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Arc Van t'mina Allen's Koot-Knse t
I H Is thn only pure for Swollen, Hmsrt-
ln. Tired, Aflhtnff, Btiriilnir, Sweating
.,1 Kct, Corn Mid Bunion. Ask for Allen's
'i I" oot-Esse. n powder to he slinkim Into thn
slice. Bold (y nil Irii(fBlst, Orneors nnd
f Bhoe Stores, iic Hsmple sent FREE. Ad-
jf dress, Allen H. Olmsted. LeRov. N. Y,
v The fiev. John Nnlllo, of Trnppo. Tn., Is
" th oldest elerKymna In notlve survico In
1 tills country.
What's in a Name?
Everything, tvhen you come to medi
cines, A sarsaparilla by any other name
can never equal Hood s, because of the
peculiar combination, proportion nnd pro
cess by which Hood's possesses merit
peculiar to itself, and by tuhich it cures
when all other medicines fait. Cures
scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, catarrh,
rheumatism, that tired feeling, etc.
It: I
To Teitrh t!ie Tunc.
Ames (Iown) Spedul to Chicago
Tribune: Prof. D. A. Kent, once con
nected with the Iowa Agricultural Col
lege, hns been offered an nppolntmnet
by James Wilson, secretary of agrlcul-
. ture, to go to Turkey and Introduce
the American system of agriculture
and educate the people In modern
methods. Constantinople is to bo
Fi of. Kent's home. His work will con
sist mulnly in establishing schools and
colleges, and Introducing the various
reads used In the United States. This
commission will last for five yearn
. . Dried Fly NtntUtlos.
Among the exports ot Mexico last
ear aie to be noted two tons of dried
flies. .
"Kidneys, Liver
;;i and Bowels
i ri
hll ')'.''
9am dt ail DMtmuiMa 'vim auc nKouniu '
orll ' - '
pro ' Klmplo I.lfo ut the Klyaee.
iiTto rule of life at the Elysee Is as
,'.,, Jnpl as circumstances will permit,
t b. tcept when obliged to give oincial en
tlio trtainmcnts, M. and Mme. Loubct
no:8 helr luncheon nt 12 and their
llt ijnnei nt 7 in a small dining-room, the
'ho trnlture of which is as plain as the
I' entiSon the table, tli;h now and
tent11 lney nave an intimate friend to
ioir jn them at the former meal. M.
lU'l'uhet, however, simple as are his
lvs f te an(J frugal 08 ls hls fare. Is Jully
uM rve to the Importance of maintaining'
thn dignity of his office; and it may be
oOkenJ for granted that he will, when
it hi rfet,lrna t0 Par's from Ramboulllet
jd Montelimar, between which places
ty." i will, if all goes well, spend his wcll
i,ti'rtFne! 8ummer holiday, put himself In
rensi"tranlnK for the severe social duties
nlt ich the president of the republic
notH, have to discharge during the ex
lna'r'!,'ti0" year'
eoavtr t
'yil 1 T7VVERY woman su
7 t IP j helPe1 by Mrs.
i i Km-mrl rn.'icnninf
i . sound reasoning and an unrivalled record. Multitudes
1 of America's women to-day bless Mrs. Pinkham for competent
and common-sense advice. Write to her if you are ill. Her
nddrpSS i T.vtln Mice A Kcnlul.,
roii '
H'8 i-.
t til
mm; ;
leucorrhoea. had a continual rmin
it. 3.
i could not walk across the floor for three or four weeks at a
P I time. Kinpl 1icitiv .... mAiliMnn T r,.. 1 .
f jj "B pains, or urea
invar feelings, and am well and
SnV Hoortir TcLnll. A
I wli
; tlvi
! wli?
ster I
i 20; I
en h i
f. fimii tvtuiuunjuu
I Lydia 12. Pinkham's Vege-
table Compound to all my
suffering friends as tho
greatest remedy for all
I female weakness."
I Mrs. Susie J. Weaver,
23 w
!"'" uuowniu fat., iJhua-
delnllin Pn mrUoa , J
, , - . , t iiva ,
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham I
of ti
jjhad inflammation of tho
womb and painful men-
as n
struation, and by your
: advice I began taking
4Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege-
he C
he ii
.table Compound. Have
jtaken four bottles and used.
one package of Sanative
b iff I hTO
I (Wash and feel like a new
' I jwonian. I thank you so Kti&t'fPj
b. J much for what your modi-
hat I
I'lllA r n rinrt t fl
lied t(
e hu'
I Mrs. M. Baumann, 771 W. mt
imcago. 111., writes: "After
Snonuis trial of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I can
lot sy enough in praise for it. I was a very sick woman
vito womb trouble when I beCan its use, but now I am well"
lie i
The Green-Eyed Monstor ls Asking II I m
A young woman who lives with her
ferociously Jealous but otherwise
tractable husband on one of tho proper
named (r.s distinguished from lettered
or numbered) streets uptown Is Just
now endeavoring to convince her
spouse that he ls endowed with too
gifted an Imagination, says the Wash
ington Post. It all came about through
a 2 n. m. serenade. Before her mar
riage a young amateur vloMnlst of the
city had been exceedingly attentive to
her, but when It came to tho point of
selection she passed the musician up
for the man upon whom Bhe bestowed
her hand. Her husband's Jealousy of
the violinist, withjut any reason what
ever, continued after their marriage
She did not perceive any good reason
why she should cut tho young musi
cian dead on the street when she mci
him, but every time sho bowed to the
violinist, no matter how distantly, her
husband Btormcd and raged. Ho tore
tho fiddler wldo apart to her. lint 1
knew him before I knew you," she al
ways replied, "and what surname am
I known by now, pray?" "But what
do you want to recognize tho slob for?"
