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38. I u' results. Kcfunc sulintitutea.
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H)r, If M-oilo will luktt citrti of
ii v. tlf ytm wntit tu ihrmigli
I r H'itlitiut a cold, nlwnrvo iIicho
J, jlo rules:
,1 I ovi-rlamt your Imiiso, nnd
i) jl till viiiililaliiui. Slitttp in u
II ti, but kci'p wiirinly (!uori'd.
jtnkn oil' ymir iiiitdmu- writps
& comu ill lllll I111USII, Ullll III
'"I tlieill Oil wIlPII y)ll L'O out.
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"'fle W.,rl Won II tin.
tett f-Wheeler eoems to b
,J f that new doctor of his. Skor
I. h likes his up-to-datoneB
heeler wtuj sick In bed tho Orel
.!,'; doctor said was: "()! we'H
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Iy talk and one may hear, but
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Sabjsel: iettleit In HeaTsn Tlis Pate ol
Nations as Well a of Indlvlduala In
God' Hands The World Not Uov
t arned In a Ilaphaiard Way.
OopyrlRbt, Louis Klopsrh, HM.l
Wabdikoiok, D. 0. The Ideathnt tilings
In this world are at loose endj and going
at haphazard Is In tbl dlsuourse combated
by Dr. Talmage. Thetextls Psalm cxlx.,
89. "Forever, O Lord, tby word Is settled
In heaven."
This world hns been In process of ahangs
ever lnoe tt was creatod mountains born,
mountains dying, nnd t liny have both
cradle and grave. Ouce this plnnot wits
all fluid, and no being suoti ns you or I
have ever seen oould have lived on lt.it
mluute. Our hemisphere turns Its face to
tbn sun and then turns Its bunk, The nxls
of the earth's revolution has slilftml. The
earth's eentreof gravity Is whanged. Once
flowers grew In tho nrctlo and there was
snow In the tropic. Tlira has buen a re.
distribution of land aud sen, the land
crumbling Into the sea, the son swallowing
the land. Ice nnd lire have fought for the
possession of this planet. The ohemlcal
composition of It Is dllTnrent now from what
It once was. Volcanoes once terribly alive
are dead, not one throb of fiery pulse, not
one breath of vapor the ocean changing
Its amount of saline qualities. The Inter
nnlflresot the earth are gradually entlug
their wny to the surface upheaval and
subsidence of vast realms of continent.
Moravians !n (Ireenland have removed
their hoot poles because the advancing ana
submerged them. Llunmus records that
In eighty-seven years a great stone was 100
fnet nearer the water than when he wrote.
Forests have been burled by the sea, and
land that was cultured by farmer's hoe cuu
be touched only by sailor's anchor.
Loch Nevis of Hcntlnnd nnd Dingle biy
of Ireland and the II or. Is of Norway, where
pleasure boats now float, worn once valleys
and glens. Mnny of the Islands of the sea
are the tops of snnnen mountains. Blx
thousand miles of the l'aclllu Oceau nre
sinking. The diameter of the earth, no
ordlng to sclentllo nnuonncement, is 181)
miles less than It was. The entire con
figuration of tho earth Is nllorod. Hills
nre denuded of their forests. The frosts
and the waters and the air bombard the
earth till It surrenders to the assault.
The so called "everlasting hills" do not
!nst. Muny railroad compnules ceuso to
build Iron Lrhlgos because the Iron has a
life of Its own, uot a vnirotiililo life or nu
nniranl life, but n metallic llfo, nnd when
thnt lire dies the bridge goos down. Oxida
tion of mluorals Is only another term for
describing their death. Mosses aud sea
weeds help destroy the rocks they deco
rate. Thechangos-of tho Inanimate enrth only
symbolize tho moral changes. Society
over becomes dlffereut for better or worse.
ISoundnry lines between natious nre set
tled uutll the next" war uusettlos them.
Uncertainty strikes through laws and cus
toms anil legislation. The cliurHcterlstla
of this world Is thnt;nothiiig in It Is settled.
At a time when we hoped that the arbi
tration planned last Bummer at Tho
Hague, Holland, would forever ebeathe
the sword nud spike the gun and dlsmnntlo
the fortress the world has ou bund two
wars which nre digging graves for the
flower of English nnd American soldiery.
From the presence of such geological nnd
social and national and International un
rest we turn with thanksgiving nud exul
tation to my text nnd llud that there are
things forever settled, but lu higher lati
tudes than wo hnve ever trod. "Forever,
O Lord, Thy word Is settled In heaven."
