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An Jrxpcn.lve Ore..
tnost -expensive dress In the
said to be the property of Mrs.
His, of Chicago, who, hearing
vita of a London banker pos-
a garment costing $15,000,
thlo by an expenditure of $35,
wft trimmed with Brussels
lou :fcei a yard wide and three yards
twill1' costing $25,000, and diamond
It hits held It In place.
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Thompson' Eya Water
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jf dcithsi hysteria is a symptom
m inlt uieaso, says an exchanse.
'h'tnor. ""y predisposing causes
ant prfxht! be named ore chronic
Y wer aenralgla, anemia, depress
on niunil!)ag3 aud a great, mental
trum"nd worr'- Sometimes hys
persuo lt eunul, and It Is a well
l aiiuiftict thnt It 1b an affection
y iniiifiy quacks the uppor middle
i deroaf 00Ii PeP!e havo no time to
,dcb l -h luxury of a display of
mt ni')r.fl. When the cause can be
H0.d "Jl. he general treatment
ework,r,'c!ite(' toward its removal,
f nftyfrclBe in the open air, the
iber. fponge bath and a good qui
ourmirou;toMlo are vaiuabe al(l3
ciir A change of air and
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BhopP in nil cases the patlont's
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accoB: vrj My troubles begaa
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L. bout .h.eja, thun inflammation,
;lnd ol falliujr of the womb
i, In w- iai ton of ovaries,
rname! Vrt,t local tl.eatment eve
usually :o time; then after nearly'
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Isen"), flf.towork. I went back.
(-'n a Week was com
Vp and go to bed. On
lithe rii'fnn,! 41, T J
rs anrt their medicine
"ur remedies. Before
fas p;one I felt the ef
ee bottles of Lydla E.
Auble Compound and a
Sanative Wash did me
all tho doctors' treat
cine. Buark that greets me
Ph better you look! and
1 never hesitate to tell
If health." Mas. E, J.
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8nlect Onr Father' Hnnae flud'a
' jroinenteBil, llnllilail on the lltll of
Heaven, Provide Room For All
Vivid riclore of the Celettlal Home.
ICopytlKht, LohIk Kloiuch. l99.t
VTAriiii(iTo, I). C In n unique way the
lienvuuly world I.h dleBourneil upon by Dr.
TalmiiKu In thit BHnnoii umlnr the figure of
I home; text, John xlv., 'i, "In My Father's
louse are many room."
Here Is a bottle of medicine that Is a
urn oil. The dlnolples wore and, and
Ohrlst offered heaven us nn altnrntlve, a
tlmiilnnt ami a tonic. He shows them
.hut thnlr sorrows are only a dark back
ground of n brlitht picture of comlne
:llclty. He lets them know that, though
low they live on the lowland, they shall
yet have o house on the upland. Nearly
ill tho Dlble descriptions of heaven mny be
llRitrntlve. I am not ponltlve that In all
'leaven there Is a literal crown or burp or
pearly gate or throne or chariot. They
nay be only Fe! to Illustrate the glories
Jf the place, but how well they d 6 k" The
fuvorlte symbol by which the Dlble pre
lents celestial happiness Is a house. Paul,
who never owned a house, although be
hired one for two years In Italy, speaks of
heaven as a "house not made with hinds,"
hihI Christ in our text, the translation of
which is a little olinngod, to as to give the
moro accurate meaulns, aays: "In Jly
Father's hou io aro inuiiy rooms."
This divinely nuthorlxod compurlsou of
heaven to a great homestead ol large an
commoilatlotis I propose co carry out. Ia
some healthy neighborhood a man builds
a very commodious haliiiatlon. He must
have room for nil his children. The rooms
coma to bo culled after the dllTnrent mem
bers of the tnmllv. That Is mother's room,
that Isdeorirc's room, that Is Henry's room,
thnt is Flora's room, that is Mary's room,
und the bouse Is all occupied. JHit time
goes by, mid the sous no out Into the
world and build thulr own homes, und the
daughter are married or havo talents
ououith hlnitly to go out and do a good
work in tho world. Arter a while the
father and mother are almost alone in the
big hon, und, seated by the evening
tuud, tlioy say, "Well, our family 1 no
Inrger now than when wo started together
forty years ago." But time goes still
further by, and somo of the children are
unfortunate and return to the old home
stead to live, and the grandchildren come
with them and perhaps Kroat-grau dchll
dren, and nguin the house is full.
Millennia uko (lod built on the. hills of
liuaveu a great liomuilad tor a family In
numerable, j ot to be. At llrst He lived alone
In that great houso, but nlier awhile It
was occupied by a very large family, cher
ubic, semplilu, nngeilc. The eternities
passed on, aud many of the Inhabitants
became wayward and lert, never to return,
und many of the apartments were vacant.
I refer to tho fallen unguis. Now these
apartments are filling upngain. Tnerenre
arrival at the old homestead of Ood'l
children every day, und the day will come
when there will be no uuocoupied room In
all tho house.
