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The Central Brick Company of FltUbor.
Ia bmo incorporated to rlitt-r tbe market
arnlnsl tha Elkius-Wldeuer combination, tu
All, uy couuty, I'u.
Walk I expected toon to begin on thl
ru-Ainerlru llallrrmd, fiinoInK from tbo
City 01 Mexico tn points la Texas.
The Goodrich Iron Mine, near Ishpemlng,
Mich., bun been told to the Oliver Mining
Com puny, which represent the mining ln
tU ot the Curnsgla Company. Tbe uilue
has been Idle lur 20 yenm.
Tbe l'eurla (I.I.) Gluoos Work have
floied iltivn, owing to a strike of tbe flr
men, aud HOO meu are Idle. The strikers di
Mended nn eight-hour dity and J2 pny.
Unless oerlaiu grlevauce among the Na
tional Tlnplnt Workers bu speedllv ad
justed, there la a likuntiood that 25,100 mm
Will go ou strike.
Mia. Todd, the leper whom It n sought
to tend to Hawaii, will remain In Sau Frim
claco. Tuesouooner Two Forty waa run down
and sunk lu Boston harbor by the steamer
Ardandhu. Four live at least were Ins!.
Five meu t serious y Injured and one
woman totally shocked by an accident on n
Brooklyn elevated ruilroiid. They were
thrown from the structure to the pavement,
"ftilguor Foils, tbo Wcl-.uowu basso, Is
V I5iienlve frauds. Involving the forcer y of
Col. John Jacnh A-tot'a nntiit', have teen
dlaoovend lu connection Willi bogus lottery
ticket In the City ot Mexico.
Cleome P.mel1, president of I lie Tlnpliite
Worker Union, preseuied to the president
ef the A111erl.au Tlnplale Company the con
plaint ol lliti employment of non-union men.
Ia the Norfolk County Court the Judge rut
aside tho Verdict ot the J'liy II nil lug Bu Me
5oy, eolored, guilty ot tua murder of Mury
Private B-nne, of tbe Hoapltnl Corps, at
fort Monroe, died from the effects of a blow
truck by some uukuown footpad.
Edwaid Flanagan, the murderer of three
persona, made a desperate ntiempt toescnpe
Iron the j ill In Lie Kulb county, Gu.
Owner 11, Frederick Fttnstoit is reported to
hare acoopied a brigadier' command, uud
will return tu the Philippines.
Jjbu Uisennld wnt couvloted In York,
of einbcuilenient, aud sentenced to two
year In tbe penitentiary.
Fire aieu were Injured In an nrcldent on
the Brooklyn E evaird, aud one woman dlrd
from the shock.
President. Mi K'nley and his party ri-ndi-d
liome, having travoltd n distance of 5,0)9
mil a. . it.-
Major General Guy V. Henry was assigned
to the Department of the Missouri.
A Mucin, Oi delegation luvlted Adalial
Dowry 10 vie.t their auction, 1 " '
Henatnr Hoar was re-elected president; ol
the Unitarian Council.
TlieaiiLunl meeting of tbe stockholders
of the Pullman Falaco Car Cniupnuy waa
lield In Chicago, ltnlert T. Lincoln waa
fleeted resident. The tolnl revenue of the
oorn any for tbe year was (4 1,478, 929.
The uiouunienl erected In Woodstock, Va.,
to tha Conn derate soldiers Lurlud there
was nnvelli d, rjemitor Dunh-1 dellveriuir tbe
iJeiiHlor Prltchnrd, spenklnR In fitntef.
'l e, N. C, denounced the proposed consti
tutional amendment to disfranchise the col
red voter.
William II. Curinnp, of Htewni tilown,
Pa., was arreted on the elinrne of securing
a marrliiU" IWi uuder fiilte pretviisee.
Th oin. aK of Hollywood Cemetery, In
li chmoi il, will erect a monumeut over tbo
grave ot 1'ieelduut Tyler.
Iwia M iody was convicted In Norfolk,
Ta., of paslna worthless cbecka, and sent
to tbe penitentiary.
The balnes sessions of the Jubilee Ml -siooary
Convention of tbe Cbrlttlan CburuU
closed In Cincinnati.
Henry O. Hilton besnn ft contest of his
father' (Judx Hilton) will lu New York.
Wm. H. Appleton, of the New York put
llsliluil house, died at ltlverdule, N. Y.
The Internal HeCenue liurumi bus dedded
that rroelptx for ijiicbhco triiimfer must have
a revenue stump nfllxed, us tbey are bill ot
Aa order I n been lfsii'd prolill ltlnu the
collection ol politlcul luseaarueuts from peat
roHHter. The Chinese MltiUter mmlo nn address be
fore the Commercial Concrers, lu Philadel
phia, lu which be favored unrestricted
Chinese, Imuilttrntlun iuto the Philippine
Iilands. He deprecated the Cbluesa exclu
sion act.
At the conference of nuti-nnnexntlntilat',
la Chicago, a woman arose lu the audience
and asked Iticin to remove the Hiik, so that
they could 110 longer disKrnce il,
Mr. XI. J. Uryau nddressod a crowd of 20,
000 persona at the race truck In LoulM lil .
Headvocnted the election ol Ooubel, thu
Uemocratlu candidate for governor.
Dr. F. M. Morgan, of llerkley, under In
dictment lor causliiu the death of it Norlo k
woman and br child In Muy lnt-t, wus uc
quitted H ere.
N. T. I'liliiuin was shot and killed by 111
brother, A. J. IMtuiau, lu a hotel In Cburlet
ton, . C.
Three persons lost their lives by the falling
of a burning building In Knlghtatown, Iud.
Genera! John M. Bcbolb-ld wn olecti d
corariiiider-ii-chlef of the I.oyiil Legion.
Preeldeut Hndiey was loricnliy luiiugu.
rated ne president of Yale.
Iuternai revenue ooliecilora for September
show an Increase of v2,h0'.l,5(JS ns couipun d
with rorref polidlng inontu ol la-t year.
Tbe completion of the inuilii tivendl In
lb Alaskan boundary case baa been beguu
by the Htate D 'par;monl.
Several army promotions were announced
ns tbe eonsequeiiee of tbe tutlrewent ot
xlrlgadler (leu-ral Hhaller.
