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ft -s I
""rT.IW. Vl'. C. HO SALARY.
"Jfr-rw'll" to BMJIHNKI1S if of MATUK1 ! AOR.
iKT CAN ' NO CO., Wurouator. MHP
" "" Wanted.
To exchange postage stamps. Stamp
..ticetors are invited lo write for approv
es, etc. Frank W. Gkkknk,
Queeui'e, Vt.
For hale.
A dark brown 5 year old Morgan mare
ft band high, will weigh In good condi
ton WOO lbs. The above miirelsan.ee
mheiided driver, is Bound, safe and kind
u work In all places- Knquire of
" llEUBKUT A. Wtxr,
Barnard. Vt. ' !
(Situated in Braintrco, beiiw the farm owned.
l Loren Marsh, containing 1J aore, wood
Zjaith for frm, aj0 second growth sugar
Zm .voiro" grafted apple orchard. Hare new
jTniinll wil blinded barn, Mi hone barn,
ti-all in S""d repair. OnKoud road; 1-t
.ute from school, one mile from chnroh. In
Jureof J. 1. battled, W . Kuiidoluh, V t. Jmp
Buy-our Boots, Shoes
and Kubbers of
(Krncrof H. 1'leaniHt and Prospect St.
Weft Iiaiidolph, Vermont.
Una! or travetiHK men of (rood character who wanl
yorrwuK nt tAUiluMne it, write me betoru eiiftaKln
I Uie iion. My ayitic'W aanure aoo and you
NBiiUrfui)n-y tDdliu(r hit at.or.U'i.oa. Dunl de
1, leruii vt---7 .literal. Apply to fc'rtnl K. Yuunft
aew KajclaDil Nurst rios, Rochester, S. Y.
KULIllO at a gootl salary.
T. Ukr oruera for our trot ands lull line of nur
wi tUKk. Only llioae over fft y.wra of axe who can
kral.li rood reh-rranaa need apply. W rive
sanaa-M ilu: year round ami pay all expi-nx.
anrrbwat lieneva. i. Y. A.trtriwa wiu. stamp,
Buckfleld, Maine.
toa Map
ItTT-f r t iy farm on (Vntril Street.
V i I i I J n.-ar AyerSi lliook lol.tae oon
ajlaiof about 41 aer... ol'axl land, auilablv divided
s. aa.mr' au.1 llliaxe, cut iiltoul r. l.n. nl.-e bay.
Hvwall fruit, 'mk1 water at Iw.iiarand hama. The
hmo.!. iwn .leriw Willi I.. e.iataM 10 ui pre. nn.nia
Urm, IwlHl.w. all In llrt'Ui. r, uili. Aav miiado
irt.r a tci.wl fanu lu-.ir oneol I lie bt-t f-eh.H.I. In VI.
4burRM. Mt.re.. le . caimut do better tiutn to oome
aa1iei.lluaiil.rv. t'KN H"B MIT.
V.lbuid.4li, VI.. lle.-.Clh. T-
Baducuon in prwi f(r 1 mouth at JSparhawk
G-rillory, onmmf-iirmf7 April Int.
Thwkinir my fritmtU nd patrorw for their
farmr ptitjMitHire I now otfnr them rwlm-tion
h price of nwarly 130 por cniit for oiw month.
Now in tii tiuw to WHiura photon from lHva
tr (m hmid or nit for new oms.
OuU. Apply
trita for club r:iw. Willi prrawnt mluctum
, "Yient at die tini.- of '.i'timr will Iw reqniivd.
Mwiirk (ruaninted Hrst-eJ:.
''ICTCHI-:! KM. A1K.F.I anil flnlahed In
I Mil A IKK or ItAlO.V.
all nod aee atyltw of CJiAYON or INK work
ami itet pricea huforo pl :.ne yonrorrlern for
enlanrotl work. Call at L. 'i'.
VI flow orer E.A.Thomait' store W.Kandolph
arly r wi-ilc for t I.I It rates.
FAlAft: BKNT f'llmale n.l
i.Itiir 1..k-,iI..ii In liie rKmtli.
J. r. UA.v:i!l A. 'in.ni. nt. Va.
Ntrn wrTMHaraa.
fall. Illfchoo tpronm
i- - u.ni
i StitcH la Tims Saves Kine."
Stltcliiusf on our New Iliijh Ann
Mo. 9 SJtVIt" til IK'.
Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machines.
For Hume and Factory.
ew Kngland OfTm. oftf Wnsiiiiijon St..
LtTILSOI, W. Randolph, VL
law the aale of our iiiai liines in l.elhel,
Eiu lirntpr. Itraintn-t', It.ixbury and
Kandnliili. ' J"' ,rnP 'i'1" a V0t
tal Ix-fore yuu liny any otlior
audtrrtlie New No. 9.
r - .,'ii
ComuiihKi(iiir'n Notice.
Folate of 8rali K. Wilimii.
The uB1rrvTifrntxl havln? ivrt appointed by the Hon
rrofwM un. ror uie in (net or tiartron,, ci.ni
niln-loner to rwelve, rxantlfiu anl adiutft ail HnJma
aitd fk-ti)ii4iii of all p4rMtun Mrmiust 'bt- ewtateof Hu
rmli K. W llrw.n late nf Htikuf -lilw. In fuil'l District
a oeatMi, ana an claims eKini'itfi in onset theiio.
ber4iy )flve nolle tliat we will meet for tliepur
hmw aforeMuid, at the oiHee of tin mn olerk In
HUcktiriite on I lie 7 darnf Apr-.aiid2lKt of Sept next
Intui 1 n'eliH'k p. i. until 4 o'clock, p. in, tacli of wild
dav, ami that Mix montha trom ilie i7tb dav of Mar.
A.. I. lfO i the '1 n llmltet) bv twid ourt fr hhM
cre-lliom to present their claims to uti for examina
tion and allowanre.
liated at Hiockbt ltjre this 4th day Apr. A. I.
I. A. nr. irr-i, t uno
V nitMionent.
HTATE OY VK1tM'NT ( At a Proliate Vnrt
Dihtkkt F HAHTroHD B ( In Id at Voodtek,
within and fornald DUtrict, on the 8th dav of AtirH
A. I). 1HX9. 1kkkm", Hon, T. O. 'aver, JiuiKe.
WH KKK Afl. Julia L. Win,.' executnz of ihe lM H HI
and Ttaiiieut of Kiifiia K. W llit late of Ht chestiT,
in raid District. dec am-d. URtie prooie to rnler
an amount of hr administration and to preaent her
acrjMint araltixt nald eet.ite for allowance at a
aeniiloti ot aid Coust to h.- held at the Prohate MHre
In WoodHt Kk. lu said )tttui. on the .OiU day of
Anrll' A. P., An-I When as. Saul Court ha an-
Itfi.ed wild time and plaee tor m ! U nii ntnf sulilac
Ciuol. and ior a decree ol the residue oft-atd estate lo
the heir or lau-ea of su id d cense;, and oidfie-l
tliat jailillc notice thereof be vlvt n to all persons lu-taurvhU-d
In Mild ehtaie hy puhluhh ir ac4iyf the
record ol thW otdi r three, wecki Mtccen-tveiy ureti
otis to the day attNifrm-d. a i ft.reakd. In the llraid
and t'rouih-r.'a neiaiKr tut!-ht-l at Heihel in the
County of VVIii'lMir, In the is'aie ol Vetmoit
Threforet All per-ons conccnuwl In wild Miate are
notified lo apmar at the Ptilm)e tulicclii Wood
blork.ln said I U rti lot. ou Ihfdiiv aataiieit. a-- a fine
said, lln-n aad there lo con list the nl'oanre of "aid
account,! I they w-e eau-e. and lo tt thlt-h tlielr i ltfhis
a Heirs, legatees, ano lawiui c a ruauts ol satii resi
A trne nword, kUU V. J. BKAVKIi, PeRter.
A true eoiiv of rocord.
610 Atuwt, T. O. SKWKU. .tnd"e
HTATKOK VKIfMDNT. In I'rohate ourt, held
M AftTKOKI 1 l"TI(irT. H, Hi Woodhtock. wllhtO
and fur said iMtru i, on uie'Jin iay or r. jnss
I'roHent. Hon. T t. Scivr. ludLre.
