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Carite Viejo and Noveleta in
American Hands.
"Watt! ThrtiDth Klca Field and Forded
Slars to Knarb Ilia Kneroy Our Troops
t With Mevera Loss Insurgents
IHwa Mack With Considerable Loss
' or Novaleta Homed.
Koveletn, Island of Luzon, (By Cable.)
Ceneral Bchwun's columu, consisting of
the Tblrtoenl.i Iufnutry, a liaitiillun of tbe
Fourteenth, two troops of cavalry, Caitnla
Bellly's Lattery of the Fifth Artillery and
lsswe'a scouts, advanced from Baeoor and
eornpled Cavlte, Vleji nnd Noveletn.
Tha Amrrica.il loss was three olllcprii nod
ulna privates wuundnd, one of tbo oIHi'wi
tains; mortally hurt. Tbo loss of llio cunmy
) unknown, but tbe bod Inn of three Filipinos
vara seen.
There wera two (burp fight nenr Novelets.
Xwo aoouU first encountered the enemy
aaar Cavlte Vlojo, and noon put them to
flight, continuing thnlr advance.
Captain Hiiffold'e liattnilon of tho Thir
teenth lt-nlir.ru I, with two companies of
Iba FotnteoutU and a numbor of Tagnlo
ouls, Captain M. Gmth commanding tha
troop from (he Fourth Ciivnlry nud Cap
tain R lily'a Battery, cnn.o upon tbe enemy
tn a strongly entrenched position on tbe
toad between Cavlte Vlcjo nlnl Voveletn.
A fight lasting half nu hour followed, re
tailing In the enemy! being driven buck.
Tba American foroea sustained consldera
ble lossee In tbla engngomout, tbo men being
bat Iruia trenchea und shuck nlong tbu
The inarluea and naval forces co-operated
wttb tbu troops. Tho guubouts Wheeling,
Petrel and Callao Jny oil the shore near
Aioveleia and threw abella Into that town
aad Santa Crua for an hour, preparing the
way lor tbe marines to land. Two bnltal
Uon, consisting of 450 marines, under Col
onel Elliott, advanced along the peninsula
from Clte to Novelutu, The only way was
Vy a narrow road through swumps.
A mile beyond tba mnrines' outpost the
o.umn m suddenly received with h volley
Irom trenchea acroaa the road. A flank
movement waa executed, and tho Insurgents
were driven from the trenchea, tbe mcirluea
waillns through rice fields In turning tho
flank of tha enemy, who retront'-d to strong
and foil acroaa the creek dividing the ion
liinl, destroying the bridge across tho
Ko,uuds were sent to Novelet nud burned
tke town aud tbe huts nil nlong tbo road,
tiom which tha enemy commeuced the llr-ur-
There a junction was formed with the
snoot', who had been swooping tbo swamps
aad thickets. Theuce the murines returned
to Cavlta thoroughly exhausted.
Lieutenant Wynne, with a threc-poundor,
did stood execuilon during the ndvauoe.
tsen.nl Lawlou was not In peieounl oom
maad of toe movement
Captain Cowlea' battalion of the Fourth
Infantry, wbllo reconnolterlng, found a
fcody of several hundred lnrurgents near
Ban Nicolas. After a brisk fight, Instlng
tbrrr-qiiarter of an hour, tha enemy was
driven . ff. In this engagement tbe Ameri
can -H.ulties were four men slightly
votid d. Six of tbe enemy were killed,
Int tba number of wouuded Is not known.
Thn bad condition of the roads mnda tbe
progress of tha artillery slow.
pMal Carsmoaj of Pr.ytr and Thank
Klvina? Conducted.
Washington, (Special.) Admiral Dewey
Roadiiy attended divine services at 8t.
John's Episcopal Church, where the Episco
pal apeuinl ceremony of prayer nud tbanks
arlving for tba crown of victory for our nrms
mod for thn safe return from sen was con
ducted by tbe lt-v. Dr. Muckay Bmilh, the
iwetor. The Admiral and tbe church oftlelala
voided giving notice In advnnce of this
service in order to avoid the curious crowd
that would flock to the ohureh.
Tba rector in his sermon made no allusion
to lbs Admiral, bat Impressively delivered
tba two formal prayers of tho ritual, at the
Tequest of the Admiral. One of these gave
thanks to 'Almighty Ood, tha Sovereign
Commander of all the world, In whose hand
la ..-wer and mlsht which noue is able to
-wltbstaud," tud for "all the victories aud
tellverauo.s of tha past :wo years." Tbe
other, to which the entire congregation
"wd earnestly, offers tbunl s for "conduct
ing tn safety through tba perl s of tbe great
deep tbla Thy servant, who nc w dealreth to
return bis tnauks uulo Tbee In Thy holy
In accordance with tha prescribed service,
there was no respousa or expressed partici
pation in these prayers. The Admiral la an
old parishioner of HI. John's, which ulmott
all of the Presidents of tbe United Htntes up
to tha Lincoln administration attended.
Thla V.ar's Orial Corn Crop.
Chicago, (Hfieofal.) "This year's oorn
mip wl 1 1 ona of tbe largest In our his
tory," said Henretary of Agriculture James
Wilson, who was In Chloago whh the I'reel
deotlal party. "Tba total yield, It Is esti
mated, will be between tweuty-threa and
twenty-five hundred millions of bushels.
There will be pleuty for manufacturing and
leading, aud w will have all the corn to sell
(bat anybody wants to buy. To what ex
tant tha crop will be shipped abroad will
dupend larg ly upon tba price It will bring.
Tba high rices offered for menas will in
cline the fnrmera to use their crop lor feed
ing parpotea."
Itaa Down Her Tag.
