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MlssUuth liurfss, of V'oit r,(i(lcn, 1
has beon HiM'iiilinjf the hili(l;iyn with :
Mlsn Hens Trout. , I
Miss IMx lloliinson of t'liihwlclpliia ;
ciuiip homo to Hpond ( nrixtmus wnn
tier pti rents Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Rob- j
inson of this place. I
Hurry Dawncy and daughter were :
gupsts of Mr. and Mrs. Abrum Kim-
y an last Friday. I
John Oukmun and wife spent last j
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. .John Strait, i
Miss Kloise Trout of tlm U. S. IYiv
lon otlloe, Plttsburd, Is visit injf her
mother, Mrs. K. C. Trout of near this
pi ace.
Miss Mamie Skinner, of St. Joseph's
Academy, . KnmiilHhurg, Is spending
the holidays with her parents, Capt.
and Mrs. Geo. V. Skinner at Hit,'
V'Uve laiinery.
ICdward Kelsner, James Kendall and
Misses Gertrude Hoke, Hhinrhc John
ston, Minnie lie-inner and Gertie Sipes,
"C. V. S.N." students from this coun
ty, are all home for their holiday va
cation. Mrs. B. O. Cattlett, of Thompson
township, has been spending 'several
days with her daughter, Mrs. A. V.
Little, of this place.
llev. Charlie Fittman, a l'rineeton
Seminary student, Is spending his
holiday vacation with his mother and
sister in this place.
Mrs. J. C. Conierer, of Thompson
township, accompanied by her son,
Wilbur, spent some time the past week,
with her mother and sister, Mrs. Sur
ah and Miss Klla Fittman.
Vincent Ash, u student of the Medi-eo-Chi
school, of Philadelphia, Is
spending his holiday vacation with
his parents, lie v. und Mrs Ash of this
W. W. Douglass, an ex-teacher and
successful farmer of Thompson, was
in town last Thursday.
Harvey Comerer and wife, of ';1inmi-
Bfin tnwnshln. unont. Kntiirilnv nWrlif
and Sunday as the guests of Uu.-j.
aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac
Hull, of this place.
Our good natured friends, I'. V.
Kline and II. P. Schooley dropped in
to see us a minute last Thursday.
Mr. und Mrs. N. H.Kvans, of Thomp
son, spent last Thursday iu McCon
nellsburg. V.. 11. Daniels und J. C. Hrewer, of
Thompson township, were county seat
visitors last week.
Isaac Litton, of Iowu, Is visiting his
brothers In Thompson township.
Miss Millie Huston, of Clear Ilidgo,
recently spent a few days visiting her
aunts, Misses Klla and Annie Irwin,
of this place.
('has. W. Mock, of Coleta, 111., for
merly of this county, spent part of lust
week visiting his many friends in the
Cov;-. Charlie Is an excellent young
i. n.
Miss Mary Deshong and Miss Nel
lie Daniels, of Patterson's Hun, were
pleasant callers Saturduy.
Niss Myrtle Stouteagle, of Liboniu,
spent Chrlstmus with friends on this
side of the mountain.
. Lewis H. Wible and fuinily spent
Christmas out ut Green Hill with the
family of Jumes A. Stewurt.
Mr. and Mrs. IJallzer Decker, of
Licking Creek township, ate their
Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Stech, of this place.
Miss Maggie Oaks, of Elimsport,
Pa., Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. I. II.
Shaffner, of this place.
Hon. W. S. Alexunder made a trip
to Wells Valley, Tuesday &nd Wed
nesday. Sylvester Deshong, of Morrellsville,
Cameron county f spent several days
the past week visiting his uncle and
aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Clevenger
of this place. Mr. Deshong Is a son
of the late Jacob P. Deshong and hus
been absent twenty-four years. Of
course, Mr. Deshong notes a great
many changes In both persons and
places that have tuken place during
his long absence.
Did Kris Kinklo bring you a
That "silently falling snow" is
very slow, don't you think?
Wilbur Mills, who has been
working on tho P. R. R., is takiug
a vacation at home.
E. A. llortou, ono of our up-to-date
school directors, visited our
school one day last week.
