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oy l-iiui, iauwxi u ixaipn Connor.
have a Job lot of note
i "m. a
on nana, iney piuh go
U The price win do Jt.
Cjes and prices for the ask-
We turnisn mem pnnioa
less than you can buy them
lout printing.
x A Tmlj Jsaraal, Dtru4 M Sews, Scleac. An, Political Ecaaaay Carnal Human.
Balsa: Oat Dollar Per Aaaaai, ta Aaraau
vely Little Liners.
lustlesnd the Bustle of the
aunty Seat, Told In Brief
lie More or Less Prominent.
Mtini Population and Events ol In-
Lt that Satisfy Curiosity and
Appcssc the Thirst lor
Marcia Aip, of Mahontnngo,
a week's visit with Mjss
Maiibeckof Friiiiklin township,
Ut of the school bonrd of liis dis-
W.hiI in Thursday to pay hi
jji to V-U.
Bowersox. teacher of Hartman's
Centre township, dropped in
ribe for the Post mid get a map
l-r county.
rt Iiiegel, of VertUlla, teacher of
school ill Spring township,
respects to tli is office, Thurs-
juring institute.
. Itipka, railway mail cleik
rrisl.urg, and wife paid a visit
nr parents, W. II. Idpka and
d H. 11. Tobias.
I'iist (.ne year; "Farm Life'
brand a Map of Snyder County,
for a little dollar. Bee particu-
fourth page of the Post.
UKiiouse, of Aline, accompani-
fatlier, Chilst Knouse, to the
seat, Frioay of Inst week, to
new wagon The young mini
in to order and pay for the
Erdlev, of Kantz, son of Ex-
ifcioner Isaac Erdlev and teaeh-
'hoeh's school in Penn township.
d iii to make himself happy for
Je year by subscribing and fay-
recefvra anew lot of Sewing
Lies from $18.00 up. The White,
lerand Wilson makes a speciality.
iplay advertisement.
Fkank S.Rikgei,,
Middleburg, la.
Hover, of Salem, and Alvin
. ol Kratzerville, two esteemed
rs of the Post, dropped ill to
I a cull, Thursday of last week,
luer to pav Ins subscription ami
ioi' Snyder county.
n A. K. Soles ia his new shav-
iwir iiitnijj prnr f ii youi
aiicd with a refresh m - .-haiu-:i
clean towel to each patron
urtli side of Market sui are ( v-
Mral Hotel. Satisfaction gimr-tf.
h' Iv. Mover, one of the nrogres-
iiiers ami peach growers, of
ii-'ton township, made a business
liie comity seat, Wednesday of
s. Mr. Mover entertains citv
priiiL' tlh summer and reads the
i year.
Uchers of Suvder countv came
In. We always enjoy these an-
or our public school in
p ud trust they eniov these
r muli as we do. Thev are
M of lie )i de aud al wa vs awake
i ... - .
f wrest or their work.
Bolendjr, of East Pittsbure.
Kmeut Stetler, of Homestead,
f -iudiug a vacation with
U?re, erected na vamiln on. I
fce happy throng of those who
ply added their names to our
f rowing mailing list
M. Sweigart. of Buckwheat
'a a Middteburg visitor Fii-
Doctor discovered in travel-
theeountv. that nearly .ivn
the Post, bo he concluded
ii ami as a positive evident r
"vwie, ordered an advertise
"is Well known Minion
jsregaioreatthlsofflce. There
"inat carry you away in
r ""igai. You may find your
lour calendars here. Our de-
I ' copyrighted aud the Post
Fuslvesale of them la Snyder
I - oe so you will not
rla getUujr them earlv.
KPaln AWrk. tv.i... i.
MwedythatwIU cure all alls
ft!on aad absorpUon. By
"""'Haluittha body It
uire system by the
K tKs a.... ! ....
it ''uwuiome, Uood also
.OWiUQABT, . .
Btrouptown, Pa.
Misa Hattle Amig Is visiting friends
in Bunbury.
William Kuhn transacted buHiiiesa
out of town Saturday.
Jonathan Musser of near K reamer ,
was lu town h riday of last week.
Frank Woodling, of Dundore, has our '
i i... ii. ... - . i
ir ins miiuianee 01 ii.uu sent
in last week.
II F. Dietz of Mr. Pleasant Mills
has our thanks for a year's subscription
sent in by his son Siturduy.
fieo. Hickhart of Beuvertown paid
a visit to his father and mother, Henry
Bickliart and wife lust week.