DuTtrth, Mlnu., (Hpeclnl.) TUe Besseme;
oml John Nellson ran down her tug. the
Jisoord, of tba Great Lakes Towlug Com
pany's fleet, here, drowning Hurry Kill,
fireman. Kills was aaieep In his bunk when
tba aicdint happened. The r'H of tba
tww took to tha lile raft. The lteeord Wat
task a year ago by the B-ssemer steamship
Sol art Fulton. Three of her crew Were
alrowned In that aouldent.
Harglars Make a Hani,
Dea Moines, (Special.) A apaclal dispatch
Jrora Klppey. la., says burglars entered the
Cnnsmeralal Biak there, blew open tha sa'a
arlib nltro-giyuerina and obtained 95.000.
Tbe bank easbler deolared tba roliher. only
jfOtwl.SiP. No arrests have been made.
raat br "is wir.
Tol"vlHe. Ky., (Special. ) Adolph Yw
ar, a printer, was shot and fatally wounded
.y bis wife alter a quarrel lu which the wn.
auaa nais Wagner attacked her vloleutly.
Tbf oouple earn bera from Clnoinnatl.
hamper's Valal l Ta.
TJhrlehsvllle, O., (Hperlnl.' lames Uradv,
bridge-Jumper of Pittsburg, traveling with
Wild West show, was fatally li jured In
making blirh dive at Btraeburir. Ills head
truck tba bottom of tba tank, rud'-rlni
Blm nononselous, and ha was dragged out
of tha water by his pet Newfoundland doc.
lirady Is partially paralysed a id the doctoit
a. be will die.
atellpM SMa Orpbaa.
InvV'0, O.. (Hpeelal.) Au epitla .
miillp(ix haa developed at the Orphau
Jlome lu this eity. Vliere are thlrly-'.brea
save thus far. All ease bave Ueu ijuar-atlud.
A special service of prayer and thanks
giving for tbe success of our arms nud for
safe return from tba sea was given lit 81.
John's Church, In Washington, at the re
quest of Admiral Dewey, who was present.
President McKluloy was kept biicy attend
ing the religious services on Sunday In Chi
cago. In (Vn address to the colored people,
be said their race had demonstrated Its pa
triotism by Itt sacrifice.
Secretary of Agrlculturo Wilson lays thla
yenr't corn crop will be between twenty
three and twenty-flvn hundred millions of
tushela.-one of the .largout lu the history of
the country.
Tbe tblrtloth nnnlversnry of Itv. Dr. E.
Erkslne's pnstornte at the Dig Hprlog Pres
byterian Church, at Ncwvllle, Fa., Was cel
ebrated with Impressive exercises.
The coroner's Inquest tn Virginia devel
oped the fact that Enoch Clnrk, who died
from the elTcots of a bentlng, had beeu
walking about with n fractured skull.
Several of the (fnmblera who ospanlted
passenger on the steamer Oeorgoauun dui
lug the yacht race were held for trial, and
thecnpinlu waa fined.
The United Statea hospital ahlp Rolnce ar
rived ut Hnu FruuulBco from Manila with
discharged sailors from vessels lu the
A'iallo sqttndrcn.
F.uminer Dodson wn arrested In Dnnvllle,
Vn., ou suspicion of having murdered his
itiothvr-iii-lnw, Fnttlu I.ovelnce.
Iu a speech nt a tnnqtiot In Chicago, Hec
retnry of War Hoot ouiil Hint the lighting
machinery should be Improved.
The Frencb-Catindinna of Chlengo gavn
Sir Wilfred Laurler, premier of Ciiuitdn, nu
enthuslnetlc reception.
Tbe Mary Washington Hospital waa dedi
cated at Frederlckaburg, Vn.
At Dallas, Texas, the battle flag captured
during the war by Indiana soldlurs from tha
Texas Hangers, was returned, the governors
of both slates participated lu the exercises.
Marcus L. llunnton was nrrestcd nt
Orange, N. J., charged with the murder o(
Nathaniel DobbliiB, wuone skeleton was
found under a heap of rocks.
Captain llowen, of the Arctic Stream, re
ported, el Huntn Monica, Cal., the wreck of
the Brltloh r-tenmer Tekoa, uud loss of all
but live of tbe crew.
President McKinley received entbuslnatla
groetlnga nt his old bome,Caulon, and other
Western cities through which bis special car
The Mallory Line steamer Leona was de
stroyed by fire at her wharf In the East
Illver, New York. The cargo, valued ut
J.r,0,0M, Is a total loss.
A syndlcato of Feuusylranin and other
Eastern capitalists has bought 125,009 acres
of coal lands In Indiana uud Armstrong
counties, Pa.
The convention of the High Tent, Inde
pendent Order of Itechabltes, closed Ht
Washington, to meet next year ut Lonhcuu
Ing, Md.
Buck Spear, one of the two prisoners who
escaped from the New Jersey Penitentiary,
was captured nt Bui-queheuua, Pit.
Tbe Allen-Thompson-Whitney Company's
furniture factory, In South Asbburnbam,
Mass., was destroyed by Are.
President Eckert, of tbe Western Union
Telegraph Company, wired the president of
tbe New York Cotton Exchange, declining
to dlecbnrge the employes responsible for
the misleading cotton quotations.
J. T. Ileese, of the National Mine Work
ers' Union, In nn addreas to ttrlklug miners
nt Leavenworth, Kaa., sn'd no miners' kit
win compute without a rifle.
Sixty blacksmiths, who ruinn from New
York to work at the Cramps' shipyard,
yielded to tbe Importunities of tbe strikers
and refused to go to work.
Captain J. W. Pnrtrldge, of the Little
Island Life-suvlng Station, Vs., was arrested
ou tbe charge of criminally assaulting Mrs.
Mrs. Owens, of King George county. Vs.,
was placed on trial ou tbe ehnrge of burn
ing the storehouse of J. C, Nlnde.
Frank Wulker and his bride were mur
deied In Montgomery, Mo., by Cburlus llau
kln, who then killed himself.
Two men were killed und two others
fatally Injured by the explosion of a sawmill
boiler In Loulta county, Va.