An lntrununt pui prili'K to he the lH.-t will and
tiwtajiient of Killlniao Y.t .li-w ttt. late ot Hoc.hin-r
lu Mid I'it rh't, dciMM-d, Id pri'nctiti-d to the ourt
here hy K. H. .h'wclt, the evrculor tln-rrln liaintit
forpmhate; and ft In ordered hj mi id t ourt that all
perwin concerned therein be not filed t" ainear U
fore initl Vourt, at the 1'roimto oiliee In V ooiMork
a repaid, on tlm l-t d;iy of iny
next, and ronlest the tirotmte of s:ild lit If thev we
nuiim; for widch purjo It h further orderetl that a
Copy of the record of thl1' order he puhiihed three
wifWrt HneeeH-lvel .previous to the time appnf nted lor
pi-ovl'iK Hal'i win. lit mci hki x i;- ui iei-, a ne n t;M-r
tjuhlUheilal Itettiel In lld stale. A true record. Attest,
n.a.ci.nt 1.11, iui";i.
A true copy of nvord,
b.O At teat, 'I J ' ( J.S. O. HKAVKR, Judo.
Katate ol tSTKS CO S A NT.
'Hie tinderflpned, havlntr been apotnted by the
Hon. Probate (ourl lor the IMHrtct of Kandolpli
Coiom1rioiiiers, to revive, examine and ad.lt ik ail
rlahns and deieands ol all fwrw.ns Kniit Ihe enlaie
K-ts Cmanl. late of T inli lilK 1" 'tt'l l"t. d
ceat.aud all claims exhihlled In nfl'-et I hereto, lie re
by wif nd ire that we will meet tor the punnets ait.r
sain. a i lie nwuiiintr iioaf or iT'ia ' 'v.
luniiridife Vi.oii the Ut.li day ol May and lulu day
from lOo'clucli. a. ni. until 4 o'clock, p ni. of said
livs and that six uionlha from Ihe I lib
dayofreh. A. I. lrvD, ltiiu time limited by Mtid
Court tor said creditors to pi-esent their claims to us
for examination anal allowance. Iiati-! at
TunbridKe IhicSih dav ot Mar.. A. I.
610 Hula'l ON 8. AN MM ( nilsinera
KiH'Mse to SHI.
HTATK OK VKKMONT, t la Pr-itate urt.ne1d at
ItAKDOi.rii Itai HirT. fa Kindotph in and for
-ahl Olstrn-t. on tlw IStb dar ol Men, A.
Philip J. I itila adinliilatiatoroi theentate of
Philip Llttln. U'e ol Cneiwa in aald ilsti liH.ile-
eeaaed, luaKes appllrailon to said Court lor Iicchm;
Utaeil all of the real eMateol wild dcreaaed, leprc
s tlnir that said sale I nonpar) for the pa)inenl of
the IhH.U of lire deceased. l7-
uiHin.lt Is ordered by natd Court tbt said application
caiiue under constdeiatlon aniltH heard on the IV. h day
of A-ril,A. I. Ikhs. at the Probate oftlce In
Cheli-ea and It la further ordered thst all persons
IntemaiMl Ik notltled heroof. by publication ol notlee
of thta appMcattoo and order three weeks aucee-sive-ly
in the Hkkai.i and Nkw, printed at Kandolpn,
before said time o! hearing, thai ihey mav appear l
aid time and piace.and It Uwyaev cause object thereto.
By to. Court. a,tt,wM R K,c0, s JuHf(1.
A true copy of racord atle.t. "
tiiiiiiU(iiiiii'r' Notice.
Rotate of JeeemlihWIInon.
Toe onden.l(m.l, limlnit he.'n apiwlnted by he
Hon. 1-rolwle Court forth. Dl.trK't of
( oniuilloiHTa.t..n ceH.-. examine, and a IJii.t all
claim. ai.d d. mnd. of all pen-niia aiialimt M eK .
tve B..ikv that we will meet for the l" "JJ
said, aline iaie eMun -
of May ami 'iiH' oa oi r.eii -". .....j.-..
duck i.n.. ...tlU o-clurk. P.m.. on ' '
tl,e4th day of Apr. A. P . 1M i' Ihe time 11'' 'V
hriilxv. V t. tlila l J. l'r' ' " ",.
8)J . J. KH:llAKl)W.i
l.ici-iisu to Vll.
HTXTKOr-VKHMOVT. ( At a Pr. hate Courl
Miltl Kilfl Ills I HM TSS( held at Moodatoek.
!!, TtJ HMdl.trlrt. on Il
A 1) 11 PreM nt lion. T. O. Seaver, .iioiif. .
