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I The N. Y. Weekly Tribune I,
*i and |
* /Sullivan Republican *
*51.25 One Year $1.25. j
%* —* * * * *""* * *' "*
The hotels at the 'Mere are "Oiling
up." __
Excursions to Mokonui, are num
Colored campmeeting at Laporte.
Aug. 4.
The rain on Monduy night was
Church fair anil festival on Friday
and Saturday.
The oats crop will be a failure in
this vicinity.
The drouth, has ruined the potato
crop in this section.
Laporte's water supply is clown
to low water mark.
Mrs. W. A. Kennedy of Laporte,
is quite dangerously ill.
The head waters of Lake Mokoma
is being cleaned of debris.
Mrs E. V. Ingham of the 'Mere,
is visiting friends in Wysox.
If you want the news when fresh,
subscribe for tbe REPUBLICAN.
A number of woodsmen were in
town Tuesday. They were loud.
On Friday the thermometer regis
tered 1)6 and on Saturday 00. Quite
a change.
An excursion of four hundred
people will visit Lake Mokoma, this
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ilannon
and little baby of Sayrc, are visiting
friends in town.
Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh and
family of Laporte, are visiting
friends in Cherry.
This is pretty hot weather for
candidates, but they must make hay
while the sun shines.
If you would enjoy a good time,
jump aboard the cars and come to
Laporte on August 15th.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ring of
Ringdale, were calling on friends at
the county seat, Sunday.
The Republicans of Bradford
county will hold their convention
on Thursday, August Oth.
The W. U, T. A. will meet at
Mrs. A. J. Ilackley's, Thursday,
July 2Ctb, at 3 o'clock p. ni.
The Montrose Republican occu
pies its new home The build
ing is said to be very complete.
Rev. Mr. Stewart accompanied by
his son, John Stewart, of Towanda,
arc guests of the Mountain House.
Five or six hundred people of
Williamsport are enjoying a picsnic
at Lake Mokoma to-day, Thursday.
The grass in Mountain Ash ceme
tery has been cut, which adds very
much to the appearance of the ceme
Atty. J. H. Cronin and H. G.
Huft'master, both of Dushore, were
doing business at the county seat,
The 15th of August, only three
weeks from next Wednesday. Make
arrangements to come to Laporte
on that day.
M. W. Jackson, of the firm of
Jackson & Woodin, car builders, of
Berwick, died on Wednesday of last
week aged 79 years.
Montrose has vofed to putin their
own electric light. The election
was held on Tuesday July 10th, and
the vote stood 144 to CO.
Miss Ola Mahntfey of Laporte,
who has been visiting friends in
Williamsport for several weeks, re
turned home on Monday.
There will be a three cornered
fight in the Democratic convention
for Member, and it has the appear
ance of being pretty lively, too.
Dr. Pratt of Dushore, was called
to Lnporte, on professional business,
Monday. He came over to sec Mrs,
Wm. Heim, who is dangerously ill.
Misi Mertie and Hash Stewart of
Laporte, who were visiting friends
in Clearfield, f<»r the past few weeks,
returned home on Thursday of last
Nearly every business man in
Chicago has signed a petition to
Congress iisking that the taritl ques
tion be settled, no matter how, and
HO say we all of us.
Everybody, rich and poor, old
and young, married and single,
should make positive arrangements
to Join the excursion to Laporte on
August 15th. The people of La
porte will take extra pains that *isit
mg guests are given a good time.
The Democrats over here, say
that Grandmother , has put hi 9 foot
iu it.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hannon of
Forksville, are visiting friends in
Hon. Kuftsel Karns of Laporte,
broke ground for his Lake Mokouia
cottaye, Monday.
A number of people of Dushore
and vicinity, passed through La
porte en-route to Eagles Mere,
on bicycles, Wednesday.
JMA Minn. —July 4th, at Lewis
burg, by Rev. L. C. Davis: Mr.
Win. 11. Parsons and Miss Emma
Craft, both of Glen Mawr, Fa.
Clias. Landon raised the frame
work for his new dwelling, o:i West
Meylert street, Wednesday. Char
ley is going to have a neat little
Several of our young ladies en
joyed a walk to Eagles Merc,
Wednesday. They went over to
join the excursion and hear the
band play.
