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Henry Prltebard, captain of an oyster
ehooner, lie M the Emergency Hospital,
Waahington, seriously wounded by it netro
wbo robbed blm while bo wai lying off Bay
Breere, on lb Potomac.
The Civil Bervlo Commission decided thai
tb mailing of circulars lo offlleeholdert
king for political contributions la contrary
o law.
Three New York reglmtnts and a large
amber of military officers eecorted the re
name of Oenernl Ony V. Henry from bis
residence In New York to the Pennsylvania
Uellroad train that conveyed the body to
K. W. Weber, of Pbllndelphla, on being
ooldsd l y bis wife, who found a lady's
photograph In bis pocket, committed suicide.
lire. Anna B. Mains was acquitted Id Dan
fcury, Mm., of tbe charge of throwing car
bolic acid Into Miss Grace Murray's lace.
; In Albemarle, Ye., Wllllem Floyd wai
tabbed and killed by Henry Aldrldge In a
row over a game of cards.
, George Btrnaser was released from the
penitentiary In Pittsburg alter solving seven
years of a life sentence,
i Seven Irntnps were arretted at Fredericks
burg on the charge of murdering another
tramp while on a train.
i United Rtatet Revenue Officer Greor was
killed by 111 1 1 Hunnlcutt, a moonshiner, uear
lk Park. N. C.
' Preparations nre being made for a glori
ous reception to tbe Fighting Twentieth.
Kaaeaa In Topvka.
The lash and blind factory of John F.
Wllklne, on tbe outtklrta of Norfolk, was
I Tbe strike of tbe miners lo the New River
dlctriot, W. Vs., was dfclarrd off.
I The Mexican ambassador was advised
that two Americans were killed and two
'Mexican gendarmes wounded In the fight
a tbe border.
Admiral Dewey sent a letter of thanks ac
knowledging the receipt of the title deeds to
the bouse presented to him.
Commissioner Oeneral Powderly, of the
Immigration Sureau, submitted bis annual
. Tbe annual report was published of Com
mlaeloner Hermann, of tbe Oeneral Land
Tbe annual report was submitted of Rear
Admiral Charles O'Neill, chief of ordnnnee.
i Tbe United States Circuit Court of Appeals
In Philadelphia refused a rehearing In the
rases of Wllkins and Butler, convicted of
removing tbe label "oleomargarine" from
' George Edwards was convicted In tbe
Warwick County Court of feloniously shoot
ing Mary Oeorireaud senteuced to five years
la the penitentiary.
' lira. Emma Bnvncs, from Birmingham,
jKagland, who wiiutn to te a Mormon, Is de
tained at New York by Immigration officials.
I The Virginia Stato Convention Cnited
Daughters of tbe Confederacy decided not
to unite Willi the Grand Division.
The Alaska Territorial Convention selected
John O. Price, of Bkagway, to re resent the
territory In Washington.
Osear T. Hloig, accused of feloniously
shooting Q. orge T. Vauahn In Richmond,
Ta., waa exonerated by the Jury.
Mr. Frank Harriott told the New York
Uiate Commeroe Commission that dlfferent
lale are unjust, but If abolished, there
would be a rate war between tbe Baltimore
and Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroads.
Tbe Manufacturers' Association In Fall
River, Mass., decided to grant the request
of the thirty thousand operative! for a con
ference with tbe labor uulone.
According to report of Mr. Roberts, direc
tor of the mint, there waa an increase In
the value of both gold and sliver mined dur
ing 1898.
Expansion was one of the most Important
eul jvclt discussed by tbe International Com
mercial Congress In Philadelphia,
Admiral Sampson was presented a sword,
the (lift of the legls lutlire of New Jersey, In
which state he now resides.
Tbe schooner Helena E. Russell, from
Hose Point, Miss., waa wrecked oil the
north const of Cuts.
The Cotton States Association, at Its meet
loir in Atlanta, tffecttd a lermanenl organi
sation. Troubles are reported between Mexicans
and American cowLojt on tbe Mixlvau
The President Issurd a proclamation des
ignating No vernier 30. u us Thanksgiving
C tnln C. O. Hownrd, formerly of tbe
Nebraska National Guard, now livlnn In
Philadelphia, "nr"s tn tnkii tbe place of his
I rother, Cntaln Guy Howard, who was n -c-i
t'y killed In the Philippine.
Tl e Internntlounl Commero nl Congress,
In Phl.a Jelpliln, discussed the suljeet of
letLmlnn waterway, Consul Oeneral Mona
I'au ndvucntlng the construction of the
Klceragtin csnal.
II iward Beuhnm, tbe Batavln, N. Y.,
tanker, convicted of murdring his wife,
will be banged. The Court of Appenla has
tifnrmed the Judgment of conviction.
Several tneu have been shot arid killed
from nmbuoh near Manchester, Ky. The
Griffins and Phllpols ure preparing lormoru
Mr. Ernest T. B'tl, of Washington, and
Mies E. Katberiiie J) II, of Keyer, W. Yn
were murrled at the latter place.
Mai el Belli fluid Is believed to have been
chloroformed, and llirowu iLto the river nt
Des Molnis, Iown,
It is denl.d tl at lha Jirsey Central lt.ll
rond lias I eeu leaved to tbe Delaware, Lack
awanna A Western.
Serious trouble letween cowboys and
M'Hiians In threatened near Ni O ', ou the
U'eaaH Irontlcr.
Eluhteeu I unktnakers were fined, and
sentenced to tbrua months iu prleou lu Phi.
I d-lpblr.
At Warn uton, Vh., Miss Oert'tidx Ashby
Marttri u.errl.ii to Mi. J. 11. chard
Thomas P. Bobl ltt, of Norfolk, took an
overdose of morphine at Hampton, but re
covered .
John Carr, one of the pioneer settlers of
Grafton, W. Vs., Is dead, stf-d seventr-four.
Fire In the bsrra'ki of Biai.-bain's Pol.ool
lu North Carolina, raused a loss of 13,0 0.
