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J a not Dunoe Taylor, of New York, com
mitted suicide at toe Grafton Hotel, Wash
Ington. lie cut Li is throat with n razor
While temporarily lusann from illness.
Comptroller Trnoewoll decided th claim
of Swift A Co. for beef f urulshed to the army
at Ponce to be Juit.
Judge Parnell, In Kul il N. C, refused
to grant kd Injunction tu prevent the con
solidation of the various Hues of Hih Sea
board Air Line, ami Immediately uttur the
COUSollclnlloU WUS effected.
The Eastern Furniture Manufacturers'
Association met lu Philadelphia, and docld. d
to advance prices tuu par cent, on certalu
Dr. Edward H. Williams, senior partner of
the B.tldwiu Locomotive Works, Pulladel
ihla, died at Biuilu Barbara, C'ul.
Adjutant General Case, of Michigan, re
fused to comply with Govtruor Piugroe's
demand for hi resignation.
A seven-story apartment bouse, owned by
Morrli Mandolsteiu, In New York, wag du
troyed by Are.
John Branch foil Into a vat containing
boiling water at the Sbotwell Tannery, tu
Manchester, Virginia.
F. M. Etherldge, a proiblnet lawyer at
Dallas. Texan, killed EJwlu O. Harrell, au
nther lawyer.
A strike began at the Park and Oxford
collierle, near Scraiitou, Pa.
Chairman Mark A. Iluiuin, of the National
Committer, has Issued the formal call for the
assembling of the Natlouui Republican Con
vention in Philadelphia on June lvith.
Senator Hoar Introduced a resolution de.
fluiog his Interpretation of the American
policy la reference to the Spanish Islands
now under American dominion.
Leading officers of the army have united
In au appeal for fund with which to lift tlin
mortgage on the home of the late General
I.awton, lu California.
Chairman Ilurton, of Home River and Har
bor Committee, announces that there will be
no river and harbor bill at this session of
The Secretary of Agriculture has ordered
quarantine against cattle affected with
Southern fever.
The President sent to the Senate the treaty
negotiated by the powers at The Hague last
Mrs. Sanderson testified In her own de
fense in Marshall, Mloh., denying the story
that she fed ground glass to her husband.
The maiu building of Bue'itel College, in
Akron, O., including all the laboratories,
was destroyed by lire.
The yellow fever hospital at Santiago was
destroyed by a lire that was probably of In
cendiary origin.
Samuel Oompern won unnnlmously re
elected president of the American Federation
of Labor.
M. J. Meagher, an elephant trainer, was
killed by an elephant at Sollersville, Ohio.
President H. C. Hlmmons, of Furgo Col
lege, dropped deud in Fargo, N. D.
The Musonio Temple In Richmond, Va., n
handsome building, will, it is said, huve to
be sold for debt. The Grand I.oJge will
likely become the purchaser.
Dr. James L. Angell said that but for the
Monroe Doctrine tho European powers
would be dividing up South America us they
are partitioning China.
The steamer City of Kansas was tin rued to
the water's edge wbilu lying at her wharf at
New Madrid, Mo. The j usseugors hud a
narrow escape.
The Federation of I.nbor decided to re
turn to the system of assessing ml member
of trades unions for the purpose of uldiug
Dr. 8. M. Jenkins, accused of mnlpractlce,
was killed in court by Hugh Wheut, Uio
brother of an alleged victim.
Fowllowing the news of the failure of the
New York Produce Exchange Trust Com
pany In New York, there was a wild panic on
the New York .stock Exchange, money going
up to 125 per cent, until the clearlng-bouso
came to the relief of tho situation by lending
ten millions at six per cent.
The Pennsylvania ltallrnnd's plan for pen
sioning aged employes will be put in effect
January 1, 1900. There will be 050 employes
retired and pensioned on that date.
The committee of the National Republi
can Committee was Well plcused with the
Auditorium In Philadelphia, where the Re
publican Convenlluu will be held.
Henry Weller pleaded guilty of murder in
the second degree in Somerset, Pa.
The Broadway National Bunk, of Boston,
wns so iuvolved in the fulluro o( the John P.
Squire Company that It was obliged to close
its doors, and the bunk examiner was ap
pointed receiver.
There was a bad railroad wreck on the
Northern Pacitlo near Lewletnn, Idaho, in
which two engineers were killed and other
members of the train crews fatally injured.
Mrs. Alice Throo .morton was arrested iu
Richmond on tho charge, prefcrrud by hor
cousin, Mrs. Hill, of forgery.
Mrs. Jacob Hcndrickson, of Woodbury,
X. J., rco iv-d a letter from her sailor b un
burn!, whom she hud mourned us deud.
At Moorelleld, W. Va., Lemuel Kohue was
sentenced to life imprisonment for the mur
der of John Snger.
Unrequited love led Joseph Rlnker, of
Churlesion, W. Va., to commit suicide ut
Middletown, Va.
The debate in the House of llcpreso- tu
tlveson the Currency hill closed with dra
matic Ircldeids. Home or (lie Democrats
themelvci objected to unanimous consent to
substitute a tl.vtei-n-ti.-one mcusure for lint
bill proposi d . y the Democrats.
The Senate Committee ou 1'rlvlleiro and
Elections heard urgumeiits for and uirnin-t
the seating of bonutor (Juuy, of Foui.sji
vaniu. Fire caused a loss of $8,000 ut the Well
ington Industrial Homo School, ou the i'-n-nallytown
road. No Insurance,
William Euclid Young, u member of the
New York Htock Exchange, who was x
' pelled, sued for 4:200,1 00 damattes.
Wulebuck barge No. 115, with a crow of
nine men, went down in Hie siortu ou Lake
Three small children of Samuel Itcyiiohle,
of Niebolasvide, Ky., were burned to death.
Mrs. Mary Smith, ou aged widow, was'
burued to death ut her home, near Han
over, Pu.
Former Congressman James Nelson Pld
cock died at bis home, lu White House, N. 1.
