. G. P.
Schaum and Mrs Schaum by fhe mem
bers ami friends of the Harris Street
United Evangelical church, who met at
the church and marched in a body to
the pastor's residence.
P. E. Musser made the pddress nf
welcome and the Rev. Mr. Stliaum re
sponded. A sketch by Mrs. Theo Be
shore and several musical numbers
completed the program. Bishop W, M.
Stanford offered a closing prayer.
Sun and Wind Bring Out Ugly Spots.
How to Remove Easily
Here's a chance, Miss Freckle-face,
to try a remedy for freckles with the
guarantee of a reliable dealer that it
will not cost you a penny unless it re
moves the freckles; "while if it does
give you a clear complexion the ex
pense is trifling.
Simply get an ounce of othine—dou
ble strength—from any druggist and a
few applications should show you how
easy it is to rid yourself of the homely
freckles and get a beautiful complexion,
llarely is more than one ounce needed
for the worst case.
Be sure to ask the druggist for the
double strength othine as this is the
prescription sold under guarantee of
money back if it fails to reinovo
f~ - ii.-
r 4 WALK
The proof of the fit, style and
service of Walk-Over Slfoes is in
the wearing. Walk-Over mod
els are exclusive; Walk-Over
workmanship and materials are
a guarantee of "full value re
ceived." Come in, try on a pair
and see how fine Walk-Over
shoes feel, fit and fascinate.
226 Market Street
. i ....■» —i-i i
has moved to H
has moved his offices to the ! ||/\[\ f. I I*
Park Apartments 1.. P. DICKEY
410 North Third Street | b"i ?h 0 M l xfw ,e,,t
We have been adding each week to our line of Fancy Cakes and Pastry.
All just as delicious as highest skill and finest ingredients can produce.
Try us with your next order.
Three-Layer Cakes
Caramel and Chocolate Squares, jg c
Lady Fingers and Macaroons, dozen, . 10c
Our Fresh Meat and Delicatessen departments have met with the
hearty approval of Harrisburg housekeepers and we are serving more cus
tomers every day. When you want a fine, juicy, tender Steak, Chicken
Roast, etc., send us a trial order.
Steaks, 25c, 80c, 33c —Roasts, 20c, 36c —Chickens, fattended on
milk, pound, 30c.
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits of all kinds of best quality. Prices
Bunch Rhubarb
Asparagus l2oc
Tomatoes, pound, 18c
Mushrooms, pound !flOc
New Peas and New Beans, quart,
Large and complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries. We aim to
excel in service, quality and price.
Granulated Sugar, pound
Coffee, pound '.'.25 c, 35c
Canned Vegetables ... . 3 f o ' r og c
Prunes, Apricots and Peaches, pound, 12 c to 25c
; S. S. POMEROY M G fe s r
MtdirnGold Filled Finger Piece Mounting
Tylillilf w
OB and Off
RUBIN & RUBIN, 320 Market St., 2nd Floor
Open Wednesday and Saturday Evenings
Schmidt's Saturday Specials
59tf FEESH OUT 59^
do « n ROSES dozen
A Bunch PEAS A Buncil
Bendy to wear—Pin and Cord Free
15tf GARDENIA , 2 for 25^

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