John D. Rookef..ir hes given tbe Park
Board of Cleveland (1129,000.
It. v. P. M. MrCai, a Jt rran Catbnlia
priest, who assisted John lJoyl O'Reilly to
ewrap from penal eorvltude, In Australia,
Is dead.
Judge Troutt, of San Francisco, hat de
cided that Mrs. Nettle Craven It not
topped from elultnlng heirship to the Isle
Senator Fair.
Jeiry Kendrlek, cashier of the CltlS'-os'
fttaie Bank, of Blnux Center, la., w O Las
disappeared, was short 11,500 la bit ae-
Mary Baxter waa acquitted In Norfolk of
ahaeharge of murdering ber Infant,
Tbe Huarlog mill of Noland and Kid well,
Wst Virginia, waa burned.
CbarUe Fabaestoek, of Gbamberehurr,
bat been banting without sueeeee tor
sfclseen, who disappeared week aro.
Twenty-three teeep borders wre lost Is
lb Nlaaard la Mntaaa. Mauy bautlog
yertlet were eaugbt.
Harry Bt. Olalr, supposed to have fle
wilvea, was sen tea red to five yean la Au
tmia pealioBllary.
At tbe biennial eonventloa of the Univer
salis! Chureh la Boston, new articles of
lalth were adepied.
sGolooal W. J. Br yea arrived borne In LIb
ewla lo begla a two weeks' tampaiga tout
to Nebraska.
Ouiy two oyster bouset In Norfolk were at
rk. tbe auuekert bavlosr sUuck.
Terrible Experience of Return-
. log Gold Hunters.
Passengers From Cape Nmne, on the
noon.r Hera, Unrlertn Creel gnfTer
Inae rrom I.aek of rd anil Wlr-
Twn Ueaihe on Hoard of Men Who Wars
In Uood Health.
8eatlle, Wasb., (Special.) After a voyami
of twenty-eight days from Cape Nome, dur
lug which two men died from starvation,
and others were bal'-crei-d from want of
food and water, the schooner Hera arrives!
In port, with Dearly 200 passengers on hoard.
News of the wretched plight of the Hera t
passengers was brought here Sunday ulghl
by the steamer Lakme. The revenue cut
ter Ornnt and tbe tug Sea Lion Imtnedlatelj
Itarted In aearcb, and succeeded In finding
the schooner about fifty miles off Caps
The two deaths reported are those of J.
8. Ryan, who came on board a well man,
but through bad food and lack of attention,
gradually grew worse, until he died on Oc
tober 10. Tbe other case Is much the same.
George Lamby, through want of nourish
ment and confinement lu III-ventilated quar
ter, wna taken with typhoid fever, and died
on October 21. While he waa slek he bad
absolutely no medioal atteutlon. Both men
were burled at sea.
From the statements of other passengers
It Is learned that tbe agent of thesliJp at
Noma guaranteed them plenty of good pro
rlslons on the way down. They were charged
(50 for their passage. When they were a
lew days out, meat, sugar and butter ran
out Tbe menu consisted of salt pork and
tanned mutton. There waa a little dried
irult on board, but only enough to supply
the table three tlmis with dried peaches nud
twice with dried prunes. From that time
9n for nearly twenty-four days their food
sonslsted of flour aud coffee. There was
plenty of flour, but the water was short.
Four days ago the last of tbe .unpalatable
lalt-bor.e waa consumed. Had It not been
for rnlnstorins which fell for a few days
they would hava Leen without water also.
When tbe Hera anchored out In lbs
stream, the majority of tbe men were so
weak that they could not carry Ibelr gold
dust ashore without assistance. Several
passengers were crazed front their terrible
experiences, and had to be carried ashore
and taken tare of. Even taking their ter
rible voyrtge Into consideration, the passen
gers unite In declaring the Nome to be tbe
greatest camp on earth, and many of them
will return In the spring.
rillplnoa Fire Mlihily Volleys on tbe
American Oulposta.
Manila, (By Cable.) Hollo Is stirred by
the expectation of Important fighting. Gen.
Pullon began "unrolling the bloody scroll,"
aa be promised his followers lo a recent
speech, by firing volleys at the American
outposts nightly. Since Sunday reinforce
ments bave been arriving from tbe north.
This activity la designed to divert the
Vltayans from their dissatisfaction against
tbe Tagalos.
Agulnaido baa ordered tbe release on pa
role of Areneta and other Vissyan leaders
who are disposed to negotiate for peace, and
Is watching ibetn to prevent further negoti
ations. The Fourth Iufantry reeonnnla
ninces about Imus found that the Insurgents
bad returned to Das Marinas. Their bugles
blew when the Americana approached. It Is
reported that they are reorganizing at Mala
bon and other townr. The leading Inhabi
tants of that section have requested Major
Q-nernl Otis to garrison the towns, because
the Insurgents are living off tbe people.
Sufficient troops are lacking for tbls. Oen
eral Oils baa prohibited the local papers
from printloi; the arrivals, departures or any
movements of troops. Agulnaido, If be Is a
student of tbe Manila papers, has been kept
posted as to tbe whereabouta of every com
pany lu tho army.
Hneilllllaa Narrowly Averted by Ihe Ofll.
elale Tlia German Cruiser Null llirre.
Apia, 8amoan Islnnd', via Aucklnud, (Bf
Cable.) Ostensibly to collect the poll tax
Imposed by tbe provisional government,
thirty-Mataafa cblels cntne into Apia. Two
of their numbers were assaulted by a rela
tive of Tamnsese lor a breach of etiquette
while passing the letter's bouse.
Both lartlous prepared for hostilities, but
owing to tbe strenuous efforts of the ufTU'lall
nud friends of both sld-s. It was ngreed
that tbe difference shou il be settled in
the native vourt, wbeu both sides apolo
gized. Neither the German consul nor the captain
of the German cruder Corruoiuu assisted to
avert Quilting.
