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Co. Commissioners, 1 1 07
Tlio rtntp, printed npr
four iiaini-, on llir l l of
thm paper, ahnwarhn limit
to wnvii jniir ul..s rlr
llun Inn N rii pnlil.
- Price i-r Vcur. I1.S0.
m; lor
"sniui"i'"s . , ; iv..":.-- i7 lit . ie, ffii v trt. j , . .
kif fill . IWS Sifli
IMiiwmltiMTor If those hclntr
Aollii notify -us ty po.t.1 or by
bpspernet week.
ymir Ilolulay present at
... on, I Canes at exceedingly
I price ot Wcis', SeliuBgiove.
l-itinifnt H-w. O. A. Sehoch s,
Alice rawiiug oi nennsgrove.
Ira. Ulh " Millersburg is
, l.ntflllA hollllIlT BeUSOU With
Unlives in Swiueford.
morrow U Christmas. W e
I ill our renders a Merry Christ
ina iuri" "
! Bertha Yeagcr of Yeagertown
itiiiS the hospitality or Dr. U.
i.biri ai.d wife iu Swiueford.
W 0. Smith of Philadelphia
.. ivr.l-.r ,
tit the Leutrai noieion .uonuay
i inttrcst of sullonng hamamty.
Lmrietr of useful 88 well -an
cntal articles at moderate
run be secured at eis , be
i'H Carrie and Notta Hen-
oiSelinsgrovo, roceutly paid
it t JllBd Rosa Scuocb. in
i lor J.
corJiinco with the custom of
iwnnapers oi onyder county
I will be no paper issued lrotn
:!ce next week.
d like to have the address of
Imtizens who live out of town.
t Urf hm'H will be gladly re-
I it tbiti oflico.
kb Kreamer, residing about
.ile west of Middlebur&h kill-
full blooded Chester White
r that weighed 405 pounds.
I who ventures on the ice
lime before he oughter
tb to burn, because he tries
ilk upon the water.
S. H. Y) I-r Estate of Globe
Jar.u.ur int. lH'JT will btart
lyUHh I'.iisineKs and all out
accounts bLuII be settled.
popleof Suyder county are
in Haumnaker for U.S. Seua-
vote of the people would de
Wauainaker's remaikabln
i te is an honorable man. It
!at we love Penrose loss, but
k lov Wttuuinuker more, that
i jr me pooplo s choice for U.
iru that Henry C. Sampsell,
ilrt piiblicuu Cou'ity Cbair
tt'DilM bciu a candidate for
fie JU Jtjyut the Bpnnc renub-
Vhj nisht of last week Mrs.
1; liLu if ill.. I... r:ll.. :-.
'iriuu .I1IUH, 111 U
Hotunmubulmiii loft her bod
l lowii Ktjiirs iujurinjf herself
f year's siibscription for the
)uur uistant friend as a
w otlenuR, and it will make
lukofvou every week uud
ve riTcivod a copy of the
i'bi JievorJ Almanac for
'f'bisa valuable little hand
Me with historical, statis-'"tui-r
'IH-ctfull extend to you an
'j to cull und look at our hoi-'u-
Our lino exceeds for
both m beauty and low-f"'t-8.
S. Weis, Seliusgrovo.
I'USH f IP llw. ,tr
r . im.no nurier is lssuea
rl'llJlUL' Will lilL-n
IM., a tt-r which they will
v t vuio.-Cottre Demo.
Vuyou buy for ft A man
Pr,'lrl'iodT What more
juuiu you und than
sud !t ono yuar to a dis-
Of nun nf I Ti
SutoJ ""'"o. ii will
ifer nupl ,.l 1 1 .
i i issue we
'nufbkotch of Honorable
W,.0 i i, . congress-
fLuCdSDKJ Ly U6nry
I'QWauaniakerhasthe en
fthe.Pple of Snyder
(venby t(.Hfact that a
' borouBb has rece ved
ni. Kenresunta
I! w11 l?t0 fop "at can-
fill no aouut
' find that John Wuna-
-w kuuBurmi work, is
ku uo 10 o,e and
Teachers' Institute at TrOxelville.
