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Eugene L. Packard, of the HnMnsnn In
estment and Security Company, of New
York, wn sentenced to eighteen months 1
prlsoumout In Sing Sing for unlaw fully lining
the malls. ,
Judge Sanborn, of the I'nlted States Clr
fiult Court lu St. Paul, Minn., discharged triw
KHvm of the Northern Paelllo Hullroud
By th.) will of the lotn Daniel Sharp Kurd,
of the Youth's Com pun Ion, the Baptist Social
Union comes Id for a large bequest.
The stock and plitnt of thu Charles Helscr
Shoe Company, at Hanover. Fa., win de
stroyed by lire.
John T. Whitehead, a weulthy Virginia
farmer, died at lilt home, neur Bay View.
Charles L. like, one of thu orlgtual Free
Boilers, died lu Bt. 1' nil. Mlnu.
C. B. Turner was murdered at liU borne,
near Ferguson's Wuurf, Va.
Comptroller of the Currency Puwe nay
the general financial condition of t tin country
Is sound and stable, and there la nothing to
indicate a recurrence of the recent flurry.
. A strike ot miners In the bituminous ooal
regions of Pennsylvania Is threatened. The
men want a general Increase of thirty per
ent. in wages.
The Panama Canal Company of America,
with an authorized capital ot !)0,O0..l,OOU,
was incorporated In Trenton, N. J.
The trustees of the Northlleid Seminary
have allied for a fund of t.0 0.000, to carry
on the work of the late Dwight L. Moody.
Ooveruor Mount, ot Indlnun, said a suit
would be brought aguinst Hie Staudsird Oil
Company under the anil-trust iaw.
The Duke, tobacco inun, bavu bought W,
000 acres of land lu Florida, which will be
diluted lu touacco.
Two hundred and ninuty-nlne textile mills
were constructed or contemplated during
tbis year.
The first annual convention of tie Feder
ation of Graduate Oiuos win begun lu Nuw
Martin Shirley's lnrge barn, near Massa
UUUen, Va., was destroyed by Ore.
Popular subscriptions for the Lawton fund
have panned the 431,000 mark.
Frank D Cole killed his wife and shot him
self In Springfield, Ohio.
A big bluz In Fort Wayne, Ind., oaused
loss of t'JOO.OOO.
The John P. Love.lI Arms Company, of
Boston, assigned to Charles B. Barnes. It
Is one ot the largest sporting goods bouses
la the country, and the failure Is the result
of the collapse of the Globe National Bank.
Judge Morris, In Toledo, O., dissolved an
injunction restraining strikers from patroll
ing the works and uccoktlng employes, the
Jndge declaring that the strikers had a right
to urge the workmen to come out.
The eighth annual meeting ot the Ameri
can Jewish Historical Society began lu Now
York. Dr. Hollander, of Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, read a paper.
J. J. Frey and Oeneral Manager Yookum,
ot the Ht. Louis and Han Francisco Itallroad,
taught over fifteen thousand acres ot ciuu
land iu Arkansas.
A rot, following a negro cake-walk, took
fiutce on a street car lu Morrisunio. One
man was killed and two were diiugerously
Handwriting experts gave additional testi
mony at the trial lu New York ol Moilueux.
charged with poihonlug Mrs. Adams.
Clyde H. Wallace, a clerk lu the Cnlted
Mates sub-treasury at Chicago, wus arrested
on the charge ot stealing S.5.U00 iu gold.
The Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Hull
way Company was incorporated, with a
eapltui stock of 1 7,850.l00.
The funeral of Mr. Dwlght L. Moody took
plueent NorthHeld, Mass., and was largely
Joseph Flings' sons' cotton mill, In Gr
rnaiitown, Philadelphia, was burned j loss,
Allen E. Rorke, a contractor and polltl
el'.U ot Philadelphia l dead. ,
' Buffalo is to have a new union railway
station, to cost tl,600,OIM).
Four additional bodies were recovered
from the Brueneil mini s; near Broausville,
Pa. Pit Boss Thomas Jones admitted that
lie gave the order permitting miuers to dis
iie with safety lamps.
The battleship Texas arrived at Newport
Mews, having on board the bodies of the
victims ot the Maine disaster. The bodies
will be transferred to Arlington for Inter
ment. A. t. Stillwell retired from the presidency
of Ouardlau' Trust Company, whose head
quarters was recuLtly moved from Kansas
City to Chicago.
A severe earthquake shock was felt
throughout southern California, San Jac
into and Hermit suffering the moat severely.
No lives wur lost.
Mrs. Mnry Uiirrett, serving a life term In
the Ohio Fculluulliuy lor murder, was por
tioned. The barn and stable of Captain Charles
. Morgan, at Capo C.nir.es, Va., were
Hnlvatlon Army fed thousand of destitute
iersous lu New York mid Pldindelphiu.
John Purrish was shot and killed lu Peters
burg, Vs., I y t'liurlcs U. Hum.
Mrs. Lydla Dodlue was killed ly railroad
train near MerchnntHVille, N. J.
Neurly three blocks of bullalngs lu Hast
ings, Minn., were burned.
J ami 1 Hi nun Taylor, of New York, com
ntltted suicide ut the O.-ufiou Hotel, Wash
ington. He cut his in rout with a rium
while temporarily iusnue from illness.
Comptroller Trsjewell delded the claim
of Hwtlt A Co. for beef f uruisUed to the army
at Pouce to be jut.
Judge Paruell, In liiilelgb, N. C refuse, I
to grant mi Injunction to prevent the con
solidation of thuvurl'tis Hues of the Sea
board Air Line, and linmudlulely ufter the
consolidation was i fleeted.
The Eastern Furuliur.i Manufacturers'
Associatlou met lu Philadelphia, and decided
lo advance, prices teii per cent, on certain
Dr. Edward H. Williams, senior partner of
the B lid win Locomotive Works, Pulludel-
tibia, died at Hanta Barbara, Cal.