Oliver Dean, of VVilmlngtou. took two
boxes of Rough on Rut and died.
Chief of Police Murphy was killed by a
burglar in Furgo, N. D.
Railroads, both east and west of Chicago,
are contemplating a general advance of from
l-O to 40 per cent. In freight rates. The re
tall price of many articles will be raised iu
The steumer Arthur Orr, which was sup
posed to be ou the rocks lu Lake Huron, bus
been found at anchor, badly dumuged by Hie
storm. No lives were lost.
A fireman was killed and two other men
Injured In a llro thai destroyed the Duluth
Boot and Shoe Company's factory, at Du
luth, Minn.
Amos OeWwelt, accused III Lebanon, Pa.,
of wife murder, was acquitted, on lh plea
tlint Justifiable jealousy hud made him In
sane. The centenary of tho d uth of (jcoriru
Washington was obi-ervcd nl variolic acn
tliroiiL'hout the country. The uhki i r
l ceremonies were iield, under Mnoi.iu
auspices, at tlw tomb of Washington, nl Ml
Vernon, where Prislilcnt Mckinley delivered
the oration. Senator Dcpow wus the orator
at llie i xerclsei III Washington. Tilers were
t.lsu inspiring exercises at Independence
Hull. In Philadelphia, and lu New lork.
f .'lemls Hiid Relatives or the ftoldlrr and
Others In Hie llcleged Towns Nearly
Mom Out with Huspense -Fears That
They Have liven Reduced to the Point
of MtaMKtloll.
London, (By Culile.V-Kngland continues
shrouded lu gloom. There Is mourning Id
hundreds of homes, and suspense and anx
iety lu thousands of others. The holiday
season makes the burden of grlof In the
stricken homes nil the harder to bear, when
oontrusted with the joyful festivals of the
post, when fathers, sons and brothers, now
dead or wounded, were near tholr loved
ones. It was n sad, instead of a merry,
Christmas lu Old England.
Tho suppression of news by the authori
ties makes the anxiety harder to bear. No
news U now takeo to moan bad news. The
War Office received a number of despatches.
Tho fact that they are not made public shows,
from tho experience of the last few weeks,
that the news contains nothing encouraging
for tho British nrins.
As (jiy after day pnsses nnd the Boers
maintain thelrsleireof I. id viiltb, Mafeklng
and Klinlwrlcy, It Is obvious that the situa
tion of the beleaguered garrisons and resi
dents must be getting worse. The suspense
of the people who have friends and relatives
in those places Is terrible, nnd many women
and not a few men havo been made 111 by the
strain. A week ago tho commanding officers
lu the besieged garrisons reported that sol
dlurs, residents nnd refugees had been put
on half ra lnNs.
The War Olll -o ha rcelved the following
from Oenoral Forestler-Walker, the British
Commander at Cape Town.
'Cae Towu. Methueu wires that he has
received a rude reply from General Crouje
rospe-tlng his representations ns to Lieuten
ant Chnndos-ltote-Goll, suylng that this
officer Is regarded as a spy. Ueneral Oronje
also slates he will hold no further communi
cation with Methuen."
That the Iinsutos can no longer be held In
chuck Is becoming apparent to the British
authorities. The chiefs, as well as their fol
lowers, havo lost conlldence lu the British.
Boer successes are having elTeet upon them.
Bloodshed Is arousing snviigo Instincts. Re
bellion among the biuiks, as wcl us the
whites, is spreading. Once aroused, tho
blacks will likely attack, rob and murder
both Boers and British.
llnttlHslilp Texas Leaves Havana with
lie. !! ut IS I Victim.
Il'iv.'iua. ( .si" eUi.) The removal of the
dead ol the Maine was not accompanied by
any ceremonies over the bodies as, newly
oofllned, they worn placed In the mortuary
chapel of tho cemetery until all wus com
pleted. At 10 o'clock 20 wagons formed a proco?
slou carrying 151 coffins to the Machiuu
Whurf, passing through unfrequented
streets. Tile bodies reached tho wharf ut
11.10 o'clock under a strong guard from the
bittlenhip Texas, wem placed aboard two
steam lighters before daylight, and were
taken to tho warship ut U A. M. All the
bodies were thoroughly disinfected.
A dllTorencu was found between tb" num
ber of cofllns entered ou Chaplain Chldwick's
list, which was I'll, ami the actual number
of cofllns exhumed. Search was made
through all the 22 graves iu which the cof
llns were burled, but the mlslng three were
not found. Father Chldwlcl: said the differ
ence could bo explained by a clerical error
ut the time of lutrr'n. as he was very busy
nt the whurf, giving Instructions nnd Identi
fying the bodies, and could not superintend
every detail. It was also quite possible that
after ordering portions of two dlffereut bod
ies to be placed In different coffins they hud
nrelessly been put into one collln. It was
a so linposHlilo for rattier cuhlwicK to
superintend the actual placing of all the
colli ns In the graves, owing td the haste
necessitated by the decomposition of the
bodies. Ho adds Hint the list given two bod
ies as unaccounted for.
Tue superintendent of the cemetery, who
burled thu bodies, says that owing to all the
r mahis not being burled the same day It Is
quite possible that a mistake was made lit
the ooimtlnir. He was certain no bodies
were lost. Captain (ireeu also ys no does
uot believe any bodies went astray.
Persons who were desirous of photograph
ing the proceeding nt the cemetery wure not
allowed to do so. The work wns conducted
quietly and decorously, under the directions
ut Futhor Chidwick. Tho old colllus were
carried away and burned.
Revised Tnlnl nt Killed, Wounded and
MISMI1K Ul memo.
T ltt, rl.la fli.nurul Till I L.r'a r.
vised list of losses at Coleuso, just published,
lliows that 14C were killed and "Hi Wounded.