Tbe eleventh annual convention of the
American Bottlers' Assoolutiuu ni begun
In Cincinnati.
Chicago's Fall Festival was opened with a
brilliant electrical display.
Tbe Gallego Mills property was sold In
Richmond, Va., for f 105,000.
Louis Westarman burned himself to death
at Toledo, Ohio.
Tbe first of tbe series of International
yacht races between the American boat
Columbia and tbe British boat Shamrock
on the Atlantic ocean, outside of New Tork
harbor, was dealared "no race" because
neither vessel finished within the required
time limit of five and a half hours. At the
expiration of tbe time limit tha Shamrock
was leading toe Columbia by n little more
than a quarter of a mile. The boats were
then four miles Irom the finish, havlug trav
eled 26 miles. Tha time expired nt 4.45 P.
M., the race having started at 11.15. Tim
reason for the failure of the boats to flnUh
wltbln tbe time limit was tha comparative
lightness of tbe bretze.
Admiral Dewey wua presented tbe sword
voted blm by Congress. The presentation
ceremonies, In which the President nnd
Secretary Long participated, look place nt
the Capitol, whither the Admiral aud other
distinguished personages were escorted by a
military procetalun. The Admiral waa
Presldeut M'.Klnloy's guest ut it dinner iu
tha evening.
William II. Stubhs, of Baltimore, defeated
William Duffy, of l'lillndnlphla, Inacoutcet
In operating the Mvrgeutbaler typesetting
machines, lu Philadelphia.
The ilrltlah goverumeut Is reported to
have placed large orders for cauued meats
with tha Chicago packers fur use of tbe
troops In South Africa.
Augustus Hopper Kruger, of Nebraska, a
half brother of Paul Kruger, passed through
Chicago ou bis way to the Truus vital, to Jolu
tbe army.
Det Moines, Iowa, waa visited by a tC00,
000 Ore.
Miss Luclna Clnrk and ber aged mother
were burned to death at tbelr home lu
Plrrepout Manor, N. Y.
James ltol.lusoo nnd Wilbur Turner went
to sleep In a lime kiln in Itlchuioud, and
were suffocated.
Tbe proposed American Milling Company
eomblne, that wat to buy Hanover mills,
Charles It. Bwnln, foreman ricger at the
Newport News Hlilp Yard, died of dropsy.
II. H. Dewey, of Sheffield, IU., uncle of
tha Admiral, dud at Sheffield, Kansas.
Seven huudred Iron moulders lu Pittsburg
struck for nn advance In wages.
Work was begun on extensive terminal
Improven tots at Newport Nws.
Tbe taemy-Ilve cents ndvauoe In an
thracite coal has gone Into effect, '
The British steamer Prodauo, twelve days
cut from Baltimore, atruck" on a rock off
Newfoundland aud It a total wreck. It Is
thought that tbe cargo will be laved.
Frank Slrbrsugh was arrested In Win
chester, on the charge of being Implicated
iu tbe murder of Farmer Solomon Keler
aud bis housekeeper, near Paw Paw, W. V.
Sadie Weinman, who waa reported to have
been .'M-frnted at the New Jersey Stale In
dustrial School, It dylug at Peterson, N. J.
Harry Hough, assistant cashier of tha
Cocheco National Hank, was arraigned at
Dover, N. II., on eharaes of ambetaleiueiit.
Ei-Seuator Jsmes Harla-, tha only ur
vlvnrof tbe Cabinet of President L ucu.n,
It dying In Mount Pleasant, Iowt.
Result of the President's Con
ference With Dewey;
action Taken by McKinley to Carry nt
If la l'ollrr-Hrookljn and Two Unnbnata
Already 8eleoted and Orders Bent ta the
Navy Department to Ifava Tbein In
Ileatllnass as Soon as Possible.
Waihlngton, (Special.) The Trnsldont
directed the Immediate dispatch to the
Philippines of number of vessels of the
Navy, Including the cruiser Brooklyn nnd
the gunbontt Mnrlettn nnd Mnchlas.
The action Is the rosnlt of Admiral Dewey's
Interview, In which be went over the Philip
pine sltustlou with tbe President.
Tbe orders gives are In Hue with the
expressed determination of tho President
to furnish tho Army and Navy every re.
source for stamping out the Philippine In
surrection nt the earliest possible time.
At Admiral Dewey's extended Interview
with the President tho former went Into the
Phlllpplno situation nt gre-nt length, ex
plaining carefully tho existing condition of
nlTiiln nnd his views of the outlook, con
cluding with an enrneit recommendation
that tba Brooklyn and some other vessels be
sent at once to the Philippines. Tbls rein
forcement of the present fleet of the Asiatic
Squadron ho urges as necessnry, nnd said
their dispatch should be dlroctod as sarly nt
The President Immediately communicated
with tbe Navy Department, and Instructed
tbe Secretary of the Navy to Issue an order
carrying out the Admiral's recommendation,
and to see that they be gotten In readiness
at once.
The Mnrlctta and Mnoblas, besides tho
Brooklyn, will be designated by the Navy
Deportment, along with several other ves
sels which have not yet been seleoted. Tbe
Brooklyn Is now with tbe other vessels of
tbe North Atluntio Squadron off Tompkins
Ttlle, 8. I.
The Macblnt and the Marietta are at
present lying at the whnrves In this city ou
waiting orders, having been brought heie to
participate in the celebration In honor of
Admiral Dewey. These reinforcements will
add considerable strength to tbe Astatic
Squadron, and tbe Administration believes
their presence will have a matorlul effeot In
expediting the end of the hostilities.
Americans Victorious In Skirmishes Near
Iinua and Kfacotir.
lmus, Luzon, (By Cable.) General Law
ton dispersed the insurgents, driving them
to the westward. The purpose of the rebels
was to cut the communication maintained
between Baaoor and Imut by means of tbe
road between those places at a point between
Imus and the east bank of tbe river. Tbe
Insurgents had trenches along tbe west
bank, commanding the open spaces. A
force of 1,600 rebels attacked Imus aud COO
proceeded against Baooor with detaobments
along the river.
