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) .. . ,.. ' II -
Wit SWftturgti Jtcsl.
I Trj!hi eery ThtirJny
-r-- r-rrt-t-i--rf
i,.m .,miiT rwtit'.s.-riie Court ff
). we will S.l1oK"eU re!' IWUe
fllM tlet St
-; Look at the fWnrwion the label nf
Vnnr papsr. Thou nicnris tell yon
mt r atk to VHirn virn priwi Hir
io?r is r m Within 8 weoks after
S.onrr is sent, see If "te fllnCd
to other receipt Is necessary.
. i .' t . -
"TiKi 'I I till!' uutt Te tafci' iota. U' tiUi it'll
Itilt 'ea."
. Old wiuter utill ltiads tin proessslon.
' A new Star factory wan started at
XcClure last Thursday.
Today in Asrension lny. Every-
laxly has none Ashing but the printers.
Fifty-one indies of snow fell In this
portion of the State uiu ltin th lant
Sparkled trout mar he caught in
April, May, June and July. but only
lth hook and line.
Some of our correstyondents must
' be frostbitten. Come boys, let's
liear from you again.
8. R. Zimmerman of KMiflold, b nn!
,ed the Western-bound train on Mon
., 1ay, bound fur Chicago.
C. C. Seebold is wentherhonrding
bonne and building an addition to
the h me ou West Main street.
( J)r. Ithoads of Hnrtleton, wan in
town lost Monday. The doctor eon-
' templrtteo moving to Mifllinburg in
the liHor future.
filycerlne on a cow's teat will do
lunch to removo soreness when they
i lire f racked, and a little attention at
several pails of milk.
Tell us not in mournful number?,
that the girls are what they seem.
When a girl that weighs one hundred,
K"'" outside a quart of c renin.
1). T. Roades has a few more of the
Pilver Chilled Plows on hand which
lie will anil very cheap. Call earlv If
yon want a bargain, l'lrnt come, first
Henry S.Heaver.ailinlnistrHtorof the
' estate of John 8. Heaver, dee'd, will
Hell (terminal property of said entitle at
Xratrerville, on Haturduy, June 2.
e bills.
i On Sunday morning last the Steam
Baw Mill in Went Iteitver twp., nt
VhJeh C. C. IMtilch in sawyer,
caught fire nnd wax burned to the
ground. The origin of the fire Ik un
known. It will be re built at once.
A Hedforu I'oai.ty wmunii mum pieced
"' n. quilt containing 3.SHK pwcs. Ha !
she nolhing e!n to d ? At lie denth
nbewi.lnrt b. ho nnuh l'ui"iitd n
wan Dorcnn w!j. n-ndrf jjariiiut fur
the poor i',.rry Couiitji Fikhmh.
We are Indebted to Hon. CherleM
Miller for the prompt information ut
the action of the 1'nnlon Itoard at
their recent meetiiiKii. He alwayH in
formed um by wire from llurrixhurff
; and thus enabled us to give our read-
, ers the latest.
You will find, my dear boy, that the
clearly prized kiKH,
Which with rapture you nnatrhed
from the half-willing mica,
Is Hwecter by far than the legalized
"Vou give the mun. girl when you've
inude her a Mrs.
The Middlrthurgh Hand has been
very liberal In its herenndes of late,
and continue to be the pride of our
town. Tim boys are continually prac
. ticln;; new pieces not to liiuke money
by rendering them In other pieces,
lmt always have their best for their
own town.
There were only four bands repre
sen ted at the advertined meeting of
the Snyder county Hands at Middle
dleburgh on the Sth ult., for the pur
t"e of waking arrangniueuts to hold
a Hand Fentival in Sellnsgrove on
Wednesday, June I3tlt. They report
no bu.iiness dono.
There are no loss than thirty eases
of mesHles in Middleburgh at this
w riling, producing an unusual epiiet
1 in our streets and Treating a boom in
saffron. All the little oues are doing
well, however, and we hope to see
: them all out again, enjoying the ad
: vent of spring after their eelge of
temporary confinement.
Fktivai All lovers of pleasure
; are respectfully invited to attend a
t lVstlval and (ihus walk, at Kichfleld,
on Saturday evening, May 5th. Three
; bands will be preseut to enliven the
: occasion. A general good time is ex
pected. Come one, come all, and en
l joy yourselves.
By onnsn oi' tiik Dand.
I Our regular opening of Spring and
, Huuimer Millinery gools will take
1 plaee on Friday and Saturday, May
4th and 5th. Our stock is an exten
i.ive one, comprising all the latest
I novelties in head-wear.
C. V. Si Jkxmk Doiik.
( Middleburgh, May 1, 1883.
On Monday evening last, the 2ind
Session of the Normal Musio School
organized In the Musical College at
1'reeburg, Ta. The largo audienee
wag address by Prof. William. Mover
And othors. Studeuts from eight
counties are represented. Members
admitted at auy time. Address
l.C. Moifcit, IMreclor.
