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A Mother's Love
fttTN Her Tea-YeuvOU Ckild After 4t
Fall are of Fonr Physicians.
Vy little girl, ten rev of ago. had Briht'i PU
Mm, Ber ankleo, feet and eye were terribly swollen.
Four of our beat physicians attended her, but with
out success, and her life ra despaired of. fiat a
soother's lore and prayers surmount all difficulties,
and I determined to tryDr. iJarid Kennedy's iTor.
It Remedy, made at Hondout, N. which 1 had
beard recommended so highly for
right's Disease.
Bow hippy I am thai I determined upon thla course;
for one by one the well-known symptoms of the
disease left her. Words fail to expretw my gratitude,
and 1 cannot too earnestly recommend the Favorite
liemedy. Her recovery was entirely due to this med
icine, which was the only one taken after her caue
nw abandoned oy tne pDysiciana. sirs. lAura A,
JUmntoa, West itutlaud. Vermont.
Favorite Remedy, Rondout,
V. Y, Price One dollar. Bold by ail Prag-ists.
frrar la tta ) rallakl Rom Company.
' You m cet chaapar Iuuum Uuu
i iw ( tun nn t naiuii u
rurgnlu kom lutluaou. Applf loth uadar
rimi-Mi Amti lor Kaadoipa ana uraintrav.
mr jMln'i tlera. Wart Banoolaa. Vk
Dental Rooms,
BETIIFL, - . - VT.
At Rochester the first Monday, Tuesday ana
Vedneadsvof each month
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
CHELSEA, - - - - - - VT.
ooTColloUoni promptly mad a.
Dr. H.Carpenter
South Royaltoa
UI t at Strafford and Snaron tlie 8rl ol
aver? other inlli titer natalj. tuiu Kmuuiwrw
kf a oompelent plirttclan.
Po Your Own Dyeing, at IIome
TtVy will dye everything. They are sold every.
'Where. Price I Oc. a package. 1 hey have noequal
ur Strength, Brightness, Amount in 1'nckatre
or for Fubtiiess of Color, or nofutiinp Qualitif ,
They do nut crock or smut ; 40 oolurs, Foi sole
IS. J. Sargent and E. E. Evans A Co.
From Tacks He Took to Swallowing
Pins, and Had to Have a Wonder
ful Operation Performed to Save
His Life.
Physicians and Surgeons,
West Randolph. Vt.
I. iP. DANA,
Ppla! attention fire,
totlie prearrallon of tlrl
natural leelh, and tl.e la
aertlng ol artlflclal crown
Gold. Rubber. Celluloid
and Continuous liuml
uaed aa bane for artlfW-lal
teeth. I'uHoL as Oay'l
block. Tell Randolph. VI
Charles Baymond, says the New York
correspondent of the Cincinnati En
quirer, has been a familiar figure rouud
Niblo's Garden for many yearn. Besides
Iiaving charge of the machinery of the
theater, which has brought him into
personal contact with all the celebrities
of the stage, he lias a bright intellect
and a cheerful deposition. Baymond
did not take kindly to the ordinary in
dulgences that men usuall employ
to ruin their health. He did
not use tobacco or drink intox
icating fluids, but ho had one
little specialty that he heartily enjoyed.
It is perfectly safe to say that there are
few persons who have been lured into
following his exuiiiple to get a share of
the joy that seemed to come to him.
Raymond's method of dissipation or
relaxation after the trying duties of a
night's performance were over, consisted
in eating tacks for the amusement of
his friends. There was no legerdemain
about it, either. He would swallow a
handful of ticks with as much greed as
a love-sick maiden would candy. Ho
found out that he could swallow tacks
while working at laying carpets when a
young man. Professional curpet-luyers
always carry the tacks in their mouths
when at work, and Itaymond found thut
once in a while a tack would slip down
his throat He was alarmed at first,
but finding that he was not much in
jured by the tucks, the idea struck him
that he had discovered a pood way of
having fun at the expense of his friends,
and he has been at it ever since. He
hns swallowed several kegs of tacks in
his day, and the only bad feature notice
able was that his appetite alwavs ap
peared to be on the increase. '1 he ex
planation of the phenomenon is a simple
one. Baymond ha not a copper-lined
stomach, as has often been suggested to
him, but he has a strong stomach, into
which there Mows an unusual amount of
powerful gustrio juice, which dissolves
the iron.
