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in-or'0 "r
I run ii i ho fcliinr.
It Hunt nn !! vnii. "
1 1 wi'r iin' i 'i .liar. '
II ik'Vit (I.hIo cI hiImi
Atiilm-viT ti.iliuil
miLm rl'liiiii..M.yi'r
L.ion of of
sSSI' 'Hi 'sSSslsB
4. 3
NO. 0.
,T bed ftl O doWll.
J Convention m-xt week.
g U worth S.'o t .litot iul
,.t legal holiday is Wushing-
fowt the Musical Conw n
;. week.
tiling to have on hand this
inshm of Saunwl Bir.gunian
lusical Convention preludes
mr sale bills pi iuteil nt the
Iuting office,
os a pretty good nrtint to
krie in a lottery.
ll US nllUWl UUU msie, anic
Uday in Lewislnug.
Its nothing to guess. Se
(as on Editorial page.
I.iiut agaiust fortune is oft n
Ll apology for laziness.
Llored Quartette will please
week at every concert.
in help your favorite teacher
ribing for the Post now.
miss seeing the Bargain
Sale of Shoes at Schroyor'B.
M Ninnle of Selinsgrove
sitor at this place last Thurs-
lur valentines ready. . Next
y your friends will look for
fcy enough to tesch a parrot
The trouble is to make it
Low who ''sees" every bet
fr game in seldom a man of
largaret Spaid. the Post's
ently spent n few days in
and Miltou Romig of
kve were in Middleburgh on
peculiar fuct that the more
i-ouie men have, the lens
ly have.
low cash subscriber for the
you set 12 voting coupons
waut to make 2.00 ? If ho,
tat will be advertised in
i ilitorial page.
llored Quartette is attract-
h-sal attention. They will
cry concert next week.
i must be paid to me before
Feb. 23rd. 18U5.
III. Steiningci', Collector.
lire never so low at Wit-
10 to 50 per cent. off.
I't to 50 per cent. off.
Is are in circulation asking
"ssnge of Representative
Gel basket Dill.
tig for the election tickets
pa Tuesday. The contract
'd to J. A. Lumbal d.
ucerts will bo given in the
ie on Thursday Friday
ay evenings next week.
1 Fur Robes at and below
and be convinced and se
rs will be paid to the per
fuses nearest what will
4 in the space on edi
See particulars.
i&n Stetler who spent
ks very pleasantly in
iland and Montour coun-
Jon Monday.
ews or tuK Ikjurkd.v
Mr. Potter is feeling
o-day. lie did not rest
ntil 3 o'clock. Annie
t feeling so well on ac-
mg been taken in to see
Lottie Eby is out again.
el and Mrs. Ulrica ai
PP. Mr. Hummel is in
ieal conditiou. Yester
k put silver tubes in
Pou Rent. The west part of my
housit and lot in Franklin is for rent.
Jan. 17, 4f. S. B. Walter.
Fon Sale. A huge banjo, good
as new, cost !?2 will be sold cheap.
For particulars, address Box 73:1,
?Jen's shirts at WittcMiiyerV.
Wool shirts, cents, former price
1.2.1; Wool shirts. ?" cents, former
price, !1..V.
A humorous young man startled
a keeper of u restaurant at Selins
grove last week by asking if lie ha 1
any eggs that weren't busy.
J 'h 11. Kreegi r r-pent ht Sun
day in Solinsgrove viwitinir tlienf-
tlictcd and i-xtending encouragement
in an hour of distress.
llepreseiitaiivo llerinan's llnnis-
burg letter ami a number of eoni
munications that were crowded out
last week will bo found in this issue.
On Sunday morning thermometers
ia Middleburgh registered 1 1 de
grees below zero. This was the cold
est morning of the season.
After the resignation of llev. F.
P. Manhart us Superintendent, Dr. J.
It. Dimm was" elected President of
Susquehanna University.
Fon Sale. Valuable House and
lot for sale. Suitable for store or
Hotel Stand. Desirable location ad
dress, "Win. P. Fetter,
Jan. 24,h it. Kratzerville, Pa.
Are you interested in the Teachers'
Prize Contest ? For every new cash
yearly subscriber you get for the
Post, you are eutitled to 12 coupons
as a premium, .'',
Bargains, Baroaiss. 5K) Pairs of
Shoes on our Bargain Counter.