The following Is the programme
for the Teacher.V Institute to be held
at Troxolville, Jan. 1st and 2ad 18J7:
rirmt Neloa.
Jan. 1, Friday evening.
Address of Welcome, C. W. Smith,
Uesptnse, W. I. Keller.
llocitation, C. E. Reitz.
Oration, J. A. Bowersox.
Address, Supt. P. C. Boworsox.
Nprnuil Nrnlatn.
Jan. 2, S Uur 1 i.v, A. M.
Vaccination in Public Schools,
. (U. r.Stimely.
How to Iulcrest Primarians,
. U.S. Kern.
Thoroughness iu Teaching,
. C.L. Wetzel.
Morals in tho Public Schools,
C. Jt. Klose.
Thlril Niilnn.
Jan. 2, Saturday, P. M.
hy is a Systematic Course of Road
mg Essential to Successful Teach-
ng, U. A. Aurand
School Government, M. O. Iliroor.
Patriotism iu the Public Schools,
IK. E. Wetzel.
Pennscreek School Resolutions.
his itilinito wisdom to remove from
our ima&t a Bcuool-mate, Ira D.
ItllHlllvnd. Tllflt lvllila Wd ilaanlv
feel the loss of our young friend, yet
we uow in uumuie suumission to
our Father's will.
TlflRnl VMil. That ura a vmru I Iiiua
with the family for the loss of tbir
I- - A. 1 -A 1 A WT- t
sou, nui we BU'jum iui 10 mut wno
aoeiu an tuinga well.
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the bereaved
family and to bo published in the
county papers.
H. F. Seciimst, )
J. G. Hvhti.ey, Comm.
Geo. Laub and wife, of Cainmel,
are vismng ai iieury ucaver s in
There are about a dozen nppli
cants for the position of cuiiiiins
sioners ciern or onyuer county.
Who the lucky man will bo can prof).
amy uo announced in our next issue.
Christmas exercises will bo ob
served as follows: Lutheran on
Wednesday evening. I'.vunizelicul.
Reformed and Hassingei's Thurs
day evening and Uuitod Brethren
on Friday evening of this week.
New features are beini; continual
ly added to Frank Leslie's Popular
Monthly, and the publishers say
that the coming year will show an
even more marked improvement in
its character than wus shown during
the past year.
Nathan Hackenburg, tenant of the
farm belonging to the estate of J no.
M. lluckcnburg, deceased, 5 miles
West of Middleburgb, warns every
person not to trespass on the prem
ises uor to steal anything thereupon
or they will bo dealt with according
to law.
The following named studonts are
home from college spending tho hol
iday vacation : Franklin and Mar
shall College ut Lancaster, A. F. ami
Roswell Gilbert ; Bucknell Univer
sity at Lewisburg, Samuel Witten
myer, Jr. ; Susniiehanua University
at Selinsgrove, Charles Marks, Wm.
Hhindel and Bruce Crouso.
Tho Luwistown Gazelle of lust
week Bays : "Information having
been made against J. F. Stotlor, of
Middleburgh, for running deor with
dogs, in the vicinity of Cooper's Gap,
on ground formerly coaled by Logau
Iron company, he was bound over
to appear at next quarter sessions.
Quite a number of hunters with
several hounds have been defying
the law and the local hunters, who
determined to enforce the law."
We prcsumo those Mifflin county
hunters observe the law in every par
ticular. J. D. Winters, tho novelty grocery
man, who represents The Hoovon
Mercantile Co., Wholesale Grocers,
6 Harrison St., New York City,
Wishes his trade and many friends
in Suyder, Union, Centre, Mifflin,
Perry and Juniata counties A Merry
Xraas and A Happy and Prosperous
New Year, and extends to them his
thanka for their patronage during
the pant year and hopes for the con
tinuance of the name for 18!)7.
Your Friend,
"Novelt? Joe."
n-rtli F.nterrit for llrrorit.
John Field and wife to Catherine
Roush, two acres in Middlecreek
Twp., for !1H.
Samuel Rumbach and wifo to
Catherine Roush, l Sucre iu Middle
creek Twp.. for ifliM).
