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pLUME 1.
s Kerlin Tells of the N.ar
iw Escapes He Has Had
From Shooting, '
Ml His Bedchamber Was Filled
ptb Spectral Illumination.
'old friend Jimmy Kerlin, of
Uidiro, was in town last Friday.
- iph about seventy yearn of uge,
:the activity and mental vigor
Vl niuch younger in yearn. .Tim-
!' had some remarkable exper
n his time, and it is very inter
to have him relate them. Among
ytfher things he has had some
!oiapes from death by being
(rung in the hands of others.
up quit' a boy he and his broth-,
fuel were gunning for pike in a
lond. He was on one side and
t cm the other. Samuel tired a
(lio the 'water and the ball glane
fil' just missed Jimmy's head,
another time ho and Robert
n were Hunting in .luniatu
They discovered evidences
them to believe that a large
s near. Separating they spent
tne looking cautiously for the
jrheri4-bang! went Vaughan's
lr. Kerlin who happened to be
(Tang out of the thicket only to
it Vftughan had mistaken him
ti bear. On examination, he
feat the ball from Vaughan's
jrd his coat nt one side of his
lassed across through his vest
jft barely grazing the skin and
through the other side of the
ps the most reniarkulile exper
iprir. Kerlin has had, happened
J' 4hlrty-slx years ago. At that
lived, with his family in Bed
Inty about two or three miles
) Xb Juniata Crossings, and the
here related occurred at Hog
1 ridge in sight of the bridge at
Kerlin was a great hunter.
(afforded him more pleasure
ay' sport in the woods, and
f Jt were, his favorite game; but in
Ifleular year, about the begin-
the fall seed time, an unac
diirad of being shot by some
t Jjsed him. Tie only grew worse,
M he fsays, he could scarcely
leep.j Nothing would have in
f Jim to take his gun and go into
j-Jk. Thus matters went on un-
in the fall when one night
jig oqcurred that made a change
it night he had gone to bed as
ed after his day's labor on
and was enjoying a delight-
ibfirj All at once, he was
b feeling the weiirht of some
TTfi on of his lower limbs. The
lite "dark as pitch" out; but to
M plshinent on awakening, his
1 M filled with the brightest
" jd there dancing on his bed
Joinathing. It looked like a
fcutiful child of four or Jive
y (agtf, dressed in pure white
1 Ses.j Around Its head was a
Iplendor at a distaiice of ten
' hushes, and its little hands
I were waving In the air with
lityjof the wings of a hum
S. Its face was as bright as
ml.yet not such a brightness
fnllindlng to the eye, like
liito'the sun.
T not frightened?" we ask
pt u$y more than I am now."
Wt iy raised his body up, rest-
As elbows, and surveyed the
if )iu head to foot, noticing ev-
v'ment and every detail of its
'.f ; 1 several minutes. Then he
Ipti-d to speak, and just as he
(it, jo ask, "What do you
vanished und the room was
ht $urkness again
King before, he had noticed a
;,:.tfyuikeys lly into the woods
17 un1 at daybreak next
m .to heard the footsteps of some
" ' Itaunlu-ullr lu..ri .u..
! ' i ...llllf; , will bllt
i ' ;is, t the kitchen, and reeog-
:i;uit that two of his not.rl,.
j.yiuMl Gillln, who died u few
M atjfthe Mcflvalne. Hotel on
i.JlilJ, and Jonathan Wiser.
f' i-lin thinks is living yet In
"i!ty, were going in search
once thinking of the fear
$ COIllIilete oossession nf
if'k, he arose, dressed him-
Mil his trusty rltle was rap
i Hogback. Mr. Kerlin
Jiplhe ridge by one route,
B'clkrhbors bv unit.ht.ilil,i
""I knowing, of course, that
tjul he did not know where
IVesently he heard a tur
' answered. It called again
ti er. Ho stole cautiously
direction and lay down
or a
i skir
alting for the turkey la
f "K'youck, K'youck,'
ised his head above the
to see the turkey, wnen
pi t of a rltle rang out In
ir and the bullet sang
-so close that he felt half
stunned. lie sprang to his feet and
called. Just then he saw his neigh
bors Gillln and Wiser, Gillln's gun
still smoking and Wiser's cocked
ready for a second shot - both half
scared out of their wits when they
found what had lieen done.
