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Of Iron, hearts of oak.
with unfllnnlilnR trend
ijthe noble lathers ldl
f with steady eye,
tnd pare slmpllolty,
mt Rnntly wlnnetb hearts,
ubsll be thy ouly arts.
rrudnnt In the eonndl trnln,
psttntlesg on the buttle tdnlii,
Bendy nt the oountry's need
For ber glorious cause to bleed.
Bo shall Teiieo, n chnrmlnij Rucst,
Dove-like In tliy bosom rest.
Ho stiitll Honor'? stescly bln.n
Beam upon tby eloslu days.
.nnnnnnnronKon cvwn r. 5S" ?J7 v" V
1 urn r w r) t
D yon hear the panther
' last night, Sergeant?"
'asked Tad, the captain's
( son.
41 the sergeant, an he cut
: of a f!!e-l)rnsli with the
i. f the lariat hanging at his
i'I didn't hear it, but it
n?ss. Billy Murphy was
down at Tost No. 12, aud
are walk the length of his
; f
'. there to-night ami fetch
, the boy.
:4er raroly spoke in so post
tner to his younger cora-
hey had grown to be quite
,ds. Ho Sergeant Gore
1 ) trim figure by his side
d as a cavalryman would
iture in the saddle. And
'sod down the long road to
' ja the shingly ledges of
pacthor they had been
was said to prowl at night
r the"eohoes in that fearsome
I a well-born, well-trained
s w who had enlisted in the
ie regular army at a time
(ileus and discouraged, as
1 bother son of a good family.
'I peonliarly attractive to
' Tad admired Gore because
erer than tho others. Gore
, shot and a better horse-
ie was the host wrestler in
i.Bnd there is nothing that
to the soul of the boy as
i, that close struggle of
I tat einbraco of gladiators,
h comes, the triumph of the
inds, the victory of tho un
les and skill.
father, the captain, had
aged an association which
. n pleasure and seemed to
d mora mnuly.
I 't wo kill tho panther, Sor-
. 'ght, and wo might not.
i iu in the troop who wont out
A other camo back iu as.Ung
"jwo paok-mules; and ,ho
( -f off siok-repoi t for three
"frow; see hero, Tad. Get
o ont of your brain! How
jk for mo to risk the cop-
'Oit thero, ou the bluff at
,r tw would I go to the cap-
:ond eiplsin it if "
eft need auy explanation if
rthe panther."
'.would I square matters
iptain whon tho captain's
as lying iu bed and sur
1 r all over him?"
''bice thing to kill a pan-
in-., . , :
' ,a then. "
vlt, are you afraid of hor?"
'vl afraid of auything alive,"
K:geant, calmly.
t ore not afraid, why don't
; 'ft do all tho things we dure
' lor instance?"
" dare tell Higglns, when we
' '.), that I won't mount guard
::hy uo'u't you?"
.,i it is my duty to monnt
lever he details me. lie's
S6u' throw him one timo,"
ii. lrrelevant ly; and then he
, -laugh at the recollection.
a very strong man;
"!y in spring, before uionut-
' t begun, the Boldiors got
nient on the parade-grouud,
' tirderly sergeant challenged
I'wrestle. Tad remembered
. jptauoe, and how the big-
s,d strutted to the eucouu
li.ie two had gripped to tne
art how presently Gore had
I; huge weight on his hip, and
1 he other heels over head iu
weep, and had landed lain
was months ago. Tad
" at the, distant bluff while
- wen, wowing a retreat,
fuu m, - iub attitude ot a
t Jen the rla; came down to
,v oi iuo ovemng gun
, I he made his bed on the
j unpeg porch, and lay there
i-rottha stars till long after
i! j ami again lie caught him
-U.aorosa the bordor-land of
' ad it (Bcemed to him, the
muigiit must have pussed
(Duml for which he waited
'' ears. And thon the sud
It, the stivoge strength of
"' jliov's . cry, startled tho
IliHl fellow till his heart
,;Tho bftlf-human quality of
it,tlded to the terror of it.
j breath carao back, and
daring. And tho next time
l raised he knew the shingly
ii'ihe blii IV were then a prom
Mihe punthor.
I'ght Sergeant Oore was on
tho next after ho was free;
f'Jl asaiii ho wondered
i" iiuiiug; lor ue nau
e uoy suco diuuor-coll.
d Warner were up the
an eight-mule team, and
u ut suudown with a load
'hiiil they had unharnessed
i'I found Hergoaut Gora
,i hid buuk, trying to read
', said tlin T.Afl liliif ait
Tad had calculated the note might
not be delivered until otter dark; aud
he crept nloug the slaty shelves until
ho found a little recess where the
looso earth had been worn away bj
the wind oud tho rain, and ho climbed
down there and backed in. Abont si
foot below was a broad lodge which
reached far around to the right. Hj
lying flat his faoe just came to the
edga of his narrow shelf, while hi
feet were pressod to tho farthest
spaces in his little refuge, lfe pulled
his rifle within ensy reaching dis
tance, and thon looked out aad dared
the panther to come.