Margaret and Jacob Heckman to
Catherine Roush, six acres in Wash
ington Twp., for !?1(K.
Same, to Maine, 2 acres in Washing
ton Twp., for if ).
Robert Beaver and wife to Hon. S.
A. I'tzel, lot i i lieavertown. for.
Daniel R. Xagle and wife to Henry
N. Wetzel of Kreamer, ." acres in
Middlecreek Twp.. for !I10.
Matilda C. and William Wolf, lot
in Keek's addition, Smith Grove, for
I). Banks Wetzel, Ex'r of Samuel
Wetzel, deceased, to Geo. S. Leplev,
13 acres iu Spring Twp., for $2l)H.l'u.
Elizabeth Prill to Is nc Prill, one
and one half acres in Union Twp.,
for .HM.
Lydia rrks to H. E. Divis, lot iu
Penu Twp., for !?stn.
E. L. Heifer to J. W. Hi lfer, Hi)
acres iu Spring Twp., for $1K).
John Hetrick and wifo to Jacob II.
Hetrick, farm of l.'s) acres in Beaver
Twp., consideration, tflo.OW.
l.fllr ra Uranlril.
Tho will of Sarah Nauglo, late of
Kantz, was probated on the U inst,
mid Julia Aim Naugle was granted
li tters testamentary on the estate.
Letters of administration, iu the
estate of Michael Ewig, late of
Adams Twp., deceased, wero issued
to George Ewig.
Tho will of Jacob Sholly. late of
Union' Twp., was probated on the
l"th of December. W. M. Boyer of
Port Trovei ton was appointed ex
ecutor. All children are equal heirs
except Emma June shall have $800
more thau the rest.'
Letters of administration in the
estate of Francis M. Fertig. late of
Monroe Twp., were granted to I. E.
Boust of Shumokin Dam.
"Mistaken Socls Who Due am or
Buss." The following marriage li
censes have been grunted since our
last publication :
iWm. II. Brown, Union Co.,
) .Minnie Wetzol, Jackson Twp.
J John C. Mover. Meiserville,
) Susan E. Chubb, Siglorvillo,
D. J. Swartz, Pallas,
fDilluC. Martin,
SC. L. ShallVr,
t Cora A. Wi truer,
Port Trovei ton.
The past i s of the various chu reli
es of A 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 Inn gh, Imve arranged to
observe the week ot itiaver. .lanii irv
3 to 10, in the follow ing order :
January Kefoi ined church ser
mon by Rev. S. Sidney Kohler.
January Ith. United Evaru'elical
church, Subject, Thanksgiving and
Humiliation, leader l(ov. Hertz.
January Mh. United lhetliren
church, Subject, The Chureli Uni
versal, leader, Rev. D. D. Buddinger.
January tith. Lutheran church.
Subject. Nations and their Rulers.
loader, Itov. D. E. McLain.
January 7th. United Evaucrelical
church, Subject, Foreign Missions,
leudcr, Rev. J. II. Hertz.
January Hth. Reformed church.
Subject. Home Missions and the
Jows, leader, Rnv. S. Sidney Kohler,
January lth. United Brethren
church, Subject, Families and
Schools, leader, Roy. D. Buddinger.
January 10th, Lutheran church.
Sermon by Rev. D. E. McLain.
A Pointers for Outsiders.
The jury in the St. Clair murder
trial ought to havo put the costs of
the case on Catlierman a fathur. who
it is said, attended the trial, hud the
gall to say on ono or two occusiols
that our model young man St. Clair
oujjht to be puui-hod for uiurdoriug
his sou. Isn't that Union county
r resumption for you? Punish one
of our populir youug boys a leader
in juveiulo reliirious circles, au
obedient so a who helped his mother
wash and delivered her washings to
her patrons, ami fairly tumbled oyer
himself in his efforts to assist her?