Dept. County Treasurer, Morgan
Gavitt, was assisting his father, Mr.
Peter Gavitt of Laporte twp., to
make hay the early part of this
Debs, the man who thought he
could rule the nation with one wave
of his hand, was a Democratic repre
sentative in the Indiana Legislature
in 1884.
Collector llei ring of this internal
revenue district has already turned
ever to the government $715,869.7G,
the largest amount ever collected in
the district.
The people of Benton and vicinity
are making arrangements togo on
an excursion to Atlantic City on
August 23d. A very large time is
Miss Ettie Chase of Laporte, re
turned home from an extended visit
with her grand-parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jilodget, in Sinnanjahoning,
on Fiida3' of last week.
Joseph E. Piollet died at. his home
in Wysox on Thursday morning
July 19th after a long and lingering
illness with that dread disease, con
sumption, aged seventy-four years.
During u thunder shower on Fri
day lust, the Laporte tannery build
ing was struck by lightning. No
serious damage was done. Just an
arm full of shingles knocked off,
tbats all.
Herman lling and his sister
Julius, of liingdale, each purchased
a lot on South Muncy street of F.
M. Crossley Monday. Herman
contemplates erecting a home on
his this fall.
St. Joint's I". E. t latircli, l.nportc.
Divine services will be held in the
above church on Sunday, July 29.
1894, at 4 p.m. by the Rev. Mr.
Israel, of Scranton, Pa, Everybody
are cordially invited to attend.
The thermometer registered 9P>
in Laporte on Friday last. This is
away up for Laporte. The old set
tlers can not call to mind when they
suffered more with the beat than on
this date.
Mr. P. Connor of Bernice, Sulli
van County's Democratic candidate
for Congress, accompanied by Air.
P. E. Alden, civil engineer of the
Bernice mines, made us a pleasant
call while in town on business,
The colored people's campmeeting
to be held in the Mason grove at the
bead of Lake Mokoma, commencing
on Saturday, August 4th, and con
tinuing for ten days, will enjoy a
liberal attendance of white people of
this vicinity.
Jack Swank of Elmira, who has
traveled the roads in the interest
of a wholesale liquor house of Phila
delphia and other places, for the
past fourteen years, contemplates
leasing tbe Tidd Hotel stand in To
A board about the courthouse
fell and struck one of the hod car
riers on tbe head Tuesda}-. Two
gashes were cut in his head and
blood flowed freely. He did not
lay lip the "shuble and de-hoe,"
15read is selling for (» and 8 cents
a loaf in adjoining towns. We are
paying lft cents n loaf. Why not
I drop in price in this vicinity? The
price of flour is away down and
bread stull should go down in pro
It is said that Mr. Cleveland's
lefter to Mr. Wilson WHS received in
the Senate with many (eers and
much laughter. Remember the re
spect due your President, gentle
men. He miy be a little wrong on
; the <|UCHtionn of the day, but no
man ought to so far forget himself
a* to jeer at him. The office if not
1 tbe man should carry dignity.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tripp's little
baby is dangerously ill. Dr. Wad
dell of Dushore, was over to sec it
Mrs. Wilhelmina Pflaum of Dr
shore, mother of Mrs. Simon Hreger
of Laporte, died at her home, of
dropsy of the heart, on Monday
morning. Interment took place in
the German Cemetery near Du
shore, on Wednesday.
Tho Ladies Aid Society of La
porte will give a fair and festival in
the post oflice buildirg opposite
Keeler's store, on Friday and Satur
day of this week. Tho proceeds
will be used for church purposes.
All are cordialty invited.
The REPUBLICAN announced some
time ago that A. Logan Grim of La
porte, was a candidate for Member.
This week the Gazette will contain
his announcement. Mr. Grim would
make a first rate Member and should
receive the support of every Demo
crat in the land.
The Lake Mokoma Land Company
should erect a bathing house at Lake
Mokoma. This Company is some
what slack in the way of enterprise,
anyway. They have invested but
little money during the past few
years in the way of improvement
down there. The Williamsport
parties interested, are opposed to
Fr. Martin, of Overton, Fr. Han
ley, of Towanda, and Fr. Sandaal,
of Athens, all old college friends of
Fr. Enright, visited him at Laporte
on Monday and took a look at the
site for the new Catholic Church.
