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FKIDAY. JUNK 1. 1894.
♦ 3k ajc * * * *__ * * *
I The N Y. Weekly Tribune l #
*i and |
* Sullivan Republican *
l'or 1^
* *1.25 One Year $1.25. *
****** * * * * *
Sunday was a perfect day.
Spring chickens will soon bo in
the market.
The council are doing good work
this year.
Fourth of July four weeks from
next Wednesday.
If you want better times, elect
Republican congressmen.
Everybody is pleased with the ad
vancement of Laporte this spring.
The kindling wood factory at Lo
pez, resumed operation last week.
At this season of the year, there
is no place like a home in Lnporte.
The landlords of Eagles Mere.
contemplate a good season this year.
It generally rains court week and
this week is no exception to the
The attendance at Sunday School
increases, as the pic nic season ap
A large number of new buildings
are in course of construction in La
Chas. Lawrence made Williams
port a business trip, on Monday
Flowers were not very plentiful
on Decoration Day. They had come
and gone.
Hon. Russel Karns is having a
wire fence built around his Lake
Mokoma lots.
Dr. Chatree of Towanda, was among
the court visitors iu town the early
part of the week.
A wet May means plenty of hay.
If this saying is correct, wo will
have a large crop this year.
Attys. Wm. Maxwell aiid D. C.
DeWitt, both of Towanda, are in at
tendance at court this week.
Wftverly requires a bond
from every cyclist to cover dam
ages that may arise from accidents.
A Carbotidale man who married
his dead wife's sister now refers to
the departed one as his sister-in-law.
There is one scriptural injunction
that most men obey and that is they
love their enemies—rum and tobac
The officials of the Lake Mokoma
Land Company, are having a road
graded ulong the west side of the
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cheney and
daughter, Miss Bessie of the 'Mere,
were calling on friends in Laporte,
There was a general demand for j
umbrellas Monday and our mer- j
chants did a good business in this
A large number of court guests
took a look at the court boii>e
foundation and pronounced it a first
class job.
The ton it coin.cii will no doubt
order iome repairs made to the j
roids in the second ward at their
next meet in':.
The attendance at court during
the eaily part of ti>o w. ek, was
extraordinary large for this, May
term of court.
The drill is pounding aw ly at tin* I
teat oil well near Forkatou, and Un
people are impatiently awaiting I
The May flood* .Itould be a warn- ,
jug to the Ih-toocraU t<> prepare lot
the political flood Ili it, will overtake
the in next November.
If anything lih|i|i«ii« iii your neigh
Ixjlfcood that would In- of iiili i> ■'
V) the public teiit) il to tie- lUl't u i
1.1 <* k M uuni'-din'rh
The 'ItaII I lon t' in Ltjii.tc
iwp., aloug tin- I'Miliiin- i< d, lu
llel on the ground. The pi> pi
oltkiala ahoithl raptaw it
Tit* Ualival iji'iti l j (lie I h
A'd Hi It tfl \ U>l. I|l'rtu 011 V\ I d "
da , *»»• Uhiia i | li 'i. /ii-1 It*
Louik ai' l t|*i|iug g.i •>!»
I.ttwubi-M Hid Ii« lii uti mi• <1
Uiv lujittj ot UM ku > > lur Ut i •ut
hinti«, t. « Wilt »»«.,• a p.t v
lUit *o|k »iH Muutii- U < > § tj. um*
Hit (i itli l .liull '» > fit, I
Mia (IfHie Nil I Mbit 11 S
V Uw. vi» Hit it.i pa». «u.
U u 1 Ml. » k>«| »I> wl
tbia aUh U*« p»ai »..| m »•»
IvVmnvl tN l»el tifUt*. u|t i i.ulmUf
til i»t4 •**! M»» ''•wit* ♦# "*♦ w*i|
h.t ...4 - el' » V-i i»»»a»4 Wa. mL
Streby of the Dushore Gazette,
was looking after his political fences
iu town, the early part of the week.
The Democratic office seekers arc
In town with their hand extended, n
smile, :i bow. a how to-ilo and a gen
i'ial rchersal of the weather. It
We have placed a dozen or more
new subscribers on onr list this week.
The circulation of the llki'lhuoan,
is increasing at a very satisfactory
The officials of the Lako Mokoma
Land Company have posted in con
spicuous places about the lake—"No
lishing for Suckers on these premis
The Sullivan and Wyoming coun
ty jails are empty of prisoners.
