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NO. 11-790.
& Sons
A. W, Tevksbury
Are IViow Opening
a large line of ladies' and gentlemen's
Silk & Linen HANDKERCHIEFS, Scarfs,
and mufflers,
Printed Kvcry Wectnc-itttay Kveulnv al
iC A VKAH f..i tl.r KOI II P.K
p 1 iUW flltltm: iM t-iiln It-Hn in ln-l-or
r Orange count Un. l.Mi.t'm-k and limm file
IfTMi chiton flvt only tlit local Dfwi..
2 1 fc A YKAIt f..r Hie KH.IIT PAI.K
O I ciiiiuti: 25 (nt lr In V h.4M. r
arOratifr f'ountU. f Ml II1-I1, Hancock bimI (iranvllle
I hi t tijt; rt'ffMlar immt aud jr.veall Hit- newt
Mirror A. Karmrr nt t-Urltl pajM rdttlon $l.HO
a ji-itr lu Vermont: ?. U-rf
One column, one yi-ar. ...
On lialf column one year.
One quaru-r column, uur year. . -One
inrli. our jr'ir, .
fr-Ailvcrtl,-iin-nti for a -shorter time 2ft ht cent
more tlmu tit iromrlloii.ite raits
thiKi'UI iHiilllun ' er cent extra.
Kil'rittMite nottcrc -2-W. avu noil lle a Hue.
irNo ulrouiit on alHve rate.. llmul In copy hy
Molt day.
when annihilated let there be Mich a
strict administration of law a to re-j he may find it exceedingly attractive,
move all excuse tor the formation of ami all of his friend that w herever
ativ bands of regulators. j he is a "lamlinark," the sun will he
bright enough so tliHt his shadow will
his enemies, if he really has any, that j and unnecessary taxation and thinks
that if it is continued and tiie surplus
is applied to the purchase of bonds the
result will be the loss of many millions
There is considerable feeling man
ifested because Governor Dillingham
followed in the footsteps of Governor
Ormsbee, and appointed a citizen of X.
York as a member of his staff. f'ol.
Hobert J. Kimball is a legal resident
of Xew York city, and it is stated vot
ed there at a recent election. He has
a country residence m vv esi xvauuoipu,
where his family spends the summer,
but all his business is in Xew York
city, and the reason of his appointment
is a mystery. Argus.
The Argus has been grossly deceived
and imposed upon by someone. Hobert
.1. Kimball has kept a home here, and
occupied it a part of the year for over
twenty years. He cave up his legal
We hope to be able to publish the ri!ij(i.!I1(.e ; Ir(,klvii. X. Y.. not Xew
never grow
less. Kulliii d Herald,
inn on
. .
Slippers and SViittens
for ladies and gentlemen.
BARGAINS m new I;ancy and plain Dress Flannels
and all wool Dress Goods just purchased.
At Greatly Reduced Prices.
FANCY TOWELS Table Linen and Fine Napkins
from $i to 4. co per dozen,
Ladies ''t Boots
Irom $2 to 4.00, manufactured from best stock and warranted.
and boys Boots, Shoes and Overshoes
a full and complete stock.
a new and choice line in new things for
I .a ws" next week, if the state printer
ever get them ready.
The Secretary of the Hoard ol Agri
culture announces that a large number
of copies of its Ricuniul Report remain
in his hands, anil these will be sent to
any fanners requesting the same so
long us the supply holds out. Address
W. W. Cooke, l'.iirliuglon. Vt.
The Christian F.udeuvor Societies of
the state have just held their annual
convention at MontH-lier. There whs
it good attendance, and excellent ad
dresses were made by both clergymen
and hiyuien. The next meeting was
appointed at Rutland. The Society is
doing u good work among the young
people of the state.
Washington correspondents tell us
that great preparations are being made
for the inauguration of 'resident -elect
Harrison. It is expected that Vermont
will be well represented. Col. F.stey
has engaged oil rooms at the Hotel
Maltbv for the accommodation of Ver
mont visitor. Gov. Dillingham ami
stall are eXiccled to be there. It will
be a "great day in the morning," as
the boys sing.