The three men then came together to
talk the matter over. Mr. Gillin look
ed closely to see if his bullet had
touched Mr. Kerlin, and he found that
it had shaved the hair bare to the skin
above tho ear and that the locks of
hair were still lying on Jimmv's shoul
der. Mr. Kerlin firmly believes that the
apparition in the bedchamber the
night before was the appearance of his
guardian angel to assure him that his
fear hud been groundless, and that no
harm should befall him.
lie has never since been troubled
witli such a dread.
A short time ago a tram) calling
himself Thurman, made his appear
ance at the farmhouse of our old Ger
man friend Michael KnaulT, in Ayr
township, and solicited employment.
Mr. KnaulY set him to work husking
corn, an occupation at which he was
neither a "rusher" nor an expert. He
could talk so effusively and entertain
ingly in German of the "Fatherland"
and kindred topics as to make his way
completely into the old gentleman's
heart, and this in a measure made up
for his shortcomings in the corn Held
and Mr. Knauff felt himself fully rec
ompensed. Tilings went on swimming
ly at the old homestead until last Fri
day morning when it was discovered
that the fluent talker had decamped,
and at the same time u watch, much
treasured by MrKnauif, and a pair
of boots belonging to William Keyset-,
also disappeared. Loquacious
trumps will find it the part of wisdom
to give Air. Knautl's a wide berth.
(;r.oR(;i: w. mili.f.k.
The many friends of (ieorge W.
Milr, of Taylor township, Will be
shucked to hear of his death which oc
curred last Sunday morning. About
four weeks ago, Mr. Miller took an
ordinary cold, but went on with his
work as usual. Unfortunately while
husking corn one duy in the field it
rained and he got pretty wet. This in
tensified the cold, and a few days later
ho attempted to help with the clover
seed. Here the dust seemed too much
for him, and his throat swelled. Al
though everything was done for his
relief, the case would not yield to med
ical treatment und tonsilitis and mem
branous croup brought un end to his
life. , The deceased was aged 2!) years,
11 months and 1 day. He was a son
of Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, and
he leaves a wife and one child. He
was a consistent member of the M. E.
church, und will be greatly missed in
his community.
He was interred at Center on Tues
day, Kev. G. P. Sarvls conducting the
Alfred a May Lou Gilbert, daughter
of ltev. and Mrs. U. II. Gilbert, died
at the parsonage of the First M. K.
church, Huntingdon, on the evening of
the 7th Inst., after an illness of eight
weeks, of a complication of disorders.
Kltie, as she was culled, has been a
patient little sufferer for a period of
seven years and was surely an exam
ple of heroic fortitude. Never once
murmuring she wished she was like
other girls, but bore It all bruvely un
til relieved by the hand of death. She
was born at Williamsport, Pa., May
It!, H8(I, in the parsonage of Grace
Methodist church, and at the time of
her death was aged l.'I years, " months
and -2 days. She is survived by her
parents, two brothers, Frederick and
Richard, undone sister, MissCleo, a
student at Dickinson Seminary, Will
iumsport. liev. Gilbert was pastor of
the M. K. congregation at Hustontown
several years ago.
Dr. K. L. Smith last week took Al
ice, the six-year-old daughter of John
Ilhodestothe University Hospital in
Philadelphia. The little girl Incom
pletely blind and ulso sulfers from
spinul parulysis but the hospital phy
sicians, think there is u possibility of
partiully restoring her sight and have
tuken charge of her for a mouth or
two. Mr. IMiodes, who also went
along, returned with the Doctor Mon
day and was greatly pleased with the
hospital and his trip.
Special pray ermeetlng services In the
Presbyterian church this evening and
to-morrow evening.
Mrs. Itowluud Austin left lust Thurs
day, for Saxton, where she will reside
this winter.
During the past week two horse buy
ers havtf been In this vicinity buying up
old horses to ship to Uultlmore. These
horses are to be killed und fed to the
aiilnia Is of a menagerie in that city,
This is made necessary because of the
increase in the price of other feed,
says the Mai-tinshurg Herald.
Local Correspondence.
back RUN.