It was his habit to Inquire, with thr
beautiful reasonableness of the mule
being. "Because I am not hankering
to achieve a reputation tor being de
void of ordinary good manners," she
would reply. One beautiful midnight
last week a well-known young vio
linist of Washington (not tho one who
had aspired to the hand of the heroine
of this truthful tale) and three of his
mandolin and guitar-playing friends
decided to serenade a few of theli
young women friends. They engaged
a barouche and went forth. They were
all admirable players and the uptown
streets were made mellow with the
strains from their instruments. The
Inst young woman on their list of girls
to be serenaded happened to live di
rectly across the street from the home
of the young woman whose husband
carried within his bosom a carking
weight of deadly animosity for the
young violinist who had antedated bin)
in his wife's list of friends. The ba
rouche of the serenading party drew
up in the middle of the street In front
of that young unmarried woman's,
house, along toward 2 a. m nnd
mournful, passlonato strains of wild
regret and hopeless love began to pro
ceed from the strings, tho tender wail
of tho violin rising above it. They
played for half an hour or so and then
drove off. The young matron had to
hold her husband in order to prevent
him from throwing water on the mu
sicians, and she has been trying to
convince him ever since that there is
more than one violinist In Washington.
But he doesn't see it. It ls difficult for
green-eyed people to see anything.
In view of the approaching French
exposition, it ls interesting to note the
enormous increase In the extent and
success of the various expositions held
at Paris, says the Scientific American.
The first occurred in the year 179S.
It brought together the modest num
ber of 110 exhibitors and cost only
$12,000. The buildings, of wood em
bellshed, were erected on tho Champ?
do Mars. Twenty-live medals were
The second took place three years
later (1801) in the court of the Louvre.
It represented 220 cxh.lbltoi-3 und quite
eclipsed the first.
A third exposition, opened the fol
lowing year nt the same place, collect
ed 550 exhibitors. This was a verita
ble triumph.
Napoleon I. Inaugurated tho fourth
exposition, which was held on the Es
planade of the Invalidcs In 1806; there
were 1,422 exhibitors. This flguro
was carried to 1,022 at the fifth expo
sition in 1S19, in the palace of the
Louvre. The sixth (1823) met with
little success, as aleo the seventh ir.
1S27 in the reign of Charles X., In the
palace of the Louvre. As an offset, tht
eighth, opened on the Palace du Car
rousel In the reign of Louia Philippe,
gathered no less than 2,487 exhibitors
This success was accentuated In th ex
position of 1839, held on the Champ
Elysees (3,381 exhibitors), and In that
of 1844, also on the Champs-Elyseee
(3,960 exhibitors). The exposition ol
1849, again on the Champs-Elysees,
cost $aoo,ooo.
sulTering from any female trouble can bo
:s. Pinkliam. This statement is based on
- J . . . . , ......... . .uauiuivi ill
charge is made for advice, "I suffered
seven years and would surely have died
btit for your help," writes Mrs. Geo.
Baindridge, Morea. Pa., to Mrs. Pinkham.
" It is with pleasure I now write to inform
you that I am now a healthy woman, thanks
to your kind advice and wonderful medi
cine. I can. never praise it enough. I was
. fl constant 8llfTirpr frnm wnrnK ImnMa n.1
in nhrlmnen n,-r.;maa i
juui iui.uii.iiiw, a i.v.-v tmvo no more Lear
St.. miSSSSA
two wa"ttom '
Htrlvs 10 ocrciiii(i tlio Trnnblp -of
Tll Wltli tho Itnlp of OiHl'n Clrnca
Pit'? Orievniifi Heroine UlraitlnKa.
fOoiiyrlRlit, Ltmli Rlupsch, 1XW.1
Warhi'citcx, D. (!. ThH vnrinnn by lr.
TnlmiiKB iloiim wltu a ntil)lnct wlilcli np
pBnli to nli I'lncBi-x ami eou'illtlonn of mnn.
Ills text Ik bi'titerniiomy Ml., W "Xbe
Lord thy Ood will pnnd tho hornet."
In uiy twit tl'o nonu't nics out on Its ml.--lon.
It I a mikcIcs ot wnsp, swift In it
niotlon nnd vlolfiiit in Its Ptlnjr. It tonuh
is tortiiro to ninn or liennt. Vi bnvu nil
ihoii tho emtio ran hollowing undnrtbe out
o' its luncHt. Iu boyhood re used to stnnd
eniitionsly looklni? nt tb globulnr ncot
limin from the troa lirnnch, ninl whl!o (vn
were looking 11 1 tb wondnrtul covering W'
were struck with s matlilnR that soot us
shrinking nwuy. 'VI10 bornot rocs Iu
swurmr. It bnn enpt'ila.-i ovor luuidrutN,
ninl twenty of thnm nllKlitiu'i on ou" nuir:
will proilucn ocrtnlu di'iitli.