As you and I expect to enter It and make
there eternal residence, I thouirlit you
would like to got somo more particulars
about the many roomed homestead. "In
my Father's bouse are ninny rooms." You
see, the place is to be apoortloued off into
apartments. Wo shall lo've all who una ia
heaven, but there are some very good peo
ple whom we would not want to live with
In the same room. They may be better
than we are, but they are of a divergent
temperament. We would like to meet with
them on the golden streets aud worship
with them In the temple and walk with
them on the river banks, but I am glad to
say that we shall live lu different apart
ments. "In ray Father's bouse aro many
rooms." You see, heaven will be so large
that If one wants an entire room to himself
or herself it can be afforded.
An Ingenious statistician, taking the
statement made in ltevelatlou, twenty-first
chapter, that the heavenly Jerusalem was
measured aud found to be 12,000 furlongs
and that the lengthaud heightand breadth
of it are equal, says that would make
heaven in size HI, sextilllon 08H quintilliou
cubio feet, ami then, reserving a certain
portion for tho court of heaven and the
streets aud estimating that the world may
lust a hundred thousand years, he ciphers
out that there are over 8,000,000,000,001)
rooms, each room teventeen feut long, six
teun feet wide, fifteen feet high. But 1 have
no faith in the accuracy of that calcula
tion. He makes the rooms too small. From
all I can read the rooms will be palatial,
und those who havo not hud enough room
lu this world will have plenty of room at
the last. I should not wonder If, Instead
of the room that the statistician ciphered
out as only seventeen feet by sixteuu, It
should be largor than nnvof the rooms at
Berlin, Ht. James or Winter paluco. "Iu
lay Father's house are muny rooms."
'!arrylug out still further tho symbolism
of the text, let us jolu hands and go up to
tills majestic homestead ami see for our
selves. As we ascend the golden stops au
Invisible guurdsranu swings open the front
door, and we are ushered to the right Into
the reception room of the old homestead.'
That is the place where we first meet the
welcome of heaven. There must be u pluce
where the departed spirit enters and a
place in which It confronts the Inhabitants
celestial. The reception room of the new
ly arrived from this world what scenes it;
must have witnessed since the llrst guest
arrived, the victim of the llrst fratricide,
pious Abel! lu thut room Christ lovingly
greets all newcomers. He redeemed them,
and He bus the right to tho llrst embrace on
arrival. Wbut a minute when the asceuded
spirit llrst sees the Lordl Better thuu all
we ever real about Hliu or talked about
Him or sang about Hliu In nil the churches
and through all our earthly lifetime will
it be. Just for one second to see Him.
The most rapturous Idea we ever bud of
Him ou sacramental days or at tho height
of some grunt revival or under the uplifted
baton of an oratorio Is a bankruptcy of
iiiuiiKiii compared Willi tile llrst Hiisli of
His uppeurauue iu that reception room, At
that moment wheu you confront each
other, Christ looking upon you and you
looking upon Christ, there will be nn ec
statlo thrill and surging of emotion that
beggar all desorlptlou. Look! They need
no Introduction. Long ago Christ ohose
that repentant sinner, and that repentant
sinner chose Christ. Mightiest momott of
an Immortal history the first kiss of
heaven! Jesus and the soul! Thosouland
Hut now Into that reception room pour
the glorilled kinsfolk, ououirh of earthly
retention to lot you kuow them, but with
out their wouudi or their sicknesses or
their troubles. Bee what heaven hu done
for them so radiant, so glueriil, so
truiispostliiKly lovely! They call you by
name. They greet you with an ardor pro
portioned to the anguish of your parting
and the length of your separation.
Futherl Mother! There is vour. uhild.
Klstersl Brothers! Friends! I wish you
Joy. For years apart, toirether uriiIu in
thu reception room of the old bomostead.
You see, they will kuow you are oomiug.
'i'hure are so many immortals filling all the
spaces between here aud heaven that news
like thut flies like ilghtutug. They will be
there In au Instant. Though they were in
some other world on orraud from (iod, a
signal would be thrown that would
fntoh them. Though you might at first
foel dazed and overawed at their super
nal splendor, all that feeling will be
gone at their llrst touch of heavenly
salutation, and wo will say: "Oil. my lost
boy!" "Oh, my lost oompanloul" "Oh,
my lost friend! Are wo here together!"
What scenes In that reception room of tho
old homestead have been wltuessedl There
met Joseph nud Jacob, lludlug It a brighter
room than anything they saw In Pharaoh's
palace; David and the little ohild for whom
lie once fasted nud wept; Mary and Laz--arus
after the beurtbruak of Hull, any;
Timothy und graudmotuer Lois; Isabella
Graham aud her sailor sou; Alfred aud
(leortce Cookmau, the mystery of the sea
at last made manifest; Luther aud Magda
lene, the daughter be bemoaned; John
Howard and the prisoners whom ha goa.
pell.ed, and multitudes without number
who, ones so weary aud so sad, parted on
earth, but gloriously met in beaveu. Among
ull the rooms of that house there Is no oue
that more enraptures my soul thuu thut
reception room. "Ia my Father's nousu
ars many rooms."
