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Buy your croquet sets of W. E. Lam
Buy your croquet 6ets of Chas,
Buy carpets of W. E. Lanison and you
will eave money.
Hammocks of all kinds at Thurston
at lowest prices.
Fishing tackle of all kinds, cheap at
TV. ,. Jjimsou s.
MiDeral Spring Waters at E. E. Evan
& Co. drug store.
Sweet corn seed, for fodder corn,
Lamson & Tilson's.
J. L. Moses has some bargains In new
and second ht.nd carriages.
Beautiful ash and walnut chamber
suits at bottom prices at W. E. Lamson's
Oil stoves, best in the market, at low
est urices. Cius. Thluston,
Bicycle cement, chains and locks
spoke grips etc. at the Hkkald office
Get vour Printing, Stationery and Perl
odicali-at Buck-s and you w ill be happy
The latest stvles 111 wall papers with
beautiful borders to match at W. E
Ladies desiring hair work, call on Mrs,
Hiram Beau or leave orders with Mrs
For sale cheap, 2 bugcy wagons, one
two-seated express wagon, all nw, cus
tom made. J. K. Batk.s.
.T. G. Mann sends laundry work to the
Ware steam Laundry every week Tues
day morning.
For Sale, vkhy cheap: 1 second
hand cam-all with leather top, 1 second
hand Boynton wood furnace.
1K. Kkndkick.
If vou want good laundry work leave
your couars, uuut, riiiilpc. hhh ... v.
Mann and have them sent to the Ware
Hteam Laundry.
Notice. Business may be done with
the Bandoluh Savinirs Bank from 9 to 12
A. M. and from 1 to 3 v. M. Sundays ex
cepted. B. T. LOMBARD, ireas.
At the "cash store" of Beedle Bros.,
vou can buv 10 cakes of "splendid " soap
"tor i')c. A Dou:id of Mocha and Java
eoflee for 2.1c. A can of nice sweet corn
for te. Vienua bread, the best in the
world, for 10 cents a roll.
Mrs. L. B. Sullem, the new milliner ou
Pleasant street, opposite the Baptist
church, is evidently creating a sensation
bv the very low prices sue makes ior tne
latest stvle hats and bonnets, or one of
the other milliners would not try and
misrepresent her goods and work as lias
been done. All Mrs. Sullem asks Is that
people call and examine her stock, styles
and work.
Having purchased at
an extremely low price,
500 tons of Old Govern
ment Lehigh coal, sizes
Egg, Stove & Chestnut,
the best coal in the
world, I am prepared to
fill all orders NOW at
very low prices. All
wanting first-class coal
will save many dollars
by placing their order
with me in the next 10
days, no matter wheth
er they use a few tons
or several car loads, I
can make it greatly to
their advantage to buy
of me now. Don't order
your coal till you see
me. S. M. FLINT.
The New England
Safe, Liberal Satisfactory.
No Assessments!
Hon. L. W. Redington, President; Dr.
John A. Mead, Vice Pres.;llenry O. Ed
sou, Treas.; J. R. Hoadley, Sec; Leon
Bagley, General Agent.
Hon. Joel C. Baker, Dr. J. B. Rand,
Hon. Thos. C. Robbins, Fred M. Butler,
Hon. Cvrus Jennings, Albert U. Tuttle,
Col. John A. Sneldon, Geo. H. Verder,
Dr. Chas. A. Gale, M. Cjuinn.
J. P. CLEVF.I.AKD, Jr., Agent,
West Randolph, Vt.
Call on
Thomas' for
Tarrnted not to break nor
roll up -Willi one rear's wear.
If they do tbe money paid a
for them will be refunded.
E. A.
efTiS- -&r-
BertJoslyn of Wait6fleld visited
town last week.
Messrs Stockwell and Wheeler, Life
Insurance Agents are in town.
Chas. Shaw, formerly with the Salis
bury Bros., is in town on a week's vaca
Dr. E. O. Blanchard will leave for
Greensboro the 31st of May returning
June 10th.
Miss Grace Sanford is home from
Evelyn College, where she has been
teaching as private tutor.
Algar Carle ton Is the accredited corres
pondent of the Rutland Daily Herald
the best daily paper in the state.
J. D. Uphain of Brandon was in tow-
Monday and made us a pleasant call. He
came over with Frank Thomas on hii
Lawyer Wine of Montpelier, "The
last rose of a Republican summer," who
so long held the postortlce there against
11 Irani Atkins, was in town Mtturuay.
We are glad to see Bro. Scott of the
Barre Enterprise prospering. His paper
has steadily improved since he took it
eight years ago till it now has a large
circulation and so much advertising that
lie has been compelled to enlarge it to
5)1 quarto, making it one of the largest
papers In the state.
