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Somerset herald. (Somerset, Pa.) 18??-????, June 09, 1889, Image 3

Image and text provided by Penn State University Libraries; University Park, PA

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:i t cj,;.
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. . ; t
w i.i
w r. e
l ... . ,
. r 1::
e i ar
s Hi
v " .:: . :v.
1. -'. .i
: . :e n-i.i:.
the ii .j-
co..;:.- a- f;-..;. Mr'v
h-g. ;,..- ,: ..-.
'-t' : .- t- ; i-,.. .!. ... :, l ,
: y a .. . ; , :,
'-.: t i- : ,.i 11 -r. w '.. -;
r ,. ,,, ,,v j , .,.
l.i v- . me !.. ia.iu saV-fa: i
' . .- Mr
! i;.v;-ai;.;. i... (il .
vr ' ' "liing l .: ' . I. :,
!! j.. .l.ur of li.i i i -1 .
'ai'i- d le. i a: Tl'e: s w : ii .
if I .. g. -'.U'-si:.:.',
. - : t- r I. . -..i-.i:m
u r r:...;;
I.r Was
i -l, ling
.t' U.y.'.i j
:.! I.u-t
i ll
; -i . ' t'.c I '..:
in.: ".! the
1 I'-
1 1 ;
.1 l
. (.'. : i
a. t "
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in I'..k-.t .'
d. 1 t..j i..
h.-n in V,
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:u::i l.-.'i i d
1 wa
t. l.e!
I kiln ,
le." !
.a ow ii i.i WL- oo- .
'How i. .ii.
IT V 111
..t .11 i
e.j r:-.:-? !a.-t
W n.tli.-.l W :
it I'd .
e to if y.ij :: t
r--t I !..w' i a crap c!
.. '.. .( il you w .1
;r y.. i i.iii :u I
I .-.I my pi
r fiir-n f ri"'
1 my t-:.::
a i.a . w (
' 1 low :.:! !,
. 1 lain I. ere.'
"I i.'sl my 1'
' . .::i .-.:: I s-'
, ! icilii'ti
..ui."." c'or.
1: lo se ".
1 , r: !..
1. n.v I ;
.1 1 c. r-
ur1. in'
J..I..1 li-
1 I .
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s--. re 1 ti .ii
v. 1 i. i 1 i : J
r 1 -r je is
:i 1,111 il
. i-.-.
. ,;', ie
. s a '-
; i.-- 1:
V '.! I
e in 1.
. , . '-". . I :.' 1 i
. w l.:t . la':." t w ..- i .
-.- :.r.- -;r.:'ig r l .i i. s
1 . 1 ii-in v . .11 or I w i.. c
Lcais t;iohe-!Jeiiic-:ai,
liii. !i Ar.
' ' "' f y A ; r. s fr m
i ii. i. r. ay.v ii. .t it is t
i.: '.'H Arr,;:.-., -n.j one ..f
: !. : u.-z :.. i:s t!i. w.rl !.
;.r- !.-.: . i 1!;- )rtv.-i,
' 1 ' " J T. u " p : sing :s uncom
! ' . arc mostly i.:,:y
- ' . - k..ve 1 ;u- ir p, r -v-ry,
: f - tv. ,. !i..-.v.-vi-r. it
. : i ..r.-r n-: :uii tai.ee. T!
' i-'' !. I v..j.-. ;:r ,.:r:ii;:.l
nil. ! .r Ijttvr x'tun -Jn
c'v. jt ir.'l a fc.Ti-.it y -:hi r
it L.:: rir. c.:u. r::i.i l,ix-a
- v; I.. ;. -xi-t in iut:iT i f
..r - :. mi1 i;!a ;.i;:h
r t !. b.-: ;i.r!! f Ur-
!,r. ., I:. v-itr--i v.ti. r::. i:
t;U I":v:.i.-h firm iuive branch :
.u-ni l.i-r? cuite isiusl la :r.e ;
Hi::-:.- A
. .-t i i i..r tn-ui U-i'iij Lr.u-
;.;t t - p.iy u ;.; r it i ui-.-rr ;
i Y- t in ir Iv:i.;iii.
r . .