A proclamation line ben Issued directing
that taxes are to be paid only at government
Rnrlln, (By Cable.) The German protect
ed cruiser Cormoruu hue beeu order, d to re
main nt Sumon.
A despatch to the Cologne Gaz tte from
Apia says: "Toe proposal to dlvidu Bntnoa
1 cousid ired here a mort unhappy solution.
Owing to the mnulfold lntru liuklug the
Island to Germany, It Is hoped that she will
not renounce her claims."
Tbe NenstH Nacbrlenten, referring to the
partl'.ion scheme, says: ''However painful
such no eventuality would be, the Germans
may have to face it. Tub chief difficulty H
to Hud adequate core peusntion,"
Senator M.llory III.
Washington, (Special.) Uilted States
Senator Mallory, of Florida, and a member
M the Induetrlal Commission, is III at Prov
idence Hospital, In this city. He la suffer
ing from an eulargim-ut of the liver, but
Lis condition is not aiarmlng.
Allrtlne That He Har Heee Ton Marts
Mixed Up In Aiulualdo's Affaire.
Portland, Ore., (Special.) Tbe Oregonlan
Si'vsi "The recall from his ot ot duly of P,
Wl dman, United Btalea consul general at
Hoot Knot, It Imur'uent. It is sa d be I- to
In relieved from I Jty for oeuse, and the
Vause' Is bis prominence with the aff.ilra of
Aguiaaldo, tbe Filipino rebel. Tbe at -sr
to Wl d aao will be Dr. Edward 0dloe,
United State consul at Canton, wbo wat re
eont'y tailed tn Wasblocioa."
A Wsmsa'l PeenMar Will,
Blverbead, L. I., (Special.) The will of
Mrs. Hannah Halsey, wbo died tome years
aao at Brldgehanplon, ha Just been proved
ky Surrogate Petty, The instrument glvet
to the tesietor't sob, Abrara Halsey, a farm,
Its bulldtnas and Implements providing be
Will supply freelove Halaoy, Mrt. Halsey't
daughter, with what vegetable she wants,
twelv pounds ot butter, elgbl dozen agga
and oat pork bam and what milk the tan
one threugbout ber life, la addllloa to this
Mrt. Halsey bequeathes to ber daughter a
house and furniture and whatever money
ai d stock tbt left in baak.
Flliliufli Lee on I he Situation In Cnba
Wonderful Improvement,
Washington, (Special.) General Fllzbugb
Lee, who Just arrived lu Waal Ingtoo, from
New York, In an Interview said that tbe peo
ple of Cuba are steadily Improving under
the existing protectorate of the United
Stain, and art slowly but surely rebuilding
their war-wsated homes and repairing their
crippled fortunes. Life and property are
secure in Cuba, owing largely, be raid, to
tbetalutary rratrulnt exercised by American
military authority. He thinks tbt time not
ripe yet, however, for a purely Cuban gov
ernment. "Cuba," said General Lee, "is Improving.
The Cubsns are tradable nnd quiet, and tbe
revolution has given them self-respect and
self-reliance. Tbtlr Impulses are generally
lu tbt right direction, but, rt course, both lu
theory and practice of self-government they
art wholly without exper.enve. There It
among ccrtalu Cubans a deep-seated preju
dice against some men who, the Cubaus
think, oppressed Cubans under Hpnnisb rule,
and, If given a free rein, the Cubans wou.d
make short work or Iheio.
"Tbe United Statea government Is plrdgcd
to Brant Independence to Cuba after the isl
and has been pacified, and I believe that
promise should be fulfilled Just as swiftly ns
we can In reason and Justice. The Industrial
situation is Improving, and money Is grad
ually going Into Cuba, but nothing llku aa
fast as It wou'd If Investors were sure that
property would remain safe for years to
some, aud be protected by a government
strong enoUKb to enforoe law and order."
General Lee declined to discuss political
affairs In Cuba, ai d whether or Dot the
Cubans desired Independence or anuexntlon.
A Large Military Funeral Parade In Mew
New York, (Special.) The largest and
most impressive military funeral parade
ilnoe the death ot General William T. Sher
man took place Sunday when tbe body of
General Guy V. Henry waa removed from
bis residence to tbe Pennsylvanln train tbat
conveyed it to Washington, where Interment
was made In Arlington Cemetery.
Tbe aervlces at the residence were eon
ducted by tbe Rev. John Huske, of St.
Thomas' Protestsnt Episcopal Church, and
eonslsted of simple prayers, lasting not more
than ten minutes. Tbe coflln was partially
covered with a silk American flag. Numer
ous floral pieces were on tbe nantels and a
few ou Ihe foot of the oofflo. The Immediate
family, relatives and the most Intlinnte
friends were present nt tbe bouse service.
Tbe honorary pall learera were: Oeneral
A. 8. Webb, Major Azel Ames and Major
Francis H. Mills, or tbe Lt.yal L-glont Col.
Daniel Appleton, Dr. A"lbert Shaw, William
It. Corwlne, Henry Hamilton Lewis nnd Gil
bert K. Uarrouo. The military pall bearers
were: Col. Jhu 8. R igers, Fifth Artillery j
Col. J. W. Clous, Judge Advocate-General
of the Department of the Eailj Col. Peter D.
Vroom, Inspector-General of the Depart
ment of tbe East; Col. Tully McCrea, Fifth
Artllh rj ; Lleut.-Col. Carl A. Woodruff, Sev
enth Artlileryj Lleut.-Col. John P. Myrlck,
Seoond Artillery; Mnjor J. B. Burbnuk, Fifth
Artillery, and Capt. B. K. Roberts, Fifth
Artllltiry. Lieut. T. B. Motl, of tbe Seventh
Artillery, was present as officially represent
ing the United States Government, and went
to Washington with tbe body. Lieut. Peter
Traub, First Cavalry, wbo waaaldr-de-catnp
to General Henry, wna present and had
charge of tbe arrangements.
