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. i
(Llif Icniocrat
Wednesday* Apr. GUi 1864.
MATHER Si CO., No. 335 Broadway N. Y.
fs.ro our Authorized Agents to take Advertisements
or t.'iii pnper, at out published rates
( Subject to the decisioj of the Democratic Na- |
liooal Convention.)
Rc'tiert L. John son,
Richard Vi. us.
1, William Loughtin. Paul Lsidv
2, Edw-ird R. Helmbold. 14, Robert Swineford
Llw P DUDTI. .15, John Ahl.
4. Thos. McColloagh. >l6, Henry G. Smith.
5, Edw. T. iicss* 117. ThaJt'as Bar.ks.
6. If pill ip S. Gerhard. <ls Hugh Montgomery, j
7, G G Leiper. >l9 John M [rvin.
S, Michael Seltter, VJO, Joseph M. Thompson.
9, Patiick M'Avoy, j-'l, Km-fus Br.<wn.
10, Thomas II W ilker. >22, James P B <rr,
11, 0. S. Dimmiek. <23. W in J Koonfe,
12, A. 15, Dunning. ;24, V. Montgomery.
The Bounty act which has been for sometime
under the cor Fidel alien of our Legis ature. |
was | assed on the 25th nil.. ap[ roved by the '
Governor, and is then fore law. V, e pub
lish the act, complete el-ewlure. It is very j
comprehensive in its terms. N>t onle doe*
it legalize whatever ha- been done by T .wn
ahip, Borough, or Courtly authorities in the
raising and paying of vo'unteer' ; but it
fully authorizes any future action that may be
necessary in this matter.
We hope our del nqneot subscribers will j
not for a moment entertain the erroneous idea
that printers live on air. The fact that |
they some tunes indulge n puff*, is not tin
slightest evidence that tliey Subset on'
such unsubstantial noth,ingress. We will !
modestly hint to those owing us, too, that
paper and other things used by primers, is
just now slight ail'y cost-vn Next week
we may give this class <>f our readers a hint
the import of which we will leave ihtrn to!
get at.
Bishop Hopkins' Bn>k on Slavery. j
Oar readers will not fail to remember the I
able anil convincing argument on the Milj.-ct j
of slavery, entitled " Bib!* View of Slavery,")
by Bishop Hopkins, which was published by i
us last summer ; h <w eagerly it was sought [
after and read; how its publication uy us ;
lead to an attempt at refu'ati n by the pre- !
siding elder of *1 e M. E. chnrch of thi* bis i
trict. in a Sermon at this place, the lameness
of which was exposed by one Ins hearer*. !
iu a counnunic.ition to the Democrat ; how i
the wrathful elder challenged ihe piesumpiu I
ous critic to mortal camhat, with gcn.se qu 11-
fbr weapons: how we coii-entcd i< open our
columns to a discn-siou 1 f the s! iv<rv que* j
tion by the chn'ler.gor and the challenge?;'
how every thing el-e was discussed ; how'
the discussion —that was to be—degenerated
into a personal quarrel, in which ihe term i
44 liar" was handled to and fr<>; how the'
sworn testimony of witnesses was produced,
proving that theelder in relation to the mat
ter, (ltd not follow the example of
ful George Washington, when he had hockert
the cherry trie with his new hatchet. All
these things and perhaps many others, ill
bo temetnbered by most, if not ail our read
This Btble view of slavery," was very
generally published throughout the state.—
Bishop Potter published an " indignant | r <-
tet' ; against the views therein contained,
which was signed b% sixty or evenly of the
cltrgv of this Diocese. lids scunious and
abusive protest was briefly and scathingly
replied to by Bishop II >ykins :n wh ch he
assured Potter and his co protestors, that he
had in course of preparation, a Book on the
subject in which their protest would appear.
And, lie added ; " if I cannot give you fame
I may, at least, Uo my pari to give you no
toriety." The venerable 18-imp nas lived to
make good his promise. The B" k has been
published by W. P. Po.dey A Co. ol N*v%
York, and is Lr sale bv Lpiucoit & Co. of
Philadelphia. It is inscribed .o B -hop Pot
ter, and is addressed to him a- li ght Rt ver
end Brother. A< intr >ducbry to the >ub
ject is tho '• Bible view of slavery," tie Pro
test &c, before mentioned. Then follows, in
the language of the reviewer, '• a most com
pletc and exhaustive 4-guuient of the whole
disputed que*tluii.''
