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New York Pity.—Comfortable house
or breakfast jackets that are tasteful
and attractive at the same time are
essential to a young girl's wardrobe,
as they are that of her mother and
elder sister. This pretty May Manton
design is simple and girlish and can
bc> made snug or left loose as occasion
demands. As shown the material is
pink French tlannel with trimming of
narrow black wash ribbon, but Scotch
flannel, flannelette, cashmere and hen
rietta cloth are equally suitable.
The back is plain across the shoul
ders and drawn down in rows of gat It
ers at the waist line; but the fronts
are gathered at the neck and fall in
becoming folds which can bo held in
place by means of a ribbon passed
around the waist, or allowed to hang
free as preferred. The sleeves are in
bishop style, with narrow pointed
cuffs and the neck is finished with a
wide round collar that is youthful in
effect and allows freedom to the
throat; but can be made with a stock
to match the cuffs as shown in the
small sketch. The edge of the collar
end lower edge of the jacket are scal
loped and give a pretty outline, but
the fronts are straight with ornamen
tal buttons and buttonholes.
To cut this jacket for a miss of four
teen years of age three yards of ma
terial twenty-seven inches wide, two
and five-eight yards thirty-two inches
wide or two yards forty-four inches
wide will be required.
Woman's Houso Coat.
No woman of taste allows herself to
be without tasteful, easy, negligee gar
ments. that are becoming at the same
time that they allow perfect freedom
and relaxation. This simple house
coat is specially designed by May Man
ton to meet morning needs and is
carefully cut and shaped. As shown
in the large drawing, the material is
eiderdown flannel in soft pink with
bands Oi satin ribbon in the same
chade, but the flannel can be found in
various colors and the ribbon can be
made to contrast with equally good ef
fect, while French and Scotch flannel,
flannelette, cotton velours and fleece
lined albatrcss are all appropriate. The
fronts are loose and lap over in double
breasted fashion at the upper portion,
but are cut away below the waist in a
novel and attractive manner. The
back includes a centre seam that, with
the underarm gores, gives a graceful
fitted effect that is universally becom
ing- The sleeves are in bishop style,
with narrow pointed cuffs, and at the
neck is a turn-over collar that has
pointed ends and is cut in a single
pcint at the back.
To cut this coat for a woman of me
dium sice three and one-eight yards
rf material twenty-seven inches wide,
Iwo and a half yards thirty-two inches
wide or ono and three-quarter yards
Corty-fov.r inches wide will be re
Openwork llronze liuttons.
Some handsome metal buttons are
cut out in open work, and these are
used in pairs on the front of boleros
or jackets. The pair of buttons are
linked with i\ chain of the same metal,
which swings across the soft blouse
front of lace, chiffon or mousseline de
coie openwork. Bronze buttons, con
nected with a bronze chain, are among
the handsomest yet seen of these open
work buttons. Gun metal, gilt, silver,
cut steel ami oxidized silver and brass
buttons are all used. The bronze are
new. The eliaius which connect a pair
of buttons are formed of little beads.
These are preferred to link chains.
Tlie Faßhlon In Mourning Hnudkerclilcfe
A new fashion in mourning handker
chiefs has been Introduced, and bids
tail" to supersede the black border. The
new cambric handkerchiefs have hem
stitched borders of white, instead of
black. A band of black is introduced
below the bordei and separated from
it bj exactly its proper width. Th's
goes around the four sidts of the
handkerchief. Of course, you can ob
tain the black-hennued or black-bor
dered handkerchiefs by giving the
proper orders, but if your purse is full
and yoti desire tlie novelty you can
get the handkerchief with "inlays'' of
A Feature of the New Gowns.
Rather short sash ends with loops,
or a soft rosette finish at th» waist
line, are one feature of the new dressy
gowns. They are usually made of soft
silk drawn in with a tasseled finish at
one end, and attached either at one
side of the front or directly in the
Costume For a Girl.
Bolero effects are always becoming
to little girls and are in the height of
present styles. The very pretty cos
tume shown is suited to many ma
terials and combinations but. as illus
trated, is uade of Napoleon blue hen
rietta cloth with trimming of black
velvet ribbon, chemisette and under
slecves of soft blue taffeta dotted with
black, and is worn with a sash of
wider velvet ribbon.