W'liats the good ot a President
Judge in this, the 44th judicial dis
trict, anyway ?
People wishing to do business
with the editor wili find him at his
sanctum. We havu't time to run the
country over at the request of Tom,
Die and Harry.
There was a heavy frost in this
vicinity on Monday night and the
old farmers say lots of damage was
done to the fruit. The garden truck
in sight, was, ''in it."
There are 87 court guests registered
at the Lnporta Hotel! 51 at Hotel
Kennedy ; l>*2 at the Mountain House
ind GO at Fairview Cottage.
Making a total of 2GO.
The Dushore papers have failed to
mention the pie-nio to be hold at
Laportc, on August 15lh. The La
porte subscribers to these papers
will give this matter due notice.
If, as the Democrats argue, it is
right to put a special tax on a man
because he earns beyond a given
sum of money, it is also right to take
care of the man who earns nothing.
The Republicans of Sullivan conn
ly will place in nomination the
strongest ticket possible, at their
convention, regardless of friendly
feelings toward some of her can
The average length of life is great
er in Norway than in any other
country on the globe. This is at
tributed to the fact that the tempera
ture is cool and uniform during the
entire year.
Atty. 11 J. Thomson of Dushore,
recently returned from a business
trip to Nebraska, lie appears very
nnioli impvovod in health. Ilush is
one of the hardest working attorneys
in the county.
Tue Prohibitionists of Wyoming
county, liehl tluir convention, re
cently and elected conferees favor
able to the nomination of Atty, E.
D. Nicholas, of Wilkes-Barre, for
President -fudge.
The citizens of Wiltiainsport are!
holding meetings for the purpose of!
advocating the best and cheapest
plan of protection against floods.
Some advance the id'a of a fort
along the river bunk.
The Elmira Atb'ertiaer says that
from the retail price of beef in that
city iu comparison with the cost of
other products, it has not been ho
high since the children of Israel
made a calf of pure gold,
Hon. J esse Baker of Media, father
of the liaker Ballot Law, accompani
ed by a number of friends contem
plates u fish iu the Sullivan county
streams. They will be the guests of
V r. I"rank Buck, of Lopez.
The Republican . tanding Com
mitter, will meet at Lnporte oil this
Saturday, at 1 o'clock p. in.for the
purpose of fixing the time of hold
| uig our county convention. See
I call elsewhere in this issue.
A. K. Scuieinaii of Du*hore, made
| the Hki'l hi h as ottlce a call, while
in attendance at < >urt on Monday.
Mr. H. complimented our office aud
I the Kkithlumn very highly, A.
K. kimws a good lliing when lie set*
('■ nuts Treasurer William
Mutiny of Cherry, U iu town ihi
•» i*ti to tt It averts juror. Will
w ii«lh. -ante old k'"ot natui. l
| -iinlii ll»a' be Mum during I'i* letui
of oil) e t|e hta host* of lllilldn til
lU • ction
t nit u'liii- |..iiuw.it \ K l«md.
I t'lilllllli Ui'nl bit luy the cut »l"Hii Oil
III* Coiiit H itiut rouuddioii, ot.
IfMrMii ■ It pmm I
t-it tiubb <|.p .i OKv aid w. 4t
It t , i <**■ i
* , *li tu lilt b*litlk> I • til til
U Ml. t hi* ll.ill. |I.U Jtyd** |« «
'' '• * » •"«*• I" '
U*.u 'l,l. t>«'-H I*l itM
UM I»i>. i ol
t'iii*-.l * V •u .id tlm
■ ti»* Jwly '* nu »i$ ii»*t
Those of our people who have
neglected to pay their assessment to
the "cow fund," should do so at
once, as the boy will have served a
mouth ou the 4th of June and will
no doubt make a demand of the
treasurer for his pay 011 this date.
They saj- that if you soak corn
over night before planting it, in a
pail of water in which two table
spoonsful of cloride of lime have
been dissolved, crows will not bother
it neither will worms eat it or frost
kill it. This is simple and worth a
Eugene Tripp, W. B. liitter and
Saiu'l. Kostenbiuler received the con
tract of building the four dwellings
for the Laporte Huilding Associa
tion on Friday evening last. Two
of the houses are to be completed
by Jul) - 15th ami the other two by
the 15th of September.