\Yc fiwd assured that this work will meet
will) a rapid sa'e, and general perusal. In
no place will it he rea l with n re merest
than in this county, where so much feeling
was excited by the publication of the " Bible
▼icw" and the discussion, or pen duel grow
ing out of its publication.
Wet regret that the puce of i!uj w>rk is
not stated iu tLe notice of it tow btfyi e
amendments tothe State (Johxrit winch
have received the sanction of the
(allowing Soldiers to vote.) will shortly be
submitted totlie people. Tiie Constitution
requires that such amendments (to he made
not oftcner than once in Bve years), hall re
ceive the assent of two suceedmg dbegidu
lurea, and shall be v.fpd upon by the people
within three months after pr.bticiC n, by the
•Secretary of tim Commonweal ili. The
amcudmeuts having for a second time passed
'■i t- I. gUlature on the luh ins-.. n.e G v t r ,
' r will, in a few days, issue a j . -maUon
or b ring tlit ckctwit as ttqutp j.
Relating to the payment of Bounties to Volunteers.
SI CTIO.VI. Be it enacted, by T he Senate
and House of liep r ese tatitea of the Com
mm wealth of Pennsylvania in General as
sembly met, and it is hcieby enacted by the
authority of the same. Tnat atli bunds, war
rant-, or c- mfi-ates <>f indebtedness, istued
by the commissioner*, or commissioners and
0 nrndltr, of any county, or the corporate
authorities of any city, ward or borough, or
the school directors, or road commissioners,
or cup* iviseis, el any township of this com
uionweallh, for the payment of bounties to
p tsoi s volunteering to enter the military or
naval service of the Umted Sates, under any
requisition heretofore made bv the president
r f the United S'ates, be and the aanie are
hereby legabzed, made valid and binding up
on such couti*tea, c ties, wards, boronghs, and
townsh-ps, as if lull and legal au'horlty had
existed f-r the issuing and making of the
same w hen tt.ey were issued and made; and
that in ad cases where any special committee,
cottims-sioiie., or an individual or imiividu
us Is of any county, city, township, borough,
or ward, shall have subscribed and paid, or
become personally liable for the payment of
money, for ihe purp. no of paying bounties to
volumeer*, under the Ute calls of the presi
dent i,f i|,e United States, who have been
mustered info the United States military ser
vice, and credited to Mich c >unfy, city, t wn
e'.. :• ward, 01 !• rough, with the under tand
-1 * u. agreement, that a law would be enjc
tei .o lev* and collect a tax upon such Coiju
ty, en* , township, borough, or ward, for the
payment o' such adw cement and liabilities,
all suhsi-riptioi s, p.. paid, or money borrowed
a- aforesaid, ahull be good and valid against
such county, city, township, borough, or
watd, as if the same had been -uhscribed or
h rrowetj by i fit; Corporate authorities of ihe
sane. under the C'oiirnis-ii.ner*, supervisees,
com c Is, or school directors, as the case inay
be, to proceed to levy and collect a tax upon
Mich county, city, township, b rough, or
ward, sufficient to pay the principal of all
such claims, with iuierestt hereon until the
day of purulent, together with the cost of col
lect ion tlureof
SECTION 2 Thai ad pay men' of b .unties
t<< volunteers, entering the Reivice of the
UnMed States as af re-aul, by ihe commis
sioners, or the Commissioners and controller,
i>! an}' county, or the Corporate HOtlmrities of
any coy, war }. i>r Lor nigh, or by the school
direc'or*, ,j rd c imtntsstoners, or supervi
sors, of any township of this Commonwealth,
and ail loans made by said authorities, lor
the purpose of linking such payments, be and
the s itae are licvby legalize I and made
SECTION 3 That the authorities afore
said are hereby authorized, and leqmred to
execute, and Complete, all agreements, and
Coin ract, here'of re made by the aforesaid
HU'horittis of sueh c muttes, cities, wards,
bur-mghs,"or townships, for the payment 01
bounties. a aforefaid. or for ro!unlin> ad—
vanctmeiiis made !#r that purpose by attv
Committee, Hp. cml commissioners. individual,
or individuals, on condition that they should
be refunded, according to the true intent and
meaning .4 such agreements and contracts;
and lor fiat purpose the said authorities are
hi-Tt by aiithoriz-d to birr w money, and
i"Ut- bonds, warrants, or ceri ifleales, in the
nameol such county,corpora'iona,or townships
with or without uite r est coupons attached,
payable at such time and p'ace as may be
agreed upon, and to lever such taxes as mav
be mcoessary to meet the payment of the
principal and interest'if said bonds, warran's
or certifiea'es, as ihe same shall become
iu- ; whicu taXe> and levies shall be a-sesse<l
and collected, as other county, City, ward,
borough or township, taxes are assessed
levied and collected Provided, Tnat in all
election, i r enrollment, districts, nut having
any constituted aiUuortfiea, as cm emplated
b\ this act, competent to levy and collect
Mid tax, the b >ard of .-lection officers of such
district shall tie authorized to levy, and pro
c-ed to have sani tax collected in puch dts.