F. X. Whitney, who learned his trade
in this olllce and afterwards went to
N'orthfleld aiKl made the News a big suc
cess, is succeeding on his new venture,
the Burlington Clipper to such an ex
tent that he Is compelled to build a two
storv block on College St., nearly oppo
site his old otlice to accommodate it. He
Is making the Clipper a credit to Bur
The Christian church has unanimously
voted to give their pastor. Rev. W.K
refers, a three months vacation and he
will start for Kurope one week from next
.Monday, lie goes tirst to hcotianu,
thence to Belgium, up the Rhine through
Switzerland, Italy, I ranee and back to
London, returning early in N-ptemher.
He is one of the delegates from this state
to the International Sunday School Con
vention that meets in London. A supply
will be arranged for during part of his
This village was startled from its
usual quiet last 1 hursday afternoou bv
the news that Dr. J. II. Mayo, one of
the homeopathic physicians of the place,
had been arrested lor forgery, it hi
pears that he hired $.10 of the Randolph
Savings Bank and put up a note lorgliM)
agalnt Mr. Gould, his fatner-m-law, of
Gouldsvlilc, as collateral. Jiy some
means the olllcers of the bank were led
to suspect the genuineness of the note
and Hon. James Hutchinson, the presi-
lent, took it i.iid went toGouldsville and
saw .lr. Gouid wlio at once pronounced
it a forgery and orders were sent by tel
egraph from Xorthliold to arrest Dr.
.Mayo, lie was taken about noon and,
we understand, admittec1 his guilt. He
was taken before a justice and bail fixed
at soo, while consulting with N. L.
Itovden Esq., under the charge of J. I.
Cleveland, Jr., deputy slieritt, lie ex
pressed a desire to go to the water clos-
t, on the same floor, which was granted.
As he did not return fur an unusual time
he otlicers opened the door and discov
ered that he had cut his throat and was
lying on the floor in a pool of blood
which was slowly trickling through the
floor into F. H. Joslyu's store below.
Drs. Stimscm, Scott, Stewart and Itailey
were immediately summoned and his
brother. Dr. .Mayo of Northticld, noti
fied. The wounds were ugly ones but
not fatal. lie was properly cared for
and e".iy in the evening removed to his
home, where he has steadily improved.
Nothing but sympathy has been express
ed for his devoted wife by auvone. She
s an estimable and accomplished lady
who lias won the kind regards of all
who have met her during her short stay
ere. Dr. .1.11. ,Mavo succeeded Dr.
Whittlesey in his nractlce and for a time
did remarkably well for a young doctor,
out had haluts and circumstances which,
if generally known, would mitigate
largely in his favor, caused him to be-
ome dissipated and Involved him in
ebt, which culminated as above stated.
It is reported that there are other notes
of like nature out, but we cannot vouch
for the truth of the report.
The Class Day exercises of the class of
Sit were held in the upper room of the
High School building Tuesday evening
and were very entertaining to both schol
ia and invited friends. J lie exercises
opened with music by a male quartette,
which did great credit to the class, and.
judging from that and the mixed quai
tette at the close we think this class may
he said to have acquired a good degree
f musical ability with their other branch-1
es ot knowledge. The Class History by I
dgar Salisbury, was very finely given,
paying a warm tribute of respect and
ppreciation to Prof, and .Mrs. lute
in, and weaving in many little points 1
that will stand as bright remembrances
to this class now about to separate. The
Prophecies, given by Winnie Badger,
eiikbraced both the probable and the
altogether improbable and created quite
an amount of amusement. They will be
remembered in the coming years as they
come near or fall far of fulfillment. The
'lass Essay by Mamie' Steele also did
the class credit and showed careful work.
while the Class Poem.bv Harriet Angell,
gave tender thoughts of the parting so
near, l-eonnrd Hutchinson followed this
with the Class Oration giving earnest,
noble thoughts that truly made him an
honor to the class. Walter Baker, while
saying, '-Think of me giving advice !"
did give some most excellent Class Ad
vice, in a way that was no other than
his own. The Charge to Next Class, by
Pearl Bean, while given "in opposites,"''
we think none of the class could fail to
understand and appreciate as being well
done, especially when he said, "'lie sure
and order your programs from Philadel
phia at least 30 minutes before needing
them to allow for plenty of time." The
steel engraving, "Watt "Discovering the
Condensation of Steam," in a fine heavy
frame, was next presented to the school
by the class, Nettie Webster making the
presentation in a manner which told that
this class leave something more even
than this beautiful engraving with those
they are leaving. May Thompson of the
class of "!K) well represented this class in
thf Hpinnnsp. fionrffo Mann nf tha oluea
of "!M closed the exercises with a fare-
well to the 8!s, which told of sorrow at
the parting and also brought out some
bright sparkles for remembrances of
happy times that have been woven into
these school days, and then with a song
we separated hoping, that these Class
Day exercises, first begun by this class
of 9, may be continued by other classes
in the years to come.