High up In the palace of the sun at least
five things are settled thnt nations which
go continuously and persistently wrong
perish; that happiness Is the result of
spiritual condition nnd not of earthly en
vironment; thnt this world is a sobool
houso for bplendtd or disgraceful gradua
tion; that with or without us the world Is
to be made over Into a scene of nrboresconce
and purity; thnt nil who nre ndjoiued to
the unparalleled One of Uethlehem and
Nazareth and Golgotha will be the sub
)ects of a supernal felicity without any
taking off.
Do you doubt my first proposition that
nations, which go wrong perish? Wo have
In this American nation all the elements of
permanence aud destruction. We need not
borrow from others any trowels for up
building or torches for demolition. Ele
ments of ruin nihilism, Inlldellty, ngnostlo
Ism, Sabbath desecration, Inebriety, sensu
ality, extravagance, fraud; they are all
here. Elements of safety Qou-worshlp-Ing
men and women by the scores of
millions, honesty, benevolence, truthful
ness, selt-snorllloe, Industry, sobriety aud
more religion than has characterized any
nation that has ever existed; they Jure all
here. The only question Is as to which of
the forces will gain domluancy the one
iasa ascendaut, and this United States
Government, I think, will continue ns long
as tho world exists; the other class ub
aendunt, and the United State goes Into
Buoh small pieces that other governments
Would hardly think them worth picking up.
Have you ever noticed the size of tho
eemetery of dead nations, the vast Green
wood and I'ere le Chaise, where mighty
kingdoms were burled? Open the gate and
walkthrough this cemetery aud read the
epitaphs. Here lies Carthago, born 100
years before Home, great commercial
metropolis on the bay of Tunis, apart of
an empire that guve the alphabet to the
Oreeks and their great language to the
Hebrews; her arms the terror of natious,
commanding at one time 10,000 miles of
const; her Hamllcar leading forth thirty
myriads, or 300,000 troopi; her Hannibal
carrying out lu manhood the oath he had
taken In boyhood to preserve eternal en
mity to Home, leaving costly nud Impos
ing monuments at Agrlgeutuin a ghastly
heap of ruins; Carthage, bur colonies on
every coast, her ships plowing eveiv sun;
Carthago whero lire her splendors now.'
All extinguished. Where are hor swords?
The Inst one broken. Where are her towers
uud long ranges of maguillcent archi
tecture liuriod under the sands of the
lJagradns. As ballast of foreign ships
much of bnr radiant marble hag boon cur
lied uway to build the walls of trausmuill
terranean cathedrals, white other blouks
have been blasted lu modern times by the
makers of the Tunis railway. And all of
that great and mighty city aud kiugdom
that the tourist finds to-day is here nnd
there a broken arch of what was once u
fifty-mile aqueduct.
Our talented nnd genial friend, Henry
M. Field, In one of his matchless books of
travel, labors hard to prove that the Blight
ruins of that city nre really worth vlsltiug.
flurthngo burled Su tho cemetery of dead
nations. Not one ultar to the true. Clod
did Hlie roar. Not one of the Tea Com
mandments but she conspicuously vio
lated. Ilor doom was Buttled In heaven
when it was decided far back in the eterni
ties that the nation and kiugdom that will
not serve God shall perish.
Walk 011 In the cemetery of nations and
see the long Hues of toinbs Thebes nud
Tyro and Egypt und linbylou aud Medo
Persian and Macedonian and llomau aud
Hnxou heptarchy, great nations, small na
tions, nations that lived a year uud nations
that lived 600 years.
Our own nntion will be judged by the
same moral laws by which all other na
tions have been Judged, The judgment
day for Individuals will probably eoiue far
on In the future. Judgment day for 11a
tlons Is every dt; every day weighed,
every day approved or evory day con
demned. Never b ore lu the history of
this country hug American nation been
more surely lu the balai.ee than it is this
minute. Do rig:' uud we go up. Do
wrong, and we go d'wu.
I mu not so anxious to know what this
stntesmuu or that warrior think we had
better do with Cuba nnd Porto Rico nnj
the Philippine as I nm anxious to know
what Ood thinks we bad hotter do. The
destiny of this nation will not he decided
on yonder eapltollue bill or at Manila 01
at the presidential ballet box, font will b
settled in heaven.
Another thing deolded In the tame high
place Is that happiness Is the result of spir
itual condition uud not of earthly eav iron
ment. If we who m.iy sometimes b ave a
thousnnd dollar to luvest find It uoh a
perplexity to kuow what to do with It and
soon after find that we iuvested It where
friuolpal aud Interest have gone down
tirough roguery or panlo, what must be
the worrlmeut of those having million to
Invest und whose losses correspond In mag
nitude with their resourcesl People who
have their three or four dollars u duy
wane are Just a buonv a those who have
an Income or two ,000 a year
Hometlmes happiness Is seated on a foot
stool and sometimes misery on the throne.