: - - I
JJrkir3 Uit 2?rrs to Vo iMsonor.
The board of patrdoxis held n social
mtinrln the offlrnn of th Secretary
of Internal Allalni In til afternoon
of April 0th. Th session lasted four
houriandwas Intended to complete
all business possible before the retire
ment of Col. A. K. Dunkel. Recorder j
Krerett read thetestlmony In the case
of old Israel F.rb and it took over
three hours in the hearing of it. Tin
paper books are voluminous affairs.
The board, after a careful considera
tion, decided to recommend to the
governor a commutation of the denth
sentence to Imprisonment for life.
The paper o bat effect will be pre
pared and signed in th neit few
Krb will probably be conveyed to
the Fastern Penitentiary at Diiladel
phla within 80 days should the gov
ernor net upon the recommendation
of the board, which he undoubtedly
The news of the act ion of the Pardon
Hoard reaehud Middleburgh on Turn
day and was the general topic of eon
versatlon all day. On Wednesday
morning we called at the Jail and the
Sheriff kindly permitted us a private
Interview with the old man. We ask
I'd him if Ue had henrd the news from
llnrrishurg, to which lie responded
that be hnd heard some talk but was
slow to believe it. Heing armed with
a daily paper we opened it and read
it in Herman- translating it from the
Kiiglish. lie fixed his eyes on a spot
on the floor and slowly shook his
head as If it were unwelcome- news
We asked him what bethought of
it. Me snld it was not what he expect
en. but, continuing, he said, 'what
Justice could you expect when there
was as much f.ilso swearing done In a
case as there was in mine. Yu bay
it i for life. Well 1 do not expect to
live very long at any rate, but do you
think there Is any hope of pardon?"
We replied in the affirmative, but
could not give him nnie'i encourage
ment in that line.
'Well.'' he continued, "then the
thiinr is as good as settled. 1 would
I rather have it that way than be bung.
(Those of my friends (which he emph
asied) who were so anxious to see me
hanged will not now have the pleac
ure of attending such a pic nic."
He asked us why he could not just
as well stay here In jail as be sent to
the penitentiary. We told him that
there he could work at his trade (shoe
making) and earn his living. That
there lie would cost the county only
about seventeen cent n day which
would only average a little over one
third of a cent a year to every man,
wamau nnd child in the county.
"Well," be said, "I have never been
to Philadelphia in my life, nnd I would
jiit " leave not go now, but I hope
tliey will get mo a new pair of shoes,
and my cat und hat are worn nnd
durty. My pants look better but they
luted patching." At this point we
chimed in by remarking that his suit
would do to go down in and when
he got there he would be presnted
with a brand new suit of the l.ites
out and striped.
"J)o you think th sheriff will put
me In irons to take me down?" lie in
quired. We told him he could rest
assured that the sheriff would take
every precaution to prevent his escape,
tint at the same time would not place
him into unnecessary discomfort.
(, I'm too old a man to runoff. II
would not attempt to escape even if 1
were to be hung. They need uot be
ufrald of that."
As we prepured to leave we asked
him if he had anything to say to the
nnblie wl I.. r.n..n.inl "iu il.u...
that I realize that lustice was notlf"1'" BI,J ,he ronl- l "P'Tlous.
doue me," which some maybe ready
to believe but not in the same sense
be meant it.
Kosroe fonklinr I a mnn r.f Mi till.
neciiliarities. but Im is .mm, I .... n.a
newspaper ipiestion. 1 oncosald:
' 1 lie Hinallent county newspaper ii
more io us county suimcriljers in one
mount man its price Tor one year, and I uncle of our townsman I. H. Wuuder
does more for Its iielghlmrhood for ly. paid the l'osr printing ofnee a
nothing than any high ofllcial does for 1 pleaant visit on Saturday last. He
his luutiilkuent salary,"
A woman iu Medina, Ohio, had been
coughing more or less for nineteen
years, when one. day not long ago she
fell down stair. Up to the time of
that accident the doctors were per
suaded that she had consumption.
Hut when she picked herself up after
the fall, she coughed up ashirt button
and since then hat been a cured woman-cured
of consumption.
About the worst enemies of poultry
are lice and ruts, and the best reme
dies are probably keiosene and arse
nic. Tor the rats mix au ounce of
trsenlo with an ounce of lard ami
corn meul enougl) to make a stiff
dough, and put water where it will
be handy. For the lice, dilute the
kerosene with melted lard, about half
and half, and apply to the chicks'
head and neck with a small marking
brush. Hats will even carry off eggs
sometimes, as well us chickens.
We met Detective Lyons the other
day coming upon the train from Se
linsgrove, and were introduced to him
by our friend Hon. Charles Miller.