Colonel Daggett's force tpread along tbe
road from Baeoor toward Imus, and three
companies of tba Fourth Iteglmeot, under
Cnptaln Hollls, were thrown out from Imus,
the two commands forming a junotlon. The
entire Ilea crossed tbe river and drove the
Filipinos from their trenches to tbe west
ward, through rice fields and thickets. The
marines, whose services were tendered by
Admiral Watson, crossed the river near tbu
bsy, forming a part of the Hue of advance.
Before the forward movement was begun
tbe American artillery shelled the enemy's
position. The only American ossualty wat
the wounding of a lieutenant of artillery.
Several wouuded Filipinos wore attended by
Surgeon Major Penrose and members ol the
Ambulance Corps. A number of prisoners
were taken. Geueral Lawton, while riding
up the road to Imus, wat the target for
many shots.
The telegraph line was cut at a bend In
tbe road commanded by the enemy's trench
es, U0 yards distant, aud when Lieutenant
Cunnlugbam, with a repair parly, appeared
to restore tbe wires, two men and Lieuten
ant Cunningham's horse were shot. Lieu
tenant McCloskey thun brought a gun of
Illley's battery Into the open, nnd, training
It on tha treuob, dispersed the Filipinos with
two well-aimed shots.
Captain 1'oore, of tha Sixth Infantry, at
tacked the Inturgents in a new trench, which
tbey bad constructed near Tabuan, Island
of Negroe, and scattered them. Tbe Ameri
cans look one prisoner and captured twelve
rifles, COO aartrUges and quantity of rice
and hospital supplies.
The underlying motive of Great Britain's
attitude toward the Transvaal Is now said
to be the breaking up of a conspiracy to
form a Dutch federation In South Africa.
Tbe Borrt are concentrating their artillery
on the Natal frontier. Tbe Outlandert bave
been promised Iraucblse If tbey will help
the Boert.
The leading German newspapers bavt
started a general agitation In favor of Ger
many obtaining larger rights la Samoa,
tome of tbe editors advocating the securing
of sole control of tbe lslnuds.
A company, composed of French, German
nnd Itusslan capitalists, with a capital of
(50,000,000, bnt been formed to compete
with the Ainerloan pork exporters In Europo
All members of the crew of the wrecked
steumer Baoltman brought to Quebec have
teen placed uuder arrust for their Ill-treatment
of tbe pussengurs.
Upon Minister Straus' protest the Turkish
governmont ordered the lid mission of Amer
ican flour that customs officials bad re.
Five new cases of tbe bubonic plague and
one death were reported ut Oporto, Portu
gal. Fabulously rich deposits of gold and sli
ver, besides other minerals, have been found
lu Ungareluud, on the western shore of Hud
son Bay.
Poultaey Blgelow lays that tha German
goverumeut has put tbe Henry George laud
theory Into praotloa at Klno-Cbun, Cblua.
Count Clary bat formed a new Austrian
Ministry, with himself as President of tho
Connall uud Minister of Agriculture.
I Fifty bodies have beeu recovered from one
place in India affected by the reueut earth
quakes. Tbe Spanish General Juudenet baa been
placed on the reserve list for surrendering
The Paris Iotrunslgeaut published an In
discreet letter, said lu have been written by
Marquis de Galllfet to one of Orleans' sup
porters. The British eablnet formulated fresh pro
posals to the Transvaal,. wblab Include live
years' franahlse, abolition of tha dynamite
monopoly aud tbe removal of the fort doml
uutlug Johannesburg, though the defenses
of Pretoria muy remain. I, It reported that
tbe Transvaal strictly adheres to tbe London
rouveutlon. The British Parliament will
shortly be summoned to aonslder the situa
tion. , President Kruger says he hat dona every
thing possible for the sake of place uud uow
tie It preparing for war.
A thousand persont were killed by tbe
earthquake around Smyrna, and 8.0 were
'wounded) while 3,000 bouses aud two vll.
j iiee ware uemqiiauea. j
Askt to Send "A Representative of Bit
Uovernmenl" to General Otis.
Manila, (By Cable.) The Filipino Teaoe
Commission, which arrived at tbe American
lines, brought a request from Atulnalclo
that he be permitted to send a representa
tive of his Government to negotiate for
General Otis refused the request.
Agulnaldo's third attempt to shift Mi dif
ficulties Into tbe field of dlplomncy is u
repetition of Ihe other one or two, with au
impossible endeavor to obtain some sort of
recognition of his to-called government.
The Filipino envoyt find nn hour's cou
forenee with General Otis. They brought
from Agulnnldo a message tbnt he desired
peace, and wished to tend a civilian govern
mental commission to dlsouss tbe question.
General Otis replied tbnt It was Impossible
for blm to recognize Aguiuuldo's govern
ment In that way.
They presented a letter from Agulnnldo
as "PreBtdout of the Ilepublla," which was
largely a repetition of his recent npposU
for recognition. Oeuernl Oils Informed
thorn that while he was willing to corres
pond with Aguluuldo at geueral of the In
surgent forces, he must positively decline to
recognized him as President of the civil
tV. II. Hammond Avenges Alleged Wrong
In Ills Fattier.
Thomnsvtlle, On., (Special. ) Colonel A.
L. Ilawes, a lawyer nud politician of llnlu
I ridge, was assaulted and shot ly W. II.
Hammond, another lawyer. The difficulty
grew from the argument of n enso In cham
bers before Judge Hansell, of the Superior
Court, by Colonel II awes and Captain Wil
liam Hammond, father of tbo uinu who did
the shooting.
During tho course of the argument Col
onel Hnwes charged ns untrue statement
made by Captain Hammond.