Two hundred and twenty-seven are reported
mlfslng. and of these about 40 aro kuoitn 'o
be prisoner in t n h nds of the Boers. This
makes a total larger thuu General Buller'a
original estimate.
i....l l..t.i-u bliMie.l l.v fbn riiieeii. Dei
iwjnt - j ..... , ,
b ilng circulated by tho Archbishop to the
Bishops of the Anglican dioceses, author
izing a collodion in the churches through-
jut EnglunU on January i in uiu ui mo lunii
for sick aud wounded told.crs nnd their
f .mlll..u
The Admiralty lias decided to dispatch
another uuval brigade of 700 men to South
The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kir Ml
.1,. if i..u. n..ai.h tin burned a formal de-
uiul that any difference exist iu the Cabinet
regurdlng war expenditure.
liaised tho (ieruian Half.
Washington, (Special.) The following
statement Is inado by the ofllclal German
authorities here:
'A press telegram of theMth Instant, from
Apia, via Auekluud, reports that the Ger
man consul in Apia has solemuly proclaimed
the poudlug annexation of Vpolu nnd Kavall
by Germany to a number of. tiamoim chiefs
ou board the Gerniiiu inau-of-war, and th. t
ou tho same day he hoisted the Gcrmuu Hug
on tho Supreme Court.
K. M. Kttierldge, ot Dallas, Texas. Kills 15
O. Harrell.
Dallas, Toxas,'(Speciul.)-F. M. Etherldge,
n promlneut lawyer in this city, shot Attoi
ney Edwin O. Harrell, who Is equally well
known, four times In a crowded elevator In
the North Texas Building. Harrell died
later ut ills home.
Harrell bad a pistol half pocked lu Ills
h md us he fell in the lobby iu front of tie
elevator shaft, Etherldge Is lu custody.
The men were employed ns counsel on op
posite sides lu llllgulou Involving cotton
mill property and quarreled concerning J ro
fessiouul affairs.
Mormon i In Houlli Carolina.
Charleston, H. C, (Special.) Mormon
elders, two ut n time, sovu years airn, u.
gau to visit the grout swamp section of this
state, uud made mnny converts among tb
Baptist backwoodsmen near Rldgohuid.
They uow have so largo a following that
they havo established' a church, at which
eight Mormon elders were at work several
weeks ago. The delegation to the state leg-l.-lature
tins been usked by thu orthodox peo
ple of Hampton county to work for a law to
extirpate tho elders, and fav that "prompt
legislation may save thenr from huvlnn lh
mob violence thill some sister stuies have
lately hud in trying to rid themselves of
tucso disgraceful parasites."
Cieneral I.anten Die 1 it Poor" Man A
Mnrtuuire on Ills Mudesl Home.
Washington, (Special.) General Lawton
died a poor man, uIUkuikIi but few be
yoiij his circle of Immediate friends knew
of the small pecuniary return that had come
to hltn from his life work In behalf of bis
country; therefore, some of these friends
have thought proper now to come to the aid
of his family, ns is shown by the followli g
statement, addressed to the Americnu
Washington, D. C
Major Geuerul Henry W. Lawton, United
States Volunteers, w hose death occurred at
Hnu Mateo, Island of Luzon, on December
19, 1809, has left litt.e but his good name as
0 legacy to his wllfo and children. A piece
of property purchased by hltn ns a home in
California has a mortgage of half the pur
chase price still outstanding nnd unliquid
ated. The undersigned have voluntarily
assoclnted themselves together for the pur
pose of raWng funds t pay off tho Indebted
ness. Contributions will be thankfully re
ceived by them, and bedevotvd to the object
herelnnlKive sot forth.
Tho aid of the ncws npcM of the country
Is requested.
Contributions will be received by any one
of the following:
Adjutant General, Washington, D. C.
Acting Commissary General. Washington.
Brigadier General, Havana, Cuba.
WILLIAM 11. rill AFT Elt,
Major General, Snu Francisco, Cul.
Senator Fairbanks introduced a bill grunt
ing a pension of 92,000 n year to the widow
of General Lawtou.
Representative Lnndls, of Indiana, Intro
duced n simi.ar bill in the House. Mr.
Landls represents the district from which
Lnwton's first regiment was recruited.
Mr. Lnndls desired to secure Immediate
consl deration for the bill, nnd u request td
this effect would have been made had nut
the rules Imperatively required that the bill
first go to the regular committee. More
over, a bill of somewhat similar tenor bus
boen introduced for pensioning the widow
of the late Guy V. H-ury, who was governor
general of Porto Rico.
Senator Fairbanks saw the President lu
regard to the return of Oenernl Lawton's
body to the United States. The senator
suggested that the funeral services he given
something of a national character.
French 51 Inlntcr Says It Is Advaututrenii
to Ills Country.
Paris, (By Cable.) A bill submitting tho
Franco-American reciprocity treaty to the
approval of the French Parliament wns in
troduced iu the Chamber of Deputies.
The Government, iu an elaborate pream
ble, makes a point of settli g forth the
kindly disposition of the American Gov
ernment, which has enabled the negotiations
to be brought to a successful conclusion."
ihe preamble goes ou to explain that the
trcnty Is the result of two yeurs' work. It
says that, while pressed to retaliate against
the restrictions of tho Dinglny turill, the
Government deemed n resort to diplomacy
preferable, In view of tho "our traditional
sympathies for the Republic of tho United
states and due consideration for our true
economlo luterosls."
After pointing out that France under the
treaty obtains tho unique concession of favored-nation
tre .tment, and describing this
as "a peculiarly gracious eoueesslou," the
preamble eompurcs the respective advan
tages gained by the contracting parties,
"Only 4 per cent, of American products,
value of 2S.0J0,li(m francs (ubout 5,000,0 0)
benefit, tl a America ! gain bilug 1,U77,4jO
francs (about 20, 00 annually, while over
69 per cent, of French products, value 1 itJ.
D40,G0D francs (about '32.000.000) benellt,
tho French gain being 6,210,2'Jl francs
(l,05.i. OJ.i ntiKuully."
