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Loss T Office Not Sufficient Pualib I
ment For th Guilty.
Wnnhinjrton, Nov. SO. President 4
RooseeIt'a comment on the postal I
frauds has ben ma.de public. In It he '
review tho causes which led to the
nvestitrMion snd heartily endorses As-
tdstant Vest master t.cncral Uritdow's
report Aft.r naming the S2 ponxn
In. ib-ted (13 officials in tho service and
outM.iri-sl, the prevalent names the
chief of., rulers as .lames T. Tynor,
feu ire: ti-Mstsiit atiCT.c) uro-noral for
the 1 "u-e .'. i.r:m.-nt; A W.
Mn. ! i rnr r f.;v:- r.: n.l rt of free
t' 1 ' ( " i .-t X !(5Vit f.ir-
V'- - - : : p . rt ulrcs sn.l a!
J. " - . r. '!' ' -.. lit V, i KiMse-
"'. : -. . . : ; -. r.vojiitnen-V-
- : . IVti;
' . vt rt'er I
I; :
!'-'.t 'IV " iV
' ' l T . - :i ".'.
mel'.v. n: a.:
i''f iv',,'.i.': e:
v ' . - xv ; '
iiii.-i i. . nrrr.;-i'.!s.-..v,rv
v ivn t. moiV
1. t ' . f el'. .1 e-N
TN ' .'. ..,',
f f-t,-, " 1 - r : hi
tr t. v :i ' ' f
!: : , . . x : :
Ik in. :'." :i;... ;! . , !,
tint . .Uw 'Omits
r.iir.'.Ti h;j; ih. m,:
the 1 cm. t tf 7;r 1-
v T'ti.'vr it. an? ovi'ti; and here po-sihh-
'. .' ti-ne.-iitt.ir. i.r..!-r the criminal
statu?.- Ir. iir.i prea; luines public
or pr'vjm . uricivni i v rtair. at
ttm- '1 (i .i,- 7r wax to piar.i
aciv.- i' s r.cv-.-i-'.x ii' KHii ii.'' 7
liii- ' lisra.-ter n:' trv" ap-iointefl rare
fu'.lx n suri. "vis.- their action? aftpr
anrxvr tttier.- an.: ftna'.: tc rmnist. with
re! en: s.-v. -:; ihosr who fro wron.
All tui i heinf (ion.
"Thi in-.nie.iiat! rr;"r rmatinr. of the
.service v, tht turr.in.. 0:1: of the offenders-
u ran: 1:. ::.-:-. rnnuc:. tc mwt
the rt-msnri-- c,'. itisti.- The rases
pains: both thns- with jr. and those
xrithoi:: ;h- pns: ofti-c rienntmenL vho
ty their a.t havi- hroiich: themselves
vithiii the jrrasp of the lair, will he
pu.heo ivi:h f he uiiost vljwr." Everj
'tffort nuisr,(tf''inRdf' to see tnat both tde
delinquent official ani! the outsider
whr i-hr"''.- hi f.iV.: are nimlshfd to
th- ):-:" . :' ?ht Is v.- !t. ni:rsiiance r.f
t:.. i- jr.- in.';-virt'.!:i!v thovt enu
r. ' r:tv- !-; :: .-. Ir. rat.
:. : :; a:., rt
".; :r.L;" iv.: u
pur;; ::i::v::' c-f lii.
"N .n" r.i? tc f.-m1' r"rroi
tu: -.:.!:: -.11- rr:rj!'- r ctrr'.:;".i'.i;i
ir: :: jut.jv ill- v.'..: C. u.- cm:- trn
f-L- : citrr-ji". tit. Tc tjriu. pir
an. vru- lat'-- ar jui.:-
Ku::t: b?U. al.f k:t agasus: ta
;uv cf la" F-.at- sal.".: Al.
tjuw-ioc- rf d:!lvij' : part- po'.i'-y
tier it: it:s:trt:uca!ic- n-: ta- p"
M" f
wf- t rut-, v unii: aat uecen
gur-uji-r.' Ot ta-.v qutsuoi nut 01.