SECTION 4. That all assessments hereto
f-Te made or taken for the purp >se of pn\ ing
bouutu-s, a* afore-atd, tie and the same are
hereby It ga iZ' d and ma le valid : Provided,
1 ha ' the property of non-commissioned offi
c 1-. and privates, tn actual -etvice in the
Unfed S ates amiy and navy. fr->m this com
iiiotitvealtti, ' r li i died, or were permanent
•V d -abied, in such service, or ha.ing been
m Mich si tvice tor the space of one year and
six in n hs. u< re honor ably discharged thero-
Ir.'in. rti tie property of widows, minor
chill.l , .old widowed mothers of non emu
mi-si ned officers, an I privates, who died in
such seivice, sha'l tie t Xempted from any tax
n'ion under the provtst us of tins act ; Provi
ded, 1 hat ttie provisions of t l e first, second,
third and fourth sections of this act shall be
6i> under.stood.as to have reference onlv to
Mich agrccimnu and contracts as have been
en ied into by the authorities aforesaid,
subs quent to the seventeenth day of Octo
b> i , t.nc lit. Usand eight hundred and sixty
til lee.
I fouru'i int MCtuiiofan act to cirate a loan
and pr- vide for arming ihe state, passed the
fifteenth day of May, one thousand eight hun
f drediind t.xiy > ne, which authorised the
asi ciate judges, and county commissioners,
of ibe several C"Ui.'iesi.i tins cin oouwealth,
t > constitute a board of relief for the fam*-
iies ol sncii volunteers as have IHM P, or shall
he, euro tied and mustered into servic-* lnm
tii-ir stv.nl counties, are hereby extended,
sitd applied, to ihe families of men who have
beyn, or niay hereafter be, drafted 01 con
scvipied, and mustered into tlm -ervice of
the United States, and credited to the quota
of said counties. res|ieciively ; ud all trange
inents innde by the several counties of this
Commonwealth, for the support of the fami
lies of volunteers, militia, drafted or conasrip
' ted men. mustered into tko Berilc?, tsd
- ---
credited, as aforesaid, are hereby legalized
and confirmed ; and full and legal authority
is hereby given said county cotniiiidstonora
to borrow money for the payment of 6uch
expenses, and for the extension of such reliel
to the families of all private soldiers, and
non commissioned officers, who have been
mustered in, or may hereafter be mustered in
the service of the United States, and credited
as aforeaid. in pursuance of anv requisition
made, <r to be made, by the presideut of the
United States, or by any law of the United
States now made, or heteafter to be made,
or by the governor of Pennsylvania, or any
law of said commonwealth now made, or
hereafter to be made.
