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N rim iy the I'ltnnr
Ii Istiui im "Hrvnti."
1 1 r.it:. im"! ',.lnr
II lli I Till i.k-ill lllllRSIM
A ml in'.-r M.iiiiinit.
suIim riiiiui,i,r,i,y(r
Vil'RU.torilM reopienni
mn ftl way on irr
I : ;;
the mMmmmst mmmmsm
VJ1 HFXl n lift I 7 - le'AJ. . vXlvV
m II r A I ' XI K til.-
Jan 1
ml 8.
ry claw
recelv i
t Payuiil
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is sec
is stove
r0L. 32.
Items of local interest
Pont miss the "F.nglo Clock."'
ti.lttcl coupons will not bo good
or Jan. 'ZH
111. Hi l miss neem iiifT
; liter Sale of Shoos tit Schroyer's.
"I L. Wiigonscller of Solinsgrovo
L a vi-itor to tins County Scut on
v, Frederick Bower will preach
1,- Lul horan church next Sab-
i l ioininr and evening.
-n Ibsr. Tlie west purl of my
. nii'l lot in Franklin is for rent.
IT, It. S. B. Wai.tku.
iiiy persons vif itotl Kreamer lust
!iiv to view tho wreckage nfter
bob-sled collision uml futility.
I! taxes must bo i(iid to me before
nlay, Feb. 23rd. lN'.i.V
C. II. Steiningor, (Collector,
lessor Shortlidge, confined in
Xorristown hospital, in improv-
iiil will soon bo discharged.
niTomit of tlio nail nccilent to
i'otter nnd others tlio Musica
ution will not bo held nt Selins
How tho Vote Stands.
L. C. lluchninn. Frunkliu,. ,
C. W. Smitli, Mullig.
Clms K. Fisher, I'enn, . .
Kdwin Chiirles, Ferry,
M. C Hiirner, Frunkliu,...
I). Ii. (e:nberling, lYim,.,
A. S. Scchrist, t'nion,
J. .). Steely. W. 15, uver
The above statement inchiilo the
Votes ))illlisi il l ist week.
You can help jour favorite teacher
by sub-cribiti' fur tho Vvhv now. ,
(Jet a new f.i.ili hubscriber for the
I'osrainl you get 12 voting coupon
as a pieuiiuiuH.
SuiNoi.rs ! SiiiNcu.K.s !! I havojiiHt
nreived loii.nuoxo. i,'.'ftnd:J lJt inob
liite-pinc SliingleH. Cull iunl Bee
.... ;
them before buying elsewhere
F. 11. M.iurci, Now liM-lin,
Senator Hackenbiirg is chairman1
of tho Library Committee uml.
member of tho following: Compare
Hills, Jihlicul apportionment, Jinf?
ciary (b neral, .In lici.n y Local, New.
u will iv
0 rubber V
1. Gu ml rum of Ailamsbiirg nm
ruther, CharlcK, of Chiengo,
visitiug at Henry liickhurt's
Englo Clock TimeH tolls nl
it. llcaJ tho pamphlet as it
iterefct you. Jo ono cnu aflbn
s seeing the work.
regret that owing to the Coun-
lument ami tho nceidon,t , mat-
treat deal of important matter
led out thia week.
Ip.nglo Clock will bo on cxhi-
in tho vacant store in New
Uihling 3 days commencing
-luy Feb. Cth. Don't miss it
la Henrietta Smith, tho new
:orof the Central Hotel, am
were out sleigh riding on
behind Gray bill's ponies.
i:i).-Clean 2 and 4 oz. bot-
'ent a piece. No panel hot
tie J. l)n. IlASKisvirit.
Jliddleburgh, Pa.
'1 interested in tho Teachers'
"test ? For every new cash
lbscribor you get for tho
iare entitled to 12 coupons
'on Sale : Prick of tho bent
building and navinur ran
oJ at reasonablo rates
"8 to Caiiuon Skkiiolp.
m House, Middleburg, Pa.
duHiring extra conies of
Hk'8 Post containing tho
of the great collision can
luted. They will howover
"Id in job lots.
I K Valuable House and
Suitable for store or
1. Dcsiliililn loi'iition n,l.
Wm. P. Fetter,
Kratzervillo, Pa.
' tin oflico holding poli-
'l iy ambition, and some-
:iiedby liis superior of-
Uio opposing party has
"in papers are warning
Pure of that State that
rpoJitious of the meiu-
urious poual ami bone-
itions are usoloss and
''J should be done away
''ttMwell. the National
er, who is taking the
Jlillur. examined the
Ul Bank of this nl
Mr. Caldwell is well
the conditiou of the
uding the sweater por-
V 1Q examining tliA in.
m - wmm
'ties he stated that the
"iff a safe and careful
complimented the of
i'loudid s Lowing the
K It is just what we
Iroiu the careful super-
"XCttllont 0 fllcer s who
iiri of our bauk.