All the gold of earth In one chunk cannot
purohase Ave minutes of Complete satis
faction, Worldly success is an atmosphere
thnt breeds the maggots of envy and jeal
ousy and (into. There nre those who will
never forgive you If you have more emolu
ments or honor or ease than they have.
To take you down Is the dominant wlsii
of most of those who are not as high as you
nre. They wilt spend hours and days und
years to entrap yon. They will hover
nround newspaper offices to get one mean
Hue printed depreciating you, Vour heaven
Is their hell.
! A dying President of the United States
said many years ago In regard to his life
time of oxperieuoe, "It doesn't pay." The
leading stntesmen of America lu letters of
advloe warn young men to keep out of
Eolltlcs. Many of the most successful
ave tried in vain to drown their troublo
In strong drink. On the other hand, there
are millions of peoplo who on departing
this life will have nothing to leave but a
flood name and a life Insurance whose
llurclned fn3es are Indices of Illumined
souls. They wish everybody well. When
'the fire Deli rings, they do not go to the
window at midnight to see if It Is their
store that Is on fire, for they never owned
a store, nud when tho September equinox
Is abroad they do not worry lest their
ships founder In a gale, for they never
owned a ship, nnd when the nominations
nre made for high political office they are
not fearful thnt their namo will be over
looked, for they never applied for ofTtno.
There Is so ruuob heartiness and freedom
from care In their laughter that when you
hear tt yon aro compelled to laugh In sym
pathy, although you know not what they
ure laughing about.
When the children of thnt family assem
ble In the sitting room of the old home
stead to bear the father's will rend, they
are not fearful of being out oft with a mill
ion und a harf dollars, for the old man
never owned anything more than the farn
of seventy-live acres, which yielded only
enough plainly to support the hoiuohold.
They have more happiness in one mouth
tbau mnny hnve in a whole lifetime.
Would to Ood I bad the capacity to ex-
Clalu to you on how little a man van be
uppy nnd on how much ho may be
wretched! Oet you heart right and all Is
right Keep your heart wroug nnd nil Is
wrong. That Is a principle settled lu
Auother thing decided In that high placo
is that this world Is a sohoolhotise or col
lege for splendid or dlsgraoeful gradua
tion. Wo begin In the fresumau class of
good or evil nud then pass Into the sopho
more nud then Into the Junior and then
Into the senior, and from ttiat we grnduato
angels or devils. In many colleges there Is
an "eleotlve course," where the fctudant
seleats whnt be will stuily mathematics
or the languages or chemistry or philoso
phy nud It Is an elective course we nil
take lu the schoolhouse or university of
this world.
We may study sin until w are saturated
with It or righteousness until wo are exnm-
Idlllcatious of It. Graduate we all must,
mt we decide for ourselves the style of
grnduatiou. It is an elective course. We
can study generosity until our evory word
nnd every net and overy contribution of
money or time will make the world better,
or we may study meanness uutll our soul
shall shrluk up to a smulinoss uuluiuginu
ble. We may, under Ood, educate ourselves In
to a fcolf control thnt nothing can anger or
Into an Irascibility thnt will ever nud unon
keep our face flushed with wrath and every
nerve a- julver. Great old sclioolhousu of
a world lu which we are all being educated
for glory or perdition!
Homo hnve wondered vthy grnduntiou
day In collega Is called "commencement
day" when It Is the Inst day of college es
orclses, but graduation days ure properly
called commencement day. To all the
graduates It Is the commeuuemeut of active
life, and our graduation day from earth
will be to us commencement of our chiel
life, our turgor life, our more tremendous
life, our eternnl life. Dut what a duy com
mencement day on enrth Isl The student
never Bees uuy duy like it. At uny rate, 1
never did.
