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NO. (r-78..
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Herald and lioston Journal fcl.Oo
" Country Gentleman 2..10
' Troy Times
" Mirror and Farmer
The canvHss just closed has been a
school for the nation. Fvery one has
leurned more about the tariff than he
knew before. This has been the bur
den tif thousands of speeches before im
mense audiences, all over the north and
west and in some parts of the South.
Almost every one has had an opportu
nity to read tariff history, to learn of
the nature and purpose of protective
measures, and hereafter when there is
legislation upon these mutters the peo
ple will know better what it means.
It may be said of the campaign just
closed that we have passed through it
with as little low abuse as any ("iin
paign in our history. It may be the
beginning of better days in respect to
the character of our political contests.
A little wit or fatire maybe enlivening
but scurrility is degrading. It may not
be out of place to tell the truth about
men and to criticize public acts, but
the practice of lying about men. of mis
representing niotics to destroy charac
ter and weaken intluetiee should be con
demned. iVc look more and more for
the discussion of great national tpics
tions in a spirit of candor.
Cabinet speculations are now the or-i
der. Newspapers are busy in forming
them. Next in importance to the se
lection of a president is the selection of
counselors, and while the people attend
to the former the president-elect must
attend to the latter. There are men,
however, whose names will readily
suggest themselves as suitable for cub
inet positions. Warner Miller, Gov.
Alger, Allison of Iowa, arc mentioned
along with others. Frye of Maine will
no doubt be the New Knglaiid member
though we should be pleased to sec Ver
mont honored in this direction. The
republican element of the South must
be recognized, and Golf of West Y ir
giniit is pointed out as the coming man.
The republican victory in Delaware
must be a great surprise to the people
of that state. Delaw are has been a
kind of a pocket borough for a great
manv years, the Hayard and Salisbury
families carrying it. There ha really
beeti no jMilitical freedom in that state.
There has beeu a law of the state re
quiring of every man that lie should
register and pay a poll tax before licing
allowed to vote. Registration Ixiards
have been entirely under democratic
control, and they have so managed af
fairs as to secure the registration of
democrat and keep the name of re
publicans orf the lists as much as pos
sible. To do this the lwianls met at
irregular times and places and while
the dene HTats were all notified no word
was sent to the republicans. l'roxy
pavinents were accepted from the dem
ocrats. life the republicans were re
. ... : .,,.1 -L..;!..,'
llliriMI III I'll i:i I'vi: mi., 1
all sorts tif tricks to keep the state with
in their control, they have in hundred
t, instance refused republicans ho
were anxious to pav flieir tax and r'g- , . . .... i while enroiite for Colorado Springs.
is,er. A little tdigarehv has 1-e.-,, made j " " v"' f"r ""- 1 j ,Ie ,1H1, 1, in Gen. Iiutlers law of
of the state, and the methods referred j general fact is. that Harrison and Mor- j f(r y VTa years and was a mem-
to, are in line with the Southern spirit ton are elected by such decisive major
... .... 1 i -
of political intolerance. l no mange
, a marketl one ami may ue reparuej
a an emancipation from the shadow
f,i,nl,Ul,v,t. This is uite
v. . -' - . i
a break in the solid South."
Silpt. Dartt takes a rather gloomy
view of the condition of our schools.
Our schools are not as good as they
ought to he, but we do not believe they
are hs bad as it is the fashion V rep
resent thent. We have a great many
schools in poor districts, where it seems
necessary to employ cheap teachers, but
we have many excellent schools, many
excellent teachers, doing a good work
in all parts ot the state. AVe arc grad
uating excellent scholars from our grad
ed schools, fitting a goodly number of
young men and women for higher insti
tutions of learning and sending them
thither, some in our own tate and oth
ers without. We are not relapsing into
such a state of ignorance as will soon
make Vermont missionary ground, lint
we ought to devise some method of
I remedying existing defects and render
. r. ... . . , . ....
our scnoois mortj emciciii, which we
think can be done, even at the present
cost of maintaining them.
We have received a copy of the re
port of the commissioners upon the Nor
mal Schools. In this report the com
missioners say they have attended to
the duties imposed upon them, visited
the Normal S hotils, observed their dai
ly work and familiarized themselves
with former reports of their condition
and work, etc. They give tables. show
ing the number of graduates from each
school and the amount of money re
ceived by them, so far an they were a-
ble to ascertain. It is not necessary
to follow the reMirt through, suffice it
to say, the tenor of it is opposed to the
present arrangement and in favor of one
school situated so us to accommodate
all portions of the state. The fact is,
the report is an argument against three
schools and in favor of one. We un
derstand that the reHirt does not meet
with favor in the legislature, and that
its recommendation will probably not
be adopted. The report of the school
commission will not, as tilings now ap
pear, meet with much favor, though it
is possible sonic feature of the bill will
be incoi poratcd into existing law s.