'ounties and ('.unity Scats
U.viiciUNs, Uauoains. 5 H Pairs of
Shoes on our Uargain Counteri
For sale way down in price. Call
and see them, at M S. Schuovkk's,
A Kroilit train Colliclux with
Load of Soliiijsrovo people.
i Sled
jeiied tfa souls into eternity and
brought, afflict ion to hundreds of
other 8. j
Outb. east Hide of tho ro i.lstau Is
a new frame houso built very near to
mi rmlrtiKl so tliat it is imp.is-il.l,
no. ;.
to HPO ft
the trallf- N
rain until one is n!mot on funerals I
inline. After ,,,-, ,,,.,. h,.lvi,,,s llt
tl.e house tho lv,,,,, ! ..
ed toward the If til. JmiII v Jo . I , -
tho st,,., t llt this time
Moretlmn half of tin. , w, returned
away being un.d,!,.,,,,,!,..,,,, ,mi
SIOII. Si lill-L-lOV,. I. , 1 I ... .
o one on
si.'. 1 I est i ii 1 1 j I, ,
heard aif)' whith until the engino was th- ,,;
was ritfe nnL il.r illtrlt lit.. . 1.. 1 ii i i 1.1.1,
T -----r-i -,n 1 1 T pr , "' Hint
U hethi't thosi.;u:d was given bo for,
t ) a oi'rl hi i
no ono ft
Tho most teiriblu disaster that
ever befel any Snyder county peo-
plo was recorded last Friday morn
ing at 3: iO o' clock at Ki earner sta
tion. A, sleighing party of fifteen
persons from Sclinsgrove wire re
turning from this place where thev
had spent the greater part of the
tllght 1U social festivities. Tho sled
was drawn by 4 mules driven bv
Chas. A. Honiig and his father.
I sane I). Itotnig. While crossing
tho S. Sl L. Railroad at Kreamer. a
full sneed west -linniul fi eii'lit Irniii
Sn.tNHoitovE, Pa. 1 struck- the blediftstbukiud th mules
,ri , , ,. , .. .. , or near me unvers-seat, ine ton
llio proceedings of the Snvdeit hi
p. i.. ,i .ii -i . i in! K" tljB lo w'h on oua side
Coui ty Jeachers Institute heldlawti ii , ,i , i ,
,x , , , , ,. . , ' t othe troju jwhue the slod and its
December are ready for distribution, .,
n i..i n ' occupants Tuere ou the other side,
Un Saturday they will be mailed to , u . , . , .
un - it it. L. that the dnverB were right
all wlio havo paid for tho same. The .i ,t - ' nt n .
teachers who havo not pa d for theif 1 7111' . .-"-'" 'YT.
, , ,1, . ; the dnvir aged about 24, with his
pamphlets, should do so at onee. 1 ,v
. . . J"" v
An opeu grate lias just been put
intlie directors room in the bauk
It is a beautiful design and ii most
handsomely finished by tho skillet
workmanship of Aaron CrrH.'iovn
'Die room is so invitingly finished it
would be no wonder if tho directors
would meet all the time.
Editors, as ii rule, are kind heart c
ami liberal. An exchange tells of n
subscriber who died and left four
teen years, subscription unpaid. The
editor ot the paper appeared just us
the undertaker was screwing down
the coffin lid and put in a linen dus
ter, a thermometer, a palm leaf fan
and a recipe for making ico.
On Tuesday of this week it was
fourteen years since tho wreck oe
cured at lied Hill two miles Fast of
town. A rail was broken and the
engino got across but the passenger
cars were badly wrecked. A great
many persons wero hurt. Among
them were Samuel llowen, Phillip
Swineford, John Stuhluecker. Wm.
Hans and others.
Notice. Persons desiring to aid
in the increase of edible fUh in the
waters of tho State, cnu, by upplying
to The Pennsylvania Fish Protect
ive Association, 1020 Arch Street.