The Executive Council of the American
Federation of Labor considered questions of
Tha oyster shuckrs of Norfolk are rapidly
rolng out ou strike, some 00 now I elng
Idle, In consequence ol the deulslou ol the
packer not lu employ any union meu after
next Monday.
President McKlii'ey nnd party left Chl'niro
Jor Kalamiix Miob,, and ihe East. Til y
were aicord d hearty receptions lu several
Illinois towus.
Fire In a colliery near l'ottsv)lle was ex
tinguished with dynamite, and twenty-twi
imprison) d men thereby relen-ed.
Joseph Wood, Ihe oldest locomotive en
gineer in the Uulled Hlates, dli d at bis houiu
In New Jersey, aged elglitv-nlne.
At a coiiterenee ol autl-exi uusionUU lu
Chicago, President MeKluley'a l'bliljiplua
policy was harshly criticUed.
Australia and lie resouroea occupied the
attention ot tbe Commurulal Congress lu
Uavid Z luler, one of the best-ktinwu cll
sen ol York, Pa., died suddenly, aged
Mra. M. H. Letcher, widow of Virginia1
war governor, Is dead, aged seveutj-aeveu
Mis Julia Lea Mrllvalna and Murray
Btewart were marrlej at V. rliiKton. I) I.
The ailiosl meeting of tun Htreet 11 ill way
Ae-oclatlon waa held In Chioagn,
Mlsa Kalle H. Clause was drowned In I
mill-pond near Wi.m iigtuii, N. ('.
The new Hoard ol Trade rui.diug at liar
rtrburr. Pa., was ded cated.
Another autl-irust eouleiuuce will be held
in Jenn -ry In Chicago.
Hoi . W. J. liryan eontluued bis onnit alan
ine tour 111 Kiutueky,
Tom Myers, the uoi flilenee man and forg
er, dlrd In tbe wood, near Waukegau, III.,
from txposur , and a as 1 urn d there by tbe
three other prisoner who bad en taped from
rlsna with blin.
Ueuar T. Hues, ecud of shooting
. 4Qeorge Vaugbaa lu Itlubuiot.d, V., was (1
Jrastd on bales coruus proceeding..
Significance of British nnd
American Naval Plans.
Germane May He Under the Rnsplelon of
Ilolh Conn tries, and (he Channel and
Manila squadron Could Act In Concert
Ureat tirltnln anil America Iteady for
Any Kinergenry.
Washington, (Special.) Tha dispatch of
the lirltish Channel Hquadron to Gibraltar
and the premnce In tbo Palllpplnea ot nn
American fleet, wblch will bo the Inrgpst as
semblage of United Mutes warships since
Admiral Hampton's flact off Hnntliigo, are
conneoted here aa Indicating a dotlgn ou tbe
part of Orent Britain aud America to be
ready for nuy exigency growlDg out ot the
Transvaal or Samonn situation.
The purpose of either Government Is not
clearly defined, but it can be gathered from
tbe attitude of the nations to each other that
they would make common cause In case Ger
many, taking advantage of England's trou
ble with tbe Houth African Republic or
America's need for her fleet In the Philip
pines, should nttouipl to play a bigL-biiuded
game in Ham on.
There are Indications bore nlready that It
is to tbe interest ot tbe Culled mutes to
keep a watchful eyo on the movements of
Germany with respect to the Kamoan Is
lands. Euglnnd Is known to have bad prop
osition made to her In Berlin wblob. are not
ncceptnble, and It is within tho range of
probabilities that Germany may attempt to
enforce her demand'.
In that event the United States could not
be expected to desert Englund, nnd espe
cially as Germany's Idea of a partition of
tbe Islands is kuowu to be tba possession of
the whole group.
Tba offlclnls here will not comment on the
situattou In uuy alarmist wny, but it rat be
Mated that there Is nn official opinion, based
on the movement of thu British Channel
Squadron, that this movement by England
Is the most efTiictlve to check any hostile
movement ol Germany, and may be takeu
n notice to her that ber game, whatever it
Is, Is being watched.
For publication, the officials In the Navy
and tbe State Departments do not oxprers
tbe belief that there Is Immediate dauger to
come out of it. The State Department offl
1 lals content themselves Willi saying that
tbe 1 artltlou of Samoa I not a new id". It
Is denied emphatically by the Department,
as piloted lu Germany, that the Uull. d
States bas taken the Initiative. On the con
trary, tbe American Ambassador In Berlin
la expected to advise this Goveromunt ol
Gsrmaoy' real Intentions at tbe earliest
moment practicable.
Tbe naval officials say tbat tba American
fleet lu tho Philippines is In exoellent shape
and In a position to safegnard American In
terests wherever threatened.
Rtnr-Admlral Ricbardson Clover, chief ol
the bureau ot naval Intelligence, speaking
diplomatically and guardedly, said: "Eng
land's flest I ber great strength, and there
Is no telling when she might need It to moet
nn enemy other than In tbo Transvaal. If,
for Initauce, Germany, or any other naval
power, should become Involved In war with
Euglaud by reason of complications In the
Trnoavanl, or elsewhere, England would
need ber fleet at borne."
Bl'ltl-ltlKKD UY riLI FINOS.
Boatswain's Mate Ueptnred
Three Otliar Men tVuundsd.
Washington, (Speolal.) Tbe Secretnry of
the Navy has received the following cable
gram Irom Admiral Wutson:
"On October 16 tbe Insurgents surprised
a boat's crow of four men from the gunboat
Marlvsles, wbo, under a white flag, were
luodlng tbunoi. -combatants from a captured
prou at Slcogou Inland. William Juraschkn,
boatswain's mate, Urst class, was captured.
Au armed crew ot ten attempted a rescue,
unsuccessfully. Sidney N. Hoar, landsman,
was fntally wounded; Frederick Auderson,
apprentice, first class, severely wounded lu
the grolu; Nicholas I'arre, coxswain, wouud
ed In tbo left leg, slight. The' Concord and
Murlveies will punish tbe lusurguuta If pos
eible." General Otis bas notified tbe War Depart
ment of tne urrlral at Munlla of the trans
ports Sherman and Elder. Tbe former cur
ried tbe Thirtieth Volunteer and somer. -orults,
nod tbo latter bud ou board l'J offi
cer and 4bd enlisted men. There Were no
uusua.tte on either ship.