U.. t''.ii-r! I..- r cm:, aflurt t-. aavt
t; onibic:. auKiLt gcior; e:iif ir
U . 1 ?.". 11 ias aac gootf ao
0iL:s.raiii.:. eliA" u. rw. upot. ta
lit-c . iB.o... ( ' e .ll! puu.i' upiLlOL
.. cj . utj... wik,-:j'.' a:. ae'V-goiUK
'.-'4 1' ...'.'uptto:. inla.Ua.'
r.r wr. i.iii." fm- it
: a qtiw'jui ii tau. whlii
1 '-.
o' o'
:l . a. 10 ;..
L' '
U. 8. Supreme Court BuaUInt Legality
of Kansas Statute.
Washlnctoa Deo. l. Toe supreme
court of he rnlted 8tates has sus
tained the -validity of the Kansaa act
rrescrlblnt eiaht hours as a lawful
day's work on all public works and
preerriMnf penalties for contractor
who permit or require their workmen
to work lonper.
The Kansas law, whose validity was
called Into question In the suit, was
enacted in 1S91. and provided that
eight hours should constitute a day's
work for workmen employed hy or on
hehalf of the state, or by any county
or city or other municipality In the
state. It also prohibits contractors
from requlrinR laborers ennaped on
work for the state to wrform more
than olRht hours' labor In a day. Both
fine and imprisonment for any viola
tion of the law. The case decided to
day was ti-M of W W ViKins vs. the
Staie ol Kansm. Atkins had a con
tra, t with the -orporatton of Kansas
"tty. Kan. for p-txinc : street, nn.l
he a . i rirci'il with r'-nuitint; a work-
Killed Braleman and Fatally Injured
One tf Posse Trying to Escape,
ti.:in n:ti. .-.i K
tax 11. w : -
'e : : ' . ).rvo
fe--" 'x sc-r-;
'n.Ti: ,','. :-
to ImIi.'.i- l.i hour .1
e. 'tte.l ir. the stnt
.i.'. i.': x 1 re nt'.t-
. ! (" 1 1'-
te ' . i 'i v -.' or the per-
si"v,: ':Vr". : :u;y oi:e.
Fut'r-. Ps., t'-r Ve-cv of a Serious
I'i::'. r Vn . N.'x : S'r.' the l.'.-h
of S. ; -.'P Nr this tew t, has M i ev. r
If... .-! of t pho'.i t vo- an ' Vn
'titl s Tht vtnt. li ifi-ii of health in
vest :cafee. tin cause of the nr.nsnH.
coi'.'it'.oiis an.', issite.i a statement 111
x I.;. 1: thex say the horonph of Pitt
1. - has heer. vis'::e.'. xvith a serious
1 -ii.ien.1c ol typhoid fever Ir. its van
oils types and that the cause is the
pollution of tlir water usrM In the'
c-en'e: pa-; of the horouch Tlie p.1'
Intioi. is clearly tuceahlc to casee o;
typhoid fever in close proximity to
Thorn Rut. dam, the reservoir of the
Btitier Water companx.
Thf hoar.i fotin,! that the premises
surrounding the farm house from
whirl, the fever drainape was carried
info the Thorn Run reservoir had been i
thoroughly ditched so no dralnape can
now reach the dam. j
A mevtins of the peneral relief com-1
mlttee was held and the finance com-1
mittee reported $8000 raised. Fifty
rots have been placed in the aban
doned pickle factory near bere, and
the residence of Oohhart Wagner bas
been flrteri up as a temporary hoe-
p!:al. hi-response to appeals, nurses
n-- arriving or. ex"ry train, hut rio-n--':
r wnj. the clothes and
tv : : - ' ::. i.a:.- r.ts is at- badly
!'.' : as V.-.-.Tf-T-
1 ;. .'. C-.i" V. wh-i has 125
a: tie
V. . r;'
X- s
Ca'-Dai?-' t: Deprive Hirr c' Sea. In
fcenai? t; One- ir W asmngtor..
V. .-.::..-:. lc. '.. Tn- trs: ste;
-n::". piai. c' catapasgi. tu
cav- er.a:c Jte fntii: 0' Uuil.
ct-v.-. c' r.i st-a: 1:. to seaat- w;i:
f- tit'.'i iier Tcursaay wafi. a cor,-v-i.'t:o:
c' aeiegates Iron. ta Nfa
t:'iaa Crn(rres: of lloiaers C:u:k.
r-; -"s. r.iarjTef cf ctner unaCliate'l
vtiti:' :. . sc-cielie? aad several proini
iiE" ':':r'iit will b- Iteli a: th'.- Cflurch
v' rt" Covenant Mrs Frederick
fc-'.Lcr o' ftiiadeiphia president of
ta Natfjuiu Congress of 'Mothers
C'ituif li presiQ.. JSre Scboff sent
i'iv. e penera! call lor tae meeUag.