It Led to a Domestic Been and lulclrie
Hy Gas.
Philadelphia, (Speolal.) Because bis wlt
found tbe photograph of a pretty young
girl In his pocket, aud because she brought
him to task for Its presence there. E. W.
Weber, aged forty-five years, ended bis lite
lu tbe bath-room of bis home by Inballng
Illuminating gus.
It Wat early In tbe morning when Weber
came borne. The opening of the door awoko
his wile. She asked him where he bad
"I snw some friends," Weber replied.
This excuse apparently satisfied his wife.
When Weber was asleep Mrs. Weber, in
whose n.lnd the word "frlendb" seemed
lUBpielous, arose aud searched the pocketa
of her busbaud's clothes, to get some clue
as to tbe cuuse ot his absence from borne.
When she put ber hand In the Inside pocket
of bis coat she grseped a photograph; on
of n very beautiful young woman. Mrs.
Weber fainted. Her worst fears seemed tc
be realized. When sbe recovered she was
angry. Sbe awoke her busbuud, but sud
denly cbanglug hi r mind, did noteny a word.
At eight o'oloak sbo suddeuly said to blm
that the wished to talk at out a matter
which was of great Importance to them
"Now, I do not want yoa to think I nm
angry or Jealous," sbe is alleged to have
aid, "but you have not been lu until lute
for the past few nights."
"I know, but I was detnlucd by cl"-uui-stances
over which I had no lnlluenu , '
"Perhaps thnt Is so, and perhaps It is
not, replied Mrs. Weber.
. Perhaps I did wrooi'," she continued,
"yet I dou't thluk so, I eul through your
pockets last night and I lound I fouud
And she flung trie photograph nl blm.
Later, neither Weber nor his wile appeal
ed to be ttiigry. II i left the hvese aliortly
afterward-, but camn buck unknown to auy
cue lu the noti'e. The I a l.-ronni inuat have
been almost tbe llret place to which ha
went. It wus about 11:30 o'clock when l.e
i thought to buve come n .
At about one o'clock Mrs, Call, who llv. s
iu tbe same house, smell, .1 a-, but thought
nothing ot It for toe time, ua uo believed it
might bave come In tnruugu one of tbe
windows from u uiuiiliUa lu the etre. t
When, a little litter, she paed the laiL
room ttte odor was so btmng that alio could
baldly breathe. Site examined lite door.
HI e ruslnd downrtalr mid nuillled Mr.
Weber, who In turu railed a ii.lc-inaii.
The door waa broken lu., ami Inside Weber
lay dutd. Tbe gas J"t l.ud be.u turned on
full foroe.
The photograph lay In his pocket still,
tbt cause of all the trouble.
Big Order for steel Kails.
Tbe Baltimore k Ohio Railroad has Just
placed an order for 13,000 tons ol 66 pouud
ateel rail for delivery lu 1000. Tbe older has
been divided, tte Carnegie Company getting
36,000 tousj tbt Maryland Bleel Company
6,000; the Cambria Steel Company (6,000;
and trie Federal Steel Company 7,600 'Ilia
eoutiaut price is about tS3 per ton or 87 ir
eeut. more thau tbt Kiueivers paid ir rail
during the time they hud charge ol the rop
rty. Of the total amount just oid r1 tiieRa
lluiore and Oblo proper will get 20.' 00 o ,
tbe Baltimore and Ohio 8uihw.eii, 12,600,
the PilUhurg and Western 1.0(H. and tn
Cleveland Terminal and Valley l.OoO.
One M aa Killed and Three Oi here st
eady Irjareit at Fhlladelplila.
Philadelphia, (Special.) By the falllnwot
a wall at tbt Midvala ht.el Works, In tbe
northeastern arstica of tha elty, out mau
Wat killed and three otbert seriously In
jured. The Hat of victims b ns follows:
Patrick Burns, Instantly killed) Frank
Btbaefter, Injured iuteruallyi Joseph Pie
inayer aud Joba Maxwell, both bad y
Tue men were working In a deep trench
when the wall ot a building by the side of
the bolt Itlt without warning.
Kansas Outlaws Surrounded by
Armed Men.
Itobhers Kill One Men and Wooed Anoth
er In a More tVhleh They Hrterward
Itnbteed-Followerl by a Posse, They :n
eeni Themselves and Kill a Police Offlrer
and M'onnd Another ot the Pursuers.
Atchison, Kant., (Special.) Two robbers
shot and killed out rnnn and wounded at
other In a store at Doniphan, Saturday
night, which they later robbed. Sunday tbe
desperadoes ambusbed and killed a police
man and wounded another man, both mem
bers of a posse pursuing them, Tbe robbers
were surrouuded tlx miles north of Atcbl
son. The robbers entered the ttort of Kucha, nt
Donlpban, and at tbe point of revolver! or
dered a number of men present to hold up
tbelr hands. The order wat obeyed quickly,
but Kuchs and Brown, son of the postmnster
at Doniphan, made a move to resist. Two
pistols In the bands of the robbers cracke d
Instantly. Brown fell dead wber he stood
acd Kucbs got a wound In bis arm. This
Was tbe signal to floe, and the store was
cleared lu a wink, while tbt robbers hur
riedly emptied tbe till and made off.
A party, made up of Atohlson and Doni
phan men, all benvlly armed, started In
search of tbt robbers. Six miles north of
AtchlsoD, they came upon tbt robbers una
wares, the latter firing upon tbem from am
bush. Robert Dlckerson, aa Atchison police
officer, was shot and killed at tbt first vol
ley, and befort a successful rally could bt
made ly the pursuers James Hays fell with
a bullet In bla arm. Tbe robbers were bidden
from view, and tbe posse, at a dlsadvautaga
la the growths darkness, were compelled to
withdraw after firing a tew Ineffectual shots.
Tbe robbers were biding behind a barricade
of logs, with the posse keo Ing a respectful
distance. At daybreak they were raptured.