Will Not be Drone ht tn Manila, But Gen
eral MscArlhur Will Keeelve Them.
Manila, (Uy Cable.) It Is believed tbat
the Filipino Commissioner', on whoa be
half permission has been asked to visit Gen
eral Oils to discuss peace terms aud other
matters, If admitted to tbe American lines,
will uot be brought to Manila, but It la ex
pected tbat General MacArthur will be em
powered to meet them. If he be authorized
to receive them, be v. 1.1 do so In the atutu
of Individual coming from Aguiualdo, but
will decline to receive any ofll-lal communi
cation from the so-oalled republic.
The spectacle of tbo last F.llpluo officers
who waited upon the American authorities
here displaying uniforms about tbe city en
couraged tha hostile element of the Inhab
itants. The persistent attempt of tbe vari
ous commissions previously sent to Manila
to entrap tbe Amerlcaos Into some sort ol
recognition ot tbe Filipino government have
exhausted tbe patleuc of the autborltlus.
Killed In a I'rls riant.
Chicago, III., (Speclal.)-Wllilam Wllke,
aged ulnsteen, died one hour after receiving
Plows ou tbe nope, Juw mid pit of tbe stom
ach lu a prlxe (Uht with Charles Chellua,
aged nineteen, lu the basement of tbe Wllke
hi me. The bo)S belonged to auiatourcluhs,
and fought for a tS purse. Cbellu was ar
llnose Bsrnred for the Admiral In
al ruble Meet Ion of Ihe CIIT.
Washington, (Speolal.) The Dewey house
committee, which bas lu charge tbe pur-clia-e
of a home lor the Admiral Irom the
moneys receive! by popular mibscrlpllous,
biive selected house No, 1717 Rhode I-land
avenue, northwest, kuowu as the Filch
house. Tbe bouse is cue door removed from
the corner ot Connecticut avenue, tu what la
regarded as the innst desirable seullou ol
the city. It Is understood that the amount
of tbe popular subscription was sufficient to
rover tha coat of the In u-e, It furniture and
ull Incidental expenditures.
Killed br Hie ttobbera.
Atnblsou, Kan., (Special.) Charle Kucbi
111 d several other meu were lu KuubV store,
at Doiili'bun, when two robhers came lu and
pointed revolvers at them. When one of
11 o robbers sturt 'd lor tbe money drawer,
Kuubs nod John U. own, son of the poMma-
I. r ol Doi Ipban, m.ida a movement to resist,
Doth robbers tired. Urowu was killed and
Kuck wound d in tbe arm. Kuebs and tha
oilier occupants of tbe store lt.-d, and tbe
Obbers looted Ihe money drawer aud lelt.
New York's 40.1,000 Vetera.
N-w York, (Special.; The registration In
Greater New York I completed, Tba lotal
registration Was 478.717.
Fifteen Hundred Alleged to Have
Slain Lured Over Mines.
London, Eng., (By Cable.) Themostaen
aallonnl report ol the war comes from tbe
Dally News' correspondent, who state that
when tbe Boers attacked Mafeklng they were
decoyed over n chain of mines, which wern
exploded, nnd 1,500 burghers killed. Thu
report Is discredited.
Vryburg la lu Ihe hands of the enemy,
having surrendered ou IHundny. There was
n paulo among ihe Inhabitants, who fled In
nil directions. The English are very Indtg
sant. Dispatches from innny point along the
frontier confirm tho reports of severe fight
ing at Besler's Station, near Ladysmlth.
Some of the Brlllsh troops were In the sad
dle three days.
Iloers are boasting that they will be hold
ing masked balls In British uniforms nt
Cape Town nnd Durban before tbe end of
Basuto who rencliod Capo Town com
plain of outrages upon native by tho Boers.
These further Intlnmo them and the Zulus.
President Kruger, lu nn accouut given to
President Steyn (Orange Froe State) of the
attack on an armored train, says Nesbiltaud
bis seven men were not killed, although
erlously wounded nnd takeu prisoners.
South African reinforcements are tn bo
landed at Port Elizabeth, Port Alfred and
East London, Instead of Cape Town or
Durban, and nro to advance through tho
Free State to Pretoria.
Thursday' session ot Parliament was a
stormy one. Mr. Chamberlain attacked the
Opposition, and was frequently Interrupted.
Part of his remaik-i were withdrawn. John
Morley closed the debate with a short speech
defending Ihe minority. Tha Lord voted
tbe address nnd adjourned.
TO htllirilKKN LKAI.
Confederate Monument Unveiled at Wood
stock, Virginia.
Woodstock, Va (Speolal.) The monu
ment ereoted in MiS4itnulteo Cemetery to
tbe memory ot the Confederate soldiers bur
led In Woodstook, Vu., was unveiled there.
At nn early hour the people from every
section ol the county nnd many from othur
counties gathered to witness tbe Impressive
ceremony. Tbe procession formed at 10.80
A. M. and was composed ot tha Stonewall
Brigade Baud; Mury Custis Leo Chapter,
Cblldron of the Confederacy; Daughters of
the Confederacy, ladles' memorial associa
tions; orator, president of Shenandoah Cha -tar,
U. D. C; Marshal J. II. Williams nnd
Miss Addle Gale Mllcy, lu carriages; Sbeu-
audoah Camp, visiting cumps, Confederate,
veterans, Mount Calvary Baud, Sons ot Vet
erans, Massanutter Academy, Woodstock
Graded School, Cedar Creek Bund, oai-
rlage and citizen ou horseback.
Tbe exerolses nt tbe cemetery consisted til
music. I y Culvary Band, hymn by choir,
"Dixie" by Stonewall Brigade Band, unveil
ing of monument by Miss Addie Gale Miley
nnd muslo by Stonewall Brigade Baud. This
waa followed by an eloquent uddres by Sen
ator John W. Daniel.
Tba monument I of Italian marble nnd
bear Inscriptions to tho memory ot the ga -luut
soldiers wbo now sleep around its base.
How flnrfinan Itaamns 8. Hldgett Saved
Ten Live.