Puuish him becuuso ho had the
courage to stand up and protect the
dignity of Milton and shoot a man
down who presumed to come into
our quiet town and walk up the
streets with an independent, world
ly air f Well we guess not. That
isn't the way Northumberland coun
ty justice is built. Here is a little
data for outsiders to study when
they feel inclined to invade the
peaceful precincts of our county
and walk over her lawabiding peo
nle. 1886-1800 : killin's 67 : hantrine's
0. Milton Standard.
Hon. (Jrorg; Mrrntrp 4'liTillrnitril
Henry ('Uy to .norlnl t'ombiil.
t Onl ridayof Teachers' Instituto
in Middleburgh Dr. Baer made al
lusion to Hon. Gcorgo Kremer who
lived at one time near Middlpburirh
and who was challenged by Henry
Clay to light a duel. " 11 r u e s't
George." as ho wus cille 1, whs born
at Middlctown, Duupliin county,
Nov. 21, 1775 and died on his furin
near Middleburgh, Sept. 10, ls.'il. at
the age of 7H years, lie M-rved t wo
terms in Cotigp44 fioni IS2.-lto 1J7
represeiitiiig Union (including Snv
dor) and Northuiuberlaiiil counties.
Mr. Kremer, in his second term in
Congress, became involved iu a dis
pute which brought him into public
notice. These events took place
about or when Henry ('lav was
appointed Secretary of State bv
President John Quincy A lams, uud
are known as the "bargain and sale"
excitement. Mr. Kremer was linn
ly convinced that Mr. Clay threw his
influence against General Jackson
by which the electoral oto of Ken
tucky was given to Mr. Adams for a
consideration, and when th? first
pluco in the Cabinet was tendered to
and accepted by the Kentucky
Statesman honest George opened
his mouth and poured forth the hot
shot that set the entire country
agog on the all-important accusa
tion. John Randolph of Roanoke
dilated upon the accusation against
('lav to such an extent that the ne.v
Secretary of State was compelled to
challengo him to mortal combat. Af
ter Kremer had exposed it in the
papers, Clay replied as follows :
"I pronounco the author of the
charge a base and infamousc ilumni
tor, a dastard and a liar anil if he
dare unveil himself uud uvow his
name I will hold him responsible for
the laws that govern men of honor."
This challenge was accepted by
Kremer who published his name
with an acceptance to tight a duel.
Kremer searchod tho hardware
stores of Washington to secure the
best II ro arms in t he land and it was
noon noised abroad that honest
George was one of tho best marks
men about the National Capitil.
Tho news was euougli for the re
nowned Kentucky orator. Ho never
appeared against the plucky states
men of "I'eiinsylvania Dutch" fame.
Georuu Kremer occupied a on
spieioiiR position iu the carlv d iys
of Union (then including Snyder)
count v, uinl lived for inativ years at
Lewisburg. For a while" young
Kreamer clerked for his uncle, (L it
eral Shyster, who came from (i,u
inany where he had been iu Military
Service. Iu 17W our young hero
went to Selinsgrove. where ho was
iu t ho employ of his uncle, Simon
Snyder, afterwards G m i nor, who
t hen carried on a grist null, store,
farm and warehouse. In l-titij he re
moved to Lewisburg, then called
I lerrstown and started a store in
Isiis, which he continue I until 127.
He was elected t- th" Legislature iu
11.! uud iMl l uud iu lHIO he whs de
feated for congress, but was elected.
as before stated, 1822 and re elected
in 1821.
Upon his retirement from congress
hotitirchasod about :tOu acres of laud
in Franklin Township, Suvder (then
Union) county, near this place and
moved his family from Lewisburg to
tho farm April -', IX2i, where lie. lived
until the day of his death.
Mrs. Thomas Bower of Swiueford
is a daughter of the distinguished
George Kremer and now lives on
the Kremer homestead. Oconee
Kremer was married iu 1811 to Cath
erine Evans, only daughter of Col.
Frederick Evans and wife. Mr.
Evans lived with Mr. Kromar until
Evans died in 1811. He uud his wife
and Hon. George Kremer were bur
ied iu the old cemetery lot on tint
Krouier homestead. These bodies
wero due up iu 1801 bv Hurrv Snccht
and ro-buried in tho Middleburgh
cemetry where they are now resting.