Conrad Duttry, of. Siiubnry, was nt
our county seat one day last wiek and
drojMsl in to see us. v all again.'
(eo. Hluiitdts and lirotlier Karl of
Shainokin Dam spent tmveral days
with their uunt, Mrs. Dun 1 1 bonds
last week.
John S. ShafCerof Port; Trevorton
reliiembered tin' printer one (lav Inst
week by sending a remiltaiice w ith K.
EliasS. Herrold and Able Metgar,
of Union township, were at the county
seat, Friday of last week, uml paidlhcir
respects to ttie printer.
f "(III V'..tl.l T. ,11 ; 1 II I ..( ..... '
week. Wliile there will be no jury
trials, there is consideraide other litisi- 1
ness to occupy the time of court.
Amnion Sbolly of Verdilla umt J. I). '
Mwineford of Port Trevort two1
popular gentlemen of their locality, 1
were at the County Seat Saturday. '
J. A. Smith, (ilohe Mills, is prepared j
to shoe horses with Never-slip horse!
shoes at f l.oO per horse and the com
mon shoes at 111) cents, (iiveblm a
fall. 12-K)-5t
William Foltz and Thomas Hower
sox left for Lewistown Mondayniorn
ing where they are engaged in finish
ing several new houses which were
erected this summer.
D H. Herrold, teacher of the primary
school at Port Trevorton, while at In
stitute last week flropped In to make
himself happy during the next year by
having the Post sent to his address.
Jtobert V. Aucker, teacher of the
Verdilla School, came in last week and
subscribed for the Post and the X.V.
Thrice-n-Week World. Mr. Aucker
knows a good thing when he sees it.
E. II. Miraderof Troxelville, 'one of
the school directors of Suririir tow n.
., . '. ...7 I
siiiji, was hi me coiimy sen ,lliurilay
and Friday attending Institute and!
dropped in tn tranvi. -t on,. .iNities'
at tliis oil'ice. j
Dr. Clias. II. Woodnili; veterinary!
surgeon or .-alciii, now located at the
Fairmount Hons.., Sunluiry, was at
our county seat Thursday and Friday
of last week on business and attending
the Teachers' Institute.
The Post has just pur -based a .in,
etching of the Map of Snyder County
snowing the location of the towns
and roads of Snyder County. Subscri
bers of the "Post" can get this limp'
tree. See large announcement on 4th
Perry Aurand of Kreuiuet, who lost
his wife by death several weeks ago
was in town Saturday to order bills
for the sale of his household goods.
The sale will take place Dec. 19 and
he will then make his home with his
daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hoke of Danville.
Utica Dunkleburger of Ohio has our
acknowledgement for One dollar as a
new subscriber. If our friends would
send copies of the Post to their friends
out side of the County, or give us their
addresses, many of them would feel
under obligations to you for putting
them in touch with our great holiday
The Post acknowledges with many
thanks the kindness of lie no Snyder,
teacher of Snyder's school iu Jacksou
township, for furnishing the notes from
which we have been able to write the
report of the Teachers' Institute. Mr.
Suyder is oue of the most aggressive
and progressive teachers iu the county.
He has also taught lu Union county,
where he is well and favorably known.
! 0
Wr xky Entkku s k.
Lee Winev, wtu of W. H. Wlney aud
wife, of Swineford, wh mairied near
Kiversid.-, l)ecem'r l'.NO, to Miss
MJora F.nterline, daught.T of James
j Kutt-rlin- and wife, formeily of tiiis
place, but now residing near liiverslde,
NoitbiJinlterland county.
Coming Events Cast Their Shadows
The readers of the Post are request
ed to send us announcements of all
events. Xo charge will b made to
publish the same when the event is of
public imiiortaiice.
The ceremony was performed by Kev. 1 Thi ksDav. Dec. 1M. the I.utlierHii Sun-
Walter W. Harris, of Klyshurg. The day sch.nd will render a cantata.
Inide was aUcioled l.v Miss Cora iv,.,... ,. .,. ... ..
,.,, ,. , . i . .. fKIIA, Ih-e. iii, iiristmas Dav.
Ifiillck ai ornle s maid and tlie gnsnu o i ,, , .,, . ,
, .. . . , , Legal holiday. Itank will be i lose.1.
ley rraok I.vons, of Kliii-s (irove, as
man. Scndav, Dec. 27, St. John's Day.
