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Paine's Celery
The Most Remarkable Remedy
in the World.
The True Medicine for the Cure of Dis
eases of the Blood and Nerves.
Painc's Celery Compound cores
cases given op as hopeless ; it builds
co. strensthens, restores. When
tired and discouraged, this great
medicine will give new life and
vitality. Paine's Celery Compound
is the ideal medicine and should be
in every home.
in your
Hundreds of housewives who nev
.r dye anything, who think they
,;an't dye, or imuginc it is a task,
.ire losing the poodof castaway fab
rics that could be made new with
It is an extremely easy process to
color with Diamond Dves, and
:he cost is but a trifle. They are
for home use and home economy.
Wi hays s irefUl department of adrto. and
will an.wer frea ny que-tiuni 'tml dyaiUf
daud sample of gouda when poaiible.
Direction hnok and 44 dyed imp!n free.
DIAMOND DYES, Burlinaton, VI. 1
'VVVaVV.'. V
I Chance
J Does not make one
d kind ofl'ooflngptrong-
f er, tougher and more
5 durable than another.
2 Strength and lasting
f nower in Uoofincr are
simply another way of
spelling First-CIass
lioofing. "NYe have
five or six grades of
Roofing Paper, but our
is the beet that money
can buy. On account
of its . r-trength and
great durability, it is
the cheapest you can
Burlington, Vt.
Agents Wanted. ',
Johs A. Moobe, Local Editor.
Joe Adanif ia on the tick list.
Bertha Chamberlain was at Randolph
Blanche Paige is visiting triende in
Mrs. Buike was at Woodstock last week
Oa bUHiUt'88.
Lorenzo Wheelock waa in Bethel on
business last week.
Ella Adams ia doing tabe work at the
Silver Lake House.
Mr. and Mrs. Newhouse and family are
at the bilver Lake House.
Fred Morgan of Bellows Falls is at his
father's, Jerome Morgan's.
Fred Perkins has bought a pair of work
horses of a party at Koyalton.
Harris Waters and wife of Gaysville
were at bis mother's last week.
Misses Emma and Marv Chamberlin are
visiting her sister, Mrs. Stone.
Horace Lara bee will work for Mrs.
Emms Cobb the rest of the season.
Hattie Bowles is visiting htr sister,
Mrs. C'bipman, at White Kiver Junction.
Mrs. Field. M's. Jm if an and son
have arrived at the bilver Lake House
for the summer.
Mr. Whipple of Bethel was at P. F.
Hi ley's lately to complete arrangements
for the reunion.
Alton Badger and Mr. and Mrs. Far
well from t'laremont, N. H., are visiting
at Charles Badger's.
A new housekeeper has arrived at the
Silver Lake House, but will not take
charge of affairs for the present.
Last Sunday was Children's Sunday at
the M. E. church. Owing to the rain,
the attendance was not as large as was
At the Warside Inn last week were
Alvin Hatch and sister of Woodstock,
Mr. Sturteiant and wife, Mrs. tainten,
Mr. Smith ol Brooklyn, '. Y.
Miss June Gage of Lebanon, N. H., is
visiting her sisier, Mrs. s. a. A mens.
M ih (isiie is a first class dressmaker and
it is hoped she will remain here, as we
have no one here at present.
The library was oiiened to the public
Saturday afternoon and 25 books were
given out by the librarian, Mrs. Jennie
1'utnam. It will tie otien every baturaay
afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock.
Dr. Hubbard entertained at the Silver
I,ake House last week Mrs. Tuomion,
daughter and son of Orange, Mass., and
Mrs. Martin of New York. Mr. and Mrs.
lisvtou McCollom and Miss Hubbard of
Windsor County Court.
Juno Term. 1903.
Court has practically concluded the bus
iness of the term but will re-assemble
Aug. 11th for the purpose of final entries,
etc. The most or the business this past
week has been in the divorce department.
The following cases were tried and dis
posed of aa follows :
Frederick C. rVuth?ale vs. Helen E.
Southgate, and vice versa; cross-petitions.
The bushaad alleged desertion, ibe wife
intolerable aeverity. The latter a petition
was dismissed and Mr. Soutbeate was
Mica Mary P. Stewart Dlaa at Har
Brother' Homa In Barnard.
Miss Mary P. Stewart died at the resi
dence of her brother, Arro B. Stewart, iu
Barnard on Sunday, July- 12. On the
Thursday previous, July 9, she ended a 40
days' fast, living only a abort time after
beginning to take food again.