Philadelphia, obtaiu placards con
taining information as to elnso uou.
sons of tho different varieties of lish.
and information pertaining to the
sauioi also blank applications for
procuring Trout fry. froe. from Ponn-
sylvania Fish Commissioners, will
bo supplied by tho Association upon
Mistaken Solls Who Dhkam ok
Di.iss. ' The following marriage li
censes have been grautod siuco our
lust publication :
Amnion Spriggle, West Perry,
) Amanda SI. Hutch,
Henry E. Bill, Juniata Co.,
Mary Jaue Shawver. Adams Twn.
j Geo. W. Whistler, Adams Two..
t Mary M. Weiand. "
S Duuiel M. Herbst, Wash'n Twp.,
(Carohue Heckinau, " "
1 David A. Herrold, Chapman,
Mattie 15. Stepp, Port Treverton.
(Jacob A. Hummel, Kreamer,
) Rosa J. Field. "
Lydia Vookely, I'erry Twp.
iwiiver J i. uowersox FrauklinTwp
) Bertha M. Hearick ' ,l
Franklin Ewig,
Eva E. Musser,
IE. P. Herman,
) Joauua Uh ich
Joseph H. Snook, Middlecreek,
Coretta M. Huffman, McClure
Jackson Twn.,
Penna Twp.,
i.r.iscr, woro- iuoa Obiiii,t. The
sou's skull wa fractured and brok
en open ho that it was necessary to
remove the brain. Tho father's
body showed no signs of physical in
jury but ho died almost instantly.
Death was probably duo to heart
failure caused by fright. H. Lloyd
Shroyer and probably ot hers jumped
from the sle 1 before the crash came.
Tho train gave the sled a sudden
jerk throwing some out while otheis
in their desperate effort to get out
and save their lives had thrown
themselves into greater p ril. The
engines with their puffs and snorts
had but passed and the long train
was yet to follow. Here lay the
wreckage, consisting of mangled.
bleeding bodies of life long friends
while the shrieks of women and the
cries of the most stout hearted men
wero drowuded by the thundering
noise of tho train. Tho lamentations
were heart-rending in tho extreme.
Of all tho torture, agony, misery,
anguish, distress and grief suffered
by this ill-fated party no human ton
gue can tell nor human heart con
oeivo. Darkness prevailed. No one
know how many dead bodies would
bj found when tho tr ain ha 1 pass.
od. Every moment seemed tin hour
and fato with its uucliangeablecoursti
threatened death to all of them.
Tho engineers exerted every avuil
ablo means to check the speed of tho
train, but it ran more than its full
length beforo it could be stopped.
As soon as possible ono engine was
dispatched to this nlace and one to
Seliusgrove to summon medical aid.
Drs. Hussiuger and Mohu of this
place ami Drs. B. F. and F. J. Wag-
euseller of Seliusgrove were brought
to the sceue of the accident. Dur-
iug the interim the dead and injured
were carried into Mr. Gordon's house
which became a veritable hosnitublo.
The uninjured made every effort to
ave their .friends and to relieve
them from suffering.
Charles Rouiig, aged 24. who was
killed was a christian youug man.
le was alwavs industrious and Holier
and at the time of his sudden death
was a consistent member of the llo
f ormed Church and Sabbath School
at Selinsgrove. Isaao D. Honiig.
aged 62, was a frugal and an active
farmer. Ilia wife. Mrs. llomig is a
weak, nervous woman and it is still
feared that the news of the death of
her husband and Ron may be too
much for her. There are four sons
away from home, two in North
Carolina, one in l luladelphia and
one in Willinmspoi (.
THE l.lll;l;l..
A. W. Potter, V.h, hud both arms
badly mangled between the elbows
and wrists. The right was uiiipu
tated and it is feared that the left
must bo taken rff. Ho is also inter
nally injured. Miss MollioC. limns.
daughter of Stmuel 1'. Burns, h.nl
her left leg-cut off at tho knee, her
right nrm was broken and a gash
cut in her bead. Miss Bums was a
leader in society and highly r,Hrect.
ed by nil her associates. Mis. Aunio
M. I'otter, daughter of A. WJ'otfrr,
was cut in tho leg War the anklo
Mrs. Chas. P. Ulrich received severe
bruixos in the back nnd probably a
rib ' is broken. Edwin M. Hummel
eusUunftd a very severe scnln wound
Miss Lottie Eby suffers froiii a
Blig&t.cut io the face. TW C V
liartman was injured in one of tho
lower limbs, yot he worked faithfully
with all the other injured ones little
dreaming that he himself was hurt.
Tho balance of the party consist
ing of Hoscoe C. North, Mrs. A. W.
Potter, Miss Carrie Hen, Iricks.Chas.
P. L'lrich and A. W. Smith and
wifeescaped unhurt. Hoscoo North
an I Prof. Hirtnian remained until
the last to assist th,. pliysioiatis u,
their arduous task to relieve the suf.
feriug. Miss Carrie Hendricks bv
the entire party was voted a heroine
tor the valuable help she so gem r.
ously offered.