AL vmvL anviag a: btar. "tae iaurr
ku cf Aniericac omaaaood" r
urge'! 10 a presvat. hut mialslert of
-U Kotf'. u " inviie 10 atlead. Tae
-jrcuibr oociaias a request to tae cier
f' tat lounixy vo aold etrcm' ser
vicw or. Sunday Dec-ember 6, lor the
jjurj-ub of preacDia(t aajas'. tlie Mor
uiui. ix-aaur tax! tc offer (tracers iur
hif t-ivi'SioL lion. ta- beaau?.
CapUi.r Cane' Keicassd.
l-aveaorti Kar. Nov '1. TLe
xioors of ta Ltraxeawortb pr.swu
ui?' a: 1'.' o ciuck this aiornluif for
Oixrriiti y. Caritr', lurajerir a utpJt.n
of ag.at-rs il t:.. Ualiei bunts
aria.x Ciivi-H;c a a court martial
.'' .uh;..'v '' ..'.siu' ii Koia
a...f. a- i.t:.-. e'. ; ;arir of fixe
..-at i.':.;.r !.ai.a(f a credit
' j tie : ' . ' i : i.avictr Ca'
t r . ' ' . . :? itf wit'.
I:.. .-' ; ' :. i.e a'.tuiac-x .
v ..' . '.. ... i- veii.-L.ce in
... . .. ,1, ta. i:a..v!
ar. ; i'iLvIi.;'.),'.
C.l.c - .- fve-.O-t I- . I lo-;
; : , '- ' -i jI ..." J': 1
xtr..- ' :..'... ..a
11.1 Ika ' 'u i : .. a . . . . v . J y
tLi iiiiv.-tu.ir v a" w. ....'. I
jtl t. l'k! ' :..' U . ' .t '. laViiV
a-t. ftaU-: ia-ii.li: .' iaxf.y
tLi.' ii.a! 1 'l.e . j.a- :a: lea' .
Tai io . u! J.'ij;j.iL!Jv
ad : 1 1 ''''' : r. tf'a ir. a aai'u
ul St'::t:, ai.fl w.'.i. t-j bullet
IE Lis ac-ar. L La'' a a ivi ad
lai at-any two Ctayg
tc. t. i. . . . . .. ' .
.: . o- ' '. . - I'. ..'...,.. .
Lei ' .'. .. 4 , t . ' i-.t roa' :
la: , .... ' Tb" rw. ;.- j;i'- 1
laii" r . ji.. . ).( ! . bu:i-. I'.n
iroiax...rs ia'iU ad Mr .".;. elan! I'j
lai.e tat ta'.i.- I'jwi jsue. ir C-ve-laud
Bui! l.ui tat- boadc-. aad th- ovm
tri-. 1' i.- oald. owe blui so much ied
Sattri'. tLat Lt '. uuiag to sell tbt
(uiLaciit at Erad'ord on C-ecetaber 1.
Chloapo, Nov. 18. Chained wrist to
wrist, their hair matted with dried
blood, their clothing covered with dust
and dirt, two beardless boys Peter
Nledermeler and Harvey Van lUne
sat in the presence of Mayor Harrison
and Chief of Tollce O'Noll. caimly con
fesslnp to their share tn a three
months' career of crime, which has In
cluded eight murders, the wounding of
five other men and a long series of
robberies. The two young bandits,'
neither of whom Is over 21 years of
ai.o. together xvith their companion,
l'tnil Koeskio. xxbo is no older, were
captured near l.ixerpeol. In.!., utter a
fUht tn xxhi.h tiny lvt.t,.'.l iiu.tinst
poll. .nun. railway d.te.uxes. r:iixxay
lal'orcts aii.i fanner. e iupu xv.t
V." .!. n:x. tlier :'.itrlly xvounded and 1"
t'i'. e of lite yo'inu bandits xx.r.
v enn.le.1. hut not s.'tioiisly.