My frlonda, when wo nre PHPniltiiil by
Rroat l)fie:noths of tronldo ye beeono
uhlvnlrln, nud ru nssnnlt thorn. Wn K'"t oti
tho hltfh mettled Hih1 of our cnnriiKe, nnd
wu mnkfl n cnvnlry I'bntRO nt tlin.n, nud if
Ood he with ns wo come out B(r iii(,'er nnd
bettor tlinn when we went in, lt:it 11I119 tor
tliHSn Inret'tlln nni.oynnpi's cf life, tlf-H
foi!i too nmnll to nlioo"t, thiwn tlihifjn with
out liny iivoliiliiuils wnirlit, tin- (iimlM 1111'!
tho ihIiIkrh nnd the flics unit tho wnipsnnd
tho liornntsl In ot er words, It Is tho
small, BtlntflnR nnnoynnres of our llfo
which drive us out nnd use us up. In too
best conditioned llfo for some urnnd nnd
glorious purpvso Qod bus Kent tho hornut.
I rouinrk, lu the Hist place, ti nt theso
small, stinging nnnoyimcos msypomo In
the shape of n nervous orguiilzntioii. Peo
ple who nr prostrated under typhoid
fevers or with broken bones get plenty of
yinpnthy, 1ml who pities anybody that Is
nervous? Tho doctors suy mid tho family
say nnd everybody snys, "Oh, she's onlv 11
little nervous; thnt's all!" The sound of 11
henvy foot, the luirsh clearing of u throat,
n dlsoord in music, n. want of hnrmonv be
tween the shnwl nnd llie glove ou tho name
person, n curt answer, u passing slight, tLo
wind from the east, nny ono of ten thou,
nnd nnnoyauecs, opens the door for tho
hornet. The fact ls thnt tho vast mnjorlty
of the peoplo In this oountrv nr over
worked, nnd their nerves nrothollrst to
give out. A great multitude nro under thn
strain of I.eyd in. who, when ho was foi l
by his physician thnt if bo did not stop
working r-hile he was In such poor physi
cal health he would die, responded, "Doc
tor, whether I live or din, thn whel must
keep going round." These sensitive per
sons of whom 1 spi-ak luive a bleeding en.
sltlveun.xs. Tho ll"s love to light ou any
thing raw; nnd tneso people are like tho
Ciiiiiinnltos spoken of In the text or lu the
contnxt--thny have it verv thlu covering
mil nro vulneri.uln at nil points. "And thu
Lord son' the hornet."
gain, tho small linnet nnnoynnces mny
come to us In thn shape of friends nnd nn
quainti'.iK'os who are a''vnys snylng dls.
I'gieen'olo things. Tlioro inn some p. opln
Mia CHiinot be with for half 1111 hour but
you feel chnerod nnd comfortod. Then
there ni- other people yon cannot be with
for live minutes before you feel miserable,
l'hoy do not mean to disturb you, but they
sting you to the bone. They gather up all
the yarn which the gossips spin mid retail
It. They gather up nil the adverse crltl.
cisms nbout your person, about your busi
ness, about your home, about your church,
nnt' they make your ear the funnel Into
winch thoy pour It. They aigu benrtily
vhen they tell you, ns though, it weie u
good joke, nud you Inugn, too outside.
Thi small lusict uuuoyances ot life
soinetlmos coma In the shnpe of loeni
physlcul trouble which does not amount
to positive prostrntton, but which
bothers you when jou want to feol the
best. Terhaps it is a sick buadache which
lias ben the plague of your llie, and yoa
appoint some occasion ot mirth orsoclallty
or usefulness, and when tho clock Btrlkes
he hour you o innot muko your nppoar
nuce. rcrhaps tbn trouble Is between the
ear nnd thu forehead In tho shape ol
a neuralgic twinge. Nobody can see it or
sympathize with it, but just ut the time
when you want your Intellect clearest and
your disposition brightest you feel a sharp,
keen, dls"oucertlng thrust. "The Lord
sent thu horuot."
1'erluipg these smnll Insect nnnoynncec
will come lu the 1 hnpo of a domestic irri
tation. The parlor and the kitchen do not
nlwr.ys harmonize. To get good servlco
and keeo it is one of the great questions ol
the country. Sometimes It may be the ar
rogance und incouslderat''np of employer-';
but, whatever bo the fact, wo n!i ad
mit there are these Insect nunoyiv.icoj
winging tunlr way out from tho culinary
densrtinout. If the gri.co of Ood bo not ir
the heart ot the housekeeper, the ct.nuot
ma'ntnln her equilibrium. The men come
Dome ut uigbt nud hear thn story of tbest
aunpyi.'ieea nud say, "Oh, thee home
troubles urn very little things!" Tney art
small, small ns w.ups, but they sting.