1 . i V
...I 1
t;ri' r.:v t t t!ie t,)riiinp i
i li--. ari.i tit-msiT:tj.ni
mi. ! i.iTii tii-.' M-i-r urn in : m
t u..
.'z --. I'.ul i.ii ad:.niiii ii'."
?. V..r i::nU' .is mi! ii r.n- i
: l ti-ii. i' sr--k.-ii a Sj .iii
.ni Ilni.:.!. ix.'u-li'rs.
'ail. n h;i.I i n n. !; hot. '.- '
p.'-.iMii ;:n- !!! : '
,.) iihn:.-.tse.;ll-..l toll
I'M., U;l.-:,r.- down To at
v. , f d, l;. a 1- s
:;i:l si .ii . r.v. rv : :.!i''Ti's i
i. yi:- Tliirs. .lii. : and giiiyUli i-liow comi-iciion. His
--.ti.-- N' -i i s t ii :n in- , sl-cp i, irouiii witli anx.om dn-anis
. i:t. :-.. i.r.d c-s-k-si Mils pule is weak. fr'-;;j. nt i.iid com-
. :t. r c: ,i
. n In- v
..f ..1. i
i-'i. ili.it ti." wot'iJ ;
.. it- i.cjH ril-i.t n n ;
l:i r-
. . , i.
: i '.
: i H..
f i. ;.. :i fort-iirn
. r. :is n!:.';r:.!i.s!
i. ri ir. ;! .:. r- :
;. ii'.aiiv, !"
sovcr. w';:icii are
:- 1.1
! . t :
i s-jiinrc !:.i: iin.:
' s .ii..re lini.'s. Tise
.. 'iiow Jo.!-1' ' s.j'l.:re .
- .-oiil . .i f iii:.- ;. --s
me to :v J..:i 1.
;;v i.i-j io ii. d Hi A'ls- .
w.. 1. I::.!v. i.: -.s ,.. :
ll..'s ' t lull i.
i .!!..lv 1 :il.-. Sire s'.'il
ii an i .irr.i-h '."' i
1 I.."
r ii
t .e
.1 1 . I'll.
I 1
lit.s-n !o lw
:: t ..- l"i -i: d
b f-vt
I f
.1-11 1-
-.i -'. . a'i'siir.t r s i-i-i:-.;i
V:..-s i.,l i.;.-.e c- .i:
In' li.is ".'o s-jiiiirt
r.;.-. V:" ' !isl..!il.
-1 A . -i r..ii . :i'l.: r;M .r.t
.- m i . of c i.i. N'-w
:.--'. L-Nj-i.- t...
.; 'onia. Nr.lal. Alaska
.1:" .'ov 1. J- .j-d jf,.r".lIis
,. Ii -i.-oi.l.i r T. i.t :.t
:.r i-o.i-s. j-: ad hi ion to
T: '.' coal I- 1 :- :
n 1 a
:; ;
i ;
.. - A i
cot -:..i r
el t r-
r. a.
v H
V. 1.1 1.
Hcr.'.n I "if.
k." 1
. v i - ;
J.., k',
v i- !i .
...ik. 1
:i i- a I
I hi h . :..:
i :: "tit the ti
! )" I'"-:-- j
"s l.i.-.l to con. pic'., j
.... I'..! itf Lis In
..... . j". j.
:!.t :.:..i. r :i
t i t-v ei:-..i a:
eii on
i .. :. . , 1
d ire-: i
'.lie t
i i-it" toe bn. k ..: ii a:. .
of the ladd. r fa-t to t..i- !
t n I - t- : ni:n 1 i
1 n, i.:,- f..-ttoaroi:;.din a
r r . c , ; i
r.-o !, tfr -m I
; .". i:l 11
i t . i.i. : . : i' i- in'..:' 'I - - i 1
. 1
:s he too.