For sale way down iu price. Call
and see them, ut M S. Schhoveh's,
Selinsohove, Pa.
The Suubury busiuess College is
forging to the front. Prof. John
ston has gained the confidence of
the people and new students are
rapidly enrolling.
Ladies' Coats and Gents' overcoats
are now being closed out at cost at
F. H. Maurcr's store New Berlin.
Cill to see these great bargains.
On Sunday Mar. :i7th a large doe
was seen at the door of the school
house near Aline. Edwin Charles,
the teacher, assures us that this is
no fish story.
A legislative committco of five has
been appointed by the Harrisburg
wheel club to keep an eye on several
bills affecting wheelmen before this
L "gisluture.
Henry C. Sampsell of Penus Creek,
Administrator of the Estate of Oli
ver Sampsell was iu town ou Mon
day. He reports the new firm pro
gressing nicely.
The Ground hog saw his shadow
on Saturday and uccordiug to the
tradition of the superstitious an
cients, tho weather will remain cold
for six weeks louger.
Any persons desiring children to
adobt can obtain information from
the Overseers of Fraukliu Town
ship. Two boys aud a girl can bo
had on trial for a year or two.
Harper Hofl'man.fonuerly of Selins-
grove but now a traveliug salesman,
dropped in to see us last week. He
has changed a great deal from the
Harper Hoffman of a school boy age.
The Freeburg band held a ruusi-
cal entertainment ou Saturday even
ing. We understand everything
passed off very nicely. Freeburg is
the home of natural-bom musicians.
W. P. Thompson of Mexico, the
father of Cashier Thompson and J.
Bauks Wilson of Oakland Mills, a
brother of Latimer Wilson, Assem
bly man from Juniata County were in
town last week.
The residents along the Susque
hanna river and other streams are
already beginiug to feel apprehen
sive of the coming freshet. The ice
on the streams varies in thickness
front 18 U 21 inches.
For the past two weeks tho Harris
burg 'Patriot has been offering a
Scholarship prize at tho Bloomsburg
Stated Normal school. Tho Port
Icadsjhiut the J'tttriot follows,
Do you want to get tho f7m
polittinl We make a special Com
bination offer ou tho last page.
7" will pay for tho Post and tho (
iihipoli'tun each one year.
Tho annual convent ion of tho Snv-
der Co. Sunday School association will
bo held at Selinsgrovn beginiug mi
Monday May llilh. Let all take a
part id make it an interesting meet
ing. '
Peter P. Blouse of Kratzerville
wishejj to inform, his patrons that iu
tho Saring he will move to Mitllin
burg. He is n first class carpet
weaver aud will bo pleased to meet
his patrons at his new home.
Cashier Thompson was called to
Lcwistown last Friday owing to the
serious illness of his Uncle, Dr.
Mahon. Tho Doctor died shortly
nfter Mr. Thompson's arrival and
tho funeral lites of tho deceased
took place on Tuesday.
Harry Bibighaus, Mrs. I'mma
Bibighaus and daughter Jen
nie came up from Philadelphia last
week. Mrs. B. spent six weeks very
pleasantly in the city. Jennie will
return shortly and resume her clerk
ship in Phila.
We understand that the Romigs
intend to enter a suit to rcoover$50,
000 or $75,000 damage from" the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company for
the killmg of Isaac D. and Chas. A.
Itomifr-iw the recisnt collision at
J. D. Winters of New Berlin call
ed to seo us last week. Ha lias ar
ranged a largo bulletin board for the
special purixise of displaying sale
bills und he has invited us to help to
fill it. e rave accepted the invi
tatiou and hive done our share.
Extra copied of the proceedings of
the Snyder County Teachers' Insti
tute can bo had by applying to this
office. They will be sent postpaid
on receipt of .1.1 cents. The book is
neatly gotten up and has met the up
proval of all who have seen the book.
A pensioner cannot legallv bar
gain for, sell, promise, or stake, his
pension in any transaction before it
comes due. The law provides a lino
of 5f UK) ou him for so doing, and the
same tine on tho one with whom he
has thus bargained.