SECTION 6. That the Commissioners of
a-iy and every connly in this commonwealth
are hereby authorized to borrow such sum,
or sums of money as may be sufficient to hay
to each and every uon commissioned officer
and private soldier who volunteered from
such county, and entered the uti!i'ary or na
val service of the United States, on or af'er
the seventeenth day of October, Anno Dom
ini one thousaud eight hundred and sixty
three , and to each and every non-comtnis
stoned officer and private soldier who may
hereafter volunteer and enter the service of
the United States from such county, nnd be
credited to the quota thereof, in pursuance
of any requisition of the president of the
United, States, or by an} law of tie United
Staten now made, or hereafter to be made,
a sum not exceeding three hundred dollars ;
Provided however, That in that part of any
county where school directors, or road corn
tuHsinners, or supervisors, of any township,"
or townships, or where ihe corporate author
ities of anv city, ward, or borough, or any
committee, special commissioners, individual,
or individuals, have paid, or have now com
menced to raise a fund for the purpose o
paying, such bounties, it shall be lawful for
such school directors, or road commissioners,
or supervisors, of such township, or town-
the corporate authorities of such I
city, ward, or borough, to borrow such sum,
or sutu, of money as may.be required to pav
to each volunteer from such district, a sum
not exceeding three hundie'd dollar-.: and it '
shall be I wlul for such authorities of said
t owt ships, Ctties, wards, or boroughs, to is
sue bonds of said townships, cities, wards, or '
boroughs, f. r such sum. or sums, of money,
and in such amounts * may be neccessary
to pay the authorized bounty to each voiun
teer r. quired to fill the quota or quotas (if
such township, c"y, ward, or borough: And
provided further , That such townships,cities,
ward", and boroughs, as have filled their
quota, or quotas, under any cad or requisi
tion heretofore made by the president of the
United Slates, as aforesaid, without aid from
the county, city, or borough, shall be exempt I
from any tax levied, or to be levied, py the
said county, city, or borough, for the bay
rnent of any bonds issued by said commis
sioners, city, or borough authorities, for the
payment of bounties to Volunteersto fill the
quota aforesaid : And providedJu/ther , That
no c unty, city, ward, towns!.tp, borough, or
other district, which shaii have agreed, or
offered, to pay, as bounty to each Volunteer
credited to -uch county, city, ward, township
hor.'U.'h, or other diatric, a larger sum than
three hnn Ired d dlars, shall be subject to the
lun'tatioo as to amount prescribed in vhis
act; but any payment made, or to be made
or obligation given, or to be given, or liabili
ty incurred, or to be incurred, in pursuance
of such offi-r of agreement, is he reby ratified
and declared t he lawful and valid : A d
provided further. That in cae the cmntnis
sioners of ny county, or the commissioner
and coiiiroiles 11 any county in this common
wealth, shall neglect, or refuse, to take the
necessary step to taise, or complete the rats
nig of bouuties in towuidiips, wards and bor
•ug .s, uot having raised, or commenced to
raise, bounties at the time of the passage of
this act, then, and in that ca-e, said town
ship, ward, or borough, by their authorities
atoresaid, shall have power to proceed and
bounties as fully and as effectually as if done
by the county authorities.
SECTION 7. That the said county commta
•doner*, oi school d.rectors, road commission
ers, or supervisors, or any township, or or
poratw authorities of any city, ward, or bor
ough, are hereby authorized, (for the pur
pose of carry mg out the provisions of this
act,) to borrow money, and issue bonds, or
certificates of indebtedness, no b-md, or cer
tificaie, to be less man the sum of twenty
five dollars, except when the bounty is less
toan twenty five dollars, in the name of such
county, township, city, ward, or borough,
with, or without, i merest coupons attached,
pi; able at uch times, and in such manner,
as may be agreed upon ; and to levy, and
assess, on a'l propeity, professions, trades
and occupations, subject to taxation, for state
and county purposes, and collect such taxes
as may be necessary to meet the princ pal,
and interest, of said bonds and certificates,
as they shall become due, and payable ;
which taxes shall be collected as county, j
city, ward, and b -rough, taxes are now lev
id, including a per capita tax, of not more
than one dollar, on all taxable male inhabit
ants : Provided , Tr at only one per capita
tax shall be It vied in any one year : 7 rovid
ed, That in al! cases wheie any person, or
persons, liable to draft, have, for the purpose
of raising the sum requisite to pay a bounty
to the volunteers requited to fill the au"ta of
any county, citv, ward, bor ugh. or township,
stipulated, in writing, to pav a sum preaier
than the am- unt of tax which would be due
upon the assessed valuation of their real, or
personal, property, it shall and may be law
ful for tbp cor >rae authorities of such coun
ty, city, ward, borough, and township, to
collect the amount so subscribed : Provided,
That no bonds, or certificates, issued under
any of the provisions ofahis act, shall be for
a longer period than ten years: Provided
further , That in all cas's where a borough
and township have separate boards of school
directors, and are embraced in one district,
Ifor'h? i t:-pores' of the
directors of said districts arc hereby author
ized to act jointly in carrying into effect the
provisions of this act.
