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farms r's Salu mu. I
We all know of instances where a man has
begun with nothing, as we may say, and in a
few years has paid for his farm, stock, &c..
besides supporting his family ; but we wish
to know how it has been done. 1 have had,
lately, some little experience of the income
•od outgoes of farming, having kept a minute
farm account for several years, and I have
thua far succeeded in obtaining a surplus, en
tirely within the farm, and have also improv
ed it yearly, though I have had my share of
bad luck in corps and herds. lie might ex
press the term, " bad luck," more correctly,
if not so concisely, in nine cases out of ten,
thus:—the natural .result of carelessness and
Before going any further, I will mention
the five essentials of farming, to make it pro
fitable, without going to the wood-lot or sell
ing the corner-lot, as Mr. P. urges, and he
will agree that they are oil important.
I find the first requisite is prudence ; and
I would like space to give a list of the many
different themes that cluster around it. The
second is capital , even if it only 1 es in health
and strength of body and mind, with skill
and knowledge. The third, honesty , or else
the profits might arise from overreaching, in
stead of farming. The fourth, permanence
of occupation , either by long leases or owner
ship, as that will enable the farmer to adopt
all necessary rotations, plan ahead, and work
out a system peculiar to his land—as there
are seldom two contiguous farms in this val
ley that require exactly the same system ;
and lastly, over all, the blessing of the Crea
tor ; with these, and a market, any man can
bring the balance on the right side of account.
Now, as I said above, I have found fanning
profitable, and my general farm account shows
it; but when I try the figures that cannot
lie on the cost and value of single crops, or
the raising and fattening of cattle, sw:n, &c.
Ala mode de pincham, I generally get the
like result as he, and here lies the difficulty,
and here also stands the solution. Mr. P's
accounts—see Vol XI., page 503, N. E. Far
mer—are not properly farmer's accounts;
they may be a tailor's or stevedores memor
andum of what it cost to obtain an acre ot
land aad hire labor, and buy manure, ic., for
a crop of corn, or to get a calf one day old,
and buy everything for it until it is a cow.—
This is not real farming. It may be amateur
farming, and it is as innocent away of spend
ing money, as going to the watering places,
or patronizing the race course.
The prudent farmer don't hire his labor
and manure, without cash outlay, or any out
lay. but his time and strength ; in a word,
his time is devoted to his land ; cutting wood
and poles in winter; then fencing; then in
spring, planting in hope ; cultivating, haying,
composting. &c., through the summer; reap
ing the fruit of his labor in autumn , while
his sales all the year round bring u> the dol
lars, and the difference between his cash out
lay and his cash receipts is his profit, and yet
our farmer is a stay-at-home man ; he don't
hire out on the road, or go about hewing, to
get money to pay his taxes ; lor the old pro
verb teaches that '' the foot of the owner is
the best manure." There is always enough to
do on his own land, by which his tuture
work will be easier done, with greater pr >-
fit New England Farmer.
R. Avery writes to the American Agricul
turist: "As we are frequently inquired of at
the table, how to treat hominy to make >t so
white and soft, I send you the process for
publication. Make strong lye, put it over a
brisk fire and when boiling, turn in sound
white shelled corn as much as the he will
cover. Boil and stir briskly, until the bran
is loose (from one to three minutes,) hurry
(t into clean water and wash and rub it thor
oughly, to remove all specks of bran. Soak
it several hours changing the water each
hour ;it will then look white and clean. As
much may be hulled at a time as there is lye
to cover, and after the lye is out, it can be
spread and dried for use. In boiling the hom
iny, par-boil for a short time, then put it in
boiling water, and as you fill up. do it with
boiling water. Cold water would set it and
it would get no 6ofter. Boil very moderately
8 or 10 hours without stiring, or it will burn.