When Pompey landed at Brlndlsl, Italy,
returned from his victories, be disbanded
the brave men wuo hud fought under him
and sent them rejoicing to their homes,
und, entering Home, his emblazoned
ahurlot was followed by princes in chains
from kingdoms he had conquered, nud
flowers suoh as only grew under those
Itnllan skies strewed the way, nnd he
came under arches Inscribed with the
names of battlefields ou which he had
triumphed und rode by oolumns which
told of the 1500 cities he bad destroyed
and the 13,000,000 people he had con
quered or slain Then the bnnquet was
Bpread, und out of the chalices lllle.l to
the brim they drunk to the health of the
conqueror. Bellsurlus, the grent soldlur,
returned from bis military achievements
and was robed In purple, and In the pro
cession were brought golden thrones nnd
pillars of preolous stones aud the furni
ture of royul feasts, und nmld the splen
dors ot kingdoms overoomo ho wns hulled
to the hippodrome by shouts suoh as had
seldom ruug;through the capital. Then
also came the oouvlvlallties, lu the year
37-1 Aurollan mnde bis entrance to Home In
triumphal car, in which he stood while 11
winged llguro of Victory held u wreath
above bis head. Zonobln, captive queen of
Palmyra, wulked behind his chariot, her
person encircled with fetters of gold, un
der the weight ot which she nearly fainted,
but still n captive. And there were lu the
prooesslon 200 lions nud tigers nud beasts
,of many lauds and liiOO gladiators excused
from tbe cruel amphitheater thnt they
might decorate tho day, nnd Persian and
Arabian and Ethiopian embassadors were
in the prooesslon und the long lines of cap
tives, Egyptluus, Syrians, Gauls, Goths aud
It wns to such scones thnt the New Tes
tament refers when it spoke ot Christ
"having despoiled principalities und pow
ers, He made a show ot them, openly tri
umphing." Dut, oh, the difference lu
thoso triumphs! The Roman triumph rep
resented nrrogunce, cruelty, oppression
und wrong, but Christ's triumph meant
emancipation und holiness uud Joy. The
former wns a procession ot groans aocom
'pauled by a clank of chains, the other a
procession of ho-annas by millions set for
ever free. The only shackled ones of
Christ's triumph will be satan und bis
cohorts tied to our Lord s chariot wheel,
with ell the abominations of all tho earth
bound for an oterual captivity. Then will
come u feast In which tiie chalices
will bo lllled "with th new wine of
the kingdom." Under arches commemora
tive of all the buttles In which t lie bannered
urmles ot ths church militant through
thousituds of years of struggle have at lust
won the day Jesus will ride. Conqueror ot
earth und boll and heaven. Those armies,
disbanded, will take palaces and thrones.
"And they shall come from the East uud
the West und the North nud tbe South und
sit dowu lu the kingdom ot God." And
may you uud I, through the pardoning und
sanctifying grace ot Christ, be guests ut
thut royul bunuuetl
A Remarkable Shawl.
The most remarkable shawl Is tho
world is one belonging to tbe duchess
of Northumberland. It is made en
tirely from tbe fur of Persian cats, and
many thousands of skins were UBod.
the weaving taking several years. Al
though this shawl Is eight yards
square !t can be compressed Into a
space no larger than a coffee cup. It
was formerly U10 property of CitarltJ
X. ol France.
Sorry That lie Spoke.
Husband (cynically) "Ah, women
are all alike. When I flrst asked you
to marry me, what did yon say? Why,
you said that you wouldn't marry tho
noblest man that ever breathed."
Wife (quietly) "Well, I didn't,
dear." Tit-Bits. ..
"Life must be very monotonous for
you," said the sympathetio frieud.
"Not at all," answered the Ohiuesa
emperor. "I find a great deal ot e in
citement getting up early iu tbe uoru
ing to see whether or uot I vaa assas
sinated the night before."
Subject! Pnblle Tteatllngor the Bcrlptnle,
eh. itl., 1-13 (Inldrn Texti Keh,
fill., 3 Commentary on the '
Coxkectjso: Lines. "The ptnee of meet
Ing wns in the open square of Ophel, south
east of the temple area, and near the water
gate, through which water was brought
or use In the temple. At this time, under
I'.sra, began a new era of Bible study. He
inaugurated a class of scribes for copying
nnd tenoning tbe law, nnd synagogue
meetings for rending It. It Is thought that
Eura returned to Persia nftor lie had spent
eight months In Jerusalem working re
form by separating the Jews from their
heathen wives, but In his absence they had
relapsed Into their former condition, and
were In this state of disobedience when
Nehemlnh came to them. Here Is the first
mention of his name In Nehemlnh, and It
Is probable be followed Nehemlnh to Juden,
to assist In another movement of reform."
1. "All the people gathered." From the
surrounding country from 20,000 to 50,000
In number. It wns at the time of tho Feast
of Trumpets. Trumpets were blown every
where. Tbey proclaimed n day of rejoic
ing; they were a publld acknowledgment
ot Jehovah as King, n summons for the
people to range themselves under His ban
ner) they were a call to repentance:
"House ye, rouse ye from your slumber;
awake, awake from your sleep, you mind
vanity." "Book of the law." The whole
body of snored writings, eollectod Into one
volume otE.rn, the first greut scribe. Our
Old Testament.
2. "All that could hoar." Men, women
and children who were old enough to
5. "He rend therein ... .from tho morn
ing until midday." Or, "from daylight."
He began as soon ns It wns light enough,
and read on (he and his assistants, v. 1)
till noon, that Is, for six hours or more.
The reading nppenrs to hnve beeu varied
by occasional exposition (vs. 7, 8). "Tho
ears of nil the people were attentive.'
Though there is no word in tho Hebrew for
"attentive," yet the meaning Is quite cor
tectly given: "Tho ears ot nil the people
were to the book" fixed on that, and ou
unthlng else.