The election on Tuesday, Nov. tith.
passed off very quietly in Vtrmont
republican majority varying but little j
from the Septemberelection. Of course
Harrison and Morton were elected.
All the New Fngland state except
. .1...:- ........ c.. .1...
1. ouuet I lint gaveincir ton nir tue
Harrison electors. Conn, is very close,
and at this w riting there is some uncer
tainty about the result, w ith chances in
favor of the democrats. Outside of N.
England the interest was more intense,
because of some states that stood in the
doubtful list. The Republicans carried
all of the Northern and I'acific States
except New Jersey. They made gains
iu West Virginia and Delaware. In
the latter state they have elected a re
publican legislature which will choose
a senator in place of Saulshury. This
is a new state of affairs for that little
a slight break into the solid
...,', , , .
South. A craek was al-o made into
the other side of the old confederacy, a
republican representative having been
chosen from Iiuisiana. Indiana and
New York were the two states in which
the greatest inteiest centered, for it was
generally conceded that the result in
those two states would determine the
general result. Indiana, the home tif
Harrison gives him a plurality of over
2.(MK), and New York, on the national
ticket, goes republican by about 10.000
majority, though the democrats elected
Hill, their candidate for governor. It
is said by some that Hill gve us Har
rison, but the fact is. that whatever he
nmv have done to defeat Cleveland in I
order to make sure his own election. !
Il.,s.;.,. v. .1 !,.. ,..ne,..., I...
.oil'' .. ......... ..... - v
ter returns show that We?t Virginia, of
which little account was made bv the '
ilK.s to leave no room for question,
Jf ,lie dem.K-rats sav there was fraud
. ' , ,
ud corruption m New ork, we reply
bv saying that the republicans would
have won without New York or David
Hill to help. The democrats of New
York do not feel highly elated with the
result in their own state, for they have
lost Cleveland in winning 1 1 ill. The
democrats made up the issue for this
campaign, free trade against protection
j anil they have lost in the tight. The
j republican gains almost everywhere in
the republican states and in some that
have almost always been democratic,
show that the prevailing sentiment of
the people of this country is iu favor of
protection to home industries. Hut the
republicans have not only gained the
presidency, they have secured a major
ity in the National House of Represent
ative. This, with one or two more
senators, of which they are reasonably
sure, place the administration of the
government, once more, in good repub
lican working order. The result of the
election show sonic things, that we
may specify and set iu order :
First, whether free trade, be right or
wrong as a matter of national policy,
the sentiment of the people of this coun
try is opposed to it, as we have already
intimated. It has been a long time
' since the matt' r was brought so dis
tinctly into our national politics as iu
the canvass just closed. Heretofore
(or a long period people have talked a
bout it, at various times listened to ar
guments for and against, now they have
given a decided expression to their opin
ions on the subject. This generation,
like the former, believes in protecting
home industries.
Second, the democratic party has
failed to satisfy the people of the coun
try in the character of its administra
tion. It took possession of the govern
ment with the cry of reform. It did
not take long to satisfy the people that
this word meant nothing in a demo-
I cratic dictionary. There have been
I no reform inaugurated. It has been
I found impossible for the party to reform
anvthing. There are no elements ot
reform in it. Reform must begin at
home and whenever a political reform
ation come over a democrat lie goes
out of the parly. The democratic ex
periment of the last four years is as
, .i i i .i . i
i inucii us tne people oi mis country oare
risk and they have placed the adminis
tration of the government back into
the hands of the only party that for the
last thirty years has show n ilself capa
ble of governing in such a manner as
to give confidence to the people and
dignity and character to it in the eyes
of other nations.
Third, with an administration in the
hand of the republicans, we may con
fidently look for a revival of industries
that have been partially paralyzed by
the fear of free trade. We may look
for a steady national policy for a term
of years at least, for now justice will
lie done to certain territories that have
been seeking admission to the Union,
but which have beeu kept out because
they were republican. It may be the
I u-lll .lt... A lloil itd iiriioorite I
. . . !
can be better promoted liv a party that
1 .. "
asks for justice tor all men.