They were loud in their praise of
the selection of the site, and after
examining the plans pronounced
them the finest they had ever seen.
Poor Strebv of Grandmother, has
another fit. Tiiis tune it was oc
casioned by our article showing him
up in the matter of the corner stone
for the new Reformed Church at
Dushore. His ranting about the
REPUBLICAN gives us no concerne,
but we think it was hardly decent
for him to throw mud at his honor
able competitor for the oflice of
Representative and to accuse him
of being a heeler and boodler.
Such attacks will do you more harm
than good, Georgle, for every one
knows that Mr. Farrell is an honest,
intelligent and decent man,
Japan and China have had a fallen
out and are, going to war about it.
The dispute is over the Corealsland,
both countries claim possession of
the island, which is about twice as
large as the State of Pennsylvania.
A war in Japan and China perhaps
will make better times in Pennsyl
vania. Something dreadful must
occur to make up for the deficiency
of our Democratic administration.
All Olliee <>oe«t KrxeiuK^
Centralia, Columbia county, is a
town without a tax collector. Both
the Town Council aiul the School
Board have combined their efforts
to secure a collector, but no one
wants tjje job. The lawful com
pensation is 110 inducement, and it
is believed that 10 per cent, will
have to be allowed before a collector
can be obtained. In the mean time
the borough treasury is depleted
and the oflicials are in a quandry.
This is quite different from the
situation in Sullivan county. Our
people resort to law for the collector
The Germania excursion of To
wanda passed through Laporte at
about 10 a. m. Wednesday. There
were about six hundred people
aboard. The L V. crew brought
them as far as Satterfleld where the
\V. & N. B. crew and engines, No. 5
and 7 met them and transported
them over our road to Sonestown-
There were two sections. No. 5
took the lead, she had attached to
her ocoaches and they were filled
to overflowing. No. 1 had teu
coaches, but they were not all Oiled.
The Y. M. C. A. ball It-am went
through on the regular. It was a
gala (lay for the excursionists, judg
ing from the smiles that branched
out on their faces as they parsed
through Laporte,
Teuelier* .Mormiil liiNlltiile.
The Teachers' Normal Institute
will be held at Dugliore, commencing
Monday, August 13, at 1:30 p. m.,
and will continue in session one
The following books will be used:
Brook's Methods of Teaching;
Robinson's Complete Arithmetic;
Robinson's Intellectual Arithmetic;
Townsend's Civil Government i
Haines's History ; Kerfs and Reed
and K»')log>:'s Grammari Swlnton's
and Butler's Geography i Steele's
Physiology; Swinton's Fifth Reader.
1 Singing book—"Wreath of Gems."
Teachers holding provisional cer
'l i Heat CM and thoso who expect to
j tench for the first time during the
coming school term are expected to
iilloml. i'l ease be present aud
ready for work at the llrst seMlon.
K. W. MEYLCKT, Supt.
• Laporte, Pa, July 23, 1 s#o4.
Mr. and Mrs, Judge Ingham, Mr.
and Mrs. E. P. Ingham and Mr.
and Mrs. F. 11. Ingham and little
daughter Eunice, are spending the
week with friends in Wyalusing and
Sugar Run.
Wotk on the uew courthouse is
progressing nicely. The bricklayers
have the first story laid and also the
second story on the cast side.
Generally speaking, the people like
the plan of the building very much.
The old hoard of county commis
sioners will get their just dues in
the end.
The date of the cauipmceting of
colored people of Williamsport at
Lake MOKOUI:I, has been fixed. It
is to commence on Saturday the 4th
day of August and continue for ten
days. Rev. Mr. Johnson of Williams
sport, accompanied by a minister ol
Towanda, were in Laporte Thurs
day making arrangements. We un
derstand that the colored people ol
Towanda, will take part in the meet
Wo were busy in our job depart
ment last week doing paper books.
We did one in the case of: August
L. Smith, Treasurer of Sullivan
County, Plaintiff; vs. John H, Far
rell and Gabriel Litzelman, two of
the County Commissioners of Sulli
van County, Defendants. A. J.