Adjutant General Ciwn, of Michigan, re
fused to comply with Governor Fiugroe's
demand for his resignation.
A strike begun at the Park and Oxford
collieries, near Scruutou, l'u.
. A seven-story apartment bouse, owned by
Morris Mundolstolu, In ew York, was do
ktrcyt'd by lire.
John Branch fell Into a vat containing
boiling water at the Shot well Tannery, lu
Manchester, ugluin.
I. M. Etherldge, n promluet lawyer at
Dallas. T -xus, killed Edwin O. llarroll.au
uther lawyer.
ChBlniian Mark A. Hanna. of the National
Committee, has Issued the formal cull for I he
ussuiubllug of the National Ib-publleau Con
veutlon In Philadelphia on Juu lath.
President II. C. Mlininolis, of Fargo Col
lege, dropped dead lu Forgo, N. P.
Heuator Hoar Introduced a resolution de.
fluiuu his Ititerpretatlou of the American
imllcy lu reference to the SpuuUti Ulaads
ttow urder American doutlulou.
Leading olllcers of the army have united
la an appeal for funds with which to lift the
mortgage on tho home ot the lute Ueueral
l.swtou, iu California.
Chairman Burton, of House lllr and Har-
lior Committee, announces that I here will 1st
no river and harbor bill at this session uf
Tile Hecroturv of Agriculture has ordered
)uuiautluu against cattle afW-ted with
tkutheru fever.
The President suut to therleuate the treaty
negotiated by the powers at The Hague 4av
Iloers DeTest Thmu In a Heavy Ught Near
I'er.lorpnort l.iKlvsmllli In Now In Hevere
Mtraits-The Losses at I.adysinlth llns
teen 7i Kinel ami ttAit Woundfd-Tbe
lloers rapture a Katllr I orl.
A London oa'degrain slates thnt Oen. Sir
Itedvers Ujilnr has been reinforced by 8,001)
men since his dnfuutln the buttle of Coleuso,
December 1J.
Di view of thu straits to which Ladysmlth
has heeu reduced, it is now said lu London
that iiuller may soon attempt another ad
vance. A great obstacle to the redef of
Ladysuiltn is the condition of tho Tugcla
river, which is swollen greatly by ruins.
Uu to December '2i tho total losses at
Ladysmlth bad been 70 killed and Si.0
wouuded slnca ths siege began. Ohe shell
recently killed U men und wounded , be-sid-
s killing 14 horses.
The Uicrs have a rullroiid Hue to Colenso,
huvlug nulit a coiinecilug link around the
British position at Ladysmlth.
A Pretoria dispatch brings grave news.
It slab s that B icrs and Kaffirs had heavy
a btlnir U icemli'ir '11 near Dcrdervoort, lu
the J'raiinvaal, and mat thu Boers euplured
a Kalllr fort, losing threo killed and live
wounded. This Indicates much greater lo?.
by the KalHrs. Hh mid tho ma.-s of African
natives Isi drnn n Into the war, the gravest
results lo the white population would ensue.
The Honrs re showing decided mllltury
skill In their siege of Klmberley. They are
keeplug their guns posted III udvautageous
positions and are able lo summou reinforce
lueuts rapidly to click sorties.
A party from Mafeklug made n sortie and
ntlucked the Boer fort at Molopo, losing, it
Is reported, 53 men.
Colonel B uIhu-PowkII, In a "proclama
tion" to the lloers who lire besieging him at
Mafeking, declares that the American gov
ernment has warned the other powers ot an
Intention to side with Lnglnud should any ot
them Interfere.
The Boers hive captured two British forts
at Kurumun, Bachuunaland.
General Outaere hus succ eeded in reopen
ing the railroad line to the Ind we collieries,
In Cupe Colony, whose coal Is Deeded for
the British railroads. Heavy Urlug has been
nenrd lu the direction of Htormberg.
Germany will not send military experts to
the B )ers. The Deutsche Tages Zelttiug op.
poses this decision and says: "From the
Boers one may learn how to win victories.
but from General Iiuller only how tu lose
name and uannou.
No New Cases Iteportetl iu Honolulu For
Several Days HusIucm Kesuiued.
8au Francisco, (Special. The steuimr
Gaeili- arrived here irom the Orient by way
of Honolulu.
'J he Gaelic was sent to quarantine cwlng
to the plague scare, but her cublu passen
gers were allowed to Jnud, towbouls plying
between the steamer and the city for the
ur osn.
A dispatch from Honolulu, under date of
ociuber 88. says:
Tiiero have been uo uew cases of plngue
luce December H. There have been sev
eral huddeu deaths, mid In cn.ii luslaiicu
umor assigned the plague as the cause. In
vestigation proved otherwise. Ou Decem
ber IV the quarantine over Chlniilown was
lifted hud ousiuei1s new going uu as usual
In that district. There have been no dculhs
byplagim siuae December 11. Up to Unit
time live victims were reported. The Board
ot Health now claims that but two deaths
Ween caused by the scourge, the remaining
cases bulug douotful or suspicious.
Chinatown is being; thoroughly cleaned.
A euuiRiWsioH of three has been uppoluted
to examine the district aud report some
scheme to remodel the territory.
Die Couucll ot Htatu will be asked to ap
propriate the sum ot 41UU,0UJ at once with
which to carry out the present pluu of alter
ing and improving Chinatown iu conformity
with the saiiltury program of the Board ot
Gsuraia Town Swept by Fire.
Vienna, Ga.. (.Specliil.J This city wus
swept by lire which sturted lu Smith's res
taurant, but the exact cause has not yet been
ascertained. The lire was not checked until
the following buildings were consumed:
Smith's restaurant, burber shop, thu post
oflloe, Mis Christian's millinery store, Pow
ell's law office, Dr. Powell's ofllce, the Vi
enna House. No lives were lost. The in
surance was oaly partial.
Farmer Hoys Sail.