After exchanging a few words wa told
him that we had met once before, and
that was at Nevada, Ohio, where Kt
tlnger bad jumped olf the train for
hlin and got away. At this announo
ment liully had important busi
ness in another car and left impromp
tu. He probably remembered how
he bewailed the lots of hit reputation
rn ttiet particular oreatwn
School opeticd on th 02nd itist. ns
uftunl th6 littlrt Student waul a new
I slate, new peiicil, everything new.
as tlm old hnd partly dsed material
have gone the xvay of all rubbish.
The young boy mourns to go it
Straw hats will soon bloom, but the
(spring bonnet is appearing slowly.
drain Is looking very well.
Th time to plant tat-s, has oome.
The fields are ngaiti clothed in
Soon will wo sea the jolly fisher
man with his hook and line ami bot
tle of -of well we might call it fish
extract go merrily forth and see him
return with empty bottle, empty bas
ket and empty stomach.
lr. J. W. Sampsel a prominnnt nnd
young physician expects to depnrt for
Kcllevue ()., where ha will locate and
practice hi 4 profession. Sorry to sit
you Ro, Port;
Milton Cornelius has the contract to
p'aster P. liartninu's hew house.
Milt., is an expert (it spreading mud
mil fully understands hU business.
A. 1. W. Marklcls tending bur at
the National Hotel in Selinsgrove.
Al. is an expert at shoving beer mugs
Cap. the egg man is the plague of
the household - for the reason that by
his gobbling up of the eggs he keeps
up the price higher than it should be
-he reduces home rations - home
comforts in the highest sense. If Cap.
don't do better we shall haxctonnpp
P. llartmau the boss lumberman
spent a day or so in Sunbury lust
N. F. Sheary and wife spent a few
days in Selinsgrove visiting friens, the
guest s of S. W. Hartiuaii.
Miss i.tta liowersox one or our
prettiest young ladies is in Miflliubilrg
at present. Pat, mourns - 'why art
thou so far away my love.'
If any line looking young man is in
search of a wife let him come to this
place we have several beautiful and
intelligent marriageable maidens with
the word yes, on the end of their
tongue. What more can we offer.
Jf.HT So.
Miiini.tcin iKiii, Pa., April SO, 's:i.
HtMToit Post. I am n younir lady
who Isslieves ill the advice iven to
Hamlet, which was to the effect that
he K'tve ear to all advises but should
reserve his judgment, and as ouch
have very much appreuiated the many
wholeMome advices you have t;iven
the yoiitiK ladies through the Post.
In your Issue of last week, however,
I noticed an article purported to have
been written by one "Sphinx" under
the caption "To Young Women."
This article is worthy the attention of
every reader, but the writer's guilt of
plagarisui is so flagrant that it would
be a II. lining insult to our sex to allow
such a bold literary theft pass by un
noticed, and as such 1 baste to an
nounce that we jiieeept the long ago
written advice, copied by him but de
nounce ".Sphinx" as a most stupid,
brassy, unsophisticated literary pirate
- one who has not even the wit about
him tochuuge the heading of his sto
len article, but only changes certain
words to suit his particular ludicrous
position, which is unt only aslf inflict,
ed but most deserving.
Now, Mr. Kditor, 1 do not believe
that you published the article with
out knowing that it was not original
with "Sphini." Hut the code of
journalism justifies you in publishing
articles for their merits only, if an
other party assumes the responsibility
of copying over his own signature,
and us such we take pleasure in vin
dicating you, but all join in most
heartily denouncing all manner of de
ception, and especially plagarism,
which is heaping insult on injury -counterfeiting
a coin and then prosist
ing in believing yours, if loo stupid to
'lecern ino iiirierence between the
j ""'l'
For further particulars sea "Iloyal
l'ttth of Life," page 74.
Om; ok tiik oi'KK.tDitn.
Furiiltnr the largest and best stock
in thu county at Keller's, Selinsgrove,
Mr. tieorge (iross. of New Herlin
had with him a most valuable relic
the Inaugurul address of Thomas
Jefferson, printed on Satin, which
was recently found among some old
(Mipers 011 his garret. The .relic hears
the date lMt)l, and besides the address
it bears a picture of Jefferson. 1 1 is u
sample of typographical beauty, ami
though time-stained ami sheif-worn
it is nevertheless a most valuable relic.
Kinigratlon to the United States has
been more extensive this year than it
bus ever been before, and still thero is
room. Think of it reader. We could
plane the population of the United
States into the State of Texas ulone,
and there would not be us many peo
ple to the spiare mile as ilassachu
settshus to-day, or pour the entire
population of the world Juto the Unl
ted fltutes and there would not be as
many people to the siure uiileas Kng.
land has now. The I'liinesa Kuipire
with a population of Ono.OOO.fiOOha an
area not exceeding that of the Ktate
or Texas.