(Straight before mm. down tno val
ley, was the fort. He wotchod th
twinkling lights go out iu tho mess
hall, aud kuew the belated tenmsters
had arrived iu camp. And his faith
was so firm in Sergeant Gore that he
never doubled tho Boldior was coming,
l'resently ho heard the dull beat ol
hoofs ou the Ion? road. But it wot
from unshod feot, and not a cavalry
horse. That chilled his courage n
little. And just as he tried to con
vince himself that ho was wrong, and
searched for hope t.mt an army horse
and not a pony was galloping toward
him, a shriek not fifty feet awny rent
the wonderful silence of the hills.
His little body was positively
lifted and shaken with the shock of
it. And then, because he was a cap
tain's son, Ted hammered his baro
knuckles against the stone, and forced
his courage to coine back.
He peered over the edge of his
shelf at the broad ledge below; he
looked straight down thore a hundred
feet to the foot of the bin IT; and he
could not tell for the life of him from
what direction that thrilling cry had
co mo.
Then a pebble was loosed, aud fell
down the bluff, around somewhere to
tho light of Tad's refuge and he
cullod: "Sergeant!"
He heard something rnb gently
against the rocks ou the ledge below,
nnd theu ' another pebble bounded
away; but no strong word of cheer
came iu answer.
In another moment, though his
wide eyes had bean watching all the
time, the panther lay below him. She
kept well to the farther edge. 8ho
saw him, aud seemed gathering for a
spring. It was seconds before he
thought of the ride. Then he fired,
aud she leaped.
He felt her claws strike at him,
and catch again aud again. But he
withdrew far into the little nook, and
there was no foothold for her.
She toppled back, and he could
hear her breathing plainly. Then
Rhe tried again. As she stood on hor
hind feet, her olaws caught in his
clothing, but he fought free; and
time and again she scratched him,
but he did not cry ont.
Once or twice she withdrew het
paw, stretohed very high, and pushed
her black muzzle up till he could see
tho. two red eyes; and he knew the
two red eyes oould very well see him.
But whon she struck she must with
draw her head to give tho paw a
greater reach, and by shifting a little
he conld (lodge her.
But all tho time, as she tiiod foi
him, first with ono fore-paw and then
with the other, hor bind feet were
clawing at tho bluff for a foothold. II
she had found it, she would have lifted
aud have reached him instantly. She
did not find it; but she was looseuiup
soil and stones with every effort, oud
theso were forming a growing plat
form which brought her nearer.
When he knew the next fling r.f s
pnw would reach him ho saw the bare
blond head of Sergeant Gore on the
The back of her head was toward
the soldier, for hor left paw was at the
bosom of Tad's blue coat.
"Cling tight!" said Gore.
And a wonderful thing happened,
Tho sergeant Btepped close to the
panther's Bide, fuoing outward. His
left arm flashed about tho extended
body. He made that splendid ful
crum of his hip. He swung just ouae,
aud swiftly; and the panther went
as Higgins had once gone heels over
head, aud helpless. She Hung both
paws wildly, but alio made uo sou ml
as her dark body shot over tho odge
aud was swallowod up iu tho dark
ness. They listened what seemed a
vary long timo, and heard her strike
at tho foot of tho bluff.
"Great throw!" cried Tad, aud he
crept exultant from his nook, ojid
clambered out whero Sergeant Gore
ooulcl lift him down. But ho had to
bo carried. Wheu it was all over his
sturdy legs refused to boar him, and
he staggered very helplessly. Gore
laid him on tho pine-needles at the
summit, for a few imuntes. And pres
ently they went dowu the long road
to the warm spring, where ho washed
the duet from Tad's faoo aud hand'
aud arms.
Later, they draggnd to tho captain's
porch a monster pantbor, whose vel
vet skiu not a single bullet hud marred.
' But even at that, when Tad saw his
father's whito face,' aud caught tho
wordless welcome of his mother's em
brace, he knew ho had puid for the
panther far more than it was worth.
St. Nicholas,
1 tt the nonnilml 1!
i st: I am up on the
ron i; n't come and get me.
'I pauper will. Xad.
J l"ny was picketed baok
uiuu-i master's store, and
ui umk. a turn of the ropo
nm al'a jaw, leaped to the
and gulloped to tho hills.
ii is caibino, aud a belt of
1 buoklod about him.
' 'ela of his splendid
v i for he loved tho
America In Afi-loH.