We recall this bit of historv at this
time because there are many of the
younger generation who havo never
I .l 1 1 l-
ufiini m uuu, vioo. jvreiuer, a gonr.li)
man of national reputation in his
day and we propose to do our duty
toward preserving historical data of
our own county a duty that has
been too much neglected by tho
peoplo of Suyder county.
.L f. ...', "f "" ''lr'" 'Mnal
It llllt ..f f..l...,ir -l,. , M ,l,.,ir.y ,,1 III
i. ''"'I'Jl'! tl.. Ill tlllTliMPUl ll'1-.IIM-W
t.oaui will ilN,M'iiii
Ov.".tariH. .'i iii, in ,ii,., ilr,.' t
I . S. ll niiU lit i iv , n,., n ,,
rri'tiiiiinm mi r. . u
I'.iiliitv It iinN ,' "
It iiil:i!i.liini.i. r. t. ..ii '.!. , ..'
O'Iht rr.ll chI it.. ,i, in. ,r- i .s nu n. I
Dm-rrniu N. in. in ,i n ,kh i,,ii u. TM-
It'll- mini stni - II ink. .iii.Vii'i'.ik',.',',"." '
It'll" rr.l ll UHMiiu. I i,..,.rwi m.
t'lli-rk anil .tl h. r . ..I
ViIi h .,r ,,n,,.r s , ,., ,
1-r.i.-l 1. ti ! ;.- , hi- -1. - . i, t. K I. .iinl
1 1 r
I.wti. Iim ( i;, ' "iViiiVh '
S""'-li' 1 I.M.I Mi
.l-.'ll t II I.T I .... s j.i-,
U'. . injil i. iii Km I i, i, i a i ri-.n'in r
,." p. rc;.;,i. ,.; , uv,.ii,,,
1 1. Ill
It'll ,11
I'M 1.1
FricnJs of "The Post."
..nil :ii-,
i.lT'i v
i K'l
Mi I. U t
'.;:. hi
T"r" iJinm.v
tV'lll' ll-t K k pUilll, .-l.lll.,lll
S'lnil'i- K'tml , ,,M,,V,
I ll'IIO I'-.l pi- )... l"H.4,S ,,.
.. ' " I'U'i nivit -M
.Ill-Ill ll ltll,k M..I,., nllll.u, .. . M
I'I'- tiiiitlnT N ill. .1, it I, :)., ,
III!" Ll S.,l,. ,, l,lk,.r, ,,,
IllillV.il'lal i-HIIk sltl.,
.. "" M'-' K . iii -,;i.i,i
iH'iii.tini ri-rililciii-Mir a,.. iuii,hii
limll ' I'll CI y.
N.ili.t.unl ItilN miiii il '
TOT A I.. I lTll-iVi
SI A I KoK "KSN4 I V N ., '
SN I'KUl olM V. us: ,
I. .1. N. I lluMI's, i. ,r, -,i,,.r,,f t, i,vm
n iin.-.l hunk,, a., i.ii.-inniv - KHiur unit tin" iitKivf
tia'i',.'.'i,'-'f ,'"n"'1" ""' """' knowie.irf,.
.). N. THOMPSON. Jr..-.islili-r.
S,ili. rlt-, mi. srt.irn tn Im (.h,i un t IiIh xikI
un ul It v. IS-lil.
I i- WKIsl:i, Notuiy pui.li,..
t nllllKiT -ArteM
A. k It t-'Ki J CI
t. Al..'i..lt M llOl ll.
W. W. V I n'K.NMVKK,
A NtraiiK Drram.
One night, recently, a Newport
woman awakened her husband by a
hearty laugh, in her sleep. Tho bus
baud did not interupt her merry
dream, but when sho awoke next
morning, ho wantod to kuow whut
ths fun was. She said she had
dreamed that one of Newport's min
isters (a young divine) hud grass
growing out of one Bide of his head
and a large tomato stalk was spread
ing its branches out of the other Bide,
therefore furnishing much food for
laughter to her. This eccentric
dream was the outcome of an oyster
supper before retiring.
Tur l Hliloriilit.