After particularly calling intention to the
1 n port nut fact that tho concessions obtained
by France are exclusive aud should tremen
dously Increase 1'rcnuh exports, while, at
the same time, the treaty Is so arrauged us
to prevent au Auiericun invasion of French
markets, thu preamble concludes as follows:
"Tho Government nt the White House, iu
signing with us this treaty, have shown their
desire to reserve to French commerce the
tlrst fruits of the tariff concessions which the
Dtngley bid authorized to be granted to for
eign powers.
"This action gives the trenty a valre It
would be impossible to misunderstand, und
makes this document a work which should
draw closer at the same time the economic
lelutlous of the two peoples and the political
urlluitles of the two Republics."
Suddenly llecnines I'liruly nnd I'lerces
His Victim with Ills Tusk.
Columbus, O., (Special.) M. J. MeiiKher,
an elephant trainer, better known us "Patsy
Forupaugh," was Instantly killed by an ele
phant at Sellsville. The elephant, known im
"Sid," has been lu captivity for twenty
yo trs, and was never regarded us vicious,
iiluagher led the elephants Into the training
circle for their dully exercise, when "Sid"
boeumo. unruly, and the trainer Jabbed the
animal with his stick "Sid" became furious
and hurled the trainer to the ground with
his trunk. The elephant then fell on his
victim, pierced Meagher's Lody with one of
his tusks, on which wus a brass bull six
inches lu diameter.
Culll'iirula's Golden Jubilee.
Ban Jose, C'ul., (Selnl.1 The golden
Jubilee of the founding of California's kov
erninunt was celebrated here. The chief
feature of the proceedings was the repro
duction of tho inauguration of Peter 1L Bur
nett, the tlrst governor of the State. The
part of Governor Burnett was taken by bis
l-on, who read the original Inaugural uddrera
delivered on that occasion.
Not a Heller Fund.
Washington, (Special. )- :Tbo Secretary of
the Treasury has notified the Interior De
partment that the appropriations reluling to
Aluskn, under the control of tho Treasury,
are so specific that they cnhfiot be applied
for the relief of Alaskan natives on Kodluk
Island, who lire reported to be In destitute
llod of Maine Victims.
Washington, Special.) Secretary Long
called at the Wu to House and Informed the
President that two bodies of the vl tlms of
the Maine disaster would probn' ly reach
Washington Tuesday or Wednesday t.f next
week, for burial ut Arlington. The Presi
dent will attend the burial services, if noth
ing occurs to prcveut.
Wur uu "Rate Cultui'i."
Chicago, (Special.) -Chicago druggists
have joined hands with tho National Associ
ation of 'Retail Dru rirlsts In tho wur on job
bers who sell to " o cutlers."
Defaulting t'ushlur Arrested.
D -s Molues, la., (Speolul. )- State Auditor
Merrlam received telegraphic advices that
Jeremiah Kendrtek, defaulting cashier of tho
Citizens' State Haul;, hud beeu captured iu
ihe East, Kendrlck disappeared thrie
mouths iig J, H. 0011 short In Ills cuah, nnd
his capture Is through efforts of the Guaranty
Sunty Company of New York. Mr. Merrlam
Is not Inforni 'd whore the capture wus mado.
Koudrl ek will bo brought to loan fo: trial.
IVrrlllc gales and snow storms swept the
V stern lakes. A blizzard swept over .Mich
igan, Minnesota uud Wisconsin. In some
parts of Minnesota railroad trains were
mowed UP.
He Laughed at Warnings a Moment He-forr-At
the Head of Ills Men-Defeat
of the liiNiirircnts nt the Cost of the
Life of the Commanding General Grief
In Washington, '
Mmilln. (By Cable.) -MaJ.-Gen. Henry W.
Lawtou has been shot and killed at Snn
Mnteo. He was standing In front of bis
troops. Ho was shot in tho breast and died
General Lawton started from Manila with
cavalry, under Cuptnin Lockett, nnd bat
talions of the Twenty-ninth and Twenty-seventh
Infnntry, under Lleutennut-Colonol Sar
gent, for the purpose of capturing Sau
Mateo, w here Geronoino was suid to have
S00 insurgents.
General Lawton, with the Thlrty-llfth In
fantry and four troops of tho Fourth Cav
alry, occupied San Miguel ou December 11
without a fight.
The insurgent commander. General Plodel
Pilar, who made his headquarters there with
supposedly tho largest force of Insurgents
north of Manila, was believed to have di
vided his men into scattered bands.
It was while pursuing one of these bands
that General Lawton mot his death.
San Mateo is ou the cast bank of the Han
Mateo River, northeast of Manila about 00
miles. It Is on tho road from Mnrlqulun to
M.tntalbun, and Is also connected by a road
with Sau Jose.
Confirmation of I.n Inn's Death Received
from General Otis.
Washington, (Special.) -The War Depart-
I nicnt received tho following ofllclal con
firmation of tho killing ot General Lawton
near Mm Mnteo, Luzon:
"Manila-General Lawtou, engaged In
driving Insurgents from San Mateo section
of country, northenst of Manila, killed in
itniitly. A great loss to us and his country.
General Luwtou's denth was a great shock
to tho dinners of the War Department, to
nenrly all of whom he was known personally.
Hitherto his luck In battle hud been marvel
ous. He had been In hundreds of skirmishes
nnd midnight attacks. He wns regarded us
a man of action and of splendid courngo. hut
wns not considered reckless. He never ex
posed his men without due consideration of
the risks and the stake. His men knew this,
and would unhesitatingly follow his lend
under what seemed to be the most desperate
The Indians came to know him as the most
active, vlgllunt, wary und determined of
foes, nnd his pursuit und capture of Geron
imo, the famous Apache cbl-ftnin, has gone
down to history ns one of the most remnrk
uble campaigns ever undertaken with the
small force in hand. General Miles picked
out Lawton to lead the chase after the In
dian chief, and for three months, dny and
ntgbt, without a pause through all sorts of
vicissitudes of weather and personnl suffer
ing, Lawtou hung on the trail like a blood
hound till the game was run to earth, aud
for the first time in a qunrtor of a century
Soiitheustcrn Arizona was pacified.