They had some words und blows with
walking cnuns outside the court-room, but
tbey were separated by policemen. Lawyer
Hammond, sou of Cnptalu Hammond, met
Colonel Hnwes, taxed blm with insultlug bl
father, and shot blm.
Both Captain Hammond and Colonel
Ilawes are prominent. Euch has often hold
public office,
Kngllshinen Maltreated at Machadorpe
Cubans OfTer In Fight.
London, (I)y Cable.) Aocordlng to n de
spatch from Lourenzo Mnrquez, Portuguese,
East Africa, a crowd of Boers, who were
asieabled at the Machadorpe stiitlou, forced
tile refugee passengers to uu cover durlug
tbe singing of a Boer national air, nud mal
treated several Englishmen, stabbing one
and kicking and trampling upon others.
It is reported there nlso that two ladles
wore outrageously assaulted nt Fuurdekop
stutlon by Boers, one being itruck In the
fuce by a rifle shoved through the railway
carriage window, nnd the other struck by
ber assailants' lists.
The War Office, It is reported, bus re
ceived an offer from 2000 officers aud men
of the Cuban army for service In the Transvaal.
Victims Heaten nnd Itnnnd and Their
House Hat on Flra.
Portsmouth, Ohio, (Special.) Twelve
masked robbers eutered tho Mead horne-st-ad,
twelve miles from this city, nnd, fir
ing revolvers, ordered the family to rpmaiu lu
George Gallagher, a nephew of tbo Meads,
refused to obey, aud was beaten iuto un
consciousness, and tbe olbert were tied to
the beds. The robbers searched tbe bouse,
tearing up hearths and pulling down mun
telx, securing about $600. Tbe robbers, be
fore leaving, tot the bouse on Are, but the
fire went out. Gallagher is so badly Injured
tbat he muy die.
"Prison Demon" Ksrapea Frnra Cage.
Columbus, (rhlo., (Special.) John Atkin
son, confined In the steel cage nt tbe peni
tentiary, built for htm and the other bo
called prison "demons," Marlnt, Hearly,
and O'Nell, escaped from bis cell, and hud
tecreted himself uuder a bench In the corri
dor when captured. The steel cnge was
thought to be absolutely safe, there being
two sets of doors and two sets of Jocks,
worked only from the outside by levers aud
bolts. Atkinson, managed by tbe use of a
slick, to disarrange the whole system of
locks and Iree himself.
Lighted Ills Own Fnneral Pyre.
Toledo, O., (Special.) Louis Westerman
lighted his own funeral pyre at tbe County
Infirmary by starting a blaze lu a haystuck
with bit pipe. As soon ns the flames spread
he jumped In, He was burned to death, nud
$500 loss to a burn and Implements wnt
onused before the flames oould .bo extinguished.
Baptist Chnrelt Burned.
San Franclioo, (Special.) Tho First Bap
tist Church was destroyed I y fire, A sub
stitute fireman was struck by tortious of a
falling wall and fatally injured. The fire
started on the roof back of tbe spire, from
nu unknown cause, Tbe church was one of
the oldest In tbe city. The session of tbe
National Biptlst Convention was held there
lust Mny. The loss It estimated ut about
Farmers' National Congress.
Boston, (Special.) Tbe Farmers' Nutloniil
Congress amended the constitution, placing
the selection nf the place of meeting In the
hands of tbe executive committee, Instead of
by agreement of tbe congress. W. B. Powell,
of Shadelund, Pa., gave the first address nu
"Inventions for Farmers," nud tho dis
cussion which followed was largely on the
need of greater knowledge of the best meth
ods of securing fertility In nlr, water nnd
earth, so as to save tha cost of artificial
The Seaboard's New l.lns.
Columbia, S. C, (Special.) The commis
sion to the Chattanooga, Augusta and
Charleston Air Lino lUllrond Coiupnuy, the
Seaboard Compuny's new Hue from Charles
ton Wn Augusta to Elberton, Git,, wut Issued
by tha Secretary of State,
Jnlla Jamas Itetiiaed tlund.
Chattanooga, Teun., (Special.) Judge
Floyd Eitelle denied the application for
bond made by counsel for Mist Julia Morri
son James, the actress, who shot and killed
Frank Leldeuhuiiuer at the Opera House
about week ago. He declared the murder
Was wlllul aud deliberate.
Ilallroad Hall Miot.
Salt Lake City, Utah, (Special.) F. J.
Mills, rx-lleutenant In the volunteer vngl
ueera' service nud ex-Lieutenant Governor
of Idaho, shot und Instantly killed Chief
Euglueer O'Melvluey, of tho Oreron Short
Line, la the Intter's office In this city.
Id the returulug Colorado Volunteers la
tba tallest man la the Amerleau Arm
Color Sergeant Itlohard G. Holmes, who
stands 6 feet 8 Inches In Ills stockings, uud
weighs 216 pounds.
W. H. II. Hart, the colored philanthropist,
whose experiment with a boys' farm near
Washington Is attracting attention, wut
born a slave lu 1857.
Senator Nelson, of Minnesota, after an
absence of 60 years, is visiting bis native
country, Norway. At Evunger, where bo
wat born, tba municipal authorities bave
given him t banauvt.
Mysterious Movements ol a
Russian Official.
Itnssla, Germany, France and "pain
Deeply Interested In Ureal Britain's At
tltnda Toward tha Transvaal The
liners' Commanders Can Hardly Hold
Them In Check-To Strike a Hlow.
London, (By Cable.) Th" mysterious
visit of Count MuravlelT, the HiissImii Minis
ter of Foreign Affairs, to San Sebastian,
where he saw the Queen Begentand the
King of Bpnln, nnd bad long conferences
with Senor Sllveln, the Spanish Premier,
occupies political minds. From Bnin
Count MuravlelT will go to Paris.