In preparing for the table, put some in a fry
ing pan, and when done mash with a potato
masher. Season with salt and gravy or use
in milk. In cold weather 19 out of 20 pre
fer it to the best potatoes."— American Ag
A correspondent of the Rural New Yorker
objects to the mode of constructing root cel
lars of posts, plank and straw, on account of
its forming a harbor for rats. lie has made
one or two feet stone walls, no stone passing
through to conduct the heat. The door
frame is furnished with two doors, one open
ing inwards, the other outwards. The bot
tom has two coats of water lime, to exclude
rats and mice. It has two windows, and is
plastered overhead. It is sixteen by twenty
feet, seven feet high, and is surmounted with
tool-house and work-shop. The owner says
he finds it best to put no more roots in a
■cellar than will la6t two months at a time—
for a longer period they keep better bur
V ■ <•+
men have relieved themselves of dyspepsia by
not drinking anything, not even water during
their meals. No animal except man ever
drinks in connection with its food. Men
ought rot to. Try this dyspeptics: and you
will not wash down mechanically that which
ought to be masticated and ensalivated before
it is swallowed.
pise auk ftljeriuisr.
Ike Billings takes a logikal vu of war fraz
"On tu Richmond," that's tu say, it the
kus-ed rebels will allow it.
" Parralel lines," are tlieui kind of lines
that never cum together.
•' Militara necessita" —'en officers and a
galon of whiski to every three privates.
" Onluce tho dogs of war," but muzzle the
darn krilters; if you don't somebody will
get hurt.
" War of Exfermintasliun" —this fraze be
longs holey tu the Komtnissara Department.
'- Advanse Gard"—this is a gard tha hav
tu hav in our army, to keep our fellers'from
pitchin in tu the er.ema fruntwards.
"Rere Gard"—this is a gard tha hav to
keep our fellers, when tha are surrounded
from p-tchin in in the enema backwards.
" Awl quiet on the- Pottermuck"— this
shows what perfect suljekshun our feller
are under.
" Pickets" —these are chaps that are sent
out tu b< rry tuibakor ot the enema, ami see
if the cussed rebels has got a pa-s.
A SWEARINF PARTY.--One of the coun
ties of the State of Connecticut boa-is of a
Judge who, though poorly furnished with
those little refinenien's usually met in pol
ished society, is an energetic shrewd man.
and a promising lawyer. A negro ot hi- wa
about to give away Ins daughter in inarriaet
and having a deep rooten dislike to the clei
ical profession, and being determined, as he
said, "to have no infernel person in in
house," he sent for his friend, the Judge, t
perform the ceremony. The Judg<- cam..
and the candidates f< r the connubial \"k<
taking their places before him, he thu- a<
dressed the bride:
" You swear \ ou will marry this man !"
"Yes sir," was the reply.
" And you," (to the bride-groom) "swea
you will marry this woman ?"
" Well, I do," said the groom.
" Then," says the Judge, " I swear youTi
An Irishman whe had been sentenced t.
be hanged, and was pardoned b> the Gove:
nor, desiring to b- gin the world with a nev
wife, wroie to his old one as follow- ; "Dea
Norah—l was hanged yesterday and am mo
dead and buried. A* ye'll be want a new
husband, I think Mick Grtinon would be gia
to marry ye, t lie purpo-e > f getting a shant*
to put his head in. Ye'd better take Mich
for he'll be a father to onr poor orphan-. 3
no more from your unfortu ate dead hu.-ban
Patrick Ashley."
fly**** A poor country hawker, feing i
tie act of shooting a butcher-bird take
before a justice. "So fellow." cried Mti
! tnus, "you think fit to shoot without a !
cense, do you "Oh, m>, your fi->mu
cried the offender, "I have a lic ne f -r h iw ' .
ing." So saying, he handed htm hi- pd<eiv
license, and the bird shot being a hawk, th
man was disharged.
Some music teacher once wrote v.
the " art of playing on the vi tin rt yum- - ' i
nicest perception, a d the mo-t sensibih y
any ait in the known w rid." Upon wt ic:
an editor c >nnnents m :he follow ng manner:
"The art of publishing a newspaper an
making it pay, and at the -atue time have it
please evre.V body, beats fi idlin' higher than ;■
Somebody writing to a cotemporarx
relates the following sell of a wag, who, for
the Amusement of a crowd, was holding :
scriptual confab with a colored divine," W ti\
Charley, you can't even te 1 who made ti <-
nionkey."—" Oh, yts. I can. ma-sa" Well,
who made the monkey?"—" Why mas-i,th
-aine one made the monkey that male you!"