New York, (Special.) With S75 funnel
boys from tho West aboard tho converted '
cruiser Dixie left the uuvy-yard tor thu West
Indies. When thu Dixie comes buck, uuxt
July, the boys will be fitll-lledgcd sailors.
B ifore thu DIxlo-relurns horheshe will cruise
In the Mediterranean. Cnpt. Charles Be -
knap is in command.
A Jtaee War II r.rateued.
Jacksonville, Flo., (Special.) There Is
much excitement at Fort White, a town
thirty miles from here, over the threats of
the negro portion of the population to burn
the town. The negroes are excited because
of the killing of Tom White, who resisted
arrest by the town marshal. The murshal.
It In alaimed, acted In self-defense. The
white people have armed themselves, and
are ou their guard.
Ou a Charge of Arson.
Augusta, Ot., (Special.) W. C. Stoy was
arreeled ou a warrant sworn out by Chief ot
Police Hook, charged with ursou. Stoy Is
an excursion manager. Tho three disas
trous llros in this city recently their origins
pointing strongly to incendiarism have
greatly excited the peoplu. Buceiitly u
building was fired three times In one day.
Ureal! and Kruueu tit Odds.
Ul;. .lunelro I Itv Cable. WI'Iih ltrullli.
warship Tlradentcs has sailed for Aiuiipa, In
the territory of Guyana,' which is In dispute
. i....., .....i ii-U7n i u,i
ous trouoie is exjieeicu to occur.
Washington Mnu, Convicted of Muu
sluilLlltei. Neurly Kills a Keeper.
Albany, N. Y., (Special. I - William Palter
s on, who Is servlug a ten-year sentence iu
the Albany IVnltentUwy for manslaughter,
committed iu WasliliiL-tor, 1). 1'., inude a
snvngn attack ou one of his keepers.
Patterson was It the Ironing shop. As
K'iper A. L. Iteud.ill passed he struck hi ill
a wl.-ked blow with a natlrna ou the buck ot
the head. PuUhmou would have followed
up the attack, but the other convicts over
powered him.
THK G.lltltOTK IN I'llitll) HM O.
ve Men Implicated in .Murder Sentenced
to I leu lb at I'uuce.
Kan Juan do Porto Blco, (By Cable.) The
Supreme Court ot Porto ltlco, ut Poiiee bus
iculenced five men to be gurroted. Iu Octo
Isir, lrttM, twenty men, heavily urmed with
kuiis aud machetes, robbed a house at Yuttuo,
province of Police, niol murdered a inun
. Mined Prud'inclo Meiidcg. They also danced
tround the body with his daughters, who
were under compulsion,
Seven ot the men were caught, but subse
quently one ot thu prisoners escaped, aud
lied lu iall
Americans Attack u HI roil r Force of Mil-ltnos-Insurgents
Were Driven
Out or Kiin Mateo.
Manila, By Cnbli.) Colonel Lockett, with
a forae of 2,600, Including artillery, attacked
a strung force of Insurgents entrenched In
the mountains near Moutnlbiiu, about live
tulles northeast of Man Mntco. The enemy
were completely routed, the Americans pur
suing them through thu hills, amid which
they (led In every direction.
Four Americans were wounded. The Fili
pino loss was large, resulting from u heavy
infantry ami artillery lire for three houi
luto the trencher.
It is supposed thai the Insurgents were
those who were driven out of San Mntco on
thu day General l.uwtoti was killed. They
uum ere 1 1 probably a thousand.
A dozen lines of Insurgent trenches cov
ered the steep trail through tho hills, and
likewise the valley belo, along which the
Americans passed. The inalu attacking party
consisted of the Foriy-ilsth Volunteer In
fuutry, a troop of eavnli y and artillery. Col
onel Lockett u inmaiidliig lu person. Tic
rest of the command operated Irom remote
points in uu eiidenv.ir to carry out ( oloini
Lockutt's plan of throw ing his lines around
the enemy, and thus cutting ofT retreat. The
nature of the mountainous couutry made it
Impracticable to execute this movement suc
cessfully. After the insurgeuts began to run there
was a vain attempt to use artillery.
It now appears that one American was
killed iu thu Hltuck upon thu Htihlg garrison
by Uener.il Sauta Ami.
Doubt as lo Who tile Election Commis
sioners Are.
Frankfort. Ky ( Special, i Governor Tay
lor appointed W. H. Mackoy ( antl-Goubel
Democrat l and A.M.J. Caiiruli ( llepubll
can) state election comml-sloners. The
Itepuhllcaii minor state olllelalp-cleet. wiiosc
contests will come before the board, have
not decided exactly what course they will
pursue, but as Clerk Hhnckulford wills war
In the Democratic cominli'sloiiers appointed
by Commissioner Poynt., It Is probable Tay
lor's appointees will Institute mandamus
proceedings to gut possession of the offices.
Democratic leaders do not believe the courts
will hold Taylor's appointments good, but
they do not disguise the fact that they re
gret the complications growing out of the
resignations of former Commissioners Pryor
und Kills.
A few scattering members of the legisla
ture began arriving, and It Is anticipated
that, owing to the unusual Interest growing
out ot the contests for governor and lleuten
unt governor, nearly ull will be here early.
Friends of ex-Elcctlou Commissioner Kll.s
are. with hUautbority. discouraging a move
ment among some of the unti-Goebel Demo
crats to give him a boom for senator. I'.llls
unqualifiedly for Blackburn.
Subjects Must Not Assist the lloers Work
of the Hour Sharpshooter.
Loudon, (By Cable.) Tbo Brltlsh authori
ties, thoroughly alarmed over the dlsiilTer
tlou of the farmers lu Cupe Colony, and thu
assists nee being given the Boers by other
British subjects, are adopting various meas
ures to check It. Proclamations and orders
issued l y British mllltury commanders hav
ing hud uo effect, the Privy Council held a
msetlng ut Wludsor Castle, at which Oueeti
Victoria proclaimed a warning to all British
subjects not to assist the Inhabitants ot tho
Transvaal or Orange Free Mate, or sell or
transport merchandise thereto, under pen
ul y of the law.