Our unlo bills nre as fine as can bo
printed in the county Order your
bills for your Spring sale now and
get a free notice of your sale hi the
register which will appear in The
Post from the time you order your
bills until th day of sale.
Next Tuisduy Feb. 12th is the
anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's
birthday. There cvems to bo u very
strong sentiment abroad to make
this a National Holiday iho same as
the 22ud of this month. Surely
Lincoln's memory deserves such a
A man or lady manager is needed
in each locality to superintend dis
tribution of our tine samples, books,
pictture cards and circulars. Pleas
ant position. Pays wellt Send 10c.
tothf Sylvan Co., 728 Wood. av
Detroit, Mich, for samples, soap,
Ac, and receive special offer to you.
Frederick Stahl died at his resi
dence in Uuiou Twp., Jan. 30th 1893,
aged 41 years aud ten months. His
burial took place at the old Witmer's
Church the Sunday follwing when a
large concourse of people had as
sembled in respect and honor to one
who was highly respected.
Wo regret that so many contes
tants have withdrawn from the race
for the scholarship prize. This
makes it neccessury for a few con
testants to travel over almost the
entire county. All contestants
should Lave announced their votes
right' from the start. This would
have placed their case before their
ft lends. The coupons will be issued
four weeks longer.
T. B. MeWilliams has purchased
Sliiiuh l's Drug store and has cm
ployed a competent clerk from Phihi.
We weleoino Mr. MeWilliams aud
his clerk to our midst and trust, they
will meet with abundant success.
Tho interest manifested in Hon.
0. W. Herman's letters is increasing.
Mr. Herman is anxious to let his
constituents know what is going on
and ho will appreciate any informa
tion that will keep him posted on
the wishes of tli" p"ople.
Dr. John H.Harris, President of
Bui-knell University will deliver his
highly int creating lecture, " The Fall
of Kichmond" on Saturday evening,
Feb. 'l.U. The lecture will be de
livered iu tin' Court lions.-. No ad
mission will be charged.
Personal Territory for sale for
tho best selling washing machine on
earth; retails at !-'l; not much
money required, but don't apply un
less you have it to invest. Address
Mauager's office, Jus. J. Wtldon,
cor. Third Ave. ami Market St.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
2, 7, 9.1. it.
Tho republicans have made the
following nominations for borough
officers: Town Council, I. H. Bower
sox, Aaron Stahlnecker; Assessor,
Calvin Stettlerj Auditor.Dr. G. E.
Hassinger; School Directors, G. C.
Gutelius, D. T. Uhoads, Overseer of
the Poor, Josaphat Walter, High
Constablo, James Bowersox, Judge
of Election, M. I. Potter, Inspectors,
Robert Shmnbach and James Bower-
Win. G. Von Noidarjor()lJy 'the
Assistant PostmasteJ ftf SvTinsgrove,
U now rprer(entiug-ti:i."N'etr i,!rrt.
Life Insu.,inco Company. William
is a careful and trustworthy young
man. lie represents one of the best
Insurance Companies and we be
speak abundant success for him in
his new calling. . On Saturday he
went to Phila. and this week he is
preparing himself.
I have some men's boy's and child
ren over coats which I will sell at 10
11 und 20 per cent, off marked price.
The same discount will bo allowed
on boys' youths' and men's clothing.
Now is the time to come if you need
anything. I will dispose of all my
goods cheap in order to save trouble
and expense of moving goods. 1
will move next month to the First
National Bank building. So Come
ut once. It. (li NsiaitoER.
Persons who contemplate getting
sale bills printed at the PoiT office
and have selected the date but are
not yet ready to have tho bills prin
ted can notify us and wo will place
them in our sale register aud wait
for tho printing of tho bills until
they are ready. This will prevent
others from crowding in upon them.
When sending such notice state
plainly tho time, place aud proprie
tor of the sale und u few of tho priu
ciplo articles to bo sold.
Several weeks ugo we gave our
reasons for believing that the people
of Snyder couuty did not desire tho
passago of Senator Hackeuburg's
bill to place tho liquor license grant
ing power of the State into tho hands
of ten persons. We offered him the
columns of the Post to explain the
merits of his bill. Tho reason we
have not published the same is bo
causo, he has not sent any explana
tion. It is beginning to look as
though the senator could not see
any advautago in his bill for tho peo
ple of Snyder couuty.