. Scott Shore, a student of the
University of Pennsylvania, is
taking a two weeks' vacation with
his parents.
Will Hunter, who is teaching j lie property. The cuse in which the
school in Huntingdon county, i '-iiu wus rendered wns one in
came to his old homo to spend W'li,'h U'" I' M t.V owner sued a tele-
1 phone company for cutting oil the
CllMHlUHW. .. i limbs of his trees.
Dr. C. A. R. Mf.Cl.iin, of Cass- , Tho Key8lllll(l Sunday school work
V'ille, spent Sunday with friends j ers outnumber those of every other
in our hamlet. ; state. They are u mighty host in
Dr. J. R. Huuter and family, of i 1)(,ai ly l0'000 wl'""'".' with 1iio,oimi
Lewistown, are spending a few ! t''m'lu','s ',,,U!,,,H' ,l,ul 1'ai0'(l"0
, . ... i members. At tho recent stute com en-
days among their many friends Uolli iu It(.U(1intr, the reports from
in this section, every county showed largo gains dur-
Those of our townspeople who j ikf the year in every movement, arous
were fortunate enough to attend l"U f''cut enthusiasm und leading to
the Christmas entertainment at I ''l'a,01,11llu"" for, the, un'- Som,!
,. , , . ... ., stutes, like Illinois, still lead lu cor-
the Wells Tannery Mission S. S. ; toIn dl,lmi.tlmmUi 1)llt, , lht.H0 tho
were much pleased with the ex-, splendid gains of Pennsylvi uiu work
ercises, which certainly were ' crs ur more Bignlllcunt. Hotter still,
fin0i ! nothing was done for mere rivalry,
Commissioner, John Stunkard, lmZ 8un?a "hoJ
, , , ... , ulatlon all over the state from 23 per
who has been sick for a while, we 1 wlltt tlie BVUI.atro to ro 1H)twnt., as It
are pi id to learn Is convalescent. 1 is in several counties.
"Finn woatlior wo'ro having,"
jH ivniill'k of I'Vory line WO
Isabel Mollott, wlio lias
been ill for some time, is recover
Epliraim Hart is still unwell,
D. S. Uurlaml and his brother
Simon assisted KeV. May to
butcher a "jL'." pound porker ono
(ay asj. veek. Tin "Squire"
thought that he also had a big
one, and offered to bet that it
would "go" a certain figure; but,
lo! when tin.' animal was "weigh
ed in the balances" it was found
wanting by more than a hundred
' pounds. Guess again, 'Squire.
Mrs. Beu Martin and Mrs.
Eliza lloopougardner are visiting
friends in Washington this week.
Miss Blanche, Mellotthas been
spending some time with her sis
ter, Mrs. Thomas Starr of Crys
tal Springs.
Quite a number of our young
folks attended tho Christmas tree
at Cedar Grove, and report a good
Harvey Sharpc spent Christ
mas at his home in Thompson
An interesting entertainment
was held iu the Lutheran church
at Big Cove Tannery last Satur
day evening.
Among the number of our
young friends who are enjoying
their holiday vacation are, Misses
Blanche Johnston, Mame Skin
ner, and Messrs G. G. Chambers
; "I'd . I. II. Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. William McDow
ell, u fjtfhmsU-r, together .with
some other frieuris, took dinner
at J. W. Johnston's on Tuesday.
W: are glad to note tho improve
ment in Mrs. Johnston's health
W. N. Stewart, Webster Mills's
efficient teacher, spent Christ
mas at his home near Ilarrisou
ville. R. M. Johnston, who has been
in Lawrence and Allegheny coun
ties the last few years, is now
home on a visit, ,
D. M. Kendall, wife and daugh
ters attended the church wedding
of Miss Rose Troup, Mrs. Ken
dall's sister, near Hagerstown,
at high noon, yesterday (Wednes
A very hot iron should never
be used for flannels or woolens.
Calicoes, ginghamsand chintzes
should bo ironed on the wrong
Clothes lines are made mnch
more durable by boiling for ten
minutes before they are used.
Table linen should be ironed
when quite damp and ironed with
a very hot and very heavy iron.