Mrs. Elroy Spaulding of St. Albans
visited in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Danforth of Concord, N
ft. are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs
Chas. White has moved Into Lew is
house on Forest street; John Gorham in
to the Ernest Fish house on Prospect A v
Win. Wood has bought the farm of the
late A. K. Mann. This does not Include
the residence which belonged to Mrs.M
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Briggs, Emmon
Briggs and Jliss Alice Edson spent Sun
day with Ben. Briggs .and wife at Hart-
Rich. Wires hag returned from Shelby
Ala. His cousin, Mrs. Fredd Thompson
of Lynn, Mass., came with him from
Mrs. Herbert Salisbury and son Frank
tin are visiting in Boston and vicinity
Mr. Salisbury accompanied them and re
mained for a few days, but has now re-
Elihu Leavitt caught on Diamond
Stream. N. 11., where J. V. Gabriell
goes fishing, May liith, 100 pounds of
hue trout, ten of which weighed thirty
pounds and one of the ten weighed four
We call attention to the advertisement
of S. M. Flint in another column, of coal
it is a little early nut the big companies
have already put the price up 15 cents a
ton and ordered an advance of 10 cents
more the 1st of June. Now is the time
to buy.
Will. Bean is visiting at home.
Leighton Abbott is ou the sick list.
Wm. Mann Is at home for a short time
Ned. Allen of Canaan has been visiting
his parents.
Elmer Bean and V
Rogers are
the sick list.
Harvey Kent of Bellows Falls was In
town last Saturday.
The Shepard family gave their uual
good entertainment ou Saturday evening.
J. B. Wells sent a handsome black mare
to a gentleman in Providence this week.
Tullius Adams fs clerking for Tewks
bury & Sons, taking the place of Birch
The fence has been removed from
around the place of the late i-oren Gris-
wold, which gives it an improved appear
Any one having coal ashes that thev
wiih disposed of can get them carted oil
ree of charge bv leaving word with Lein
uel Richmond, highway surveyor, as the
village w ishes them to put on I rospect
Memorial services were held at the
Chrii-tian church on Sunday. A very
large audience was in attendance. The
veterans were out in full force, also the
sons of Veterans and the Woman's Relief
'onis were ouite fully represented. Rev.
Mr. Peters preached an excellent sermon
from Rom. i: : 4.
We hope all our people will turn out
nd assist in the services to-day by the
Post and Woman's Relief Corps. The
addiess by Col. Fuller of Brattleboro in
Dultois & Gay's hall will be one of the
best ever delivered and well worth hear
ing. He is an able and eloquent speaker
and always has something good to say
I lie case or li. ll. iianvood vs. mage
f West Randolph, came on for hearing
before commissioners on iuesday. Hie
plaintiff is seeking to secure more dam-
ge than was allowed him by the water
omniissioners. 1 he idaiiitifl s case was
put in and Wednesday morning the case
was continued to June 20th, because com
missioner Shurtlell had to go away.
W. Bates Nichols, w ho has been em
ployed as metallurgist for a gold milling
company at south lirooklicld, ova Sco
tia, and son of Judge N ichols, has been
sent to Parimaribo, Dutch Guiana, South
America, by a new company formed to
open valuable goldmines jiist found at
that place. He was In town for a short
me .Monday, and sails 1 hursday for N.
Wall Papkk: All new, but to close
out will sell at lower rates than last
week. Scores of double rolls for $1.00.
New goods in tin, best in quality at fair
price. II. 11. Bailey.
The Regular Assembly of Haswcll
ouncil No. u. R. A S.M. w ill lie held
Monday June 3rd at 7:110 o'clock. It is
expected that there will be work.
Gko. liKAiii), Recorder.
The handsomest hats and bonnets in
towu can be found at Mrs. J. Gladding's,
the work of her trimmer cannot be
equalled out.sUe the city. She will alo
make prices that cannot be beaten.
Mrs. Allen Vaughan Is quite feeble and
Mrs. Shaw, widow of the ;laU Hiram
Shaw is very ill' with pneumonia ....