Amerieau refrigerating machines,
American pumping machinery, an
American dynamite plant, 150 inilei
of American railroad, luid with Aineri
can rails ou California redwood bleep
ors and American water Hues, ar
some of the Yankee products to bt
seen at the South African mines.
TkuiIiik Uuull,
A Morgan County (Mo.) young mac
has built up a large busiuess iu tame
quail, which he claims are more easilj
raised than chickens and fur uiort
profitable, selling for $i per dozen foi
meat, or at $5 per pair as pets. The
eggs hatch well, either under quail oi
common hens.
Open Proofs of FnndThe Mlrncleq of
Tlinttder, Ufflitttlng nnd 4nll That
Converted Many Lndlcroos Attempt
to Walk on the Water.,
Viewed in the large, two impres
sions survive a study of the history of
the Mormon Church. It is a record
of misguided enthusiasm and of gigau
tio imposture. The two motives in
terwoven in the story of this peculiar
people, presenting a drama of human
nature, sometimes with the sordid,
sometimes with the heroio uppermost.
The cpio of flight of the Saints from
New York to Ohio, from Ohio to Mis
souri, from Missouri to Illinois, and
thence across the unknown plains of
tho Great West into tho mountain
strongholds of tho Rockies, will some
day bo set forth in tho high lights
which it demands. The tale of that
pilgf imago will resound with the ad
jn rations of crafty leaders, tho curses
and blows of hostile mobs, tho pray
ers of multitudes toiling painfully
through a desert wilder less. It will
show designing mon plotting guile in
secret chambers, aud with unabashed
brows exploiting their preposterous
revelations to their followers, ond it
will show the rude shock of disillusion
ment with its bitter frnii of apostacy
and fidelity, and a still more painful
spectacle tho moral decay of a com
munity given over to n religion of
was bmitii riiscEivr.D?
It is not a pleasaut tusk to tear away
the veil behind which stand the pro
phet and his chiefs and expose to their
followers hundreds of thousands of
the grim cynicism of their impostures.
In tho religion of tho Latter Day
Saints, as iu many other false religiou,
has beou lodged a volume of humau
aspiration that one. hesitates even to
seem to assail. Sometimes one won
ders if Joseph Smith, himself, was to
himself the perfect fraud that ho
seems to others. Ho was beaten,
stripped, tarred and ducked, and he
met his doath ot last fighting a mob
with tho courage of a man, if not the
consecration of a saint.
Tho history of the Mormou Church
reads like a great aonspirncy. livery
step in its progress, every stopping
place in its pilgrimage across the con
tinent is marked by somo hugo impos
ture If one could forget tho suffer
ing of its followers, if ono oould stop
his ears to tho cries of tho outcasts,
wanderiug hungry and shelterless
along tho Missouri's banks, to tho
psalms of a brave and cheery people
tenting westward in the wilderness,
one would call it only a dismal, a
dreary ond a sickening recital. But
always iu the background of tho stage,
whero the trickster's red fire is blaz
ing, oue sees devout faces gazing, rapt
as if the vision of the burning bush
was vouchsafed, and tho columns of
wandering religionists marching stead
fastly, as if a flaming pillar was mov
ing before them. These pitiful, duped,
orodulous men and women give to the
recital a deeper interest. They are
human documents telling the ol les
son that error sometimes , takes upon
itself the babilinments of truth.
When Joseph Smith began his work
as prophot, he held little meetings in
tho modost dwelling of Lis parents in
a wood near Palmyra, N. Y., and
sometimes his followers thought they
heard thundering overhead, as if the
Lord was answering their prayers
from heaven, Tho family moved to
Ohio with tho prophet, and wheu the
building was torn down afterward sev
eral cannon balls were found con
cealed under a false roof over the raft
ers. They could be moved by n string
so as to givo forth a rolling sound as
of thunder. AVhat use did Joseph
make of thorn?
The Prophet removed to Kirtland,
Ohio,. and there n "Stake of Ziou"
was established. Prior to that time
missionaries on their way to labor with
the "Lamanites" Indians of the far
West had halted at Kirtland, and
almost instantly had converted Sid
ney Bigdou, who took part in tho com
position of the Book of Mormon, but
who had remained in tho background
while that book was introduced to the
world and the beginnings of the church
were laid. A flourishing . community
was established iu Ohio, oud its ceuter
was a bankiug house conducted by
Joseph Smith and Sidney lligdon. It
was in the days of wildcat banks, aud
the two worthies put a great deal of
doubtful currency into circulation.