The yoin.g couple ui.l hortl .Ki 1 Fill u.vv Jan. . 1WI New Veitr.
housek.,ing iii a ii. w ami io k. i ir Tii t k.sn a v, Jan. 7, ri, The Snyder
dwellini; in Swinetord loi n the1 'ounty Directors' A-soiai ion will
griHilu'n latlcr. 1 lit- kiu.,ui has
the liglit bower of bis l.ilh. r's buniness
for many years and is a t v pc al litisioess
Tlie Post' extends its iiesl wislos to
the young couple. May they have
many years of sunshine and pleasure
iu companionship with eaeh other.
Tilmday, Deceinlier 1. t Kev. W. A.
Haas, I ra J. Smith ami Evu M. Adams,
both of Sjiilniry.
Nov. by Flius Noll.Jiweph ."trn k-
ler, of Milllmliurg, and I 'urne M. I'.ow- Monday, Fel
ersox, o' ( 'Hiitreville.
Dee. :, t,y Kil ls Noll, Thomas I.
Voueida, of Lewislmrg, and Alice E.
J'eleump, of Vicksburg.
meet iu the Court House nt l'l..",a. m.
SrMi.w.Jan. 17, IJeiijamiu Franklin's
Fhihav. Fel.. 12, Eineoln's Birthday.
St siivv, Feb. 1. m. Valentine's Day.
TfK.-l.AV, Feb. Is, Shrove TllilaV.
Mon.a, Feb. 2.', Washii.irt-in's Birth
day. Legal holidav Banks will be
M'.m.ay, Feb. 22. February term of
court opens.
Etrn dav fur Leai.
'I'-ar. This is the t)r-t that will
have oeeur for eight y.-ar-.
Tiiru.-i.Av, Mar.-h 17. St. Patrick
I 'ay.
Superintendent of th; Publie Schools of Snyder County.
Closing Days of the Session.
Wednesday afternoon.
Hon. F. C Bowersox appeared before
the Institute, and explained his vote
against the Teachers' Minimum Salary.
. Dr. Lybarger: "Plirenoiogv in tlie
School." If you study the capabilities ' Fitsand Mi-tits" Thep-akerha. an
of the child, he is easier to control. injured loot and was unable to stand,
Pr. f. Albert: "Some Kielliellts of " be was comjielled to sjt w hile.leliVer-
Boyof Mine." There is a great simi
larity hi 'hild Nature and love should
predominate instead of fear.
Two soloes were sung by Mary S.
Hilbish and another recitation was
given If Mls Anna Poltelgcr.
TiiriistiAV EvKvtxd.
Spillinttn Itiggs. of Ohio, was the
lecturer on tlie oc -assion on "Musical
Teach in)
. Stu.ly i
Willi the
' 1. Care of
the l'r.ife-sjon,
iiiii... a Pen
::. Mingl.
i. Illlstie.
Dr. I.vliarcer: Science in
School lv M .11 1 Cnlllluiin kiiiiwie ge
is lilC l.a-is. Sell no should be a Work
shop. Mote t'lei dotll shoIlM l.eallnw e.l
the child.
Wl:HlI)AY K V V. N IN1.
The Lyceum I Iperutic ( 'ouipauy gave
a liig'.i-cla-s etiteitainiiieiit w itlmrclies
tral Hccompaii'iiieiit on the harp :iud
violin. Mi-s Susan Tompkins, the vi
olinist, of Uorhister, Won the loudest
inu his ecture. The -..-(,n r ha- a vol
uminous ' it 1 1 1 1 1 .i i : . i i.!' w. i-i- and ex
hibited a marked abiiity express itii v
hade of npiniuu n f.-eimg iu a lim-t
( '.. eanl and plea-ii. manner His
-ellt ill.ellis wen-ot the liiu'lier ni-d.-r and
nf sueli a eharaeter a-In I..- fully suit
ablefnrtli a-i'in. 1'),,. imj.ersona-
liul.s allll Wlli.-tiilig -u..,s Were IU"-'.
ileli-htl'lll features of the eeiiilig.
Devotional Exi-ivi-vs uv e i iiuiiucted
by I lev. llaiiey.
Dr. Lybarger; "Number Work."
We should pay inoreattei.i ion to oiiali-
C I ii f t i n -j List.
F'.r the ber.etit of thn-e .,f on r readers
who desire other reading matter in ad
dition to the Post, we issue this club
bing li.-t. By taking the .Uln-rent
Combinations you can save money :
' (.MHI.VATI'.N No. I.
The I'nsi, one year, i'.nn.
Tribune Fanner. 2n pags. w-ekly
y are con- Co-nbin.-l ,riee. $1.2.-,.
" iiMIIINATIoN No. it.