Martini's nerves wnro all unstrung when
sho rushed in nsltlnv Christ to seek'
Mary, nud there nro toLS of thousands o
women who nre dying, stung to death by
these pestiferous domevtlo anuoyuueos.
The I ord sent the hornet."
These small insect disturbances may also
coimi In thn shapo ot businn-s irritations.
There are men here who went through tho
inu 01 bopteniuer, im'j, it. d the panics ol
1873 rnl tf 18?3 without ls'ng their
'jnliinea who are every day unhorsed by lit
tle annoyances a clerk's 111 manners, or a
blot of Ink on 11 bill of Isdliig, or the ox
Irnviigmicu of a partner who overdraws his
nccoui or tho underselling by a business
rivnl, or the whispering of store oonll
rences In the streut, or the making otsome
little had debt which was against your judg
ment, but you wiiutud to plcuso somebody
It is not bf panics thnt kill the mo--oli'in
Lb. I'a'ilos come only once In tou or
'..v-uty year-', '.t !s thu constant din ot
theo'.i everyday nnuoyaucna which U send
ing so many of our ' niereuaiits into
uorvous dyspejisU and paralysis nud the
grnve. When our nutlo:ial commerce fell
Hat 011 lis fane, those r en stood up and felt
alums ('.ollaiit, but iholr lile is going nwuy
111. iv under the swarm of there pestiferous
innoyance". "The Lord Bent tho hornet,"
The iiiiturulitt tullmis that a wnsp some
times bus a fit 111 1 i v of 20,1)01) wasps, and it
does seem as if every aui.oyauoe of your
life hroo.ied million, Jly the help cf Clod,
to-iiuy I want to snow you tho otner side.
The hornet is of no uso? Oil, yus! The
ii'iturallst tells us they are very important
in the world's eoon nriy. They kill spiders,
and thev clear tne Htraospberi. And I
rrul'.y believe God nouds the niinovancos
ot our life u; on us to kill t!m spiders of
Ibe soul and to cluar the ntoaosphuro of
our skies.
These annoyances nrosoDt onus.Itblnk,
to wake us up from our lethargy. Th"r
13 nothing the', makes a n.tin so lively as a
nst of "yellow jackets," nn 1 I tlilax that
these nnnovmioes nre Itteniiod to pcriuadn
us of thu fact that this Is 1 ot a world foi
in to Plop In. If we had 0 bsd of ever..--thin;;
that was ntiramivo and soft nnd
P'lsy, what would we vant of heaven? V
thlnlu' '.hn the hollo 'v tree sends the hor
net, or we U.11V t'llnk that tie 1-d sends
the bci-net. I wnnt to correct ) our opluioj.
"The Lord Bent tlie lioruet."
Thnn J thluk lhe.se ntaoyttnees como on
us to cultivate our patiuece. In the pyi,
liiisinm you find unrlglit paiallel bars
with l:ol"H ove' eaoli ot'ler for pe(js to he
put in. Theu the gymnast lake a pog lu
esch '.iiiil, and he bo'-.lm to cllmo, one
iuch nt n tlmo O" two lurhcs, und getting
bis ftrnui'th culll ruled, re'ioues ulf r
'iivliili-. the ci.lllng. Am'; it seci.is to 1110
tlint these anuoyn'iOMS lu lii'J ii"e a moral
gviniinsluiu, eton wotlmuut a :'g with
whloh v,i itri to cliiub higher uuii Idghi'i
In Chrlstlnn attAlninont. Wo all love to
boo patience, but It cannot bo cultivated
in fair weather. Patience is a j'liild of the
storm. If you had everything desirable
and there v,';-i natiilng more to got, what
wouM yon wnr.t with iutienrer The only
time lo cultivate- I'. Is when you are liuil
about nud siok und halt dead.
"Oh," you suy, "if I only bad I he clr
cuniBtnncusof Boumwell to do man 1 would
bo patient too." You might as well say,
"If It were net for this ator, I would
iwlm," o.', "I oould Bhcot this guu if It
were not for the onitrldge." When vou
Itauil chin deep in Hmioyuucea 1 the time
f.ir you to swim out toward the great
biiaillandi of Chriktlmi uttainment, so us
to "know Christ and the power of His re.
tiirructlmi sud to have followshlp with
(UflUJ'lUgli.'' ., :
Nothing b it the fnrnnee will evcrbniB
out of us the cilnltcr Mid the slag. I have
formed this theoty In regard to small
snnovances nnd vex ulo: . It take jut
so inuch trouble 'o lit in for usefulness
.nd for heaven. 'Ir.o only qtie-tlon Is
whether we shll laku U In the bulk tr
lidlverlTied and granulated. Here Is nan
11 nn who takes It In the bulk. His back I"
nrokeu or his eyesight put out, or sorr.i
other awful calamity befnlls hlni, while the
vnst mnjorlty of people take the tiling
piecemeal. Which way would vou rather
have It? Of course, In piecemeal lle t"r
hive llvo aching teeth than one broken
nw, better teu fly blutots than nn ampu
tation, bettot twenty squalls than ono
jyelone. There mny be a dllTerniici 01'
I opinion as to nllopathy nud bomiij.
fnthy. but In this mnuher of trouble
like homrj'pathlo doses, small pellets
of annoyance rather tlinn some knock,
cown dosn o' ealmnily. Instead of
the thunder'iolt give us the lornot. If
ou bnvo a bank, you would n grent deal
1 rather thnt fiftv men would come in with
' checks loss tlinn tlOO thnn to bnvo two do ,
I positors come In the same day, ea;h w'.n
; ing bis 1 10,000. In tins iuUor case vou
'lough mid look down to the Poor mid you
look up to the celllnir bnforo you look Into
the safe. Now, lny friends, would you i.-.t
rather have these smnll drafts of annoy
ance on your bank of faith thaa some till
staggering demand upon your endurance?