The following pupilsof tho aclc
Run hc1uk)1 Imvo uttotuled ovory
day during th socond month of
tins term: Harry Douisar, Eva
Denisar, Kthcl Donisur, Leonard
Douisar, David Thomas, Raehael
Thomas, Annie Thomas, Mabel
Thomas, Mary Thomas, Howard
Duulap, Robert Dunlap, Harry
Dunlap, Mary Dunlap, Daniel Ott
Elmer Mellott, Ada Motter, and
Lois Conrad.
Ephraim Mellott, who lives in
Saml U. Bender's house in Thorn
astowu, expects to move to Hod
ford county during the present
week. Samuel U. Bender will
move from tho W. H. Nelsonhouse
into his own, and John Wright
into the building vacated by Sam
uel Bender. Tho rest of us must
stay whore we are until spring,
unless Governor Sheets removes
CJilbert Mellott visited his par
ents, near Siies Mills, on Satur
day last.
Messrs. David Rotz and Thom
as Marshal have been building
fence lor J. J. Conrad, who seems
seized with the spirit of improve
ment lately -
George McQuiide is somewhat
better at present.
George Miller and wife visited
Ephraim Mellott last week.
The latest feat of Hunter Thom
as, :i noted genius, is gathering
turnips from a persimmon tree.
The persimmon tree on the
farm of J. J. Conrad, attracts
qu i to a n u mb -r of po i le. Every
body acknowledges that there is
a "drawing" foreeabouta persim
mon. Clarence Conrad spent last Fri
day night and Saturday, visiting
his uncle, James Fryman, and
hunting game along Rock Hill
George Thomas, Ksq., is un
usually cheerful nowadays. We
are not informed whether the
election, Hood's Sarsupurillu or
the new daughter, is the most
potent cause.
Houghs are daily rifled
lly the gusty thieves,
And the hook of nature's
Getting short of leaves.
Mrs. Peter Gordon left last
week for Ariivoim, Clearfield t'ouu-,
ty, to siMnd a short time with her I
son James.
Frank Bare, accompanied by
into Pigeon Cove, last Sunday 1
Arthur Weaver visited his j
brother, W. H. Weaver last Sun- j
day. I
I S. P. Wlshurt, of Wells Tannery,
spent u duy among his many friends
I here lust week. -
T T -......(.,.. V.... .11.. ..
his Wife and sister, spent last Sat- , wns ..tMcConnellsburg.lastThurs
urday afternoon in the County j day. He say. "he knows of 12 nice
Seat: I men In Fulton county, (assessors)
Samuel Wilson is erecting u flue ! 'Tulitt F.dwords, one of our pro-
brmar. lTnctlo nt-,.llll Wn rr, rr, ,r ! tfW'HSl VO teaclielS, SUlld lived wlthher
. . , .. . mother, Mrs. F. (t. Mills.
Protracted mooting began the ! w J shM,vr ,,1K.,lla
evening of tho ISith mst, i X.ion M. r.., church Sun.luv nig'
Pros Metzlor, of Burnt Cabins,
was seen on our streets last Sun
day evening. Come again, Pres.
Don Finley spent last Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daul
Morgan Cliue spent Sunday
eveuiug in Throe Springs.
Will Bowman i-.pout Sunday af
ter nt Mm at Knobsville.
Ijogue Hess has his line house
Dr. Job Mellott is erecting a
very nice substantial building.
John Truax and James Chancy
have gone to Springfield, West
Amos C. Barber has the wall
built and the lumber out for the
erection of his now barn. John
Martin is the builder.
There will be a big mooting hold
at the Pleasant Grove ' church
soon. I
The con. in getting its ears
The Pleasant Grove school is
progressing nicely with good at
tendance. David D. Deshong is i
tho teacher. j
Allen Smith has smiles over his
face. A large grubber now for j
the thorns, Allen.
Amos Palmer is getting out j
logs for his new barn and to re
pair his house. '
Mace Mellott is talking of build- i
iug a house this fall. !
There will In- preaching again Sunday,
November ill.
Hev. W. J. Grlsslnger and son
Clarence spent a fe days recently with
the.Keverend's father S. F. Grlsslnger.