There are forty inmates in the Soldier-.'
Home. The state appropriated
?i",immi lor their support, or almost
?(' per week each-
This would pay the hoard of almost
1IMI old soldier tit ?-"" per week.
Would it not have been better to
have helped the old veterans who were
needy so, they could have lived at or
near their old homes?
Hut then it would not have furnished
a solt job for some one with m. lineal
Pags, Robes & Blankets, new invoice marked
covn to lowest cash prices.
The last legislature made one wise
amendment to the prohibitory law. As
the law now is a man can get drunk as
1 ehcan in one nart of the state as in mi-
J iv J L O TtMFJV Cr I otl,"r- ,,,vvi v.,,!r ,imo ,We lm
J been a diM'erenee. To illustrate, a man
for men and boys. convicted in Rutland was ent to the
j House of Correction on the first convie-
ition lor 2" davs ; if a man resided in
York city, four vearg ago, voting there
for the last time in the presidential elec
tion in 1HH-I. For the past two years
he has been a legal resident of Ran
dolph, his native town, and voted here.
He now spends the larger part of the
year here with his family, but keeps a
winter residence in Brooklyn, lie was
here anil voted at the state election in
September ami also in Xovember. A
part id' his business is in Xew York
w here he is connected with a (inn deal
ing largely in ( io erninent bonds and
strictly first class investments, not spec
ulative securities He is as much or
more in the state and as thoroughly in
terested in ami identified with the in
terests of Vermont as Hon. Frederick
Hillings, II011. J. G. MeCollough, CI.
W. Hooker, and many men the state
has been proud to honor. He is a per
sonal friend of (Iovernor Dillingham
and was doubtless appointed on that
account as well as for his eminent fit
ness for the position. We are glad,
aside from local pride, to see the (iov.
recognize these Vermont boys, who.
Ieaingthe state poor, come back to
their old homes after a successful bus
iness career, to reside within her lior-
ders. Will the Argus kindly correct
its article.
Mr. A. A. Karle has sold '-The
Landmark" at White Kiver Junction,
though to whom we have not heard.
He will probably rest awhile, get un
easy and then start another paper
somewhere and make a good thing in
selling 011;, as he lias usually done.
Karle is a strange mixture of rough
ness and delicacy. His personalities
would be intolerable but lor their wit,
and occasionally he writes a tender o-
bituary or a beautiful poem which re
veals the other side of the man. He
has combined more business sense and
editorial nonsense than the average
President Cleveland has sent his last
annual message to Congress. He dis
cusses, from a democratic stand-point.
questions ol national import. lie re
views in a rapid manner, the changes
that have takeu place in our history,
and sees gome dangers ahead. The in
crease in wealth on the part of some,
and the growth of the number id' those
who are poor, the drift of the popula
tion towards the cities he regards a
ominous of evil. Classes are forming
and the gulf between employers and
employees is widening. While millions
..e .1 11 1..: .1 .1 1.. !
, the matter of iiiiiiN needs revision
are taxed for the support ol the gov
ernment under the operation tof tariff
laws. If things keep on as they are
tending he sees not far off the dev elop,
ineiit of communism, and this of two
kinds, one of wealth and the other of
poverty. lie thinks he sees in a revis
ion of the tariff a remedy for these ev
il, lie believes in meeting existing
evils fairly and squarely, making 110
compromise. He deplores the tenden
cy to regard the government as pater
nal ami to seek through it the fill Iter
ance ol so many private interests, loo
much loose legislation has encouraged
the violation of contracts and thegrant-
:ig of claims upon insufficient proof on
the part of the applicant. This appears
in the pushing for pensions where claims
are not sustained by valid reasons. He
considers the subject of neglected legis
lation and refers to some of the evils
flowing therefrom. One of these is the
crowded condition ol the supreme court
calendar and the consequent delay that
is caused to suitors for justice. A suf
ficient remedy has not yet been provid
ed. Another ev il relates to the public
lands. These are not protected with
of dollars. He accepts the recoiiiiiiend-
j atiou of the secretary of war that there
1 should be Home plan to test the fitness
j of ollicers for promotion. He has 110
sympathy with those who would have
the Apaches returned to their reserva
tions. Treat them kindly but keep
them in restraint far from the scenes of
their former lives. lie thinks that
I the navy ha been managed intelligent
ly, and the postal service shows an in
crease in business. In regard to pub
lic buildings he thinks that the right of
a community to the possession of one
should be deterniini d by the amount of
the gross receipt for the government.