MOVINo rim IMl'liKn.
At six o'clock il special train cur.
l ied the dead bodies and most of tho
injured ones to Selinsgrove. On
Mail train east was carried A. W.
Potter, his daughter Annio and Miss
Burns. The town was thoroughly
aroused by this time and tho streets
wero crowded with curious people.
Tears were brought to the eyes of
the bravest men and sorrow
was depicted upon every counte
nance as the ambulances moved down
Market Street. Never was there a
sadder day in Seliusgrove and the
experience of Jan.Jlth 1 will never
bo forgotten. Business was almost
eutilley suspended. The peoplo of
our metropolis had not vet recover.
od from hearing the sad news of the
suicide of Mr. Gortner. Now to
have thrust upon them such uuwel
como news ! Oh it was honiolo '
To tho writer the
that lunvr-to-bo-fonrotteii il.iv ii live
no paralell. The greater part of the
night was spent with tho party that
was uever so jolly and haimv befor
fciVory person was so happy. At
half past two o'clock the huge sled
load of people left the Eagle Hotel
iu Swiueford each one as merry aud
jolly as ever. We thou went to bed
and slept uutil 7 o'clock in blissfull
iguorauce of the pain, agony and
distress endured by this unfortuu
ate party. It required but a short
time to reach the scene of the disas
ter. There lay the brokeu sled;
pieces of skull and brain were Beat
tered along, the railroad track and
the snow was crimson with human
blood. Iu Mr. Qordou's house were
still 3 victims of the collision, Miss
Annie Potter, her father, who was
writhing in pain, and Miss Mollie
Burns who was then fast asleep.
On the floor lay Mollie Bum's mash
ed foot and A. W. Potter'B mutilat
ed right hand. Oh 1 ghastly sight I
How changed from a few hours be
fore! One unguarded moment has-
s:gn !
i! o:(
o 1h!!
wa i j.'iv-i
i uut n'
and e v ' i v
that, lie v
po-i'ivc' If (!.
no ono bold hea r
the jinglliig of th
body tyls wrapp, .' ii
could ho ,i nothing.
TUB t EDITION or TUK lYiri:n.
Tho iii ured persons aie getting a
Jong as veil as can bo expected.
Tho eirc ilation h is been stariel in
Mr. Power's left hand and h. i-.
able to (novo his tingeks a little.
This givis tho hop,, that his h and
can bo s ved and justifies his friends
in the hi lo of saving his life. Miss
Mollie pirns is resting well consid
ering heljnjuries. Her arm h i 1 t .
bore-set Ed. M. Hii.nmel's face is
consider Aj swollen an 1 ho h,t 1 u
very serous time of it on S-iturday.
but hisetneis not considered dan
gerous, Uut ho has a great deal of
pain, i lbs (ace and head are kwoI
len and 4is eyes are closed on uc
.count of th swelling.
. Mrs. Cans. P. Ulrich in addition
to $ craokod rib, has one rib broken
ooiyr the ipine. She is not able to
raiwhor head from the pillow and
suffersTf .?iMnt! deal.
Vfr ,.",; y! I Improving yerv
rapidly. Vr. liartman. who tluu
he was not injured, found that his
lower limb was pierced. Ilis leg h
stiff but is mending rapidly. Annie
Potter and Lotti.' Kby are on a fair
way to recovery. Miss Kby's f.iee
bears two large spots and her eves
are pretty black. Many of the o'tli
ers who suffered no physical injury
were prostrated from nervous ex-
l'it eniell t . Even some who w..n at
the party but travel, d in single cnu
veyances, were weighed down with
grief and excitement.
Al-I-I TI'iNAI. t Mi IK 'S.
We gleam from members of the
unfortunate party some notes which
wo append.
Mrs. A. W. Smith and Carrie Hen
dricks remained on the sled whil
tho train passed and were not in
Dr Hartniau and others wen-
thrown quite a distance into the
air. It is thought that those who
sat on the left side of the sled after
rising to jump off. were throwu be
tween the sled and tho train. The
sled, being struck at th. front end,
was dragged about ten feet.
Prof. II. Lloyd Schroyer sat right
behind the drivers who were killed
and his escape without a scratch is
While the train was thundering
past, A. W. Smith and Ii. Llovd
Schroyer were tho only oj.'es on
their feet.
Ou Tuesday the funeral day for
tho Ilomigs opened with a drowsily
falling sno Iu fact tho snow fell
so slowly and mournfully that it
seemed nature itself was weening
in unison with the sadness of tho
hour. The day became bright to
ward noon and peoplo from all oarts
of the County poured into Selins
grove. The Chief Burgess. (J. C.