Raymond became ambitious. Tacks
were not good enough for him, and he
abdominal wall is healing splendidly.
und most of the sutures have been re
moved. In a few days the patient will
lease the hospital, having made the rec
ord of recovery after the removal of the
largest section of intestine ever taken
from a human being.
Salesman Give Several Idttls
Points About His Business.
"Do you know anything about car
pets ?" Mas asked a Ne w York Mail and
Express reporter the other day by a
traveling salesman of one of the biggest
houses in the trade.
Not very much," was the truthful
"Well, lots of the carpet men, espe
cially the retailers, are in just about
the same way," he said. "They can
tell if the pattern plensee Gem, whether
they like the general effect or not, but
ns to understanding the manufacture,
as to telling by feeling or looks how a
carpet is likely to wear, as to knowing
how a carpet is up to the 'standard'
why, they don't."
"What do you mean by the 'stand
ard 1' "
"Look at this piece of ingrain. You
see the threads are interwoven across
and lengthwise. Xow, a third running
across we cull a 'pick.' Count the
number of 'picks' in an inch. There
should be fourteen. That is the way we
make our 'standard.' If there are one,
two or three less than fourteen, you see
tlio carpet is far mora loosely woven
and less durable, though you wouldn't
know the diuerence on the surface. An
ingrain, you know, consists of several
thicknesses or layers of threads woven
together 'ply,' s we nay that is, two.
ply carpet is two thicknesses of threads,
ond a three-ply three. The three-ply is
the carpet of our grandmothers. After
having fallen into disuse for mini v years
it is coming in again. No, I don't think
the ruge for the antique has anything to
do with it; people are beginning to be
lieve again in its serviceability that is
" So mui li for the cheaper carpets ;
the more expensive kinds, the Brussels
and the Wiltons, are woven on a back
upon wires running crosswise ; the
standard is ten to an inch. The wires
drawn, semi-cylindrical tubes of wool
are left. This is the surface of the
Brussels cartiet. The Wiltons differ in
this wav, tliat the tuliea of wcol are
woven thicker and higher. The wires
got tired of taking them, lie wanted a i.r mvo kllifo attachment ou the end,
change oi aiei, aim lie uiaue it wimoui nllj UIH1I1 l.ing withdrawn by niachm
consulting a physician. He mndo a rv fil;Ilt dir'-tly through the top of the
mistake, like many others who will not j tin .. tubc A ril., ulli pish-likesurfuce
leave well enough alone, and he is now I js t1 formed. Here vou can pet
sitting up in a cot in the Jsevv lork
Hospital, artistically done up in Ireuuti
ful white bandages. Ho swallowed a
dose of pins to please his admirers, but
he never sought their admiration again
in the same way. One dose was enough, j
It is not known exactly how many ho ,
took, but his confidence in his digestive i
apparatus led him to attempt to give a !
lOn IUW LIIO .'fll 11,11. A 1I'1J
effects and delicacy of tints and shades
thut you can't have in a Brussels carpet.
Compare these two pieces," and ho
threw on the floor sido by ride a Wilton
ond a Brussels. " Now these are exact
ly the mine pattern. This is evident ;
made of exactly the same shade and
kind of wool. That is not so evident,
for it doesn't seem so in the least ; their
el'eet is totally dillerent. Hie plush
was magnificent, but the gastric juice j na Vl.jvtlv KIlrr,u- of the Wilton
Feed Stable,
Tint Glass Teams at Rewonabt Prices.
the Natural
Teeth a
Block, Went
amtelal teeth on Onlit. Celluloid. Rubber aud all
Mr Kino. 01 iie iici uy lua aroleaaiua, 9J ui
t approved oietliotl.
t I.
lawil Posts, Mouldings, Brackets,
Sheathing, Adjustable
Window Scroens.