SUCTION 8. That in all cases where the
county commissioners of any county, the
school directors, road commissioners, or su
pervisors, of any township, or the corporate
authorities of any city, ward, or borough,
have ;levied a per capita tax upon persons
snbject to draft, or military duty, the action
of said corporate authorities be and the same
is hereby legalized and made valid.
SECTION 9. That in any case where a part
of the bounty, authorized by this act, has
been paid by any ward, township, city, or
borough, and said ward, township, ciiy, or
borough authorities as aforesaid, shall neg
lect, or refuse, to pay such part as remains
unpaid by the terms of their agreement to
pay bounties to volunteers, then the differ
ence between the sum so paid and the full
amouut of the bounty promised.(not exceed
ing, in the whole, the sum of three hundred
dollars to each volunteer.)hall be paid said
volunteers by the county authuiuies, in
which said ward, townships, cities or bor
oughs, are located ; and the county c iinuiiss
ioners, in which said ward, townships, cities,
or boroughs, are located, shall assess, levy
and collect a tax on such defaulting ward—
townships, cities, or boroughs, as other ward,
township, city, or borough, taxes are levied
and collected, in such amounts as may be re
quired to pay the balance due the volunteers,
as aforesaid, frotn such defaulting township,
city, or borough.
SECTION 10. That the money so borrowed
by the county commissioners, shall be paid
over to the treasurer of the proper county
who shall pay to each non commissioned
officer, or private soldier, who volunteered
from, and has been credited to the quota of
such county, and has been mustered into the
service of the United States, or has been
honorably discharged tlierefrom, the sum of
money to which such person shall bo enti
tled, under the provisions of tola act, on the
warrant or order of the commissioners—
drawn on him for that purpose j and said
treasurer shall not receive more than one
half of one per centum on any money so
paid over to him.
•SECTION 11. That the money so borrowed
by the school directors, or road joiuraission
ers, or supervisors of, any township, or the
corporate authorities of any city, ward, or
borough, shall be paid over to the treasurer
of said city, ward, borough, or township, or
when such officer does not t us., to a person
duly appointed by said authorities of said
township, city, ward, or borough, who, upon
giving sufficient bond, for the faithful per
formance of his duties, shall proceed to pay
to such persona, iu the manner directed by
the tenth section of this act, and shall be al
lowed the same per centage as is allowed to
the county treasurer, by the tenth section of
this act : Provided , That the compensation
allowed to any collectors of taxes, under
this act, shall not exceed two per centum.
SECTION 12- That in case any veteian
soldiers, who hare reenlisted, and have noi
been credited to any special locality, shall
hereaf er be credited, on the present draft,
to the locality from which t..ey originally
volunteered, anch veterans shall be paid by
the local authorities, whose duty it is to
pay bounties, such bounty as, under the
provisions of this act, shall be paid tu volun
teers from said locality.
SECTION 13. That if any soldier, or non
coininissi ncd ' fficer, or private, who would
have heen entitled to receive tlie said bounty,
shall have iied bofore receiving the money,
the proper authorities shall pay the same to
sr.ch person, or persons, as by the laws of the
United States would be entitled to receive
the bounty of deceased 9oldiers.
SECTION 14. That all accounts of the re
ceipts and expenditures of the bounty fund,
arising from any taxes thai have been aset>s
ed, or that may be assessed for the purpose
as aforesaid, shall be audited in like manner
as other county, township city, borough, or
school district, accounts are audited.
SECTION 15. All bonds, warrants, certifi
cates of iu -ebiedness, or loans issued, or to
be issued, under the provisions of this act,
or of any special act heretofore pas-ed, or
hereafter to be passed, author-ting part cti.
lar cities, counties, wards, boroughs, or
township 4, to borrow moneys and pay boun
ties to volunteers, shall be exempt from all
Speaker ef the House of Repreientativet.
Speaker of the Senate.
APPROVED —The twenty fifth day of Match
Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred
aud sixty four.