£37 U Temperance," .-ays l)r Franklin,
"puts coal on ihe fire, meal in the barr.-t
fiour in the tub, money in the purse, credi
in the country, contentment in the hou-i,
clothes on the children, vigot in I lie bod*,
intelligence in tiie brain, ami spirit in t t
whole constitution."
£2£~ We of this Administration, and <1
this Congiess cannot escape hisloiy. —Abe
No. Indeed, if you all escaj e the Peni
tentiary, you'll do better than ,\on ail de
An old Jew, who sold exclusively
for cash, said that he did it f r the benefit o'
his neighbors. He did not wish to see them
" deep in debt mil him, ven dey ish got no
monish to pay mit."
j Alain was fond of hisj.ke, an I
when he saw his sons and daughters marry
ing one another, he dryly remarked to E*e.
that if there had been no apple, there would
have been no pairing.
A physician, in shaking of the frail
constitution of the women of thy present day
i remarked that we ought to take great care of
| our grandmothers' for we should never get
any more.
Zfsr A man who wont take a paper be
cause lie can borrow one, has invented a ma
chine with whtch he can cook his dinner bv
the smoke of his neighbors chimney.
Niggers fo religion ; pasfebonrd for m >ney
the Chicago platform for a guide ; and Abe
Lincoln for President, in the year 18G2!
Who won't remember it ?

Many of onr girls wont,] like to be
boys that they might go to war, t.r] mort , ~p
our boys would like to be girls tha\ t| u y
might stay at home.
Tunkhannock to Pittston,
CIONNECTING with STAGES running to and
t from W tlkes-Barre, and all other points, from
Pittston. Also, with stages running to an I from To- ;
waml.i, Lacey ville, Mesboppen, Montrose and other i
oint, from Tunkhannock.
arc engaged on this Line
Extra Horses and Carriages constantly on hand,
from Tunkhnnnock to Springville, Mehoopany and j
all other points off the line of regular Stage route.
J. RITTERSPAFGH, Proprietor.
Tunkhannock, September, 13, 1861.
ON and after Monday, November 25th 1861, Trains !
will run as follows :
Leave Great llend at 7:20 A M.
New Milford 7:39 "
Montrose 8:00 "
llopoottoin 8:23 "
Nicholson 8:40 "
Factory ville 904 "
Abington 9:20 "
SCRANTON 10:00 "
Moscow 10:41 "
Gouldsboro 11:07 "
Tobyhannn 11:20 "
StroulsLurg 12.32 P M
Water Gap 12:46 •'
Colymhia 1:00 "
Delaware 1:25 " j
Hope (Philadelphia connection) • • 1*: ;5 "
Oxfi yd 1:53 "
Washington 2:10 "
Juntion 2:32 "
Arrive at New Vork 5:30 "
Philadelphia 6:50 "
Leave New York from foot < f Courtland
Street 8:00 A M.
Pier No. 2, North River, 7:00
Philadelphia, from Kensington D-pot 7:10 ■'
Leave Jtiii.tmn 11:15 '•
W Hiir.gtoii 11:33 "
Oxford •• • 11:50 "
Hope (Philadelphia connection)•• 12:14 P. M.
Delaware 12:4 1 "
Columbia 1:00
Water Gap 1:16 "
St'nudsburg 1:30 "
Tobyhanni 2:42 "
Gouldsboro 2:55 "
Mos.-ow 3.17 "
Abington 1:40 '•
Factory ville 4:56 "
Nicholson 5:16 "
llnpimttom 5:'3 "
Montrose :00 "
New Milford 621 "
Arrive at Great Ren 1 6:40 "
1 ?f~ These Trains connect at Great B-n 1 with the
Night Express Trains both East and West on the
New Y<wk and Erie, and at Ser -nton with Tr .'tts on
Lackawanna and Rloomsburg K tilioa | fo Pittsmp
Kingston >ll i Wilkesb • rn*; au f the Train m vmg
Sou.h connects •at Junction iih Trains for Btdhie
heui, Man h Chunk. Reading and Harris'.org
Passenger- to and from New York change cars a
'unction. To and From Philadelphia, via B D. R
ft., leave or take cars at Hope.