Dut remember thnt little tin well ns groat
annoynncea equally require you to tiuct lu
Christ for succor nnd for deiive-nnce from
Impatience nnd irrltnbllitv. "Thou wilt
keep him In period peuce w':oso mind is
otaM nn Thee "
I ro Into a sculptor's studio and ""e hlia
sbnping a sUtue. He has 11 chisel In one
hand an t 1 mallet In tl.o other, nn I he
gives a very gentlo st roku cllc', click,
cllckl I say, "Why don't jou stri .e bnrd
er?" ' Oh," bo replies, "that would shat
tor th tn.tm. I can't do it that way. 1
must do It tills ray.'' No he works cn, nnd
lifter twhilo the features como out. and
eierybody thnt enters the studio ts
charmed and fascinated. Well, God Irs
your soul under process of development,
nnd it Is the little annoy .nens mid vexa
tions of lif.. that nre chiseling out your
lmmort'.l nature. It Is click, cq.'k, click!
I wondor why some griitt providence does
no come and with on- stroke prepare ynu
for heaven. Ah, no! Ood says that Is n it
the way, and so He keeps on by strokes of
little vexstlons until nt last you shall be a
glad spectacbi for angels and for men.
You know tl ut a li-rgo fortune may 1 1
spent In small chauge, nud u vast ar.uount
ot moral character may go away in small
depletions. It Is the little troubles ot life
that nre h.i.'lng more efl'nct npo'i ynu thnu
great one. A swarm of locusts will kill it
grain-Held socner than the Incursion ot
three or fo ir cuttle. You sav, "Since I lost
my child, slncn I lost tnv property, I have
been it different man." lj.it you do not rec.
ognlza the architecture of little annoy
nuces thnt nre hewing, dlglng, cutting,
shaping, splitting and interjolnlng your
moral qualities. Hats mny sink a ship. One
Inciter mulch may send destruction through
a block of storehouses. Catherine do' Mo
diet got her death from smelling a poison
ous rose. Columbus, by sto'ip.ng nnd pok
ing for a nloco ot bp ad and 11 drink ot
water nt a rrwnciemi convent, was led to
tho discovery of a new world. And thnm
1 Is nn intimate connection outweun trllles
nu immensities, between nothings nud
Now, be cn-eful to lot none of thoie an
noynnees go through your soul unar
raignod. Compel them to administer to
yoursplttltual wealth. The scratch of a
dxponnv 11HI soiuullmes produces lock
jaw, nnd the clip of a most inllnltesimni
annoyance mny dai.-ingi you forever. Do
not let nny nnuoyat.ee or porplexltv come
aor.-.ss you soul yithout its making you
A returned missionary tdd mo that 11
'oinpnny of ndvemureis rowing up thu
Ranges, were stung to death by files
that Infest that region nt certain sea
sons. Tho enrtb hits beon strewed with
thf carcnsnoi of men slain by lusott
nunoy.'inoes. The only way to get pre
pared for tho grrtt trouble of llfo is to
conquer these Jionll troubles. What
would you sty of a soldlor who refused
to loud his frvn or to go Into the conflict
because It was only n skirmish, saying:
"I am not going to expend my nmmtini
tlon cn a skirmish. Walt until thore
comes it yeneril engagement und then
you will see bow courageous I a"i and whet
battling I will do?" Tho general vcild Bay
to such a man, "If vou are not faithful In a
skirmish, you would be nothing in a gen
eral engagement." And I have to toll you,
O Christian men. if you cnunot apply the
principles of Christ's religion on a small
scnlo you will nover bo able to appiy tlm-n
on a large scale. If I hod my wav wlt'i
you, 1 would have you possess till pos
nlblfl worldly prosperity. I would lutvu
you each one a garden, a river flowing
through it, geraniums and shrubs 0:1
the Hides and the irrass and ilowers lis
beautiful a-i though the roinbow b.tc
fallen, 1 would have vou a bouse, a'
splendid mmisiou, and the beds should bo
covered with upholstery dipped lu tho sel
ling sun. 1 would uai-6 ttery ha'l In your
bouse sot with statues and statuettes, nad
then I would have the four quarters 0.' tho
globe pour In all the r luxuries oa your
table, and you should hr.ve forks of silver
nnd knives ot gold, inlaid with diamonds
and amnlbyjts. Then you should each one
of you bnvo tho finest horses and yaurpicl;
of the equipages of the world. Then I
would have you llv 150 years, and von
should not have a pain or an ache until the
last breath,
"Not eueh one of us?" you sny. Ye,
encb one of you. "Not lo jour enemies?