Secretary" Root and the President each ex
pressed his profound grief nt the confirma
tion of the report of the death of the gallant
President Grieved nt General 1-iiu ton's
Washington, (Rpeclal.) The Prealdent's
first Intlmut on of the death ot Gen. Lawton
was given by the Associated Press. Tho
despatch wns sent to the White House while
the Cabinet meeting was in progress, and
wns Immediately sent Into the Cabinet room,
where It was received with expressions of
profound sorrow nnd regret. It was learned
at the War DepnrtmenI that Instructions had
been received from the President to prepare
General Lawton's commission as a brlgudier
general in the regular army.
He Wur Allowed Too Much Money While
Acting ns Rear Admiral.
Washington, (Special.) Mr. R. J. Trace
well, thu comptroller of the treasury, has
revised the actlou of the auditor lor the
Navy Department lu thu claim of Reur Ad
miral Wlillnru T. Sampson for pay ns rear
admiral while performing the duties of that
In mnklog the readjustment, Comptroller
Trucewull lluds that Rear Admiral Sampson
was allowed 65111 too much by tho auditor
for the Navy Department lu arriving at the
I differences In pay iu tho various glades"
which Admiral Sampson held.
I Tho Comptroller holes that an officer of
the navy nominated for advancement lu
number, lu pursuance uf section 150G, Re
vtaed Statutes, which advancement is uot
concurred in by the Senate, aud who receives
uu ad luterlin appointment (or such advance
ment while his case wus poncing before the
Senate, is not entitled to the pay of the
grade to which It wus proposed to promote
Thu Comptroller also holds that there Is
no law authorizing the payment of the pay
ol rear admiral, U. S. K., to un officer below
that grndo because he perforins the duty und
Is ucuorded the rank of t-uid grndo.
Spain's (Iruelcus Art.
Washington, (Special. Tho Spanish gov
ernment hits undertaken to continue the
payments, which it was pledged to make
under tho trenty of lH.'U, and thu State De
partment has beeu uotilled that tho govern
ment ut Madrid has drawn two drafts for the
payment of the interest due ou what are
known us the "perpetual rentes of 1H24."
These drafts cover the arrears of Interest
for the yeurs lHOH and 140!), tho payment
having been suspended upon the outbreak
of war. It was entirely within the technical
right of the Spanish government under in
ternational law to refuse to be bound by the
treaty of 1H34, aud its action Is regarded by
the btuto Department us peculiarly gracious.
Resolutions Asking Huiierlntrndeut An
drews, of Chicago Public Schools,
to Resign,
Chlcniro, (Special.) Public advocacy cf
Great Brltnlu's side in the South Afr o tu war
by Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews, superintendent
of public schools In Chlongo, was the eause
of resolutions being introduced in the City
Council, calling for his resignation, or hl
Immediate suspension and removal from his
position by the Board of Education, should
ho Ignore un iuvllution to step down.
l or a New Cable Line tu Cuba.
Washington, (Special.) Among the reso
lutions introduced In the Senate was one by
Senator Stewart, authorizing the Commer.
elal Cable Company to lay a cable between
Hie United States and Cuba on the terms and
conditions usual In such casus. The resolu
tion was referred to the Commltteo on Rela
tions with Cuba, of which Senator Halt, of
Couuectlcut, Is chairman.
Commomveullli's Attorney Ousted.
Roanoke, Va., (Seelal.)-Commonweiilth'
Attorney Edward Lyle, who wns elected as
State Suuator, was ousted by tho Roanoke
Cllv Council, und Everelt Perk Ins was elected
ns ills successor. The action of the City
Council wus based uu two udvlce of City
Uollcltor Moomaw.
Captain Hlgshee has arrived nt Havana, on
the battleship Texas to arrange for tho re
moval of the bodies ot the victims of the
Maine disaster to Washington.
Aguinaldo, in disguise, nccompanled by
several of his gouorals, left Manitong.
Ten thousand rifles, three field guns and
quantities of ammunition, which the Cubans
in the district of ilolguln had secreted llnder
paltnleaf blluds, were surrendered to the
Americans. '
Governor General Brooke Is Indignant
over reports representing htm as having pro
tested ngnlnst the older of the President re
lieving hltn of the military governorship of
Eighteen hundred released Spanish pris
oners have been received in Manila, nnd
over two thousand more are on the way
General Young reported the killing of Gen.
Pilar, the destruction of Aguinaldo' body
guard, and thu flight of tbe insurgent leader
iu disguise. He also reported the pursuit of
Gen. Tiuo, who Is taking American prisoners
MncArthur, at Ruyambang, reported tho
capture of Mnhiiii, the ablest of the Insur
gent leaders, and director of the insurrec
tion. Tho province of Cagayan surrendered to
('apt. McCalln, of the cruiser Newark.
A.ivlccs from Hong Koug.probnbly through
the Filipino Junta, state that the so-called
Filipino government will be changed to a
dictatorship! that a force of United States
murines were defeated at Vlgan, nnd that
Manila newspapers admit that General Law
'OU is missing. Manlln advices, however,
report General Lawton, nt Sau Miguel.
General Otis reports that organized resist
ance no longer exists in Luzon, und Hint
American troops nro engaged In running
down robber bunds. Two thousand Spanish
prisoners have beeu socurcd lu Northern
Band of Filipino guerrllns nro firing upon
Ihe army wagon trains, looting towns, cap
turing soldiers who leave their commands,
and otherwise making life miserable for the
Americans. ,
The Republicans have carried Ponce.rorto
P.lco, by 1,700 majority.
A Kentuchlnn and Ills Three Children
Hurler a Peculiar Death.
Louisa, Ky., (Ppoelal.)-At Alliance Post
office, Floyd county, Nelson Hamilton was
pouring out some powder from n keg, win n
bis four-yeur-old sou picked up n small
amount aud tossed it into tho fire. The ex
plosion threw some embers Into the pile ot
powder, and a terrific explosion followed.