W J.'ic II . Huek.l..rdln of Ma. I ha 4
Itetnold. n liiMinepeiaoDliow rmlillni In Koj i -IVlV.
rI.I IMl.lr...?.wl.re-n
iltion in writ Hef. niHhimt
l'u? real ''.t.f.,l. rLT.'L fJl'Z
,,e '..f .hlel. Clare... Heyn. .1 K lau t aald .Nor
vt;li.i- a el I'M' in 'at; l.r pondMive
Me l..l I II' I' e nr.M trwl at m . M.
I Tuo onr. tlieref.,ve app" "I. - v-- Si
IH-raona Interest'.! In iv thrw weeka ii,ee-
foi-e wild Court and eontct ' "; ,, Anrl.
count. 11 tbeyiwe cause. A''vkH, la itiU r.
true eiy of record. J'y BltxVKR. Juda.
i'roliate f Will.
.TAT OK VK1.-VONT jrn jui, hel.l
KAMHH.rH Die. t iiJ A-.rllA.I. la.
,d IHalrlet. ... the. fth " ;, ptJrn.)r
An Inatruuient. Willi " J''" of s.rml, A. lima,
f. betKelWllland ann
l.l of t:belaoa in i dllricl,.ie- (i, m
WUU.I to the curt y
execuior therein owned, for V ,,.nc. rn
It la or.ler..l r "a"-"!?l Sr "art
,ti therein i n.'..." ,, h.,. In Clielsea ou
Conn f. I he-' V?. n.l il'O- cau-e If.ay
inej ..7 - -e furU.r orderen inai c....
which punoaeH la lurtnir .ii wcrka
wrd of U.l .or. cr P'J'Skw, prlnfl at 1-
n :,Km ,".. .plntcl fi.r hearlaii.
.lpKHlou.i"aldtin,. an A
WII.UAM M- Mui..-
. - -uv..lrrtt't tt
..mc. h."d and niectlnir vsik o ,,,
rood land. In hlub .'"'"JL, 7.t lxand l-ru.
i.tii nntvhali nil'e i ' . i li ufrvm
T;ni orchard, Run n:
rlvebliflrn2 7J o-v. Time iiten.
rrnxui ia tjAiiK, rjwi i."wt
wan .
j f.,r one of mT sum
A f pad fcabitA.
J'"?.-,! IT! to peliman and fi bnsi-
stnoiiT n uj"--, - , . acuamtea wntn
.W,Y,lv. and nomewhat a"l
the care of . team- T hn. Addre
wU! bo rqnired with PPUCU.W W. fcmitb.
Whito Hirer Junction, V t.
Absolutely Pure.
TM. powder never rarli. A inaivel of purity.
HlreiiKui and Iiolewolneoeei.. Molv ec.i.ionileal than
the ordinary kinds, and caiiimiI 1m .lt In c..iiiH'tltlol
Willi Ihe niullllinle of low leal.ahort welirlit, aliiniu
or phosphate pow.lera. K.I.I i.niv in eaiiA. ItvVAi.
Hakino 1'iiw nr.ll Co.. 1(K M all St. N. Y.
Carrol! S. I'nire, tlio Hydo Park, Vt., calf
akin dealer, wielies toariniiire. with soino trail
or or butcher in each village to colli ct tor him
the calf shiiia taken oil' in lliat vicinity.
Mr. Poire fnihisliea nioiii-y, without rliarp;e
for intercut, to all who can trive (rood (ruaninly
that tlio money will not lu diverted or misap-
'Ihe Mioe it Teallier I!eBirter. X. Y anil
Shoe ontl l.e.ilhcr K'eview. ( hicaro. the lead
iiia-trade in.em of the I'. S. in the lliile line;
have went their repieaeutalives to investigate
Mr. I'airti'a IntaiucMi and nftrr n thorouprh ex
amination and comparison the. Keporlor j-ivea
tl.ts elldol-Mellieut:
"We beiievelhat in extent of 1'cht weight
raw inaieii.d eul!.' t.-d and carried Mr. Ij:u;b
holda the lead of any competitor and that hia
preHolit tick U the lai-ffeat held by any llouae
111 this country." And the Ucview ay:
"After a most tlioronnh invetii;ali.in of Mr.
r'ojre'a business a compiled with others in the
;iine lino we have become fully nalished that
in hia specialty, lit:ht weiuht atiak. he is nn-
finMStionably the largest tlwUer in una c-ountry.