The Queen's proclamation will undoubted
ly prove us futile us the declarations of the
British commanders. The colonists, who urn
helping the Boers, will continue to do so
surreptitiously, It uot Opeuly. It will be
utterly Impossible for the Bi tish to patrol
the whole rjf Cape Colony to prevent the pen.
pie aiding the Boer fighters, with whom they
are iu sympathy.
Twenty-live Thousand Dollars to be Itulseil
iu lndlMua.
Indianapolis, Ind., (Special.)- A Joint
committee of the Commercial Club and the
Board of Trade met to organize for rtiisiug a
fuud of 425,0 0 or more to erect a statue of
General. Lawton here.
It was resolved that an Indiana Lawton
monument commission be organized, ol
which the Governor should be x- ITKio the
president, which should consist oi tho mem
bers of the Joint committee und the chair
men ot county Lawton monument commit
tees, and whose purpose should be the erec
tion at the eapltal ot a monument in memory
of Geucral Lawton.
Jesse Hur.leu Kills an I ucle, Wouuils An
ocliur, and Is Himself Killed.
llnutsvllle, Ala., (Special.) Iu a street
duel at Deposit two uicu were killed and n
t ilrd probably fatally wouuded.
Ja ues Hurduu's throat w.vs cut from cur
to ear by his uephew, Jesse H irdeu. The
f jriner is dead. John C. Harden, a brotlu i
of the dead man, was seriously cnt by Jesse
Hardeu. und lis the light was drawing to n
close Mac ltussd discharged u load of buck
not luto thu ubdomeu ot Jesse Harden,
emitting death Instantly. AH the parties arc
Well known aud prominent lu politics. The
cause of the tight Is uot known.
The Dukes, of Nortli Ciirullllii, liny t-argc
Leesburg, Flu., (Special.) Ninety-four
thousand acies of laud have heeu recently
purchased lu LukM county, this state, by the
Dukes, the tubucco men, of North Carolina.
Tue expect to cut otT und utilize the timber,
plant the land In tobacco, and eventually
run a railroad across thu country to connect
with the Florida East Coast Knilwuy.
I amity Trugedy In NpiiiiglUid.
Springfield, O., (Special. )---Frank B. Cue
shot and killed his wife, theil shot himself.
They were found Bide by side. Mrs. Coe
dead, but Cou still living. He was taken to
the hospital. Coe Is un employe ot thu Ohio
Southern Itallway. Jealousy Is thought to
be the cuusu of the tragedy.
Killed In u I'oher ltonm.
' CHutou. III.. I Special. I At Wcidoti, ten
miles southeast of here, lluir , Hummer.-.
Ir.. u carpenter, iiiul "Doe" Miireiiin, a
farm hand, quarrelled III a poker room,
wheu .Marciim shot and killed Sumnieir,
Nought by the llouitcrs.
New York. t. Special.) -A contract w;i
sluue I truusterriug all copyrights, title mid
subscription list of Demoresl's Maga.lne lo
Uols-rt Burner s Sons, uemorest s .iiiiku
ilne will bo (llscoiitliiu.'d, and the fashion
and im'.tHru departments, liiilf-mluute talks
a id world's progess will be continued lu tho
Ledger Monthly.
A Convict's rCnsy Kucuue.
Norfolk. Yu.. (Special.)-Whiter Cotton,
the negro senteucud to die for the murder of
storekeeper Wyalt. of Portsinoiiin, uinl who
walked out of Jul 1 while Id deiith-waleh
slept, has not yet booti reenptureo. a re
wurd of IlilO wus olTerea lor ins ar
rest. The belief U geucral that Cotton hiH
gone tor good.
For the OpvnluK ufn Keserviilion.
liiivlis Luke, N. 1)., (Special.) A move
ment has bueu Inaugurated for the building
of a bridge across Duvlls Lake to the Foit
Totieu reservation, aud the opening of the
SO.OUJ acres of reservation land to settle
ment ty purcuusu from thu Iudluu.
AT A Itl.l NtiTON. .
'resident .Mi Klnley, with Metnliers t
His t ablnel: .Mrjiir Oenernl Miles, Ad
miral Dewey Htid Oilier Notables III
Attendance s'lilute Ilrud anil Taps
Soutideil. s
Washington, (Sroisl. WI'lic remain
tho one hundred and fifty victims of the
Maine disaster brought from Hnviina by tho
battleship Texas were burled with full mili
tary honors upon a knoll In Arlington Ceme
tery. Tho exercises wcro exceedingly sim
ple. They were In charge of Captain Hlgs
bee, now of tho Texas, who was captain of
the Maine on thnt fatal night when his ship
wus blown up in Havana harbor two years
age. They worn attended by President M'1
Klnley and the members of his cabinet. Ad
miral Dewey, Major General Mill's and his
slnrr. and many other oflh.ws of the army
nml nnvy stationed In Washington. Among
them were Lieutenant Commander Waln
wrlght and Lieutenant F. C. Bowers, both of
whom were ou the Maine when thn explo
sion occurred. All the army and navy offi
cers were In full uniform.
Sovcrul troops of cavalry from Fort Myer.
a I ntlnllon of murines from the navy yard
and n detachment of sailors from the Texas
were drawn up about tho Hug-draped cas
kets, which were ranged row on row along
Iho brow of the hill, each l.caringa beautiful
wreuth of galnx leaves. Despite the snow
und nipping cold over a thousand spectators
pressed against thn ropcd-llned enclosure to
witness the ceremonies. The Marine Hand
played a dirge, "Safe 111 the Arms of Jimis,"
and then simple Protestant nud Homnti Cath
olic funeral services wcro conducted by
Chaplain ('lark, of Hie Naval Academy, nud
Father Chid wick, the cliiiplaln of the Maine,
under a cniivns-canoplnd shelter In the open
space fining the square In which the cofllns
lav beside their open graves. After tho re
ligious ser Ices n detachment of murines in
their spiked hclme.s II red a salute of three
blank volleys for the dead and a bugler
sounded "taps." The ceremonies lasted
barmy twenty minutes. Among the sailors
of the Texas present was Jeremiah Shea,
who hud a miraculous escape on the night ot
llm explosion, being blown out of the stoke
hole. Ho was Introduced to thu President
by Captain Sigsbee.