Confi rence at Altona had before it the case
of Rev. Mr. Kepler, one of its ministers—
charged with a breach of the church discip
line, in preaching the divinity of slavery, and
a strong effort was made to expel him- Be
fore the matter reached a vote it wa settled
by Mr. K. agreeing to withdraw from the
conference without making any attempt per
sonally or through hi* friends, ai ucience
Had the reverend gentleman pleached Abo
litionisin and advocated the divinity of "mis
cegenation" he would have established his
orthodoxy and loyalty beyoud all ques
Tbe Providence Post, in repelling the
stale calumny that Democrats are in favor of
slavery, says : ''The plain truth on this sub
ject is, that the Democrats of the country
liave been educated to believe, and do most
religiously bel-eve t in the Constitution of the
coi.n'ry. It is this, and not slavery, nor
anti slavery, which they support. It is this
which they stand by in the quarrel which is
now going n. They may be wrong, bat f
so, why is not this shown ? Why are they
misrepresented I"
The Senate of Penpsyjvama has passed a
bill making the ter-n of Constables five years
ins'ttd of heretofore.
Feb, 29th, 1804.
Ouce more I address a
few line® to rou. There are plenty of item*
to be collected here that would be interest
ing to friends at home, but I sin not well
enough acquainted with the country and peo
ple as yet, to take up>n myself the responsi
bility of collecting them f-r you now.
The all absorbing subject at present is, the
"Northern in.ties." Yesterday (Sunday)
morning, about fifteen hundred persons took
steamer passage for Oregon, en route for the
Boyce River mines in Idaho Territory. The
gold and silver leads or ledges are said to be
very rich and numerous. It is yet thought
tube pretty early to start out, as the coun
try is not at ail sealed, provision very scarce
and Indians troublesome. But I supp' se
they think of the old saving, "first come, first
served." Taking everything into considers
ti>n, it is perhaps policy to wait s month or
two. At R. e-e (N T ) there are numb, rless
villages growing upas by migic. Austin, 10
the Amador district, is now the head qoar
ters. Tha silver ledges there are turning
out immensely rich. The " Amador" in
which my cousin A. W. B owns some two
hundred feet is now worth Severn! hundred
dollars a foot. There are a number of Quarts
Mills in course of erection there now, and it
will undoub'edly, in time be the Mint of th
Pacific States. Owens' River in the lower
part of this State is not ret fully tes'ed.—
Prospectors and speculators are now in >ving
that way, searching for the '* filthy lucre."
At Owyhee in Oregon they are also making
as'onishing discoveries. At the famous Wa
shoe Muting District, they are still doing
" big things " A cla in there, the Mexican,
wa lately sold for {51,600,000 The Q ,uld
and Curry is selling at ar 1,750, per share,
or foot. The goid and silver is brought to
the mint hereby the cart load, wltere it is
soon convened into bright silver hall dollars,
and shming gold twenties. The old fifty
dollar slugs are not coined any uiore. I vis
ited the mint Saturday, and was shown
through the building by the conductor, whose
business it is to show visitors through the
establishment. They were then running the
{>lsoo, gold bai s through the machine and
bringing out the twenties a' the rate of
{$l2UO, a minute. They keep a man to shov
el it out of the way the same as an Irishman
would shovel potatoes.
Last Friday in.>ri:ing about 6 o'clock, the
citizens of this city were considerably shaken
by an earthquake. We experienced several
distinct shocks, which continued about thir
ty seconds. The people that were rot al
ready up were aroused by a severe shaking,
by which they were nearly thrown from
their beds. With the rat ling of windows,
ringing of door bells and barking of dogs, all
was confusion fur a long time. The shock
was felt in Oakland acmes the S. F. Bay,
(nine miles) about the same as in this city,
also all along down the coast to L >s Angelos.
Fur a wonder, there was not a building de
stroyed or a person injured, as far as heard
The 22nd of February was celebrated here 1
very much as the 4th of July is in the east.
Flag* were s numer >us overhead all through
th" City that the heavens were scarcely visi
ble. With the gay decoration* and emtio
ued strains of sweetest music on that beauti
ful wartn sunny day one w >u d almost iniag
ine himself in fairy land. On that day this
State for the first time, had a regular eastern
Militia urnsier. There were six Regiments
in the field. The ground selected for the pa
rade was a sort of valley five miles from here
on the San Jose Rail Road. On the sur
rounding hills, were congregated thousands
of spectators. Governor Lane, escorted by
a body of cavalry reviewed the tro >ps. Ma
jor General Allen and Staff and Brigadier
General Ellis and Staff were on thy ground,
also a number of Legislative meinb rs, both
branches having adjourned for four days for
the pnrbose of celebrating the anniversary of
the birth oi Washington.