4. "Ezra stood." With thirteen repre
sentative men from Jerusalem, upon 1111
elevated platform whero they, la turn,
rend the Hcrlptures. Hero they could bo
seen by nil nnd heard distinctly. Nothing
Is known of most of these persons, perhaps
the ohlef ot the courses of priests who
ministered lu the temple service. Thov
ave dignity to the service and honor.nl
K7.n1 lu the sight of tho people. Those
mentioned In verse 7 were Lcvitcs.
6. "Ezra opened the book." The book
was a loug strip of parchment, rolled upon
11 stick ut either oud; thereforo called a
roll or 11 scroll. The writing was In
parallel columns across It. Huch rolls aro
still used 111 Jewish synagogues.
0. "Ezra blessed the Lord." Offered
prayer, lu that prayer Hod's goodness
nnd mercy, faithfulness and truth, power
nnd righteousness, were recognl7.ed, and
His faithful promises were pleaded.
7. "Caused the people to understand
tho law." They stood beside the render
und expounded tbe law by turn during
pauses In the reading, or were stationed nc
Intervals la the crowd, dividing it Into
Bible classes, und nil teaching at the same
time. This was it part of the regular work
of the priests und Levites. On this
occasion It was probably necessury for
them to translate nud explain the law In
the common tongue for the benefit ot a
large part of tho people. They expounded
the mind nnd will of God In what they
read, and applied It to the people's pres
ent eondltiou.
N. "Kami distinctly." So that everv
wonl could be distinctly heard. Tills was
the tlrst way In which they caused tho peo
ple to understand. Tho Israelites havlug
been lately brought out of Bahylonlsh cap
tivity, lu which they hud continued sev
enty years, were not only corrupt, but
tbey had In general lost the knowledge ot
the nnaieut Hebrew to such a degree that
when tne book of tbe law was read they
did uot understand It. Therefore the
Levites translated it Into tho Chnldee dia
lect. "Caused them to understand."
They gave both a translation of the He
brew words Into the Chnldee and an expo
sition of the things ooutuiiied In them, nud
ot the duty Incumbent upon thorn by virtue
0. "Nohemluh tho Tirshntha." Hitherto
Nehemlnh bus called himself pechali the
ordinary word for "governor. Now he Is
called Tlrshathu, a more honorable and
reverential title for governor. The new
title is among the indications thnt this por
tion of the book Is written by another.
"This day Isioly." Mourning wits unsuita
ble for u day of high festivity, the opening
day ot the civil year and of tho sabbatical
month, Itself a sabbath or day of rest, and
one ti be kept by blowing' of trumputs.
Lev. 23:23, 25; Num. T.t.1-6. A day up
pointed for general rejoicing In Him who
bus turnod our captivity, restored to us
tho law. nnd agulu established us
among His ordinances. It appears that
the people wore not only Ignorant
of their undent language, but also ot tho
rites aud ceremonies of their religion, not
being permitted to observe them In Baby
lon. Therefore the rites uud ceremonies
must be explained. 800 vs. 13, 11. "All
the people weet." They realized how dlf
fereut their lives had beeu trom the lives
commanded by God. They had failed lu
personal duty. Thoy had failed In the pub
llnworsblp ot God. They had failed us a
nation. They saw, also, the punishment
which O01I had threatened for sin, ami un
derstood clearly why they had been inudo
captives aud why the nation was so poor
and weak when it might have been tbe
central glory of the world.
10. "Go your way, eat aud drink." Ob
serva God's nppolutment. They should
testify the genulreuess of their repentance
by the faithfulness with which they l- ipt
the feast. "Send portions." It wa.'an
ordinance of Uod that iu these feasts tbe
poor should be specially and liberally pro
vided tor. Deut. 15:7-11; 10:11-15. "Neither
bo ye sorry." We must not bo merry when
God culls us to mourning. We must not
Hllliet ourselves when Gud has given us
occasion to rejoloe. Even our sorrow for
sinners must not hinder our jay lu God's
servlc . "Joy of the Lord." A conscious
ness ot God's favor, mercy uud loug-sulTcr-Ing.
11. "Lovites stilled all the people."
Hushed their loud lumentulious. Emotion
needs control when It Is lu danger of run
ulng Into mere physical excitement.
12. "Went to make a grent mirth. .. .be
cause they understood the words ot tbe
law." They now knew God's will and
their own duty, which they resolved to
practloe. This gave them ground of hope
nnd trust In God's mercy, uud therefore
gave them great Joy.
A KitocUliiK 1'lM'liiy,
A Trade Saeret ltevealert.
Mr. Bussettip "How much for a
shine, sonny?"
Boy -".Five cents when yer ask
beforehand. Ten cents, if you don't."
Collier's Weekly.