Gkasd Reduction. For the next
30 days I will offer my entire stock
of Merchandise at reduced prices.
All Dress Goods consisting of Silks,
Satins, Velvets, Henriettas, Cash
meres, Delaius, cloths, etc. 10 to 25
percent. Discount. Some Special
ties in Wool Dress Goods reduced
from 50 cents to 15 cents. Dress
Gmghams, 6,8, and 10 cents formerly
12, 10, and 18 cents. Luucaster
Gingham, 5 cents; Bost Prints, 5 cts.
Wool Blankets, 25 per cent, off reg
ular price. Bed Comforts, 23 per
cent off regular price. Boys' Caps 15
cents up, Boys' Fur Caps 50 cents,
former price 11.25.
r s
H. C. Haas has bought the stock
and furniture of the Fremont hotel
from Abs. Roush. Mr. Haas took
possession of tlm snmo on Thurs lay
last More lime ia being hauled
this season, from tho ridgo north of
town than for a long time before.
Irwin Boyor and his force of men
are kept vory busy burning the
greater imi-fc of it Jiunes T.eit .!
of Kichlicld has bough'. Simon Wel-
l.l.i''isiuitli hi. op ami Jon.
ieghbium's house, nn. 1 will take
possession in tho spring. We are
pleased to have Mr. Leitzel e mie
back to our town.... On Moudav
evening a party was hold at the icsi-
m: of 1'roil. Diotzoiie mile south
town. Br renorta ileutml Dm
guests wero royally entertained and
an enjoyable time was spent On
Thursday Mrs. Lydia Vochlev of
this placo and Benj. Hummel of
Smithgrovo were joined in wedlock
by Rev. Schnable of Freeburg. We
wish them Jov and harniness throix'h
their wedded life.... A. F. Schnee
uud Benton Krieghbaum will take
'hio-L'o of tlifl Mt. PlPiisanf, Mill
store in the spring now occupied by
Abs. Schnee. We bespeak success
for the gentlemen as both are quali
fied business men... .W. A. Basom
will operate with the American view
company the coming season. Mr.
Draco from 'Nanticoke will bo the
foreman. Tueadokk.
"The Simple Sjory of How to
Build, an Electric Motor at Home
is tlio title of atrial now running
iu the .XMrO Fif e1! Studen
1 ue titoi'y ot ho .T to mil
2, und th' battery to run it, told in
language a child can understand,
begins with tho issue of March 2.
Givo tho boys a chance. Electricity
will bo the biggest bread winner of
tho 20th century. Perhaps your boy
if he gets a start, will make it his
life work. Tho Student is u crisp
little weekly for amateur students
of electricity. One Dollar a year.
Five subscriptions will bring the
sender castings and material for one
motor ready to bo built, freight pro
paid. Student Publishing Company,
X Lafayette Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Lite i.iteiukv news. General Lord
Wolseley makes a most important
contribution to the literature of the
Chiuu-Jupan war. Iu an article for
the February Cosmopolitan, ho dis
cusses tho situation uud does not
mince matters iu saying what China
must do iu this emergency. Two
other noted foreign authors contri
bute interesting articles to this uuin
ber. Rosita Mauri, tho famous Pa
risian dauseuse, gives tho history of
tho ballet, aud Emile Ollivier tells
tho story of tho full of Louis Phil
ippe. From every part of tho world,
drawings and photographs have
been obtained of tho instruments
used to torture poor humanity, and
appear us illustrations for a clover
article, by Julian Hawthoruo. enti
tled, "Salvatiou via the Rack." Mrs.
Reginald do Koveu, Anatolo France,
W. Clark Russell, Albion W. . Tour
gee, aud William Deuu Howells are
among tho story tellers for tho Feb
ruary uu ruber of The Cosmopolitan.
District school libraries are prac
tically worthless unless they are un
der intelligent supervision. Now
York began forty years ago spending
money on such collections of books
and after thirty years hud spent
nearly $2,000,000. A careful investi
gation showed that practically no
result had been produced. Books
had been bought by driblets, lost,
loaned and stolen, and the money
was about wasted. Unless the bill
introduced by Mr. Keen, in the low
er chamber at Harrisburg, and per
mitted School Directors to spend
not to exceed 2 per cent, of the sum
raised for schools on school district
libraries, is provided with suitable
safeguards for the care, custody and
and use of the books and for regular
reports, under penalty, 1 3 the Super
intendent of Education, twenty
years from now a great sum will have
been spent and there will be nothing
to show for it.