But to all who questioned their ubility
to redeem it was shown iu the vaults
a number of hugo copper caldrons,
each with a capacity of a barrel aud
each apparently full of gold aud silver
A revelation came to Joseph Smith
that induced him and lligdon to fly
on horseback at midnight from Zion s
stronghold. The Sheriff had secured
a warraut for their arrest the preced
ing afternoon, ond tho next morning
he sent out after them with an armed
posse. Ho pursued them for 2UU miles,
.ileal- to tho western border of the
State. It was found that tUe caldrons
contained only a single layor of coins;
the rest was suud. Aud the two heads
of the churoli had made away with
$10,000 that did not belong to them.
Another Ohio scene introduces tho
same figures. The time is four years
previous, aud a respected Christian
lady in Clinton, la., who was an eyo
witnoss as a girl, is my authority.
The two mon had been conducting a
iuooessful revival. At an afternoon
ir meeting, ou a clear day, Bigdon
was urging that tho era of miracles
was not yet passed. He pointed to a
largo tree aud said substantially: "If
Uod should strike that with lightning
from an unoloudod sky it would attest
the truth of our religiou," The peo
ple looked at the tree oud he went
Hi. . A little later he repeated tho
itatoment, when, sure enough, there
was o mighty report and the tree wont
Into a, thousand pieces! Some persons
tainted, oud a multitude was ready to
oo converted, but a fow long-headed
men made au investigation and found
that the tree had been blown up by
powder plaaed there the night beforo,
ud that Joseph had operated the
(use. This scene ends like the fore
going, with the two heads of the
church iu flight from the community.
wondering workings of the Prophot.
Twice he essayed to walk upon the
water, in imitation of our Lord upon
tho Sea of Galilee, and each timo the
announcement brought a crowd. The
paraphernalia in each caao was the
same. A platform of planks was se
cretly constructed just uudcr tho sur
face of turbid water, but Providence
intervened in each instance to con
found the plans of the head of the
The first instance was in Western
Pennsylvania, and the spot solected
for the miracle was the still watei
just below the breast of dam. Some
mischievous boys surreptitiously re
moved u plank whore tho pool war
deepest, nnd Joseph, walking forth
on the water with the greatest assur
ance, suddenly disappeared with
loud splash as if the devil in the
shape of some gigantic crustaoean had
pulled him under. The second at
tempt was in Canada, nnd a membei
of tho Baptist Churoh at Evanston,
Canada, who witnessed it as a girl, if
my authority. Iu this instance the
rapidly rnnuiug water had destroyed
the integrity of the invisible platform
aud the Prophet hod a narrow escape
from drowning.
When Joseph Smith died the epoch
of miracles reached its reducio ad
absui-dura. Twenty-five of tho Saint;
had direct revolutions each that he
was to sucoeed Smith. And iu twon-ty-four
instances the Church "turned
down" tho Divine message.
Iron cloth is auuounced.
Oue hundred spoonfuls mako one
The fashion of rouging tho ears hat
been adopted in Paris.
A Louisville (Ky.) man has a little
house dog that chews chewing gum
with a relish.
Bain has never been known to full
iu that part of Egypt between tho two
lower falls of tho Nile.
The last Government census of In
dia showed 170,000 girls, betweonfivc
aud nine years, who are widows.
An entire fatrily in Kentucky hns
been wiped out within the lust nine
yours through death by aooideuts.
Eleven years after burial tho bodj
of a Niagara (N. Y.) womnn was dis
interred aud found to have been petrified.
A ship of only 2500 tons brought
from Pura, Brazil, to Now York City
n cargo of rubber which was insured
for 3,000,000.
A clock is being constructed foi
Liverpool Street Statiou, iu London.
Tho interior of its case could allow
five persous to dine comfortably.
The world's births amount to .30,
7S)J,000 every year, 100,800 every day,
4'300 every hour, seventy every ruin
nte and one aud a fraction overy sec
ond. A New York man claims to bav
shot o crane up iu the Adirondack
that had forty-tivo trout iu its stom
acb, none of which weighed less thau
u pound,
Whon a native of Abyssinia desire!"
to pay a delicato attention to a friend
or guest he produces a pieoe of rook
salt and graciously permits the latter
to lick it with his tongue.
A Calcutta paper contains on no
count of tho workhouse or asylum for
iutlrm beasts oud birds that was es
tablished some thirteen years ua'o by
a society of influential Hindus.
A Chicago gas company has put its
collectors into uniform. The distinc
tive featnro about the dress is the
vest, which is of brilliant yellow, with
the company's name, i'l black letters,
across it.
In remote parts of Sootland the old
Covenantors' love for long services on
the bare hillsides still lingers. At
Dingwall a receut communion service
iu the open air lasted from 10 a. m.
until 4 p. m. (
A squirrel with four distinct tails,
oaoh growiug directly from the body,
was shot by. n hunter iu Chautauqua
County, N. Y., recently. Ono tail,
six iuches long, grew direct from the
spiual columu; two were ou tho left
aud one ou the right side of this, each
being five inches long.