Hilly A I low ay (Judge) took In the
sights of McConnellshurglast Wednes
day, lie was accompanied by his son
Jus. F. Met 'Iain has Wen Improving
his dwelling lately. "Uncle" seems to
have the spirit for improvement about
him. He should dwell in N. G. awhile.
Our school is progressing nicely un
der the tutorship of D. M. Stewurt.
There are some pupil who are still out
I of the school room. Parents this
! should not lie. You had better run
them in.
We learn that some of our young
folks have been the recipients of anon
ymous billet-douxs. Also a Sport of
Wells Vulley received one subject:
A i-eclpo for love sickness.
Miss Sadie Ilunn, of Chamlicrsburg,
is visiting relatives, and friends In
this place.
Horace Nace, Mrs. S. M. P.obinson
und daughter, Miss Mary, of MeCon
nellsburg, attended service at the
Green Hill Presbyterian church, Sun
day afternoon.
M Us Ada Hock -nsinith, of Saltillo,
was the guest of Jumes A. Stewart's
family last week.
There will tie a Local Institute held
lit Forest Dale school house, Friday
evenlug, November 24.
Misses Mary Grove and Scott
Sloan, of McConnellsburg, were
the guests of Miss Anna Kendall,
last Wednesday.
Mrs. Crisswell, of Pittsburg,
is visiting her parents Capt. and
Mrs. Skinner, of Big Cove Tan
nery. She is one whom we are
always glad to welcome to our
Mrs. J. K. Johnstou and Miss
Nora Johnston are visiting in
Burnt Cabins and Faunettsburg,
this week.
V. H. Prosser and daughter,
Miss Annie, of Williamsport, are
circulating among their many
friends in tho Cove. They drove
through to McConnellsburg on
The many friends of Minor
Johnston, who recently moved his
family to the West, will be glad to
know that ho has purchased a
farm of Kit) acres in tho southern
part of Iowa. We understand
that it is very good laud and all
kuow that it will not bo tho worse
of Mr. Johnston's tillage.
Alex Patterson lias his house,
completed, which adds much to
the appearance of his place.
There will bo preaching at this
place on tho Ufith and L'tithof Nov.
instead of lHfh and l'.Uh.as stated
last week. All are welcome,
George H. Unger has his new
carriage house almost completed.
Miss Mattie Palmer, who is
teaching school at this place,
spent last Saturday and Sunday
at her home in Needmoro. .
Goorge Paylor spout last Sun
day with Howard Souders, of Tod
Charley Walker, of Franklin
county, was soon traveling our
roads last Sunday.
Jacob W, Mellott, our supervis
or, has been wort- ing on our roads
for several days.
The cold wave last Sunday
made a good many people think
about oVer coats and fur capes.
Vertie Wells was the guest of
Andrew Soudor's family last
Mrs. Jere Mason, of Hancock,
went to visit her sister, Mrs. Job.
Truax, of Needmore, one day last
week. '
G. W. Fisher, Esq., threshed
for Jack Charlton Monday morn
ing, which makes his last crop
for the season.
A. H. Sipos, of McConnellsbnrg,
and B. R. Simpson, of Dickeys
Mountain, were pleasant callers
in this part of tho township, one
day this week.
Messrs. Stilwell Kirk and
Iloury Berkstresser, of Pigeon
Cove, had a very good time hunt
ing wild game in this community
ouo day last week.
Misses Lillian M. Fisher and
Nora E. Shaw were visiting
schools in Bethel township, on
Wednesday lust.
Mrs. Jennie Pittmau visited her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Kirk, ouo day last week.
Quite a number of young folks
have been attending protracted
meeting at Warfordsburg this
Messrs. Slaves and Funk pass
ed through this vicinity, last Fri
day night with their traction en
gine and clover huller. Clover
seod is all hulled now and the boys
aro going to take a rest.
There will be preaching at To
noloway Baptist church next Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mrs. Lizzie Soudars, of Han
cock, visited her father-in-law,
Isaac Souders, last week.
Mr. Shadleand son, of Ft. Little
ton, called to see Dr. David Ches
nut, of Hancock, last Sunday.
Stilley May spent last Sunday
down at Charley Vance's.