A TriUito of Recoct to t'ie f.'emory
of Bro. C. A Rumv
Wiuu:.. tlie(iie.,t I ..! t.
universe, through t, ,;,,,
working of Hi, l)UlM, ,,,.,.
has permitted th,. .., ,,,,,,,.4,.,
death to strike .low, 1 s.,,H,.
and with a sit,-l,. ,,,w ,.,. ftl ; tr
our beloved young luot ),. r ( J,,
lllig. Whose s.l 1 .-111. I fll-!.t;.l deatl
seated by the -id,. ,,f :. , f.(
ther. wl.i 11 1 . t i . Ill the . In.. II,
ing hours ,. th i! f.iteful l'i 1 lay.
January r.ih. I .:.. ,,, the ....-ki,',
accident 1 ,d :t- Ki, ,,,,,.?
station, vv. ie in-,) uitly hurled mtc
eternity. :ufd vv hieh has al .,, !.j ., ugh',
so much s.i row, distres, und an
guish to many joyous Inum s, a-, veK
a to the community at In ge
Truly can we say of his excellent fa
ther. Isaac 1). i:oinig and 1 i-. dutiful
son Charles, our beloved Brother,
what the P- iluuM says of S ml and
Jonathan, they were "lovely and
pleasant in their lives, and in their
death they were not divided."
Therefore be it
R'.solei, that iu the 1 oss sustain
ed by our or.Ier in the dea; h of out
beloved Brother, C. A. Uomig, that
although we bow with humble sub
mission to t he will of our siipietue
Master we do not the less mourn for
our departed brother.
Resolved, thatin his death, Sel
insgrovo Lodo No. I'.7 I. (). O. F..
has lost a worthy and esteemed bro
ther, a true and uoblo young mair;
who not only enjoyed the friendship
and love of the brothers of hi
lodge, ,bil also Im of t
truthfuily'llttrwi' fITJ eVef pUn.
ish his memory in our hearts.
Resolved, that tho heartfelt sym
pathy of our lodge bo extended to
the sorely stricken mother of our
brother iu this her double bereave
inent, to his brothers and sisters,
his friends comrades and acquain
tances, and that as a muik of our
respect, our charter be draped in
mourning.and that we wear the usual
token of respect for his memory,
and as we look on these etui i..-. .
it admonishes us t" be al-" ' a lv'
when tho dread summons c t
call ih away from a'l our ea-' . .
and pleasures.
IIksoi.vkI', that the thai ., v'
Lodge be tendered to the
of I'llion Lodge, No. let v (
burg Lodge, No. fdl for t..
ence and participation with
the funeral ceremonies -.i t1 .
of our lamented brother.
Rksoi.v l is that these res. ,; it
transcribed upon tho rec-.ir I .
Lodge together with a In n t
of the accident, with ih. i
I- - i
ii, when
and his
end. also
nonial of
nature of the injurie mi t:
the persons composi
on that disastrous
our dear young I
Father met their m
that a copy of this
our sorrow und syni,,.- y, bo for
warded to the family of unr depart
ed Brother, and that copies be also
furnished to the Snyder Count
papers and tho Odd Fellows Sift-
ings for publication.
L. D. Baker, )
(i. W. Loso, Comm.
J. B. Focklkk.
How tlie Vote Stands.
C. W. Smith, Midb'g., lWo
L. C. Bachman, Franklin. 122
Chas. K. Fisher, Pcnu, 77
Edwin Charles, Perry, 5'.'
M. C. Harner, Frauklin, 2.Ui
D. L. Gemberliug, Pcnu, tl
A. S. Sechrist, Union, 3.1
J. J. Steely, W.Beaver It
The above statement includes the
votes published last week.
The examination of those teachers
applyiug for State Permanent Cer
tificates will be held in Middleburgh
on Saturday, Mob. 2ud 1&J5. All ap
plications should be forwarded to
either the President or the Secre
tary of the committee.
John U. Willis, Pres.
R. L. Seasons, Sec.

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