FOl Pittston, Kingston and Wilkes-Barre, take
•t 1!. It K cars at Scr.nton. IB
I'or Jessap, Arehbald and Cirbond'le, take 'htini
bus at Scranton
Leaves 8. ronton 9:50 "
Abington ! i 1: S 5 "
Factoryville 11:00 ''
Nicholson II: 10 '•
HnpU'ttom 12:05 I' M
M.ntro-e 12:43 '
New Milford • • 1:20 "
Arrives at Great Bend 145 "
beovws Great Bend 2:10 p \J
New Milfor 1 2: >5 "
MolitlUMll' •
Hophntto .;:15 "
Nicholson 1:15 "
Factorytille :1 5 •'
Abington 5-40 '•
Arrives at Scran ton 6:30 "
This Train leaves Scnn'on aft r the arrival of the
Train from Kingston, and connects at Great Bend
with the Day Express Trains both East and West on
New York and Erie.
Superintendent's Office, )
Scran ton, Nov. 25. 1861. I
/asljionaiiif Slfupinib ijair cutting,
Shop Opposite 3ifiy
nard's Hotel.
Ladies' haircut in the most ashinnable style, ei
ther at h's Saloon, or their rosi leiiee. if dcsirtble.
Mr. Ileilinghof is re'-ently from New York city,
where he was employed in the best establishments,
■ lid consequently feels wairanied in guarnnteeLig
-atisfactiou to all who may favor him with their eus
ElTilEtk SEX in every nei.-hi'orhood to sell .f
IRON AND St'LPM it PONDERS. Olive tar is a thin,
trail spa rent fluii; it is the best remedy known for
lieeases of (he Throat, Lungs, or Catarrh. Also for
Diptheria. Croup, Whooping Cough, Ac. My Iron
and Su phur Powders strengihen ihe system, aid the
digestion, and purify the bliMid I have al6 page
pamphlet containing full explanations, and over 100
testimonials from well known prominent p rsons
which I will send to anyone Jrtt by mai'.
J R. STAFFORD, Cbei list,
vln 24,1y. 442 Broadway, New York
SRATOR will restore hair to the l aid head, give
lew lite :aid restore to original color gray hiir
•au-e rod hair to grow dark. Is warranted to bring
iut a thick set of
in from three to six weeks This article is the onln
one of the kind used by the French, and in Londoy
and Paris it is in universal use.
It is a beautiful economical, soothing, jet stimula- 1
ting compound, a. ting as if by magic upon the roots, !
causing a beautiful growth of luxuriant htiit If ap
plied to the sealp it w ill Sure BALONKSS, and eanse to
spting up in place of he bald spots a floe growth of
new hair Applied according to directions, it will
turu RKD or I ght hair DARK, and restore gray hair
to its original color, leaving it soft, smooth, and fl x
ible The " OSGOE.VT "is an indispensable articl.
in ever .- gentleman's toilet, and after on- week's use
thev wuil I not for any consideration be without it.
j The subs-ribers are the only Agents for the article !
j in the I nited States, to whom all orders must be ad
! dressed. .
Price OXK DOLLAR a box—for sale by all Druggists
and Dealers—or a box of Ihe •'•onguent," warranted
to have the degired eff-ct, will be sent to any. who r>->
airit, bv moil, (direct) securely packed, on reveitt
P> ly to nd postage, sl.lß.
J rio Sou or address H)R ACE WOODL I
• sA Mj 7th fit,| eotr, Oread, Wißimnaburthji '
New Arrangement,
. . —————— —
) AT THE <
I ?
Farmer's Store,
• ( V
t J ( ( Hp
( (
J Jf*ew Arrangements \ 9
© | AND • < £
sc \ GOOBS ! \ q
5 U
uaaffl L. lIAHDINGr & 0, have on hand and are constantly - .