C. J. Wink visited Jas. M. Lake
last Sunday.
Messrs. M. L, Shaw and John
Mrs. .1. F. Johnston and son Wulter
has returned home from a pleasant
visit lu Lawrence county.
James Hivens Is spending u few duys
with his sister, Mrs. Hnrvey Unger
Mrs. Louie Woodall, after spending
the summer with her sister, Annie
Washabaugh, has returned home.
Dr. Garthwaite spent u very pleasant
evening with tho family of J. F. Johns
ton, one day last week.
Mr. Gluck Is visiting Samuel Mellott.
Mrs. Wulker Johnston was visiting
her sister, Mrs. James G. Kendall, one
day last week.
Girls und boys look out for there Is
a tarty on hand at Webster Mills.
The Lutheran church wuswell uttend
ed last Sabbath.
Miss Mary Jane Johnston remained
all night with her little brother, Wal
ter, one night this week.
Norman Johnston stayed all night
at his cousin, J. Finley Johnston's, re
B. Truax, h11 made a flying trip ! isth Inst.
Joseph Winter, of Blue Mound, Ill
inois, is visiting his old home und bro
ther, Levi Winter. He is also a bro
ther of Hiram Winter, Superintendent
of the Common Schools of Fulton
county, from 18(!(1 to 1872.
The fire on Huys Hill mountain,
west of the Cove last week, made a fine
appearance for several nights.
Amos Plessinger has moved in with
his father, Jacob Plessinger. His son
Harry moved from the Cove to his
father's furm over Sideling Hill. (
Lewis llichurds has gone to Clear
field county to work. His wife will
join him us soon us he gets a house.
Mrs. Kels-ccu Peck has moved into the
house recently vacated by Mr. llich
urds. It is reported that u few chickens
were missed near the Union township
line und that some of the women got
into loggerheads about It.
Simon Gurluud bus built un addition
to his house.
William Morgret ruined a bunk baru
last Saturday. F.verythlng went otf
nicely. At 11 o'clock dinner was an
nounced, that was prepared by Mrs.
Morgret, her daughter Cora assisted
by u few of the ladles of the neighbor
hood. It was a sumptuous one and
the tables almost groaned. Mrs. Mor
gret is a daughter of George Holly.
Mrs. Sarah McKee, who Is lying at
death's door, at her home at McKee'a
Gap, is the only - sister of the Dlehl
brothers, who reside in the Cove. He
fore this Is published, she may lie on
the other shore.
Kphralm Hart Is on the sick list.
Simon Star is dally getting weaker
from consumption.
Abner Mellott will remove his barn
A protracted meeting will commence
at the lower church the evening of the
Mks. M. V. CltoMKll, of this place,
spent last week visiting friends und
relatives In Mereersburg.
Mas. J. . ovku und son Kdgar
Fulton, returned from their home In
Bedford, on Friday evening Inst, and
will remain lis guests of the Washing
ton House for an indefinite time.
Cham. r Sniki h and wire, spent a
few da s i-f liit week with Mr. und
Mrs. David Little, of this place. Mr.
Snider vu recently married, and se
cured his l.rtde In the state of Indiana.
They will make their future home In
Fort Loudon.
V. H. Phossku, proprleter of Hotel
Prosser, Williamsport, Md., and his
daughter M iss Anna Prosser, are vis
iting friends in the to'wn and vicinity.
They always enjoy u visit to their old
Jkssic L. Hixson, of Wuyne, Pa.,
who wus here In attendance ut the fu
neral of his sister, Mr. J. V. Stout
eagle, let u rued to his duties on Sutur
duy last. He is engaged in a drug
store at Wuyne.
Mas. Dr. Wm. F. Thout Is visiting
friends in Philadelphia.
F.I'llUAIM Houck und wife, of Dig
Cove Tannery, spent a few hours in
town on Monday, and paid their re
spects to the Niows otllce.
Mrs. Ni.llik P. Cmswkll, of
Pittsburg, is visiting her pu renin,
Capt. and Mrs. G. W. Skinner, ut Hig
Cove Tannery.
TllK Kuslesville correspondent of
the ChamlK-rshurg Register says:
Harry F.. Laughlin, Newton Winger
und Misses Floru Lauphlin and Delia
Sword, of neur this place, attended
the love feast held near McConnells
burg Just Saturday and Sunday.