The il.ree n,, n vere xxitnted bx the
peine tor . o'ni'li. i! y in tiie murders
m the ear Lain.! 01 the Cbh-ato ("i'j
Kailxxay eeii'.pany. on Aitj-itst So. xxb. n
txvo men were ktile.l. a tliir.l ba.My
xvonn.'e.i, and $:..:';' stolen iro-n le.e
company, (lustaxe Marx, xx !.o lat
Saturday nitlu ninr.'.ered iVteer .lol' n
Quinn xx hen the policeman end ax-oi e,
to place him under arrest, iW.ess"d
after his capture that he. in company
xxith the three men. had committed
the crimes at the ear barns.
Wor.1 xxas bronchi to the police by
T. S. Kciehers, a school teacher near
Cla-k Station. Ind.. that three men
itnsxvrritie the description of those
wanted for the car barn murders were
living in the diicout. and eight detec
tives were ffr.l '.hrre.
As soon as they were In sight of the
place t he officers advanced in a cir
cle upor. the dugout whore the throe
rot. hers were supposed to bo concealed.
Defective Priscoll, who was walking
in closer :han the others, called out:
"It rt vs'.'t l.vik as though there is
at.' ho ly ii: there." Priscoll picked
up a 1 hut. s 01 wood and hurled it at
the .inter! Instantly there was a
flash, a report, and Driseoll fell In a
heap, shot through the abdomen. One
of his fellow-officers stooped to raise
him. and the other six opened fire
on tho dugout, from which the shots
were now coming thick and fast. While
the fire was at its hottest. Van nine
and Roeski rushed out. followed a few
minutes later by Nledermeler. Tho
latter ran to the tracks of the Michi
gan Central railway, and, throwing
himself flat on the roadbed, steadied
his arm on the rail as he kept up a
rapid fire with three revolvers. Roeski
ran for the brush, but Van Dine re
treated slowly, although the nir around
him was fille.i xvi:L Imeets ami the
snoxx at his- loot was kicked up hv
t.'ien. He is n spi ndid n-.arkstvM..
and cat-h-.ng ksM : t...-: v- V. m-m-T
v -. was I" :-.:;. ;. n- ;.
Z:r.:ni-: w. ,:"v;. w ::. s, , . :
heau A.- :.. '"1. '.'a;. :i.51.. fcr.-'
ii;!'.:. a!. ::: s1 :. ii. .!;: -..i-.
tr.ro-.ic! H:mn.-: - :. :..
li"esi;. l..e. by t:.:- ;:;n- di: appear--..
x'a:. 1 a:... N.-a- r::.. ;cr. p. a
r. -. ,.:v-rr ::. jxn i..
:::. : :r- ms. Tie d- ; .
t :' fir-'L t-ostaniiv t,u: th baud:-.-es-ap-d.
Atitr ruatiap umi'.i: a n.i.e
a'.-ros.' t-oai.tr the; cam-1 tat- tra- i.s
e' th P.'ansyivaa:a nsiiroati. A swr.tL
eostnt- witr. a tra::. o '-ars was cios.
a: liaul and nur-.-iag 111 t. it. t:o
mer. crtierT liraketaax; Sovt-a to tin
eoupi tn- trata imn. tae loconiutiv-H-
refused and attempt".: to take
Kieaermeier t revolver iron. kirn. The
latter itistantiy snt a buhet through
the brakeciac's bran., iayiag him d-ad
ir. tht mhiw. Spr:ag:np pas: Sovea's
biriy tin- baaditt racuuled tin- locouju
tiT will rvvoiveri 111 haac" aad or
dered tae eagiaeer to uiove out in a
aurry. which he did. going in tht- direc
tion of Liverpool, lad. After two tnllg
bad beet covered, tae luec ordered tae .
eL6taw to slow down, and, leaping '
tfj tat. grcuad. dibappeared ia tae
WLec t&er left the trait both laen ;
wer atari y exaauntid aad unable to
travel. The country at that place l
rough, sandy and cut up by gravel
pllf Tae fanatrs railway laborers
and off.ceif of the f eaaiylvaaia road
were ixiioia up la:, and awn xxert
close ol the fugitives 'it-els. It wag
easy to tracfc tUeui in tae uewiy fall.-n
now. aad the- bunt ah bc-t-diiy
ciobif! Th- taet xxtre beet as taty
dodged about in lb- haad duacs. and
the iai aer?, laost of waous were arm
ed a ill. uouoif-Liarreie-ii sl,ot. guus.