Another room la our Father's house Is
the throae room. We belong to the royal
family. The blood of King Jesus flows in
our veins, so we have a right to enter the
throne room. It Is uo easy thing on earth
to get through even the outside door of n
king's residence. During the Frunoo-Oer-mau
war, one eventide la the summer of
law, 1 stood studying tnn exquisite snulp
turlug of the gste of the Tullerles Paris.
Lost in admiration of the wonderful art of
tbst gate, I knew not thnt I was exciting
suspicion. Lowering my eyes to the crowds
of people, I found myself being closely In
spected by the government officials, who
from my complexion, Judged mo to b a Ger
man and thnt for some belligerent purpose
I might be examining the gates of the pal
ace. My explanatlou In very poor French
did not sntisfy them, and they followed me
long distances until I reached my hotel
nnd were not satisfied until from my land
lord they found that 1 was only nn Inoffen
sive American. The gate of e irthly pal
aces are carefully guarded, and If so, how
much moro the thronerooint A dazzling
place is it for mirrors and nil costly art.
No one who ever saw the throneroom of
the first nnd only Napoleon will ever for
get the letter N embroidered In purple nud
gold on the upholstery of chair and win
dow, the letter N gilded on tho wall, the
letter N chased on the chalices, the letter
N Darning from tho celling. What a con
flngrstion of brilliance the throneroom
of Charles Immanuel of Kardinla, of
Ferdinnnd of Hpuln, of F.llsabeth of
Knglnnd, of Boniface of Italy. Rut
the throneroom of onr Father's bouse
hath a glory eclipsing all the throne
rooms thnt ever saw scepter wnve or crown
glitter or foreign embassador bow, for our
Fhiinr's throun is a throue of graco, a
thrones of mercy, a throne of holiness, a
throne of JW'ce, n throne of universal
dominion. We Vped not stand shivering
snd cowering beforo"it, iVr.?r Father says
we may vet one day come up and Mt pn It
beside illm. "To him that over.'omefii
will I grant to alt with Me In My throne."
You see, we are princes nud princesses.
Perhaps now we move about Incognito, as
Peter the (treat lu the garb of a ship car
penter at Amsterdum or as Queen Tlrzali
In the dress of a peasant woman seeking
the prophet for her child's euro, but it
will be found out after a while who we are
when we get Into tho throneroom. Aye,
we need not wnlt until then. We may by
prayer nnd song aud spiritual uplifting
this moment enter the throneroom. O
King, live forever! We touch the scepter
und prostrate ourselves at Thy fee:.
Another roo-u In onr Father's house I
the music room. Ht. John and other Bible
writers talk so much about thomusleol
heaven that there must be music there,
perhaps not such as on earth was thrum,
med from trembling string or evoked by
touoh of Ivory key; bat. It not that, then
something better. There are so many
Christian harpists and Christian composers
and Christian organists and Christian bym
nologists thnt have gouo up from earth,
there must be for thorn some place of es
pedal delectation, Hhall we have music
in this world of discords nnd no music in
the land of complete linrmouy?
In that music room of our lather's house
you will some day meet the old masters,
Mozart nnd Handel and Mendelssohn and
Beethoven and Doddridge, whose sacred
poetry was as remarkable as his sacred
prose, nnd James Montgomery nnd William
Cowper, at last got rid of his spiritual mul
ancholy, nnd Bishop Holier, who sang ol
"Oreenlnid's Icy mountains and India's
coral strand," and Dr. Unfiles, wno wrote
of "High in yonder realms of light," nnd
Isnno Watts, who weut to visit Hir Thomas
Abneyand wife for a week, but proved
himself so agreeable a guest that fiey
made him stay thirty-six years, and side
by side Augustus Toplady, who has got
over his dislike for Methodists, and
Charles Wesley freed from his dislike fot
Caivlnists, nnd Oeorge W. Bethune, as
sweet as a songmaker as he was great
as a preacher and the author of "The
Village Hymns," and many who wrot
lu verse or song. In church or by eventide
cradle, and many who wero passionately
fond of music, hut could make none them
selves, thu poorest sluger there mare than
any earthly prima donna and the poorest
pln-ers;there more than any earthly Ootl
schalk. Oh, thnt music room, the head
quarters of cadence and rhythm, sym
phony and chant, psalm and nntlphon!
May we bo there some hour when Haydn
elts at the keys of oue of his own oratorios,
and David the psalmist flugers the harp,
nud Mirinm of tho Bed sea banks chips thu
cymbals, nnd Gabriel putt bis lips to the
trumpet nnd the four and twenty olden
chant, and Llud aud Pnrepa render mutch
less duet lu tho music room of the old
heavenly bomestend! "In ray Futuer's
house are mnny rooms."