Washington, (Special.) The Secretary of
tbe Treasury, acting upou the recommenda
tion of a board of awurds, ba grauted med
al to n number of persons who distinguished
themselves in tha rescue of lives during n -cent
great storms at sea. Tbe medals are
granted under act of Congress of June 0,
1874, and are given to those who dlspluy
heroism In tbe rescue of human beings.
Only oue gold medal was awarded. Gold
medal are given for "extreme aud heroic
daring," nud Superintendent Kimball, of the
Life-Having Service, soyj this case wa ono
of tbe most herolo ever known In tbe history
of life-saving. The medal Is now being made
nud goes to Rasmus S. Mldgutt, surfmnu No.
1 ot tbe Gull Sboal Llft-Havlug Stutlon,
ooast of North Carolina.
The heroism was during tho great V. st
Indian storm wblch swept up tbo coast ot
this couutry ou August 17 aud 18, aud tbe
occasion was tbe let cue of 10 Uvea from tbo
wreck of tbe barkeutinu Prisullla. Superin
tendent Kimball, a vuteruu ot tbe Ltft-Siiv-lug
Service, says that tbe man hae uo pi ur
for daring aud bravery.
GKN r.ltAL WAllt'S HKFOltT. .
Indians Still Sullen and Discontented In
the Dekolaa.
Washington, (Special.) Tbe annual re
port of Brig. -Gen. Junius F. Wade, com
manding the Department of Dakotu, win
made public. General Wade says tbat of
thu three posts nud one camp occupied, nil
nre lu very fair condition, with the exception
of Fort Moade, wblch Is uusaultary, aud bas
reached a point where It Is a (Uesiiou of re
construction or abandonment.
General Wade refers briefly to tbo Indian
troubles at Loeoh I, alio last September and
October,. nud says that lu spite of the fact
that the detachment engaged in this fight
was made up of raw recruits, thty behaved
wl.b commendable gallantry. He saya tbat
the Indians are still sullen and discontented,
but no active trouble Is apprehended.
Allowed to Ilnng Half ait Hour, as He
Did Mat Want to Couis Hack.
Nrfwton, N. C, (Special.) Avery Kale,
white, was banged here for the murder of
George Travis, also white, neur Catawba,
lust year. Kalu was discharged from Alley'
distillery and Travis given the place. Kale
wont home, got his shotgun and returned to
tbe distillery, where ha shot Travis lu the
head, while the latter waa nt work.
Kale Immndlutoly left for Marlon, enlisted
In Company A, thu Hornet's Neat Riflemen,
o' Charlotte, uud was arrested soon after
reaching camp at Jacksonville, brought back
to Newton, tried and convicted,
Land for Military turiusea.
San I'rauolsoo, Cain., (Special.) United
States Attorney Coombs has llli d a bill for
the condemnation of a tract of laud west of
Lake Merced and lacing the ocean, for the
military purposes of the Uulted States.
Suicidal Leap rrum a llrldge.
Minneapolis, Minn., (Special.) W. D
Mauro, who bad been drinking tor' so um
days, leaped from oue of thu MIshIh-Ij pi
river bridges and was drowned. Theplunuo
was oue hundred tout Into boiling rupld-,
which have not yet given up tha body.
Mauro has a alstur in this city, Mrs, J. It,
Cooke, and ululined to bo from Auburn,
New York.
Mollierand Children lliirned.
Canton, Mies., (Special.) At St. Ann,
twenty mllis east ot hero, Mrs. J. if. Gam
brell nud four children lost their Uvea lu a
lire that destroyed their rosidnuae,
I'leu-iie at hatos.
Washington, (Special.) Surgoon-Gnnernl
Wynian received a cablegram from Inspector
Woodbury, ot the Marine Hospital Service,
dated at Rio Janeiro, Brazil, saying Hint
plague bad made Its appearance at Santos,
Brazil, He said that there bad been six
case and two deaths, and that autopsies In
tba fatal case oonflruied Ihe diagnosis. Uu
also said tbat Isolation wa possible.
Marietta Sail for Manila.
Norfolk, V., (Special.) -The gunboat
Marietta sailed liom Lambert' Point lor
Manila. The first stop will I made at St.
Miubaels, A ires, tbeue to Gibraltar, ru I
Cuual and to tbv I'.lUtitilur. .
Masked Men Succcd in Getting
Bound and flagged an Operatoe anil
Stuppsd tliaTraiiailontlnentnl Mall Rliot
at the Engineer, Hen Away with the
Bins 111. w Open the Ei press Car and
D; nam I led tha Safe.
Chicago, III., (Special.) Masked robber
held up train No. 9 of tbe Northwestern
Itnllroad shortly before midnight between
Maple Turk aud DeKalb; shot at Dan White,
englueer; ran nwny with the engine, nnd
blew open ihe express car nud the safe.
When the robber had rifled the car tbey
disappeared.. Ills estimated tbat the rol
bers secured 25,000 In cash alone.
Train No. 0 form the part of the Trans
continental Mall which was reoently estab
lished botweeu Now York nnd San Francisco.
The run is made Irom Chicago to Council
Bluffs ou a schedule exceeding a mile n
mluute. It has beeu the general custom to
carry only two cars, one containing express
matter and the other mall.
The train left the Northwestern. Depot nt
10 o'olook with Dau White, a veteran em
ploye of tho road, as engineer. No stops
were scheduled before D. Kalb, at which
place tbe train was due shortly before 11
o'clock. At Maple Park, CO miles from Chi
cago, It was discovered that Tower W, at
Elburu, was either out of older or was not
giving the right signal. W hite closed the
throttle quickly aud brought the train to a
The train was midway between Elburn
and Mnple Park. White bad hardly brought
his engine to a standstill when two masked
men Jumed ou the steps and pointed guns at
him and the fireman.
"Throw up your hands!" thy shouted.
The railroad men did so. Two robbers
detached the engine from the rest of the
train, and White was told to take his engino
two mile up tha track. There he attempted
to make a fight aud recapture his engine.
He struggled manfully, tut flnnlly one of
the robbers shot nt Lui failed to hit biro.
In tbe meantime four other men had at
tacked the conductor and the brakemau.
Numerous shots Were find to Intimidate
them. The conductor was unable to make
any resistance, aa he was told ha would be
Oue of tba brakemen mnnnirsd to escape
In the darkness aud raced to Elburn, where
be managed to seud the alarm to the tralu
dispatchers in Chicago.