(dinson Alexander is no better.. ..Asa
Gates losthis horse recently. . ..Mrs. Ed
gar Allen of East Barnard has been on a
isit to her parents here the past week
. .KIhmi Bartlett hag moved in with his
aunt, Mrs. Geo. Bugbee....Two citizens
of Dailey Hollow got into an altercation
recently over a particular female friend
ud ended up the ceiemony with open
ird knocks; all married people, for
name. ...Win. Hathorn caught a trout
below A. D. Barrows' mill dam recently
that weighed 26 ounces and measured 17
3-4 inches in length; who beatsr al
most three time, as long as the law al
lows. Standard.
Mr. James Wheeler, father of Mr.
i" red il. v heeler, has in his possession
n Indian flint axe which he found over
40 years a-go near White River Junction
it weighs about four and a half pounds
nd has been worn smooth by age. In
1849 Mr. Wheeler had charge of a gang
of men building the Passumpsic railroad
nd in a cut near vt hite Kiver Junction
this axe was dug up. Mr. Wheeler prizes
it very nighty and win soon place it on
Nothing speaks better for anything
than to have those who know it best,
praise it. such is the fact with JJIax
liam's Balm. No one ever condemns it
and almost every one who uses it once,
adopts it as their family medicine and
uses itjfor the cure of almost every dis
ease or pain that afflicts themselves or
families or their dumb beasts for it is e
qually good for man or beast. It is
made and sold by E. A. Maxhain, Beth
el, Vt. and sold by . E. E. Evans & Co.,
Memorial Day.
Miss Jane Todd is ill.
Will Davis hag gone to
Glenn' Falls.
Hon. J. J. WiUon i in poor health
Peter Burrelle Sr. was married last
M. Burnett was In Massachusetts last
M. A.Moody has been granted an In
crease of pension.
Dr. L. M. Greene visited Burlington
The Catholic held a meeting at the
Bascom House hall last Sunday.
C'as-car-ria can be bought only at G
M. Miller's.
Remember G. M. Miller keeps a first
class drug store.
Rev. S. A. Parker visited his parents
in Lempster, N. H. last week
Silas Blakely has gone to housekeep
ing in a house ou launery street
The walk and steps in front of the M
A. Moody building have been newly
planked over.
W. II. Bliss of Middlcbury ha bee
visiting his parents the past week.
The railroad wood sawyers are at
work on the pile of wood uear the freight
The hay scales have been moved from
the Child block to the Bethel Mills.
Mrs. S. T. Coy and grand-la ightcr
Bellows Falls visited in towu luot week
Misses Rebecca Gilbert of Randolph
and Sally Gay of Gaysville .were the
guests of Miss Twiddie Stearns la:
I!. Scott Adams and wife have been
spending a few days with the parents o
Mrs. Adams at West Hartford.
It is reported that the illegitimate
child of Miss Rose Manning died re-
ently at the home of its mother in
A.J. Davis will fill orders for Ice
cream in any quantity and the summer
beverages which he manufactures and
will deliver the same at any place within
the village limits.
Little Eva Hoisliigton picked Beveral
lie, field strawberries last Sunday
which is unusually early for that fruit
The Shepard Family gave an excellent
ntertaiumeut at the Bascom House last
Monday evening, the children deuion-
tratmg they were very versatile inui?
The graveled walk across the law n at
the passenger depot has been closed, tlll-
d up with loam and turfed over and the
ides of the plot cut straight liiakiu
pretty lawn.
The lawyer have gone to Woodstock
to attend WimUor Cuuuty Court. L. S.
Bird, E. E. Wallace and E. J. Fisher
were drawn as petit jurors from this
1 he two road machines are busy re
pairing the highways in town. Select
man C. S. Davis furnishes the motive
lower for one of the machines and M.
N. Kendall that for the other.
During a high wind one night last
week a large maple tree which stood near
the residence of ill Kogers was blow n
low n, striking a small barn belonging to
him and completely wrecking it. In
the barn were two cows, a hog and a
uantitv of poultry which all escaped
without injury with the exception of one
of the fow ls.
H. A. IMitnam of Rochester visited his
nughtcr, Mrs. Myron Savage and fami
ly in this town over Suuday.
Daniel Havens whom it will be re
membered had an apoplectic shock a few
weeks ago had another on iriday of last
eek and is now very lw.
R. S. Janes and family started on
Wednesday for Springfield, Mass. where
they are to make their future home.
Mrs. Sarah Gilson. who is cooking at
the Junction House, W. R. Junction
pent Suuday at her home in this vil
Mrs. Nellie Putnam went to Mohawk,
N. i . last week where she has an en
gagement to work in a stockinet mill.