Another room iu our Father's house will
oa the family room. It may correspond
somewhat with the family room on earth,
At morning and evening, you know, that
Is the place we now meet. Though uverv
member of the household have a separate
room, in me inmiiy room tuny all gather,
and Joys nnd sorrows und experiences ol
ill styles aro there rehearsed. Hacreil room
In all our dwellings, whether It be luxuri
ous with ottomans aud divans aud book!
In Russian lids standing In mahogany case
or there be only a few plain chairs aud n
cradle. Ho the family room ou high will
be the place where the kinsfolk assem
ble and talk over the family expert
ences of earth, the weddings, the
births, the burials, the festal days of
Christmas and Thanksgiving reuulou.
Will the children departed remain chil
dren there? Will the aged remain aged
there? Oh, no! Everything Is per
fect there. Thecbildwlli go n head to glori
lled maturity, and the aged will go back
to glorified maturity. The rising sua ol
the one will rise to meridian, aud the
descending sun of the other will return to
meridian. However inuoh we love out
children on earth, we would consider It u
domestic disaster if they staid children,
and so we rejoice nt their growth here
And when we meet In the family room ol
our Father's house we will bo glad that
they have grandly und gloriously matured,
while our parents, who were aged and lu
ll rm here, we shall be glad to find re
stored to the most ugllo and vigorous liu.
mortality there,
: I hope none of us will be disappointed
about getting there. There Is a room fot
us it we will go nud take it, but Iu ordei
o reach it It Is absolutely necessary that
,we take the right way, und Christ Is the
way, aud we must enter nt the right door
and Christ Is the door, and we must atari
iu time, aud the only hour you are suraol
Is the hour the clock now strikes, aud the
only seoond the one your watch is now
ticking. I hold lu my baud a roll ol
letters Inviting you ull to make that
your home forever. Tho New Testa,
ineut Is only u roll of letters invltlna
you, as the spirit of them practically
says: "My dying yet Immortal child iu
oarthly neighborhood, I have built for you
a greut residence. It is full of rooms. I
have furnished them as no pulaco wnsevei
furnished. Pearls aro nothing, emeralds
are nothing, chrysoprasua is nothing, lllu
mined puuels of suurise snd sunset noth
ing, thu uuroru of the northern heavens
nothing, compared with the spleudor with
which I have garnltured them. But you
must be cleau before you can enter there,
aud sa I have opened a fountain where you
may wash ull your sins away. Come uowl
Put your weary but cleansed feet ou the
upward pathway. Do you not see amid
the thick foliage on tho heavenly hilltops
the old family homesteud?" "Iu uiy
Futuer's house ura mauy rooms."
Minnesota papers claim for. tluit
stnte the distinction of uu exception
ally ellicient iiilniiniMtiiitiou of the
institutions for tho stutu's ilopendonts.
A constantly decreasing coHt per
capita for the lust (lociulo in otl'ered as
ono proof of the meusui o of elliciency.
The figures for the lust fiscal year
show reductions iu tho cuse of most
of the institutions. Of special iutt r
ont iu these figures is the cost of food.
In the asylums for tho insiiuu it was
10.H cents u day per inmate, a slight
increase over the 0.8 cents cost iu
181)7, nud a considerable decrease
from tho 11 cents iu 181)5. In the
institutions for dependent children
the food expense was as low us 7.1
cents. It was 8.7 cents in the aoliool
for feeble minded, aud varied from
lit.!) tolfj.ii in the school for the blind,
'.'who cuuuot eat the same food as
seeing peojde," the report explains.
The next highest cost is 12 cents iu
tho prisons, where the iumutes need
to supply the exhaustion aud wear
due to hurd labor, i'riuoners are uot
daintily fed, of course, but there ia
no complaint as to the fare, and the
fact is established that a working
adult may be wholesomely nourished
under institution methods at a cost of
l2 cents a day
Latest News Gleaned from
Various Parts.
Men Who t'ndoraold flnverninent Charged
Willi Itobblna: l'olntr Mashrd Hob.
Iter llnld lip Mr. Mailmen III Mr
Home .Ht l.rlmni Katinors' Wnjnll
fstruclt by Train nt a Urnda Crossing.
While returning from a Sunday wedding
In Old Forge nt 7 o'clock In the rvenlnr,
Angeio Pelcxl, of Mootle, shot snd killed bis
bender, Antonio Bplnello. The affair oc
curred In the road between the two towns,
nnd the only wltot-ss of lh shooting, Oenero
I'assero, bad started on a obnse for the fugi
tive murderer liefors the police arrived.