The robbers, after overpowering tba con
ductor, ordered tha express messenger,
Frank Hobson, to admit them to tbe car.
"You open up tbat enr," one of the rob
ber shouted, "or we'll blow It up." Buck
from the car came a about: "You try to
force It open and I'll shoot the first man
who shows his bend."
A volley of shots wus the reply, and after
several bad whizzed past his head tha ex
press messenger opened the door. Tbey
put revolvers to Ills bead and compelled him
to give up the; key to tbe local freight.
They then blew open tbe door of the through
safe with dynamite, tbe explosion wrecking
tbe car. Tba robber then grabbed all the
money aud express package tbey could find
and fled.
Although It is Impossible to give with ac
curacy tbe amount, Il is estimated by the
officers ot the American Express Company
In Chicago tbat there waa (25,000 in cash In
the safe. The amount of jewelry, Ac. Mr.
Autlsdel, the general manuuer of tbe Amer
ican Express Company, said he could not
guess at.
Tba news of tha hold-up was received In
Chicago before Vi o'olock. Word was sent
at once to the superintendent, and a special
train was ordered made up. Messengers
Were dlspatobed for Detective Hellly, chief
ot tha special force of the Northwestern
Wben the train dispatcher was notified he
gave orders to freight train No. 118, bound
East to slop at Geneva and returu at ouce
to tbe scene ot tbe bold-up.
The trainmen of No. 118 notlocd No. 9
standing on the trnck with a dulncbod en
gine ns they went by, but bad thought uoth
Ing of it. When the freight crew reached
Tower W tbey found tha operator bound,
gagged and tied to a chair. When released
be gave the first real lulurmatlou to tbe
He said tbat nt 10.30 o'clock four men had
coma Into tbe tower aud asked him the
number of tbe next train going wust. Tbey
wanted to know if It was uot No. !), but thu
operator says he told them it was No. 119.
Tbe robber then told the operator he was a
fool; that tbey knew better. To show tho
operator they had laid their plan thor
oughly and knew what tbey were talking
about tbey pointed, gun at bis head nud
told blm if be made a move they would kill
They tied htm up with ropes, stuffed a
towel into hi mouth, and told blm if ho
wa a "good follow" be would escape with
out being hurt. Tbey then set tbe slguuU
Which caused No. 9 to slow up.
Largest Number nf Hatileslilps Ever Un
der On American CsmiiisiiH.
1 Wasblugton, (Special.) Hear Admiral
raiijunar, wuo uas ueen assigned to the
commaulof tho North Atlantic Squadron
will have under his orders the largest num
ber of battleship ever assembled in one
command under au officer of tbe Uulted
State Navy.
Tbe Admiral will not only have the New
York, tbe Massachusetts, the Indlunu and
the Texas, but tbe new ships the Keursarge,
tbe Kentucky and the Alabama will ulao be
come a, part of bis squadroD. When the re
pairs to tbe Olympia have been completed
It may also Join the fleet.
Sawmill Iturned; Loss, lo,OOU.
Bayard W. Va (Special.) The sawmill
0( Isaac McDaniels, nt Beeohwocd Station
uenr Bayard, W. Va., on the West Virginia
I Central llallroad, nut destroyed by tire, of
supposeu inceuuiary origin. Loss, 10,000.
Nonagenarian Clergyman In Tennessee
Kills Opponent After a tfuarr?!.
Kuoxvllle, Tonn., (Special,) IUv. H. C.
Daugherty, aged 97 years, ami William lt ss,
74 years, met aud resumed uu old quarto! lu
bentt Couuty.
Falling to settle the matter with word.
Boss made an attempt to strike Daugherty
with a hammer. The lultor ran to a nearly
bouse, secured a shotgun nud killed hi
Both men were lending citizens, hnv'ng
large families, Daugherly being one ol tho
most forcible preacher in JJ isi Tennessee.
Murdered Ilia llrntlier,
Italelgb, N.C., (Special.) Lin wood Mlggs,
colored, was placed In tbe penitentiary for
twelve year for murdering hi brother In
Gates County Jail. The brothers wer ar
leued, charged with rubbing a house. They
were In the same cell, and Llnwuod brained
bis brother with a club because he said bu
Intended to confess tba crime.
Compulsory Vaccination In llrlstol.
Bristol, Teun., (Speolal.) Acting upon
the suggestion of Dr. Worteubaker, of the
Marlue Hospital Service, vaccination ha
been mad compulsory Bristol owing to
the smallpox, which jias lecoma almost
I Maxim Gun Deadly Fir From an
Armored Train.
London, (By Cable.) There ha bean eon
alderabla fighting tha last three day at
Mat. king, Hpytfonteln and several other
points, but the censorship permits only mea
ger Information to come through tbe new
channels. Several startling despatches were
published here. One from Cape Town stated
,thnt three hundred Boers nod eighteen
British bad been killed In a battle at Mafe
klng. Communication was temporarily
opened with Klmberlev. A despatch from
that place stated tbat aa armored train, con
taining British troops, came upon a foroe of
Boers near H ytfonteln. A shnrp fight re
sulted, in which five Boers were killed and
aeven wounded. Tbe British, according to
the censored despatch, attstalned no losses.
A despatch from Cape Town gives tbe fol
lowing version of the fight:
"The armored train, with a detachment of
the Lancashire, approached unmolested
until within range, when the Boers opened
"Tbe Maxim we're' instantly sot to work,
nnd did great execution among the burgh
era. The latter also used artillery, but In
effectively. The armored tralu returned to
Klmberly unharmed.
"Tbe crew of the armored train any tbe
Boers fired thirteen shells, but their nlm wa
wretched, and not a single shot struck tbe
train, which then made bold to approach
uearer and opened fire with the Maxims.
"The burghers replied with heavy rifled,
again shooting wildly. Ouly three or four
bullets struck the train.
"Subsequently tbe crew learned that five
Boer aud two Boer horses Were killed, whlla
severul Boer aud borer were wounded.
Not a member of the British force was so
much as touched."