The pay of fourth class po-tninster.
ought to be raised, clerks should be
classilied, and the railroad service in
congratulate the government 011 the
reclamation of eighty million of acres
of public lands Irom usurpation uud
think ti e gnod work should go on. He
believes the reservations, under proper
J restrictions should be divided to the
Indians in several! v. and they be edu
cated into the duties o! citizenship, lie
call for a revision of the pension laws.
The message is a brief resume of pub
lic all'airs and while many may not a
gree with it nil should read it.
The law abolishing the stock ex
change will probably be tested in the
Courts, as .Mr. Knott, the manager of
the liiirlington exchange, is advised
that it is iincoustituliomd. It is claimed
that the bill was instigated by Col. II.
.1. Kimball, of Xew York city, one of
the nvmbers on the start' of I Iov. Dil
lingham. Argus.
If Mr. Kimball was instrumental in
securing the passage of lha law that
has closed up every gambling den 01
bucket r-liiip iu the state, honest men
vv ill thank him. These are not t-toek
exchanges as no stock is really bought,
sold or delivered at these place.-.
The price of a particular stock on a
given day is bet upon. If it is higher
sufficient care to prevent their diversion one party wins and the other loses,
to oilier uses th in us homes for honest ; It'it is lower the result is similar a
citizen. Again, there i not vet com- ! many can testify in Rutland and llur-
pleted a plan for the most elective man- j linglon to their sorrow.
agoment of the Indian although legisla-
145 Cent
sent us by any person in Vermont.
I for lM.V.l, wti.i, I'.vv for the eight page
j IIF.I'ALD ANT) for one of either of
the fiillovving city papers :
tioii in this direction has been com
menced. The propriety of el ecting one
or more prisons for I'nited States con
victs is apparent and also a post-oiliee
building at the national capital. A re
vision of the pension laws is demanded J
u-lili.ti ,'.! iitii.fi iieiiw.inl.w ... t iiivl '
that every worthy applicant mav 1)t. HOSTOX W FKK I.Y .IOI KXA L
provided for. Hills making appropria-
tioiis lor the support of government !
are defaced by items and provisions to J
meet private ends, lie speaks against j
centralization and places emphasis up- j
: 011 the importance of follow ing closely 1
(or one full year each. Outside the
slate OO cents each must be sent tor
Old Goods Marked Down
to close out.
Lot ODD Coats S1.5Q, S2.50, worth S4
man in his profession. Politicians have
.1 1.. I I.:... . I e t.. 1.- . j flip iMiTititiilitill lie ,.iliimelits ittinii
10 eiuieo 11101 , smiie nue loniii 111111 i"'" -,i r .1 1 1 .
, , , , " , , . 1 .1 1 .1 . either of the ulaive city papersund SI .!.
and others have bought him; fina Iv ),M' foreign relations and thinks that 1
r - i 1 , , 1 1 , 'or the Hkhai n.
both classes have concluded that he I during the year these havelieeti strength
lii- 1 11 . loiicau have any two ofthe above
was a o-imiiI man 10 let alone. lie 111s -' mi nuu-n. ws no .msi
; Monfpelier the same ullence would cost .,.,i i the habit of giving the local
. 1
n -f
II1U jvj.
Iiim :ifi Hays coiinneuient. vv age 111
the House of Correction are low and
ollicer's fees are high and traveling ex
pensive. Xo discrimination is now
news, and especially that which other
papers missed or omitted. He set at
defiance all rules of journalism and
mixed news and opinion iudiscriini-
Hats, Caps & Gents Furnishings
made. 20 days pays Hie lull anywhere. ,mtely. The most commonplace event
Did the memlier have in mind any Wll, t,u, w(),ietiiiie m ule exceedingly
in their ni'iusitig. His talent w as adapted to
! the frontier, lint not being ready to be
! . , , ... "
sliot. lie lias prelerroil to stay v liere
people laugh. He has enjoyed jokes
contingencies that might a,-ise
own body ?