The father and Utile son and two older
cli Idreii who were iu the room were knocked
Insensible. The celling was lifted from Its
placo, the walls spread, and tho upper part
of tho house came down and stopped about
half way on tho walls, thus fastening all the
doors securely. When the oldest daughter
regained consciousness sufficiently to renlb.o
that tho house wus lu Uames, she tried to
open a door, but at onco saw the hopeless
ness of such au effort, nnd begau to scream
for help,
A neighbor arrived iu tlmo to burst lu a
door nnd get the tortured persons out, but
they were so badly burued that nil died
nithiu a tew hours.
In Hie Italian Chambers the resolution de
claring that the national honor was com
promised by the recall of tho warships from
China was defeated.
Sir Georgo Kin.ulrl.:k died nt Ottawa,
Premier Sllvela, ot Spain, snys that Spnln
will, on no aocouut, ccdo her African pos
sessions, A cyclone did great dnmngo nt Mozam
bique, Portuguese East Africa.
The Sultan has accepted Professor Ricder's
educational plans, which Indicates a great
gain In Gcrmuu Influence lu Turkey,
Wulter Huiteor, Radical, of Zurich, was
elected President of Switzerland for 11)00.
Dr. I.lcbor caused a sensutlon in the Reich
stag by criticizing the Emperor's speech nt
Hamburg. As the fate ot the naval bill de
pends upon the Centrists, Dr. Lleber's re
marks wore very slgnllleaut.
The Italian minister of foreign nffairs, in
an address to the Chamber of Deputies, de
clared that so far us China was concerned
Italy did not want to cntor upon the path of
territorial occupation.
Dr. Lleber, the Centrist leader lu the Ger
man Reichstag, was uttacltedbyu crank as
ho eutered tho House, who struck him with
his list. Tho assailant was arrested.
Count von Buulow, minister of foreign nf
fairs, stated iu the Reichstag that the Samonu
agreement contained no seoret of uuy kind.
Five thousand people were killed iu a
severe earthquake that shocked the Japanese
const uud tho islands adjacent during No
vember. The British steamer St. Helens," Capt.
Liickhum, was wrecked on u rock lu thu
China Sea, nnd live ot her crew were
All tbo rivers in Germany nro frozen over,
and tho temperature lu Berlin, wus fifteen
degrees fallow zero.
Tho Congress of Peru has approved the
extradition treaty with the United States.
Thu Colombian revolution is said to be
Indianapolis boss barbers wont to raise the
scule of prices so that the minimum charge
for hair cutting can bo uniformly 25 cents,
ns it once wus, with 15 cents charge for Sun
day shaving. The Journeymen have beeu
given to understand that a uniform increase
of the halr-cuttlng scale will menu a corres
ponding Increase tu tho wuge scale,
lu Michigan the wages lu the woods range
from t2G to a month nnd hoard. Some
have offered us liigh us 40, and it is thought
that 45 will be paid before spring. Even ut
those prices help enough cannot be bud. The
copper and Iron miners ure also clamoring
for help. Tho result of this is that the laborer
is quite Independent, aud it the price paid
on the quality of bourd does not suit hliu he
"Jumps his Job."
If I were a delegate to the convention of
that gigantic body politic, the Americnu Fed
eration ot Labor, ut Detroit, I would vote for
the re-election of Samuel Gompers as presi
dent of the Federation. I would vote for
hltu at the election because I believe that he
is au honest man. I would vote for him be
cuuse he is a man ot thu iurgest experience
as a labor lender. I cannot think of uuy
other man who Is his equal in this respect. I
would voto for Dim because he Is a capital
presiding offloer. I would vote for him be
cause he stands for progress In labor union
ism. I would voto fur hltn because he is a
strong and persuasive speaker ut public
meetings. J. Swiutou, In New York World.
Labor will receive qutto a boom in Cou
gress during this session. Besides killing
the trusts evils, Representatives ltoeerts and
Lovorlng, of Massachusetti, will propose
amendments to the Constitution which will
give Congreiis the power to establish uniform
hours ot labor In thu manufactories through
out the United Status. Another bill, by Hun
liters Harris, ot Kuusn'i, and Clay, of Geor
gia, will be introduced which will' give Cou
grcss the power, If passed, to lay aud collect
Income taxes, thereby making the working
man's tuxes lighter.
Rev. Dr. H. (!. Smith, pastor of the peo
ple's Churob, nt St, Paul, Mlnu., has mudo
uuother vigorous protest ugulusl women as
wugc-enrners, purticulurly lu tho fuctories.
Whuleherk Ilarge Foundered on I.ka
Superior -Kn ii Into a Fierce Gnle and
Krone Away From Her Tow. '
' Chicago, 111., (Special.) A dispatch from
Siiultste. Marie, Mlob., to the Lake Marino
News Bureau snysi
Whnlcbnck barge 1115, which lias been
missing on Lake Superior since Wednesday
Inst, wns given up for lost, with hor crew of
nine men.
The steamer Colgate Hoyt, which had the
Inst bargo In tow, gave up the search for her
and pnseed down through tho locks bound
for Lake Erie. The tug Vlgllnnt, which was
also searching for tho 115, likewise gave
It up.
While It is likely that the Whalobnck Com
pany will send out ita steamers from Duluth
In a further search, tho crew of the Hoyt
huve no doubt but the barno went down In
the grout storm of Wednesday.
The Hoyt Captain's stutement.
"After starting out from tbo hend of Lnke
Superior," said the captain of the Colgate
Hoyt, "we ran into n furious cold northeast
gale. For 40 hours we bucked into the seas,
anil finally we sucooded lu getting within 10
miles ot Pick Island, where wo got Into com
paratively smooth witter, the wind being off
"I then changed my course to the south
ward, running parallel with the shore In
order to keep under its protection. I had
boen on this course for about an hour when,
at five minutes to six o'clock, Wednesday
morning, I went In to breakfast. At that
time I saw the lights on the barge all right.