Delayed despatches from Pretoria, proba
bly carried by courier to point wbere tbe
censorship Is not so rigid, state tbat In a
fight nt Mafeklng nine Brlllsh were wounded,
n burgher killed nnd two wounded. A Brit
ish train loaded with dynamite wa blown
up by tbe Boer nine miles north of Mafeklng.
Some Arrest Made In San Domingo
Suing the Heir of Geu. Usnrssul,,
San Domingo, (By Cable.) The govern
ment has Issued a decree declaring tbe late
President, Oeneral Ueurnaux, responsible
for tbe mismanagement of the publlo funds
through mixing publlo with private affairs,
uud iutroduclng unlawful currency, aud ha
oidered the publlo attorney to proceed
against bis heir and all whom It may con
cern, commencing by attaching tbe estate.
Tbo decree nnmes a commission of tbree
leudlng lawyers, whom It empowers to co
operate with ibo publlo attorney lu tbe In
vestigation. . Great indignation Is expressed nt the dis
covery of n rebellious plot, Involving an
attempt tn assassinate General Jlrclnez and
General Vasqueg, the provisional president.
Many persons have been plnoed under ar
rest, charged with complicity In tbe plot,
nnd It Is expected tbat further arreBls will
be made.
Several measure nre being taken to In
sure publlo order, and the oountry Is appar
ently quiet. Business la slowly Improving.
There was a publlo sale ot paper money at
tbe ratio of eighteen to one.
Twenty-iwn Man, Imprisoned In m Burn
- lug Colliery, Kesoued from Death.
Pottsvllle, Pa., (Special.) An explosion
of gas occurred at the Shenandoah City
Colliery, at Shenandoah, nnd Ore Imme
diately broke out In the mine, hemming In
twenty-two meu wbo were at work nt tbe
time. Those attracted to the surface ot tbe
mine by tbe explosion at once began vigor
ous efforts to rescue tbe Imprisoned men,
and in this they were successful, all the men
being (liken out alive In comparatively short
time. Three of the number, Adam Sobolln
ski, William Skavluskl, nud Joseph Caspav
nge, were seriously burned, uud their In
juries may prove fatal. Several others sus
tained severe Injuries.
The Shenandoah Are department was un
successful lu the efforts to subdue tbe fire
with water, and the mine officials then de
cided on a more berolo plan. Several pound
of dynamite waa taken Into the gangway by
men skilled in the use of the explosive.
The dynamite was exploded in the mine, and
tbe coucusslon extinguished the fire In
stantly. The colliery was thus saved.
Wns Fireman on the First Lneomntlva
Operated In This Country.
New York, (Speolal.) Joseph Wood, the
oldest locomotive engineer in the United
States, died nt bis bomu at Bed Bauk, N. J.,
aired elghty-ulne. Ha was fireman ou tbe
"John Bull," tbe first locomotive ever oper
ated In this couutry. Tbe engine was sent
from England Id 1830, nnd given Its first
trial near Budenlown, Mr, Wood's native
town. Mr. Wood wa employed nan engi
neer during the war, and was also engaged
In the same capacity ou a number of rail
roads In tills section. He was tbe Inventor
of Woods' improved frog, a steam wblstla
uud steam pipe nnd other railroad appli
Driven Out of l'orso-Das American
Killed and One Wounded.
Manila, (By Cable.) Bell' regiment, mov
ing from a position northwest of Bncolor,
drove the enemy out of Porac. One Amer
ican was killed and one wounded. The
Filipinos lost a number of killed and
wouuded. Tbe Americans captured two
bullock carts ot ammuultlon.
The newspaper Patrla has boen suppress
ed, nnd its editor, Senor Utor, a Spaniard,
placed under arrest on a charge of printing
and publisblug seditious documents. For
some time tbe Patrla has boen hostile to tba
Americans. Iteoeiitly pamphlets nttaaklng
tbe Americans and the friendly Filipinos
buve beeu circulated, and the police believe
that Utor wrote aud printed them.
Itallau on Ills Deathbed, Told Wife Nam
ot Man Who Slabbed Illui.
Nlles, Ohio, (Special.) Frank Augusta
was shot and killed In the Italian quarter
by Mis. Tauro, who war arrested nnd lodgt d
lu Jail at Warren.
About four months ago Domlolck Tauro
was filially stubbed lu a light, and on hia
deathbed told his wife tbat Augusta bad
stabbed him. The shooting of Augusta I
the suquol. Mrs. Tauro lias a live-month-o
il buby, wbteb she took to Jail with her.
Chicago's Costly Fir.
Chicago, III., (Special.) Fire wblch broke
nut early In the six-atory structure 120 to I'M
West Wushlngtou street cuused a loss of
103.0 0. Tbo tenants who austalnrd losses
ari l Chicago Folding Box Company, 25,000;
Imperial Electrio Plating Company, (lfi.lHiO;
I. Pleser & Co., flour merchants, t20,u00;
Waltur Ehrman A Co., manufactures of bj
cvelo parts, 10,00. Loss to building, 130,
000. A Young Woman Drowned.
Wllmlnglon, N. C, (Special.) Miss Katie
S. Gause, daughter ol the late S, P, Gause,
was drowued at Greenfield Mlllpond, one
and a half all' from. tb cjty.
iriTi mm
The President to Begin Work
on it at Once.
Philippines to Itetnaln In the Possession
of this Government Tha President'
Iteeommenrlatlon Will Anticipate the
Fight or 1900 to a Great Extent About
Six Week to Complete III Message.
Washington, (Speclnl.)-rAU Ihe Informa
tion now obtainable Indicates that tbe next
message of President McKlnley to Congress
will be tbo most Important that any Execu
tive baa written since the days of the Civil
War. In statssmanahlp, politics nud flnnnce
It will touch tbe countiy In II most vital
places. Inasmuch aa the messago will ben
loog aud Important one, the President will
beglu work upon It Immediately. He will
have about six weeks to complete this work,
nud In the meantime be will have to deal
with the routine matters which come up and
with all other questions which may arise.
He will not have any loo much time to get
the document In shape for Congress.
No doubt Is now left as to the President's
Intention s to Ihe Philippines. His
speeches In tbe West have clearly demon
strated that he will recommend to Congress
that the Islands bocome the property of the
Uulted States for all limn lo come. He will
not recommend how the Islands may be
treated, as that question will be left to Con
gress, but be will go so far as to ask Con
gress to take some deflulte action ns early at
possible 10 Indicate the inteutious of the
United States. He will do this for one lm.