The New York Hoard of Health
has taken steps to put a stop to the
sale to children of candy in a certain
form known as "brandy drops." It
has been discovered by analysis that
half a dozen of these drops contain
as much alcohol as an ordinary
cocktail. — Ex,
His Scheme to Kscape.
A prisoner missing at roll call in
the Elmira reformatory the other
evening was found in the hardware
shop, where he had been headed up
in a barrel by nnother inmate, and
had been placed among a number of
other barrels ready for shipment.
The Republican State ticket, one
of the best ever presented for the
support of the people of Pennsylva
nia, appears at the head ol our
editorial column. It will stand be
fore the people practically unmatch
ed in point of ability, and its popu
lar acceptance will be attested by a
majority approaching, if not exceed
ing, two hundred thousand.
Ex-County Commissioner, S. Iv.
Meßride of Canton, was among the
jourt visitors in town the early part
}f the week. Ram was here as a
witness in the Geo. Weaver vs. H.
VV. Front/, case. His many Sullivan
jounty fricn Is were pleased to see
aim. The above case was settled on
Monday evening and Sam returned
.0 his home on Tuesday.
Mr. Henry Uptnan of Laporte, is
he owner of a clock, one hundred
|-cars old. It was invented by Eli
Terry and manufactured by Ellsha
of New Hartford, Con. The
>ntirc works of this old relic is made
>f hard wood and is a curiosity,
ilenry sa\ - s it keeps the best of time
md that he would not part with it
or love or money.
Pittsburg has a curious case of
capital punishment on her hands for
cttleinent. A murder h under
entence of death. As Pennsylva
iia has not substituted electricity
or the rope and noose, tho prob
em is how to shuttle him oft, bc
ause lie has a silver tube set in his
hroat to relieve a case of throat
ulting. The trouble is the rope
:annot squeeze tho tube tight
mough to strangle him.
Fourth ot July will be a large day
11 Dusliora. The ofllcials of the
Driving i'ark are going to give us
•ome fast horse racing and a general
jood time. If the day is fair 0111
jeople contemplate a trip over and
)f course in return shall expect to
tee the bright and beautiful faces of
he Dinliore people at Laporte 011 ;
lic-nic day, August 15th. \on
won't forget, will you ?
til I IllllllMHll liitln-r
Mat tie Peek is tlie name of a girl
eeently arrested in Susqueu. Una '
•ounty, charged with the drowning
>!' her new bun bd>y. The
ittle body w:w found 111 a bag lloat.- |
ng on the iurll«8« <>f a mill pond at j
Itijrdiek Hollow 00 day last week
I'lie h»ipposed inhuman mother of,
lie child it now iu jail at Montrose
t i UUlt*rt*!•€*€*
lis lite power vested in County
l!liair>uaii lluth, he h*-> authority to
■ill a lut-eliiig ol the lt> pubbean
|i»trw-t con 4 regional eonfuieiiee,
*itl eh e"iiiptu» 1 \ 011 hiiiube rlaud,
1' iltiiuln«, Muittuur and Sullivan
ouitlic*, to nominate a Ouildldule
M|- til tk otHl < mtiVlll* »11l be lliM
jil.tiM iwl the latlei |nit of
likely the 11 n»e.
Cuui 1 guc*l» eouiiiig fruui the
*t»l"iit |'»' 1 "I euuul», »itv the
■ 1 ttd* aie in 'I i>mlul uuiulitiuii liuiu
I . . lie • tbi I Ulil> •< U Iht »
oe alt .iii«n'Ut (of the fftptntli 11
..f IU u- 4 m«4 up l d ».»k M»4
u 1 . ||(l 111 ' I. • I * ■ •<>*»» Will t»
i 4M t. iby Aepit imUi UIU( elmum
||i I 111 >IM« <* bo the uutatt«U
j. , . (1. li tll lln hi| 11
1 * .|k« 1 MM»U «•»«. tl *
1 i, Ufc eoitleiwytMm ketihg (in
* iNwMUttl iM I*>U>
iu ■■ eu k •».» tUi
mum ye Hk w ' Uv tu be I
A large number of our subscribers
culled aiul settled during the week.