The X-rays, besides-being usod ass
detective for living smugglers, ore
coming into play as a mummy illumin
ator oud will prevent tho Arabs from
palming off plebiau clay as tho genu
ine, if not ouly, daughter of the
Pharaohs, eveu. the amulets on tho
breast beiug plain, ly visible.
Colloc-tliiK American Coin.
"Strange as it may appear," said a
leading numismatio expert of Wash
ington recently, "tho best Aiuori
cuu coins for collections come from
abroad. This is because tho best
preserved coius are those which have
been hoarded. Foreign ship captains
tiro very likely to receive them in the
course of business, aud having diffi
culty iu passiug them iu their native
laud, aro likely to put them aside,
partly as savings aud partly as curi
osities. Years later, wheu tho captain
oud his collaterul' heirs are dead, they
are fished out aud get into tho hands
of dealers. Mauy years ago, besides,
it used to bo tho practice wheu a child
was born to set usido a complete set
of the smaller ooius of that date, and
frequently they were secured fresh
from tho mint. If they were carefully
kept and have beou handed dowu a
couple of generations, they are likely
to havoa premium value," Nov York
lloei-e Aro Kot ArllllerUli.
All of tho Boor troops except the
comparatively fow artillerymen, aro
what in this oouutry would bo termed
mounted infantrymen. They carry no
side arms, mi oh as cavalrymen have,
but depend wholly on their rifles, Tho
Boer artillery service is extremely
poor compared to that of other nations.
Itecently German heavy orduanco ex
ports were engaged to train gunners
and organize au efficient service, but
thoy have not hud time to accomplish
much. That, too, has boon boruo out
strongly in the war thus fur, aud its
future effect will probably be serious
for the burghers. The talk of a sea
port ot this time is a serious drawback
to the Boers. They are unable to ob
tain anything outside of their own
country, oud ore obliged to depend on
their own resources, Chicago Beo-ord.
tlow Bovy of GU Is Mite a Tonne Man
"I hone that fashions1 for women
Save changed since last winter," soid
t young man the other day to the edi-
;or of this page, "lheybave? mots
jood, for I was really made very misor
ihle last cold weather by some of
"You see I boarded in a large horse,
then, where there were numbers of
foung women. I studied them very
juriously, for I haven t ony sisters,
nd I thought their ways rather pleas
int. One thing I noticed particularly
was that the first oool day in the fall
they rushed off oud bought dark frocks
ind got out their furs ond put featu-
srs ou their hats ond looked warm
snd coirfortnble altogether, ond very
attractive, for yon know I like the
winter girl. In the evenings they
seemed to wear a good deal of red, or
some such bright color, oud I tell you
they were pretty.
"All weut well, os the novelists say,
nntil we had some very cold weather.
I come in oue snowy evening to din
nor, wheu the thermometer was near
ero, ond found the dining-room-well,
not overheated. While I was
standing ou the register trying to
thaw out sufficiently to enjoy my soup,
the door opened and in came the girl
who sat next to me ot the table. She
was dressed all in white. Not party
white, but just what she worn in the
afternoons iu summer, pique, I think
they call it.
"It's not good form to comment, so
didn't say a word, but that rustling
of whito stuff made mo feel a thousand
limos colder, just to look nt it. She
chatted unconcernedly enough, but I
bclievo sho was half frozen just the
lamo. As each of the other girls came
iu the dining-room sho looked at my
iivihuui, nmi iuii, luubon a(iiiii, 11 i
i . i i it it . ii.: . . I ..
nUtS USD lUUIlUb Ul DUlUVlUlUg I'll'US-
ant, oud weut on to dinner.
"Would you believe it, the next
evening every young woman in tho
house had ou white or palo blue or i
something summery of that sort. I ve
been trying to discover ever since why
thoy didn't freeze. Each ono when
approached ou the subject averred
Bho'd never folt warmer, but I no
ticed they all kept near the register
and more than onco I heard chatter
ing teeth. I'll tell you this, I Buf
fered, if they didu't, and I hopo I
wou't have even to look at such chilly
subjects this winter.
"Do yon think I will?" ho qucriod,
anxiously; but uufortuuatcly, even a
sister woman cnu hardly prognosti
cate, with any degreo of certainty,
what the members of her sex will do,
sotheyouug man is still unassured.
Baltimore News.
Mldililpmlte r tho Old "Oak Walls."
Among other improvements iu the
li t of war, us attained by the world iu
these later years, is the abolition of
the practice of sending childron to
ea, us was tho case wheu the mid
shipmen of the old "oak walls" of
England often were boys of less thau
fourteen years.