Yes. The only d lleienco I woulihrnake
with them would be thut 1 would put a
little ejtrit gilt- on ttcli wulls and a little
extra embroidery on tnnlr sllpners. But,
you Bav, "Why Joes not God glv u tM
tbrse things?" AM bethink myself. I:o
is wiser. It would make fools nnd sluggaids
of us if wo li'id our Way. No man puts bis
best picture lu tho portloo or vestibule of
bis bou-e. God mo'int this world to bo
only tho vestibule ot hevoD, thnt grout
gallery o! tho uuiverse toward which wo
are umpiring. We mils no! have it too
good lu this world or wo wouli? want no
Tolyenrp was condemned to bo burned to
deiilb. The stake w.is planted. Ho was
fastened to it. The fiigots wnro placed
around him, tho flros klr.JleJ, but history
lulls us that tho fl imcs beut outward like
the canvas ota ship In a stout hceezP, so
that the linmes, Instead of destroying
l olycnrp, wtro only a wall bot'.vnou bin
nnd bis enemies. Tin y had actually lo de
stroy him with tho poniard. The flames
would not touch h'lu. WI, my ho.'.rer,
I want yon to ut.t'cirtand that by God'
grace the Hamcs of trial, instead of con
suming your soul, a. e only going to bo a
wall of defense and a cnuupy of blessing.
God is goiug to fulfil to you tho blossings
tnd tho promises, s Ho did to l'c.'yearn.
"Whoa thou wnlkest through the lire, thou
(.halt not be huruod." Now you do net un
derstand, but you shall kuow hereafter. la
liciivuu you will bless Ood evuu lor the
names of t'hee
in 1396 Mohammed Balba usurped
the crown of Grenada, In spite of tho
superior claims of his elder brother
Jussef. Ho was very unsuccessful l:i
his conduct of the war against the
Christians and was at length assas
sinated by poison absorbed through tho
skin from a shirt. lie entertained a
desperate dislike to the brother whom
ho had Injured, and when- he knew that
his own fato was sealed ho sent an
order to the governor of the prison In
which Jussef was confined that ho
should be executed Immediately. When
tho order arrived Jussef was playing
chess with tho chaplain of the prison.
With great difficulty Jussef obtained a
respite from the governor permitting
him to finish the gamo. 13etoro It waa
ended, however, news came that the
usurper had died of the poison. This
canceled the order of execution and
JusBbf, Instead of going to the scaffold,
mounted the throne.
1 Just 11 duals.
WIgg "What are the plans for that
barbers' convention?" Wagg "Oh, I
guess the whole thing is mostly talk."
Cleveland Leader. ,
The first universal exposition 'as
(hut of 1855, which caused the construc
tion of the Palace of Industry. The
expense rose to $2,300,000. There were
23.954 exhibitors and more than 6,000,
000 visitors. Then came tho well
known expositions of 18(17 (52,000 ex
hibitors), of 1878 (52,835 exhibitors, and
16.000,000 visitors), and 18S9 (55.4S6 ex
hibitors and 32,500,000 visitors).
Thousands of Itchy I'eeple
Have been cured qub'kly byTctlerlne. It clu es
nny form nf skin ill.ense. Mrs, M. K. I nilmer.
HlUixl, Mis.., Iinil n Itel y lirenkleif out nn her
HktM. Nh senils 1 for two Isixes )i,tpril1 In the
nmliufnetuier, .1. T. Miupirlne, Hnvnnlifiti. (.ft,,
i.ud writes, 'Ti'ltrrtnc Is tho only iblnn tt,ftl
Iflves me relief." Send fifty cuts In stamp
lor a box If your d tiRKlst doesn't keep It.
Mrs. Snrah Terry, of l'hlladelphln, has
Just eelehrated her KHth birthdav. Her
father fought In tho War ot the Revolution.
Itenuty Is lllood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean sUin. No
beauty without it. l aseni cts, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood ami keep it clean, by
stirring up the luzy liver nnd driving nil im
purities from the bodv. Hcgin today to
bullish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
nnd thnt Bickly bilious complexion bv taking
Cascnrcts, bentity (or ten cents. All drug
Gists, satisfaction cuinantecd. 10c, 2io,5uc.
Miss Amy Castles sang at Melbourne, Aus
tralia, befnre 14,000 people. Critics say she
will rival 1'atti and Mellia.
lnfiiB C'nnnot It Cnrvd
hy local application", n they can net reach the
diseased portlnn of the ear. Theri) is oulynne
way to cure deafneks, and thnt Is by coie-tltii-tlnnal
remedies. Iii'iifncss Is caued by nnln
lianicd nnnditiou of the mucous lining of the
KuntachlHii Tube. When this tube ifcts In
flamed you have a rumbllnic sound or imper
fect hesrlnu, and when it Is entirely rinsed
Deafness is the result, and unless thelnnam.
nation can be taken nut nnd this tube re
stored to Its normal cond ttm, hesrlng will he
destroyed forever. Nine e ises out of ten arc
caused bycutarrh, which is untiling but an in
llumed condition of thn mucous surfncs.