A few wild strawberries have
been plucked from the fields by
Young America.
lleury Upman, some fow years
ago purchased five lots on West
Main street. When he purchased
them they were a bed of rocks, hut
licnry was determined on having a
home there and went strictly to
work building stone fences and to
day he owns one of the neatest little
homes in our borough and we will
wager our last year's straw hat that
he has the finest garden in town.
('OK') UOt'M to JMil.
Jacob S. Coxey, Carl Browne and
Christopher Columbus Jones were
brought into court at Washington
Monday afternoon of last week for
stepping on the grass at the national
capital, and senteuced by Judge
Miller. The court scored the prison
ers severely and gave them each
twenty days a tine of five dollars.
When the evening train on the L.
& M.was going down the mountain
on Friday last, a large grey owl flew
from the woods in front of the en
gine and attempted to flit down the
track ahead. But the iron horse
was too swift for him and he ended
the race by banging violently against
the window of the cab. Engineer
Spence took him in, but he died
fore the train reached Montrose on
the return trip. The bird measured
four feet two inches from tip to tip.
Mr. Spence will have it mounted.—
Montrose Republican.
County Superintendent, F. W.
Meylert, will address circulars to
the several school directors of the
county this Friday, containing school
statistics and items oF general in
terest relating to the work of the
year just closed, and also whatever
suggestions concerning the work of
the coming year as may be consider
ed of value in advancing the cause
of education within tho county.
The pamphlet will uo doubt be read
with interest by our school directors
and the suggestions advanced by
Mr. Meylert given duo notice.
County Supt. Meylert is giving all
of his time to tho advancement of
our schools, and our directors
should not hesitate to give liim all
the aid possible.
An interesting atlair took place at
Gallagher's Cafe on Monday even
ing. Two strangers entered the
dinning room and called for lunch,
and while partaking of turkey they
earnestly and quietly talked over old
matters. Like Jack in the box one
of them sprang to his feet and said
"I ought to give you a whipping for
the money you have cost me" and
made a dive for his man, who darted
around the room at a two forty gate
and proved to be too much on loot
for his antagonist, as he dashed out
the side door into darkness un
harmed and where, we presume he
breathed much easier. The fracas com*
ing to suddenly caused quite a sensa
tion in the cafe and made lots of
fun for the boys.
U 11.1. WIN l.\ A <A\ I'KK
Tlie IteiMihllCHiiN Will (aulu a
( uiigsrfMiuaU In Tills District.
lion. Simon I*. Wolverton de
clines to ngain be a candidate for
Congress in the Seventeenth dis
trict, which is very sensible on his
part. If a Democrat is to represent
his district, however, we should
very much prefer to see Mr. Wolver
; ton in Congress, as he U a very aide
> man. Hut it is watted from Fishing
j Creek valley that Charles 11. Buck
id!; w is to be the nominee, in which
'case we extend the live Ilemocrats
! our sympathy. It is haul work to
enthuse over a political fossil, and
tint is the class in which lluekalow
is placed just now. A good Re
publican nominee will chase tho old
mau out of his political limits and
will iu a canter,
«.<»>*; Mini *\oriir.u ntw.
til l.lo|ieuieiil I Iml Hill liKl Im m
I'srvf ur Trwtfvil).
,latue» Ouiivtou. of shauiokiu, i»
iid*aiug Wo is Mis Peter lleck, of
Uievu Ititlge. Jaiues and Mr*,
filler are sweet uu inch oihur, have
,u«t eland* »tinvl> and now two
faitilie* ate in a peek of (rouble
I. l-l flldav aflt IHOUII IWt llei k
! ut lu Ml t'uliui'l and tlivit flout a
•HtlNg land two handled tl'dlaiS
that »i'i» hard valued and saved
by the giiuittal kind of
mlMmhil. kitei kt nsnt to Ms
mitk Munh) moiaiiig Uu IVtn
M't 'tsinl l -'! the ai»i*» % , put h«i oi i|
iit*tdw the In*l i |utii«« *he MMMMtaeMI
4Ui| svut 4a4j i U!liii 4 uUiMlsa
in* liw ui wiUt i to a«id oil *u*|nk
low Wi»i |j|i>«ivi It I to HhaiMukiM,
sbi.it shir in't l«ui s Uuk<|uu, who
11 a»« aieM waits ap te Wie must si> h*h
i a» «tih« i It# to bt< i/li«n
t Unit *a 4 tks }ai| tint swims pi*«-<
i 4M-I ate UtlMjj i***i|/.<«eO a fiai i
• OMMf*
The Murder Theory IN Being
Freely Dlncussed.