When asked for an explanation of thu
mystery of his escape by the President, Shea
respi nded, as he did to a similar inquiry
from Vather ChldwicL. at the time of the dis
ss e i
"I don't know how I got through. I was
blown out. I guess 1 must have been au
arnior-plerclng projectile."
After the ceremonies the colllns were low
ered Into their graves and the work of Inter
ring them began.
Denial of IteporlM About the Partition of
lortiiruese Territory.
London, (By Cublu.) In the absence of
actual wur news, the sensational uewspapers
of Loudon, Purls aud Berlin are publishing
air sorts of wild rumors and stories, sug
gesting foreign complications and trealhw
between Germany, Portugal und Gnat
Britain concerning Delngoii liny, and pro
viding for the partition ot the Portuguese
colonics. These stories are also being cabled
to the United States In exfcuso.
So many alleged disclosures of secret Dels
goa Buy agreements have recently been suli
inltuul iu the British Foreign Ofllce that the
ofllciuls have made It a rule neither to deny
nor afllrui them, and when questioned re
garding the statements of the Lokul An-
xeiger, of Birlln, about a reported treaty
the ohiciuls adhered to this rule. Hut n
representative of tho Press gathered that the
alleged disclosures were quite Inaccurate.
A despatch to the Times from ilerlln com
ments ou the Lokul Aiiiiciger treaty state
ments as follows:
"When it is remembered that two ot Portu
gal's Asiatic positions, Goa and Daman, form
enclaves ot the province ot Bombay, the
statements ot the Lokul Auiseigcr border ou
the fiintasil '."
The St. James (lur.ette, In an editorial on
the reported treaty, says it Is "a mere patch
work ot previuus reports, some partly true
und some entirely fa sc."
ihu probable truth Is that, as previously
reported, the Portuguese possessions in
Afrlcu, north nud south of the Zambesi, will
ultimately be leased to Grout Britain und
Germany, respectively.
'It is sat'bfactorv," suj the Times editor
ially, "to learn that thu Washington govern
ment Is acting with regard lo the American
cargoes seized In Delagoa Bay as we should
have wished nud expected. It Is a matter
ot course that we shall make fall reparation.
If reparation Is proved to be due. Jo Hie
meantime, It may lie noted, as the Ainerleaus
thciiiseves admit, that thu facts are in con
siderable doubt, and that some of them seem
to .ai rather compromising to the v sscis
seized. There will be time enough lo t.i'k
fit the law and the policy ot the step w hen
the facts have been authoritatively aci'i
talm d."
The Sort of an Agreement. President Kni
tter Would be W illliiK In .Make.
London, (By Cable.) A despatch from
VluBlon Churchill says that from coiiv-n.-u-tions
with members ot the Trausviml execu
tive. HI Pretoria he learned that the lloers
bigautho war with trepidation, but that
President Krugcr is now conlldcnt Oreiit
B italn will soon sue for pence.
In the highest Transvaal circles. Mr.
Churchill asserts, there is serious tall; ol a
compromise, by which Great Britain would
cedo the territory now occupied by the
armies ot the two republics, pay an Indem
nity of i'20,0.0,(i00 (.100,1)00,0)0) and ack
nowledge the complete ind pouduueo ot llm
Moonshiner Captured.
Scriinton, Pit., (Spoclul.) Frank ....inlcy,
the alleged moonshiner whose still was un
earthed lu Pike county lust week, was cap
tured nt Browntown, l.u.eruc county, and
lodged In tho Lackuwiiua Jail to await trial
iu rhlludelphlu.
Illooily Civil Wur.
Victoria, B. C, (Special.) News has been
received by the steamer Aoraugl of a bloody
livll war thai bus been ruglng among the
natives of Kirwiuil, New Guinea, lu the
lighting the head chief was defeated, und 11
villiiges In nil were destroyed, with heavy
Hallway for Yukon District,
f-t. ruul, Minn., (Special. -The Dominion
Government apparently contemplates build
ing a railway from Great Slave Lake to Chi
terlleld lulet and through tho Yukon district.
A survey party is now being fitted out and
one of the members Is now lu this city.
Sheriff Killed by a Negro.
Mouticello, I'la., (Special.) Will Gorman,
a negro, shot tuid killed Sheriff T. B. Sim
kins, at the Scurry place, six miles north of
Gorman won wanted for murder, aud Sim
kins and a posse went to arrest him. They
closed In ou the cabin iu which the uegro
was concealed. As Hiiikims pushed open the
door, Gorman shot him twice In the breast.
The murderer escaped from tho reur door,
but was shot down and killed.
At Moorafleld, W, Va., Lemuel Kolinu was
sentenced to life imprisonment for tho mur
der of Jobn bagor. ,
Six Drunken Indian Squaw Crashed la
Death by Falling Walls Those Rilled
Were Horribly Disfigured.
Son Jacinto, Cal., (Special. -This little
city bt a scene of desolation. People nro be
ginning to recover from thn terror Inspired
by tho earthquake which centered hero on
Christmas morning, and destroyed every
brick building In the town, and some tlnllnlle
estimates of thn damage wrought cun now
be made.
At tho Saboba Indian Hesorvation, near
here, n dnnco had been held the night be
fore, and large quantities of whiskey con
sumed by thu Indians sent most of them Into
a drunken stupor before the shock eaine. A
number of squaws had huddled together In
mi old abode building, und were sleeping off
thn effects of the liquor. The heavy walls
fell In upon them, six were killed outright,
and two died later, while a score more were
badly injured. Those killed were Uorrlbly
Main street presents n and nppournnoc. It
Is Impossible to walk along thn sidewalks
U'cnuse of Hie henp ot debris and over
hanging walls. Brick walls were raze, I to
the level of thu ground with thousands of
dollars' worth of merchandise buried under
neath. There Is not a business house lu town
but has siilTered.