While in superiority of quality he is confessed
ly at the head."
Send Mr. Pago your itddi-hsa and oak for
terms to htiyeiw naiiiine this paper.
The Randolph Kational "Bank,
West Randolph, Vt.
OriranUed A.srla. olmoat t'ioO.flllO
Ap-ncrnl bniikint; and exchii njre '''
ne done, and oi.i.kction-i promptly
Sic.iit Dkaktx on Knland, Ireland,
and Scotland, nnd I.ettkk ok futniT
Tlic depoKit mid (fcneral husinetti! of
tliii bank are constanlly and rapidly in-ereai-iiijj.
The liK'atiou at Mich a central point
for litndueHs convetik'iice, enalilca our
iustoiiii-r.1 in every direction to transact
business with us by telegraph, telephone,
until orexpi-e.as, and gel return the miine
dav. ....
The at'counta of business men solicited,
to which prompt atteution will be given.
To individual-! having money on hand
waiting a favorable chance for invest
ment, we oflor a perfectly secure place
for their money, fur which certificate" of
deponits, payable on demand, will be is
sued. Assistance will be given In obtaining
Sakk Isvestukxts for our patrons.
WM. If. DUBOIS, l'resident,
JOHN W. KOWEIX, Vice-President,
K. T. DUBOIS, Cashier.
o. m. raci:.
rtlwr and Vllroiw Oxide admlnlal. re.1 for pain
less eMiaeliou. Arlin. ialT.vll. -f on lt.il. -r,
l . II1.I..1.I. -r ii.etal. Ml o.er.H Imo cr.-lnlly
nerlorou d and satif ,ci loll aai aiileiil.
Office uppoallr Hotel In llaicl.'a h.ot-k. I hrl . .
. VI.
At $utli lto al!n.
At ilruoklield.
W eines.ta) a.
Owine to ill health I otrer my farm, 2 mile
south of West Randolph. t. on direct road
to Bethel. Contains arwui i m-r. m i e
farm and flt) acre in an adjoininc- lot, w ood
and pasture. Wat or at houiw and barn. lts
of fruit and good aupr on-hnH. l.Juid level
and easy to carry on. (rrajd hiuldinirs. ill
sell very cheap. Stock and tools with farm it
de-ired. tonns.oRToxsARGKxT
.Small farm for sale in Koyaitoit, y i., oiw
mde from the depot on tho north side ot Uie
river. .Said farm oonsisU of neveu acroii of
land ouder a hich state of MilUvaivm. ttood
. -i i - l nMWlv reniiired and painted.
Konniiuc wat4-r at hme and Kirn. "
derbani t or nartieulain call on J. ti. Allen,
telea, Vt. or.M. T. r-kinner, ltoyalton, t,
unun.aa -- . - v--.
aywa with Circular and Craaa
by all to b.
THE t -wRjk
JT A. W. bftAI 0 ourta,
r PaTnrraxa awo hole MAtrrTAOrrBxaa,
P.O.Box St) aiBUI.KTOWJi SI'Bl.'taS. Tt,
:iO.A.KOI t,A locs.t,ilr
Printed K-r.rj- Werlncaclajr K-reuiutr at
Ifil fin A YEA It foi the FOI B PAfiK
4T I .IMf cdttlou;'4i ( ruts Iras In W indsor
r tlrana-. countlea. lltuield. Hancock and tiranviil.
Ear-J ula edlllon itlvea ouly the local uewa.
$1 ta- A TKIK for tlw KIU1IT PACK
I a- edition: t ruli Ira. In Wind or
orOraiirecountl.. I'lttafleld, Hancock and ttrai.vllle
r 1 nut la lue reKular paper aua glvea all tias Dewa
Mirror Ac. Farmer and eltrht parr edition $1.00
a year lu erniuut: elaewber. ai Ja.
Herald and Itoston Journal, $1.45
Herald and Xew York Tribune, 1.4ft
Herald and Mirror A Farmer, 1.6ft
Herald and New York World, 1 80
These oilers are only good in Vermont
and are liable to be withdrawn any day.