:': : 1 !-.' f t t
. . i
' ' 1
.1 a k" 1
1 i:; ani
i .....i 11.' :
( fore i
: s. : s ."..ir
f th' ;n 1
It 1- .-Mi...:. 1 ih..t 1 .
lit l:.t n tl.lle: upl: o
. ri:il:l.i I' idl i! iili
-r nf "'i-ai-Te.
i:-:.;d Li-v--
:- ...!- iAv.'i!;. an., as e. e
: i.i t'.e Ui'il .'(..if nain ;
:';. A- ct iii.'t w:i:;. d 1
r- '- es i. i i' l on 'ur h:ti- '
' I !!-:. T t i. .' -.'.I'liMII: V. i. .1
V.' th. 1 l a -1 on ihr.,jji
.; -: : - w : .. 1 I -ads to tie ; i::-
- ' 1 - V. ee- Confront, si 1;
.1 -i. :i . f ti.e 1.1a.
.:'.'.. .' ' "If you.-, r.-
t 1 l " ti.e t p J : Uiltst
-i'.-.e c.-rit-." .lii.s w:is loa
.i.....t : f.-vlitijs 1 iny evi.r-
: .-!
l.t l:
, r 1
1 ..n
1,-1 v. 1.0. II.. ... .01.. ..a....
... 'Tu . 't I
f '.'1. SiHIlit.-VA. t We:i. I j
r. i':.:v-;.i..' ;. ei.i - :
a -w or .1 in my !,.
, I came I'p
1." Il-it tile' :
r.i Is.-.t las. ia. Ti-.g rii't i t.crw 1-
! . ... ; ; .1 . i.iity ei,,.riC 5 ia,';. !
t'v r. murke i: " Will. soil. j:i rn'i l
i-ji witii a q :-.:t. r t.nta "." Ti.e '
. y v v- p .il O. C.T-dein Ilancr
ii.:-in;T)t( t of Cifft rtiij T.
It . .-.i mi .n our i ri-iic f-oui u:i::kir.;
I'l'.ln r t-a or corT- Tistre Lis
f t vf i-! iKira in Ijni'o a club cf
r-.i -. ; r roKittcrs. v. Iiicli n errry
S.ituri.iv n.'tt f'.-r tho j .;r of in
z ri ua dr:i:ii.z. i: eiTii!.-rsTit
l! .-i"r ; u-nt i r U-t'dint il.To i-.-.lt.-.. C'lvs
i-f i1, -linuni irn.c.'s fniui the u- i ta
i.iivi' lutrj rii-irt:1-! T!-e jvavirir
(f-.i.-iiti.- cf t.-.i ;rf n.isl ;;.;i-.rv:;t r i.cri
it lif'n fii-t ir.tr-chii l into
MiiLi.i'jti u k - i. t t:ie v-'.ir lCi. it u :vS
ri in n !! i:kp spinarii. us aii arti
ciitjf f:Kj, r.n 1 t!ie t-:T.ict' f tatir. it
-re sjc). I cr a l.-.r.g tiaitf aft- r
:.r. i: iv,-; corsiJ -n-J f U? a dca.'.lT
tiiiw who cr drv tea iparM extract
am !!.n !!, siiiil tr!.!..', U -..r '
ftft-ci iirt It-r:.!, tl-tiriant, an un
natural of iiunj anj tiLnoriiial uo
s;rti. Tutr hi. jit fcoc::; to its most in-
duliil in by crvan'.!,. iio, !ia in; the
ta cad.iy ht their ;iisjjal, iiuetinuK
help ii:t-ni--lv.'s frm it. a ijinch at
tune. TLi wij.I! alt !c of caitT.-, u in-n it
swrw in i;rvat i.u; a in li.e liou el
hhi; (ro:u-i
lea.lty n.iu-i dixzme-4
aiiJ l.nr.ttu-
When car jos of coffi
o.,'i.,ni l.o.n.f.jrt-,1 in a ston.i, :
one of tliellK-l 'In-o-H-J Uuti of t!e i
i;lor u, I; K j down int.. the hold and re-
store them to Iheir place,, the boys and i
.itk t iTiiiich;. !ind it iriii.si;ie to keep
work ahco hair mi hour.