Those who talked with Passero say be told
them that Pslosl turnrd nud shot the bonrder
without any provocation, sending four bul
lets Into bis body. Passero said be did not
kuow whntosused tbs deed. The supposi
tion Is that be bors him soma grudge or
other and that bis rags was suddenly
arouse. 1 by a obance word in their conversa
tion. Tb ei.'t'f ?J murderer Is still at large.
fltatnp ttargnln i.d to Avrasf. .,
C. J. Connelly wn arrested In Wllkoi
Barre by United States Marshal Lowry, nn
suspicion of having robbed a postofTloe. It
Is alleged tbnt Connelly In several towus
sold large numbers of stamps at ninety cents
for n dollar's wortb. The fact that be was
discounting the price of Uncle Batn proved
to be bis dowulall, although while the sale
weut on be did a regular land office Lusl
urs. The selling of the stamps In large
qunutltles srouscd suspiclou and Marabnl
Lowry was notified. He traced Connolly to
Wilkes-Barre and in an hour's time, Con
nelly whs under arrest. When searched
about f 40 worth of stamps was found ou tba
man's person. They ranged In value from
one cent to 13 cent, the smaller denomina
tions predominating. To Lowry, Connelly
said be bad purobased the stamps In New
York. When given a hearing before Com
missioner Unho, be wns remanded for tur
thor investigation.
Muted Robbara Got 100, .
Two masked men rsninoked the home of
Milton Htcumao, nt Second and Guilford
streets, Lebanon, and secured almost 1100.
The burglars waited until Btutzaian left the
bouse, before daylight, to go to work, snd
tbra forced an entrance. At pistol's point
they held up Mrs. Stutsman, and prevented
ber from giving an alarm. They then
searched the. house for the nioury which
they declared they knew to be there, and
fliutlly found It, successfully making their
Train Kills Two Farmer.
Two farmers, Patrick: O'ltourk and
Michael Creegan, of Windsor Township,
Broome Cuuuty, met death suddenly ut
Windsor Crossing, on the F.rl ltallroad, six
miles from Susquehanna, lloturnlng from
Hmquebsnnu, they were on the oronlug
when their wagon was struck by a truin.
Both men were hurled into the air and in
stantly killed. The bones were also killed
aud the wagon was wrecked. O'Rourko
leaves a wife aud eight children, Creegan a
wife and six children.
Fell From Swift Kxpras.
While the N- w York express, due at the
Baltimore & Ouio Hallway Station, Chester,
ut 4.38, was going fifty-five mile an hour,
Jonn A, Cook, nged 35 years, of 833 Pennsyl
vania avenue, Baltimore, full of! at Falrview,
aud miraculously esonped a horrible death.
Mr. Cook fell on bis feet, breaking both legs
below the knee. Uo was found after the
trulu piu-sed aud brought to the Chester
Killed as Ha Sl.pl on Ilia Kails.
Steve Strake, of Stockton, while on his
way boms from Ilssleton at an early bour
the other morning, lay on the railroad track
to sleep, Aa bour later ills dead and man
gled remains were found. Every bone In
his body was broken snd be was frightfully
Btubhla Caused Daatn.
Lewis, a 10-year-old sou of Gottlieb Lnng,
died at bis borne In Pottstown, the result of
lockjaw. While playing last week he fell
upon Ibe Itump ol a stont weed which pene
trated bis arm. Tbo wound healed, but
afterward, became Inflnmed, causing death.
olclde Hecau.se of Loaa of Children.
The loss of two ohiidreu o preyed on the
mind of William Fisher, a resident of Nurem
turg, that he commlted suicide by flrlug the
contents of a shotgun through tils head.
The one side of bis face was torn away aud
death was instaulaneou'.
New In llrlef.
Joseph Smiley, an old resident of Bristol,
wns struck by a train ou the Pennsylvania
ltallroad nt tba Lafayette street crossing
some time durlug the tilitlit. He wns found
nt an early bour In the morning with a frac
tured skull. No bopes are entertained for
bis recovery,
Albert Kilter, aged 17, had tho fingers of
Ms left baud cut otl In the machinery nt th't
William port Planing Mill. About two years
ago Kelter bad the finger of bl right baud
cut of! In n similar manner.
The Keystoue Structural Works, of Royers
ford, will build a machine (hop and tnuipei
Ing room, 4 1 1 y 100 feet In alze, and also an
annex to tho mala I ulldlng, thus affording
employment to thirty udditlonal bauds.
William II. Culver, a West Bethlehem
procer, made an assignment for the benefit
of lil-t creditor. James D, Faint was named
as assignee. The liabilities lira 1 0,000 und
the assets 51,0(0. j
While Frank Oerber, aged SS year, was
a-slng through the stable In the Kulckei
I oeker mines, Shenandoah, oneof the mules
klekd him above the right eye, crushing
the skull.
For the first time. In tl e history of theK,
& (i. Brooke Iron Company, Blid-l oro, Ho y
I live been compelled to purchase pig Iron to
keep their puddle mill running.