Hkrnard Saldkkld of Licking
Creek township, called at the News
oll'.cc on Saturday last, to bid us
farewell before taking his departure
for South Fork, Cambria county,
where lie will muke his home with his
sons William and Thomas. His wife
preeeeded him u couple weeks ago.
We hope our old friend Barney will
find u pleasant home awaiting him and
that he had un opportunity of having
a final hunt over the old familiar
grounds Ix-fore leaving.
Mrs. James Triti.k and her sister
in-law, Miss Mary Trltle, of Fort
Loudon, visited the first-named lady's
mother, Mrs. Philip Ott, und other
relatives in the Cove.
Mus. James Daniels, of Sipe
Mills, spent part of last week visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Palmer P. Mann
and other friends in town.
Mrs. 1'hoeiik Rider, and Mr. and
Mrs. Peter Michael, of Berkely
Springs, W. Va., are visiting the fam
ily of Charles. T. W. Rider, in this
Miss Suk Wrioht, of Chambers
burg, is visiting her former Sunday
school teacher, Mrs. Kate Comerer.
M Alt'MN V. RlNEDOLLAR, of Waynes
boro, arrived on Friday evening, and
spent a few days with his sister, Mrs.
Ally -Alexander, Mrs. Duvld Maun,
und Mrs. Aduin Grlsslnger.
Hons. W. Rush Gillan and W.
U. Brewer, of Cham!crshorg, were in
town the .first of the week on legul
Dlt. S. S. Sl'ALDINU, H. R. Kneese,
Esq., Dr. Connor und John Mucgre
gan, of Philadelphia, and C. F. Selp
and W. H. Brelninger, of Kaston, ure
making the Fulton House their head
quarters of their hunting cxicditioii.
When the guns are all in the fumous
hostlery has the appearaucc of an ar
senal. H. R. Tuuax, of Pleasant Ridge,
paid the News otllce a pop visit on
Tuesday morning.
W. L. Bkukstukshkk, the enter
prising merchant ut Dublin Mills, was
lu town on business on Wednesday
last. Mr. Berkstresser Is conduct ing
a successful generul merchandising
business ut thut place, und we congrat
ulate him.
Rev. Lewis Cha.:hkks made us a
pleasant call while In town Wednes
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Rout. C-Dixon are
spending a few days with Mrs. Dixon's
brother, Mr. John B. Runyan of this
Dennis Hart, of Hartford City,
Indiana, Is visiting friends in town
tills week.
John W. Caldwell, Ksq., of
Perrysburg, Ohio. Is visiting the edit
or's family.
Miss Ada Forneh, of Timber
Ridge, Is living in the home of Col.
and Mrs. Bishop, of this place,
Mas. S. F. Stiver and son Master
John, of Bedford, are )ending a week
with Mrs, Stiver's brother, C. W.
Peck in Philadelphia.
Miss Sadie Hann, of Chambers
burg, passed through this place last
Thursday on her way to vU it her many
friends In Licking Creek township.
W. II, Pkck, Esg., of Gem, spent
Tuesday lu town,
J. I "OTT McKkk, of Belfast town
ship, called a minute while In town a
day or Wo ago.
Roiiert Stouteaole and Krnest
Gress, two of Fulton county's leading
teachers employed in Franklin county
this winter, sM-iit Saturday and Sun
day at home. They left on Monday
for the Franklin county Institute which
is being held In Chamlicrsburg this
Geoiioe Lehman and (ieorge Ham
munn, twp of Union township's best
representatives of young citizenship
were business visitors at McConnelJs
burg last week.
CllAULlF. Hixson, of Brush Creek
township, called to see us a few niln-(
utes while in town last week.
Mrs. Bishop, of this place, was a
very pleasant caller at the Nkws of
fice last Suturday. Her many friends
will Is- glud to know thut her health is
much improved, although she must
occasionally submit to the operation
of tapping, which she has now under
gone twenty-six times.
Rev. J. L. Grovk, of this place,
SK-nt Tuesday at Chambcrsburg, and
Tuesduy night Bt Mereersburg.