Clapboard t. Shlnglea. Brick. Lima, Omaot,
Klla LtioJ Hardwood Flooring, eta.
V3ATES furnish d for anr bs 114 Inc.
lahing- tha Interiors of Church, llajiaa.
, uonraa, ie, Especially.
MA o,,,. f ,.. f.,v l.,..a n.l !
uiu uvrv iin'i uiij tu a mitij an
each individual pin made a dive for
liberty oa its own hork.
Boyniond bejian to suffer in a few
hours, mid was taken to the hospital.
Dr. Wheeler took charge of the case.
The piitient whs kept perfectly uiet
with opiates to pivo nature a chance to
pet rid of foreign bodies by inclosing
them in a cyst, but this solution, if the
difliculty did not appear. The patient
became pule, thin and delirious. A
swelling appeared in the region of the
umbilicus alter sevc-ral days, and this
increased until the skin broke and dis
charged fibres of the omental tissue,
farces and pus. There was no time for
further delay, as the developments prov
ed conclusively thut the contract was
too large for nuture and assistance must
be given.
The patient Iwing thoroughly nnirs
thetizea, an incision wus made in the
abdomen in the medium line from the
umbilicus nearly to the pelvis, so that
11 the abdominal spaces could bo reach
ed without much trouble. The peri
toneum waa very vascular aud much
valuable time was lost in chocking the
hemorrhage at this point.
A number of pins were found in the
lower part of tlio abdomen, where they
had dropped after comiag through the
opening that had been made in the small
intestine by an abscess. Several other
pins protruded through the membrane,
and were held by the head. These were
pulled out
The surgeon was in doubt as to what
course he should pursue, but finally
made a small opening into the intestine
near the stomach, throngh which a small
rubber tube was inserted.
was tied above aud below this point, and
warm water was gently forced through
the tube. As soon as the pressure d s
tended the bowl fine streams, little
miniature fountains, burst forth, and a
careful count showed thot there were
sixty-three perforations in the intestine
in a length of thirty inches. The
mesenteric artery and its branches lead
ing to this portion of the intestine were
ligatured with silk passed around them
with an aneurism needle.
The intestine was then cut. with scis
sors in two places thirty-two inches
apart, and all the broken down intest
ines were removed. The upper point of
severance was close to the stomach, and
through this opening the stomach was
carefully explored, and several pins
were taken out that had fastened on the
lining membrane. All the pins hod
reached the stomsch,none having lodged
in the oesophagus. None of the pins
could be detected in the lower port of
the bowel, and the canal appeared to be
intact. Being satisfied that there were
no more peiforations,.the divided ends
of the bowel were brought together and
united with interrupted sutures of tine
spun silk. After a tinal search for p ns
in the cavity, it was thoroughly washed
with a carbolic acid solution, and the
abdominal wound was closed with silver
and cat-gut cntures.
The operation had been somewhat
prolonged by the appearance of unfor
seen difficulties, and the patient was in
a low state. Vigorous treatment pre
vented a collapse, and after the effect
of the shock passed away he showed
marked improement, being free from
pain entirely. There have been no
drawbacks. The patient has an excel
lent apptite, and the removal of the
bowel does not appear to interfere with
digestion. The immense wound in tha
softness, a richness, a delicacy which
makes the Brusse's look flat beside it.
Still, you wouldu't notice the difference
unless you compare them directly, us
we have been doing. This carpet, the
Wiiton, is thicker and finer and heavier
and handsomer than the other, but it
cost just about twice as much. An A
miusterf Oh, that is the lincst of all."
A Diver Nearly Scalped Under Wator.