oaeau' fi;- on thtui Neidc-riiivicr r. -teixe-i
a t-Large full it th- head, a:ei
tii- u.o'jd mttaia..-'' dotti. ai Jac aad
lato bit- .- e . tii.adiLg biu. ao that be
couid aiic.y bti- tiiO' ia'.d Va'i
ViLf'f Lt-ac. caiiyitjf off bouie of bijj
aa.r at-1, hi. tfvuudt-d it t6 wt-ak-tn;ajf
'la. j. was i..-.t. iu oa
:i i-idt-s Tacrc w an ao i r.' ap.-. and
i' was ck'jdtat to bolii u,tt i.La' the
t.u.t ha.; coiat- e.lacr lo huntadcr or
Uj hga' Vj tae ;..ati., aad taty thitw
down tat-;r anas
i'ollowitg fit-tb footpria'.s' la the i
btow from tat- attte of the taatun of t
N'.fdt-ruieit-r aad Vat Wat-, Krtd Mil-lt-r.
luis Miller, John Dillon, Charles
Haiuiilou aad Hugo Kemp, robldetfu
of Tollt-btot, lad., captured pliuil
liot;k!, bitUt ou a beach lo the
Wabaub btatlou at Ac-ita, lad., a tow a
four laileg northeast of Llvcrpoo!, Ind.
The arrt-st van t.ade shortly after 1
Roc-ekl had laisbcd a train to Chicago.
He was utaxaifcd.
1kU ISeta. " I
No snipped th angular-face);
JXemale, I don't want no Insurance. ,
,Your old company Is no food." 1
; "Why do ou say ihat, madam r j
asked the meek and lowly rollcltor.
t "Taune U ain't," replied the a. t
iinrlw I save t Whlrk Wrka Oeeet
Hitm Amii Cattl
Roaivllmea llurara.
The horn fly was Lnported from Eu
rope about 1SS3. We Illustrate It In this
article. Its length of body and wings
Is shown In the three straight lines -Under
the fly. The letters are a, egg; b, '
larva; c, pupa; d, adult all enlarged.
We also Illustrate a horn with a band
of these files resting upon It. The Injury
la more or tsss the direct result of the
worry and Irritation caused by the lly,
and the abstraction of blood from the
animal. When the fly Is present In great
numbers the animal l prexculrd from
feeding and thus fails to grow and fatten
ns it otherwise xrtuld. In milch cows
the loss of milk Is considerable. When
Consumption is a V
t. ", My. husband's beeu payln pretnl- Weed flourishing best ijJ
hinrrs. Like other wJ
easily destroyed while
when old, sometime
Strengthen the lungs,
rums on a policy for fc-oln' on seven un Lj.e other y
iDeily News.
I Kaew Her ralllae.
I Mrs. nutton For mercy's sake, Wil
lie, how did you get your Jacket all ovet
mini r . 1
( Willie I stood up against Mrs'wOUId WCaK Una atf
iSmlth s fence, ma. I thought you'd 11m 1 WCCCIS Will disappear.
,to know that her fence was painted and 1 TU l i,. .
.that you'd like to know before the othei , 1 " .. fu. b Kni,
Women In the street found It out. Itoa- Ibcotts limulsion. S.il
ton Transcript. i -, -nod too, but it is vert
I . . ' , ,K.r. '
1 i inirnill lftaai. . j vilL:t.cit.
! lenrner ITH me the name 01 tn
animal which .provides food and rai
ment for the l.aiiliuulers. 1 1 1
Tommy Tim reindeer.
' Tea. -her - Now what is the nnlninl
which pi'oxldi'i you xfith iiiohI of yotit
food and tlnthes?
Tommy-- 1'allier!
W.) lliill.'ilu.
Sydney (N.
W I)-
1. r I 1 1 11 tils
App'ie '.il X, ,. , ;)ve ,.i
re". m ' r. I
I'll.',.".- -I.', i- ;
tonchl' ""
App i. ' .'.' .1. I.
nuouch 'i xx.im .-I 1 ; 1
ly Mm I', r e.x v !'ii '1 1
loxe xvlili it X. V. Wi
I tne. I
t" I' Ini: fur a
"id at re-
U lix , sir, I enn
1 . . .. art 1st ical
.: xxil fall in '
I Iv.
I II .1 .1.1 hi -.' t I'l'U .'.
"Ther. "s eu. r. i - ml;i:; f"ature about
seaslel.uos. " iilis.rx . d tin' man who had
Just cro-si'ii the pond.