Vhitmer& Foster offer extraordinary
bargalutiu their new advertlsmeut.
Wonderful as their statements are,
they ure never the less true, which
they will convince every one who w ill
favor them with a rail. It is worth
thepriceof a trip to Sunbury just to
see their magnificent stock and it will
require but small purchase to make
up the amount of your ore. A large
stock, good good, low prtcea and
accommodating tlearneH are the
inlu iprinjs of their uv.ms.
Cool hbrhts
Thfl agricultural iittpliment men ftreliltlOlitotl, Harbor fc Co.j
..ti i 1
vr ; .
Ills nicest plot of grass In town ran
be seen at th resilience of A. Krgr.
Itsa icnitv.
Milton Comfort of Lewlstown, Pa.
is the guest of his uncle, Heed Jones.
Mrs. Z. P. Krise, and her ton Char
ley of New Berlin, paid Franklin
friends a pop visit, Tuesday last.
J. C. Bwlacford ha gone to Sha
niokin where he Is employed a saw
yer on one of the large mills of Kulp,
McWiltlaina A Co. Jim Is an ermrget
ic man and understands this busineiis.
Joe Siller has been appointed Pns
ener and Second c lass Freight Agent
at Painter.S. M, U. R. nr. K. C. Ham
iltoli resigned.
Henry Stetler was performing on
the Hicycletha other day in the bridge
tiear the Planing Mill. We were
not far off when the elele threw him
about fifteen feet down the hill while
he was in the act of coming out of the
bridge. He picked nearly two-third
of himself up, saying, "bovs this is
not a to be laughed at, act." Wekriow
that only those who ha e stridden t he
teed and felt its charm can have mix
conception of the enhanced beauties
with which every passing scene is iin
lined. Henry just keep in the saddle
you will make a good rider by and
by. ' H.
(iltANiT .1 1 iok;
drawn for regular term i'i;iiiiieiiriii;t
May 2. IHV.1.
Hkavkii Kplirini Ib uiix
HkaxKIiWksi John D. teufer,Is-ine
lleese. Daniel llasing.r. Jr.. )'.
ward Kncpp. Ann is '.. Mitchel.
Isaac Nlnery, I 'baric S. Snx der.
'H I'M A X -Jonathan Sower. "
I'll AMil.l N - I Jeo. K. Specht, I In v id
Jack.hom - William Shollv.
MlltPl.Kiil nun N. P. Hare, I.. M.
MoNttoic J. p. Wagner
M HUM. Kelt K.l- k A 11 1 n 1). Kaiuger.
John S M cNer.
Pkiiuv W'K.vr-Win II. tlravbill.
I'U.VN Samuel II. Maiirer.'
Sm.lNsi.itovn I'has. II. Hoffman.
Daniel A. I hi-li
r.NHN-Vui. I,. Wltnier. ieo. M.
WAsHI.KITON -lion. F. Miller
pktit .m hoks
drawn for regular term, commencing
May ,N, isS.
Adams' NVui. llassiuger. Nia- I.
Mutilici'k, Tobias Mitchel, ii e, re
Norrnuii, I'sler Heigle, A. ii.
HiC.w Kit - Hanks Dreexe. Win. II.
Ilreese, .lames F. Keller, A liner
Middleswarth. Isaac Winters.
Hkavkii Wir Henry l-Vik-r. .lolm
I'elker, Jr.. Jeremiah Hasketiliiirg.
Sephares Id Ifriek, Joxepll Peters,
1 . A. Wnirner.
t'lCMUK Win. I'essler.t'has. I Samp
Fit A N K I.I N Jeremiah C. Howersox-I
John Norman. John A. Sialilneelt. I
. " .
.lACKSos Mi,,,,,,,., gross, Henry .
Wagner. '
M1IUM.KIII lill John 1 . Stetler.
Mn.MtoK -Hawreiiee App, Jnhu ('.
Iletrick, Win. Hill, .1. I. H.-ufer,
J. K. Smith. Kdward Young.
Pknn Win. H tienil.erling.
,, ni ..
I'KUKV 1 honias Ii. Arbogust, Absa
loin Koiish.
PKItltV WUST J. M. Ronsh.
Ski.i xsu itov k Samuel lietnlierlinir.
rrnnn A. rvirimin, 1 rank I Inch,
Ii I'. Wllgenseller
I'MoN-M It Herrold. KliasS. S.ahl.
John II. Heigle.
WASIIIMi'l'o.N Win. A. Pi-lier Jerome
liarinan. John K. Mover
' ' '
Cagago Smashers.
- -
tine hundred nnd fifty three rrnnks
.from s. o,pe,,heimer'N Seli..xg,,.ve ; rMVui.".:.:;; 1,Vi;.7::l"-,iT":,!", " "nVi'..'