Clinmbcrlueo said he would get us
some exti-a tine oysters from an old sunk
en vessel on which the oysters had
formed. We knew he was a good driver
and so put him at it, we sitting around
looking at him dive in twenty feet of
wuter and bring up oysters. Finally
ono of the boys who wus also diving
came np and said shark had ChamWr
luco, but almost at tho sumo, time up
jMipped Chsmberluco, but all covered
with blood on his head. We got him
into the boat, and none too soon, for a
miinlter of sharks of great size were
around the boat biting at the blood that
Chamlierlnco left in the water.
We washed old Cham off and found
that he was almost scalped, the fish (for
it was not a shark, it was a mirror or
Hebrew fish) hud taken the top of his
head into his mouth down to the eyes
and cut a complete circle around the
head, taking out one of his eyes, cutting
into the bridge of his nose across the
check and around the 1 ack of his head.
We cared for him the best we could, and
since he hns got well, but only has one
eye and has a ring around his head. He
rays that the fish took his head into its
mouth and swum with him around nnder
Tl.- I 1 . ... ......
iiiu pftrt ot tlie vessel; that lie fouglit as
best he could with his hands and thinks
he got his fingers iu its eyes, and that
is w hy it let him go, and then he lost no
time in getting to the top.
Mexican Cattle.
From the Spanish cattle, asoriginallv
introduced there by the early Spanish
adventurers, have come the curlier types
of Texas cattle, of lpte years much mod
ified by the introduction of many mod
ern breeds. The Mexican cattle possess
large, bony frames, are deficient in flesh,
esjocially on the superior parts, and re
quire a large range in tlie semi-arid re
gions of that country. They are, in
:act, almost feral in their habits. They
have little value, except to supply in
terior beef at a cheap price, and in the
near future will be supplanted by better
breeds. It is not many years since
their only value was in their hides and
tallow. They graze the Tear round on
the plains and valleys, herded by the
keepers, aud like the cattle of the plains,
are "rounded up," once a year, for
branding. Prairie Farmer.
The Cat and the Cow.
Funny Episodes and Thrilling: Ad
ventures Which Show That Truth
is Stranger Than Fiction.
HIRTY-FIVE or forty
of the Hub's most fash
ionable young ladies
have adopted a new
fad. They propose to
establish un institu
tion in the Bowery, in
New York city, like
Toynebee Hall, in tlie
heart of Lon don ,
which is to be tlie
model after which the Bowery institu
tion will be patterned. Tlie poor women
in the neighborhood will be invited to
vinr. tliA iiiMt.it.iiHon. and there learn from
tlie fair tutors something about the art
and science of making liome attractive,
even where there is litde money to begm.
Certain well-accepted reforms in cooking
will also le introduced, and thero will
be a kit hen supplied with all modern
appliances for niuking food eatable and
digestible. The idea underlying tins
project is that the refining influence of
a neut aud attractive and cleanly kept
home for tho workiiigman will be the
best possible stimulent to his moral pro
gress, tie win leave me urniunuup
severely alone, spend his nights ut home,
and olwuys aim to save his money. It b
said that the London institution is high
ly successful. Of course the girls, miiuy
of whom belonc to the oldest families,
will take turns making trips over to New
York for misssonarv work among the
deserving women in the lower wards,
and this will become very fashionable.
There is ou attempt to keep the purposes
of the project as well as tho identity of
the 3-oun;4 ladies a secret until the open
ing of the iusti'.uU'on.
The keepers of lighthouses situated j
upon rocks at some distance from the j
mainland have not infrequently been
exposed to considerable privation, when
cut off by continuous bud weather from
all communication with the world; but
it may be doubted whether such a tule
as that of the keepers of the- Bogskarew
lighthouse has ever before been told.