One eolumn, on. year, - - $100.00
One half column one year, - - i ao.00
One quarter eolumn, oue year, - - - 90.00
One Inch, one year, - ... 6.00
Itr-Advertlacmenla for a almrter time SS per aent
more than lite proportionate rate.
taTMpeclal potdtlun 2o per ernt extra.
tl'ri.luilc nollcea 5.00. Iuwl notice. 10c a line,
tic-No dlMouui on aliore rate.. Hand In copy by
For the fiftieth time we rise to re
mark tliat wa only forward names to
pnpers wc club with on the loth and
1 rit of each month. All subscriptions.
ot Mirror and Kariucr, Itoston Journal
utnl Tribune etc., received since April
1st were sent iu Monday. After May
1st no subscription for any papers ex
cept the Mirror and Farmer and IJos-
ton Journal w ill be taken.
There is a case of equine variola at
lticliford in which some t f the mem
hers of the horse owner's fun.ily Imvc
taken the disease iiuddicd. Drs. Mill
er and Hamilton have gone to inveeii
giitc. Ou the face of it it appears like
tin unusual ease. Perhaps some light
will come upon an investigation.
What is (he ditl'ereuce? During the
Cleveland administration British blank
els wtirmed our soldiers. That game
is no longer played. When l'roetor is
in need of any blankets to keep his aol
dicrs comfortable he will pittionize our
own manufacturers. Thus it appears
that the present administration will be
run ou the principles advocated in the
The steamer Duumark, about which
there has been eo much anxiety, has
been heard from at last. It appears
that the crew and passengers have been
rescued. The engineer is the only one
w bo lost his life, and this is supposed
to have happened on the occasion of the
bursting oi a pipe in the engine room
when the steamer was disabled. This
is joyful news to interested parties.
The party of representative capital
ists who left this section lust week for
Texas, arrived at Denison in that state
after a pleasant, prosperous and quick
trip, being joined ou the way by a par
ty in tho West. The excursionists on
their arrival were received with much
enthusiasm. They were escorted by a
procession and a band of music from
the station to a public ball, addresses
of welcome were made and responses
given, the freedom ot the city tender
ed. We are disposed to thiuk that not
one of them ever received such treat
ment at home. Do they ever lionize
Present indications are thai the Pres
ident will be in no hurry about filling
the vacancy caused by the resignatiou
of Col. Walker of the Inter-sUtte Kail
road Commission. Judge Veazey's
friends are confident that he is the com
ing man. This much has been learned
that the appointment will fall to a first
class lawyer. The Judge ought to be
able to fill the bill. He has a strong
force pushing his claims. Not only
the Vermout delegation but the Secre
tary of War, are working in his inter
est. In fact, we do uot hear much
said about any one else.
lie. Dr. II. K. Pierce, for some
years editor of Zion's Herald, the lead
ing Methodist paper of New England
haa just died at his home in Newton,
Mass. He was a native of Koyalton,
where he w as born about 1812. He
graduated at Wesleyan university and
entered the ministry of the M. E. church
in 1843. It wag largely through his
efforts'thnt the State Industrial School
at Lancaster, Mass., was established.
He was a trustee of Boston University
and of Wellesley college. He was one
of the strong, working men of the de
nomination to which he belonged. He
is another Vermonterwho has won hon
ors abroad.
Vermont is Dot only obtaining a fair
share of public honors directly, but
some are comiug to ber indirectly. Now
and then a young man leaves the shad
ow of these green hills and is heard
from afterwards. Some of the latest
Vermonters to win honors are the new
collector of New York, J. B. Erhardt
and M. W. Cooper of Rochester, who
has been appointed Appraiser. Mr.
Erhardt was a member of the 1st Ver
mont Cavalry. Mr. Cooper grew up
on a farm and set out forty years ago
to seek his fortune. lie proved to be
a successful business man, and has not
only won wealth but position. He is
spoken of as a man of great executive
ability and high courage. The govern
ment lias made no mistake in giving
him an appointment.
Mr. A. B. Chandler, President of
the Postal Tel 4raph-Cublu Company,
has just bee i interviewed in Chicago
with referen t to the consolidation of
the coinpa j he represents with the
Western 1 'tion, apropos of rumors to
the cll'cct that something of the kind
was going ou. Mr. Chandler denied
that any movement of the kind was in
contemplation. There seems to be a
kind of understanding between the two
companies that both have a right to
live and do business, without doing it
at ruinous rates. The Western Union
cannot own everything. There will be
competitors, and it might as well ac
cept the only formidable oue it has and
make terms and go on with business. as
to close it out and take its chances ou
other competitors that would be sure to
arise. Bates are now arranged as low
as the cost of running the business w ill
admit of, and their maintenance will
depend upon public support.