Bussla's altitude In tha Tranavnal mutter
Is common knowledge. Oermnny Is official
ly neutral, but Emporor William's famous
telegram to President Kruger Is not forgot
ten, and this, added to Franco's blttoruess
since the Fushoda affair, and Spnln's re
sentment of England's attitude during the
Hlspano-Amuricun War, sets the people ask
ing what the motives for Count MuravlelT'e
tour nre.
Tho Jingo press pooh-poohs the Idea ol
Europeau Interference, but, lu the same
breath, eagerly aelz -s upon nny lnclileii.
inch as tbe America's Cup, races, to luslst
ou tbe growing Anglo-Amerlrnn friendship.
The Paris correspondent of the Dnlly
News says that both Franco and Spain would
regard nn nn unfriendly net any cesaHtlou ol
Portuguese territory In Fust Africa to Eng
Commanding Olllcers Can Har.llr Mold
the liners In Cheek.
Loudon, (By Cable.) Contradictory de
spatches continue to pour lu from points In
South Africa. Vno- lorrcr.uudciit staled
that tho Boers occupied Lalng's Nok nightly
and also held the mountains to tho south
west of Volkrust. Other correspondents
declasad tbnt neither the Boers nor thn llrlt
i'h bad advanced beyond tho border.
Trnnsvanl officials announce that orders
bnro been Issued the commanders not lo in
vade British territory.
Here Is the keynote of tbo situation. II
the officers cau restrain the fin patient Boors
and hold In chock tho 20,000 or more armed
burghers uow gathered ut various Import
ant points on the border uutll the dual note
from this government It received by tbe
Transvaal government hostilities mny be
Tho Boers believe that Great Britain Is
only trying to gain time until her military
authorities can gather a sufficient military
and naval force to completely overwhelm
the forces of tbe Transvaal and the Ornngu
Free State. For this reason tbe Boers are
anxious to tuko advantage of what they
believe tn be their opportunity and attack
the Natal towus while there Is a chance for
a victory. Many of tha minor officers nre
ns anxious to strike a blow as their men,
l:nd It Is all General Joubert and the other
commaudert can do to hold them back.
UHllTAL MU Kit Kit.
Tha Victim's tiktill Fractured In a
Drunken Hraivl.
Oxford, Md., (Special.) Oeorga Bane,
aged about forty-eight, wn beaten to deuth
nt his home, on Tilglimau street, Oxford.
Thomas Illley Is locked up, charged with
killing him. Illley gave himself up to the
officers of the town nnd look them to Ban-'s
bouse nnd pointed out to tbein the dead
body. It bore marks about the bead; the
wounds were mode with a club.
Acting Coroner Mitchell summoned n Jury
of Inquest, with John W. Moore as fnreiuiiu.
John Kraft was tbe only other person iu the
bouse when tho crime was committed. He
seems to know but little about it, as he wut
asleep down stairs at the time. Tbe deud
man had been In Oxford only u short time,
and was running au eating establishment.
Btneboro a good reputation, and was an
Oild Fellow, belonging to Unity Lodge No.
00, at Mt. Holly, N. J. Illley Is u brlckmaker
by trade. He has been living here for some
Clme, and also had a good name. Tue men
had been drinking.
A M an Kadly Ilaaten Found Daied anil
Wandering In thn Hireet.
Guynndotto, W. Va., (Special.) James
Miller, of Millersport, Oalo, was found
wauderiug nbout tbe streets In the eastern
part of the town In a dazed condition. Ho
was covered with blood from head to foot,
bis nose being hnlf gone, one ear cut olT,
several bad gashes nLout tho face, arid his
skull fractured In three places. Miller's
wounds have been dressed, and nt times hu
is able to utter "Negroes did It." Officials
believe he has been beateu up and robbed
by several negroes seen passing east on the
Chesapeake und Ohio. He had considerable
money. This Is all gone, as well as his
watch. Miller will likely die.
Used Ills Hralns.
Som lime agon brakeman on tho Balti
more A Ohio It illrond used bis brains nud
saved a passenger train from ruuulug Into
two derailed cars. The Company sent liliu
a check for JSO aud posted a bulletin com
plimenting him for his quickness of thought.
A few days Inter, Euglneur John Hagorty
was oillug bis engine a' Connellaville, while
watting for tbo passengers to alight. He
heard another train coming and believed
that It was not under proper control. He
sprang into bis cab, opened the throttle and
started his trulu. The other engine struck
the rear car but it was not a hard blow and
Hagorty's promptness saved teu or a dozen
The Company lint ordered a handsome
gold watch, suitably Inscrlled, nud a gold
ciialu for Engineer Hagerly, as n reward fur
his devotion to duty und "using his brains"
lu time of emvrgeiicy,
Man Confesses Ills Crime, and a Kentucky
Mnb Threatens a Lynching,
MaysvJIle, Ky., (Special.) Mrs. J. L.
I.ttsLbrook wile of u furmer, was ravished
uud tuurd-rud at ber home ut C'larks Sta
tion, six miles from this city. While alone
nt home she went to an outhouse, nnd while
there was attacked. After the outrage her
uraallunt beat out the woman's brains.
The oflloirs brought In ltichard Coleman,
a young negro, who has confessed to having
murdered Mrs. Lashhronk. They were able
to get blm to Jnll through u mob of flva
hundred people ouly ly telling the crowd
tbey were not Hire of Coleman's guilt.
Shot by a llruuktii Mau.
New York, (Special.) Hurry Costello,
driver of a delivery wagon, lodged a bullet
lu thii spluo ol Uoorgu Morro. u retired j iw
Blur, In Brooklyn, and It will likely result In
Ihe death of the victim. Costello then ran,
firing two shots ut a pursuing poliuemuu,
who responded with bis own weapon. None
of these shots hit. Cnstello was arrested.
Coslello says he was drunk,
To CJuasil ITeyfus Verdict.
Loudon, (lly Cable.) The Purls corres
pondent of the Daily Mull suysi
"I learu that Germany Is about to hand
over documents which will lend lo the
uuusblug of the Dieylut verdict. "
lie Cats Only at the Houses of the IUeh
Along the Hudson.