The Post, one Vearil.UO.
He was v - Tbri...,.'. u-l- vv.i.i ......
born in M.ddleburg, July 31, 15.!o, and , yMir, j,. (.'o.nbined price, jlviS.
was a representative of one of the old , combination no. hi.
'lTIlof Hm -?rnWather. Tl, Post. Trrb FlhrvmA
John Boyer, was a native or Moutgom-1 y. Thrice-a-Week World, all one year,
ery county, and removed to what in ' imly ST.iK).
now i.eiure wjwusnip, tnyuer county, 1
where he owned aud . ultivated a farm
ClIAKbltS BuVKIt. '
There are in every community men
who are leaders in thought and action,
who take a prominent part in public
allairs, and are potent f.u tois in ad
vancing tlie welfare and p nsperiry of,
the lo-ulilies with which the;
liected. Sueh a man was Mr. Boyer,
who was a geuerid luerchaut, and the
lHstuia.ster of Paxtouville.
:.,! a per
d.i:- !' l
of Perry
i .-ivi.- :'
and mo-t fr.M(ieit encores. Tile second tal' v'" ratberthau iplautitativesubjects
part of tue program consisted of operatic
performance. The enteriainitieiit was
entiilisiasticaily received at every step.
Devotional Exercises by Rev. W. K.
Prof. lieo. F. Dunkleburger: 'The
Teacher of the Twentieth Century.''
He should be a living teacher and un
derstand his work. Mr. Duukleburger
is a man of the future aud has splendid
Dr. Lybaiger: "Hypnotism iu the
School Koom.'' The basis of hypnotic
influence is suggestion.
Dr. Paul F. Peck, ol Bloomsburgi
State Normal School : "History in the I
School." History is of great impor
tance iu the school aud only the most
important events should be emphasized.
Supt. Walboru announced that 125
teachers out of V2H were preseut, one be
ing excused on account of sickness.
Prof.Cleo.E. Fisher: Sanitary llegu
latious iu the School Room." Cleaull
ness aud comfort of pupils is one of the
first things to be considered lu conduct
ing a school.
Thursday Akternoon.
The iustitute was divided into two
sections tor the first period. The pri
mary teachers met in the Lawyers'
Library and were addressed by Prof.
Noetllng on "Primary Reading." The
main body was entertained with a
reoitatlou by Miss Anna Potteiirer, of
Dr. Paul F. Peck : "The Heroic Ele
ment in American History," in which
he pictured vividly the pluck, W itg
A Photograph Contract.
Some people tell me that they can
not set a good llkeuess of themselves.
My work is all guaranteed. If any per
son comes and has a negative taken aud
I do not produce a good picture that
will please you, It will not cost you oue
Christmas la coming and you should
come In now and secure picture to send
to ynur friends and relatives. There Is i and saerittce of the founders ofthe IU- uw s a monument to his business
no more suitable present thau a picture. I ..ku. .... , . . . .
A. CHoiKKNBKRY, Photographer. P,ullt-T , , , a-tuit. n.l.o.ccss, and his acviualnt-
X Ray Photo Car opposite the Post J Dt- Lybarger : Recitation, "Old auceship includes everv reader of the
Printing Office, Middleburg, Pa. Water Melon Time." Address, "That Telegraph and mauy others.
We lack practicability and accuracy.
Reports cf committees.
Dr. Peck: '( Joveinmeiit's policy
toward tlie Indians." T epoliey jjep.
erally is conducive to the elevation and
advancement of the race and may be
justilled with few exceptions.
Dr. Wo xlrutl' : " leaching as a Pro
fession." Itsbou d be made a life work
instead of a stepping stone. Teachers
should be leaders and students.
Dr. Lybarger : "The Power of Sug
gestion." We are governed by our
Ideas. Teachers should help to form
right ideas iu their pupils. This was
the method of the Great Teacher.
Supt, Walboru made a few appropri
ate remarks, thanking the teachers for
their attendance, promptness and good
fellowship. He expressed the hope
that the fellowships formed here would
continue to grow and expand and ideas
advanced would be put to practical use.
Three From Mifllinburg Telegraph.
Miss Auua Bibighaus has accepted a
position as nurse in a Sanitarium at
Litchfield, Conn.
Mr. Chas. Mench, wife and children,
of near Mlddlebury, spent a few days
last week with relatives and friends in
and near this, their former home.
After a long and severe illness heart
and other diseases, Mr. J. D. Spyker
Oast died at his home in this place
near the noou hour on Wednesday last,
aged 68 years and 9 days.