The country is to lie congratulated
upon the result and we shall certainly
look forward to greater national pros
perity. XoltTll IIAKTLAM.
Katie llurke fell and fractured the
bone of one arm last Saturday.
The school in the Gilson district
closed last Friday. Miss l'ersis Gil
son was the teacher.
The Fnioti Labor flag shed the
names of its candidates last Wednes-
I dav. The high wind may have helped
the matter, but the old banner was j
doubtless discouraged at the result of
l.i.i ..
ine election
Fdward C. Carrigan. an old and
successful teacher in this place, died
,,f apoplexy laat week Wednesday
Iht of the lioston schfml committee.
He graduated from Dartmouth in lt77.
Napoleon Luce, formerly known as
00" died at the resideuce of John
Webster last Wetlnesday.
Mrs. Charlie Clark is convalescent.
Fast Sunday morning a lively sncw
made its appt'arauce.
Maggie Walker is quite ill, threat
ened w ith typhoid fever.
T. O. Harlow has an engagement to
preach in Wilton. N. II.
Ilazen Chandler and wife have mov
ed into J. S. Morrill's house. .
A. L. Clark has gone to Olcott to
paint the house of Josie Turner.
Rev. J. I). Waldron exchanged with
Rev. Henry Cunimiiigsa'st Sunday. .
Thursday the 8th sale of the farm
and stock owned by K. C Needhain.
Hatch Chamberlain has returned
from Dakota to stay in old Vermont.
Walter Cobb and Fiiura Hatch
came from Hanover to spend last Sab
Heibert Collins finished his 10 mos.
engagement on the Hiram Barrett limn
last week.
Maim Chandler is visiting school
friends iu Lebanon and l'laintield, N.
There was full attendance at the e
lection, 174 votes cast for Harrison,
.V.I for C levelund.
Misses Addie Furr and Helen Hayes
paid a visit to friends in Olcott and
Ixdianon, N. H.
At the Christian Endeavor meeting
last week officers were elected lor the
coming six mouths.
Senator Morrill left town for Wash
ington, D. C. having remained to cast
his vote for Harrison.
There was an auction Monday, the
Nth by the heirs of the lienjamiu Still
estate of his personal property.
C. II. Dow, Dr. Chaffee, Harvey
Ordwav and Will West went to the
Junction to get election returns.
Frank Chandler and family are to
move into the Cyrus Chandler house
lately purcliasen by A. C. Chandler of
Cambridge, Muss.
Nov. 1,'ith, auction by Hiram
Iirowu of the farm know n as the I.o
ren Kibbling farm situated half way
between the two v illages. Mr. Iirowu
intends moving to California.
The Mut. Fire InsuraiiceCo. urrested
II. Fulton and his brother-in-law, 11a
zcllou charging them with having fir
ed the barn and house of Hiiam Ful
ton. Win. Slickney, prosecuting at
torney, D. C. Hyde for the defeudeiit.
The republicans held a jollification
mee'ing Sat. evening at the town
house Speakers, Hon. A. H. Cobb,
Hon. Win. L. Stickney of liethel,
Fivciett Heath of West Fairlee and
others. Hand iu attendance from S.
Strafford, vocal music and social dish
of oysters, campaign doughnuts and
Tuesday morning Mr. Charles Chan
dler received news of the death of his
brother, A. S. Chandler, of pntumoniii
at his home in California. Mr. Chand
ler was an adopted son of Freeman
Walker and went to Cal. about thirty
five years ago where he amassed con
siderably property and has been held
in esteem by those in his community
haviug been several limes cLoseu as
state senator.
Mrs. Luther l'rcstou has returned
I'-,.... . II, T ..-..11
There was an ovster supper at the
town hall last Saturday eve iu honor
of Harrison.
Mr. Cumniings occupied the pulpit
last Sunday in exchange with Mr.
Ida McCrillis is working for Will
There was a land slide down by Cop
per Flat last Saturday rendering the
road impassable for a time.
Flection passed off very quietly in
this village, very little excitement
was shown.
Ouite a snow storm passed over this
place Sunday afternoon and ev ening.
Dr. Carpenter is doing dentistry in
this village this week.
Workmen are replacing the spire
blown from the 1 .ivcrsaliT church
during a gale Jast summer. "v
O. H. Woodard has sold one 4 his
farms for SIM 10 to W. S. Karnes.
L. II. Merritt has liought the Mil
ler farm paying SltilO for it.
AVilbur Herrick has moved to South
field, Mass.
Rovnton. the merchant is moving
j into Miss Alden's house. '

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