We will kIvo One Ilundre ( Hnllnrs for nny
ense of l)enfnes (caused by cAtxrrhlthatcnn
notlm ourcd by Hail's Catarrh Cure, ticud
for circulars, free.
V. .1. OnrNr.r A Co., Toledo, O.
Fold by Driijjiflsts. 7ftV.
Hull's Family l'ill nre the best.
An Austrian factory makes iSOO.OOO.OOO,
000 matches annually.
Don't Tolisrro Spit and Kmok Tour Ufs lirny.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-H:io,
tho wonder-worker, that mukes weak men
strong. All drURtrisw, 60o or tl. Cure guaran
teed. Uooklet and sample free. Aihlress
fctuiliiig Kcmody Co, Cliiiago or New York.
Lansing, Mich., hits tho widest driveway
bridge In tho United Mates, if not iu tho
Fits perms nen tly cured. No tits or nervous.
rets after iiit, dny's use of lr. K line's (.reat,
Nerve Itcstorer.Satt'lal bottlesnd treatise free
lilt. it. II. Ki.ine, Ltd., ttl Arch St., I'lilla.. l'.t.
Tho Tyrol has two octogenarian poets,
Adolph l'lcliler and Hermann lUillclt.
To Curo Constlpatlou Forerfir.
Tnke Casi'arcls Candv Cittharllc loo orSSo.
II C C. O. full to euro. UruKipsl refund ujouuy.
The Duchess ot Hamilton cures llttln for
society, spending most of her time hunting.
We think Plso's Cure for Consumption Is
Mo only medicine for Coughs.-JrnmkI'imuk.
aiid, Springdcld, Ills., Oct. 1, 1SIH.
Tho Marquis of Kxeter Is ss.ld to be tho
only marriageable Marquis lu Kugland.
Eilnrnte Vonr ltnwuls Willi 'nsrnrts.
Candy Cathartic, cure cnnsilpntloii forever,
lite, Sic. If C. C. C. fall. druKKlsis refund uioucy.
Spiders are a serious plaguo In
Japan, They spin their webs on tho
telegraph wires, and are so numerous
ns ?'o cause a serious loss of Insula
tion. Sweeping the wires does llttlo
good, as the spiders begin all over
No-To-llao for Fifty Cents.
Otmrantoed tobacco habit cure, makes wenit
men biiuuk, blood pure, bua, $1. All Uruffumbl.
Oneo Washington's Arsenal.
New York Sun: The tearing down
of the old buildings, 93, 95 and 97 Cher
ry street, to make way for a modern
Structure, removes a landmark vaguely
Hsboiiateu in the annals of tho neigh
brohood with the days of the American
revolution. When Washington made
hi;i headquarters at ltoosevelt and
Cherry streets, tho local historians
declr.re, he stored in these old build
ings munitions of war supplies for his
army. Tho historians of Cherry Hill
then skip the intervening years until a
piriod beginning fifteen or twenty
years ago ls reached. Tho buildings
were then occupied as resorts for sail
ors. The Loopey gang, which once
threw a man into the river for 8 cents,
made Its headquarters In the nelguoor
hood. Near by was Sneepy's alley,
leading from Roosevelt to Cherry
ttrcet, In which a Roosevelt street resi
dent declares there were three mur
ders within as many months.
Long- 8 iv I in.
Ernest Whitehead captured a young
teal near Anacapa Island, California,
recently, and took him on board his
ship, says Our Dumb Animals. As the
vessel started the mother seal was no
ticed swimming about, ' howling pite
ously. The little captive barked re
sronslvrly. After reaching tho wharf
at Santa Barbara tho captive wus tied
up in a jute tack and loft loose on thu
dtck. Soon after coming to anchor
the seal responded to Its mother's call
by casting Itself overboard, all tied up
as it was In tho sack. The mother
st ized the sack, and with her eliarp
teeth toro It open. ?he ha 1 fnJowed
the tlooa eighty miles.
The happiest person in tho world ls
he or she whose i..nbitlon sours be
yond what he or the is able to get.
nat" rani" ' JmiMaif,"-'itVllrT- tMF
When You Take
because tho formula Is plainly printed on each bottle,
showing what it contains. The reason th. imitators do not
advertise their formula is because they know the pc;'.; vould not buy
their medicine if they knew its ingredients.
Every druggist in the United States is authorized to sell GROVE'S
TASTELESS CHILL TONIC on a positive guarantee of NO CURE
NO PAY. Price, 50c.
Your druggist has sold GROVE'S for years. Just ask HIM about it.
GROVE'S is a prescription that does euro
' " I "T 'III
The odor left by a highly-scented toilet soap
r;s not agreeable to most people of refined tastes.
delicate perfume may be used after an Ivory
Soap bath with much more pleasing effect.
Ivory Soap leaves only a comfortable feeling
of perfect cleanliness.
Tea and I'op Iielmuehea Have lleforo
Now llesulied Fatally.