Extensive preparations are being
made in New York city for the celebra
tion of the one-hundredth anniversary
of the inauguration of George Wash
ington as the first President of the Un
ited States. The event to be celebrat
ed next Tuesday took place in New
York city before the seat of govern
ment had been fixed. It was intended
to inaugurate ou the 4th of March, but
traveling facilities were not as good
then as now and required some time to
bring the members of Congress togeth
er and notify the priucipal actors in the
scene. Washington was al his home
iu Virginia, and it required a number
of days to ride to New York on horse
back. His journey was almost like a
triumphal procession. Deputations of
citizens went out to meet him as he ap
proached the principal cities on tho
route and escorted him on the way as
he hastened along. The patriotism of
the people was at a white heat. In a
variety of ways they testified to their
admiration for the heroof the hour, and
to their love for a country which now
seemed to be passing out of its years of
disorder and confusion, and coming into
an era of peace and prosperity. Great
changes have taken place in the huud
red years that have intervened, but wc
do not Itelieve that the sentiment of pat
riotism is more intense now than then,
or that the last president was inaugur
ated with greater enthusiasm than the
first. The contrast between the event
and the coming celebration is wonder
ful. Thn lives of very few individuals
cover he entire period. In the ease of
thosa whose lives Wave run parallel with
the century, in this land, it may be said
they have witnessed a larger number
and a greater variety of changes than
have taken place in anv century since '
hnninti historr bczan on the earth. It I
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eentennitll if some spectator of the first j ber cmtaiiw an article on "Home Millinery."'
so clearly written tliat by its aid a novice may
inauguration could be present and give
description of the same. The inter
est in this will extend only to individu
als outside of New Y'ork city, but in
the city no event of late has been so
greatly anticipated It is thought that
the attendance of people from abroad
will be so great as to tax hospitality to
the utmost. The nature of the eelebra
tion will be largely of a military char
acter. There is, in fact, to be a great
military parade. This is, apparently,
to be the central feature. There
is to be an oration, a ball, a Fast, and
various other features, but all kept sub
ordinate. As many as possible of the
notables of the land will be brought to
gether. The Governors of the States
with their staff officers, the generals of
the armies, the President of the United
States, and a multitude of subordinates
of all ranks and grades arc to bear a
part on the occasion. National Guard
organizations from every part of the
Union have signified their intention to
be present. The Southern militia will
be present in large numbers. New Jor
sy and Vermont propose to send their
entire military force. The entire Na
tional Guard of New York will be in
attendance. The militia of the States
will be present in their best attire.
Crack companies and regiments from
the leading cities have scut word that
they should be there. It is expected
that at least 50,000 men will be in line.
Besides these, the regular army, cadets
from the military schools, etc., are to
bear a part. There has never becu bo
many in processjon since the close of
the war, and those were tattered and
worn veterans from the seat of war.
Excursion tickets have been issued by
the railroads leading into the city, in
tended to cover a period of time long
enough to permit the merchants to do
their annual Spring trading. Thus it
will be merchants' week as well as cen
tennial week. Of course, thieves and
pickpockets will be there in large num
bers, and every device will be employ
ed to fleece the honest. An attempt
has been n'ade to give the police the
privilege o shutting up some of the
most noted rascals in anticipation of
attempts upon honest people. This
would not work. To allay any fears
that may be felt the assurance is given
that the city w ill be sufficiently policed
to protect every man present who at
tends to his own business. It will be
an occasion to strengthen patriotism,
and remove any bitterness that may
exist between ditferut sections of the
Union. Much complaint lias been
made about the management of the af
fair against committees iu charge, but
this is owing in part to the fact that the
celebration has assumed much larger
proportions than was at first anticipat
ed. It is not expected that there will
be any demonstrations elsewhere, and
as a consequence all interest was gath
ered about New Yolk's celebration.
We hope everything will pass pleasant
ly, that the day will lie fine, that the
multitudes will be orderly, that meas
ures will be takeu to prevent intoxica
tion, and that the centennial may not
only be a w orthy closing ot the first era
of our history, but a worthy beginning
of the second. Let us all pray for a
continuance of peace.
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