News ot the killing of Officer Dickersou
caused Intense excitement here.
On nia Pliyelelan'e Advice, He Cancele
All Kncaa-etnants for Ihe Winter.
Washington, (Mpeclnl.) Admiral Dewey,
on the advice of his physlclao, bus cuncolled
tbe dabs for bis visits to Philadelphia and
to Atlanta, and will accept no mere Invita
tions of tbls sort belore next spring. The
following ofliolal statement on tbe subject
waa made at bis office berei
"Acting on tbe advice ot bis physicians,
Admiral Dewey finds that It will bo oecet
sary to cancel the engagements be has en
tered lulo to visit oertuln cities, and to dr.
ellue all Invitations for tbe present. Hu
flads tbat tbe mental strnln Incident to su:b
visits Is seriously affecting hit health."
It was said by one of Admiral Dewey's
friends that tbla Is not to be taken as an In
dication of any alarming change In the Ad
miral's health, but tbat to a man of bis tem
perament the excitement nnd mental Btraln
incident t6 the various tmblla fnnntlnna In
which bt bat been a participant bnve proved
uausuaiiy trying, lie will remain as quiet
ns possble for the balance of tbe winter,
'and it Is bopsd by oext spring lie will be
able to take a abort trip South nnd visit
soma ol the places whose Inhabitants bave
been to anxious to welcome blm.
I Tha Invitations for his Philadelphia and
Atlanta trips wert cancelled by telegraph,
and tbe situation was explained to the Char
leston delegation, wblcb waa anxloua for
blm to Include Boutb Carolina In bis South,
ern Journey. Tbe Admiral' indisposition
will have no i ffcl on Lieutenant Brumby's
visit to Atlanta,
Serious Accident In Brooklyn Woman
Who Haw It Died From Shock.
New York, (Special.) Five men were ser
iously Injured aud a woman died from shock
as n result of au aocident on tbe Brooklyn
Elevated structure.
An E tst New York elevated train, bound
for thn bridge, gut stalled between Duffleld
and Bridge streets, on Myrtle avenue,
Brooklyn. Several persona got off tbe tralu
aud attempted to walk over the structure to
tbe nearest station. Tha train moved sud
denly and threw several persons to the pave
ment below, a distance ot 35 feet. The fol
lowing were seriously Injured:
William J. Moody, Frank Rnynston and
his brother William, Charles Wright and
Frank Bnyder. The latter sustained a frac
ture of the skull and is likely to die. Lizzie
Hill, oolored. wbo was on ber way to the
Adams-street Police Court, wns a witness ol
the aocident and died from shock.
'Will ltepnrt for Duly Again After Regi
ment le Mustered Out.
8n n Francisco, (Special.) Brig. Gen. Fuu---n
wired the War Department his accept
ance of tbe appointment ot brigadier general
iu the newly formed volunteer service. Gen.
Funston will return to Kansas with the Kan
sas volunteers, wbo will be mustered out
October 28. He then will report at WasL
Ingtoo for duty lu the Philippines.
New Telegraph Lines.
The constantly Increasing business ot the
Baltimore und Oblo Itallrond bus necessl
tattd very rxutcrlal additions to tbe tele
graph service. During the past year nearly
2,000 miles of copper wire, 1G3 pounds to
the mile, bnve bron strung. New Hunt have
been plaoed In servloe betweeu Baltimore
and Pittsburg, Baltimore and Farkeraturi','
Newark, O. to Chlcego, Philadelphia tu
Newark, Philadelphia, to Cumberland aud
Cumberland to Grafton, During the sum
mer s-veral ot these wiret were quadrti-pli'X-d
between Baltimore and Cumberland
and duplexed Wast.
Like ull new Baltimore and O'llo work,
tbe Huns are constructed In the best possible
General Lawton will soon lesd another
dvanoe against tbt Filipinos lu Northern
American troops drove tbt Filipinos out
of Porac, Luzon.
The effort lo unite tbe Cuban political
parties Is eacounterlog many difficulties.
Geueral Lawton'e troops are advaoolng In
Luzoo, aud he expect to attack Baa Isldro
tn two days,
General Plo del Pilar, It Is reported, bas
offered to sell out Agulualdo lo Oeneral
Agulnaido bas Issusd a book giving tbe
baala ol tbt Filipino olalm that American
officials In the early part ol 1B98 reoogalztd
Filipino indepeudeuae,
Tbt taking ol tbt otnsut of Havana It
progressing favorably.
It Is ettlmsttd tbat tbt new census will
show Hsvana's population to be between
160,000 aud 800,000.
The Macabel.e so utt with Oeneral Law.
Inn, lu Lutoo, bavt defeat, d bottllt natives,
killing aud wuuudlug several,
A dlspatob from Manila tsys tbat tbt
Filipino Junta will s.td representatives to
Watbiugtoa this winter lo present the Fili
pino tautt.
Town Hall anil Property Valued at
18,000 Consumed!
Kensington, Md., (Special.) Tblt town
Wat tbt tcent ol a destructive fire, which
burned tht town ball to tbt ground, gutted
tht bulldlog occupied by tbt Kentlogton
Publishing Company and completely de
stroyed a largt stabla at tbe rear of the
former building, a damage amounting In all
to abont 916,0 0.
Tbe flames originated la tha building oc
cupied by tbt publishing. oooi pan y, whero
has been printed tbe Montgomery Press, the
only Republican paper In the county. A
young man In tht employ or tbt company
wat In tbe boiler room starling tbt Art, but
tht flames started In another part of tht
building. Town Marshal John Wagner dis
covered tht blaze and aroused tbe town,
but the Art had gained such beadvay tbat
efforts to check It ware all but futile.
Tbt town ball wat a large trams structure
facing tbe tracks of tbe Baltimore and Oblo
Railroad near tbt station. Ou tht ground
floor wert located a drug store, conducted
by Dr. Bruee Thomas, and a grocery store,
owned by J. W. Hopkins. Most of the
tlock In these stores was saved, and all thn
portable property In tbe town hall, Includ
ing tbt piano, was also rescued.