I see by the eastern news the people are
having fine times sleighriding, skating Ac.
I would love to have a good sleigh ride my
self, but think I a leetle prefer 'he ver> beau
tiful watrn weather we are having here, to
the cold fre- zing weather of old Peunsylv>i -
la. I saw an account a tew days ago, of a
Lake in the eastern part of Penna. freezing
up so 6o suddenly that the fi>h did not have
tune to dive, consequently were frozen in the
ice. I have no reason to doubt the truth of
the story, but, if it is true, whv 1 hope
you will enjoy it, I shall not envy you IU the
It is pr- phepied by the old fetlers here
that we will Bee hard times in California an
other year, in consequence of not having any
rain. The farmer* in the interior are suffer
lti(£ preat toss from the drought. It will be
impossible to raise half a crop this year.—
The tiuth of the drying up and disappear
ance of the grass, is made but to evident to
them in the losa bv starvation of ibou-ands
of heads of horses and cattle.
The despatches tell us that there is a con
siderable Heel, frotu the Confederate Stales,
without doubt bound for the Pacific coast.—
It causes a good deal of uneasiness here.—
We get the war news daily, as so m if not be
(ore you are ab'e to get it in Tuukbannock.
Politically, I have nothing to say at pres
ent have made up my mind it is best to
keep mum. They allow a person to think a'l
they please here, but they don,t believe in
the motto of the i . B. Democrat , so we
have to console ourselves with the thoughts
that we can think
The Tunttet B ys are all well and getting
along finely. They seem to be delighted
with this country.
I presume by the time this letter reaches
you, that I will be on my way, or at Ruce or
Boyce River, as I intend to set my barque
afloat and see what the fates have in store lor
me, and if it does not float tor. far from the
laud of the living, I may perhaps write you
from i hat land of silver, where, they Ml me,
fortune awaits alt who will c< urt "the fickle
Goddess,for courare and perseverance is
sure to win a smile. But fur the present let
this suffice.
Ouce more I will say adieu
u Respectfully'Jre. G. K.
Agent for the Democrat—Ainu. GAT,
has consented to act as our Agent in receiving **4
reoeipting subscriptions for the North Broach Dem
ocrat. All monies paid hitn either on subscription
•r for advertising will b duly accounted for u
credited the same as if paid to us.
Wanted, o:i subscription, at this office,
W heat, Cora, Rye, O.itv, Buckwheat and grain of
kinds. Alee, corn n the ear, buy, straw, good winter
apples, potatoes, butter, Urd, cheese and produce ef
most all kinds. Money never refused.
PeW Letting.—' The slips in the Presbytariaa
Church will bo sold for the ensuing year, Monday
April 11th, at ? o'clockP. M.
Daring Burglary.— The house of Capt. Amos
B. Mo t. ta this IJorou -h, we learn, was broken opsn
a nigs: or two since, and a Urge aotoaat of reliable
linen, beds and bedding taken therefrom. The thief
entered by breaking open a window ; and in doing
so, seems to bars cut his hand, as the bedsteads aat
other articles touched by him w*s smeared with
blood. The house was unoccupied, Mrs. Mott, being
for the present with her husband, who is stationed
at Alexandria.
Codcy's I.a dye's Book for April, is emphati
cally a Spring number, abounding ia the beautiful
and excellent. No Magazine in the count, y has
ever gone on increasing in public favor equal to
Godcy. The reason is obvious : It ia the be t
"Lady's Book" ever published. It embraces fash on
plates, highly ornamented engravings en various
subject?, and the choicest literature from the best
talent in the country Besides, it has a head. -
Godey has applird himself assidiously to its publica
tion for the third ef a oentcry ; and with such vast
experience, a nice discrimination in everything per
taining to the interests of the fairer portion of crea
tion, and an industry withal unlimited, he is per
haps the only' man in the country jest fitted for the
Badly Burned.—Jerome F Biers, of Msfcocp
any in this county, was so badly bnrned a few days
since, thut be is uow in a very critical condition.—
The circumstances as we hare heard them, are as
follows. Mr 8., who is an experienced pilot, with a
crew ut hands, was running souae rafts oaths Weat
Branca River While asleep in the cabin on a
raft, the stnw upon which they were lying acciden
tally took fire, ami before they could get out one of
the number w.is burned to death. Mr. Biers ari
another escaped the same fate by almost superhu
man exertion. Scorched, stifled and bewildered by
tho flames aroumi him. the door of the cabin eouid
not be f>iund; with rare ptescm-e of mind, though at
the risk of knocking out his own brains, he butted
off the roof ot tho cabin and escaped. The injuries
received in doing so, are said to be quite as danger
ous at the burns received
HIKE —la Letuon, Mtrob 21st, Harris Lccretia,
aged 4 yearsani nine months.