I ortnnt reason tbat the Filipinos may know
that there I ho longer hope for them to con
tinue tbe Insurrection. The Tresldeut bas
ascertained that the Filipinos nro dully
growing more hopeful tbat tbo next ulectlon
may bring about a change in thu policy ot
tho United States. Tbey do not believe that
Congres will take any notion at the coining
sisslon, nnd think that the whole question
of their future will be left until nfier lb
national election of next year.
The President see tbat If Congress should
take prompt action oue source of Filipino
Wipe would be eliminated. With that step
taken, the Insurrection would weaken, ami
if there should be discontent n year from
now It would be suppressed by the return)
of the Presidential election. The President
will commit films. If to expauslou nud to tbe
r-tentlon of the Philippines. Ho will advise
Congress tbat the sooner tbe Filipinos ur
made aware of the Inteutious of this country
the quicker they will relinquish their belli
gerent Ideas.
Fate of Captain Clianolna and Vnnlet,
Who Mnssnrrrd tha Kh.bb Expedition.
Tarls, (By Cable.) The Minister of the
Colonies, M. Decrnls, has reoelved an offl
clnl dispatch announcing that Captain Vou
let aud Captain Chanolne, of the outlawed
French expedition lu Ihe Soudan, whose
member recently massacred most of the
member of the expedition, under Lleuien-nut-Colonel
Klobb, sent to urrest those offl
cers on charges of cruelty and Insubordina
tion, have been shot by tholr own meu.
The Colonial Office has received the fol
lowing dispatch from Lieutenant Palller,
oue of the officer of tbe Voulet.Chauolii.i
expedition, now In command of Voulet's
"Captain Voulet alone, who with 103
Tirailleurs, on July 14 marched ngnlnst
Lleutenunt-Colouel Klolib, was responsible
lor the massacre. He told bis comrades on
his returu what be bad done, nud declared
that he Intended to revolt and to form au
Independent State.
"Ouly Cuptaln Chanolne decided to ac
rompnuy him, with some nntives. Ou July
lfl tbe Tirailleurs mutinied aud shot Cuptaln
Ctianoine. Captain Voulet fled, but on July
17 tried to rejoin the expedltiou, but be was
shot by a (entry.
"The Tirailleur then rejoined the expedi
tion In good order, and Ihe expedition, my
self commanding, continued the mission and
puulsbed tbe murderer of Captain Cast
inejoux, whose body was recovered."
illustHnva s Itevenne stsisp Affixed Un
der Classification aa a Hill of Lading.
Washington, (Special.) The uttentlou of
Ihe Internal Kevenue Bureau bavlug been
called to the method adopted by transfer
companies lu the various cities of giving at
11 residence or hotel a receipt for a trunk,
which cull for the delivery of such trunk at
some hotel or bouse In another city, it Is
held that such receipts or bills of lading lira
clearly liable to the stamp tax, under Sched
ule A, of the act of June 13,1898. Internal
revenue officers, therefore, are directed lo
Investigate transfer companies lu their re
specllve districts, with a view of determining
whether ibey nre Issulug such receipts, and,
It so, whether they are fully complying with
thu law regarding the stamping of such
Gives Itevenue Officers Tough Tussle and
la Himself Wounded.
Norfolk, Vs., (Special.) A desperate bat
tle betweeu revenue officers aud a noted
moonshine desperado, W.lllam Horn ycuit,
took plaoa near Htateevllle. Deputy Marshal
Gruer shot aud mortally wounded thu lies
perndo when be resisted arrest. The mar
sbal himself received a painful wouud lu the
thlgb. Special Duputy l'billi, who aenom
paiiled Greer, ws made a prisoner by Ilun
tycutt while spying upon the latter' cabin.
Thomas lo Take Troops to Manila.
Washington, (Special.) The transport
Thomas will sail Irom Philadelphia for New
York, to take on tho Foriy-aevouth Iteglmunt
for Mnullii. Tbe Thomas will sail about
Novuinber 1, and will carry 80 oflloers and
l,0UO men, Including 00 hospital uoipiinuu,
Census Director M err I am Is fond of fust
Mr. Chamberlain, British Colonial Secre
tary, lu tbu 'OUa wus a buudny-school teacher
lu Birxlughain,
Thomas A. Edison will treat by bis new
electrical process the ore from the O.liis
gold mines of New Mexico, whtuh he ba
Ju-t bought fur 3,00li,0 0.
Four years ago Governor Morrill, of Kan
sas1, found bluitelf getting too tat, nnd bu
weiwi off a lot of flush by Hiking lung dully
The return of Prince Henry of Prua-ia Is
now fixed for the bugluuiug of December
Lord Currle, ot Grout Britain, Intend- to
resign the E'ubnssy ut Homo lu Muy next,
when be will retire from tbu diplomatic
Senator Ilannn Is said to have paid for
his suite of apartmeut at Clarldge'a Hotel,
where ba slopped while in London, 175
guinea a week, Tbl I about 175.
Former Uulted Slates Seuutor Pblletu
Sawyer oslobruted bl 83d birtbduy at Osh
kosu recently.
King Otto of Bavaria has bean Insane
since bl accession tu the throne, 10 year
ago, and sometime bl mania is homicidal.
He is a giant in strength aud sire, and bas
killed tbree ot bl attendant In lit of rage.
Newcastle Occupied and fiai!i,v.Tt
Seized. p.
London, (By Cable. )-The j,, '
Cnp Town correspondent, mjs. et ,
"Klmberloy Is besieged, and ti mid
massing In force. No details i
obtainable. Jot
"The Boers have cut tbe rslnn"t
mont, hnve selr.rd tbe Spyfont.,Bt9
station, and constructed fori'
works. There are strong defn
nt Modder Bridge and the Ot V
liM.. V
"Theoljectof these energy ,
I believed to be the capture of (..'