Postmaster Graves lis succeeded In hav
ing free mall delivery established lu Cnut-..
viile, aud live or. oiis who pass the ciiili
lervlce i inclination will le appointed cm
rlers nt a salary of 50 per month. t
A shotgun which Hurry K-nuedy, of
Sharon, had leaned against a wall afn r re
turning from a hunting trip was knocked
over nnd discharged. The loud of shot
truck hi 5-year-eld brother, causing In
juries from Wbiob hu dl d.
The subversion of Finland's con
stitutional government as a result oi
the czar's ukase is complete. There
is nothing for the FimiB uovt in theit
native lund but the despotio rulo ol
the czar, unhampered by- constitu
tional limitations. It is not surpris
ing, therefore, that Finns are plan
ning to emigrate in largo numbers tc
the United Htates and Canada, wuert
liberty is not held subject to the w him
of a single uiau, exercising arbitrary
We all admit that Virtue lit Its own
reward and yet we object when the
good man throws bouquets at himself.
filke rinding money.
The use of the Endless Chain Htarob
Book la the purchase of "Bed Cross" and
''Hublnger's Best" starch, makes It Just
like finding money. Why, for only So you
are enabled to get one large lOo package
of "Red Cross" starch, one large 10c puck,
age of "Hublnger's Best" starch, with the
premiums, two Rliakespenre panels, print
ed In twelve beautiful colors, or oue Twen
tieth Century Girl Cnlcndnr, embossed Id
gold. Ask your grocer for tills starch and
obtain the beautiful Christmas presonts free
Ahont Rose.
Tho old monthly (China) roses flower
the longest, then the "tens'." The first
to begin nnd the laBt to remain in
flower is the Olclre da DIJon. but all
the strong growing tea roses will flower
late In the season.
A Prominent Physician.
Dr. C. I. H. Cawthon, of Andalnssia,
Ala., writes: "I find Tetterine to be
superior to any remedy known to me
for the care of Eczema and other stub
born forms of skin diseases," If there
wore only mauy others as honest as Dr.
C. how much mankind would be
blessed by this truly wonderful anti
dote for all itching eruptions. 50c. a
box at druggists or by mail from J. T.
Bhuptrine, Savannah, Oa.
Cans and F.fTect.
Weeks Life Is becoming more and
yiiore of a machine every day I live.
Meek' Yes, I understand you mar
ried your, typewriter Chicago News.
Fame and Excellence Are" lV."''rmlnliiB
Factor In 8uceis.ru! Oerelopineni.- -.
In presentlngintnrestlng phases of scion
tlflo snd economic problems, tilirh-olass
newspapers frequently give liiformaliou of
as great value In their advertising columns
as In tlioso devoted to the publication of
the principal events of tho day, aud wheu
the fame of a product Is extended boyond
its natural limits Into forelgu lauds, and a
large demand created throughout Great
Britain and her Coloule:! nnd the principal
ses-ports and cities of Europe, Ala and
Africa, It becomes a pleas'ini duty to note
the fact and to toll of the points of excel
lence on which so great a success Is bused.
Wo refer to the now world-famed laxatlvu
remedy, Hvrup of Figs, the product of tha
California Fig Syrup Com puny, Thu merits
of this well-known excellent laxative were
llrst made known to thu world through tho
medical Journals and newspapers of the
Uulted States; and Is nun of the distinct
achievements nt the press. It Is now Well
known that Hyr.ip ol Figs Is au ethical
proprietary remody, approved by the most
eminent physicians everywhere, because It
is simple and effective, yet plensaut to
the taste and acoeptublo to tho systoni, and
uot only prompt lu Its beiiellolal elTeots,
but also wholly free from any nnploasuut
after-effects. It Is frequently referred to ss
the remodv ol thu healthy, because it Is
used by people who enjoy good health and
who live well and feel well und aro well
luformed on all subjects generally. Includ
ing laxatives. In order to get Its beneficial
effects, It Is necessary to get the genuine
Hyrup of Figs, which is manufactured by
me Luiuornia rig syrup t;n. only.
George Herstel has completed sixty years
In Queen Victoria's service. He Is now pay
master oi ine nousenoiu.
Putnah Fadvlfss Dte produces the
fastest and brightest colors of any known dye
siuu. boiu ny an aruggists.
Andrew Gray. M. A.. I.L. D.. F. It. R.. nro
fessor of physics In tho University of North
Wules since 1HR4, has been appointed pro
fessor of natural philosophy in Glasgow
university to sueooea Lord Kelvin.
Row Are Trar Kidney t
nr. Hoour nparacti piiitoureall kidney Ills. S un
tile (ru. Add. sterllug Kumedy Co.,Ctnoosoor H. V.
Mr, Gully, Bpenker of the House of Com
mons, is au expert at golf.
IOO Reward. SHOO.