Ciltr.iinlu hub vii in,,,! mtliiifly trrinitl riio
"lUly er Aiil"rli-ii All llm i,.,-i,,m Ii ,u, tlm
rlomll.'M nk.v an, I tin, n. n v.Tiliiri" ul tlir r,-ai
Kur.ip.-.iii pi-iiliiiiiliiiiri'iiipiir,,t... in ti,S hiiiiiiv
Un I III tin. I".i.-llli-. II r,' l,.,ll,r I,, .It. i .....
mini Ii I ii. m lii-rown tii-aut ; attl linn h.i I, ii
o-uiiinniii-.i hit uwii N.iiiiiiiritiui, wiiitb i-ii-rii.il
Kpilnif linpln.'HeviTlii-tiiiirfyuiitli Willi lli -iiiuw
iiiniiii.-,l pi"ok or Mm SUirriiH iihiii tint tiiio liiui-1
the eitlin I'uiinit with Itn m,p iip.ni tin
Ollltir, suit H vi-i-IUililit paru llmi or rimv.-t-M. iritlli,
nml plniit.t Pern i. in in im,, nail iin.l i, m IM,
im-in-r mini, i vwit HH.'lt tMUitlry In it prM-
l"k', H UlCHMltlg.
The 1'iMin-ylvatilii lliilroal ru npanv, rocitg
nl.lii Mn- o"i'il iilniii iu-r,,iiil,,ii,ii,,-a'.nl pli-a-.
mil w.i.v or i-mvliiK in ui tn.-iir. Inaiik'tinti'-.l
it si-i li". or annual intirx lit Ciilli.irnla, riiuiiln u
Inrii.ili train nl I'lilnn ui pala.-r cms lr -m N -tv
York I'i Ml-I'.i.-lllr l-nasl, n, HUipjui,,. ,u t.
prlnrlpil p Mills rl liili'irsl en rnnii-. Ti e nr--al
pipiiliirliv ul lin-sii lours ill-lit. iii-ir.iii's Mib s.
I mi or Mi . in it. in .nl.
K.ir tin-s,. is.in or is-jj Min'o linirs i.,w. i,, ,.,,
arrini-1 l.i I 'ivi. N.-w v,,rk. I'lill i i.,iil.i. aim
Pllishiiirf, ,1 inii iry K7. Kcnrilary vl l u, h V7.
'I'li ilrst i,nir will run ilin-i-t l,i s et In, L-.i via
St. I.oitls m l I in- una Km Koaii-, jui.l r. niin
Inim S ,., -r an-N,. i via Sail l.ak.' flu, hiivir.
uii.l i'lill- i ail-nniii; ti ,.( ks in ' tl.,riil a.
Tin- s...-. i l t i ir win run la Mi,. M iiiiiimUi
Cat,- u:i. N on.-aiisto s,m in,.,.,,, st.,i,in . al
tin- r-. . iii i ll) ' .Pii in,. Mn- M.u.li i.r.is c..i.
nival. Tin' ' if will n-iiini via Sati I. il.i-1 My,
lii-itn-r. urn ill i. ami t lilc.nfu, nil. nunc lour
Wl-rks III I llll l' lll i.
Tin' thir l t.nir ill run via riil, a,' !, Ii -im r.
in,. I sill I, ,M" t 'll v, allow in . p ussi.,..i.r. to i,-.
tui ii In i. ii.,r lialu.t la.tiili.r.iut mutes u III, In
iiln,- in n, i ii ,
All ollll '..,ls. ,.l.r ...iln.' or r,.,irnli,L.
will p iss I iii ,m ;i I mi leu ins I'.il.na.l.i n--lon,
Uli'llWo I I s, ,"H, ..-.l,h . an,! .. t) ,,,.i ,,(
tin- ti i.ls.
II lies rr.i n ,11 piluts on Mi,. ',.invlaiila
llailr.'a l n. .i..iu e is' ol I'll isimr,' : Kir-a i . .nr.
I till , N.T in I I nr. 1 .11 ; Mni il l.inr. I.'lil I'liuiiil
trip, anil I ... way.