District Attorney Gilmore was in
Watson town Saturday attending the
adjourned meeting of the House-,
knechl coroner's jury. The jury,
after retiring for a short time, re
turned "that after viewing the body
aud from the evidence produced be
fore them, the said Isaac Houses
knecht came to his death from some
cause unknown to tho jurj'."
There are several suspicious fea
tures in connection with the afiair
that are to be investigated by the
Lycoming County authorities. It is
said that at the post-mortem ex
amination on Huseknecht's body
the lungs were found to be collapsed.
If this is the case the man must
have been dead before he entered
the water. It is further said that
when the roll of paper money was
taken from Houseknecht's pocket
it was found that the innermost bills
of the roll wero dry. It is claimed
that if the body had been in the
water from the time Houseknecht
disappeared this money would have
been saturated. The silver money
was untarnished.
It will also .be remembered that
several shots were heard on the
night of Januarj' 27, and that House
knecht's overcoat was found hang
ing on a fence post near the river.
All these facts seem to place the
"accidental drowning theory" in the
back-ground. However, the case
will be given strict attention by the
District Attorney, although the task
will prove an arduous one.—Ex.
Miss Mable Spencer aud Miss
Emma Tinklepaugh both of Laporte
and who have been engaged in milli
nery and dressmaking in Williams
port, for the past month or two, re
turned home on Wednesday of last
week. They report a general stand
still of business (owing to the flood)
in the city.
Mrs. C. W. Champion and Miss Ada
Frutchcy, lmve established a dress makers
shop over D. E. Mingos & Co. store, Du
shore, I'a. Competent judges of sewing
pronounce their work as good as the bestj
It you wish good goods at bottom prices,
goto Bodine it Waun, Sonestown, Pu.
For canned goods goto BODINE &
Waiin, Sonestown, Pa, They have a
large assortment.
BODINE & WARN, Sonestown, Pa., are
now Belling for cash or produce. Give
them a call.
BODIXK & WARN, Sonestown, Pa., buy
alt kiln Is of produce in exchange for goods.
Just received at T. J. Keeler's store, a
new lot of Morie silk, worth 75 cents per
yard—Our price 50 cents.
A uew lot of the latest stylos of Dress
goods just arrived at T. J. KEELER'S.
LIME for fertilizing and building, ad
dress John 11. Fox ifc Co.. Hughcsville, Pa.
Tin rooting, Spouting. Guttering, any
kind of tin work vou want, done on short
notice at the Leading Hardware Store.
SAM'I, COI.K, Dushore, L'a.
We always keep a good supply of paints
oils and glass and all kinds of building
supplies. Coles Hardware, Dushore, Fa-
For the latest styles in men's and wo
men's shoes, call on John V- Finkle the
boot and shoe inau South Muucy St, La
porte, Pa.
A lot of s:i.oo ladies shoes will be sold
for $4.00 until the stock is exhausted at
T. J. Kkki.KK'S.
We have on hand the largest assort
mont of ladies' gents' and childrens' shoes
at the lowest prices ever offered in La
porte- Come and see them. —T.J. KKKI.EII
Get your milk pans and pails at C'OI.E'S
Hardware. Made of the best material
aud workmanship.
Men's women's and children's rubbers of
all si/.es at John Kiukle's, the Laporte Imku
and shoe man Joint offers them reason
able. If in need of rubbers fur yourself
I or the little ones, go look them over.
I Columbia Blcyes the best in the world;
: also liiiigluiintou Itireyles for sale at
| COI K'S Hardware, Dushore, Pa.
You cau net more Hutu f'i.oo a day
; making birch oil, and I tan put ynu up a
! Still fur about one-half the co*| of only a
{ few mouth* ago. I have made over forty
Sidloautl I know how they »tiouhl be made.
| Write or call for prices
Dealer, Jackson » block, Dushore, i'a
Notion* aiul lliygood, jiut re. t tved at
I' J KKhl.hltrt, «l bottom piUn, ul»o
I Mens Furnishing good*.
For b.tiln-it or plain line wire, call al
t iil.a a llaldaaK, Dti.hore, Pa
| hurtutf thew hart! tiuu* nt(yM)
: to in) ut ouoiuii tl. liny a (iaaoleue
looking Nlo>« Hid M*l iu furl, liuie,
tioubli huihiiiM *t' Call and in
.I*ll tlu in at tuii't Hardware, Dndioic.