"Come out xx ii h 1 lie c x plan nt Ion," snld
the parly who was an xlous to get wise.
"ll makes a fellow forget nil his other
troubles." replied the nnialeur traveler.
Cincinnati Knpilrcr.
HORN Kl.Y IN lUCTl ni:s
we consider the small size of the fly the
loss of blood would seem to be insig
nificant, but multiply the amount of
blood consumed by one fy by thou
sands and it will be found quite an item.
The fly confines its attack mainly to
cattle, but has at times been seen to at
tack the horse. It may be said that the
adult fly assumes two distUict attitudes
the resting and feeding. In the rest
ing stage the flies congregate on the
horns or on the back just out of reach of
the head and tail of the host, with the
wings drawn close to the body. In Ihe
feeding stage the wings are spread ready
for flight, and the parts of the animal
most commonly attacked are the back,
sides and Inner portion t the thighs
while during a shower the flies flock to
the under side of the belly. In some
cases larce sores are formed which are
prevented from healing by the repeated
attacks of the fly. Owing to the thln
rrs nf the skin some animals are at
ta -ken much more severely than others.
Th" eiri-s are deposited ir. the fresh
r.r. pti:.o of the c:r:. whfre they
c::;l. !i:r:d. a short tln.i :f e 'arvae
tieni leiitnttt)- tleacri e,
"Didn't you steal the coinpliiinntit'B
coat ?" asked a magistrate of n seedy In
dividual who xxas arraigned before him.
"1 decline to gratify t he morbid curios.
Ily of the public by answering 4 lint ques
tion," responded the seedy Individual,
with a scornful glance nt the reporters.
(intern Istilp.
Nodd I told my wife to let me knoxv
at least a week ahead when she was
coming back to town from her vaca
tion. Todd Why so far abend?
Nodd I wanted a chance to get back
mysel f . Town Topics.
"Mrs. NIbbleton Is a groat temperance
woman, Isn't she?"
"Yes. She hardly speaks to me since
I gave her a recipe for cake, In which one
of the directions was to take a wine
glassful of milk." Chicago Record
Herald. .
pa" !t.-
i:.r t
r.m :
id (:.: r : pupa
f-.'i". xxd.. h t-.x- frturc." in the
" f-'-n. T! ' .id'.:!: f'orr. fly is r bout
l.a.f us larce as the or.iir.ary house
r.: e about the Fr.riif rolcr.
Twc. lines of rrea'nier.t f-hou'd be pur
Fii"c -lo- destruction of the larva and
thf r.pti'.i'-aMni. of soniesubstatiee tn pr.
vent !:' attacks on cattle. Knowing
'.ha: tiie fly deKsiis its eccs it the fresh
dropplncs of ra::ie and directly on the
surface of the droppings while moist,
and that the eggs cat only hatch while
the droppings are ir. a moist condition,
mui'l. cat be dote to prevent their hatch
ing One vey effectual means of destroy
ing the larvae is to scatter the drop
pings with a shovel or by dragging brush
over the pasture once dally. Such a
method would, however, only be prac
tical where the cattle are running on
small pastures. In large fields a small
quantity of lime thrown on the drop
pings would be more practical aad quite
effectual In destroying the larvae or
preventing the eggs from hatching.
To prevent the attacks of the flies the
application of some stlOy, offensive
smelling substance to the cattle has been
found of considerable service. The ap
plication of tar and flab oil Id equal parts,
or spraying with keroaete emulsion, has
been found quile effectual. Farmers'
Pelenttata la Real Life.
First Passenger Who is that man
drinking from that rusty mug chained
to the water cooler?-
Second Tassongcr That is Prof. Do
Science, author of "Disease Germs In
the Communion Cup." N. Y. Weekly.
Cut n tlnrjinln.
Grace I wonder how Bertha over
came to marry Fred?
Imogen" You see. he looked so
cheap when he proposed, so I'm told,
Iter-ha thought he was a bargain.
Ih'.--..n Transcript.
The fill Yonth.
T: n:t I" o.-u:- th. y ask so much.
i-.r rr;'lrr i.f.r-- i:s so.
I'.-.:' :r.a: th.y n:ax ask about
s - n ... i. x- do r.ot know.
-l'h..aJ-.:l.ii Ledsir.