For ilet. nl. I li libraries aii'l ot ln-.-lur.iriii.il ion ,
upplv al II. h 'l lue.i.-les. npivial Ii nklio,' oiil,.-s.
or u lilress ,. ..,r'- W, II Assistant liem-ral
r,isen,'er A ;.ui. lit oil sin.-ei si.uion, l-lilla-ili-lplilu.
Both churches will have Chiist
mas exercises on Thursday livening
('has. preese of Halstead, Kan.,
after having spent several weeks
very pleasantly, ut this place, left
for Philadelphia where he intends
learning telegruphy The Missis
Alcclitlev y.-ive a very pleasant
"Lean-Year Party," Thursday even
ing. All present report it us" being
one of the best parties of this year
... .Wellington Jhichnian from the
West is (.pending Christinas with
his sister, Mrs. Jonathan Spangler
... Dr. Chas. Smith, of Jefferson
Medical Collcgn, is spending tho
holidays under the parental roof. . . .
Chas. (Joss, u student at tho Sus
quehanna University, spent a few
days iu our town, last week. ...Miss
Bessie Smith of Middleburgh lias
been visiting friends at this place
for tho past week. . . .The I. O. O. F.
Lotlgeofthis place expect to at
tend the funeral on Wednesday, of
John Lichteuwalter, a member, at
Centrevillu....H. I. Romiir attend
ed Sunday School Convention at
Lewistown last week Claude
Klose of Buffalo, N. Y. is BDendin?
the week in our town.
Rom. of HoN-on. Tho following
persons havo paid their subscription
to the Post to tho dates opposite
their naino-i. Should any mistakes
occur in these credits or on your p i
per please notify u
H. II. Heil.sler,
Ijlias Khiigler,
Elon Snook,
David Mi, llcswurth,
S. P. AucUr.
.1. Ti. Vai ner
l.lolni Smith.
lie. Stitiillri-,
('. Stetler.
David Coleman,
F. M. Mont.-lius
John Howell,
A. W. Itowel'HOX,
R-.b. Mid llcswarth,
Kd Fr 1,
J. It. Shaffer,
II. D. Swim ford,
Jesse I lackciihurg,
Wm. Nagle,
loin, F. Ii. ibl,
Joseph Kerr,
S. H. Reiiiiiiiger,
II. 1. Keiser,
Win. Hunt.
Jacob R. M Hirer,
Riley Keph-r,
M. L. Shannon.
Jonathan Troup,
J. F. WauMi.-r,
It. Kreih'.tumu,
A. D. Miller,
J H. Long.
If. II Riutninger,
II. II. Smith.
I'i. I. Stuck,
Levi S. Gelnelf,
Aaron Hummel,
Alfred Chlll'lt,
Henry Napp,
Benj. Shaetler,
Emanuel Zeclnnan,
Elmer Greincr,
W. F. l-'eese.
Edwaitl Miller,
Mrs. J. C. Specht,
G W. Snyd.-r.
Joseph Middles war th,
Frank Beaver,
M. C. Smith,
James Shuitian,
A. Baunigarduer,
M. W. S. ltenfer.
Jerome Beaver,
Ivlward Beaver,
If. C. HeLll.
W. C. Shaeir.-r,
P. S. Mlttelhllg.
Fred. Row,
Sol. Wetzel,
John H. Mover,
J, W. Baku,
Simon Arhogust,
Bellj. Stetler.
Joseph Brunni-r,
J. J. Shradei ,
Hon. S. A. Wet.el.
Hon. 1 leiir. v Hi own,
Jacob S. ( laiiirlt-r.
Jerome Ulrich,
Geo. S. Trout man,
E. S. Aiu-ker,
A. W. Ulsh.
Isaac Smith
John II. Waller, Jr..
.1. P. Voder,
I. E. liiiiuMiuau,
John D. llttgar,
B. 1'. 1 1 ii in nut,
Al. Clelan,
Valentine Walter,
Percival Garmaii,
P. S. Bickhait,
John Smith,
Harry Rowersox,
Mrs. T. I-'. Ranch,
Jonas K. Fetter,
Roswell l-'ttlerolf,
A. W. Potter,
Benj Manrer,
Geo. M. Smith,
Win. Shainbach,
J. E. Botisr,
Dr. C. II. Brihbin.