This lighthouse is situated in tho Bal
tic, some forty miles from the nearest
land, and on the 14th of Fcbruaiy tho
greater portion of tho building was car
ried away by a terrible gale, and from
that time for a period of more than nine
weeks, the two men have been under
going terrible suffenngs. It is said that
thpy have leen the whole time without
water or fuel meaning, of course, that
the stock of water stored un for their
use was lost, and that they had to de- J
pend entirely upon such rain and snow
as might full. Tho cold in tho Baltic is
very great; and un existence without
lire in a ruined lighthouse, exposed to
tho fury of the northern gales, must
have been almost insupportable. Rain
can have falleu but seldom, although
they may frequently have had 6now, but
this, as they had no means of melting
it, can hao been but of little uso to
them, for snow taken iu tho mouth ex-
number of people at Jamestown, Dakofi
A small black cloud hanging rather low
was noticed to move rather qneeiiv.
when suddenly the cloud was lobt bight
of and a precipitotion ol trogs was seen.
There were several hundreds of them,
and thev could be seen hopping np in
the street a block away. A number of
dogs were promptly on hand and niude
it lively for the hoppers. It is claimed
that a funnel-shaped cloud, indicating
cyclone, was seen in the west shortly
before, and the theory of some is that
the frogs were caught up and carried in
the air until it spent itself, which hap
pened to be over the centre of the prin
cipal business streets.
An Austrian physician reports the
curious fact that in the highlands of
Styria the arsenic habit is gradually
supers eding bok beer and wine. A pen
ny's worth of arsenious acid (common
white arseniol is enough to keepeven a ha
bitue in stimulants for a week, and where
arsenic can bo hid at wholesale prices,
a dollar's worth would about suffice for
a life-time not a very short period,
either, since old mountaineers are known
to have followed the practice for half
a century. Arsenic-eaters soon lose
their appetite for alcohol and Jouthe tea
and coit'eo, but somehow their vice seems
compatible with the tobacco habit,
which appears to mitigate the after ef
fects of the baneful drug.
Mr. Ssirrn, while fishing in Lake
Catherine, Flu., lately, caught a strange
looking fish about two feet long, body
like an eel, but thicker and larger, no
fcales, head short and flattened. But
the great difference between it and other
lish was its having two anterior limbs,
each about one and a half inches in
length, which are used in swimming,
and it can uso them in traveling on the
ground, for it can move pretty well out
of its own element. It is not a true
fish, but a reptile, and is described in
natural history as a siren. They can
live a long time out of water. They
ore rarely seen. This is the second one
caught by Mr. Smith within a month.
Onb of a recent party of convicts
bound for Siberia was a baroness and
j her husband, formerly her footman, sen
tenced each to twenty years' servitude.
The baroness was married when young
to an old man, and she fell in love with
his footmau. She poisoned her husband
and was arrested, but the footman es
caped. She subsequently escaped from !
tne hospital where she was conhneil,
sought out her footman lover, and mar
ried him. They settled in Kovno, and
were only recenty discovered there, liv
ing in abject poverty.
For many years an o!d cow of a light
brown sandy color has been getting her
herbage oil the old hills beyond the de
pot at Vienna, Oa., which has grown
scantier year by year, and in the winter
amounted to almost actual starvation. It
was a noticeable fact through the bleak
est part of lust w inter that this cow tried
on several occasions to commit suicide
by jumping upon the track in front of
tlie engine. Since the grass has come
out you never bee this cow about the
railroad ut ad.
Dolly Madison Beat tk.
o-fun jaesEage,
jl,nL1J juuiuuir nor w., ,..)
vising young writers to 1""
aud churn,i,,g style. Notfc
could bo triven. Tl.;
rreseuted to anrf
iii,toi-v. v,, iZ kj
ways to be relied upon, 'it j,"?'
tlie memory of MistijIudiLn;
tress Dollv brim. ',Tfcl
that Metres 1W1 U B tt.
.v guinea tu tor
an lirinnr , , .