The moat aristocratic tramp in the
United States holds a Brat mortgage
on the route from Garrisons to Hhine
clilT, along the Hudson Itiver. For
more than a soore of years Henry Madi
son, known to every school boy and
girl between these places as "But
tons, " has journeyed nlong tho river
and levied tribute, on tho kitchens of
the millionaires whose bomos crown
the hilltops of the Highlands.
Madison is extremely jealous ol
other tramps, and rof uses to associate
with thorn. This cxclttsivoness has
nearly cost him his life ou more than
ono occasion when "knights of the
road" have taken ntnbrago at his high
toned ways. Only tho personal inter
vention of a well-known millionaire
prevented a gang of Albany hoboes
from cutting ".Button's" career short
one summer.
It is more than a score of years siuoe
Madison mado his first appearance at
Garrisons. Nobody kuetv whence ho
came, nud ho has not since given any
inkling as to his past history. He
hung around tho railroad station foi
several days, picking up a meal when
ever and wherever he could. Then he
begged his way across tho ferry to
West Toint, but a Police Sergeant cap
tured him nt the landing, and like an
undesirable emigrant, the boat that
took him over had to give him a free
rido back. It was then that he deci
ded that ,tho rich should support him,
and they have done so ever since.
The Sloans then, as now, occupied
one of the ilnest country seats along
the Hudson, and "Unttons" mado his
first call ou the ex-President of tho
Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western
Hailroad. Ho got a good breakfust.
and wont for dinner nt tho houso of
Hamilton Fish, ex-Secretary of Stato
under President Grant. John M.
Tonoey lived on tho hill opposite, and
to him "Buttons" applied for supper.
Throe square meals in one day were
too much forhistight-llttinggarmouts,
so he rambled down to tho village that
night, nnd on his way every button on
his clothes had burst off, nnd Sheriff
John P. Douohue christened the tramp
"Buttons." Since that tiuio Madison
has used safety pins, so that wheu ho
feasts extravagantly, ho just letstheia
out a bit and feels comfortable.
"Buttons" soon discovered that a
chttuge of boarding houses was not
ouly conducive of good digestion, but
it made his greeting more agreeable
not to call so often at tho same houso.
This is why ho started north aud
made the acquaintance of Charles do
Fthnm, Jr., and Captain Henry Met
calf at Cold Spring, where he usually
diued. His next meal would bo with
C. H. Van Araburgh, and his suppor
was sure to be supplied by E. Brock
way, the brick nittnulacturer of Fish
kill Landing. After a good night's
sleep he resumes his travels, and be
fore entering New Hamburg calls on
Reginald W. Rives and W. R. Sauds.
At New Hamburg "Buttons" invari
ably has meals at Mrs. Colgate's, Mrs.
Banks's, Mrs. Gerard's, and the Dun
slows.' It is between Poaghkeepsio and
Rhiueoliff, however, that "Buttons'
feasts on tho fat of the land. He calls
at the McPhersous', the Winslow
estate, the Roosevolts', the Rymphs',
the Livingstons', aud is sure to stay
nt least one day around the kitchen of
Levi P. Morton's house at Rhineoliff.
"Buttons" never forgets to make a
social call upon Jacob Ruppert, at
Staatsburg, and on more than one oc
casion he has done justice to the Vau
derbilt larder at Hyde Park, ,
It is at Rhiuobeok, howover, that
"Buttons" feels most at home. There
the Astor homestead is wide open all
tho year round, and "Buttons" stays
near the kitchen for a week before he
starts on his return trip.
Winter aud summer "Buttons"
makes his calls with tho regularity of
a pendulum, and he has tho proud
distinction of eating at more million
aires' houses thatt anybody else iu the
couutry. Now York Times.
The ilrldo-Klecr.
A, prospective bride went into a sta
tionery store the other day to order
tho announcement of her wedding.
They were to be in her sister's name.
Now why it is, no one may bo able to
tell, but there is no denying the fact
that ordering wedding stationery is
very embarrassing work if the clerks
have an idea that yoti are tho bride
elect. So this young lady conceived
the idea of pretending she was the
married sister in whose name the an
nouncements were to be made. She
got ou beautifully, gave the names and
took care to make it known that she
was tho married lady mentioned iu
the announcement. When sho had
finished she gave directions .that the
bill be sent to Mrs. S. J. Blauk.
"Very well," said the clerk, and
then in an especially loud voice,
"What is your name!"
Without a thought out it came, the
name of the bride-elect mentioned in
the auuounoetnent. The clerk smiled
a suppressed smile, and repeated the
name as loudly as ho had asked the
question. It seemed to the young
lady that all the olerks iu the store
and all the customers, too, were look
ing at her aud sho began to feel the
red coming into her faco. So she
picked up her pocketbook and sidled
out of the store as fust as she knew
how, resolved never again to try to
pervert the truth. Botroit Free Press
Where Costly Furs Ale Found.
The costlier furs come from the
temperate and cold parts of tbe earth,
aud the most expensive, as a rale, are
tho product of the sub-Arctic and
Arctio regions, where Nature protects
animal life with the thickost aud
warmest coverings. A few kinds of
monkey skins, together with the skins
of lions, tigers and other large carni
vora, are about the only contributions
of cub-tropical aud tropical countries
to the fur and skin trade. Fur mer
chants look to Cauada and Siberia to
supply the larger part ol the most
esteemed furs derived from land ani
mals. 81111 tha Woman Objected.