Union Memorial services were held at
the L'nivcrsalist church on Sunday af
Three month's vacation.
Seniors, farewell.
Frank Hastings of the class of i7 .was
in school Monday.
We were glad to see Winnie Badger
and Grace Sanford in school Monday.
Fred Huntington of the juniors has
made us several calls.
Make the lives vt many people miserable,
causing distresa after eating, sour stomach,
sick headache, heartburn, loss of appetite,
a faint, " all gone " feeling, bad taste, coated
. tongue, and Irregularity of
DIStreSS the bowels. Dyspepsia dors
After not Ket well of itself. ,It
require careful attention,
Eating and 4 remed like Hoods
Sarsaparllla, which acts gently, yet efficiently.
It tone the stomach regulate the diges
tion, creates a good ap- Sick
petite, banishes headache, '
and refreshes the mind. Headacn
" I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I
had but little appetite, and what I did eat
Moarta distressed me, or did me
if little 800L After e1" I
Dlirn would have a faint or tired,
all-gone feeling, as though I bad not eatea
anything. My trouble was aggravated by
my business, painting. Last Sour
spring I took Hood's Bar- OUr
saparilla, which did me an Stomach
Immense amount of good. It gave me aa
appetite, and my food relished and satisfied
the craving I had previously experienced."
Gbobgk A. Paoe, Watertown, Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Hold by 11 dmtrftUW. gli tr far fi. Prepared naif
by C. I. HOOD A CO.. Apothaeviat, UnrsO, Um
IOO Doses One Dollar
SrTlil BnttrelL Hi lrn mr
hi and board without anv cause, I fc.rbld aav
person harN.rinc her on nty apooount, as 1 aball pay
ao om ol ner comrarnnf arrer inuoale. Mi
.Randolph, u Ma; . BirTTrnu.
The finest ffoods in
the market and I will
make prices as LOW
as the LOWEST.
F. y. JQSLYll
Light chestnut stallion owned by H.
N. Scott, is 7 years old and weighs il.'d)
pounds. He is level gaited. strong made,
took First Premium at Bethel Fair
ast tall and Second at Northtield,
las never had but little training, being
his tirst trials on the track.
Will make the season at
Limited to 2. mares. ?1. to warrant
in foal.
Major Stobo was sired bv Don Giovan
ni, by Hampton, he by Pysdyk a Ilamil-
onlan, dam hy olunteer, by Kysdik's
lamiltoiiian. he bv Charles Kent, mare
by Imported Bell Founder; 2d dam, One
Eye, by Bishop' Ilamiltonian ; 3d dam
y Mlver 1 ail, bv Imported Messenger.
lam of Maior Stobo iKmirht oil' from tbe
beaten track, said to be a grand-daugh
ter of llojie's Uray Messenger. Time
said to be 2 :.'i.".
II. X. SC OTT, Braintree, Vt.
lllii N
now, or will be later in the season, of just
what we can supply you better than any
other house. SUMMER SUITS for men
youth and children, the most extensive
assortment of French Flannel Shirts, etc.
The greatest display of FINE Neckwear,
Black, maple and pearl
Boots and Shoes, the very best, made in
the latest style, that for perfect fit, dura
bility and comfort can't be matched. But
why enlarge, come and see for yourself
the largest & most complete assortment
of strictly first class CLOTHING at less
cost than inferior goods are sold for elsewhere.
The West Shore Range
If you want a good range, for either coal or wood, pwobn
the West Shore. We can give you names of scores h are
using it in this vicinity who will tell you that it is the bes
working, easiest to run and nicest baking range in the mar
ket Several of these parties have used ranges of difieren
makes, costing from $10 to $20 more than the West Shore,
and they unhesitatingly say this is the best of all. Also
You will find them at
Why is it you can get such tttU
Millinery at '
lieeause he has a first-class trimmer
and she does her work thoroiHilv '
hy so cheap ? Ilecause e
willing to sell for a small nrofit
i ou win make uo mistake if
buy your Dress Goods at
. . .
He has one of the LARGEST siooh
in town and is willing to sell them t
a VERY reasonable price.
Kenienioer we have a full
Boots, Shoes and Slippers.
line of
liMulting from Uie Krror of Yrniih, Fdijt, Vi,le
normce, Ac., my h enwd it home irlih.ffll fail
FTpnture. Infallible and Coalilil. Utx
TrfaUee, BOO pp,o!yfl hynuui,!aii,p!i!i
Small book, wiih endorwiwnu of th prew. fn
8-nd now. Adilrdw the ltviT Min-1 Instate,
or Dr. W.H.l'rker, No.4 Buifluch St.Botw.M.

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