Hard drlnkB have slain their thou
sands, but soft drinks have, neverthe
less, contributed to the list of fatali
ties. Instances In proof of tho danger
which lies In wait for the unwary ab
sorber of the latter class of potations
are not wanting In recent "revelations
of the news columns. Not lung ago a
man departed this llfo in an eastern
asylum because he was Inordinately
intemperate In the use of tea. An in
cautious colored man In Atlanta took
a alp or two of a domestic concoction
of alum and water. Shortly afterward
ho took a fit and gave up the ghost
in great agony. A more recent case
is that of tho New York young man
who died after a "pop" debauch. What
sma'.'i boy Is a stranger to tho many
huoc'i delight3 of "pop"? It effervesces
and tastes like branchwater inade
quately sweetened, but It has bubbled
for long years without being suspected
of homicidal tendencies. Until the fatal
orgy of the New York young man Its
record for harmlessness was unbroken.
This victim of the insidious "pop," it
Is claimed, filled his internal vacuum
with seventy bottles of tho dangerous
lluid per day. And ho kept on loading
up at this rate for three days in suc
cession! Of course when such a strain
as this was put upon his containing
capacity something had to pop; and b j
tho "pop" drove the life out of him
nnd he went hence. Such is tlie fate
of those who have not the strength o!
mind to defy the tempter when ho
comes clad In tho seductiveness of soft
drinks. Not all have the physical
a'rength to resist the Inroads of tha
Inordinate fizzlcklne to which 1u.11
apparently Innocuous beverages sub
ject the human organism. If tempta
tion comes to the thirsty to drink im
moderately of tea, spiked lemonade or
tho colorful "pop," n should bo stub
bornly and persistently resisted, clto
the end will bo certain and the denoue
ment sad. St. Louis Republic.
Lookr.tyourtonguel If it'scoated.
your stomach i3bad, your liver out of
order. Aycr's Pills will clean your
tonguo, cure your dyspepsia, make
your liver right. Easy to take, easy
to operate. 25c. All druggists.
Htit your niuiiAUi'liis or bu.i.U boauLiiul
itrown or rirh Murk? Vb n tuo
, OW W r Hal L Tn. Hv.
us uiioii t'linimnt nu- i tirii) ha tn
and It's ifoud eiiounlit for you.
'iSJS 12? I Thompson' Ey Wator
Ear U U U
NU' as e ess uiw wi
ut in iiw in iMiimn ! .a, i.
Kvll Fyo l.rnris to Divorce.
New York World: E.l.-.abeih Elsocs
ser of Patterson, N. J., who has
brought suit for divorce, believes that
her husband was hypnotized by 'Maria
Koch, who was employed as a servant
in rtie family. Miss Koch ls 18 years
old and plain looking, but Mrs. El
scesscr says sho has the "evil eye."
Twice, she says, Elsocsser ran away
with Marie, leaving a pro: porous bake
Bhop. Elsoesser sayB ho will not de
fend the suit.
CiitTt nil Throat nud V.ttttf A.0Vvtiua.
IV Cctthrircuuiue. RrfnKe mi null' tries. A
XV. Haiti fills curf nvifirfsin. Trial, to for fa
'loth my wife and inysrlrhave been
uliu CASCAKKTS and tbcv are the besb
medicine wo have ever bad in the house. Lut
week my wlfo was frantlo with hntdHche for
two days, sho tried some of yourCASCAKETS.
and they relieved the pain In ber head almpit
Immediately. We both recommend Cisco, re Ut."
Pittsburg Safe & Deposit Co. , Pittsburg, Pa.
Pleasnnt. Palatable. I'otpnt. TskU GooiI. ly
UooU, iieviir. Sli kon. Weaken, or Grl.e. 10c. Zxl.Uto.
Sltrllni li l'iiy, t'klc.n. Votlnil, . ydi.Vir
N3-T0-BAC "f? ?I"l,tV!i,rI.."t.,"rt b' lln-rng-
. imupni iikuit.
$3&$3.50 SHOES "nion
Worth $4 to $8 compared with
Indorsed by over
1,111X1.0110 wearers.
Till CUM INS k. W. L. l.(l..
saw and prir iUh aaltvm-
Takn no subitum rlalineii
tobi-MRiKiil. I.irai'lnkrr
of nnd (3.50 abort in tun
world. Ynur dealer Hhuulit keep
Uiimii If nut, we will send you
- .-u irici)ivui iriru. mma
ilud or leather, rla and width, nlala or cap Uiv
Cutuiniriie V Free.
W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Brockton. Mast.
kTn.QRunnf ,
Hit A
M tin.
liU ft
t mm
rmmwinnB (utiioti low. Aii ;ook ikkk.
wrlUirs. sa mnaenui lat ver fmm 7 Rmum.
sth Tear. Kenil tur ratlona. A.litrmis. Urp'tjl,
BsmirtH 5 BUSINFSS COL'CE. Baltimore. Md. If
t ii y
I k. I. K. f All UruKaiiits, 25c.
'iv1' V I Hiick r inf.n.l euim ,.,.
ri-o. jir. H. H. aukix i ta, s0I u, AiUaia aa.
II N U 41.
. v.uu a) i up, i mi1, iiiniu, UM
in lime. Huld hv driiL-alMs.
1 .H'15I
im HA.-""- ' - .,rm,
m i

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