Embroideries should be ironed
on a thin, smooth surface over
thick flannel, and only on the
wrong side.
Linen may be made beautifully
white by the use of a little refin
ed borax iu the water instead of
using a washing fluid.
Wash fabrics that are inclined
to fade should be soaked and
rinsed iu very salty water to set
the color, before washing iu the
Irons should not be allowed to
become red hot, as they will nev
er retain the heat properly after
ward. A decision thut will be of Interest
everywhere in these days when tele
phone eompanys are planting poles
everywhere and where It becomes nec
essary at times for linemen to chop
the limbs from trees ulong the roud
side in order to keep the wires from
coining in c.ontuct with the brunches is
the one in w hich the supreme court has
just decided that the shade trees iu
front of u mini's residence belong to
him, ulthough they be located on pub-
The Klrker Went Aliont Ijinlln Ilia
Protput In n II n Out I noon vrntionnl
Mniincr, but tli (hnmpn Are He
Hot AVhnl He Wnn After.
"Yes," said the tall, loose jointed
man at tho telephone, "that's tho num
ber I wnnt 229."
"Double two nine?" queried the
Voice at the central ofllco.
"Well, I don't know that donble two
nine is any "better than the plain, or
dinury two, two, nine, bnt if yon Insist
on that stylo suppose wo say double
two dingle, nine and get It exactly right.
Hello I Is that Spotcash & Co. 'h ?"
"Yes," responded tho voice ut the
other end of tho wire.
"Is Mr. Hpotcnsh inT"
"Is It something important? Ho is
much occupied. "
"So urn I. Yes; it'su mutter of some
importance, and I want to talk to Mr.
Spotcush personally. Yes; I'll hold the
wire that is, I'll hold the phone"'
"Hello I" Knapped somebody at this
"Hello 1 Is that Mr. Spotuum?"
"Yes. Who is itV"
"Yon are the head of the firm of
Spotcosh & Co., nro yon not?"
"Yes," wus tho impatient unswer.
"What do you want? Who are yonK"
"Owilliams, 111).') Pumpernickel
street. I want to enter n complaint."
"Whnt about?"
"I bought an icebox ut your store a
few days ago, and''
"Cull Tip the household goods depart
ment, confound yon ! I have no time to
spare to look after such things."
"Yon'vo got as much time, perhaps,
as I have. I haven't any complaint to
mako to tho household goods depart
ment. The head of tho firm is the man
I want to talk to. I bought an icebox
at your store a few days ago for $1(1.75.
I might huvo got it cheaper somewhere
else, bnt that isn't the point. Having
bought it und paid for it, I hud a right
to expect it to bo delivered within a
reasonable timo und in fair condition,
It didn't come for four days, und when
it did como"
"Say, yon, I employ men to hear
complaints of this kind"
"I have no tino for them. Yon'ro the
responsible mini of the house. Tho sys
tem is yours. If it doesn't wcrk smooth
ly, it is your fault. When that icebox
camo four days ul'ter purchase, ono of
the castors was iiiisHiiijr, the varnish
was scraped off the outside surface in
more than a dozen plaee.-i, and it looked
as if it had e,ono through a hard season
at a cheap boarding house"
"If there's anything wrong with it,"
roared Mr. Kpotcush. "send it back! (I
can't take np my time"
"Stand a little farther uway from
tho phono, Mr. Spotcush. Your voice
Bounds 119 if yon had your month full
of miudied potatoes"
"Who tho devil are yon?"
"I think I nave yon my nnme and
address O Williams, 1 195 Pumpernickel
street, next door to Lnzurns J. Hpill
horn. Yon don't know me from a
stuffed alligator, bnt yon may have
hoard of Spillhorn. Don't you allow
yourself to tfet hot, Mr. Hpotcash, over
an icebox. Tho incongruity of such a
thing ought to he uppurent even to the
head of an overgrown junkshop"
"If you were here, sir, I should kick
yon out of my office"
"Yon wonld probably need some help.
If that icebox hud simply been defaced
a little, I shouldn't have niado any fuss
about it, bnt tho (stupid ass you sent to
deliver it"
"Haven't yon sense enongh, yon in
fernal idiot, to know that I don't look
peruonally after the little detuils of a
business amounting to millions of dol
lars a year?"