The skirt is cut in three pieces, a
gored front and circular sides, and ia
lengthened by a graduated circular
flounce seamed to the lower edge. The
foundation for the waist is a smoothly
titted body lining. On it are arranged
the full chemisette and the bolero
fronts, the trimming being extended
on the back to complete the effect. The
skirt having Inverted pleats or gath
ers at the back is joined to the waist
and, with it, closes invisibly at the
centre. The sleeves are double, in con
formity with the latest styles, but
are quite simple notwithstanding that
fact. The full under portions, or puffs,
are arranged over and joined to tlie
plain lining while the upper sleeves
are made separately and drawn over
the whole.
To cut this costume for a girl of ten
years of age six yards of material
twenty-one inches wide, five yards
twenty-seven inches wide, or three and
three-eight yards forty-four inches
wide will be required, with one and a
quarter yards twenty-one inches wid
for chemisette and undersleeves.
A Valuable Cement.
To make a cement for rubber or
leather, dissolve one ounce of chloro
form. Clean the parts to be cemented.
Cover each part with the solution, and
let dry for twenty or thirty minutes.
Now warm each part in the flame of a
candle, and press very iirmly together
• ill dry.
Tlie Batliroom Window.
It is occasionally desirable ins»
bathroom window or in one having an
objectionable outlook to have an
opaque pane. The pretty frosted ef
fect often seen in restaurants and
saloons can be readily produced at
home at little cost. To a pint of stale
ale add a handful of Epsom salts.
Mix and apply with a brush. This
makes a hard finish that will remain
indefinitely, or, if desired, may be
removed by scrubbing at any time.
Wliv Silver Tarnlslie*.
Although every housekeeper is pain
fully aware of the tendency of silver
ware to part with its brilliance and
become tarnished when exposed to
ordinary atmospheric influences,
many probably do not know that the
cause of the tarnishing is the action
of sulphur in the air. Unless frequent
ly cleaned, the surface of silver will
become black in the course of a few
months. The best way to keep silver
bright, without the necessity of clean
ing, is said to be to coat the surface
with a thin solution of collodion var
nish diluted with spirits of wine. After
being applied with a soft brush the
spirit evaporates, leaving a thin,
glossy, transparent film on the pol
ished surface. Warm water removes
the varnish. Tarnished silver may be
restored by careful rubbing with a soft
cloth wet with dilute solution of potas
sium cyanide,—one ounce to a quart
of water, —followed by rinsing.
Art of Plnno Ornpintr.
An excellent way for screening the
unsightliness of the back of an up
right piano when turned away from
the wall, as all pianos of that design
should be, to improve the tone and
prevent a singer's facing the wall, is
one in w'lich a three-paneled screen
is hung on a rod attached to the back
ot the piano f>t the top.
The screen is made of three panels
cf black satin embroidered in gold
thread after the style of Japanese
screens, panels being laced to
gether i gold cord drawn through
small hrsk;B rings sewed at intervals
of two inches on the edge of the satin,
ending in gold tassels at the bottom.
The whole thing is then edged with a
heavy black silk or gold cord. The
effect is uncommon and adds much to
the furnishing of a drawing room or
music room, especially where the room
admits of the piano being placed at
one end, with tho keyboard facing the
Other material may be used, al
ways selecting something of simple
decorative pattern or one to match
the other hangings of the room. 11l
Paris draperies are made especially
for this purpose, but there is danger
of having them too close and heavy,
thus deadening the tone of the instru
ment. —Washington Star.
RM\ KW??
Puree of Turnips—Peel, slice and
boil in hot salted water eight turnips;
rug through a colander; return to the
fire; mix In a large spoonful of butter
rolled in flour and two tablespoonfuls
of milk; season with a shake of pep
per and salt; stir five minutes and
Rice Muffins —One and one-half cups
of flour, one cup of sweet milk, one
cup of boiled rice, one tablespoonful
of melted butter, two teaspoons of
baking powder, two eggs. Sift the
baking powder, a pinch of salt and the
flour into the mixing bowl; add the
milk and yolks of eggs; beat until
very light; add the melted butt'jr, then
the boiled rice, which stir evenly
through the mixture with a fork, and
lastly fold in the whites of the eggs
beaten stiff. Bake half an hour.
Molded Tomatoes—Peel and slice
eight tomatoes; put them in a coarse
cloth and press most of the juice into
a bowl; chop the tomatoes and mix in
two tablespoonfuls of melted butter;
put into a buttered mold, fit on the top,
set in a pot of boiling water, and keep
at a fast boil for one hour; turn out on
a flat dish, and pour over it the fol
lowing sauce; Heat the tomato juice,
stir in a tablespoonful of butter rolled
in flour, season with a saltspoonful of
pepper and half-teaspoonful salt; boil
one minute.