John Renin Hirer,
'J'heoilore Row,
State Sibrary,
Rev. J. S. 1'ai nswoi lh,
Mrs. M. L. Ernest,
Nathan Hackonbur? will
public sule on March 11, 1807.
Three great Goat days at E. B.
Weidman's Millinery Story at Ad
amsburg on December 31, January
1 ami 2. Over 50 Jackets and Capes
to select from, at greatly reduced
prices. Misses' and Children's coats
at from $11.03 upwards, Ladies'
Jackets and Capes at from $13.00
Apr. 1, '07
Oct. 1, 'or.
Dec. I, 'Oti
Dec. 1, 'Ori
Dec. 7, 'or!
Nov. 0, '07
Nov. I,
Nov. 2.
Apr. 2,
Jan. 1,
Dec. r.
J in. I,
Nov. 10.
Jan. 1,
Jan. 1.
Jan. 1, '07
Oct. I.V '0.1
Aug. 1,
M..r. I,
Apr. 1, 'oil
Nov. 1, 'oi!
Nov 1, 'Oi!
Jan. 1. 'o;t
Dec. 21, 'Of,
Nov. I.V, "'.17
Nov. 20, '07
Feb. l.-t, '07
Mar. I, '07
Apr. 1, 'or,
Muv 1, '01
Oct. 17. '07
Aug. 1, '07
Mar. 1, "M
Sept. 1, 'o:t
Nov. 1. '0(5
Jan. 1 '07
Aug. l, "or.
Apr. 17, '07
Apr. 1, 07
Mar. 1, '97
Oct. I, '0.5
Jan. 1, '08
M .y 1. '07
Nov. 1, '07
July 1, '07
Jan. 1, '07
D.-c. 1, '07
Oct. 1,'07
Jan. 1, '97
Dec. 1, 'Oti
Jan. 1, '07
Feb. 1. '07
flit. I.'., 'Oti
Jan. 1. 07
Nov. 1.1, '07
J in. I, '07
Feb. 107
Sept. I, '07
Jan. 1, '!7
Jlllv I, 'Ul!
Felt. I. '07
Feb. 1. 07
Felt. i, "or.
Jan. 1, "Or;
Apr. I. '07
Dec. I, '07
July 1,
Jan. l."i,
-Ian. 1,
Feb. 11,
D-c 1.".,
Dec. 1, "07
May 1, "07
Aug. 1, '02
Jan. I. "07
Muv I, "Oil
Apr. 1, "Oti
Jan. 1, ".-7
Jan. 1, '07
Dec, 1, "07
Jan. 1, "07
Feb. 1.1, "07
Jan. I, "07
Sept. 1, "07
D. c. 1, 'nr.
Dec. 1, 'oi!
F. It. 1, "07
Apr. I, "Of.
Feb. bl, "07
Nov. If., '07
Jan. 1, "07
March I, "07
Sept. 1 1, "07
Jan. 1, 'OH
St pt. 1. "or,
June .10, "07
.May 1, 'or,
Feb. 1, '07
Again Jack frost has put ustop to
plowing. .. .Only u few of our peo
pie took in court last week. ...After
u Hummer's stay ut Rccdsvillc, Miss
Nora Knepp has returned home....
Chas. Heimliueli uud wifo were vis
iting friends iu Union county last
week.... Miss Mary Furgeson of
Reedsvillo wus tho guest of Jesse
Knepp's last week. .. .Grunt Yoder
of Globe Mills niiid u visit to Alviu
Ulsh ono day last week. . . .Furry
Zoibor has returned to his native
place, after a summer's stay near
Bellovue, Ohio.. .11. (5. Krebs is
again assisting Chas. Ulsh in his
store at Wagner Protracted
meeting at Maubeck'a church is
still in progress. May much good
fruit spring therefrom. .. .Quite a
number of people in our vicinity are
sick but at this writing all are im
proving. .. .Mr. Shilling and wife of
McClure were visitiug his brother
Humuel, on Sunday At this writ
ing we are anxiously await ing a rab
bit snow as the season will soon be

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