The hai.it iliI coffee- .i.-unkard has thia '
featun - i. a drawn and v.iinkied face.
ai: 1 a:i Fn-Us!i- jreii.ie. It U a.sserted ti at collee more
f a -o"d i nt "f ; frfjwtitly injur. -s iea tin and ears
.! hn-. iii lur.y , ti an d.n- (i;i-r to: a-.-co or alc. i.ol. It
or. ;!...... i'lrtint proi.i.-e al-wliitj h.iii...': -ss or
ih-afivss. hut very ar.:i,oi! disturb
anci - s. TI. .1 coiT'..-..' is thecal. is. w .'ii
from the fact that v. hen it U left o:T toe
lro il..l'-ceajM-s The ;. n ptonis of cliP'i.ic
c.J.cim. or o.iTi oi aiiw. r;:u-ss. are k-s
of aojs-titc. in-'inn. i. troiLii. hn of li;e
lij's an i t. U'-. dy js-:,a. rc-Liralia
.ain in t!ie slomacii. j;! Sdines.s. coijvu!-
si-..ns and olistiiiatecoiistijjalion. i..-l(..D
V. Ii. It Yt n Ntt 1 lirri".
.S!..-i i.iiin Kr.o A h-s h:c! nt..:.y i.c.junint
ii:. i s. i.n-l his i. M-nii. ry Old not ias
s. rie I nn i.i ris-ali;:: tt.vsr iratacs. but.
Ls the (oii'jv. n: i;ici J. i;t sho.i s. he v. . is
nver ;.! a lo-" i ; si.c:i circti:.-ta!Kc?"
ll :s Mil 1 that lil.uw.ts w a.s iaitol-'i to
a ir: -nd in the str.-c-L. w iteii a jjentitLnnn
i ..:ue u; to ht u and ex.:l.iiu..-i. in nitiitr
:.u a! raj... and -eii i.njry manner:
".VhytiiJ yon not !.- ; your promise
dole wii'i lis t:-t Tliuriay . Mr.
i:ioa j.-.-v !l wu. a '-1.-.1 i::c t . ii.'a.vnjeiit
i.i.'i.ie l.-nvi , :i u., i me. Yoa k.-j't
t.ierest of li.o co::iI:itiy waiting for iiear
Iv an hour. It is ixv.iiv in."
"Me I..V." si.; . Knouie,. "ve don't
1 Lnow Ii-..- 1 ..j,.sl 1 am. No. I did not
foi""et j e. A.-s Mrs. Know ), , if ye don't ,
!'i..'e inu. I wjs i"l. inet-'v: but it's !
!:!:..;. k: ui 1 am to m- 1 .mi U Iter now. ,
'live me uiK'.her c::.i:i--e. Name your
i o'.'. n time. Any day next wix-k."
i " You reallr w it. Weil, sav Ti.ur lav
r.sai:i. r.ml yea wi!l not f. .11 u si' Same j
no'ir 0 V.'i.l that S'lit you.-" j
"Perf.-t t'y . Oh. you niav de(x nd upon r
tr.i . never i. -r! 1 ii Uj t liie fore lh.it
- ' -
With a 1
.v t . 1 1
rei i.lntke to Know le-s ii.:id a
iri'ii.l. tie would le host
e.' ;.'!:"d j.w.iy. Kiioivies t.K.Aed a't. r
:.:.".!. I i-.t i t X'.!' '.1:1 l. l.ii 1 ecl.s; j-'.-i.-L
"Th.t lila.'i"-, f : e is iai.'i.ilt lol::v.' I H
o'l Ln - v v..o Ii i isr" aaiJ tlu auth-.T to
-No. I ii .:,'t."..i 1 t!:s frier..!.
"K'i.1 tnk- iu if 1 !o, either," fcai 1
rvnov. ii. s. r r;l;i a la--r:iiiiiA"e:ic--.
Ti-a.lins 1.1-selfM: lalit.
A trav. imir eiis-tric h'.'ht has N.s-n Usid
in Germany Willi muiii succe-A Th.e
arrai-. jenieni ii a very simple one. A
! j. :.:iio. wiln an engine to orive it. is
I niour.te 1 on a v.-j-jm. some iike
that of a si. '.in) lire engine, contaiidn
r, lael i'X an-a waicr tan-., e-o:n-
pi etc for a night's n-mce. A supply of
ne and a num!-er ct .';e curres';-"iia-inv;
to llie unmix r e.f arc lih:s reeiuired.