While spectacle may not always
improve: au individual's appenranoe,
it cannot be denied that many people
look better through them.
Farmer Killed and His Son Seriously In
jured In llnrks County Reports of llank
Ing Ilepurtment Shows Notable Increase
In Assets I.arorne County Institute
Strongly Condemns Srhool Fund Veto.
Daniel Loose was killed nnd his son ser
iously Injured nt a grade crossing, three
miles south of Hamburg, near lleroe Me
llon. Mr. Loose was 45 years of age. Ho
was a well-known farmer of Tlldnn Town
ship. Accompanied by a 15-year-old son ho
wns on his wny to Reading with a load of
potatoes, and upon approaching the Phila
delphia Beading Hallway tracks a south
bound eoul train was passing. Just aa tbe
rear end had passed the horses were urged
forward and the next minute the north
bound express train, leaving the Beading
Terminal at 11.30 P. M., known as the
"Buffalo express," plunged Into the team,
Instantly killing Mr. Lose, seriously Injuring
the boy and also killing both horses. The
wagon was reduced to feoffments. The team
nnd wreckage were thrown against a heavy
plntform which adjoined the track, which
was also destroyed. The train was stopped
as quickly as possible and the body of Mr.
Loose was placed Id the baggage car and
taken to Port Clinton. Later It was sent
home. The boy was taken to the Pottsvllln
Hospital, whero a portion of the frontal
bone was removed.
IlulldliiK and Loan Statistics.
The seventh nnnuul report of the Banking
Department of the Htute for 1HIIH, relating to
building and loan associations, has been
made public by Commissioner Powers. Only
tho llgures nre given. Commissioner Poweis
faying that ns there will be no Legislature
in session next year It Is useless to recom
mend any legislation this year. Tho build
ing and loan associations reporting number
112. with assets amounting to 112.C(15,
7(17,27, un Increase over the previous year of
'J.'iO.HllS.Hil. The receipts were 32,385,
2(MU3, an lucreuso of 2,0i319fi3.H8. The
total shares In force at the end of the busi
ness year was l,l)3:-l,472, nu Increase of 23,
000. During the year forty-nine foreign ns
eoelutlous did buslucss In this Mute, wllh
2IH.2D5 shares III force. Thirty now associa
tions were chartered to do business in the
Htitto and fifty-four wound up their affairs
and went out of business, some of thuin with
the assistance of a receiver.
Touchers lleniititii'i Ntoim.
At tho closing session of the Luzerne
Couuty Tenehers' Institute, haid at Wilkes
Barre, Goer.ior Mone was denounced lu
tbe resolutions for "curtail, ng the Htute ap
propriation for tho common schools," his
action being chnracterized ns "nn unwar
ranted assumption of authority, without
prbecueut iu tho history of Pennsylvania,
uud as violating tho duty" of liberal support
which tho Htate owes to the common schools
of this great commonwealth," Iu iinoth.-r
resolution tho members of tho Legislature
from this county were nsked to use their
best endeavor to get the ritate appropriation
School Untitling it lilft.
Tho Pennsylvania Steel t oinpauy hns mnde
a handsome gift to the borough of Hteelton.
Koveral years ngo at a cost of 4125,000, the
company erected a magnillcent brick school
building, which has been used by the High
School und other higher grades. At the lust
meeting of the School Bourd, President Fel
ton, of the steel compauy, before he tendered
bis resignation as president of the board,
presented tile bulldlug to the borough. The
school house was erected under direction of
Mr. Felton's father, who was n former presi
dent ot the steel company.
Two Killed liy ICxplosInn.
Two men were iiiHtnntly killed und auother
probably fatally Injured by the explosion of
u Lehigh Vnlley locomotive near Wynluslug,
a short distance from Towauda. The dead
ure Fireman Eugene I)eei;un and Brakeman
Warren lloblnsoii. The Injured mnn Is Dun
lei Georgia, engineer. The locomotive wns
rented by the Lehigh Valley Company. I:
was blown to pieces. Tra.01 1 wus blocked
tor live hours.
Ksraped from Prl.ion.
Arthur Wltted, a young man serving a
iovea mouths' sentence for robbing Pennsyl
vania Hall road ears, eseuped from the Lan
caster County Prison, He was employed us
i runner urouud the prison, and took ad
vantage of his position to secret several
Jrlvlng lines, with which he was alio to
leulo the high wall. Thus far there is 1.0
clue to Ills whereabouts.
To lliilld h Hig lli-eiiker.
Tho Lehigh Vulley Company, It Is an
nounced, will erect another mu.nmoth
hp-uker u mile southwoat of H tleton, which
will be even larger than the big No. 40
breaker. Jut completed, which Is the won
der of the anthracite region. There Is a
vast amount of uiiiuiiied coal In that terri
tory and the new breaker will give employ
ment to over 1000 men.