V l j J 1
nuiuun, ana one
again. History
', It Bqr
correct an accepted historiaU
to the first Wle,,!,,,, !
writ over a wire. It is bhwi '
posed that the words, "vLt k,7?
wrought," were the first f,!
transmuted. This is not true "l
V, hen Prof. Morse wag i ft
ton preparing to test the teWK
Which Lad been erected at Omei
expense, between Wushmgtou ufr
iniore ho was attended by sevenj ;
" "'g wnom M I,.!
rTCSKrnnn J. .1,1. I le. ii -., u-
f".i t, , "u"ienu,of It
Miuu.- rroi. Jlorse rails iu, ti .i,
more , office .. then located in ltw
the Tost Oflice ut Fnvttte and V,
sireeis, and having receive,! ... ,"
mg signal, he announced that liet.
ready to transmit a message to
UPt lf.r!N L.wr.mL.l..,l
1 1. .;.' .. ' ".
. uv i ieeiricny was a great tie
in the world's history, tin. I,,,,,,.
sending the first uicssitire sl....,l,l ui
tioeu upon some one it entity.
the nation's progress. This mm,'
met with approval, biitiiotifiwmii.i,'
of a person whom this honor w,i.
spicuously belit. Suddenly Wetie'.
cried out : "I have it ! Mis'. Madist"
in ashingtou and she is just tit K
That distinguished lady was (,
un m nun an Hour she armed,
excited, but w ith the heavenly, oblitr-
smile she always wore. 1'iof. Hi:,
asked her to write, out a brief inewt
to some menu in Baltimore, and It;
jUauisou u.!cordingIv wrote linr t
the w ife of the Congressman, kiiukiJ
wonts: .urs. ,iames .Vauisnns com
meats to Mrs. WetlierUl." Thii Is
messugo was ticked off and short
thereafter reached Mis. Wetlurillatk
country home in the suhiubs of i
more, having been dispatched fruml'
Baltimore otlico by u courier ou 1ns
Several other preliminary mew?
micli ns "Mow are you ( etc., wrest::
ami then eanio the formal conimnsin
tion : "What hath God wrou; ht." Tta
facts were narrated to me by Conpe
man Wetherill in 1S-17.
An Extraordinary Literary Works
Tnr.uE is a young married lady in El
bcrton, On., who is a snako charmer.
She is fearless of these reptiles, and will
rapture with her hands any snake she
buds in tlie woods, and has tamed sev-
ritrMt iiit.her than ouenches thirst
1 . ; . i
detailed liurrativo of nine weeks spent envioi uiem ior peis. unee sue capiurru
Id rival the j largo snake that seized her hand. Ihis
Joseph S. Arnold, of La Fayette, R,
I., probably has the wisest cat on earth.
He also has a cow whose weakness en
ables the rat to display her wisdom.
The cow "leaks" her milk, and tlie rat
knows enough to go down in the stable
each afternoon, when the cow's odder is
full, stand nnder it, open her mouth,
and catch the lacteal overflow. The cat
has followed this practice all winter,
but now that Mr. Arnold has "turned
the cows out to pasture," many persons
are curious to know w hether the cat will
carry on the scheme in tha open and
distant lots. X. Y. Sun.
in the ruined lighthouse won
most exciting adventures of fiction.
Siuro Grr.r., one 1 1 Douglas County's
best and most prosperous farmers, lives
on the banks of tlie Embavroc, in Illin
ois. Mr. Oill has a dog, to which he is
.i..i i. . i..i.:.- ..i .
greuuy uiuteiietl, ,jui:ii uaiuuiio mini ob
as much intelligence as a human being, (
and is of great service on tho farm. The
other day Shilo wus strolling along the
banks ol tho stream with his favorite
which several large hsh were nountlenng
in their eflorts to pass up to reach deep
er water. The bodie of several of the
larger ones were partially abovo water.
Barney dashed iu and in un instant had
dragged one to lnd, and his master
took possession of his catch. Again tho
. i n . i i . . i .1 . .;.u. ,
intelligent uog reiurneu k uie nine aim
another fish was lauded, and this opera
tion was continued until Shilo fouud
that his " string contained thirteen ns
fine fish as ono would ask for. Every
morning and evening the fish attempt
to pass the riffle, and at these times Oill
and old Barney are on hand to get a
supply of fish, and lioth enjoy the sjvirt
hugely. The dog was struck by the fins
of a largo cattish the other evening,
since which timo he is a little chary of
tucklhig that species.