Mr. Oast for over half a century en
gaged in the mercantile business in this
pine, aud he leave large department
of 200 acres.
Charles Buyer, of Hi- revie.v. aey.ir-
ed his edueation iu the .ll'l.e eh'-.!-
"!' Middleburg. and worked in '!,. t
ii'-rv v, :th hi fatle-r ji.t;l e:.-. ,
I ears of age. afPT w i.i. :i -a ::. 1 '
carpenter's trad.- i r, M :d d;.-i ' .;.
.owing tint pur- i.: tor a i -r: !
vear- in Midd..
l'liroilgli the
-erved a- eoli-lal
and then c.vhan
-ervice. enli-ting in i i. tol .-r 1 - a- i
a memberof l '..lupany I. 17:i I !'. ". I.
He wa- inu.-tered in -eii.e a: Harr:--blllg,
Was elected llr-t i l.-lltell ml f ; i ..-
company, and assigned totl.e Army . f
the Potomac. He did guard duty at
Fort Yorktowii, and served for nii.e
months, sulleiing greatly fn.ui the
bardsbip and exposure incident to
army life.
After his rutin n home Mr. 1'oy.T em
barked in merchandise in Fremont in
connection witli bis father, whose in
terest lie purchased after three years,
continuing along iu business lor a simi
lar period. In l72lie went to Paxtou
ville, built a Hue nsidenceaud business
block at a cost of over f 7X)0, and opened
Address all orders to
Tiii: nisi.-
M'.ddiei.urgh. i'-naa
:i!.l tVXK
lit i i.:l.
IT. -'.v-g .- pre. a:--:
ai.d : 1 1 i t civ i! w r'j
li:f. ing i eeii i'i a. 'i . . ; r
thirty .ar-. Ii;- ex:.-:.-i
is abundant proof of 'u',
tilici.ll teeth a specialty,
sivc detltal experiei.e,.
i to do onlv tlie best Work.
Fi Sai.k A houseand loi at K rea
mer. Pa., opposite R. R. depot, contain
ing 2 acres of land. Nicely located.
J. M. M.f KKK.
1- -li". 1-Creanier, Pa.
i FOR SALE. In Middleburg, Pa., a
the first store at that place. He carried j g'xsl frame house, 7 rooms, and lot of
a large ami well-selected stock of gener
al merchandise, aud his uniform court
esy and straightforward dealing had
secured to him a trade which was large
and profitable.
In 1S5H Mr. Boyer was married at
Fremont, to Mollie Rathfou, a native
of Perry township, aud a daughter of
land. Also a gixxi livery stable on tlie
same lot. For terms and particulars
apply to F. F. Walter, 1 mile west of
Middleburg on road leading to Beaver
town, tf.
A Bargain For Farmers.
The New-York Tribune Farmer, a
Jacob Rathfon, a farmer. They became natioual illustrated agricultural weekly
the parents of nine children, of whom
two are now deceased. Those still liv
ing are : Nelson, a fruit grower and
school teacher of Lima, Ohio; Stephen,
who is employed as an engineer in
Kansas; Elmer, a railroad foreman of
Chicago; Morant, also a railroad man ol
that city; Clark S., who is engaged in
clerking for his father, and A Ida and
Ida at home.
He was assessor lor one term, and
tax collector for two terms, and dis
charged his duties with marked
promptness and fidelity. His business
Interests were well managed, and have
brought to him excellent returns for
his labor. His life has been well spent,
and he did therefore gain the right
regard of all with whom he had been
brought in contact.
Mr. Boyer died on the 7th day of
December and was burried December
10th. Services were held at the house
at a. nt Interment at ML Pleasant
Mills cemetery.
of 20 large pages, has no super'or as a
thoroughly practical and helpful pub
lication for the farmer and every mem
ber of his family, and the publishers
are determined to give it a circulation
uneuualled by any paper of its class iu
the United States.
Knowing that every enterprising ,
up-to-date farmer always reads the
Post. The New-York Tribune Far
mer has made an exceedingly liberal
arrangement which enables us to offer
the two papers at so low a price that
no farmer can afford to loose the op
portunity. The price uf The New-York Tribune
Farmer is $1.00 a year and "The Mid
dleburg Post" is $1.00 a year, but both
papers will be sent for a full year if you
forward $1.25 to "The Post Middle
burg Pa.
Send your name and address to The
New-York Tribune Farmer, Kew-York
City, and a specimen copy of that pa.
per will be mailed to you.
" '"AST" V-s .

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