) Store went west.this spring; some to : J, ",' l ii't J i " ' 7iVt Ii" . iV '-r ."i-V i"'
j Kansas, Nebraska. Idaho ami 'oiora h7i""7,eiViri.
do and every trunk wiihsi lT,'VYi'u
Haggage Smashers. At a lai.-cm . n i ai.i ' ' nun hum.
M" f thesmasherK. at iimaiia. Nei. , ' . j. i i.(.i k. ri. n. s.
lit was unanimously resolved that Sol.
i 'ppeuueimer s tninks wouiii neither
I ...... I .... I . ( I .1 . . ,
Lend nor break and that they were
I neat, durable and ensv to handle and
reipleKteil liim. the said ppelihf iilier.
to order .hi for those ready t..go we.-t.
11 11. 1 I .!.. ... .u. .... I. . ...I ... I...
. i.n iinn iii iiniiii iil ii 11 1 win
prices. nine and see.
H '...,., i t ,
estern bound traveler you will
save inonev by huvimr vonr irimKx
valices and travellugeiUipments from
S I li ii ift.n IimI in.,,. ..l: I...,. . . ..
.1. Oppelilielmei Sellusgroe, I'a.
wiMmr iiaAAtvAA,
. ,
In aildltlon to HIV 1iii l-c stock of
r.-. .111 'i . . i
1 nrnltlire, Wlliclieonsistsof Hed rooill
w i-'"iii
and Parlor Suits of all kinds and pri-
Cl'S, Sofas, (.'hairs, Marble'l'iip Stands
oil Stands
and Hed tipriugs, I have Just added a
I large lino of tUKl'KTS, Ingrain and
; Hruxsi ls, of superior tjuality and low
in price. It is my determination to
keep a good quality and sell nt the
very lowest living figures. Call and
see for yourselves before purchasing
elsewhere. Lkvi Uki.i.kii,
Selinsgrove, I'a.
Keller will not be under sold by any
one. Give him a call. All uoods sold
by Keller are warrented to be what
they are sold for.
Wantki) -10 agents in Snyder Cn
to eanvuss and sell grave Stones and
Monuments. Address or call on N. S.
Fisher, ut Selinsgrove, I'a.
Ask for the Duklte Klectrie. Hat.
A galvanic battery in eucli hat. Also
he l'ulctte llat-tho newest novelty
For sale by 8. Oppeiiheiiuer, Selins
grove, Will. A. Mover will sell real estate
about 2 miles east Of Jieavertown on
Hatiirday May 13. The tract consists
of 15- acres 100 of which is cleared,
the balance woodland. 4 -2(1-31.
It will pay toexamiiie Keller's carpets
before you buy elsewhere. No oeea
tioutopayu high price for a flimsy
carpet w hen you can buy a good one
for the same money at Keller's Hulins
grove, l'tu
Tbe Czar of Rrtitia will he corro.
Dated on tbe 27tli of May, but the
Nihilists twear bj tbe great born
poooatbej will blow Um higher
iQtu ni:o kito.
c.fnri.Trn wirsit nr
'win - .it
1 JS((. s....
! Rye....
.... l OV
J 0 1 1
pvorn new
flprini Chickens per lb...
Pen Coal
Chestnut Coal..
Hlncksmllb Coal
Kirg Coal
Plaster, per ton..
Salt per barrel
" " sncj
W !
M to 0
,. 8
?.' to M
...... U(K.
4 40
0 IM
4 .l
11 iH
I 7
I 1"
Time ami cliauge-'ale ruieiy tiom;
Prow may wrinkle, hair grow gray,
Friendship never knows decay.
For 'mid old friends, tried and true,
Once more we our youth renew,
Hut old Irlends, alas! may die,
New friends must their place supply,
April '.'2nd., in M'lin-grox e y Rev.
V. A. Hans, James II. Ilnriis to lilleii
II, ,W..
Heaveriown, April 2.'nd by Rev. 1 )
M. Mltler. OalileMi ItoMisx ...
mi Musser, butli i'f Adntns Tiimi.Ii)
i i : i .
Auil 2jth, in Selinsgrove, l'aiiii
iemliei ling, aged pi'obahlv '" years.
April II, at Nw Herlin. Mary, wife!
idliideuii 4 'hi Helms, lined about .',(1 J
yen i s.
April II, at New Hei-liu. Adam Mil
ier. iik'ed .""i fiir, T inuiitli and 2'
drivs. I
In Hiddl 'ci' el, twp. on the '.Mlli nit.
i t riieiiniiuiin. hdei letii:i
of .loliu 1 1-lilUS. d
years n muni lis and I
MAY TERM. 1883 !
II. K. All". . Illrm if.Nnll 'lur.:un .1 '
W. II. ilm.r, !
A . S llrl'rl-li Sn .1. r l '. ni.l
I' -f rv l int n-lilp v j I 'hupni.i n I ow i (l,p '
"i;'' K -i"T ..t.i.....-i.lit,K!