(• j •
< eceiving a large Stock of
fc FALL & WnTGU ~
> ) *•
i v?
r J 35
) which they will sell for AS!I OK
; SSMW ?hv £
if) At least 20 PER CENT LESS 5
than those selling on the OLD HLDiT SY STEM,
ili On r Jt
/rj )
' mm,
r-' WANTED.—AII kinds of Grain Produce, Lumber, good
Hemlock Sliirig es, Wool Socks, Sheep Pelts, I'eef Hides, i (—A
fact everything that will sell, for which the highest market \
9 price will be paid.
1,. 11ARDIMi & CO. | r-
Nicholson Depot,
Oct. 30th, 1861. \
An Institution to Qnatijy Young Men for
I). 5V Li WELL Principal, Professor of the 8-iencv of
Accounts. Practical Accountant, Author of Lowell's
Treatise u|ion Book-Keeping, Diagrams illustrat
ing the -ame, Ac.
J.M) RANKIN, Commercial Accountant, Professor ol
Book-Keeping and Practical Mathematics.
A J WARNER, Professor of Practical and Ornament
al Penmanship, Commercial Calculations uud Cor
J. J CI'RTIL, Assistant Teacher in Bookkeeping
Hon. DANIEL 8. DICKINSON, LL. D Lecturer on Com
mercial Law and Political E>ouomy.
Hon. RANSOM BAI.COM, Lecturer on Contracts, Prom
isarv Notes and Bills of Exchange
Rev. Dr. E. ANDREWS, Lecturer on Commercial
Students can enter at any time; no vacation.
Graduates are presented with an elegantly engraved
Diploma. Fsua! time required to (otuplete full com
mercial course, from Bto 12 weeks Every student
is guaranteed to lie competeut to take barge of the
books of any business firm, and qualifi -d to earn a
salary from SBOO to SISOO per Assistance
rendered to graduates in obtaining si'uitTToos Board
$2 00 to $2 50 per week
For particulars send for Circular, enclosing stamp.
II it ft all the Recent Improvements,
Is the Rest and Cheapest and Most Beautiful of nl
Sewing M u-hines. This Machine will sew anything,
| mm the running of a tuck iu Tarletnn to the 111 ik
ing •f an overcoat anything iroui Pilot or Beaver
Cloth. <i, wn to the softest G iu7.e or Gossamer Tissue,
and i-i eve- ready to do its work to perfection It
car, fell, hem, bind, gather, tuck, quilt and has ca
pacity tor a great variety of ornamental work. This
is nut the only M ichine 'hat can hem, fell, bind, an I
8" forth, but i' will do so better than any other Ma
-1 hine. The Letter "A" Family Bewing Machine
tnav be had in a great variety of cabinet cases. The
loldin - Case, whi. h is now becoming 81 jiopular, is,
8 its nau:t implies, one that can be folded into a
box or case which, when opened, makes a beautiful,
substantial, an 1 spacious table for the work to rest
upo . The cases me of every imaginable design
plain as the wood grew in its native forest, or iu
' elaborately finished as art can make tbem.
The Branch Offices are well supplied with silk
! twisr, thread, needles, oil, etc., of the very best qual-
I ity.
Send for a copy of " Singer & Co.'s Gazette."
458 Broadwav, N. Y.
Mrs C T Marsh, and D. A. Barnwell, Esq , agents
in Tunkhannock
Blanks!: Blanks !I >
Justice's, Constable's, and legal Blanks of all
inds. Neatly and Correctly printed on good Paper, <
d for sale at the Office of the " Korth Brunch I
mint" j
r P HI? Mill has b®en lately re-fitted and all the
1 modern improvements added und is now in
charge of
Mil. WINT,
of Provioenee, Luzerne county, one of the best Mil
ler :h i country.
Particular attention paid to
Custom Work,
which will be done on short notice.
AT.I. WORK WARRANTED, ml if nt satisfac
torily done may be returned at the expense of ihe
FI.OI'R of all kind--, MEAT, an 1 FEED constant
ly on hand and lor sale, at the Lowest Cash prices
5 Cash or Flour paid for grain at the Highest
Cash prices.
Traveling Publie!