Flvo minutes later I was told that the tow
line had parted, nud No. 115 wns drifting out
into the lake.
"I Immediately put the Hoyt about, and
for four hours I zigzagged back nnd forth
over the course, but not a thing could I see
of the barge. I kept up the search until
dark, when I ran down to Whlleflsh Point.
There I met Captain Smith, agent of the
whalebnck fleet at tho Soo, who was on the
tug Vigilant. Tho two of them joined in
the search.
"Wo kept ot It until the weather proved
too much for us, when wo enmo back, fear
ing we might be caught out on Lake Super
lor iu a heavy snowstorm. Wo had only
40 tons of coal, and wore iu dnnger of run
ning out of fuel."
During the galo on Tuesday, when the
Hoyt was pulling the barge Into the great
northeast storm, the crow could seo tbe men
ou the bargo pumping water that was
colored with Irou ore. This would havo In
dicated that something was wrong, but no
distress signal wns displayed on tho bargo
aud it was thought that all was well, par
ticularly after tho boats hail run Into smooth
water. How soon after breaking away from
the Hoyt tho 115 went down tnnuot bo
guessed. Tho lifeboat and everything on
deck of the bargo was cither washed away
or frozen so tight to tho deck that It could
not be moved.
The lost vessel was built nt West Superior
In 1H01 by tho American Steel Barge Com
pany, and was 250 feet long and 30 feet
beam. Sho carried about 3,000 tons of Iron
ore, nud was valued ut about 50.000. This
Is tho llrst of tho whalebnck fleet to founder
and the second to bo lost, tho firs; one hav
ing been pounded to pieces against tho
Cleveland breakwater just a year ago.
With the rest of tho whalebnck fleet the lost
barge passed to tho Rockefeller interests iu
the general shnkeup of vessel property in
October. There was no insurance ou cither
vessel or cargo. i
C O N V K N T I O N I ' R K L I M I N A R I K S.
IteiiihIlcniiSul)-commlttecof the National
llndy nt Work In I'blladi liihla.
Philadelphia, (Special.) Republican Na
tional Committeemen Joseph II. Munley, ot
Maine, and II. C. l'ayno, of Wisconsin, who
are members of tho sub-comniltteo on con
vention of tho Republican national executive
committee, arrived hero, to make prelimin
ary preparations for the convention to be
held In this city next Juno. Samuel F. sson
deu, of Connecticut, accompanied them.
Messrs. Manly nnd Payne, have established
their headquarters at the Hotel Walton, aud
will bp in tho city frequently until thu con
vention shall havo adjourned.
They also engaged quarters at the Walton
for Chairman Mark Haii'nn nud Secretary
Dick, of the executive committee. Accom
modations for tho delegations from Now
York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Wisconsin, and
Connecticut were also secured by them.
Shortly after their arrival tho committee,
men held n short conference with member
of tho local committee ou convention.
Three Children Horned to Denth.
Nlcholasvllle, Ky., (Special.) Three small
children of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Reynolds,
nged six, throo and one, respectively, were
burned to death Thoy had boon locked iu
the house while Mr. aud Mrs. Reynolds were
ou a visit to a neighbor. The parents re
turned lu tlmo to see the house collapse,
Totter Talnier was born a Quaker farmer
in New York State aud grew up to curly
manhood as a keeper ot horses uud cattio
uud n tiller ot the soil.
Prlnoe Metterulch has decided no longer
to rotuin the control of the famous Johannls
berg vluuyurds, und has obtained tho Em
peror of Austria's consent to their being
loused. .
Agouolllo, as lie calls himself, tho French
representative ol the "Philippine Republic,"
has a good deul of difficulty iu Paris with the
writing of bis manifestos. His French is
Empress Eugenie's reader and companion
iu her exile, Mine, lo Breton, Is dead at the
age of 82 years. She was u sister of Gouorul
Bouroaki, aud married tho son of the sea
captain who conveyed Nupoleonl. from Elba
to France,.
Senator Pritcburd, of North Carolina, beurs
such a striking resemblance to Congressman
Roberts that the two might readily be taken
for twins. Both ure of the same build, have
the same cast of features, wear mustaches
trimmed alike and their curly Imlr might bo
duplicate wigs,
Tuo anonymous "Australian" who gnvo
.10,(100 to the Mansion House Trausvuul War
Fund Is said to be Sir Dauud Cooper, Bart
one of the richest Austrulluu merchuuls and
landowners, a promluent subscriber to the
Crimean fund uud lulur to that fur the relit f
of the Luncashicr ootton fumlno.
Sir Henry Irving makes u good poiut iu
the Ladles' Home Journal. "Through a
study of Shakespeare," he says, "tho tuste
of the nation will benefit, the language will
become more exact without losing Us elas
ticity and thu priceless heritage of our Eng
lish tongue will be preserved lo the world in
Its purity.''
Michael Duvitt during his days iu Parlia
ment did nearly all his literary work iu the
House writing-room, where silence Is en
forced, Murla AgnesI, at least for tho Italians, is
the most Illustrious among women scientist.
It wus she who was culled thu oracle of sjvou
Mrs. Louiitt J, Cube!, of Lowell, Me., is a
Justice of the peace, prosecutes peuslon
clulms aud personally manages u farm uud
conducts an express business.
Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale will not oc
cupy the pulpit of his church iu Boston again
until spring. Dr. Lyinuii Abbott will bo the
supply for tuu mouth of January.
M. Jules Cumbon will sail for America to
resiimu his duties as Ambussador at the end
ot Ducember. Mine. Cam ou and her daugh
ter tiuve decided to remalu lu Purls, owing to
their dullcuto statu of health.
Christine Nllsson recently paid a visit to
her native town in Swudou. She had a cordiul
reception, but did uot slug in public, and she
bus no at returned to her homo iu Paris.
f wit
Annual Itcporl of :r s '"J '
,,p"",,:'n " "" Vinh'alf
" AIGul,,!, to th,, (r
I ho School A.,n,,,rj
Franklin Suddenly Ui-i?