I are added to tlie e"iu pment. which U
" - 1 - -
amrl"? U?n-
i - ----- v -
1 ;s i."i"lt4 l',e J-TOiiti; li I-unij are ti.-en
" , """"-"- """
;i - ,u imuie liaieiv tinuie. anu irom one
- .1 1 '
to tiltv laniris can r o:'raiei. accoru-
1 - - -1
ie - . t.s ll.f iw-iee-er of tlie l!i:n lime. AS '
,''. 1 . . . .
tne l.iini'S can be stir ponded any w '.ir re-,
and ere t:ot a.Ti-cled by wind cr r.in. the
antaa-e of t.'.e ap;'aratus to e-o:::rac-
e 'is aiii
r who base t caiTv on
:.:g!.t work is apK.rent. New Y.r
l - cviinierciai -10 .er.i.-er.
:iel showers ael .riMw
Xrv. I tse sr.nd, ev iieri. vcr it incurs, is
cori.-e'r.'.lv i 11.. sliiflrsl Ly llie v. ind.ar I
often bun.-s cal'iva!!-.! I.in.l.s. l.aii !::i-.-s
alii foresls ln li e sii .r s t-f Iike
Micld i'i are drift 1'" f.s t d-c-p. ar. 1
tho-s-cf L"on.e;.li reach L'.'J f.-et in il- pt:.,
wiiiiethe drhtsof t ie li-.ti d-.st'it me
ii Hides lot:g an j VmI S'.vt liuii in plaees.
On the siior. s of the llay . f I'.iseay tiie
driving sand travels inland bi Ks.'t a
rear. 1:1 jciits cf lvr.iiiark " leet. and
in southern India IT yards. I i bime
plaO s wails an 1 harriers of v.-g --tat ion
have Uvtl creat.-l to stop the tic-troy i::g
drift- Fine s-m 1 is taken tip to a great
begot in llie air, an-1 dep.-ai-d many
Dite-s away In In:-' In-bn.d was visited
bv a reiuat k:i! le sand storm. Listing two
weeks, which hid ti:" sail and .-ejects a
,'ew- var-Is oil like a .i.-nsi fog. and eausesj
the Heath of i'.KKisan-.:s i -ijeep au-j
Ue-rSS'S. .see i .cieLiM
TIm. Nation. Great Men.
"ra, where was Capt. Aroon bor
"I don't Lnow. I m sure.
"Where was John I. Sullivan
"1 don't know tLat eiliier."
-pi. I w iili v.xi would buy m
tory cf tlie United States." (
TTi Ti.m'-rl.Ntt It lnily Iut ThrotiU m
.-";:;. Lin cf country town rf-irraf.h-vzi,
j.u n vtt..raii ciei-a!'"Tt "reminds
i:ie 'f a rt rv on oiy'lf. 1 wu the
-L.:' Vz.l'c-f trie i ..i;y Mi.ti :i in a 6rjuU
N.-M' J r; y k:wn utiea cU titiU-r
cum- ii.'n tin-re to n-ork a wire in the
.::. ;--. n suju-riiitvn.icnt's tjtiiL'P, whih
j'j-t a.Ttc'4 t!ie track in another buiiJ-
"Ons lar I cn?werc J a ca'l on my la
trur..' .:.t lir.d p-jt a iat-ssiij? 'rora
trr Sle-ijicic McMiTtin, wiio lived down
t;:e tra."k -ixty r.iiii. ft-ii-g rr.e r.s a rr
or.sJ factr to Uike tl;e inuicicur and go
uown ;::e rt -l auu: three m-i.f to tr.e
r-irrj of J- Blri w'er 1 "o'J Ct 500
straw Urry plar.U. l: waAtfi U3 to
bi'tii thetn to tm autioo atJ wr.il ihfeca
djwn by the evfcnir. cxf;n Now iio
Mortia w as in esixial favcr with me. I
t.a I ttt'O brtiiera u-urkiii;; under liirn.
and 1 naturaiiy thought lie m a great
uiarc S) 1 iiid I would do it.