Smff ns of .l.in'iih oi IliitU'V. tins,
Hft nt. II ink .. Sr:-i '..VI-. I'i . n. W. I
irHfTi .lilm il'f i . I I s.m.ii, li ti
i:ll.i. Spring i.nn. 'nriil'.i'
tolili A l"! Irr v. lutiVI II" r If r. Mirrlf!
.I.W. . I Mi iimi.l I l Mir i-i
,.tm ni I'dri'il.n lien-r v , " . -jf r .liir
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ilitvn. r-.ir mm 'lulll.n II. o,. r sr. il"l'.'i
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.l v it illelli Shrry.
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Miirv K Sii,lr vD ll'T..1 hn ii.n.
rlir:o. Ili vrr t A'irlixin l .niir ami u
n'r.i Unrr.ii.1.
Krelorlc. Iin. Irli-U i n .l.i'n sli i;i.riixr i
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s ontixl i '. i ,iu I xt I... iiirnir ,x."
Infiii II ii'iniiH ii"o K. I' lii'li' n S v.. .1. Im A i
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.SilTIIH f.. Sum.-
sttili.n .Hr.ir I 'lnt t iiihti .1 "i,M..vr.
CUk Miliar no I l.xnls Ni'ttrr vn. N
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W. II. M.n ku . I'n'l Kiin-nlisrt.
Tlia li'H r;iMi. ht ill la.u n l I ir ti 11 Bl
Mi I'ariu A. I).
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1 I ICKXSK NOlK.'i:. .otie.
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M. s
cl,.ruu iuIIIi,
Willum swum,
! unr Hp .it..
! ''i, i.ir',
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S.onufl liiei lMrn,
I n.n rl lunri s.
lolm u ..!
II.I..T.W.I, .Ai.r.n.l,
! J,", !., K. 1".'
lli-.r i
JtLl.tlT- r-e.
i nn
j .inim n Ki.rKisr, Sriin.irv
In I I, II .'.I. 1
; VTU;!"'' I
I l;r-ii Imnir. '
; .'. N II u.r. In Inn
iV',',1"'"." " . , , "
I Kll liner. XVnMiiKtun
I leivr nicl il.elr n Itilnri" lir T i" rn icin..- t'i
. Hi 'l"rl nl ijimrter sorlnnxd s.i,y,i,.r t 1 v .
j nn I ii!iT w ill Im prc.Miile I Inr ui'prnvxl ,lii .
1 'I 111 IV. Ilix .'I 1 1 IV 11 .1 uni '
. t.i.i the . ir. m th.' rtn.fri m o.e 1 n
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I 1 ( I n I I . . 1 i i III." I t nil, I IXC I II I i .
.,,.,,.,..,,.. ,.,...., ' ,.,..
! "I'1' n.i run, p. x. (i um rnuniii" ..( siiy.ior
I i.mn xii.i .iiiini nini ..411111x1 a. e ! mi l
ssm'l. II. VixI'T. K,. A.m.i-Uio .lu.Ui". in
eel I'firlnj. .1 1 1 Mm Klu
! I-M. In ma tlirm-te.l l..r t .. Ii.iI.Uiii .1 mm llr.
i , . : . ", ,. i
I ilixii cn iff a "iin nt I mnipnii IVrn. rourl I
.1 i iy.r xn.l I em nnr ami ilmicnl e.n.rt !
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('""'"s "" H'tu iiay i .l iy .'.) ami o nitiuuo
Nut I. th' rxinr Imri l.y ,ivin tn ihs Ciirn-1
uer. Iiii,' hi Um I'm.-naiil I 'iniliiiilo liii
Hllll ,r ,,,,,. f My.Br,t ,,,., n, ,i,,,r;
i r npiT r.nn I'll t liel r nilli racer. ii. Iinii ' i
iluim rxhihUmtiun. ami mimr mini m rale-el I
l0 ,,,, u,,,,,,, t ,i,ir ,,ni,. H. , .,. r i,,.. 1
halt I'crUm In lie ilnn m l wilns-.o ami nor I
nn i r i-xi-ml iu In linhili nl H e riiiniiinn-
altti Munln-i any I'ur.nnii ru rcnilro I in li.
llh. nan l lliura H'temllnj an I lmt liurl Inn
i .Ithmit le.ivt ill their erll. Ii!ll-i urn r-
i muipiiii ic i v v 11 1 inoir r r 1 1 . .1 i;n
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Hlv.-n iin.lr iny liaml Hh't tnul
Ulv. fi iiri'isr iny liaml aint tal af II 0 Slinr
Ill' "ill'-o in .MI'l'l;oi)iir,h, llm i-ih il ty n
. Ii. ma tiiuuxaml elgl.l liuinlraj anl
ailthtj three.