Water Ciiinpaiiy Wins l-'Ijrht.
The lllnlrCouiity Court granted uu Injunc
tion restraining the borough of Tyrone from
purchasing the Hundred Springs reservoir
for It municipal water works. The injunc
tion was scut out nt the Instance of the Ty
rone Gas nnd Water Company, a private
corporation that supplies the borough with
;tlitnrr Loses His l.lfn.
Henry Hhlve, aged 20 years, sou of Mr. and
Mrs. Levi Hhlve, of Porkuslu, wus Instantly
killed by the accidental disehnrgo ot his gun
while gunning near Blooming Glen. Tho
charge struck him in the head and almost
severed bis heud from the body.
I.lfo Crushed Out on the Kallroail.
George Evorurd attempted to bouid a
freight train on tho Pennsylvania A l'.rle
Uallroud nt the Broadway crossing, Milton,
and fell under the curs, hi body being cut
in two. He wus agod about 22 years.
School Girl Dies from I nil.
Klght-year-old Katie Hoover, of Beading,
stumbled over a bench ut school ou Tuesday
and died of ber Injuries.
From Ills Point of View,
"I understand that there aro some
firms that give a young employe a
ralBe of salary when he marries," she
"It Is a strange fact," replied the
cynical bachelor, "that there are men
so constituted that tbey enjoy encour
aging other men to get into trouble."
A century ago Adam Smith, noted
as a remarkable accomplishment the
manufacture of 4,UUU pins by ten
men in a duy. lu these times ic is
considered au ordinary achievement
for three men to make 7,CUU,U0O pins
in the same tiuie.
It will cost $230,010 to mnke the
aeoessury rrpairs ou the Olyinpis,
But tbey would be made all the aume,
even if it cost four times that sum.
The laundress is sure of satisfactory results in her
work if she uses Ivory Soap. Linens are of immaculate
whiteness: no dirt or streaks anywhere. There's no
room for criticism in the work when brought home.
Ivory Soap is cheaper than common soaps in the end.
A WORD OF WARNING Tlitre are miny while o. sarh rfprnnted to b "mt as
at the 'Ivory';" ihrv ARB NOT, hut like all counterfeits, lack tlx peculiar anJ remarkable qualities u
the genuine Ask lor "Ivory" Soap and Insist upon getting It.
coevsiOHl ,eoe av thi pnocTra a nMail CO et,e.,Mti
Boston's city debt has lw-roue I :),000.nol
since January 1.
California's dried fruit croo this year 1
wottb approximately 15,000,000.
Save llio Nickl.
From saving, comes having. Asli your
grocer bow you. can save 15c by Investing
Sc. He can lell you just bow you can got
one large 10c package of "Bud Cross"
starch, one large 10c package of "hublu
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bountiful B'laltespearo panels, printed in
twelve beautlliil colors, or one Twentieth
Century Girl Calendar, nil for 5c. Ask your
grocer for this starch nnd obtain these
beuutltul Christmas presents flue.
An Inanlt to flip Doa;.
Mr, Newlywcd Why don't you calt
mo a brute and done with It? Mrs.
Newlywed You forget that Fldo is
present! I'uelt.
Fits rermnlirnt.lv cored. Nnnt or nanrosis-ri-M
nfter lll-M ilnr'o iim of Dr. Kline' tlreut
Nerve ltt1oiir.f "Jtrtsl bntl-lennd trentlse f ru
1 II. H. II. Kl.isr. 1. t.l.. Kit Arch St., I'liila.. I'x
Lord Salisbury's son. T.ord Edward Oell,
is with Colonel lladeu-Powell at .Mil 'ok lug.
ForWhoonlna Touah. Plso's Core Is a snc-
I ressful remedy. M.l l)lrrrKil,u7 'luroop Avu
llrouklyn, N. Y.. Nov. U, ltuu.
Freight rates In England are considerably
higher than l.i tbe I'nited States. They urn
llxod by act of Parliament and set forth lu
elaborate tables of classification nnd rates,
togethur with the Hues over which sum
We refund 10c for every nnckngn of Tut
kam Faiiki.kss Tve t lint mils tn V SHIIS
lacilcn. M ro )rug Co., Uulouvlllo, Mo.
told by all druirgists,
Tho Uurllncton llnllroad Is talking of
conducting a special chicken train once a
No Cure, Mo Pny,
Ts Ibe wny Klmlley's Kyo Hnlve Is sold,
t'broiiie and itrnnulutod lids cured in
ila: common orc eyes In It davs, or
money back tor tbe asking. rWthl bv all
(Irtmtriht, or by tniill. iluc. box. J, 1.
JlAYTKU, Decatur. Tex a-.
Said to Ue nn Kvn ltftrgnln by a Woman
of lCspcrleucr.