Bradley, attorney for plaintiff. The
case was brought by Smith and is
relative to commission allowed him
for moneys paid out as Co. Treas
A destructive forest fire swept over
Dutch Mountain in the vicinity ol
Ricketts last week, doing damage to
hundreds of acres of standing timber
and burning thousands of logs ready
for the mill. The Dorsey lutnbei
camp and another house and barn
closo by were consumed in the
flames. Several buildings owneJ
by Trexell & Terrell were also con
sumed. The loss of the standing
timoer will be felt to a great extent,
by the lumbermen in the vicinity of
The Eagles Mere base ball team
took the early morning train on
Friday last en-route to Towanda*
The object of their visit to tiie me
tropolis of Bradford, was, fo knock
out the Y. M, C. A. team. They
were doomed to disappointment,
however. The result of this union
was: Y. M. C. A. 17 scores;
Eagles Mere 13- The 'Mere boys
claim that three of their regulars
were not in the thatch and that when
they come together they will make
it more than interesting for the To
wanda boys.
Streby, of Grand mother—the (itt::-
zcttc, appears to think that all the
Democratic leaders in the county
are heelers and boodlers. This is
pretty hard on Karns, Walsh, Smith,
Flynn, Murray, Gallagher, Phillips,
Tonkin, Parrel 1, Speaker, Wright,
Caseman and a number of other
gentlemen, who have always been
considered by the people of the
county to be good men and trun.
If Grandmother is to lie relied upon
the only good men in the Demo
cratic party are, Streby, himself
and the man who writes his editorials.
Mr. Chas. Stewart of Clearfield,
who spent several weeks with his
son, D. M. Stewart of the Laporte
Hotel, this summer, has evidently
given the boys down thero a great
big "stifT," regarding the wilds of
Sullivan. The Clearfield Journal
publishes his well gotten up story,
wherein be relates a big kill—two
hear and two catamounts in one day.
Great Scott we do not believe there
are a half dozen men in the county
who can boast of killing two bear in
one day. There are some bear here
but I hey are not as plenty as ail this
He speaks of catching suckers, this
is true, we have them in abundance.
The old gentleman, without doubt,
''winked the other eye,'" when he cut
lose from the reporter.
The Lawrence Bros, of Dushore,
were awarded the contract of erect
ing the new Catholic church at this
place, on Monday and broke ground
for the same on Wednesday, The
structure will be of wood and will
bo 40 by 05 feet, Tho height of the
spire will be 16 feet. The location is
on West Park street; one of the
finest sites for a church or a dwell
ing In our town. The force of
carpenters now at work on the Troy
courthouse, under the supervision
of tho Lawrence Bros., will have
said building completed, HO far as
the carpenter work is concerned, and
ivady for the plasterers by the mid
dle of next week, when they will
come to Laporte and assist to erect
| '.lie church. It will be a neat and
pretty edifice, one that all of us can
[ feel proud of. Fr, Km iglit, who
was the leading spirit in Ibis enter
prise, will spend a good part of hi*
lime ut Laporte, in close consulta
tion with the contractors, during its
The Loyal Temperance Legion
atul Vs. of Forksville, will hold an
entertainment, followed l»y a Millin
ery Soeial, Saturday evening, July
'2.H, 18!U, in the hull over the store
of G. W. Snyder & Co. All are
cordially invited. Admission—
adults, 1:> cents ; children, 10 cents.
Proceeds to he used in county
temperance work.
The Ladies Aid Society will meet
at the residence of Mrs. j. W. Bal
lard. Aug. Ist, IKO4.
MRS. J. 11. SPENCF.R, Sec'y.
ItllSlllCH* I.CM'WI.H.
Haying tools of all kinds at B. ITE W'F.
Souei-town, Pa.
Paris green for your potato bugs and oil
for mowing machines, at Bodine & Wurn's
Sonestown, Pa.
Goto Bodine «fc Warn, Sonestown, l'a.,
for mackerel and lake herring.
If you wish good goods at bottom figures
goto B. iz W's. Sonestown, Pa.
A large and complete assortment of
grain cradles sickles, and all kinds of
harvesting tools at Coles Hardware.
Bicycle, sundries and repairs at Coles
You can net more than $2.00 a day
making birch oil, and I can put you up a
Still for about one-half the cost of only a
few months ago. 1 have made over forty
Stills and 1 know how they should be made.
Write or call for prices.
Dealer, Jackson's block, Dushore, Pa.