1A 111 Ur.U I1I.Y. Sharll.
TVot ,
VOTirK is hereby given tlinl the
ll f't'oxiHK Wi'lnvN p rnin'iiixi p iiful'.r
(ho ! I.4, lnvi' lir.-n KI. .I villi Mil. I'I. i U "I
I r,.,l..' I inirl ,-l Sll..f i-nu.ilv. ,,l .nil.
nrinill'in mi .Mnmiar, in 'JHU ilay nf Miy 0"
Ai iraliinont nf Utmint lira ir. i, wl I m
nl Sniiiilnl lliekluan, lata of WainiliiKtnO ti ,
Joi-san il.
A ii alaaiiit ol Mirirxret K ling ler, ni.l w
nl RHiiKlor, l.itf nl .lai'kmn Iwii, ili"i.
AHiial"fi.ieni il roll Us nr. vlinw tl
Juhii S. Hoaixr. lata nl .1 xcka m imp , ilaoM.
Aiieraliani. nt nl l.nulia ll.i.ilnvar. Mi nl
I 'a Id H iflntinr, lata if .Mi'ltlosri( tl
A (M'Talioin'tit bl lUohel Myr, al.liiiiol
Mli bavIO Mnyar, luto of Wa'liliitnn tn 11 ,
.Ii caMfAil .
A.irx.mant "f Sar.li Snook, w .v ol Je
entt Nfionk, Um 1 1 Wo( llxaer twji., it.oM.
A .iriii!"ii I ol I'nllr ( lln., tow ul lian'l
il.ii, Uix nl tVa.alriKtiiii twp., .Uo'.l
A iiral'0inar.t nf Marv Muyar, widow ol
' bai. A . Mojar, lata el SMI .arnva, 'lan l.
J. UKOli.iK Clark U. V.
Mtj3, '
Iu the matter of the assigned estate
of I'uter Herman.
A T al'onrt of C"iumon Pleas Ixdil
at MI I'lli InirnU. In ami for tla rnmuyul
Snvilir. i.n Hie ! 'lx nl MarliA II In a. Hi
Uuurtnii tlia iiell'lnii of Sniieiai II. Kiruuli, Al
ilidiaa nf ml'l .itHia. gramail a rma uu liiu
. roil Hurl to .hi w cnu.a if any Ihci h, dy
il.a mil Uv "I nati ann, M ay '.vb A. Ii 1-1 1,
why Ilia ixlil h iniual li. Ntrniib ib mil not ra-
oinat in 10a li fattr llariuan iko ixll ai
il.nid Hflaia.
wuni ma lion jriain Iim-lia-, I'reil.
lent nnr axlil l.'o irl ut Hiililiau irKk. tlili
luth day ol Marob A. I). ISSS
j. Liiui'sr., rrain'r.
ofUlil Wrlck. a Lunalln kfi Blailan
Mnunl lo His offloa of lb frolb "i.'r nl.
onini .viaij ivi vuniHiwtiua ii laiy larni,
J wish in inform Ui rcsiJwuts of
Rortmoiil of
Cooking Stoves, Ranges, Heaters,
Parlor and Bedroom Stoves,
Including Ihn New Lipfit Hons Cook. Milfor Harp. Ladies' Pride. T'lr
Cook. New .Smisljine, Now Jasper. New Kecotd l.antres. Xu
Vincible, Tl.B Spenr Ifeatets,
Iiis, New Jasper flnater. New OuUen Suu
Firiplacf! !IrJ"is, am olhera. .Vy
Heaters ft'om 15 to 30 Dollars,
no nil of th" latest pillcrns and host ttnffriu!, art'l it being lstn in llie
siiiHoti 1 (d)i r tliem below ficlitul cost to (tecitte (heir stale.
Call and see the Fine Cook Stoves,
jif which 1 h no as luigo nn l wetl-solcrtcil n sleek ai cm bn f. m l in Ilia
coinitv uud nt price that will cnmp.iie wild W1i;i!(,ku1h Ifotisus.
i Tinvare, Spouting and Roofing.
None but tin. voiy I est. iinilet inl use,
j ''" I tioiiov.
liuspoclfiilly subuiilted.
Minni.Kp.nwiii pa.