On May 30, while living in Mansfield,
Ohio, she decided for some unexplained
reason to begin a 40 days' fast and take
nothing but water, believing she was in
the bands of the Lord, and that He would
carry her through all right and build her
up.s-'u-sgoou.s nem. m . ltiih,mnH0f deser-
inemost interesting part o( the story is ? " ,Z 7t.. ....
that, after fasting 30 days, she decided to ! J . , 5 JL.Vu '".I
visit her brother in Barnard, and accord- "y? fiZruZ t ri.tnn
Incly she took a sleeper from Mansfield. L.MaryloP,5n. :i?tgl..,il. A10?!!"?'
Q'6n June 29. and arrived at White Kiver 1f " " "lu " """
Junction on July 1 and from there went I "r.1"1? "'IV. u'L-. kk-a ti..
by team to her brother's in Barnard on "Tr!5". 1 -VT7 1: J IZ.
the same day. She refused all food and l V?iu L""1. '..?' "k,'. :r
would not allow a doctor to be called, say- """.T UZ r" .h i-' k h... k fr
ing the Lord would take care of her. ( ven .v. J. t. Enright and E. K. Buck for
fhe writer had the privilege of visitinar Y. . .7 ' . -o-i ,.
her on July 4, and she seemed pleased to 1 .JL," w.V.i. in 'u", .
see an old friend. Although very ruucb . ' .-j " .7- ' "j j j
emaciated and weakened, of course, she n J t .
.YJte.0".5"WJln'.er ?J ?A!i , Mary E. Parker vs. Walter Parker.
Her in a cbair in tb sitting room. She
Willard Adams.
On July 16, l!i3, a little band of neigh
bors and immediate relatives (fathered at
tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Adams to
witness the marriage ceremony of their
daughter, Leona Alice, to Haiiey Hichard
Willard, A. M., professor in Kenyou col
lege, Gambler, Ohio.
At eleven o ctocK me nrinai pariy enter
ed the room to the strains of the Bridal
Chorus, Lohengrin, rendered by Miss
Wanebe Adams, a cousin oi tne Driae.
The bride was attended by her father, who
gave her away, also by her sister. Miss
Lillian Adams, as maid of honor. The
eroom was attended by Mr. Walter Carle'
ton vv ooowara, a graduate oi iiartmoutn,
w. and a classmate of Prol. Mllard. Mr.
Woodward is now at Harvard Medical
school. The ring service waa used, the
ceremony being performed by Rev. H. H.
Sargent of Sharon, a graduate of Dart-
moutn in
The bride's gown waa of white Swisa
muslin, with applique and taffeta trim
mings and she carried white roses. The
maid of honor wore light ailk muslin and
carried red and white roses.
The house was tastefully decorated in
green and white. Large ropes ol ever
green deiending from the walls united at
the center of the room, and the bridal
party stood before a bank of green, inter
spersed with white elder blossoms.
Alter me ceremony a reception ws
holri ilnrini, which I imp t he nart r wbn in
troduced by W illard (jam bell. Prof, and
Mrs. Willard deiiarted during the recep-
ion for a wedding tour, the bride wearing
suit of brown trimmed witn taneta.
Beautiful and valuable gifts were received,
which are tokens of love and esteem.
The friends of the bride and groom
wish them a long and happy life.
Tha Beat of All and
For oyer fifty year Mm. Wlnnlnw'n Bonthtnv
Svrup hen he-n ueil lr mother for their chihlrea
while IwethlnK. Are yoa ilitur!ed at nlhtand
lpnltin of your rest hj alek chll1 sufTeritiir SR'i
crvlnir with pain of curtiuir teetbT If ao aenil at
n.K-e ami iret a Ih.mi of "Mr. Wlnalnw's Bootbinii
Svrup1' for chiUlrn tPlhliiK. Ita value la
liiraleulalile. II will nliet the poor little
aunvrer inimeiltaiely. rippod nwin It, mothers,
there la nu muiake about 't. II curea diarrhea,
regulates the atoniarb ami hnwela, curea wluu
euTic, aoftena the unia, relucea Itidamnutlon and
(fvea t-tne and energy to the whole ar.iem.
"Mrs. Window's 8Kthlnir 8yrup" for children
teething la pleaaant to the taate and la the
ttrefM-nptlon of one of the oldest and beet female
nhrslclana and nure In the lMlre.1 Statea. and
Ik for aale by all druifiri.ta throughout the world.