The Marquis of Dufferin and Ava,
in telling about the siege of Bomar
sund, in the Crimean war, which ho
witnessed from the frigate Penelope,
tells this story of one of these little
fellows: "What pleased me most
during the wholo business," ho says,
"was the gallant behavior of o little
midshipman, o more child, twelve or
fourteen years of age. About the
timo wheu the fire became protty hot
I happonod to come across him, aud,
as he seemed to be as luuoh out of a
job ns myself, I touched my cap, and
took the liberty of observing that it
was n fine day, to which he politely
replied that it was. Encouraged by
his urbanity, I ventured to ask him
how long he had been at sea, to which
he answered, 'I have ouly left my
mamma six weeks, but I ain't going
to cry ou Her Majesty's quarterdeck,'
a remark whioh I think as worth re
cording os many a one made by more
illustrious heroes. Soon after this,
however, a man was killed close to
him, aud tho little fellow faintod, aud
was taken below,"
neer Daoes Relented For Neatlng-, Which
Are Jealonely Watched.
The wild duok is apt to be rathf r
(uaint os n mother. She often seem
n have the most singular idea obout
lites appropriate for the nursery.
It is practically on essential for the
voll-boing of her babies that the nur
lery should be close by the water's
tide, for the little ones like to take to
he wator as soon os hatched. They
lave small nre for the land except to
est ou ond they ore rather restless.
Tho water is their element, ond yet
die old mother duck will sometimes
jhoose for her nesting place o spot re
note by more thon o hundred yards
!rom ony water; sometimes she will
;ven choose the humble, but yet eon
iiderablo, height of a pollard willow,
ind how she conveys her young brood
:rom those situations to the water is
ao of those problems of natural his
tory which, like the cuckoo's way of
conveying her egg into a wren's nest,
will probobly go on vexing till the end
of timo.
Thore ore theories in plenty, but no
Titaiuty. And often sho will moke
her nest or lay her eggs, for her no
tions of'nest architecture ore primitive,
in a spot that seems specially selected
or its nbsenoe of cover. And yet do
one cun say that she is not on affec
tionate, even on over anxious, mother.
When you come near her nest ond
ilai tlo hor off it she does not go away,
ns a wise woman would, stealthily, se
cretly, so as not to reveal to you its
existence, hut with a Hutterand a com
motion ond ofteu with an affection of
a broken wing (as if to lead yon off in
pursuit of her rather than leave you
looking for her eggs), that tells you as
plainly as if she had quacked it out,
"I liavo a nest there; please do not go
looking for it but come aud catch me,
I haVe o broken wing." She has a
charming idea of humau simplicity.
Sho has only too many reasons for
hor over-anxiety. It is quite pitiful.
She is a pitiful object herself, os she
goes nbout in hor lame ond incompe
tent fashion. But the real dangers
that menace her young family are
many ond terrible. On shore, os soon
as hutched, or even while still in the
sholl, they ore the most attractive prey
of rats, both gray rats and water voles,
nnd no sooner do they take to the
water than o hungry pike is looking
out to gobble them up or a heron, os
tensibly bent ou fishing, is not at oil
above skewering one of them on his
bayonet beak if it should come his
way. So all theso adequate causes for
most poignant anxiety more, than ex
cuse Mother Duck for her fussiness,
even if they be no excuse for her habit
of pitching her unrsery tent iu sites
that really ore not very eligible.
But this mother has chosen a fairly
secluded spot. For the most part she
will be found sitting closely, if she be
npproaohed with caution, or else will
move just a foot or so from her nest
and romain watching jealously lest her
eggs take any harm. And close be
side her iu the same covert is Mother
Pheasant ou her nest, less suspicious
and more trustful, for she is some
thing of a domesticated person, hav
ing been brought up under a barndoor
hen aud so learning the ways of civiliza
tion. If the wild duck mother could
learn only a portion of her trustful
ness she would bo a more contented
person. Country Life.
Old Map of tho United gtatei.
State Librarian Galbreath has just
Bccured another valuable addition to
the collection of relics at the library,
a map of the United States, made in
the year 179(5. The map was found
in an old book shop at Philadelphia,
and was formerly tho proporty of a
gentleman who was for years iu the
employ of the l-'oderal Government.
It is made from copper plates aud is
mounted on heavy linen. Ou the
chart Ohio is a territory with ralhor
vogue outliues. Cleveland is not to
be found, and Cincinnati is designated
as Fort Washington. Sandusky is
the only city of uuy great promiueucp.
Tho Eustern States aro shown with
substantially tho same boundaries ns
thoy have to-day. Georgia extends
as far West ns the Mississippi Biver,
and tho Southern portion ot Florida
is apparently unknown. Luke Michi
gan is much too narro v and Luke
Huron is far too broad. At tho lower
corner is a curious picture of Niagara
Falls. Mr. Galbreath has discovered
another chart of the United States,
drawn in 1774, ond it will soon be
sent to Columbus. Columbus Jour
nal. Where Learning Went Wrong.