"I wentlioiiu. pot a big cl.Kbe ba-skct,
roiitnl out the fiandcaj and witii one of
the t"ys tliat always hang arouid a
ciintry doft started out u itru the farm
;M iird. 1 liau never i.taru or any
e'Jt u l-rn. out u:.jii-m i mi--ii nave
over!""ke' fu.-i"! way up
a 1"n" ZrMW "m" ' l'al -one
al "" u,,K,t i iwu t i...n a man
" 14 a"J t-"' '" v. hers J. Bird
lived. He said there wasn't anv such
v!:; 140 1 ,lt " 3 """P1 of ,m!''
until I found another inari. and he wac
at least luf a mile away iu a plowed
held- So 1 floiin.iereil over that btretch
of b-rok-jn -r.iunii and asoied hnu w iiere
to Did the farm of J. Ilinl iiu said l.e
had liv.-d in that county thirty Jears
an 1 that no sucli pt-rs.ni liad i-ift Ut ti
in it so far lis lie knew- there was no
such ma'i in that iiiiim-Jiate bcction
ajiy.vi.y I
"1 r ent liacic to th-? h.in iiar in a '
ijuandary. Iould iiave e.iiJt. f.ir:ii-.-r
nest, tie.'U.-ii 1 Hi. alrcauy iclttevii
ei.-ht and nine miku from town, an 1 my
han is from puinpm.' t!.-' handcar were
hh.-ierts! fe.iria.ly, if it lia ln't Nvn for
the old farmer's pisiuve statement tlial
no su.-'i man lived anywhere around
rVially I c.nchioi-d that ?'iere had Uen
s- ne' mistal.e and slarlt-d back. It was
n.ihty hard work and r.:y liaieU were
a'f:il sol", but 1 p,ii:i;'.'d away, and
at last 1 fiie-J up to the Ue;. Tli.-re
ias a r'--l crowd cf c:in fellow s
:h.re. a::l when 1 picked up the bi
i-i-'lli-s ic-ket and steiii'.-d on to the
platform wcilv jr.-.e me a gic-.u
L i:!i. 1 h' n li;e old time oj-.-rator put
his l.-a.l cut of the window and sur.out:
" -Got them straw l rry plants?"
"'It didn't ta'se me iiiore'n a second to
'c.ili.' tue w hole measly trick. The cp
tn.lor from the other l-uildir. had
si ;u ie J on l.h tround w ire. called me
up ai-.d x nt me Hi- ni'.-si.a-eJid tinc-'J
it M.M.ir.oi "i t' e .tn.ngtii of that I
i.:..i jr- :.e o..t
i-"Hie !..
While I w.i.
story mIi-1 ti
i a liar t f..i a jay 1 irdand
::h two uoell biisU-rs.
I" I al ciivtil it. d the
k-''- gathered. 1
didn't ii -tr l::e la -t t Unit sell fe
moiitiis, a id 1 tii vi bn-iii'ioui after
ward that I wouldn't aiacr hit oho
call liaif the time Tiiat's hat I call a
low dow n tricki I at I've hoaxed young
ojnnattu? Ja-st ss Uioiy fince. It teaches
'cm the Luiine&s."" New York ft-tar.
-n.-i oir
T o char.irterisiii-s mark the russiaa
jv-ople: an tr.U-r.s; revvr-iv for the czar,
and an idoLiin.; adoration ivr the iiu-re
; L-ture of any royal or .sacred p r.-o:ia?;-'.
'A lula nii-itin-j KietT. Mr. Mi-rrL- n. a::
Eiij-'iisli lawyer, entered a t. I. rapli of
As Le pssisl through the lioor, he pif
tlie usual continental salute ty raisiri.- bis 1
liat: but l.e l ad :idia:::'cd only 1 few I
sti s3 w ithin the ruuin. w h. na loudshout
bade lam take oil his hat. The F.!cii.-h-
man went up to the touting otliciii. and '
in. ie'giesl for Lis unintentional ru.'en.-ss. I
"It is not for me. sir." replied ihtt-lc-rk. ;
"It is for tlie cms ror." and l.e jsmtcJ '
over hi-) shoulder to un unrlatternp col
ored pictaiu ef i.T n.aj'-sty Alexander
The nK-st h-icre.l entrance to tli. Krem
lin, at M s.-ov.-. is the Keiitsiuer ;ite. m
culled be-c iiise t' ere is Ining ia i .i pict
ure ef the Saviour a pii ture ef freat
sanctity fiven the e-mpeir ha, to u:i
coter his head as he fossi-s llinHjli this
"ale. 'llie asvif uniltr the fate in a
long one. but even in a-terrle snow
storm tvt-rv one uncovers las lit.d.