Price Isc. a bottle. Be aure. aud aak for Mra.
Wlnalow'a aoutblna Syrup."
said the 40 days would be uo on Thursday.
the 9th; then she would begin to gain
Wishing to see what was the effect of
something more nourishing than water,
the writer called on her again Julv 9. She
had takea a very little weak coffee made
from bread toast, and it was not surpris
ing to find her in bed much weakened,
but she answered questions in a rational
Miss Stewart failed rapidly after Thurs
day and passed away Sunday evening. A
Woodstock ph.vsician bad been consulted
by her brother during the previous week,
but any -ttempt to render medical aid
was not thouifht advisable. In the physi
cian's opinion she was undoubtedly 'in
sane, at least on the subject of fasting, and
any interference with her might make
matters worse.
T;je writer remembers Miss Stewart
well as a student at the school on Locust
creek in Barnard over 60 yeara ago, when
she was far in advance of t lie 'average of
scholars. Afterwards she studied at New
bury seminary, then passed many years as
a teacher in the Southern states, and later
in life became interested in missionary
and Bible work, giving nearly all her
earnings for charitable purposes. Hers
was a useful and interesting life aud filled
with many deeds of benevoleuce and
This case, which Is quite remarkable in'
many ways, reminds the writer of Dr.
Tanner's similar experiment many years
ago, which excited such general "interest
and was successful, the doctor living for'
years after a fast ol 40 days. Woodstock
Early si
For quick relief from Biliousness,
Sick Headache, Torpid Liver, Jaun
dice, Dizziness, and all troubles aris
ing from an Inactive or sluggish liver,
DeWitt'a Little Early Risers are un
equalled. They act promptly and never grips.
They are so dainty that It Is a pleasure,
to take them. One to two act as a
mild laxative; two or four act as a
pleasant and effective cathartic. They
are purely vegetable and absolutely
harmless. They tonic the liver.
rssraseo cwlt t
C C. DoWitt tc Co.. Chicago
W i 'sfcV
il.lJFij.ii'iiw -r.
1 ytrTC'-i'
(f Catarrh.
For 70 Year Dr. Marshall Catarrh
Has Kepi on Curing Catarrh.
1 THF OI.DFT RFMFlY. hnn a n;tt"hs rp-
otkh iia.1 ft never ! e4uiii i"T in
Iw-tlr h ami ; AsK T"I M I'FiUV it.
F. C. KEITH, Mfr Cleveland, 0.
i'trti'tant H- U-hf t
Will Moses is working for Lee Holt.
Geo. Cbadwick ia driving team for II.
II. Daniels.
C. P.Wilson has aold his colt to Geo.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace are boarding at
Sam McClellan s.
Will Abbott is working for Morris
Burnham in haying.
True Allen expects to attend school at
Montpelier this fall.
The friends of Lucy Hammond arrived
last week Wednesday.
.Several from here attended the circus
at White Kiver Junction.
Rev. E. A. Read did not preach here
last Hunday as it was rainy.
Mrs. Io'i foot is not well yet, but
she is doing her work alone.
0. C. Ellis is gaining in strength since
his return from the hospital.
1. G. Allen is helping his father through
haying, then is to work for I). B. Walker.
Frank and Will Moses went Saturday
night to White Kiver Junction to re
main until after the circus.
Len Clogston and wife returned to their
home a short time ago and he ia helping
Mrs. Hattie Miller in haying.
Frank Billings is having good luck
selling sickle grinders. He also sold a
machine to Horace Whitney last week.
Very Remarkable Cure of Diarrhoea.
"About sn years aeo for the first time
in my life 1 bad a sudden and severe at
tack of diarrhoea," says Mrs. Alice Miller
of Morg-an, Tex. "I got f mtiopary re
lief, but it came back sea in and again, and
tor six long years I hsve suffered more
misery and aeony than I can tell. It was
worse' thsn death. My butand spent
hundreds of dollars for physicians' pre
script ions and treatment without avail.
Finally we moved to hostile county, our
present home, and one day I happened to
see an advertisement oi i naruheriain s
Colic, Cholera and Uiarrbiea Kemedy with
a testimonial of a man who had been cured
by it. The case was so similar to my own
that I concluded to try the remedy. The
result was wonderful. I could hardly
realize that I was well ansin. or believe it
could he so after havins suffered so lone,
but that one bottle of medicine, costing
hut a tew cnts, cured me.' "For sale by F.