The readers of this paper will h pleased to
learn that there Is at feast one dreaded dtseasa
that science has been able to cure In all its
tages. and that I atarrh. Hall' Catarrh
i lire I the only positive cure kuown to ttie
medical fraternity. I atarrh being a constitu
tional ulsease. rouuirea a constitutional treat-
. ment. H all's Catarrh 'ur Is taken internally,
acting directly ou the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system, thereby destroying the
toununtlcn or tne disease, nnu giving tne pa
tient strength by building up the constitution
anu BMIstiug nature in doing its worx, i ne
DroDrietora nave su much fa til In Its curntivt
powers that they otTnr One Hundred Dollars
tor any cuse timt it rails to cure, seuu ior list
of testimonials. Address
F. J. Chenkv & l u., Toledo, O,
Hold by Druggists, TSc.
Hall's Vam I Ty 1'llls are the he-t.
Tho Prince of Wales, contrary to his
preceueuc, lias begun dining at restaurants.
T cannot speak too highly of Plso's Pure for
consumption.-M rs. Fit a nk Mouus, 314 W.
St., New York, Oct. SO. 181)1.
Mme. ItcJnne fs to nlay at the Royal The
atre, Berlin, on the iuvitution of Emperor
n iiiiaiu.
Educate Tour ltnweis With Cusrareta.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
lOcSfio. It C. C. C. fall, druggist ref uud mouer.
It Is "rayeholog-umlly Interesting" from
Another Point of View.
Describing the accident to a part ol
tourists while ascending the Schneeb
leg In Austria when a rope-railway
wagon ran off the line and fell, with
Its occupants, ahout sixty feet, Herr
von Ompteda, the German novelist,
who broke a lib, wrote to a friend at
follows, says the London Dally News:
"It Is psychologically Interesting that
none of us screamed as we fell. I knew
exactly what to do. I waited until the
wagon was in the middle of Its fall and
then, crossing my arms over my head,
Jumped off sideways, for my first
thought was before all, don't get un
der the wagon! The violinist (who
was killed) was standing near me,
clinging convulsively to the wagon and
I was Just about to cry to him, 'Let
loose!', But It was too late. . Singularly,
I felt sure that my wife was safe. 1
somehow believed she had not fallen
and I wanted to stand up and give net
a sign. But I could not move. All at
once she bent over me, with blood run
ning out of her mouth, and cried: 'Mod
petit, es-tu tuort?' I said, 'No, I can
move,' but I could not move. My
glorious wife thought only of. me and
not for a moment of herself. Her 'left
side la frightfully torn and bruised,'
but she Is brave and keeps up. I am
obliged to lie still. So, enough." Ii
this not "psychologically Interesting"
from another point of view?
Wild Haer Davnur Crops.
Middletown (N. Y.) special New
York Jotirnul: Lew Boyd, who Uvea
near the town of Deer Park, reported
here that one day last week when he
went to drive home his cows, he saw
no less than seven deer feeding on his
premises. Mr. Boyd says that he suf
fers considerable loss through the
depredations of deer, which have de
voured his apples and crops. He daros
not shoot them, because they are pro
tected, by ltw until 1901. He thinks
that if the slate protects deer It ought
also to protect him against being eaten
out of his farm by them.
There is a "comfortable feeling" that
comes after a bath with Ivory Soap which
is conducive to a good nights rest.
coevsiaeT in v thi esooTt a bambli oe. oinoinnati
The Crown Trlnco of Germany hns ,7"0"J
to be a trifle taller than bis father aud i'""
semblos his mother strikingly.
'Pollro Court Trial anil Judgment.
Judge Andy . Calhoun, of the police court of
Atlanta, U recently passed a sentence of
mucta Importance, lo dr. peptic. Here It Is:
"I am a great sufferer from nervous Vk
nendacha aud hare found no remedy eo effeo
tit aTyner' Dyspepsia Remedy. Ii taken
when the beidaebe nrst beglua It Invailably
cure. A. K. I'alhoi'S."
Price W cent par bottle. At all druggists,
or nnt fur price, express paid, by 'I'viier l)ys
pepala llumedy Co., 45 Mitchell bt..Atlauta,Ua.
Francis T. White, of New York, has given
f'AOOO to Earl ham College, the Quaker edu
cational institution at Richmond, Iud.
To Care Constipation Forever.
ake Caacarets Candy Cathartic loo or Bo,
II C O. C. full to euro, druggists refund uiouey.
A pugilist in Chicago was giving nn
interview to a reporter recently. The
pugilist is from Australia, and has
traveled In South Africa, so the re
porter asked him It he had met Cecil
Rhodes. "Rhodes," replied the Aus
trallan; "what's his weight?"
A British tourist wandered Into the
Rustlers' Retreat In an Arizona town
recently, and languidly asked for a 'lgh
ball. "Jake," called the accommodat
ing barkeeper to his assistant, "the
gent wants a eye-ball; I dunno wat fer,
but he wants it. Go out and ketch a
Friends of the two remember the
quarrels that used to go on between
the late Sir Rowland Hill and Anthony
Trollope when they both were con
nected with the postofllce. A discus
sion arose one day as to the meaning
of "official" language and "private"
language. "In official life," said Sir
Rowland, glaring at Trollope. "I am
accustomed to ascribe myself as your
obedient servant, whereas In real life
you know very well that I am nothing
of the sort!"