"If yon don't grasp every detail of
that business, you Cheap John notion
peddler iu a gilt binding, you r.ro not
tit to be tho boss of it! Don't try to
crawl out of tho responsibility by
throwing the blamu on some boy. If
that icebox had simply been defaced a
little, I repeat, I shouldn't have made
any fuss about it, bnt the fellow you
sent to deliver it didn't lmvo uny more
sense than to tumble it on tho side
walk" "Bring it buck, blank you"
"Look horu, Spotcush, thut won't do,
yon know. You i:vo not iillowed to talk
in that stylo over tno telephone. Exer
cise a little coiimiun sense, SKtuush.
You know it im't my place to bring
thut icebox buck. Tho proper thing to
do, yon thirty-third degree haberdasher
and toy vendor, -is to send mo a new
Icebox und tuko the dumuged one
buck" ,
"Yon blank fool, do yon think you
can toll mo" '
"Aguin lot me tell yon, Spotcush,
not to nso such language over tho tele
phone. Some remote ancestor of yours
may possibly huvo been u gentleman.
Try to emulate him, Spotcush. In the
meantime please accept the assurances
of my distinguished consideration, and
the icolsjx will remain iu my dwelling
subject to yonr order. If it is replaced
properly and within u reasonable time,
you will not hear from mo again. If it
isn't, I nhnll call yon up, Kpotcash, per
sonally ii dozen times u day through all
the public telephones iu town. I have
not tho pu'.ienoo ti call at your store to
make tho complaint. Your system of
milking exchanges is too complicated,
und I believe iu going to headquarters
with all kicks apyhow. Never ulbw
yourself to think. Spotcush, thut yon
uro too big a man to listen to u com
phtiut from your meanest customer. I
think that's all. Good morning. Spot
cash I" Chicago Tribune.
Good I.eMMtiii Hiirly l.iurnel.
"Tweuty!-0ve cents wns tho founda
tion of m.r fortune."
"Who ga.V It to youV"
"Nobody. l tried to borrow It und
couldn't' Cilca go Uecord.
Dr. Jumes lllden, who resigned his
position of principal of the State Nor
mal school at Lock Haven, was ten
dered a reception a few days ago ly
the faculty and students. Tho students
presented Dr. F.iden with-a beautifully
upholstered Turkish rocker and tho
faculty gave hii i tin elegant Hruziliuu
onyx clock, 1 r. Klden and family
ure to take up ( ieir residence in Shlp
pensburg short I ' until improvements
are made on tl farm recently pur
chased by him i ar that borough.
i (
The tfood people of Fulton County are now invited
to come and see
The Beautiful Store
which I have now completed and filled to overflowing
with all kinds of CHRISTMAS GOODS, such as
China Dishes, Fine Vnses, Glusswure,
Queensware, Tinware, Albums,
Toilet Cases, Lamps, Clocks, Watches,
Cutlery, Silverware, Jewelry of all kinds,
Fine I'Yuined Kngravings, Fine Mirrors all sizes,
Toys, and Everything in the Fancy Goods line.
These goods will be sold just as low as at any place
in the East. I Will Not be Undersold. " Come
and see my store. It is worth seeing. I will be glad
to show you the goods; and will do so as freely if you
don't buy as if you do. Thanking you all in advance
for your patronage, I am,
Yours, truly,
Goldsmith, the Tailor.
A meeting is in progress at the
Dunkard church in Uelfast township.
George Kauffman, of Pleasant Kidge,
hud the misfortune to saw the end off
of ono of his fingers while getting out
shingle wood, a few days ago.
Henry Strait reports a plousant trip
to Williamsport.
Fresh goods received almost dully
at Hobinson's grocery. Everything
fresh and good.
Dr. W.Frank Skinner, of Chambers
burg, has been uppointed physician
ot the Scotland Industrial School, to
succeed Dr. J. J. Coffmun, and will
ussume the duties of tho position on
Juuuury tlrst next.