V Oil III" .(111 Mil,
jrr "i'stock to supply everybody m everything.
dust openea. iNew ana Dtviisn;
- -
Coloicb Caslimcis. Ladies Linn Ulstjrs. Fine Laces. Kid Cloves, all fnlof.
in Nrc! Wear. Ladies Muslin Underwear and Sk lis. Lis e Tl'reati Cloves
in endless ancty, Ketiular Made Hose. Swiss Victoria Lawns-
All wool SACKINGS, Larq Vanoty of
One of tlio leading ndrnrt o is in Sclinsyiova is our may nliccnt ii ic of
I which is well worth tbr cost ol jo
out ivviu.a; stik k
1 1"' "rrl1'"' "i'i ' "111 I " t'" ln.r!..n
, 'ii. I l y nil iiiomiix kivb u - ii . sli n il
l.o'nre i rch.iili;,, rlcwlife We if n rim t ntir .." Ii nf ii. (.ml quallir n in. I'M Id ths
r nii;i , .ii'.l ii lii.juiry ui.u "ksiulnaliou o( uur Ulna rinrk. I', will ll l.utnl thet tin isius
'1 ii . 1 1 1 I K at
SOIil CfflKAI'ttK 15 Y
than anrwhero ! Wi r irlllnit Mono' uitt ! r ) M nJ urwr.l.
: Boys uits.'cood. for $1.50 anri upwards. Underwear for 20 conts nnd ir).
! war(ls- Men's Wool Hats 40 cents and upward. Bey's Wool Hats 25
cents and upwards. Straw Hats 5 cents and upwards. Fine White
Shuts. Percale Shirts. Bicic'e Shirts. Ac.. Cuffs. Collars,
I Nucties. Hose. Gloves. Siisiienders, lruttlii. Satchels,
j Valices. Curies. Umbrellas. Whips, l ap Robes,
un l n full l.ns nf Kumlrlitnir ' ... iiirai:y. W'a il.m l iinirk miy unmli l.ol .w rr t re1 tlen
imikn Ii u l i'Iiii.hIiiii liu il I "1 ' K ot. i" 111 iks 11,1 or ll All t ark li trial
,n"k" " ur M
, I five. 114 n en 1 1 , HI
I. II ku !! klilix Knn.lH .1 110
l V I5B.O., Slillsffrovo, I'll,
W. H.
iropiiiarsr eiraitoire
Lewistowu, Miflin county, Penn'ai
B'-uril ur of IZ iv Iviml, Inrlor, C 'lui mboi.
Dinnlno I ( 001 u. I lull, mid li ii cIkmi, to
Hiiit l lii itiritiiN ol'ovi'i'.v pci'itou.
I'liiiited Cli tuilior Sails, from - - 92, to 9,15
p,., I ... W.,jlo frnni
I 1 iXlJ. " ' U '
oil walnut, covered in Hnireloth,
udv er.Iiu,
Walnut t'lnmbor guild, with Mublu Tops, from - fili to 91 IS
IJadetcfulu ffOUi - . . !4 lo $.')'
Ui'.ri'S.ns, .Stands. r,oungee. Clmirx, Malliess of all kinds. The worn
.lcifdl Woven Wire Mattress or Spiing Hotto'ii thu best tinnl't.
All goods kept in htock and on hum 1, ready for sale,, and nt CSH
IMUCKS, that will couvincn nil. Hint you on n suvu money by buviiiR w.-re
vou gel the best, and always got chat youbuv. (loods packed sn-l ih liv
red, with tho best of cue, to It. K. depot. (!,tl and see I he (he intnii-tit
Stock. No tronblo to show goods, Oflt M) I'Tl) : Oood tituxli., I.ow
I'rices, ond to please al. Or lei s by mail will reoeivn prompt atteotioD
st all tiinnH. Vouib ltospectfullv,
'" -'7. 181. W II. PIILIX.
llMt III
Tho Worlil.
Tenn Harrow n made of the Uet Whins Oak, with hicrl Tseili, VS'U ruin,l and in
eery way firv cb. Kurmerly n Hanow wt llie nuit unhandy initilimaut on the farm,
illl our iiiiprovrmeuU ii u ihe nutal convenient, and a j;reat laving j( tifpe and labor, look
lo your intcrsxl and huy the 1'vnn Uarrnw. Manufacnrcd only hy the
Posm II vr row 9Ianant3(urlnat Cs.
Siiydcr counir ll at I h it a a 3ne M
Si Kiting and H loiiuj done oa
ng there to sew
6. WHIS,
ol iu iiii.Ii', nri'l llm In lpoI nl urh n
11 iii Ijnl loll.
Iteps. Haw Silk, and I'IubIioh, of
8WC.,!er M',U I R'volvf and Rives lbs irrenn
niiw imrrow, i me narrow iscs ta PHssiotr ertr It
ODre, tlirrrforc will ilo ili.ulile the work of any
i a till Harrow suit tli iarmey hull IiuUIkh
Another e.rcat S'lxsntnge the I'tnn Marrow .
over nny .tlirr. it ran Is ss easily raanffe4
into Five Mlferenl llarrewi. Com M.tWr
ml (.'oniplvi Mcil ir c.T-h irvnw, ihrwii
sililim; n citra piece or hnlt. ' hui the taimrr
h.i all thi Harrow, in the on miiireil on t i.
lilacr. and iIilv are ailiiultul Ia ud anil.

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