The traveler is told tiiat wlienNapoleem
re-ful to lake his hat fif. whie pain-:
. .
U-fore the sacred picture, a suHeri pu.-t
. f wmd took it oil for liinr loulti s
i C'oiiie.aiiion.
. '
T'.H? lioni to C'h.'W. .
It is a goo-J plan for lliose vIk) w ish to
iruprjie their throats tochew are spnice j
gum. iiie gum or that of lie como.s.i 1
wo.-J of tne western prniri for llie 11 I
crcisejof the jaws devti.i;i-liie throat. 1
a:.d the re-i:i"U ijiia.iliesof the gum 1
strength -7i dig. stion. 1 dl.'l mean l.i
recomiii' 11 1 llie liaoit of J ew ing gnnu. ,
practiced by lis devotes, but there j
in.eer was an un-ightiy h'-it w iiicii luei j
so 1 1 1 'i to W s. id for it Ikink dys;-;.- 1
ti -s. vi'.ii tlie coaii.-.g ten oil tii.iriroOhlin.sii
st..niaehs. as th" doctor -''.v. f'n ! relief j
lo their craemgs i.y clu-oug p-.e
-urn. nil! all agree V.-A the Kingi are j
-r for it Th.'comf-Ued of pardnne j
and t ft:T s.,1.1 f.i gum has no-.h.ir.g j
to r.vommcnd it. St Louis n.-t'U!lic
Vt l.T Ili.lnt Thyl'ull Tl.nu Ot ?
Two eonngst.-rs who found the Ui-i-m-ss
of 'selling p.'.rs and shining hoes
a triile dull llie tlT night.
ree: to
lie.ii-il each o:hr's lii'X-s.
liut each w its
lfli of the otiier l'ii- !
.. U'gm llie si jn-
- v. Slioui.l oil-
t'j.en Joe hai i
'; V'Vtf .'k Ulil.
4 1 the brushe
r kl.ir.e tiK
" I'.i.lv
liij- vl to
f ntter wod
t I es'. e"-
f 1
' i -Viicao
Iotl't Fi 1 To
Champion Mower and Binder,
The Chsmpicn Hay Rake.
aniaua:.-t anv itji.w ma; k.
lu f-itv tt-a e tnwn bf tu:- a::J ir t
Ani rtiniti- hit Tr-k of
Y-u i i tin I it ..
;i:t the ri;sT!
Special I'reperallon for Thin
n i: s t : usee ctise i; i e ,
i; ext .vers.
;.; t .iXT niciiEs,
l: E r TU EA TME X T,
ix Somerset.
Freh Grem (.riM'erlr liicrj
ZZ ft &
' nr hiinie 1:..s l.ci ii a lions, ;.,,'.!
WOlli Ihl'OUg'Ilolil Sillncl'sct Coill.IV
for tliiec tfcii. 'in; ions in,. I it lias al
wavs l'oeii tin- 'cco.':,;-,-.i l.cml of
liic Iry (I N Tr.nl''.
An-1 will ciisiiiiiiie to l -ii'l. wJiere
Ulelit Is P-M'.ll'i!
lioi Hii.-l'!:it.-c.l.
Cl.lliliilel.cC 1-
''itr l'lisino.s liiH n.t-ri'wn
ijiiait -rs ai..I c w ill L.iic a
a.. lcl 10 Mir iilnaoj Ia;-c sl".-
slXtV llaVS.
Ve are r-nir-titlv Tn-ki-'?
I in some I'tn ticiiLr litte ir;r t!:'
i t-i'.t of Otir l':i-!on.l'I's.
f.i'.I and
s-'L- lis ..Hit i-
we !itt C
li.-si.-ctf' !!y, .
Parker & Parker.
er mine V 'y -V -y. ,Y J r2Jy. V

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