Rejiort of Needmoro school, Belfust
township, for second month ending
November 10, 1HIH). Number enrolled
32, average attendance IM, per cent, of
attendance 04. Pupils attending every
duy: Glen Truax, Anna F.verts, Grace
Luke, Beatrice Sharpe, "Esta Hart,
Rulph Truax, Ira Gordon, Dawson
Truax, Blulr Garland, Ottis Mellott,
Cecil Culler, Floyd Hurt, Lee Truax
and Clem Lake.
Baulinoton Hart,
Teacher. k .
Report of Akersville primury school.
Numes of pupils in attendance every
day of second mouth, beginning Octo
ber Kith and ending November loth,
1H1I9: May Akers, Jullu Conner, Irene
Barton, Ethel Jackson, Belvla Akers,
Mary Selling, Earl Juckson, William
Conner, Gilland Barton, Ira Duvall,
Benson Akers, Blaine Hixson, Be.
Hixson, and Homer Akers. Number
enrolled .To. Percent, of attendance W.
The following is a report of Burnt
Cabins school for the second month
ending November 10. Number enroll- '
ed during the month 47. Average at
tend unce 43. Per cent. 95. Those
who attended every day are: Edith
Speck, Cora Cornelius, Beatrice Cor
nelius, Minnie Hussel, Katie JIussel,
Ethel Clsney, Gruce Roddy, Myrtle
Cline, Ruth McGehee, Chester Mumma,
Omer Horton, Roy McGehee, Mirlbel
Briggs, Charley Webb, Ralph Roddy,
Oran Hassel, Warren Welch, Harry
Hassel. Those uttending lit days are:
Jessie Speck; Alice Kelly, Mury Bit
ner, Mildred Clsney, Emma Cornelius,
Cora Doran, Elmer Bitner, Raiinoud
Roddy, Clair Miller, and Wallace
L. Etta Polk,
Mortons' Point E. E. Kell, teacher.
Pupils In attendance every day during
second month. Mabel Dixon, Blanche
Morton, Joannu Morton, Nellie Mor
ton, Ella Mellott, Flora Mellott, Mary
Mellott, Mubel Truux, Bertha Truax,
Nancy Truax, Hester Truax, Blanche
Wink, Jessie Wink, Ida Bard, Grace
Cook, Ira Forner, (ieorge Wink,
George Morton, Thomas Morton, Ir
win Garland.
West View second . month A. C
Peck, teacher. Number of pupils in
attendance during month, 2.V, average
attendance males, 13; females, 8, to
tal '21. Percent, of attendanc during
mouth mules, !.'!; females, H3. Pupils
who attended every day during month
were: Elwood Manning, Martin Shives,
Alvali Shaw, Gayleu Shaw, Judson
Wink, Albert Wink, Ross Wink, No
ble May, Olive L. Zimmerman, Alte
Lake, Lulu Truxell and Mabel Ches-nut.
Communion services will be held in
the Reformed church of this place next,
Sunday at 10.30 p. m. Preparatory
services on Suturday at 2.00 p. m. All
are welcome.
Rev, Robert F. McLean was install
ed as pastor of the Presbyterian church
at Dauphin on the 8th Inst. Rev. Mc
Lean was pastor of the church at
Dauphin from the time of his resigna
tion of the charge In this place in 1880
to 1HH4, and for the second time be
comes the pastor of the congregation
and again installed. Rev. O, B. Mc-
Curdy, of Duncannon, a former pas
tor of the McConnellsburg congrega
tion, gave the charge to the' pastor
and Dr. Chambers, of Ilarrlsburg, the
charge to the eoplu. Rev. Curtis O.
Bossernian, well known to the Chris
tian Kndeavorers of the connty, pre
sided as moderator.
Bhdiop E. B. Kephart, D. D. LL.
D., of Annvllle, Pa., ' who is well
known by many people In this county,
will accompany Rev. and Mrs. E. Al
bert, of Elhiabethtown, Dauphin coun
ty, and six other United Brethren mis
sionaries to Africa this month. The
bishop will conduct the party to the
foreign land and call a general con
ference in Africa- and also In Germany
before returning home. Ills vlslt'will
extend over threo months.

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