Tflo report of pr j,,'
Superintendent of I
the past yenr has be,.,,,, -chiefly
remarkable fr ',
SehuefTer makes no refrr.'IS
Governor Stone in eUit
appropriation, except
in time the revenue may, I1
ntlon of the approprinu, sk
order that township hit on
established. It does net id t
Intendent of Public (,.. cf ,
proprlntlon ns made bV I t
500,0;0per annum, tu it ,1
,c.:cnr'iiry, out C:
Tho report shows that,
year ending June fl. lwi
tures of the 2ISII ..lmi a
amounted to 20.:iUM.7tj !
740,71d. U8 comprised l,
In tbe 27,008 schools of i, the
wns spent for texthonl 1"
wus devoted to the cutler t
tonnnco of school l.ui ,ner
number of pupils ntt.. hey
1.152.:152. nn Increase of
.on iue average number
It t
wns R59.177. There
SchOOls Mil lll.,an.. 1
and f.irty superintendent. ,tr
iicttllonal affairs of tli vn S0 '
female teachers were alii, ,a
otis ns male teachers, wli P
nry of the former was ,. f
hud nlso suffered a dc r the'
with tho previous year. ,. ;
follows: Male tcnehcrs, 5 it
per month, til. 27; Inern tr w
teachers, 10,4!!l; nverng., ;6 r
crease, (il cents. The nv-.ji,,
school term wns 8.0:1 numt L ,
value or nil school pro.r ,
49,491.583.59. Dr. Seh;,. ' P
bis report:-. "The tru st
IcKlslulion enacted diirir ere
was the net of the lnt 1 r
lengthening the minimi, 18
seven months. This legend
districts, which heretol'i,. to
months. It brings an nl ; tl
schooling within reach ol mt
dreu." l .
Outlaws Tcrrilt ea
Wlmt appears to be an B j
Welsh Mountain thieves i,
slvcly in Northwestern v
Nftrthcnslcrn Lnnc n.-tc r c P F
department of West Clic-t 1
the theft of u wagon loud 't w
Wnlter Asb, lu West Cain :f
tho nocturnal visitors w. ght
frightened away while in i iu i:
o horse from thoitable. A fctb
was stolen from tho stabl-po
farmer residing near thct... 0g
a set of sllvcr-mountcil li0
hide was taken from tlie:
bor, Jacob Greenlcnf. T . ,
front feet marked with tli '
mark of the Pequen Vallfi'
elation, ot which Mr. ()i.1r'w
A lino buggy was stolen : ui
holtzer, of West Cain, a M't 1
nt the same time a horse rth
from tho stable of hit ; w.
Holmes. (pte
National Guarl j a
By nil order issued frun. jjig,
lieudqunrters the followii; , ,
officers of the medical il , j i
noiincod: Major Morris IT
to Fourth Regiment. Fir.-:) 1
F. Pottelger, assistant stir.'
Regiment. First Llcuteiw-'gei
quliar, assistant surgeon t re
ment. First Llcuteuant U
assistant surgeon to First ft i
Lieutenant A. F. Ilrnnson.
to Eighth Regiment. I'iw !or
Drumhcller, assistant hi:. fia
Regiment. Tho following; t
placed ou the retired IM:
King, Twelfth Regiment: t
late captain Compuny A, .7.
Daniel P. Packard, lat e I'D "
taut, Flftucnth Regiment. lev
ltl'Klli I His SOU
John Burltett, of Fnui kh.lrri
who was u mute for flvo ) IU
power of speech through i ta
years ngo he was employe! y i
near Bradford and one tiny
Into the tank. Whun he n- tae
Injuries he wus speechless ; i
till Thursday. He was ct.'
bark when hesllpped audi'
lug on u tie. Tho accident JPt(
kett that ho began to. eurw"
little frightened that ho b 19 1
He was so elated and so fear V 1)
again lose his voice that lv &U
und talk to himsoir. Ills he
became stronger, ami tiu )Wt
well ns over ho did. Jm
MIsiimlnrKtnnil an1 a(
A nolghbor Informed Mr-f
worth, residing near Gler0(i
death of a uuar relative. Il
was eotweyed In such f
Hwutsworth supposed ft rei;1 5
baud nnd that he wns tho ' 1
mmo oulamlty. Before tli'
eengcr could rectify the ri Bt
worth sank to the floor, iu J a
rived It was found that ::, n
Mrs. Swutsworth was 5) bJ
leaves a large family. J,
Avoided One Train, KiH' e
John Moran, nged 05 year-j
o- .- il
was strii''J()
' I'y a Jteml jj
ot Alt. carmej,
killed at Aluska
(iicnn Leiiu, .uuiull mm 11 rfii,
train approaching on tho.'1,';
and to get out of its way ft1"'
the express. Ho leaves
children. An
I r
llrnliciunn Killed 1 1 Ut
Howard S. Market, n yns'ilie
rlsburg. died at the hns'H-gU
received on tho Rending I'": tL
il brakemau and lifter turn i a
stopped on tho track nml'f
draft ot cars. j
.....no I...!.. I I I. '
- M
Lost Foot Hill SlC
John Hazdeu, it railway
working in the Glouwood !
when Ills foot was cnuglit M
tpproaohod, uud In order
(iazden threw himself to ou
id thu wheels of tho curs to
Killed oil Ills First ln '
W. A. Sloan, a brake
t frog In the AlloL'h
aman. f 11
lieny f1'
'urds, Pittsburg, und wan Ijpr.
t was nis llrst day ns a nu"
i his llrst day ns a rui"ro
rs of uge aud inarrlfi L
Torturers' Victim' "i,,
15 years
Mrs. Audrew Lock wood, S0
jusnuuii, was ussnuiitm iiu1'
jinskod burglars, b In it cri:
jiur homo iu B dl's Tunnel,
she suffered a relapse.

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