Tliiw 'am el ik's 41 ee.it» an I ttiret
■ .aw* 'I loMatue* i > .tbi* at, kkfct.au'*.
»ha>U< altto «p<lug i»tui* <1
>.mu at htaat aa *
4 nam *at«a*t»H aimtu* •pina lot
tpiiug a>u<.|oa iuli*tu» lan ta
I Fun *m a nilli a Hid*.a I.4>y lu put
up at, Ik a
La-la* nlUll ,1 *|| »*« at
Ikaai an a,
tansUl i Unlit*,
la44*ls taaWmva'aO k«»ii«g I»*U 41 *M
Hi k lih ' I I Ml" 11 till ill
4ua* t hi.»i<«i.« it u i*u uf La u
t> a u li*4 i# h.•' n# gi»«a ih«t all
i u-u ui li»'k M» jt« » I i *ta imh I
li« ' i 1 * .' i ~
Milltli tin 11*1 ISSII pll -. I*l lltnn
I t..li «.TL > 4i■ tk M
' IUVi fci.»*i-»
laji Hi, -«#4
Manufactuter and dealer in
Wc keep at nil times a Complete
Assortment of the most Rcliuble'Make and Latest Styles.
I secure all discounts al- pflfljj And can sell at Low
lowed by wholesale dealers to UiiMu fiUlimi Prices, with satisfaction.
is rushed to keep up with orders and we Defy Competition "***%
in quality and prices. Our French Kip Boots are an especial bar
gain. A pleasure to show goods whether you buy or not.
J. S. Harrington 9
I am prepared to meet any prices or quotations with a first class
well selected stock ot
I also have full linos of Samples from two Merchant Tailoring Estab*
lishments,for Custom Work. Perfect fits guaranteed. Call and get prices.
Yours Respectfully etc.,
§1.50 itozen.
For This Mouth Only at Englebreckt's Gallery
Citizens ot Shunk£ Vicinity,
ARE STRICTLY IN IT ? (And don't you think they ore not).
With the largest lino of General Merchandise ever kept in a first class (Jcneral Store. J"a!|
anil Winter goods of every description, and a full line of everything, and no trouble to si ow
goods and we will for CASH sell you cheaper than you can buy elsewhere either in Sullir&n »r
Bradford. Call and look them over, bsfore btijing elsewhere, as wo can save you money.
Thanking you for your patronlge in tho past, by H .nest and Fair dealings wo hope to merit
y ur patronage in the futuro. Yours very respectfully,
J. H. Campbell & Son.
A Big Bargain,
Come and see us,
Dushore, Penn.
We have on hand an excellent line of Gents furnishing goods of all kinds includ
ing *uits, Overcoats, Hats, Caps, Underware. Boots and Shoes, Rubber good* Felt*
and etc., at prices that defy competition.
Custom WORK
Correctly done at our head quarters in HOTEL CARROLL BLOCK at Dufhore. Pa.
We respectfully invite \ OL' tocall and see us and examine goods and prices
fore purchasing elsewhere.
J, W. Carroll & Co.
fctf We are headquarters for Henriettas, Cashmeres, lllick French goods
Moire' Silks Moire'Cotteu Coods. .lipouetl<s, Kmc French Uinghsms
Suttiues. Dotted Swiss effects Ac. '
Everyb«Mly w ill want—
iLaces This Years
For ti imuiiug. \S o have tl»e largest ilock of thciu e?er ihowu
ill the t'onuty.
IliiViu.; iiu|iufli''l -tever d et'stv ot I'rui ki i \ direct—
;From England.^
We Me pup.lied lu give you puc>s IhU will loUuilsU you.
\ Uvw uf I. tdu » M u « s»t»d I'tu irvn's >h>« \\ iii4>>«* shsdefl,
Iltff fwUlUft A lit * xtuek "112 Kleslt Or<Me[lvt
Aiiiviug I'ttiiy. lilvi us 4 euli
i;. a. svi.r.iN.i.
|.o\ U. MN k (O IL
i'w.i, lM s#t« «| iUs Iknthif "I lbs I-U.s 4 »ttU4««|
j' lu. It ■*
lbs »»»U I. S.W 4 buliHsk UU I U UtisM, «i*\

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