Tbe citizens did creditable work, and very
little of tha property that was removed from
the building wss Injured. A big prescrip
tion esse taken from tbe drug store was
dropptd tnd smashed, but, beyond tbls,
very little damage was done In tbls way.
The town ball property was owned lya
stock company, and cost betweeu (7.000 and
(11,000, and carried an Insurance of (4,600.
Mr. Warner's building and stock were val
ued at about (6,000, and were not Insured.
Boert Shell Ihe Town and Set It on Fir
Clos Cordon.
Cap Town, (By Cable.) For two days
the Boer artillerists bavt been bombarding
Mafeklng, and tbt Intiat reports state tbat
tbt town wat burned. Tbt women nnd chil
dren were all given plenty ot time to lenve.
There la lutenie anxiety for further news
from Mafeklng, where, It Is believed, a num
ber of cfflcers. Who were supposed to be on
furlough, jolued Colonel Baden-Powell.
Tbe Boer cordon around Klmberley Is
drawing closer, but hopes lire expressed tbat
a flying squadron will shortly be seut to lis
The Boers bnve occupied Windsorton, an
unprotected town. The magistrate, with the
consent of Ihe Inhabitants, surrendered on
demnnd, conditional upon the Uvea and
properties of tbe people being respected. It
Is alleged, however, that the Boers refustd
to respect the pro erty of absentees.
The transport Zityatbla, whose voyage
from Liverpool wat delayed by difficultly
with her machinery, has arrived with u lat
tery and a-balf of field artillery.
Her sister transport, with an equal force,
whloh baa been similarly delayed, Is dully
A Town nn fh Open Veldl, About Right
Miles from the Transvaal Murder.
Mafeklng, the Bor3' latest point of attack,
Is a smart little town on the Bechuannland
Railway, about alvht mt!n fiMtn IhuTrini.
vaal border and 876 miles from C.tpa Town.
me place ilea In tbe open, bare on the veldt,
which it as flat ss a pancake. Klmberley la
144 miles south of Mafeklng.
There is nothing palatial about Mafekinr.
Normally. It Is a simple little township of a
few hundred Souls. Primarily it i. . .n
Ing station with tbe Far North, and there are
uuuy stores oi greater or less Importance.
Volunteer Soldier Gave His sweetheart
Parla Green and Then Married Her.
Muncle, Ind., (Speolal.)-The trial of Ed
Ward Salmon, for attempting to poison hla
sweetheart, Miss Laoma Frank, was called,
but tbe prosecutlug witness could not be
found. Since the poisoning the tlrl mar
ried Balmon In Jail, and then hid herself
away, as bas Mrs. Hardy Morris, ber slater,
Who wns also poisoned at the time.
When Balmon came home from lb Cuban
campaign, be wanted the girl to marry him.
Sbe refused, and he gnve her a cup of water,
coptalnlnu parls-greeu. She drunk some of
II nnd became deathly sfek. A sister drnjik
from tbe same t up later, aud both almoiY
died. After that tbe couple were reconciled,
and tha wedding occurred. Prosecutor
Whit baa refused to drop tbe case, and
postponed It, with the threat of jailing the
two sisters aa witnesses for tbe state, If they
can be found.
Bla Letter Acknowledging; tha Reeolpt ot
the Deeds to II le House.
Washington, (Speolal.) Frank A. Van
derllp, chairman of the Dewey home com
mittee, baa received tbe following letter
from tbe Admiral:
Dear Sir I acknowledge thn receipt of
the title deeds to the beautiful bouse pre
sented to me by.my countrymen. My heart
Is full of gratitude to tbem for this over
whelming expression of their retard for
me, aud I request that you will also acoept
and convey to tbe committee my heartfelt
thanks for your and their effort.
Very sincerely yours,
Geouue Dkwet.
The Georgia Legist! ur Present a Sword
tn Dewey'a Flag Offluar.
Atlanta, On., (Rpeclnl.) Georgia paid
tribute to hr ranking hero of th Spanish
American War Flag Lieutenant Thomas B.
Brumby, of tha Olymplaby thn preaeiitii
tton ot n handsome sword In recognition of
bis uoteworthy services at Manila.
At 10.80 A. M. a Joint session of the Geor
gia, Home of R-presentatlvei and 8ennte
was called, and Lieutenant Brumby, escorted
by tbe coventor nnd the senators and n.
gressmen ot Georgia, waa presentrd lo tha
assembly. Governor Candler, In a short
speech, then presented tht tword to tbe
The Fob and a Misunderstanding- of Sig
nals the Caueas of Colllalnn.
Plttsburr, Pa., (Special.) The Butler ae.
commodatlon train, nn Ihe Pittsburg and
Western Railroad, ran Into a freight train at
fjodercllff, Pa. Tbt passengers escaped
with a severe shaking up, but lour trainmen
were seriously Injured.
Tbelr names are William McCbrlstlan,
baggage masteri William Sebrlver, tnrl
neerj William Frantb, eonduotori 8. M.
Mltobtll, firemen.
British Have Had 897 Killed and Waned-
London, (By Cable.) The War Offle re
turns abow tbat tbt total British oasualtlea
l"ae tht beginning of hostilities reaohed
687, eighteen offloert having been killed and
flfty-flva wounded, and tventy-ali men
kllied and 486 wounded. Tbert art thirteen
uuaecountrd for.
This total, however, doe not Include thn
tquadroa of tbe Eighteenth Hussars, wblcb
went astray Dear Dundee, and tbt offloert
ol tbt Dublin Fusiliers.
Tha President' Wanes Hie Anneal Proc
lamation November 80.