Klmberley Is now Isolated, both , '
toleirrnnhlA nnmmiinlfl.linn. 1
Tbe Dally Mall's Glencoe
pondent says:
"A force under CommaiH,
from Bpltzkep, occupied Nam?, wn
dsy afternoon, nnd, It is repot ''
their flag over tbe Town Hull, jf,
"Ills rumored that the Ibe.,m -i
lured a pollen patrol of six men.f It'
Drift, on the Buffalo Elver." fbroi
80 far as actual news Is cor. ,
little change In the situation . ,
tlced. The state of affairs at ). fl
only be conjectured. The oc y
Newcastle liv Ihs Unnn w.
nuu cAecieti, ton pince uavidg
uonea by the British. Tha li
ported to be menacing Kimberl. M
Very heavy rains and snows "';
which hamper tho Boer movHm.Fjj
are finding that tbey began too 4Sfj,
the Initial successes they count.
evidently found tbe advance i,-1
mith difficult, either Irom ti j, wi
west, a Oon. Sir Goorgo Htn; l,el
reconnolnsanae seems to hutijjjj
doter them for the present. .
The peaks of tbo Drakensliet; ,
now-covered, and tbe storim 8ml
occurred must have caused tb '
discomfort, which probably n nat I
failure to attack Oeu. White, s gtr
activity characterizes the opsri.'Sttre
Iocs. yefti;
; Persistent rumors are In clrt id in
the Sbreluer ministry to Caps araB
been dismissed nnd tbat Mr. 1!,. B
been asked to form 11 cl.mV
rumor, howover, are without l ,.i.
Sir Alfred Mlluer ha wired t
berlaln the text of an Inflamnn: " '
which Field Cornet Vlljoen c 1 fro
Johannesburg, with a view of I ttl'B
Afrikanders on both aides of
ltlver against England. jr etr
Tbe government bus secured tsua
Arnwa, which was to bave hei
Avonmouth for Montreal with 1 gow
Bers. Tbe Australian governtirjuij,
cured the White Slur Line strips jjQ'
now at Melbourne, to couvey tl. jnj
contingent to Bomb Africa, j n
Fir Starts In Ihe Chapel
Vesper Service. 'ers8
Chloago, (Speclul.) St. Man"
School, at Fei Danville, bun f tl
grouud. Tbe loss la ebtlmatejpuro
Seven bulldlug wero destro y? f
bishop's Feehut ' summer hin a
only building at ved. Tbeilreci of i
the chapel during vesper ai rvif con
not discovered until it bad galt-ttnK
able headway. Over four bu,
were In tbe otinpel attending si 1
time, but all were gotten out In , '
Are apparatus nt baud was inac
by the time engines arrived fron ,er,e, 1
two miles away, nearly every l'r '
destroyed. St. Mary's School sfes.
Catholic Industrial Institution I inrrit
founder was Archbishop Feelmt les'a
Insurance amounted to f GO,O()0, jrjsid
1 the
Interesting Statement p,l"'Jg)je
llureau of Navlgaltm
Washington, (Speolal.) Tli1'"'
Navigation ha prepared a stm m"
tbe latest available foreign oflli D 7(
steamship compaulus uud imfo'lin
showlug an annual ex ondlturrgirl
588 by foreign nation ou Hi' toft s
shipping. The statement Is 1 Jg i,
but is nearly so. The Uulted qUj
shown, paid to American vesi- gift
mails 1,0,18.1 11 for the fls. a: jtll 1
June 30, 181)8. The ileitis ar ,
Great Britain, total, 's.7C2.!;;.y'
total, H,804,C20j France, f7,!'av0
42,186,200; Ituaaln, tl,lCS,187i alT
gry. 1, 724,249; Spain, 1.0'.'!l. 8 hi
903,800; Netherlands, IK'J,',' iDbur
tl3U,U-lS; Sweden, M,844; D peril
450; Jupau, (3,492,107. e-UrJt
1. and O. KaniliiK'itaret
Baltimore, Md., (Speolal.)- Wft
present rata of Increase In the. .
of the Baltimore and Ohio Hull: . ,
almost tbe entire interest cln 1
rentals for tbe llscal year end
1900, will have been earned by it
1899. Tbl wa foreshadowed hnr
earning for September were fV a
Tbe estimated gross receipts w-'wol!
the largest for one month in uTJeaij
the company, nud an Increase.
over September, 1898. The n
September, 1899, were nlso a rt j h
being tl,C30,493. an inoreass. -P
over September, 1898. Tbe net" . '
the first tbree tuoii'..n of this CI 7?
July, August and BeptemliJ11"1 1
f 3,042,759, au Increns- of : -P-the
uinu mouths lu 1898. anil v
Glass Is made from slag. Hyl"
Debs is to visit Australia.
Finland bas woman sailors. ' '
There are 1,500,000 coal mln''mo'
There are 08,010 unlou slioenw,,a
Cblcogo has a mattress unioifVO ho
Olalla, Wash., Is a co-operal f Mr
Douver bas a liorseahoers' uniu c
There are 8J.748 Brotberhoipt tbu
Detroit landlords will keep Uu
There are counterfeit uulou jp,
Scotland bas a National I'fHyi
Brooklyu hasn't an idle ui ftr(-L
Tbe pulpit employt 800 Am-",! "c
A Now York walklug duleu- n8l
cyole. I
Cleveland street railway stf I mi
automobile. )su nt
Detroit drug stores will pro!-' (togr
Sunday. t mutt
In llibbing, Minn., rallroa l(en
2,20 a day. j,jta
There are three organlzatlui i6 Q
new lors,
Duudee, Scotland, railroad
to aa;
maud the eight-hour day.
rhoi 01
Dundee plasterers' laborer!
cents per hour.
New York Socialists bave j
' fear
Denmark loeked-out uieu.
bU loo
At Milwaukee antbraclie vl I
tou after OcloLor IS.
ined 1
i'i hia
Burglars Make a Upt he
Ie Moines, (Speclal.)-As"ll,
from ltlppey, lu., say bu
urgliiif' -flot
Commercial Bauk there, blew I u.U y
with nitro-giyccrlne aud ol j
The bauk cashier declared tl1'!! ljfit
got fl,6W. No arrest bavo bufo (
not Dr iti wii'i
Lculsvllle, Ky., (Special.)'
ner, a printer, wus shot and I"
by his wlfu after a quarrel In
mdn say Wagner attacked
hi, lie
1,'be couple came here from Ci

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