Some Vienna savants were lately
oonfrouted with a language difficulty.
According to tholudopeudauce Beige,
a young girl, unknown, was found
uncouscious iu o street nt Presbourg,
and was oouveyed to the hospital at
Viouna, where ttbo recovered con
sciousness, and begun to speak iu a
language which no one present could
understand, Tho doctors came to the
conclusion that tho young woman was
o native of an Eastern country. Con
sequently some professors from tho
Oriental School were called m, and
they were till agreed that the girl did
not speak o correct language, but o
dialoot. The Professor of Persian
hold that sho spoke a Persian dialect,
ond that he understood it. Another
professor was of the opinion that it
' was an Abyssiniau dialect, A third
I was convinced that it was a Turkish
patois. Sinco the savuuts wi re not
agreed, tho police deemed it necessary
to make inquiries, with the result
that the stranger was proved to be a
Hungarian, who had esouped from a
prison, aud who did not understand a
word of Persian, Abyssiniau or Turk
ish. London Globe,
Our foster nurse of Naturo is re
pose. Shakspore.
Peace rules the day where reason
rules the mind. Collins.
Our hours in love have wings; in
abeonoo, crutches, Colley Cibber.
Wheresoever the search after truth
begins, there life begins. John Bus
kin. Nover regret what you 'can help or
what you cuu't help. Sir Charles
What do wo live for, if it is not to
make life less difficult to each other ?
George Eliot.
Be your character what it will, it
will be kuo.vn; aud nobody will take
it upon your word. ChcBterfield.
Character is tho stamp on our souls
of the free ohoice that we have made
through life of good and ovil. Gci
kio. Our chief want iu life is somebody
who shall make! us do what we can.
This is a Bervico of a friend. Em
erson. Whosoever is satisfied with what ho
does has reached his culminating
point; he will progress no more. F.
W. Boberlsoi).
k By flight alono wo cannot overcome,
but by pationco and true humility wo
become stronger thuu our eucmies.
Thomas a Kompis.
Thore is iu man a higher than love
of happiness; he can do without hap
piness and instead thereof find bless
edness. Thomas Carlyle.
Our ideals are framed, not according
to the measure of our performauces,
but according to the measure of our
thoughts. A. J. Balfour.
When you find yourselves overpow
ered, as it were, by melancholy, the
best way is to go out and do some
thing kiud to somebody. John lia
ble. Though the star should be quenohed
in o moment forever, it is good that
the star should shine its brightost to
the last. This is the instinct of the
brave and healthy heart that is faith
ful to its truest impulses. Phillips
flearrhllKUt at Vlre.
The New York Fire Department
will soon have os part of its equip
ment a complete electrio searchlight
plant on wheels, whioh will otteud
fires with tho other apparatus, and, it
is expected, will perform au important
part in saving life and property. The
starchlight will bo used to illiiininato
dark parts of tho street oud aid the
ineu iu laying hose, erecting ladders
nnd also to light up the fronts of
buildings where people may be in
danger, and to throw light into tho
buildiugs themselves to aid the fire
men in their work. The apparatus
will resemble o fire engine in appeur
ance, oud will consist of o boiler, o
direct-coupled engiue and dynamo
aud two searchlights, eueii with an
eightoen-inoh projecting lens. The
lights can be used either from too
machine itself or curried to any
conveuieut point, couueotiou boii
maintained by meaus of llexiblo etc
Lies. Ti'oolrioul Beview,
The Hiavsnly Record. Luke y. 27; Rev. FA
1-5. (A New Year's Muehng )
Pcrlpftire Versru. Mat. III. 1(1: Krrl.
l. 9: Matt. x'l. M: xvl. 27 21: rr: ,11,
32; Horn. 11. xlv. in, 12; 2 Cor. v.
It); Meb. Ix. 27; Jude l:; Itcv. xvl. 5-T;
xx. 12, J.I; xxll. 12.
Our very thoURht, word, and drv-d Is
entorpd In tin" book of Ood's record.
Think of It! All the prood and the hid;
the kind and thp cruel: the thnuehtful
and the careless! All to he revealed
In the last dnv; snd the blood of Christ
Is the only thins; that ran ever blot out
a single record of evil.-
If you should bo rnlled this moment
to Judgment, would your name be
found In the book of life? would It b
confessed before the Father and his
nnsjels? Not unless you are now con
fessing; ChrlFt before men.
When the leaves of the book shall bJ
FIvery soul shall kr.nw what It hnth
And whosoever shnll have wrought an
atom's wilglit of Kond shall be
hold It.
And whosoever shall have wrourht
an atom's veiKht of evil shall
behold It.