Tho ladies of the Waynesboro Pres
byterian church were requested by the
pastor, llev. Hogg, last Sabbath even
ing to remove their hats, so that men
in the rear of the church might see as
well us hour. The request was gener
ally complied with.
Alex. M. Linn, of Harrisburg, con
ductor on tho C. V. 11. 11., has pur
('bused the Hoke property on Fast
Market street,' 'hainborspu:'g, for
Hy George A. Sheldon, a Lake
Shore station ugent, who died the oth
er duy, Philip D. Armour says he was
done the greatest service of his life.
"1 was for four days a brakeman un
der him, when ho was a conductor,"
says Mr. Armour, "and he told mo I
was too much of a fool ever to make a
good railroader."
At u large congregational meeting
of the Falling Spring Presbyterian
church, Chamborsburg, u ununimous
cull wus extended to Rev. Luther
Outer of Deleware City, Del., to be
come pastor of the church. Kev. H.
H. Schenck, the former pastor died in
June 1898, since which time the con
gregation has been without a regular
The Chumbersburg Repository Is
making another big improvement in
the purchase of u new Campbell print
ing press which will enable thein to
print their paper much more rapidly
than formerly. The press weighs ten
tons. Prosperity has surely murked
Repository for Its own and we tender
hearty congratulations.
We have just received a large
line of late style mid-winter millinery,
ut greutly reduced prices. We have
all the latest shapes in felt, chepille,
and velvet: tho prices ranging from
twenty-live cents to $2.50.
Our trimmed hats are something
grand, and consist of Baltimore, New
York and Philadelphia styles.
We have all kinds of trimming,
such as feathers, llowers, birds, wings,
aigrettes, buckles, and other orna
ments. We have beautiful silks, sutins, und
velvets for waists.
Ribbons from 2 cents u yard up.
Luces In all widths 2 cents up. Veil
ing 20 cents a yard. Handkerchiefs
5 cents to 2". Tetlow's Complexion
Powder 10 cents. Perfume S cents a
bottle, lieauty Pins all prices. Cor
sets from 2" cents to 1. Jet trimming
! cents a yard to 15, Chilton, stamp,
ed linen, braids, swansdown, feather
stitched braid, bustles, hose, neck and
belt buckles. No trouble to show
goods, come und see them.
Yours respectfully,
Mrs. A. F. LITTLE.
Mct'onnellsburg, Pu.
A ; ) n t ! I ; b .1 : k. r i . Loudon
Passenger, Freight and
Express Line.
R. C. McQuade, Proprietor.
LeuvliiK MeC'omiellxbum m rj:H0 o'clock, P.M.,
iimkluK oouueullon Willi uf loruoou trulu ou
Hi'luniliiK leuvu Fort London on the urrlvul of
Hie eveiiinu tiulu on H. R l. u.
I uni iirepurvd lo eurry iiuNNiinuera und ex
pirns to inuUti eouuuctlou wltli ull truluw at J-'t.
Fashionable Barber,
One Door Eust of "Fulton Houko,"
FlMt-nluiK Sliiivlnu und Hulr Cuttlnif,
l.'leuu towel lor every customer.
; 1 1
: i.
! I I
I (
! I !
; i
; ( '
-1 1
'v I !
i I
I '
- I.
i i
; i
i '
; :
) i
y t
Also thut we lmve lots of
X X-mas Presents
Handsome Brass and Onyx
Tables and Lamps
Over 400 Framed Pictures
from 25c up to $10.
Marseilles Quilts,
Over 400 Rugs,
AlljUiuds, sIzcm and jirlces
Lace Curtains,
I'Vuni Boo to ;H fs. w pi r uulr.
X Fine Tapestry,
Chenille and
Silk Stripe Curtains.
4. Kor Portieres from to in.M iicrnr.
f Tapestry and
Silk Table Covers.
X " dozen Carpet Sweepers from
U.zr, to $:j.oo..
Carpets, Oil-Cloths,
X Linoleums,
X Window Shades and
Wall Papers
X Kver offered in the Cumberland
1 After January 1st, 1000, Cur- j
pets will bo from fie, to loc per
T yaru niner thun they are now
so buy now und suve money.
X 54 S. Main street.