Klectrlii wires are down and some of the
powerhouses hiivn fallen in. Tho walls ot the
county hospital, erected recently ut a cost of
10,000. are badly damaged.
At Ilemet, the hotel wus damaged to the
extent of 10.0011) Blliglium's Hour mill,
2,0(K). The lire walls of Webber's brick
store fell out, the pluto-glass windows were
smashed, abd tho entire stock of goods Is on
the floor iu n heap. Tho chimneys of the
hobd fell, many of them crushing through
the roof. One fell on the bed of Frank John
son, bruising him badly. The verandas are
nil down and the walls badly cracked. The
rear wall of tho Johnson block fell outward,
and the whole building was demolished.
The third story ot the Hotel Mills Is down,
and thn second story walls fell In.
Pugh's store and lUfare were all shaken
down. There urn but two chimneys left iu
tho town. The gubles of the Highlaiwl Asy
lum weru cracked and the chimneys shukon
It is said that rumblings had been heard
for several days ubout Ta.piil.s Peak in the
San Jacinto range, supposed to bean extinct
volcano. Between San Juelnto and Ilemet
l-oyscrs of hot sulphur water have appeared,
and thu fumes wcrn so strong that no one
ciiu get near the geysers.
Preparations are already Isjlng made for
the rebuilding of most of tho ruined struc
tures. ItOltllKltV AND. Ml'KDKK.
Two AVell-Knotvn Itlsens StilTcr rroin
Fnyeltevtlle, Ou., (Special.)--The dead
body of Wyley W. Padgett, a well-known
citizen, who lived about six miles from here,
was found, mid by his side was a bloody axe
with which his skull had been split open.
Mr. Padgett was well-to-do and was
known to have bad a considerable sum ot
money with him. Only tun cents were found
iu Ins pockets. It Is supposed that some ono
who knew the old limn had money, killed
and rohpe,! til m. Up to this time there is
uo clue to the murderer.
Or' envHle, lad., ( Special. -Tho residence
'of George llaiicuek, a well-lo-do farmer,
was entered by two burglars, who attacked
aud wounded him in such a iniinie'r thut his
recovery Is doublfu!. Tho burglurs secured
Nliot a Hun, by Order, Who Wai Trying
to Kseape.
Omaha, (Special. ) - A .'ting iin l.ir the In
struction of the governor, Attorney General
Smyth will begin proceedings iu Sarpy
county charging Corporal Fear and Private
Jenkins with the murder of Private Morgan.
The two men, acting under orders from the
proper officers, shot und killed Morgan
while the lutter was trying to escape from
Crook. The Sarpy couuly authoritiee do.
dined to prosecute, leaving the matter to
tho military, who held a court-martial and
acquitted tho men. The governor then
ordered the ease taken luto the state courts.
District Attorney Summer received order;
from Washington to defend the men.
Keports by mnll from the Island of Culm
which the military censor at Manila refused
to permit to be cabled, state thut a force ol
American soldiers were re pulsed by insur
gents ami two Americans killed uud he:
General Henry V. Lawton was killed In. in
bMg'.uieni with the Insurgents ut Sun Mateo.
The sugar crop In Huwull Is reported to
be very large.
General Brooko Issued his farewell procla
mation as military governor of Cuba,
Kdltors of Manila newspapers comidnin ot
tho censorship and suppression of news
mallei by the AiuerUuu military uuthorltle...
General I.uwton's remains were pla-cd In
tho chapel iu the Pnso Cemetery at Manila.
A faro Willi Pa liquet wus tuiidnrcd l Gen.
crul Brooke ut Havana.
A gang of counterfeiters has Issen located
lu Cuba.
All the street-railway In'crcst.s la (he city
of Havana were consolidated, and now bt.
long to the Havana K'.eelrli! Bullwuy Com
pany. Tim British steamer LuViun was seized by
'.he L'nlled Slat-s gunboat Cnsllne, ana sent
iiHiUr a prlxu crew to Manila.
Major General Wood assumed charge n
governor general of Cuba, and ueeepted the
resignation of the old cabinet.
The Ward Line steamer Saratoga went
nground near the wreck of Hie Mcrrlma ,
near Santiago, Cuba.
Many contributions uud offers of oo-oper-u'.lou
ciituo for the Lawton fund.
Au ithrr lliittleld Killed.
Matewnn, W. Va., (Spocial.) Wayne Hat
field, sou ot r.lius Hutlleld and nephew ol
"Duvll Anso" Hatllcld, shot nud killed
George Hntlliid's son, of Hear Creek. Tlic
shooting occurred In (loorgu liriiseur's store.
Wayne Uulileld escaped to tho mountains.
A Diane III Canton, Ohio.
Clinton, Ohio, (Special.) - Flro started !:
an electrlo heater in one of tho Cuitou-Ma-,
Milan curs after ull the cars had been mi
Into tho bam. Service ou Cantou slrools is
on half time on the main linos, aud all othei
lines are abandoned. Tho tnterurbati ser
vice will be maintained. Thu loss is 0O.
000, covered by insurance.
Nothing Known In I'ltuburg.
Pittsburg, Pa., (Special.) Nothing Is
known here of the murder of a wi mau
iiauied Flaherty by John 1.. Ford nine years
ago. The Ulcs of the polliss and coronet
show 00 record of the alleged orlaie.
Old I inly Killed by a Train.
Camden, N. J., (Special.) - Mrs. Lydid
Bod I ne, seventy-live year of ago, wit lu
etanlly killed by uu eipnss train, on thn
West Jersey lt.iirmid, near Morobnntvllle
The uugiueer says the woman walked u
liberutuly iu trout of the engine and laid
down several packages she ' curried. Mrs
Bodlne wus very deaf, and, It Is believed,
did not hear the approach of thu tra'u.