I lie time to treat coaJ
.1 h when you begin, d
lido it irom pi
".". : sec 11, you wont
1 ui I watt mill
cive vnursi'lt
,'.'; wi x Ii the first' th
1 .1... IT....U'.. I.V. 1 . "
l.lkf OtlUl s, 1,I11U sM
1 1 I really c m -tmipt
"1 11 Ihe better; vuivi"
1 ' 1 1 il aivl he lii'tKri
. t r .
ir niiKiH. ll ll is
1 1. 1: yen cant expect
........ t ..4. 1 ... 1 -r
I UK U .ll.lUltf, Ulll It VO".
I ' :;in in tune ;uk
n;;nuy regular 111
1. lent you will win
Scott's KniiilMon, fugJ
rest all you can, oat
can, tliats the ticatincj;
that s the best treatment
XI- .
xc wtii sc
a I it lie cf the
sioti ftoc.
Pf sure (Vn tVj, J
me l-iin ol a u,
wrj.i.tt el m,
I'.tnuUmn you Un.
409 Peart St,
fo.-. an t; ill jJ
Physician and Surg
Iort Trevorton, ?1
Offers his Professional SnJ
the Public. All Calls I'rottiptli
actfr and aood reiiiitnllnn in nuh
Ihin enmity miulroil) In ri'nrrwni ud
tlKeol.t enlahliiilird xvenltliy bunnm J
nnll.l llnanclnl taniiiiiK Snlu-R.GI
with ciuenaea aditllluual. ml n'.ahl.
direct every WedncHcUy from aaTT
Hntw and carriage (iirnislifd bn tj
naicrnncen, r.nt'iora ll a.inroni M
t oioiiini. ujl ui-nrliorn St., Cbion.
Trustworthy hulv .r pctill-'niri
hllHlm'Hft in thi 4 tiiit an l iu!; dr:vi4
lorwtMi mid invoriihly kiifur, 1:
tlnnnclnl h:ii(IIiu-. J0. ii
and oxponwrn, pniil vavh Vi.tbUx pt r
rt'd from Ix-nthiniirti'r 1 xt"!l
vanceu ; pomtum MTiiian nt, Acim
ManiiKi'r, 610 flonon lildp.. vhiaH
Neuralgia of the
Heart For Years.
Widows' Appraisi-iTis.
Xntii'e ii lierebx irive ti.
i M'i.lnwH' Aipr:iiHenH'iitM ti'i if r M
j liav leen fllt'il with the . I. -.: :
Court ( Hnvdor Cniliitx- I .r w.
: Monilny, t lu 1 Itli day of I1.- . A . ''
I 1. Appraiiieniciit of Sal-niii l:-uic
01 lianl.'l I'lilnuilur, late nt VniiitMt
ceased, elected to be ktkcn un-jr w
ezenmtioii law.
Appriiinemelit of Amanilu x arn-r "
O. W. Wanner, lato of Wci 1 trrr i
elected to be taken under ti e I"
Appraisement of Huflamiitl. itdhc fi
of John itrulib, Into of Centre
elected to betaken under th-tM-H
(1. M. SiiimiE-H
Mlddlebiirif, Pa.. November 14 M-
Pain Went From
Heart to Head.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
and Nervine Cured.
Investigation shows that from
sanlury standpoint there la need of
improvement in many dairy condi
tion No other food will absorb bad odors
6o quickly an will dairy products or de
tbriijiale luoie lapidly under advurte
Milk bein: an txtt-lltnt. u.tdluai for
the fcruwU) of bac'.eiia. it in of special
liuiKjitaiite thai ii be l-.t-pi as free from
titiR..-: a? posaible
fciiii'.e U.t iai;. al auitiuiil of contam
ination counts from the udder during
uiilkli., n is iuii,oi Unt. that all udders
be washed before mlJklcK-
Vbiicwatili bt-lng one of the best dls
liifteuats, the kiabltj should be whllx--ahed
at leant once a year. In order
to a.xxjaipUish this tiuccfcsiifully ths
aides and ceiling iuubt have a flrui, 1
tlhi sulfas to tthicb. t';e wHt'aah
can be applied. j
The Hour of the milking stable
should be smooth and solid. Ths plat-!
form on which the cows stand should
be of such length tLat all droppings
will fall Into the gutter, thus prevent
ing the cows from becoming soiled
when lylxj down. The stables should
be cleaned regularly each day.