During these hard times everybody
wishes to be economical. Buy a Gasolene
Cooking Stove and save in fuel, time,
trouble building tires etc- Call and in
spect theni at COLE'S Hardware, Dushore,
For a good hay rake goto CHAS. LA LEU
Laporte, Pa.
Ice Cream will be served Friday after
noon and evening at the parlor of the
Mountain House. Mus. M. C. LAUER.
For agricultural implements goto CHAS.
LAUEK, Laporte, l'a.
Three cans of corn 21 cents and throe
cans of tomatoes 85 cents at, KEELER'S.
WANTED.—A good blacksmith; for
further particulars write or inquire of—
Laporte, Pa.
A lot of $:100 ladies shoes will be sold
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We have on hand the largest assort
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porte. Come and see them. —T.J. IVRELER.
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Hardware. Made of the best material
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Men's women's aud children's rubbers of
all .sizes at John Fmkle's, the Laporte boot
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able. If in need of rubbers for yourself
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Just received at T. J. Keeler's store, a
new lot of Morie silk, worth 75 cents per
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A new lot. of the latest styles of Dress
goods just arrived at T. J. KEELIiK S.
LIME for fertilizing and building, ad
dress John 15. Fox A: Co.. Hugliesville, Pa.
Tin rooting Spouting, Guttering, any
kind of tin work you want, done on short
notice at the Leading Hardware Store.
SAM'I. COI.E, Dushore, l*a
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porte, Pa.
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T. J. KEELEIi'S, at bottom prices, also
Mens Furnishing goods.
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CGIJK'B Hardware, Dushore, Pa.
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hanging spring window curtains. Can be
used on any width window. Easy to put
up at, KEELKH'H.
Ladies slilrt waists of all sizes at
W. C. MASON "I In the Court of
| Common Pleasof
vs. Sullivan County,
' No. 98. May
SUSAN W. GARIIIOUES. j Term, 1894.
Sullivan Count)/, SS:
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to
the Sheriff of said County, Greeting:
We command you. as before command
ed. that you attach Susan W. Garrigues,
late of your county, by all and singular
her goods and chattels, lands and tene
ments, in whose hands or possession so
ever the same may be, so that they shall
appear before our Court of Common Pleas
to be hohleu at Laporte in and for said
County, on the 17th day of September,
next, there to answer John L. Smyth and
Charles It Latter, assigned to W. C.
Mason and W, C. Mason, in a Plea of
Assumpsit. And that you attach a piece
or parcel of land, in the Borough of La
porte, described as follows:
Beginning at a corner of Lot No. 4 of
William A. Mason's allotment, thence
east along southerly line of said lot, and
extending along southerly lino of 5 and 6.
along aforesaid allotment, 120 rods to a
corner of Lot No. 8. along aforesaid allot
ment. Thence along westerly line of hist
named lot, 40 rods to corner of Lot
10, thence along westerly liue of last
named lots 120 rods to easterly line of lot
12. Thence along easterly line of afore
said lot 40 rods to place of beginning.
Containing 30 acres to !«• the same, more
or '1 lie same being unimproved and
And, also, that you summon all persons
in whose hands or possession the said
goods and chattels, lands and tenements,
or any of them may be attached. So that
they, and every of them, be and appear
bet ore our said Court ou the 17th day of
September, l<->94, to answer what shall l>e
objected against them, and abide the
ju«ljjn»»-nt of the said Court therein. And
have you then and thee this writ.
Witness ih<' Honorable John A. Sittser,
| President Judge of our said Court, at La
poite, this illst day of May, A. !>,, 1894.
Published by order of the said Court.
TiiouAs MAIIAKKEV Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Laporte, Pa., June 15, 91,
First National Bank,
Capital ?50,000. Surplus and Undivided Profits $12,600
This tmnk oiler-; nil the uanal Irn ilitics for the transaction of a
Accounts Respectfully Solicited.
DeWitt Bodine, President. W. C. Frontz, Cashier
C. \V. Waddrop, Vice President.
Muuufactuter and dealer in
Boots and Shoes.
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Lace curtains &c. A new stock of Fresh Groceries
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E. G. S
Loyal Sock Coal, for sale at the Breaker of the State Line & SalliVM
Railroad Co. at Bernice
The Slate Line A Sullivan R. R Co. I. 0. BLIGHT, BUPT

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