Washington, (Special.) The President
Issued tbt following Tbanktglvtng proclam
ation: "A national custom dear to the beartt ot
tbt people calls for lbs setting apart of one
day In each year aa an ocoaslon of special
thanksgiving to Almighty Ood for tbt blesr
Ingt ol the preoedlug year. This honored
observanoa acquires with tlmt a tenderer
significance. It enriches domestlo lift. It
summons tinder tha family roof tbe absent
children to- glad reunion with tbott tbey
"Seldom bat tblt nation bad greater eause
for prolound thnnksgiving. No great pesti
lence bas Invaded our shores. Liberal em
ployment waltt upon labor. Abundant crops
bavt rewarded tha efforts of tb husband
man. Increased oomfbrts bavt been to tbe
borne. The national finances hava been
ttrengtbened, tnd publlo eredlt bat betn
sustained and made firmer. In ail branches
of Industry and trade tbert bat batn an un
equaled degrtt ot prosperity, while tbere
bas been a steady gain In the moral and ed
ucational growth of our national character.
Cburobtt and tcboolt btvt flourished.
American patriotism bat been exalted.
"Tbe trust which we have assumed for tht
benefit of tbe people of Cuba hat been faith
fully advanced. Tbere Is marked progress
toward tbt restoration of healthy Industrial
conditions, and under wise sanitary regula
tions the Island bas enjoyed unusual exemp
tion from tbt scourge ot fever. The hurri
cane which swept over our new possession
of Porto Rico, destroying the homes and
property ot the Inhabitants, called forth the
Instant sympathy of the people of the United
State, who were swllt to respond with gen
erous aid to tbe sufferers. While tbe Insur
rection still oonllLUes in tht Island ot Luzon,
business Is resuming its activity, and confi
dant In tbt good purposes of the United
States It being rapidly established through
out.the arohlpelago,
"For these reasons, nnd countless others,
I, William McKlnley, President ot the United
States, do hereby name Tutirtduy, the thirti
eth day of November oext, as it day of gen
eral thanksgiving nnd prayer, lo be observed
as suob by all our people ou this continent
nnd in our newly-nrqulred Islands, as well
ns by those wbo may bo at sea or sojourning
in foreign lands: nnd I advise that on this
day religious exerolses shall be conducted
in tbe churches or meeting-placet of all de
nominations, In order that In the social
features of tbe day lit real slguiflcnoce may
not la lost sight of, but fervent prayers may
be offered to tbe Most High for a continu
ance of the divine guldauce without which
man's efforts are valo, nud for divine con
solation to those whose klndr.d nud friends
bave sacrificed their lives for country.
"I recommend, also, that on tbls day, so
far as may be found practicable, labor anal
cease from Its accustomed toil, aud charity
abound toward tbe sick, tbe needy and tbe
"In witness wboreof I bnve set my band
end caused tbe seal of tbe United btatea to
be affixed.
Germany, France and Italy Watching
England William la Anxlons.
Germany, France and Italy are anxiously
Watoblng the progress of the war iu Soutu
Africa, nnd It It possible that England's
great naval movement may be met with sim
ilar demonstrations.
Stiict censorship Is mnlntitlncd over news
from tbe front, nud little of Importance has
reached England during tbe past 21 hours.
The Boers lu the vlclulty of Ludysmltb
are said to outnumber tbe British, tnrea to
oue. Practically ull Ibo northern part of
Natal Is now In tht bnnds of the Boers.
General Symoue, It seems likely, will re
cover from his wound, the bullet having
been extracted from his body.
London Is demanding the whole truth of
the fighting at tbe front. Chamberlain de
nies thnt be has suppressed war dls atubes.
Tbere was another fight at Ladysmlth
nud It Is reported that the Boers were re
pulsed. General White reports tbat be lost
l'i men kllied, 89 wounded und 6 missing lu
the fight Dear Ladysmlth.
Germany, Franca nnd Italy Watching the
Progreaa nflhn War.
B rlin, (By Cabl..) Tbe iili-abeorblnir
topic lu diplomats circles la the joint con
ference whleh an' held betweeu tbe Em
peror, Admiral Tlrpl'z, the Secretary of
Admiralty, and Count Von Buelow, the Min
ister of Foreluu Affairs.
These officials were hastily summoned lo
the Potledum Palace nnd tbey wert closeted
with Kalsur Wllheltn until a very late hour.
The Admiral went to Buden-Bndeu for the
purpose of reporting to the Imperial Chan
cellor, Prince Hoheulobe.
It U inithoiltatively stated at the Foreign
Oniau that tbe Kaiser's Ministers are watch
lug with the great' at vlgilauce the progress
of the African war nud IU effect on tbe
European situation, The conference, and
the Admiral's hurried trip to Baden-Baden
were lu connection with the orders for the
mobilization ol the British Navy.
The Frelslnulge Zetiting published nn
article, asserting Hint both tno conference
nud the trlpot Tlrpltz signify that orders
will soon be glvou for the sending of Ger
man war vcsseli to tha Midlturraneau and
other foreign ports its n response to the uuval
operations of Groat Britain.
It Is not doubted in Brlln that further
nuureeston on the part of England In Africa
will precipitate nn international war.
A Gift From Mr. Rockefeller.
Cleveland, O., (Special.) Tbe agunt ot
John D, Rockefeller In this city nnuouno-d
the ttllt by Mr. Rockefeller to the Park
Board ot (225,0 0 to construct nrchet ami
ri udwnys uudar the Lnke Shore Railway for
the purpose of connecting Gordon Park
with Rockefuller Park, which be gava'tbe
city, nud for roadways and nruhes uuder
Superior street to couueet two sections of
Rockefeller Park.
Two Killed In a Duel.
El Reno, O. T., (St oclal.) C. W. Hop.
kins, a stock man, and Deputy Marshul Fox
engaged lu a duel with six-shooters In n
saloou, with a ruault that both were killed.
Fox had attempted to arrest Hopkins, wbo
was drunk.
Swamped OtT tha Cuban Coast.