Apple Caramel Pudding—Peel, core
and slice enough sour apples to meas
ure one pint. Cook them slowly in a
saucepan in two tablespoonfuls of but
ter until soft; then add one cupful of
sugar, one-quarter of a teaspoonful of
cinnamon, two tablespoonfuls of cara
mel and simmer for twenty minutes.
Mix together one and one-half cupful
of stale bread crumbs, one-half cup
ful of crumbled stale macaroons and
one-half cupful of seedless raisins.
Butter a deep dish and fill with alter
nate layers of the apples and bread
mixture, having crumbs on top. Bake
three-quarters of an hour in a rather
hot oven, and serve cold with whipped
Largest in the World*
Walter Baker & Co., Ltd., Dorches
ter, Mass., are the largest manufactur
ers of cocoa nrul chocolate In the
world. They received a gold medal
from the Paris Exposition of last year.
This year they have received three
gold medals from tlie Pan-American
exposition at Buffalo. Their goods are
the standard for purity and excellence.
Umm ntionablo.
Teacher —"What doesb-u-l-l-yspell?"
Johnny- "W?iy, er—u'm—m—"
Teacher "Come! Come! Suppose
a great big boy were to strike a little
fellow, what would you call him?"
Johnny—"l don't dast to tell yer
Ma'am." Catholic Standard and
The largest inland sea Is the Medi
terranean, 977,000 square miles, or
more than three times the size of
Pyfitiß 18 nn pimple n« washing when you
The girl who refuses an offer of mar
riage is usually very much surprised when
tlie young man takes her at her word.
FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he is the
senior partner of tho Arm of F. J. CHENEY A
Co.,doing business iuthc City ofToiedo,County
and State a foresaid, ami that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
and every caso of CATARRH that cannot bo
cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURE.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in ray
J HEAL [A. L>., 1886. A. \V. (rLEASON.
1 —, — ' Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of tho system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY <k Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family l'iils are tho best.
The fortunes of war are those made by
army contractors.
Winter Tourist Hate.—Season 1901-1903.
The Southern Railway, tho direct route to
tho winter resorls of Florida. Georgia, tho
C'urolinas and th i South and Southwest, an
nounces excursion tickets will bo placed on
salo October 15th to April 80th, with final
limit May 81, 190:2. Perfect Dining and Pull
man Service on aU through trains. For full
particulars regarding ratdescriptive matter,
call on or address New York Office, 271 and
1185 Broadway, or Alex. S. Thweatt, Eastern
Pass. Agent, 1185 Broadway.
The girl who gives away her kisses sel
dom has any stolen.
I'cst For tlie llowcln.
So matter what ails you, headache to a
cancer, yon will never get well until your
bowels are put right. C ABC A RETS help nature,
euro yon without a gripe or pain, produce
easy natural movements, cost you just 1J
cents to start getting your health back. GAS
CARETS Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put up
in metal boxes, every tabiet has C. C. C.
stamped on it. llewaro of imitations.
The study of music requires an ability
to read between tlie lines.
11. N. GREEN'S SONS, of Atlanta, Oa., are
the only successful Dropsy Specialists in tho
world. See their liberal offer in advertisement
in another column of this paper.
The moon moves around tlie earth at
2273 miles an hour.
FlTSportnajiontly cured. No litsornervo:"J
ness after first day's uso of Dr. Kline's Oroar
Nerve Bestoror. iS"J trial liottle and treatise free
Dr. B. 11. KLINE, Ltd., 1131 Arch St.. l'liila. Pa.
The man of letters may be either an
author or a postman.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup forchiHroti
teething, soften tho gums, reduces inflamm l *-
tion,allays pain, euros wind colic. 25J a bottl J
The difference between a job a fid a po
sition seems to depend on the salary.
Piso's Cure is tho best medicine we ever used
for all affections of throat and lungs.— WM.
t 0. ENDSLEY, Vanburen, lud., Feb. 10,1U00.