From the Koran.
Kvery man. says a Turkish allepory,
has two nn.Tcls, ono on the rlKht
shoulder and another on his left.
When he does anythlnK K"ol, the an
Kol on the rlRht snuldrr writ.- It down
nnd seals It, because what Is done lit
donp forever. When he docs evil, th"
anirel on the left shoulder vrltes It
down. He waits till mldnluht. If be
fore that ttrr.o the man h-'U-s down his
head, and ex Inlms. "(Jtn'-'ous Al!:h:
I have Hlnneti: forgive nic!" the angel
rubs It out: atvl If not. at midnight he
seals It, ond the angel upon the right
shoulder weeps.
The grent stone book of Nature re
veals many strange records of the
past. In the red sandstone there are
found marks which are clearly the Im
pressions of showers of rain, and
these so perfect that It can even be
detected In which direction the show
er Inclined: snd this, age ago. Even
so sin leaves Its track behind It. and
Hod keeps n faithful record of all our
C. K. Gospe, Hymns. 36, 1S3, 175, 121,
1. 172.
Cospel Hymns, 1-4. .US, 79, 233, 377,
t. 97.
enm In California.
San Francisco Chronicle: It is a well
known fact that several hundred dia
monds of commercial size have from
time to time been found In connection
with gold placer workings In certain
portions of this Btate. Within twelve
months twenty-seven stones have been
found In one placer mine on the Feath
er river, all but one being In the rough
and globular.whlle tho twenty-seventh
showed a well defined crystalline struc
ture. The largest of these weighed
but a single carat, and the small octa
hedral brilliant weighed but a quartet
of a carat, hut all were stones of purs
water. The recent discovery of zlcron
sands close to the limits of Oakland
has already been announced In the
Chronicle, but the discoverer Is not yet
prepared to define the locollty, prob
ably for commercial reasons. Neai
Manvel, San Bernardino county, tur
quoises have been found which In color
and quality sumass the Oriental gems.
There are little Industrial ecmnr
ties In Bmall Massachusetts towns that
are practically without any work to
do as a result ot the policy of the
trusts In closing down the smaller or
the less pretentious mills. Tho public
nas heard but little of these cases, as
generally the mills ore not large
enough to secure much notice in any
single case. Boston Advertiser.
ri.orn niiito. lieHtriit. &n
llluli flrn.le Kxtrn 00
WHKAT-No. Sited 71 72
COll.N No. a White 35 a
(lain Southern i, 1'ena... 2H : 9
II YE No. 2 f 5
II AY Choice, Tiini.lhy.. 1160 1.1 U0
flood to l'riuio '.. 1:160 MO I
M1IAW live In ear Ids.. IS B0 14 00
lVhent Itl.'.i-ks 7 00 7 M
Ontllloeks '.100 1150
cann fd noon.
TO.MATOES-Blnd.No. at 70
No. 2 81
I'KAH Stnudurds 1 10 1 40
HeeomlH HO
COliX Dry Tuck HO
II olst 00
cm s i n: us im,' of n
City Cows 9'. in.1.;
rOTATOIX liirlniiilN..t rtf 40
hoo ntonucTS-siiis.1 t 7
Clear ribsldus 7 7.1,'
Hums 10,'j Ilia
Mess Pork, pur bar 10 50
T.AItll CrmlH 4
llt-Ht refined 7
Mime a.
BUTTEIl Fine Criny....O 2 . J
t inier Fine 27 W
CrenuiHry llolls 2S 39
CIIEF.HFi N. Y. Fancy. ,. H l!l
N. Y. l-'laut l:l",' 14
bklin CIuhwh,. ., 6.' 7.',
EOOH Hint f 20 m lit
North Carolina IS IV
Ducks, pr tt bi
TOnACCOMd. Inter's.. 150 if 150
Hound eominuu 3 ''0 4 50
Middling sO.I lOU
liuiey 10 ill 120 J
PF.FF Beel Beoves 4 20 9 470
Blll' l'.P .' U 50 4 2S
llog-s 4 40 4 60
runs AMD KINS.
M UBK1IAT 10 9 11
IliiueooD 40 45
Bed Fox )00
rkunk lllm-k. . HO
llluk HI
Oitur 100
FLOUR Southern t M 4 20
WHEAT Nn. iillad 7S 74
HYt Westuru til 6i
coiiN No, ; a t
OA1H No. S - Hi
BUTTKU Stato Id S5
F.OOH Htuln 24 26
CIIKliHE tttiito IV-t IS
FI.OUB Southern... . ,. t5
WIIKAT No. illtod 71 Tt
OOltN No. 0 7 88
OA'I No. a St S
BUTl'lilt Stale 20 IW
1.006 yeans ft aO i

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