"About .tarec ea ago my tiitcr wu to
badly affected with hcait tioublc sod ncit
lalris of the heart that we did not expect bcr
to live. Althouifii we bad s first -claM phy
llclao she (rw wurtc under tli.i treatment.
She bad s swollen droptital louk and had
frcquaut ipellt of ueuraljju paiu at liar heart
when die would render luc most heurt rend
ing moani and thicU. At tiiiie the pain
would iroui litr httut to her head when s
lump Would appear on her temple half a
larve u au ci- One uiglit ihe got up in
bed aud r ah into the back yid crying with
mill; bl.e wu not cou.ti.ju. of il, liowevcr,
and was biouirht hack lo the lioube by neigh
bor. J bought lor her a bottle caih of I Jr.
MiUs' Nervine and Heart Cure wlinh lichicj
her greatly. She afterward uied tome live
or tlx Lotties and ha. never had a spell tiate.
I had Uit'l yjur rucdiLine uilh gicat heuefil
myiclf. I know th.it Nervine and llearl
Cure not only taxed rn t':tir'i. life but all
taved ii. e fj. in inunity ;m I cic jili. J was M
nervous I could nut l eaf 1 1 . ;:thlet noite
i r movemrnt uround n.e bi.-t 1 mleud from
l.uhi.tutiou and .-iii in ii.c heart. I had
thoVing tensatimis, d:?y und faint spells,
hmothering m ells when 1 tould feartely gel
my tit-.iii; J m.is to nervous I xxas treated
l.ke a chi d and at one tunc it vvat (liouglit I
was looii.g my mind. Nervine taved me
from intanity." Kai JM AtKaj, Clover
Creek, l'a.
All drugg isis tell and guaunlee first bot
tle lr. Mi.ct' hein dies. .Semi fur fiee hook
on Nrrv'tii and Jlrait Jii.-eatei. Address
I)i. Wilen Mdica" C.. l ll liarl, Ind.
W. if. lit 1 1. K, 1'roitrlelor
418 Market 1., Ilarrisburif 'a
(OppoalU JV. B. U. Depot Enlranf.)
-ysl ailed lor All TrJua
Rooms, 25 und 50c. CJood Meals, 25c
Oood secerumadationa
KcRistur's Notices.
Notice la hnrnliv irlvcii thai ttt A
named parioni have tiled Uieir siums)
tiumrdlan and Ksrtcutora accuual in ti
ler'H Otllc of Huydnr Countr. tud "1
will be presented for co.itiriii.luo i
ance at the Court lloiiM at SI iitom
Monday, Dee. Hth, lusj.
I. Klriland final account ot !
KxHoulo. of I, .In. Katilcv. Utcvl 1
Township, Unyder county, V .
i. Kiratamf partial accountolA.
.i.HN.Ini.M 1 1. ...... uluft
Hohrader, late of A. lain'. Iwu , t)l
dao'd J
8. First and ttnal eccount of A-J
rontlus and Laura H (ircli.er,
e.latitof Henry Pontius, lute ot
orij oor tJo., i m , uec w- ...
4. Kir.land final ac.ouiil ol '
Kt senior nl haniui'i Huydnr. Itte
Bnyuurco., ra., deed. ,
IX S ir., A..ul I .it WS"'
and II Irani ii. lioss, eieculnfol A
liubocca (him, lata ul Weal lkr'j
o., l'a., davd , Ji
S. t-Ui.laud final account ot 3
licrgcrs.ini. of Ilia e.Uta l
latsol Wuulilnglou Iwp., bioi
K.MP.I. , J
T. Flr.land final account ot JT
admlul.tralor of the u.tuir ..(.x-
..III..... U I...... I. Mfl
' ,w t., miy iici . . , - . - .
H. Klrstuud final account
II i .1 I. ... ., k'
'.uM. rt. ...WIIUIU, Ca fcu"i." J
i..i... u...,..i. i..... .,i nm. an
l'U .I........I
a a, HW..M,..., m
J. IJ. Wiu
Ml.l.ll. biim, Nov, II, iuim
'I'n he. I.iivnlivi. Ui.iIiiii OUIW
All lrut;lU rtifuii'l ib:
oilrt lo mire. Ii. W. iiriv
an t-aeli box. iin
is tie New ami BulttfJ
Food, diftirent boi
tLat it jileaaou everjrWH
pacltBga to-day nt 7oaIfj
tn Osasasa fuu Vob Oi,

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