Havana, (Speclul.) Tbe schooner Helena
E. Russel, lumber laden, from Moss Point,
Mlob., bound for Calbarlen, waa swamped
In a gale on October 13d off tbe north ooaat
of tbe island. Tha mate, cook and one
tal'ior were drowned, but tba master and
three sailors renubed tbe shore near Boca
da Jaiueo. A derelict, evidently Ihe Helena
E. Russell, was reported to Captain Luolen
Young, commander of tbe port ol Havana,
as drlltlng some fifteen miles from Morro
Castle, a menace to passing sblps. A vessel
wat Immediately despatched to locatt tbt
(Joilon lte Assnelatlaa.
Atlanta, Ga., (Special.) The Cotton States
Assoolatloo of tb Commissioners ol Agri
culture effected a permanent organization at
the eeeond day' session ol Its maiden con
vention, now being beid In thl elty. Tbt
leotlnn of offloert resulted as follows:
President, O. B. Stevens, commissioner of
agriculture ol Georgia) first vlee president,
Frank Hill, commissioner ol agriculture of
Arkausas) second vloe president, B. L. Pat
terson, North Carolina) secretary, Royal
Daniel, ol Georgia) assistant secretary,
Frank Fleming, of Georgia; treasurer, B. F.
Wright, asslslaut eommlsdoner of agricul
ture of Oeorglt.
le s
lyatem of Indium. iit
reds of thousuadsj 4
jo wot done to lm
racks, not to rnehliL.
IT. S3
Crossed by More Itailro,
Than Any Olli,,,.
"What is the namsiMs1 "
asked a traveler on onJ
on the Louisville divisi ' n
0., 0. and St. L. the oil pi"
was swiftly going; Dottfe;1,
"White river." $c
Bilenoe prevailed for ,f
until another bridgo otl
"White river."
- Again there was fiinat
train ran a little fartbstL"')"
other bridgo and etrenJsY
Onoe more the querjimoi
river is this?" f
"White river." f
"See here, neighbor,
evidently aKentuokiag,
in his seat, "is every T
State called White rive'
To the uninitiated tyL,
tainly seems as if tlier. L
than a few hnudrcd Wtr-r-Indiana,
for this othcrt'
significant stream in ct i
railroads and oftener 1 1
river in tho world. 1. '
the Indianapolis ami "'
divisions ot the P., C., (n
cross it, some of the Ji i
three times. The Mon tll',
apolis and Vincennes, t -nnd
Ohio Sontliwenteri, t)i.
the Lake Erie and M' j
the north and sontu .(
mention a score ot c,
roads and divisions, &riLn,.
it. :v ,u i-,auu
spun lb wibu tuoir uri
trouble enough with
turbulent r.tream, alt
neither very long not
the summer months fi:
sing. - Not many niontb,.,
notion to get out of its 1 yA
result was that almost llf "
road system of Indium. llt
and track
1038 of lite. tv(J(
It is usually supposi jj,,
tain torrents are Tu ,
White river con give 0J,j
stream odds and take tig
though it Hows throii m
level country, across th tt j
of Indiana, from tho 0L(or
Wabash. The Wabash, Ini
river, is celebrated in sci to
but in this respeot it A Dk
pare with the little Wli re
White river tries to k ;.
utation from season to nc:
ing along a bridge now ( U(
dumping a train from ?:ey
and making the orew ta;- L
lessons. Incidentally, W)
suclt trifles as an occa julr
few shocks of fodder, i U
put down a gravel bantho
field. It is full ot fun.
is almost exclusively at'ehi
diana institution, since rh
tend its meandering!) uwe:
Anderson. The Ghent tor
Wallace! Idea of fag
A story is told by I'
Murray of the late Eo
M. P. The member frcf
Queen's Counsel, au a'
and a man of uufailing !rB
years ago the editor of ?
paper, who was a stati
of Wallace, wrote ask
logical topic. The lattc,
roturn mail to do so, tut
of a fortnight sent a man '
when put in type, mar'
columns. r.
The editor was at his;
and a half ut a time, an
to offend the kind Cum
miir nr nnrirlirrnT t is it
- o - - - o n - - - m .
stilted with his head p.f'
a result ot their delihcl
to print it piecemeal. E;' .
fell into the system of up,
a piece from the begiu1 J.
iie&b iiuiu u piece iruiu w
ly they employed it as
wb.An.AVAr soar waa rinii'
ing order became: rj"
"Eh, nion, just sneci! ' ,
Wallace to fill the hiattjf..
Murray declares
. w
Widest llrlilge on1"
Lansing, -Mich,, cluiij
of the widest driveway if
United States, if not
The bridge orosses f''joe
Michigan avenue, ttvot
the fronf entrance to tbtf
It iu of the truss patte
feet wide in the clear:?
of the ovenue. On rt
walk sixteen feet wii!
roadway eighty-three fe' ,
This bridge, which wf.ji
five years ago, straight
avenue at this point, gy:
ing the view from tbtii
The handrails ou either j,
with the store fronts, sln'
not the slightest jog 4 ,
The bridge cost $7O,OO0.
A Hoc With Eye-t,,
I'ouesinuns on JUarue:
each other to see a
Lugo dog, with a nent
generally contontetl n,
along the thoroughfare Jju
taoles of large size astii 'tit
nose. The dog was ni()
venienoed, seemingly; 8 it
was not aware that U
anything out of the or0
critioally surveyed the f'bl
the spectaole-glasses. 'It,,
were much too large I i
being, and probably w,f
glasses without magnify
the order of some wagf
San Francisco Bulletin, j
11 of
it j,.,
What Tact Is
Some one askod Arob
ley, of England, ones
"Well," replied the At
is difficult to say what
however, is an instance
not: Only this morning
In my dlooest wrote v
ideration of your griw
nrmities and failing yv
was not Uotful!"-Th4
First American c
The first attempt to
watches or olookt on a '
America was made by
invented wooden wheel'
1702. In 1837 maohinei
to the making of 1
olooks. which drove 1
wheeled olooks out of M

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