E. Bryan, Randolph.
Fred Quimby returned to his home Fri
day. ir. I. L. Now lan was in Hanover Tues
dav. beacon Gilkey is quite sick with the
Cora Chase has returned to the Barrett
Kev. Geo. Gray entertained a friend over
Miss Minnie Bartlett is a guest of L. V.
Jennie Boomer spent the week with her
Arthur Cook ia working at Pike Hill.
Elmer Nugent is taking bis vacation at
Wire has arrived for the Citizens' Tele
phone line.
Mrs. Samuel Boomer is caring for Mrs.
8. F. Frary.
Miss Ida Orcutt of Northfleld is at Pem
ber Orcutt s.
Mrs. Delight Caswell reached home
friday noon.
Nina Kendall has finished work at the
Barrett House.
Mrs. Frank Lamnhere was In t'nnnsr.
field Thursday.
Miss Farnham returned to her home in
Copperfleld Friday.
Mrs. Julia Newell has been yiailinu
friends in Tunbridge.
Mrs. Walter Bell returned Saturday
from Barton Landing.
Miss Busie Kendall is snendinir a few
days in West Lebanon.
Mr. and Mrs. Troop, children and nurse
went to Norwich Sunday.
Misses Mary and Lvdia Buell are visit-
ing Miss Blanche Kibling.
Messrs. Tyson and Troon spent part of
the week at Lake Mitchell.
Mr. Gibson of Lebanon arrived Monday
on his annual tour of tuning pianos.
Wm. Haseltine is in Haverill. Mass-
where he is engaged playing in a band.
J. Koy Nowlan arrived at Dr. I. L. Now-
ian's Monday, going to Hanover Tuesday.
Mrs. Geo. Kendall and Miss Fannie
Kendall are spending the week in Roch
Geo. Beyerle of West Lebanon. X. H..
hss been through this village tuning
pianoa. ,
The clrcua st White River Junction
drew a large number of people from this
Little Misa Wins-eft of Barton Landinir
la spending some time with her aunt, Mrs.
Miss Minnie Blodoett of Randolnh. who
had been at Dea. White'a. returned to her
home the middle of the week.
Guests at the Barrett House last week
were Mr. Corbin, Will Patten, Geo. Har
rell, Messrs. Prouty, Taggart and Doty.
Dr. I. L. Nowland and J. O. Kendall
were appointed delegates from Temnle
Lodge to attend the funeral of O. F. W il-
ley at JSortbneld.
Geo. Harrell of Telford, N. C, was re
called to Copperfleld as chemiBt, arriving
mere usi ween, ana spent ounaay with
ftis many friends in Strafford.
What's the secret of happy, vigorous
heaith f Simply Keeping the bowels, tlie
stomach, the liver aud kidneys strong and
active, iiurdock Blood Hitters does it.
Bill granted for intolerable severity
A. Davis for petitioner.
Victoria Manning vs. Peter Manning.
The respondent was convicted of rape and
is iu state's prison for seven years. Bill
was granted on that ground. E. 11.
Edgerton for petitioner.
Clarence E. Young vs. Lena Young.
The petitioner livea at Rochester. Bill
was granted for desertion. E. H. Edger
ton for petitioner.
William G. Hutchina vs. Carrie Hutch
ins. The petitioner lives at Andover. de
fendant at Weston. Bi'lwas granted for
desertion. J, C. Enright tor petitioner.
Julia Beckwith vs. Oscar ti. Beckwith.
The parties lived at Springfield. Bill was
f ramed on the ground of desertion. 11.
I. Blanchard for petitioner.
Eliza A. Tracy vs Henry F. Tracy.
These narties were residents nf ."pring
fielct. liill granted on the ground of
desertion. A. H. lilaic'iard for petition
er. '
Yelora A. Kimball vs Eugene Kimball.
Petition tor separate niaintaii ance and
custody of children. The parties resiue
at Sharon. It was ordered tiiat the hus
band pay f3.50 every Saturday for the
support of the petitioner and children.
Cnaf. P. Tarbell for petitioner, J. C. En
right and E. R. Buck for defendant.
Edwin G. Morey vs Cora B. Morey
lueae parties lived at Wilder. Kill was
granted fo. desertion. J. G. llartey for
Emma G. Hatch vs Isaac R. Hatch.
Kill granted for adultery. J. C. Enright
A E. U. Buck for petitioner.