A Kentucky Atfnlr.
West Liberty, Ky (Spe.d il.- J ncs J nt
lou and lUrlan Cisco, of White Ouk, this
county, got into a dllUt uliy. Patton shot
aud killed Cisco, while Cisco was cutting
Pulton to pieces with it knife. Pulton will
A great rock on which stood a monastery
and u hotel at Amalll, Italy, dropped Into
the sea, carrying with It another Hotel and
several villas. F'our vessels were also de
stroyed. Tlie loss of life la heavy.
The opponents of the government In ths
French Chamber of Deputies made an attack
upon Its policy In the conspiracy trial.
Hugh Lupus Grosvenor, Duke of West
minster, and reputed to have been the rich
est uiau lu thu world, Is deud.
Forty school children were drowned by the
Ice ou the river Lys, at Freliiighem, Belgium,
giving way.
The linpurlnl nnd Prussian ministers ar
replying through the newspapers to the at
tacks made upon them. There will bo
ftliurp light in the Prussian Diet ngiUust
Prince Holienlohe, tho chnuccllor, whom th
Conservatives" ore determined to oust.
Thu arrival of tho German warship Nlxo
at Port-au-l'rinoe has caused alarm among
the Unyilaus.
The Guatemalan revolution is reported to
have been suppressed.
Jean Lainoiireiiux, a famous musical con
ductor, died In Paris.
LI Hung Chung wus appointed acting
viceroy of Canton, China.
Derouledo was sentenced to two years In
prison for libelling senators composing High
Court of Justice.
In a speech nt Aberdeen, Mr. Brice bitterly
attacked Mr. Chii.ubcrliilu and denounced
his methods.
Tho steamer Cameo picked up the crew of
tho Italian hark Leuucclu, whlcu hud found
ered. Prince Arcnberg was court-miirtluled tot
killing a native In German Southwest Africa.
Muhmoud Pasha, tlieSultuu's fugliivc son-in-law,
reached Marseilles.
Germany has determined to secure a num
ber of coaling stations for her inivy iu the
far liHHt, the Antilles aud South America.
Thu German flag was hoisted over lite
court-house ut Aplu, Samoa.
At Trinity College, in Dublin, the degree
of doctor of laws was conferred on Joseph
Chamberlain. The students mudu a dcuion
trntlou, but were worsted by thu police.
The Hultnn's son-in-law lied from Con
stantinople with his wife's Jewels and all the
money he could collect.
China has declared her purpose to fight
rather than grunt France s demaud for terrl
lory. President Castro's troops ousted General
Hernuiidcz' party from' Mnrucaibo, Vene
Pit lloss Says Naked Lights Were I'Sed In
llraanell Mine.
Brownsville, Pa.. (Special.) Four more
bodies have been recovered from the Brar.
neli mines, nenr this place, Increasing to 10
the number of persons known to hnve been
killed in Saturday's disaster. The bodies
have not been Iden tilled.
The mine officials admit thnt two or more
bodies are still iu tho mine, but representa
tives of tho Slavonic Society have made a
house-to-house oauvnss and report that eight
of their number alone are in tho wreck, and
how many others they do not know.
That naked lights uud unlocked safety
lamps were used in the mine was offlulnlly
nonllrmed by Pit Boss Thomas Jones, who
mndi) a statement to that elTect. Mr. Jonej
was asked If it was true that ou last Tuesday
morning he Issued a general order that the
miners could dispense with safety lumps.
Some of tho families of the dead miuers
are in eufterlng oonditlon, aud provisions are
being sent out by the Drowns vlllo merchants,
as well as from Uiiioutown.
Tho fact that last Saturday wus pay day at
tlai mine and that lliure were no empty
wagons to load accounts for many not going
into tho mine that morning. Had tho acci
dent occurred any other day there would
huve been more Uum 100 men lu tho tulue.
und the result would have been even mors
appalling than It Is. Some of tho bodies were
removed to their homos nnd burled.
Little Albert Messe, who died after being
rescued, lived only a few steps from the
shaft. He went to the wtudow Satitrdnj
morning nnd looked out, saying to hi
father: "Pupa, I guess there Is no use of inn
going to work this morning, there Is uo
The father said Albert bad belter go and
help him feed the mules. They both started
out together and never returned.
The excitement caused by the terrible aiv
eldeut has driven all thought of the holiday
festivities from the homes of all who live In
the neighborhood, even those w)o have no
friends killed. Tho search for the bodies
still goes ou.
A Disastrous Conilutrriition Visits Ilust
lugs, Minn.
Hastings, Minn., (Special.) Nearly three
blocks of buildings lu the business portion
of tho town wcro burned, with a loss of
about S'200,000. Tho Are broke out lu It. 0.
Llbby Co.'s sawmill ovhleutly the work
of nu Incendiary and the oiitlre plaut, with
storehouses, lumber, oflloe, shedrf, etc., were
Most of the buildings burned were oi.ly
partially Insured, aud the loss upon the
owuers will fall heavily. The dromon en
gaged in a desperate buttle to keep the lire
from passing across Vermillion street, but
parks g-it fire to the roofs of the court
home, the Church of Guardian Angela uud
other costly structures and residences, but
were extinguished with little damage.
Tho city seeming lu imminent danger.
Mnynr Bttsch wired the mayor of St. Puu1
for aid, and as soon as possible two stemners
and supply wagons wero sent down, which
materially aided lu subduing the names.
Many people are thrown out of employment
and others are rendered homeless.
To Keiuodel "Old Ironsides."