Wagensellor. issued an edict th.it.
in cousequeuce of the public calami
ty that Dad belallen the town, twn
citizens killed and many injured, all
stores should be closed from 12 M.
to 3 P. M. Ti e mandate struck a
popular choid and was universally
obeyed. Owing to the false alarm,
the Reformed Courch was consider
ed unsafe and the funeral servient
were held iu tho town hall
Long before OUe o'clock tha fifim
set for the funeral large numbers of
mends went to (be bouse of mourn
ing. I he Odd Fellows, of which the
son was a member, the G. A. It. to
wliicn the father ; l4ilonirt,i ad.i n,
nvsv HMV
Hook and LaddW Company with
which both were filiated were all
it I Ill's I
1 1 .iv. l:
"'lioi't i?!g
!l-.sste 1
1. KoV r
I ie
' .mi
was t!,,. ar..
v. W. A Hi..
r i .yiu.m. He
by l,"vs. Vuty,
Iv. an ! S !,
I ,'
: i
i l I'm,
1 i
After til
Were I ,i I
' 'tiiet ry.
v i t ! , . ,
gl".e. T -I
" ery e-.i'-'i
pros,.,,.,. ,v ,.
I e-lis an I an (
sign wa, j.r,..:
Ii" p:u v u I, ,:
I'iie vy :n i , , ; I, v
muiilv i, ui ti, th,. 1. reave I faiml
The injur.-. 1 an- r iving all tlu
Mi" that l e.i'ig !. s can .1.. Thi-
H!l Is (he s l ! I,.,t Chanter il! th.. I,w
lilt V.
til t!
-if til
I ' e. ally l.i a i! ifiil ,1,
1 by the ( Kl Cl,i!,
i I Ii-'.V u , re hauling
"I the entire coin
t.-rv ,,f ,
- I!
Everybody would bi pleased if tin
tini 's wen- better, that is if business
were booming, work wep. plentv and
bills eay to collect It can l.e ',1.,,,,.
easily. Th" way to begin is for eei y
one who has any cash to use it in
Haying his or her debts. Just
soon as business men are able tool
loot what is due them they will take
heart and increase their prrchases.
This necessitates the em ryniout
ht 1 u' i-;oiui'ri oi more han-is.
These in turn then carry their earn
ings back to the m -reliant, the gro
cer, the dealer, the milliner, and all
others in trad.-. Even the printers
get their share. You must Se- how
important, then, it is to pay what
you owe. The plan is easily oan'i.
OUt. No one can lo,e t hereby. Try
it. and if it don't pr,,.,-,. n ili; Ul, vr,.
lllise never believe ariot her word y
see in the , nil,,,!. ..'. ,,,7, , V
Cm, I.
I have sumo m.-n's Imy", and el
roll over coats hicii I will sell at
b 1111.120 i-ercent. offmark.-l price,
The same discount will be allowe.
on boys' youths' and men's eh-thing
Now is the time to come if you uoeil
anv thing. I will dispose of all m
goods cheap in order to save trouble
aud expense ot moving goods.
will move next month to th,. First
National Bank building. So Come
!U '"ll'1'- It. Gl-Nsi:i-H.iEII.
A bill of special interest to tho la
bor interests has been introduced
in tho House by Mr. Amos, of Cleur
tield. It provides for a State Hoard
of Arbitration and Mediation for
the settlement of differences bo
tweeu employers and their employes
and makes arbitration compulsory.
The board is to lie appointed bv the
(loveruor uud is to consist of live
members, two of whom aru to I...
selected form bona lido aud recog
nized labor org iui..itioin, two to
be employers, or selected from some
association representing employers
of labor, and the lifth must repre
sent neither and is to be chairman.
A copy of the annual catalogue of
Tho Ponnsylaviiia State College has
boeii received, showing an attend
ance of 310 students in that growing
institution for tho present year.
Tho faculty and instructors number
43. Courses of study are offoi-e.l
along teachnical lines in Agriculture,
Biology, Chemistry. Civil Engineer.
ing, Electrical Engineering, Mining
Engineering, and Physics and in
General Scieuce and Latin Science
The facilities aud & Dili Dimwit fiii
- w.
teaching studies embraced in those
different courses an the preparation
required for entrance, are fullv
shown iu the catalogue. Boiugen-
dowed by the National and State
governments, tuition is offered free.
Persons interested iu examining the
advantages of diftereut colleges can
obtain a copy of this catalogue by
addressing the presidout. Dr. Geo.
W. Atherton, State College, Penna

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