Serena C. Hoisinglon vs Charles H.
lloisington. This esse as from Caven
dnh. Bill granted for intolerable
j severity. J. (i. Sargent for petitioner,
i Alice E. Balch vs Harvey II. Balch.
Bill granted on the ground of intolerable
: seventy. J. G. Sarifent for tietilioner.
L. Kaie Porter Fos vs t. hss. Sumner
; Foss. This was a r-.ndolph case. The
parties were married there in January,
'W'7. The petitioner now lives at Tafts-
ville. boon after they were married, the
wife wanted some means to feed and
clothe her, and on applying to her hus
band therefor he made application to
overseer of the poor for help. The evi
dences showed him to be a poor, worthless
thing with a religious monomania. Bill
as, granted for neglect and refusal to
support. F. C. Southgate for petitioner.
Abbie O. Fu'lam vs. Homer A. r'ullam.
Bill granted on the ground of intolerable
severity and neglect to eupport. S. E.
Emory for petitioner.
Julia McNulty ve. Joseph McNultv.
This case was from Proctorsville. Bill
was granted for desertion. J. G. Sargent
for etitioner.
Minerva Rusow vs. Silas B. Rusow. Bill
granted tor neglect and refusal to sup
port. J. C. Enright for petitioner.
Melvin P. Douglas vs. Martha M. Doue
Iss. Bill granted for wilful desertion. H
H. Blanche. d for petitioner.
Edith M. Hubbard vs. Burton H. Hub
bard. Bill granted for intolorable severi
ty. F. C. Southgate for petitioner.
Leonora E. Bent ley vs. Milo E. Bentley.
The defendant is in state's prison, convict
ed last summer of adultery. li'll granted
on that ground. J. G. Sargent for peti
tioner. Ella L. Willard vs. Marcellua Willard.
Rill granted for Intolerable severity. J.
G. Sargent for petitioner.
There are a few cates to be heard on re
ports of referees, etc., and when court re
convenes, Aug. 11th, it will take a couple
of dtfya probably to wind up.
Diphtheria relieved in twenty minutes.
Almost miraculous. Dr. Thomas' Eclec
trie Oil. At any drugstore.
Alcohol in Liquid Kidney Remedies pIp
Disease. ft
Charles F. Orr Relieved of Intermittent UacV
ache of ltn
Alcohol is the mainstay of all liquid kid
ney remediea. The ingredients quickly
ferment without It. .There ia trouble ahead
for any sufferer from kidney disease who
meddles with them.
Wbv not take a remedy that has no
hsnuful ingredients to hide? Dr. Pettin
li ill's Kidney-Wort Tablets contain no
alcohol. If you have backache, if making
water is painful or if conielled to get up
during the night, the Tablets will cure you
as they have cured thousands of others.
Tw mouths kko C bsinea F. Orr, 4J
Boston st reel, Lvnu, Mnss., wiius;
time tietu subject to lnmnts u m
lit I, for leu f-r iwrir years. I Inei
t'etliiiKHl's hidueyWort T-blels mid
Has relieved Immediately. Ity the tune
I had tHken the hole ol tar hrt boilir
the ache was gone eutireli I Hunk, tor
good, as I hate not brcn lion tiled siuce."
leaiV Standi nrr
Hospitals use K,dtl(.v.vv
form because it contain, Bo
seriou. objection In the nnai
physician to the use of l.Haii 01 "T
dies. It is the one re,eUJ tilt
cure. Jaundice. gallMoJ
snd fevers, debihty, bver c "lu"; ct
St lotion, piles, gravel, rtiaiL""
tic pains due to exceUt unrT"
the headache and n. , ?5
brought on by overwork'
neys, without weakennv ,M
and excretory organs, in, t,,,'0'!
taMe; it. abs.,ute nuriti i.V'
exrt analytical cfienu,:,. Wll!
rx't aside your urine fi.r "i i,
aedimi-nt ' cV.ll,a, y 'l If ,
trouble. Kidney. Wort Tal in, I !"
tively cure any tendency t. .Z J
Thcl'.blet.curewitnou, hlZ
For the Treatment of General and Special lieases.-.srtLulr Attmtln
to bcientitic Administration or Massage, electricity, .
Tay ang
Tinsel Lljht Treatment.
w ..' .
V t
. .- . ..'
t j y-
n n
i '
i:3 s
' -t'V-
" t'
Li '
Will Sign Bond to Refund Money Un
ices Ml-o-na Reatoraa Health.