Also, March 27th, Sasuel llehmow, agel 6 years
8 months and 27 days
Also, March 30, Lizztt Gkbtri Dr., agod I year and
7 months, al! the children of Edward N. Hina
In Tunkhannock, April 2n-l Mary E , daughter of
Abraham Haas, tgod 4 years, 10 month* and 25
In Tunkhannock April 3d, Francis E., dnughtnr of
Win. Flitkner. rged 3 yo&rs, 7 months and 27
My OD, despise not thou the chastening of tLs
Lord, nor faint t.hcn thou art rebuked by htm.—
For whom the Lord loveth he ckasteneth, and seenr
geth every son whom he receivetb. If ye cndurs
chastening, Goa d, a cth with you a* with sons; for
what sort is he whom the father chasteneth not !
Special Notices.
SWALLOW two or three hogsheads of"Baeuh''
"T iitie Litters,"'' "SarsapariHa."' "Nervous
RBtidotes," Ac., Ac.. Ac., and after you are satisfied
with the result, then trv one l>t* of OLD liGCTuLJ
restored to health nc 1 rigor iu lea* than thirty *-
They Kre purely vegetable, pleaaiot to tike. prompt
and salutary in thoir en". ot on the broken-down an 1
shattered constitution. Old and yoou : ran ti-a
them wtih advantage. Imported and sold in the
I'ni.od States only br
Station it. Bible House,
Now 1 ork.
General Agent.
P S.— A box sert to any address on receipt of
price—which i: One Dolldi —posf/rns;
c3-a3l-3tn. M.ACo., .
J I'ILLS ure tne oulr Reliable Remedy far all
I>i9earee <-f the Seminal, Urinary aud Nervous Syr
j teir.s. Try one box, and be <-ur;J. ONE DOLLA-.
A BOX One box will perfect a cure, or money re
funded. Sent by mail on receipt of price.
Station 1). Bible I'ouso
New York,
General Ago at
v3-i3l-3is M. A Co.
BI'CHAX's F.SULISH SPECIFIC fills cure, in
locs thsn 30 days, the worst casus of tiEßVorsMttas —
Impotency, Premature Decay, Seminal Woaknesr,
Insanity, and all Urinary, Sexual, and Nervous
Atfocti rus, no matter from what cause pw-dueed -
, Price, One Dollar per box. Sent, postpaid, by mail
; on receipt c.t an order. Address,
Station D, Bible House
New York
i v3-n3!-3m. M. A Co,.
Don't fail to read tho advertisement in this paper, 1
I Dlt. CHE-CSEMAN. of N>w York, has devoted
1 the last thirty vettrs of practice to L-siaale com
-1 plaints. His Pills act Bke a charm. They arc
\reliabU and a/e.
Whereas Letters of Administration to the Estate
of V> in, Durlnnd, late of Falls Township, deceased •
bare been granted to the subscribe!. All persons
indebted to the said dState nro requested to mske
immediate payment, and those having claims against
the estate of said deceudent will make known the
same without delay, to
D. D Deitt Administrate r
Whereas letters test.nnontury 'to the estate of
Judson Auinick, late of Eaten Township, Wyoming
County, deseased, have been granted to the sub
scriber, all persons indebted to the satd Estate ar*
requested to make immediate payments, and those
having demand* ur claims against the estate of tb*
sni I dec-dent will roak'e known tho same, doly
authenticate without delay to
PitTEn AfMuea
Mehoopany March sth, 1564. Executor-
Whereas Lettsrs of Administration to the Est >ta
of Kzekial Mowrey Jr. late of Mcshoppen Township
deceased, have been granted to the subscribers A'
person* indebted to the said estate are-nquested 0
make immediate paymeut, and those having
against the estate ef said decendentwill make *co
IfcELTft"? **' " k. J. Mowßtr it.;

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