■T'O H'-iTiinmod 'te p#r>o ij wishing to go by public
1 convey.'tna- frotn t'n- phi, eto anv section, or re
turn, the undersign? 1 continues to run A
Daily Xjixxe
© fj M m p ©
to and from Factory vtllo Depot, leaving his hotel at
R oil <k, a. in, arriving at Factoryville in tiuie for
I rams to
(Orcat Bcnb, llcnj-t)orh,
Returning, I b aves Factoryville on the arrival
of the New York, Phltndelphia nnd Accommoda
tion Train from Great Bend, arriving in Tunkhan
nock at 7 o'clock, p. m.
N. B All Express matter, packagos and goods will
l.e conveyed to and tro,n the Depot, at reasonable
rates; the proprietor holding himself responsible for
the safe delivery of all such entrusted to bis care.
Towanda stage arrives at this hotel at 12 o'clock
m. Returning, leaves at 3 o'clock, p m
, St ij£'' s '! > , r p,, t sr, >n. Wyoming, and Wilkesbarre,
leaven the arrival of the Towanda s'agc, and re
turning connect with the same.
Montrose stage leaves on Tuesdays. Thursdays and
iT'l" 7 *' 1 n k ' Rm " at Montrose
wi h stages for Bmghamton, Ae. Returning, connects
with stages for Pittsron, Towan ia, Ac
Persons wishing to he called for at their residences
leaving their names at the
hotel of the proprietor.
4.7 T. ".u£" to '• P'-
•*P34-T*B7. B * J
ANP.W and smgularlv succesxful remedtf 3
care of all bilious diseases CostiYenetTt®
gcstion. Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism I
Gout, Humors, Nervousness, Irritability, i P c* 1
tions, Headache, Pains in the Breast," I
and Limns, Female Complaints, &c. & c .;•* |
very few are the diseases in which a
, cine is not more or less required, and m-v. I
! ness and suffering might be prevented, if ** j
less hut effectual Cathartic acre more
No person can feci well while a costive ''
body prevails; besides, it soon generates
often fatal diseases, which might have been irj
by the timely and judicious use of a good v |
This is alike true of Colds, Feverish svmptoij I
Bilious derangements. They ail tend" to •e-'Tf
produce the deep seated and formidable dist* I
which load the hearses all over the land. {jV I
"eliable family physic is of the first imports 1
the public health, and this Pill has been serf I
with consummate skill to meet that demurs' I
extensive trial of its virtues by Physicians, pJB
•ors, and Patients, has shown results sar>' ;!
any thing hitherto known of any medicine. (-9
have been effected beyond belief, were the* *1
stantiated by persons of such exalted posjpo-S
character as to forbid tbe suspicion of uritrutf ■
Among the many eminent gentlemen wj," J
testified in favor of these Pills, we may menpfl
Prof. J. M. LOCKE, Analytical Chemist, ct J
cinnati, whose high professional character j3
dorsed by
JOHN MCLEAN, Judge of the Supreme Cor J
the United States.
THOS. CORWIN, Secretary of the Treasury f
Hon. J. AI. WRIGHT, Governor of Indiana. I
N. LONG worn H. great wine grower of the*J
i Also, Dk. J. K. CHILTON, Practical Canty. J
New York City, endorsed by
HON. W. L. MAKCV, Secretary of State.
Wm. B. ASTOR. the richest man in Anuria i|
S. LEI AND & Co., Propr's of the Mtu j.. Jj
Hotel, and many others.
Did space permit, we could give inanv h'-Jl
certificaies, from all parts where the Pi;,, ~3
been used, but evidence even more coitvir.nngiS
the experience of eminent public men u
their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the resu't of long investigate,!
study, are offered to the public as the bat 3
most complete which the present state of CKJ
science can afford. They are compounded rcfl
the drugs themselves, but of the inedicinai v-3
only of Vegetable remedies, extracted by chtj
process in a state of purity, and combined tog]
in such a manner as to insure the best results. ]
system of composition for medicines has been vi
in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to
more efficient remedy than had hitherto beet®
tained by any process. The reason is perfect a
vious. While by the old mode of composition,*!
medicine is burdened with more or less o: *i
monious and injurious qualities, by this ewija
j vidual virtue only that is desired for the
effect is present. All the inert and obnoxionstJ
itics of each substance employed are left befcaia
! curative virtues only being letained. liens;!
self-evident tb.e*e'Ferts should prove, as the; jl
proved, more purelv remedial, and the PilUiiai
more powerful antidote to disease than at; a I
medicine known to the world.