A certain Dyersburg woman assured
her husband sho never told him a lie
and never would. lie told her be did
not doubt it, but would hereafter out
u notch iu tho piano wheu he knew
she deceived him, "No, you won't,"
I she screamed, "I'm not going to have
my piauo all ruined. Tennessee
I State Gazette,
T i lacl XT. s-i
Various Par;;'
Thomas Kohland, Who
NearUreonsbnrs;, Surreal
xiatrinent-Itallans St,!,,,
Carensnl Near Strm,
Ureaks Out at Jeanutte-n
ten j
Thomas rtohlnnd, who shot!0,
wllo nt Weat Newton, turn 1
to Coustable Teters, of that t , thai
nlmrst famished from bunc.-ong
and biecdinK from nn n:.; pil
wrist, caused accidentally j u0
I leco of ulnss, is Brently',;',,,,
loved my wife nud children, irhnT
unrequited for my Rood wits - tv
to fire the shot. My broket ,,
burled with her," said he, ,.'u ,
out Into a pnroxysm of irrl- 8 '
Iroublesitch as I have hnd w
mau to do anything." IU o'Df?
penitent. His wife and ho ,;.to, 1
two years apro, ltohland h W
lliieuoo fanned tbu Uamo of d d W
he nud his wife separated, notei
of llvlnu npnrt from ber w '(Jon
trouble bore down on inn in ,yjji,
iiiuiiiBiu, iiiayoe i was cri-
for W'iosb love
not drunk.
I wou:d huv
Deelh of SI. II. 1.
M. II. O iodin, ono of the In
IS, t:
try, died from Inflammatlini r"
Mr. (loodln was for many y ,uus
lendliiK IlKhU of tho DlnuMi:te t(
:inlton, and to his efforts im jgh
meets wore du-. Uutll a fewpf '
wus chairman of Ihe 11 mril f, at
Mr. (Ijodln was proprietor nf trai
House, nt Eleventh and 31 littl
Philadelphia. pj
of t
Captain Henry MeKieCai
C iptnlri Hmry McKinnle, pr0i
widely kuowu hotel propr iar(J,
United States, died suddenly;
Hnse. At the time of his deaf!' .
Kinuln was proprietor of the '
ton, Piltshurir, but for the p'hat
and practically left tbu miini Jys i
hotel to his sou. Hu was 77 ligh'
und for many years had bHre f
Ihe traveling public, both as mos
and as a stenmbnnt captain v or t
plylhR between Plitsburt; ur.i ,8en
lu tbe enrly days. 0(jg(
I an
Flva Wnnnded In n Isjclll
During a carousal on No. 5!!f. 'W
Scrnnton, a flitht started nnvnii 0(v
nine Italians. Anelllo dl Hiua
Iv wounded, nnd Pncntiall nir
worn badly trashed and stnt
named possibly fatally. Jose.!
tho proprietor, and his Wi bid
illirht wounds In attempting ki'l
disturbance. Tho lesser wr a of
Vollells Is tha ouly one of t1 a
krrosted. ) f,
Kpraad nf tmall-Pusdel
Rmnll-pox In virulent form Mve
In Jeanette, live miles from (l:f.
Its presence has caused irrat hey
year-old daughter of J. . 1: g3el
Itrlcken with the disease. I' te
turned homo n few days niro lr L j:
Indiana County. Dr. Hammer,
live of tho Htata Board of 11-f "e
ported three new cases near
und one ut Donegal. ?Pe
Typhoid In VVIIIIainp,
The William sport B iard ol ' V 1
Inir vigorous measures to stnnJlm
lerulo of typhoid fever in tiler"'1
jf the city. ElKhtaeu cases nr-lgo
ono block. Tue board bus o;df
srnl olounlng up lu that section W
polling connection to be iii;be
lowers. Owing to the large uung
isaBes at the hoxp't il the mmjr
Institution havj buen cotnpul. i,
more nurses,
, a
Theft of a,nr.o. j0I
Nearly 12.0 0 worth of ne
tud '.'00 In money was stolen 1 v.f,
ol Abrain Break, of Ludwlak,
burir. The crime has been cli f
Good, aged 20, of Groeusbura1"
bus bueu issued for his arrest. c
No War Labor ran?e'
At a meeting of the Central P7i
held at Bcrautou, IJje mutter o'l '
independent labor party was cfioi
some length, aud it was dually t w
(he time Is not yet ripe for suMjOo
and uctlou was therefore post,f
Dead Hoily nn tha Tri E
The dead body of Frank 8 ib-l, i
30, was found horribly mamfcJ
LeblKb Valloy Railroad trauks, o
loah. Deputy Corouer Curt
foul play. j0)
Killed at a Hallway Con
Joliu II tavern, uiced 19, was tor
train at the Brownstowu Cros-'th
itnutly killed. This Is the seen a
'.he Crossing within u week, J0,
News Iu Brief. Brv
Tha Farmers' Union, o( Norij
Chester County, held Its un e
Congressman I. P. Wuug.ir iif ,
address. jj.
Tue Grand JMry, by a unn "W(
approved the report ( the vlev
af u free bridge aoros the rt !
Illver at B-rwiok. 1'
Howard Bteward, ugnd 85, w-
ou die Pennsylvania R tllroad a
st nn early hour, was struck tat
bound pussenger tralu aud, it 4a1
fatally Injured. p
la trying to separate two ti t(
who bad bean quarreling at t'aii
Hotel, Chainbershurg. WlllU't
employee, bad his left enr nuiv t
by a razor. h
Frauk MoDonnld, aged III y"V,t
sd to board a Western Maryi fo
train at Ohainbarsburg, aad ima
bold. McDonald was tbrowu 1
nnd hU left foot was orushed,
tlou ol a portlou of tho ineinbt)
A Practical Crltlct
R'cuce meets occasional!;
morons rebuffs. Profess
...i ,n
I ItllipiH'll, WUU UUU U Jl".,
pled the chair of domestic fp
iu the Knnsns university, 1
evening before a llterury so; ti
out-of-the-way town. At 'h
the nddrt'ss one of the coin
tail, gnuut woman, snld ulo !
"Well! I thought I was I,
Irnru something, but It wufa
of ordinary housekeeping
vlth long words nobody cl.
staud!"-Phlladelphla Post.

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