"Marriage," says a fair correspond
ent, "In common with all tbe blessings
and evils of this world, is governed by
the laws ot compensation. A man
loses, possibly, a certain amount ot
liberty a vague terra at best he may,
perhaps, have to deny himself his cigar
and a few other unnecessary luxuries.
Ho must, in short, be a little less sclf
centered thun formerly. Yet are not
his denials more than amply repaid by
paining a comfortable home, where be
reigns paramount, where he is consid
ered, loved and waited upon at ever;'
step? Above all. on securing a tender,
sympathetic, lovlcj helpmeet, always
roariy to sink Into oblivion ber own
worries and troubles, to advise and
cheer him in tho dally flight, to sym
pathize in trouble, to nurse in Illness
aud to transform his very faults into
virtues. All this and more a man gains
as a reward for a little self-denial and
an increased responsibility, and I say
it Is emphatically untrue that men
"rnnk wedlock as a tremendous nnd
most undoubtedly uneven bargain.'
Don't Judge men by a fow who, un
worthy to be husbands themselves,
have been disappointed In their wives,
or by those small-minded creatures
who lack the faculty for seeing two
sides of a question. No; marriage,
where man and wife are true to their
calling. Is an undoubtedly even aud
profltablo bargain."
Mr. Bomint Imfl fouwlt-cl R eoUi'po for
IliiH.oim ut Jit-nun's.
Our l.nokfi Hhow tttnl wa
hAVtt nearly two mtlliou i un
t4)tnrn who live lu ull puriA
or tlto world, moHtof lioni
dcpi'ud upon our HitbHii
mnit for Uioir ChiiMniaa
emu- tan inku cmi if
your wiitiiH nloo. Memv
Kiivmif iikCftt InuKflieinactff
in our 4i igo 1 tsiwloguw
wliii-n toild ot 1 vpr ihtiiK to
Hut, Wt'itr (iiiii Ihihikj of-
notH, train -uouh, C andM-ft.
Chin eioHru, l lutiib.l om
inoiIt'H.CouL'lHm.l lorfc TfW
"liy. DcHka, Dmm-i itn. I'f dm.
Mn.'v Ciuilrs.Kiiit v 'J au.tm
To'inruM IVuh, 00UI 'Mt
vh, UrocrrtrMi.t.fi'DpH, Wnit-
l'TH, llilll(lk'l('hH 1h. MtiH-
:ul Insinimc'nH, .i Mifn,
Orn'tmt'uts, l'lcUitfe. 't k
KiiIvph, l.'orktltt. Ht k
hium'i. HllrfTwure, Hirhnic
silver NOVfllU'H, WliUlUsH
SLcwM, TihlPtt,ft.
ihir l.ithofr ufiAtd Catitirf
e shows tat fists Xtg y,sie
squhi tA andDrflfirt vj mtk n
rilt COin'S. LtttpStM snvtl
, Imtnrs fuinishtd er,
and ftemHt firtpmti.
Om Mndg'Ufnd9 Clotkinr
C'tttxlnfut tt'ttfl StiHifiirs ?
t t ttti attached off s sutts rmd
4tV4t roots horn SMb t I'JO.tO
td O. t txptet'ttre
find on f fottnig. H waismtM
Mf a Sfi'ttat Catafogm
ttinos, Orptins. Srufing Af
(hmes nnd Ricxtiet.
All i?iqinrlH unnWfi-fHl khuio day nn w'wd.
W win niiiM. your rhrminiuft buvlntf tunr imu
tHrnctory limn it liim ever been twforp. Whictt
('niulotfiir do yon wnni ? A ((drew tutu wnw t
iia i.nMoiti;. mo. Dept. si,
xrrki iTrw.
ffnjl, 35c. to J25.
lamp, Jl'.5.
Muke writing a comfort.
$ Send your name and address tin
$ postal, ami wC will send you our 156-Jg
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M xaai
t Y ft
iktttftJSa- r
ii . T
WlWrO I quick r. ml ..id una,
a.a "I t.i uitioial. .ud I O days' kiaaliaaufc
rr.. or. a. a. ... auaa, a. s. Atuau. a
J IS UuMU WrllllE Ail hi,i UllS.
I K4 Daat 1'uuiiti Syrup. Taaiea (iixxl. Cae j
I io r.. o. r....o...., ?. a h.u t Co. I.H.V., n. h I J "Jujj fca
ja "
Saaaawia l Miatiaaaafti.MiiMMlMMMM-AaMii.,..ii,iiri . ,, , , ....r r.JM.
The first Ova persons prouarlng tbu Endlr thsln march nook (rora'thir
Krooor will shoo obtain oue largo 10a pnakssro of U4 Crttu" Ktatrch, on lru
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