To the Editor of the Herald ,acd
. Dear Sir: Having heard that aome
people question the sincerity of mv offer
to refund s purchsser's money if Mi-o-na
does not cure dyspepsia, increase the
flesh and restore health, I am writing you
this letter to say over my own signature
that this offer is made In good faith and
will be lived up to by me both In the
spirit and the letter.
I will give the following bond with
every 50c. box of Mi-o-na I seU. There is
no risk in buying Mi-o-na.
Ezra Calef ia not aa well.
Walter Cnderhill returned to Plainfleld
last week.
Arline Newman of Massachusetts ia vis
iting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Downing of Plain
field were at H. F. Downing'a Saturday.
Crichton Carpenter of Barre city visited
his mother, Mrs. Carrie Carpenter, recent
ly. The medicine company are at Granite-
ville this week. The prize for the prettiest
baby was given little Esther Bresett.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Downine- visited
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Taft of
onh Kanaolph. the first of the week.
Mrs. Frank Hutchins and Irene and
Earl of iar re city visited relatives here
last week and returned home Sunday.
Her sister. Miss Stanley, returned with
ber. Miss Irene remained for a longer
I hereby agree to refund the price
paid for Mi-o-na. if the purchaaer tells
me that it has not increased flesh and
given freedom from stomach troubles.
F. E. Bryan.
Dry, quiet atmosphere, with much sunshine, and beautiful Miri-Csstk
Park opposite.
Out-of-town specialists consulted occasion requires. For furtbe
particulars address,
JOHN P. GIFFORD. M. D.. Randolph. Vt.
- Come In ami we our line of
PBorjSr, Mipp17S,
Planters. Also the
We are Wholesale and Retail Dealers for these goocU.
ik'nd for Catalogue ami Price List.
Lister's Fertilizers for Sale.' W. R. JUNCTION, VT.
Woodstock, Vermont.'
No. 27,882.
Trial, 2.23.
The best bred horse In the state. Fee
f 10.00 at time of service and f 15.00 addi
tional when mare is known to be in foal.
A handsome aon of KRKMUV i'j
dam.Bravissima by Kobert Mdiregor.-J
sire of t'resceua. 2d dam Brava.-
bv Byron Willcea, 2.18.sire of Humr-
34 dam Mary A. Whitney. 2 . dam 4
etc.by Volunteer 65.sire of St. Julim
4th dam I'eggy Slender, 2J5, dam of
NELSON STAR No. 35.708.
Fee fo.OO at time of service and fo.00 ad
ditional when mare is known to be In foal.
The best aon of NELSON. 2-'
brother tol'onquest Star. (- ii-23. I''
(w) 2.22, trial w) 2.1U'Firt and Jb
are in the great brood " mart lut;
11S0 lbs.
So many of my customers have told me
of the great good Mi-o-na has done them,
that I era more thoroughly convinced than
ever that there is but little risk to me in
selling Mi-o-na under this guarantee.
The demand for Mi-o-na is increasing
rapidly and it is the most popular of all
medicines we sell for the cure of -stomach
troubles. If it did not have unusual merit
I could not afford to guarantee it.
Your readers can see that they run no
risk whatever in buying Mi-o-na.
Kespectfully yours.
F. E. Bryan.
Bronchitia for Twenty Years.
Mrs. Minerva Smith of Danville, 111.,
writes: "I had bronchitis for twenty
years and never got relief until I used
Foley's Honey and Tar which is a sure
cure." W.J. Brooks. Bethel; Charles E.
Black, South Koyalton.
South Koyalton Marble and
Granite Works,
Manufacturer ami Dealer in
foreign and American MarbiejlScotch,
awede and American Granite.
Monuments, Ileii.l-tones, Tablet.
Posts, Etc.
Prices i.ctx7-
These Stallions will make the season of 11X13 aa above, at Woodstock, Vt.
For further particulars and cards, address or call on
J. E. & E. F. WINSLOW.
Some Claim
TI.. A I I Unn 0lfl p7
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Music Dealer, Modeller,
Sells all trades and honestly
ed and the best for the kat mow
according to grade. .
You ought to see the little Je
a piano he sells for g
S75 to SI25
A. F. LAMB, Randolph, Yt.
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H. C, SOPER, Manufacturer of
Marble and Granite Monuments, Tab
lets, Headstones, Etc. Also dealer 1
Coffins and Caskets.
I have had 27 years' experience as
a monumental manufacturer and 21
years as an undertaker. Special at
tention given to embalming and
properly preparing bodies for burial.
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