Oklahoma settlers are complaining
thut the new land office is "pulling tho
ground from under their feet;" but the
I isill pie
of Heligf
land, where a stormy sen recently top
phnl over a largo cliff, together with its
top stratum of pastures anil cottages,
nud at tho same time revealing the ex
istence of a cleft undermining at least
ladv did not experience nnv trouble from
its fangs, and continued her sixut of
capturing them. She seems to have a
strange power over reptiles, and it is
seldom they offer any resistance.
A pecttjar attempt to evade both the
customs and quarantine regulations is
reported from Windsor, Canada, to the
Customs Department. A railway car,
containing a horse, several sheep, and
og Barney, when ho came to a riflle, in I several bales of hay, was duly reported st
Inch several large fish were floundering ' customs. One of the officials found a
thoroughbred bull wedged in between
the hay ond the rear of the car.
Tiir stormiest of all inhabited spots
on earth seems to lie Jason Island, in
the Falkland Archipelago, some three
hundred miles northeast of Cape Horn.
House-breaking hurricanes are a little
less frequent than in the Indian Ocean,
but gales w hich even on old sailor would
dislike to encounter occur every few
days, and from May to Xew Year there
is not a calm week iu the year.
J. D. Stafford, of Grantville, Ga.,
"turned off" his fish pond, and a large
gourd was found in the bottom of tlie
pond. This gourd had an aperture about
tlie sue of a silver quarter in it, and in
sula tlie gourd were two mud-cattish
which would weigh a pound each. The
fish went in while small, and remained
there until too large to make their exit.
literal meaning of that phrase is at
ent illustrated on the island of rleligo-
As APAT.ACHICOLA (Fla.) firm have a
eat that is sixteen years old and has pre
sented the firm with an average of twelve
kittens per year for fifteen yeais, making
a total of ISO kittens.
Imagination in Disease.
Outer S!rrrnrr(r, a Ind of sixteen.
living near Champion, Ind., had an ex
citing experience with a bluck snake the
other day. He was passing along the
road near his home w hen the reptile op-
wared from some bushes and attacked
lim. The bov started to run, and was
one-third of tlio remaining scant area, I closely pursued for nearly a mile by the
.l.:..t. I l l..1 l - ! tn.La
wuicii nil now m.-u rcuuueit u uiue
less thau one third of an English square
mile. Year after year the sea encroaches
upon the rocks of the west shore, but
tlie full extent of its depredations was
only lately revealed by the disovery of
an old map, showing not less than
cighb-cn different villages, with castles,
fort aud monasteries, where the water
now covers the submarine rocks to a
depth of Imlf a hundicd fathoms. Like
the Island of St. Helena, tho cliffs of
Heligoland rise abruptly from an ocean
abyss which more than probably will
swallow vn the Lust breakwater before
the middle of tho next century.
It it not often that a rooster has any
particular desire to take a bath, but a
few days ago a Fort Oram (X. J.) bird
show ed that under the pressure of neces
sity he could swim like a duck. He was
chafwd by a dog to the edge of the Mor
ris Canal, and, seeing uo other mode of
escape, hejumpedin. 1 ho dog followed,
but the rooster, using both wings aud
feet as propellers, forgwl rapidly through
the water. An eye witness reports thut
the winged one was tlie faster swimmer,
and when ho struggled np the opposite
bank the dog was a bad second. The
triumphant rooster stood upon the shore
and crowed for over a minute, nnd, while
thus engaged in self-laudation, the dog
landed and almost succeeded in catch
ing him by the toil. He saved himself
by fluttering into a tree.