The lazy man is never lacking in repose.
tSymP-Au 1
I *« I
I and Acts 1
& , Pleasantly and (Jently. <g
C°nsnp ATl I
|sf With many millions of families Syrup of Figs has become the | vfl
ideal home laxative. The combination is a simple and wholesome tRA
Ja one, and the method of manufacture by the California Fig Syrup
h Company ensures that perfect purity and uniformity of product, QR
which have commended it to the favorable consideration of the s&j
($1 most eminent physicians and to the intelligent appreciation of all
■53 who are well informed in reference to medicinal agents. gj
Syrup of Figs has truly a laxative effect and acts gently with- T_2
(Q out in any way disturbing the natural functions and with perfect
freedom from any unpleasant after effects.
In the process of manufacturing, figs are used, as they are
•3 pleasant to the taste, but the medicinally laxative principles of the tj:
combination are obtained from plants known to act most bene-
O ficially on the system.
S lo det its berveficiaJ effects—
£§ buy ihe by
1 CsvMcr m* Fiq Syrup <5» |
P Louisville. Ky. Sar> Frarvc.isco.Ca.l. Mew YorK-MY W
Mrs. Kate Berg, Secretary Ladies' Aux
iliary of Knights of Pythias, No. 58, Com
mercial Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn., After
Five Years Suffering Was Cured by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" DEAR MRS. PINKHAM : Whatever virtue there is in medicine
seems to be concentrated in Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I suffered for five years with profuse and painful
menstruation until I lost flesh and strength, and lifehadnocharmsforme.
OnJy three bottles of your Vegetable Compound cured me, I
became regular, without any pains, and hardly know when I arn sick-
Some of my friends who have used your Compound for uterine
and ovarian troubles all have the same good word to say for it, and
bless the day they first found it."— MRS. KATE BERG.
When women are troubled with irregular, suppressed or painful
menstruation, weakness, leueorrhma, displacement or ulceration of the
womb, that bearing-down feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache,
bloating (or flatulence), guneral debility, indigestion, and nervous pros
tration, or are beset with such symptoms as dizziness, faintness, lassitude,
excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, "all
gone" and "want-to-be-left-alone" reelings, blues, and hopelessness,
they should remember there is one tried and true remedy. Lydia E«
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once removes such troubles*
Refuse to buy any other medicine, for you need the best.
Mrs. Pinkliani invites all sick women to write her for advice*
She has guided thousands to health. Address Lynn, Mass.
"V -UNION-MADE" *** r^.
as .>
I " Soll> IN 01, J5L«C / m\ I* Avi 5* over"" 1
"W. 1,. Donglan 84.00 '*■ ■ been placed BO high that the
Gilt Kdge Line Cannot Bo 1 I ■ wearer receives mora value for
Equaled At Any l'rico. V 112 b'» money In tho W.L. I)oucla»
• •• m SB.OO and than he can
For MOT* Than ft Quarter of ft % M elsewhere. W. L. Douglas
Cantary tho reputation of W. L. RNnwh# makes and sells more 83.00 and
Douglas $3.00 and SB.GO shoes for 7Wm)\W 6hot ' 9 than any otner two
style, comfort and wear has ex- Wray mWZI/'W manufacturers tn the world,
celled all other makes sold at these FAST C 0. T <OR EYELETS USED,
prices. This excellent reputation Insist upon having W. L. rouglaa shoos
has been won by merit alone. W. L. wlth and prico stamped
Douglas shoes have to give better sat- on bottom. Shoes sent any- ~:f
isfactlon than other s3.uo and $3.50 where on receipt of prico
shoes because his reputation for the best $3.00 and 25 cents additional for car- J. i
and SBXO shoes must bo maintained. rlage. Take measurements of 4
W. 1.. Douglas #3.00 nnd Srs.IJO shoes ?i"d?h ,J " U 1
are made of the same hltfh-firrade leatn- usually worn; plain u> 1 diV V*
rers used in $5.00 and SU.OO shoos and or cap toe; heavy,
are Just as good in ©very way. medium or light soles.
want intelligent Men and Women as
Traveling Representatives cr Local Managers;
salary syoo to #ls<« n year and all expenses,
according to experience and ability. «e also
want local repreaentmtives • salary to sls a
week and commission, depending upon the time
devoted. Send stamp for full particulars aud
tote position prefered. Address, Dept. B. J
THE BELL COMPANY. Philadelphia, Pa. j
(•old Medal nt lluffalo Exposition.
l\ ■ quick relief and cures wont
c.HHotf- Book of testimonials and 10 daya' treatineui
i Free. Dr. H. B. QUEENS BOMB, BOX B, Atlanta, Ql

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