Washington, (Speclul.) Secretary Lone,
has addressed letters to Senator Hale and
lleprcscntntlve Boulelle, who look nfter
naval IcgUlullon in the Senate and House,
relative to thu plan of relltllug the historic
old craft Constitution as a naval training
ship. The Massachusetts State Society of
fie Daughters of 18PJ propose to puy for.
the rcllttlng through popular subscription,
and Secretary Long refers to this as a worthy
purpose, Inspired by patriotic Impulse. AI
thu request of Mr. Hale, the Socretary has
Jratted a bill to cover the plan.
Willie Playing I'pou a I'ruzsn Illviir the
Ice llresks, ami They Disappear.
Brussels, (By Cable.) Upward of forty
school children were drowned In an tee ac
cident at I'rellnghetn. nenr the French Iron,
tier. The children ot thu district hud been
given n holiday, with permission to play on
the frozen lllver Lys. When t!iu merriment
wui ut full height the Ice broke suddenly,
aud the children disappeared. A few were
rescued halt dead, but thu majority were
I'ut-il lire In School During a Itelienrsul
of Chrlstmai l-'xerclses.
Qulnoy, III., (Special. )-Bix little girl
ware burned to Heath, four probably fatally
burned, and eight othor persons badly lu
urcd during the reheursnl of Christmas ex
ercises of one ot the classes at Ht. Francis'
There were fourteen little girls in the
."lass, and they represented different char
acters. Two of them appeared a Iambs,
nnd wore white Ueeue on their garments.
Tho lleeoe of one cuught flro from an opeu
gas jut, aud In almost un Instant the whole
ring oi little one was in Dame.
Honesty of ltlHr ,
o Correct u,
Fever at Scrani,
Almost Kronen i,
Arrested ut Its,,,'
The stall-mem -1
on which the hunr
the Pennsylvania
had never been r. ..
bio discussion In r,
ui internal H
tuned for Inform.. J
I know," snld Hn". 5
Pennsylvania Hal:: V"'
caveat with the i V
claiming the hmj jb
Bend Is located Y
If the warrant lkj
It Will be, of cnurw
legal obstruction,, ic
rate of 20 per Iw, t
tablished by law. j ;
Involved. The oi; it'
mw funic) rule (art
water work run
Horseshoe Beiul.ai'
never patented ',, ir"
Stnte. The dlsi ny.
patented was nmj.Wi
of Blnlr county, Kl rh
Tho case will l.c t, )
1 ig of the boiir.l nn i
that nro convlin li,. ,!
title to the pro,,!L
Blulr ortinty surv,.; '
ties holding the lm'n
nlenr nnd that thsh B"
to anybody by ttiv J
dented. It is sn: 1
throughout the Hi, hi
ore have dlscovi'r- T,
have quietly kept
selves and had a l:. 01
the laud nnd selli;er
There Is no fear th, '
pnny and tho city,
the land In quesii B
proof Is always 7?
land. There lire n , "
especial piece of
dreamed tluit tin. u-t
A clear title. Th. -US
men is thnt tlien,tt.
fact that a survey,, y,
beon mode. ' jr0
II ban Frii'l I
Miss Mnme Dor,
Mrs. James Duffy y
Scruuton, lies nt tr n
fever of the niiilur, aj
lluved to have onnv,r ,
who died a week t
trooper In the lui:,,
nnd contracted wh
"Cuban fever." I11
broken iu henltlu:, 'T
la a short time t-, t
December 19 he ill-. -
duy, and that day; wi
was stricken cluw y
Saturday be wn I m
wus one of his p m.
stricken with tlic jj
Maine Duffy will :i
these eases the Ic ' .
which caused tlw!,,
' m
M uiir..-
t'uited States f'
some timo been ..
illeu.il ,,,.., ,,l,.,.i,..0 1
ty. The oilleers' -I A
arrest of Frank SI J o
seerne County. M.'ot
tho wild recesses i al
by the olTloers a fpJtlio
discovered but Mh:i(,p
occurred lit the In. ( 0
nt Browntown, wt
hiding since hit '-. ,
Mitnlcy hud a lisur
Commissioner T) Pt '
Is! tukeu to Plilliul "
ted States Court K-'ki
wherein Pike Com 6e
While Dr. (imr Jhli
erlck, was drivu t, a
patient, he dlseov'toul
prostrate form iil
roadside. The f' et
to the Pottstowuli
crillenlly 111 from jrr
trouble. He Is a c J
attended a revival
and wns oviden: 7
trouble on his ; ,n
Three Triilini"' !
A head-end i'il ! j '
with coke ou the I Vl
PenuKjfJvania re I I.
truintuen nnd tin - kin
ars. The Injury'
Ivough, of Seott;-f gc
head nud fu' ''
Georgo W. licit' j
mulled and heit'l j
Ham Headrlch.oli ,. .
i, 1
tiic tt: gl
Thu failure
Hcrshey, the b1;. .
confessed Judgin'1 "
gate to :lJ,OOOiL'eo
ther complli'iitd Be?
Isiug Issued iil' 'U
a coul and lumber
ing; llnuler I'lUet
James Grlnn''"- d re
Mead ltun, l'l wh;
himself while lui',g ,
plnoe. Horeiilf r j0
barrel shotgun f'
two hours Inter. jV
Teamster KIH' J
llobert Owens, j1
Valley lliillroail'
by an express tr I
James ScliunU'.!"
for innltreatlnK11! tb(
Tho Conesloi!-hvoi
gin the orectiou' d -v
as right of way 'olt
now at work "'ll!,ak
(tnlvlu Keen 'j.0f t
Burgefis Davidl" ,a, ,
to answer th , KW
preferred by tll"':'l .,.
Choice, whs '"lull
tninment, Ula ' T ' ' .
about 40 stolen- P '
rested, charged 'l1'"''
Mrs. M. E. Cli'f J
eunn, ooinmltb",'y "
arsenic. HbetiJi.
years and wus 'll,a;i'!
bv her husband- Ip,.,,
"It ,
New York ffl'
pagno dtirlnf .
greatest ever j w
1 en
For the last't
ifi Increase o'F,y
tllimhai. nt fiffSf1

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