Aboct six o'clock tlie other eight s
peculiar circumstance was noticed by a j
A story has been told at times during
the past ten years in this city of a resi
dent who, imagining he was ill, went to
bed, and when told by the physician
who had been summoned to attend him
that nothing was the matter with him
replied that he was sick, he knew he
was sick, and would be dead in less than
a week. He fulfilled his prediction by
dying. Another case, somewhat similar,
was told on Friday. A young man re
siding in the Ninth Ward has the
measles, and "caught it by imagina
tion." His home is in the country,
where ha went a fortnight asro. A
brother at that time told him how lie
had been exposed to measles over a month
before, and of his luck in escaping con
tagion, and when tho young man, who
boards in the city, returned he told his
shopman's about his brother, adding
that he felt sure he would take the di
sease. Every day he brooded over tlie
matter, saying he knew he would get it,
as it wss just his luck, and, sure enough,
he did get it, nnd is now ill at his
boarding-house with the old fashioned
measles, good and hard. Philadelphia
Ono of the most extraordinary of li;
erniy workers was Honore de Kae
He could w rite only by candle kh
nnd when free from interruptiun. lite
writing u novel he would retire U
nt S o'clock in the evening and rises! ',
in the morning, With liis desk W
limit ly lighted lie would sit dun u.
strike" out at a silting his first iM't
vcrv little more than tlicnR This h.
would send to the printer, who
return the few columns of print, pwi
in the middle of a hulf dozen bia.
sheets, giving an immense margin, tt
iliiK nmi ..in lUlzuc WOllkl LrTSfill Motl
nkeh-liitiL' the Personam of the story.
interpolating tho dialogue, perlun e
completely altering tne oneium
of the bot.k. Horizontal, diagoM.ss
vertical lines would run evtrplim
the paper would bo scrawled ojer
asterisks, curves, and every kiM r
t he desrair of pnctR
who always stipulated for Bperial nw
when they hud uny oi jkucm:
to set un. The second sketch
again be scut to the priuters, (!
be again returned wim
as before, aud this process would M
pcatod four or five times until at
the novel would be completed, tot ,
.:l 1 ..,.;,, nt the iitw-'
profits had been swallowed p HT
eccentrio plan of writing. If
this way the "Comedie Humame
written. This was a method inwbj
- i.. few even of t
most ambitious authors would
Balzac was willing to pv the price,
while his pecuniary reward wm
great, he has secured (or kuw
during place in French literati
Chicago Herald.
Woman Against Serpent
One o! the most r1"118
tween a woman and a large M !
stridor occurred at Grand W
centlv. 0 v ctj;
About 7 'clock, as H; "V"
the handsome and ncecrnplis lirt I
H. X. Strait oi 11 ' ;,T to
Company, aesceu.. -
their resiiiea -
View. "0
wife of
the cellar of
teenth street,
red eves
by a' loud hiss and two tr
footing dirMly t hfr.
turning wim uni'. ,
ed a
of w ood
nrre snake cou -- . . y
of wood, aiming -- , hl
hand, Mrs. Strait P"Td w -
with the monsrer. , tfl
seemed to infuriate the reft'
with a lona mss,
i -lnr-mMi but brsvew'.-T
A blow from the s how ;1 k s
thrust aside, and with
lightning the snake again
strike. Viveconsecutive . .
Huge mousver c
through the dimly lighted V
woman who was so nob ly cf. rtoi"
lf At Wt a well-directed
knocke.1 the reptile i to th. j
seemed to stun n ior - Tj.e p
glistening eyes had
lose inaung - -
langs woisea "'". strlit ft
lowing up the blow, Mrs.
cecMle3 iu killing the bSV
l.n lmr sirentriii w" ,.n.
helD soon rescneu -
. .-- iero"
Mr. Strait is iu yo.u. - ,
where he is largely iu'erf",TiS -ly
discovered mica mine, sua ,
n, alone with the senants. ' f,.
of neighbors were ".'nm0'"T,,(!i '.
snake earned into tne t
proved fo be s boa constn.
measured eleven feet ana e .
tW.m fl.e bead to the tip of fe
Kansas City Traveler.

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