Jerry Simpson tells a story of a trav
eler who. Just as he was writing his
name on the register of a Leavenworth
hotel, saw a clmex lectlcularlus which
took its way across the page. The man
paused and remarked: "I've been bled
by St. Joseph fleas, bitten by Kansas
City spiders, and interviewed by Fort
Scott graybacks, but I'll be darned if
I was ever in a place before where the
bugs looked over the hotel register to
find out where your room was."
Charles Lnurler. A brother of the rsiiuiHi
Premier, Is traveling salesman for acigaa
'm of Calumet, Mich.
nen'uk'7 n,4
Oonn blood mesiT.'-t cle!n k7l..K
beauty without it. Casern L, , ndy Uataar
tic clean your blood and ke' l clea"'.,'r"
stirring up the lazy liver and irvln
purities from tho body. Begin to aZJ. .
banish pimples, boils, blotches, black heaoX '
and that sickly bilious complexion by tnkioc
Caacarets, bcuuty for ten rente. AU dnsj
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c. Sjc.Mk.
William Waldorf Astor baa paid 40690
taxes lu Now York this year.
Fit permanently cured. Nnfltarrnorvoaa.
rrss after first day's use of Dr. Kl n ' OnaaSi
Nerve Restorer. trial bottluaud ti.aUi.lrM
Dii. H. 11. Kl.iUK. I.UI- Ull Arch St, fulls. Pav
Mrs. Harah Terry, of Philadelphia, suae
just celebrated ber lOStb birthday. Hoc
father fought lu the War of the Revolution.
Wouldn't Offend.
An old negro once, in relating his re
ligious experience, avowed that he had
seen the devil in bodily form. Upon
being asked whether his satanlc majes
ty presented himself as a white man
or as a black, the honest darky replied:
"Neither white nor very black, but of
a grizzly gray." Augusta (Gu.) Chron
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
Cleanses the ystem
h r I- I- f . I I I f I I V
l it ,
Buy Twe OENviNt - MANTo ey
.gtV. (,'(, -t "C.V t-V VOAa.
roa ftAii tn an enufuvftT rnu to. ttR eonu.
Does your hesdsche'r' Pain back of
youreyes? Bad tsste in your mouth?
It's your liver I Ayer's Pills are
liver pills. They cure constipation,
headache, dvsnerjsis. and all liver
complaints. 25c. All druggists.
Wunt yuur iiiuu.tHcli or btutrd a baauului
brown or rich Msckt Then n.e
." C'-'- M " e.Li, Co. N.,u., . M.
S3 & 3.50 SHOES "Va?
Worth S4 to S6 compared.
wim oinar mane.
InriitrMMt hr Tflr
1,000,000 weartrt.
The t7fNM.M tuv W. I.
Douglas' nam and prior
stamtrcd on bottom. 'lake'
no tutwiliutc ciaimM to be
as good. our dealer
nouia keep mem tf,
not, w will Mild pair
in receim in pnea. Male
kind ol aaihar, ia, and width,
cap tot. Laulogua C Ira.
W. L DOUGLAS 8H0E CO., Brtdttm,
u . u IV
."'wrtj I quick r i.l .B4 tmsw
r.. B,. B. u. easts sauaa. iw uZZ
t lajcsi fi
oNt loutfii brtip. Taua Ooud. Vm
(IIIIIIJ, P'l Ml n 41PnTBrlaitai
. j.l Ml II .1 II M,
ly eJII .jiaspswiii.iisun in wan naiiiin n
avie nrst live persons procuring tha iCndkra Chain nisireh U.ok Irons' toa
grocer will esoh obtain one large lOo package of Had Crcaa" Siarch, oa largo
lOo package of 'llblng.ra H..l March, two Bbakespear. panels, print 1st
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finest of Its kind ever printed, all absolutely free. All others procuring tba Kadi...
CtinlH anarch Hook, will obtain from their grocer tbs above goods for So. mMvA
Cross" l.auudrr Starch Is sooiatblug entirely new, and Is without doubt the. fraat
est Invention ol tba Twentieth Century. bas no equal, and surpaaaee all otU. U
has won for It.olf praise from all parts of tba Uulted Htates. It bas sun-rsedad ear
thing heretofore used or known to seleuoe In tbe laundry rt. It Is wade from .
rloe aad corn, and obetotoally prepared upon solentillo prluolple by J. v. (I ttg,
Keokuk, Iowa, an expert lu tbe laundry professlou, who boa bad tweuty-lv yeatV
prautloal exparisuoe In fauuy lauuuering, and wno was the Irat suooful aad original
inventor of all flue grades of starch lu the DniUd Htatss. tt greoera fot tabs
Starch and obtain these bvsutlfu hrlstuius pruu Ire,

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