License Notice.
It In unlcred tlmt ull ui)lloutl(mK for llecnsos
for tho wile of vinous, spu-itous, mult, or brew
ed ll(Uon. wholusule or rulull, for tho yeur
liKKi, will be liKiml ou Tuesrtuy, the fllh dii'y of
Juuuury, imi. ut ID o clock u, in., ut wiiKii
time ull litTMiMK miplyilm' or lliuklliK ohjoellolis
to uiiiilliuitloiiN. will he heurd hy evidenee. pe
(Itiou, rt-iiionstrunee or oounsel. 'I'here must
ne no coimiiitDloullon ut uuy time with tho
JudeH iH-rsomtlly upon the r.ubjeel. by letter
or uny other prtviile wuy.
The petition, vori'.led by u llhluvlt of .ipplk-unl.
hhull be In eoiirormlly wllh the i'ciuirciiifuls
ot the ueu of Assembly. .liidKim-iit homl slmll
be exuouted Iu the penul :.mu of if.nni, wllh uo
UwKihuii t Aoreputuble freeholilersof the coun
ty us Nin-etleH, eueh of tin m to be u bonu lido
owner of reul estute lu Ihe i ouni y of l-'ultou
worth, over uud ubove ull IneiimiiniiieeN, the
sum of if:.'iKi. Ilond eoiKlitloi.ed for the fiiiih
ful observiilu-.e of ull the Iiiwh rehlllliK to the
selllnitor furiilslilntr of liiiuors, und to puy ml
cliiMnik'es which shull be recovered ukuiiisi the
licensee, uuil ull coku. Hues uud pen titles
which limy be Imposeii ou liiin uudcr unv Indict
meul for violin inn s.ild luns; uud the sureties
may be required to appear In Court uud justify
under oath.
The Court shull in nil ouses refuse tho uppli
cutiou wlieue'er, In the opinion of the Courl,
huviiiK due ret.'url loilie uumberuud ehunieter
of the pellliouern for uud uifuiust the applica
tion, Kueh lieeuse In not necessary for tiie uc
comuioiluLioii of the public und eiucrtulumcnt
of straui.-erNuud truvelcn., or that the appliouni
is not u 111 peion to w hum ,tieh lleeuse sho.ild
be NTUiited.
Petliioiis to be tiled Willi the Clerk of tho
Court not luter llpm Mouilay, the Ihth duy of
December. IMHI, Olijeetious uud reuionstrau
c.es to lie Hied not luter than Tuesduy. ihe 'nil
(luyof Juuuury, m. Upou snnieleut cause bc
Iuk showu or protit hetuKinade to the Courl thut
the purty holdiuit lieeu.e has violated unv luw
of the Commouweulth rcluliiu' to Die Mile of
liquors, the Courl shall, upon notice beinit kIv
on to the person licensed, revoke the lleeuse.
Hy the Com I.
Attest; i j,
HUNK 1. LYNCH, Clerk (J. S.
Nov. 1H. iml.
All kinds of Job Printing
promptly and neatly executed
at the office of The Fulton
County News,
To Start the Fall Se
Boots for fall. A specially
fine whole stock kip $2.75
Li;ht weight calf dress
boot $2,75
The famous "conductor"
boot $2,00
The "Mohawk" boot $,169
A .nice light split boot
at $1,49
H O Fairs of Large Cottd
kets at 49 cents
7: t &$ X4nV UUUllf
Men s and M
Notice !
Our Price for the Suit 4.50.
warranted fast black. If you
traveled the country over you
wouldn't find the equal of this
value, for it is worth 4.00.
Our price $2
A special drive in an
Extra fine trimming-, French fac
ing, elegantly tailored, and will '
suit the most particular man.
Our special price is only 10.00.
A pretty child's suit, 75 cents.
A good
,. Men's underwear, 25 cents.
Ladies' soft fleece lined heavy unden
Children's union suits soft fleece lined,
Ladies' beautiful
fer. -4th
A woman's htii
Heavy sch
misses, 13-2, f
shoes, 9-12, 1;
An odd lot.
ladies' flexible
worth 3.00 fl'
to st
suit f

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