As it is frequently expedient that my ir.etd
should be taken under the counsel of an attetjJ
Physician, and as he could not properly judgl
remedy without knowing its composition, 1J
supplied the accurate Formula: by which tad
Pectoral and Pills are made to the whole :|
Practitioners in the Uir'ted States ai.i Brit'-r..taf
ican Provinces. Jf, however, there should >1
| one who has not received them, they 1
promptly forwarded by mail to his request, j
j Of all the Patent Medicines that are offerei!
few would be taken if their composition wask:J
' Their life consists in their mystery. 1 hnl
The composition of my preparations <t i i'|
to all men, and ail who are competent tojtisl
the subject freely acknowledge their c< uvictieil
, their intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoril
; pwmottneed by scientific men to be a
medicine before its effects were known. Mir;|
i inei.t Physicians have declared the same
; mv Pills, and even more confidently, andireq
ing to certify that their anticipations were 1
than realized by their effects upon trial.
; They operate by their powerful influencectl
'■ internal viscera to purify the blood and stimuli
into healthy action remove the obstructor j
the stomach, bowels, liver, and other organ.*! 1
| bodv, restoring their irn gnlar action to healdd
j by correcting, wherever they exist, such cod
l nients as are the first origin of disease,
i Being sugar-wrapped, they arc pleasant toM
j and being purely vegetable, no harm can
j their use in any quantity. 5
For minute directions, see wrapper on the3c
Practical and Analytical C'lienu
Price 25 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for J
11 S'ark, Tunkhanno k ; T Lb Spring, lv"4
viardir.g A C"., Nicholson; E A J Prear, rc'
ville, and by dealers in Medicines everywhere. ■
The Subscriber h is opened a Grocery and P*
ion >toe in the Store Room, formerly norajwl
Thos. 0.-teih ut. in tho borough of Tunt>hsS||
in-1 intend-to ki'ep on hand a good assurtaai
.-ii li articles as ire usually wild in such *n
lishnietif. He intends to deal in none out p-oiftj
an i to dispo-e of them at just so small auvaof ||
cost us it is possible for any man to do with **9
himself—being willing to share in these j
times" the profits with his customers. Any <*3
tng to purchase any of the following articles.* :
well t i-eall on the subscriber before purcbxsicjH
Tea, Coffee, Snsyar, Molasses, Sji
Kerosene, Candles, Tobacco, Sntl
Hale rat us, Sal Soda, Ginger.!
Pepper, Allspice, Ciniw- %
m o ii, N ii 1 in
Cloves, Raisins,
Cream of
Pork, White Fish, Mackerel, T'-'j
Nails, Glass, Wheat Flour,
wbpat Flour, Corn Meal. But*|
ter, Cheese, Eggs, ApjM ■
Vinegar, Starch, Pen-
Ho 1 d er s, Pen
cils, Ink, Pa
per, Envel
Pocket Book f M icy Purses.*' \
Thread, 1 nen bread,
Silk. Butll i.., rhinibles, Pi EN |
Needles, Shawl Pins,
Watch Guards,
Buck Skin, Cot
ton, Silk, and
Lisle thread
G loves,
Cotton and Woolen Socks and Hjj
Suspenders, Spectacles,
Boxes, Coarse, Fine, Press an J |
Ci rele Combs, li*i r
Brushes, Shaving
Boxes, Soaps,
&C-., <tc.,
A Do, general assortment of enstorc n" l ®, jS
and Shoes of the verv best quality warr*' J|
salt by the barrel Wonted in exchange #? -M
1 and for which the highest market price *• <M
Grain of all kinds. Buckwheat Flour, I> U *'' jjß
, Beeswax, Honey. Lard, Tailow, Poultry, DP* Jj
j Dried Pesches, Beans, Oaions, Ae.
' TonkhsDoock Dec 10 i

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