. - , , 1 .1 city papers and the Herald for $I.!!0;
,, , ., ,, ,., , ! any three city papers and the Herald
turns that cannot be amicably settled. . " .11
,, . .1 . .1 1 1 ' 1 1 lor 82. .".", and so on.
He regrets that the fishery business has I
not been adjusted and again reconi- j 'I'l'i' otler is made solely for the 1h-ii-mends
the acceptance ofthe treaty that i ,lit ",-""r M,,,'1 iU'r "'"I "one except
the Senate rejected. He refer to the j "''''" ',r !! can avail theni
Sackv ille affair and regrets that he was M",v II ' needles to say this
compelled to pursue th? .nurse that he i om'r ""volvc much cost to us but we
did in the matter. He has intended to are 'letcrniined that our subscribers
i. I MM k SB
The people of the interior states are
getting soinew hat stirred up over the
atrocities of the White Caps. This is
an organization something after the
style ofthe Kii-Klux which undertakes
to regulate the morals of community
outside of legal process. At first their
act were looked iqxjn as pranks but
now thev'have liecome a terror in ee-,
upou himself as well as those iqioii
his neighbors and we have no doubt
he will consider tins "obituary a
tirst-cluss compliment. For year and
years he aspired to lie a consul 110
matter where anywhere to be consul,
but failing to get appointed he made a
lions of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. To j j"niey to F.nrope 011 his own account,
other outrage thev do not hesitate to ! Koi"g "'' c"'.g in the steerage, and
add murder. The governor of these j visiting no country but Irelaud, al
sute nre takiii.' measure, to suiinress I though he is not Irish. He finally
-1 1
the organization,
port this is a very
According to re-
came to the conclusion, at least, we
suppose he did, that it is better to
necessary step to
take a people are la ing driven from reign m the tent ol w ickeilnes than
the infested distri-ts. It would seem ,Mi door-keex:r in any foreign couu
a though those states had la-en settled "7 "' il is g",jU,.v ,w ,KM '!
j too long to be infested by such gangs. : ' retirement at this tune has no po-
Ut them 1 effectually suppressed, and j I'1'''"1 sugniticuiice. He will carry in-
' to private life the cordial wish of all
some matters of public interest such a
endeavoring to protect fur seals in 15eh
ring sea, and the right of our citizens
of French descent as against claims
for military service, and hope for an
adjustment of treaty relations with Ja
pan and the payment of such claims as
the citizen of that country mav have i
against 11 f;r injuries received. He
has sent a war vessel to I lay ti to pro
tect American citizens from dangers
that may arise 011 account of local dif
ficulties. He calls for a rev ision of our
naturalization law and for the preven
tion of fraudulent citizenship and for
the reorganization ofthe consular ser
viw. lie then take a survey of the
various depart ir.ent ol the government.
He looks over our finance and reaches
the conclusion that silver coinage had
better be stopped. He sees excessive l'omfret
shall have all the good, sound repub
lican reading they wish.
llease tell all your neighliors of this
unequalled oiler ami nsk them to sub
scribe for the best Km-iiI newspitjH-r in
Orange or Windsor comities and one or
more of these great city paers. Send
all subscription to L. 1. TlMYhlt,
West Randolph, Vt.
1 'elisions have recently l-en award
ed to Vcrmonters a follows: Austin
Harlow, liiirlington; Willard F. Hlood
Jericho; A. T. Hushiicll. Georgia ;
F.rastus Slack, Wet Clover; George
1 1 air i man, Sutton; (hail.- Jaeksou.
South Vernon ; Avery Ldwards. I'n
derhill: Iw i Hates, Heihel ; Thom
as Wells, Xevvport ; George F.ngland.
Hemiiugtou ; A'iios Si-ott. Wahleu ;
Mary, mother of Charles Alexander.
West Randolph; George Slavton.
Worcester. Increa--: David Grceii
ough, Pittstield ; Aloiizo Rr-d. South

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